Rod Liddle

It’s not hate that Caitlin Moran can’t stand. It’s being disagreed with

10 August 2013

9:00 AM

10 August 2013

9:00 AM

Hell, it’s been tough, but I think I’ve pulled through. I went out this morning to buy some cigarettes and there were plenty of people about, doing stuff — so the world has not changed beyond recognition these last couple of days. Everyone else seems to have made it. I hope you made it OK, too, without the need for counselling. Here we all are, huddled together, clutching at each other for warmth in the post-apocalyptic gloom. But we’re still standing. We managed to survive Caitlin Moran’s 24-hour boycott of Twitter.

Moran is a journalist who decided to boycott Twitter because, incredible though it might seem, people keep saying nasty things on this conduit for the vapid, histrionic and self-obsessed. She is of course part of the not-terribly-bright bourgeois metro left, where an annoyance that contrivances such as Twitter and Facebook allow people other than themselves to express opinions, sometimes rather strongly worded, has taken hold. Caitlin’s little petulant foot-stamp was an attempt to punish the rest of Twitter’s users, by depriving them of the delights of Caitlin, and perhaps also send a message to its management about how people like Caitlin — and many, many others from the same neck of the woods, the well-fed London liberal absolutist left neck of the woods — won’t stand for stuff which they describe as hateful being said to them. It really is appalling, etc.

Properly hateful stuff undoubtedly has been said. Several high-profile women, including the rather admirable Labour MP Stella Creasy, have been threatened with rape via one or another internet conduit. Television’s famous Mary Beard had her appearance mocked after making an idiot of herself on the BBC’s Question Time programme. Someone has now apparently threatened to blow her up with a bomb and the police are investigating. Another bomb threat was posted to Grace Dent, a journalist from what remains of the Independent. Threatening to bomb or rape people is, of course, foul, as well as being against the law. I hope the people who made these threats are punished.

And if that was where it ended, then I would be in happy accord with Beard and Dent and Moran and the others in their condemnations, even if I were to add the rider: well, yes, that’s Twitter — there are some really mad people out there, and they all are allowed a voice. But it’s not quite so simple as that because, underneath, what most of them are really complaining about is that the benighted hoi polloi are allowed to comment adversely and express their annoyance at the largely fatuous beliefs which attend to this gilded circus of well-heeled bien pensant bores. The great unwashed keep demanding to have their say.

And they believe, these bores, that they are being victimised as a consequence of their race or their gender, because their entire worldview is comprised of a Manichean split between victim and oppressor, and they are always the oppressed. So Mary Beard believes she was vilified because she is a woman, and the Huffington Post columnist Mehdi Hasan believes he is being victimised because he is an Asian Muslim and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, another Indy scribbler, believes she is being victimised because she is an Asian woman. But none of this is really true, in the main. People say horrible things to them all because they dislike them for what they believe in, pretty much.

Not many people, either. Most just contest their points of view, sometimes forcibly. But others lapse into personal abuse, often picking upon the most immediately identifiable features of their adversary, while a tiny minority of online sociopaths issue the vilest of threats. Hell, I cannot remember a single month in the past ten years when I haven’t been threatened, while being abused for my hideous appearance is an almost hourly occurrence — and I don’t go on Twitter: like Caitlin, I’ve imposed a boycott on the thing, except mine is a lifetime in duration.

But I do not think the threats are really the main cause of this disaffection with social media within this tiny and terribly pleased-with-itself elite. Look at another of them, Charlie Brooker, who is giving up his regular Guardian column at least partly because he doesn’t like the contributions from readers posted beneath his usually entertaining observations. It is all right for Charlie to stick the boot in; OK for him to call people a ‘cunt’ when they disagree with his views (it was me, as I remember, who was the cunt). And it’s perfectly OK for Caitlin to tell Aids jokes, bandy about the words ‘spazz’ and ‘tranny’ and ‘mong’, but she’s not happy when the nastiness is directed back at her.

They have terribly thin skins, these people, skins as delicate as the surface tension of water. And when you investigate the pathology of this hair-trigger sensitivity, you find that it is simply that they do not like their worldview being challenged; those who do challenge it are, by definition, ‘hateful’. You may remember a survey from a year or so back in which it was revealed that liberals are far more likely to ‘defriend’ someone on Facebook if that person is so rash, so misguided, so hateful, as to disagree with the politically orthodox point of view, i.e. their point of view. This anger at social-media sites is rather an anger at the world for daring to think differently from them, an eventuality they had not hitherto contemplated.

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  • Keith D

    I hope her face heals up soon.

    • I don’t.

    • HY

      “The last time I saw a face like that, Tarzan was feeding it bananas.”

    • Jonathan J Lindsell

      How very topical.

  • Alexandrovich

    They’ll be ‘ere soon. Rallying the troops on social networks at the moment. No doubt.

  • laurence

    Nothing to disagree with there Rod. Are you familiar with the wonderful evisceration of Ms Moran at Spiked? It is here if you want to peruse:

    • rodliddle

      Ah, those grand old commies at Spiked always get there first. It’s a great website.

    • Noa

      I noticed it was written by a lady called Fifi Adelsmythe, who is the rock critic at Gardener’s World Magazine.
      The mind races…”Granite is out this year, and warm portland so ‘in’, or is it ‘Mumford and Sons- hid them in your pergola…’
      Still, better I suppose than finding the said Ms Moran face down by the pond surrounded by the empty Moet bottles littering the segum in the rockery…

  • Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for writing this, Rod. Brilliantly observed. You may like this high profile example of one of Moron’s minions chasing after all those who disagree with her:

    • rodliddle

      incredible. They cannot bear to be gainsaid.

  • As one of those annoying lefties, it annoys me I need to turn to the right for sense on this issue.

    • PaulClieu

      You have to turn to the right for sense on nearly every issue. Read or watch Milton Friedman “Free to Choose.” Check out Tom Sowell. Learn and enjoy.

    • rodliddle

      You haven’t, Chriss, youlve turned to the true Left. Just not the metro bourgeois left. Lenin would have made short work of them.

      • george

        Oh, barf. The Left ruins everything it gets its dirty paws on. The Left claims to care about humanity but killed more people in its century of power than any other cause, religion, ideology, or mass delusion in the history of the world.

        Lenin is your hero, Rod? He made ‘short work’ of a lot of people whose descendants should have been alive today. Shame on you.

        • rodliddle

          Lighten up George, old chap. I didn’t say or even imply that he was a “hero”.

          • george

            I know he isn’t, Rod, but it seems to me you bandied his name about far too lightly, and one of us has to be serious about Leftism. I can’t believe the up-with-socialism drivel I still read every day from commenters on this website. It’s as if the gulags and Castro’s Cuba didn’t exist. Or Blair’s Britain, for that matter.

    • Oedipus Rex

      Don’t fret lad. You’re not the only one. It is quite astounding how notions of the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ have flipped over the years. Just stick to your guns and don’t worry who you agree with or where you are – if it makes sense, it makes sense.

    • Fencesitter

      Rod’s a card-carrying member of the Labour party, Chriss. From what I can see, his main mission as a journalist is speak up for the interests of ‘ordinary’ working people as and when they are threatened by the Londoncentric so-called liberal elite who constitute the ruling class in this country.

      • Ian Walker

        But The Sun has breasts in it. Won’t someone think of the children?

    • black11hawk

      Chriss there are some people on the left who are/have been great supporters of free speech and open debate e.g. George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens, Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie, Hanif Kureishi… I would consider myself on the right but among them are some of the greatest advocates for our cause.

    • Hzle

      Relax. I sometimes find that the only sense on an issue is to be found in the Guardian, a newspaper that 99% of the time makes me want to tear my remaining hair out. When you think for yourself you find you agree with different folk at different times (he concluded quite pompously)

  • HY

    Moran and all her works? Grubby.

  • MellorSJ

    Love the picture!

    Will I get banned?

  • Eliot Lynch

    …if you want an example of people being properly hateful just read the weekly comments from your little gang of supporters: some of the nonsense that gets posted up here would be laughable if it weren’t so poisonous. Who needs Twitter.

    • CortUK

      I prefer Guardian Online. More hate per square inch of VDU real estate than most places.

      • Max07

        Absolutely true.

    • Fergus Pickering

      My dear chap, what can have got up your esteemed nose? Here everybody is courteous to everybody else. We give even the daftest lefties a shout. We welcome you too, and when you actually have something to say we will be glad to hear it

    • Ridcully

      Oh come on, you call this a flash mob? Must try harder!

    • rodliddle

      Your mum named you after a decent right wing poet. Have the decency to honour his name.

      • Eliot Lynch

        Interesting you should mention T.S.Eliot – perhaps an afternoon spent with his collected and you’d manage to resist a few of the clichés which so frequently litter your column. I can’t remember the last time anyone used the phrase ‘the great unwashed’ to any effect. Neither can I help wondering why a man who berates others for having ‘skins as delicate as the surface tension of water’ (again, see Eliot for less laboured use of metaphor) goes on to complain about ‘the terrible abuse we get’. Am I being abused without my knowledge? Oh no, it’s just Rod Liddle flailing about in his own private wasteland.

        • rodliddle

          Tch. Caviar to the general. But I’m sure you’re right, TS. And glad you’re a regular reader xx

          • Anna Raccoon

            Try ‘horse-meat eating class’ Rod – covers the same ground as ‘great unwashed’.

          • rodliddle

            Thank you, and how lovely to hear from you.

          • Eliot Lynch

            My interest is purely anthropological I’m afraid, less a
            desire to know your opinions – easily guessable on any given issue – than a fascination with the sorts attracted to what you represent. Characters like the charming ‘Frank P’ for
            instance, (can he really have typed ‘…you poor oppressed pussies’ with a straight face?) There’s a blend of the tuck
            shop and the terraces one doesn’t find elsewhere. But it’s a grim parlour game. I’ll leave you to it.

          • rodliddle

            well, except the usual criticism levelled at me is that my politics are “undefinable”. So not easily guessable, other than by a genius like yourself of course. And I’m not a representative of the people who post here, any more than they represent me. Haven’t got the hang of irony, democracy, free speech or very much else, have you Eliot?

          • GarethSoye

            I was just musing with someone earlier whether Eliot and the like are drawn together given their irony deficiency or is there some sort of irony bypass performed at a later date?

          • Eliot Lynch

            Gareth: Keep it fresh, darling. Irony deficiency – an old
            gag once levelled at Americans (until they gave us some of the best comedy in the world. Try ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ if you haven’t already. I hear it’s quite amusing. Not that I understand those baffling things called jokes). Have fun, and don’t do anything that makes you look like a silly sausage xx

          • george

            Most criticisms are levelled at Americans, either through a) lack of cultural understanding or b) envy (though it’s usually c) an admixture of both). Most of the things that might be wrong with American life are things that foreigners either approve of or don’t perceive.

          • Eliot Lynch

            Rodders, don’t get hot under the collar, you’ll be playing
            straight into my hands. Yes I realised your sense of irony/ free speech was highly evolved when you started bleating on
            about ‘the terrible abuse we get’ to Rita. You post-modern journalists, eh? If I ever meet Eliot, I’ll give him your regards. Laters, xxx

          • george

            If your nose were any higher in the air, you’d get it caught on Liberty’s toenail. Oh sorry, wrong continent.

  • Baron

    Superbly well articulated, Rod, but then should one expect any different from this bunch of highly opinionated, narcissistic, thin skin tossers in a legal environment encouraging conformity with their take on the world?

  • Nick

    Rod you put it so well.
    Can anyone tell me please? Do any of the objects that Rod mentions read The Spectator?

    • adamskirving

      I don’t know the ones he mentions, but Hugo Rifkind writes for the spectator.

      • Nick

        Thank you Adam.Yes,I’ve just appraised myself of Rifkind and can see that he is a left leaning silly Billy.

  • Nick

    She looks like a three badge deck ape in drag.

  • CortUK

    I believe this furore is proof of a crisis of feminism in Britain. It used to be about equality and what women want for themselves. Now it is about what they don’t want others to have, how they want others (mostly men) to behave, what they want to censor in order to “protect” people (mostly women), including in the face of the evidence to the contrary. There is a word for people like that: fascist.

    But hey, at least they hit on some really important issues this month: bank notes and Dr Who…..

  • CortUK

    “I fell for him but he spurned me so I cried rape – and now the b*stard is doing 7 years!”
    “He was only half a man, with moobs and a tiny d*ck.”
    “I cried depression and got my huge t*ts free on the National Health so I could be in p*rn.”
    “Ten reasons all men are useless lazy b*stards who want to abuse your daughter.”
    “David Beckham shows off his lunch box in new underpants range. More pics inside!”
    “Barely legal boy band member shows off his pecs! Steamy pictures inside!”
    “Mother who killed her children must have been under such stress and alone.”
    “Father who killed his children is pure evil who should be hung by the b*lls!”
    “Rape! Incest! MURDER! And win £10 in our Sudoku game!”

    Sorry, just going through the womens’ magazines in the Co-op. They really should cover this crap up, I don’t want my daughter being corrupted by this misandrist and morally debasing trash. When will something be done about it?!

    In other news, hardcore pornographic ‘book’ – sorry, female erotic romance novel – “Fifty Shades of Grey” has sold 70 million copies and can be found on the coffee table of many a family home.

    • StephanieJCW

      Why are you reading women’s magazines.50 Shades of Grey if you find them so objectionable?

      • Ridcully

        To make a point (in quite a humorous manner too)?

        • Thats_news

          And it worked, too…

      • CortUK

        Did you hear the whooshing noise? That was the sound made by my comment as it flew right over your head.

  • Jim Franko

    Great article. I’m sick to death of these control freaks who feel they have the right to censor those who “offend” them when offending them can include anything that conflicts with their myopic, insular views.

    They ultimately use “offence” as a way to stifle debate, you critisise mass immigration, you’re racist. You call them a name because their stance is so ridiculous, you’re sexist etc…

    • Max07

      Yes, and everyone is terribly afraid of being ‘offensive’ because once you’re labelled a racist or a sexist or whatever you are damaged goods for life, whether or not the allegation happens to be true. And people are so very easily offended these days, poor things. Practically everything pisses off the darling sensitive flowers. They spend so much time working themselves into a froth about everything that you wonder how they get any time to clean themselves properly or do the washing up. At root, a lot of this garbage is really a way of saying: ‘What A Good Person Am I. I Cry Real Tears For the Oppressed. I Am Better Than You.’ In the interest of balance, I really feel it is my civic duty to be as offensive as possible. But to be perfectly frank I haven’t the guts. Thank God for Rod.

  • Edmund

    I see that Owen Jones is reporting threats this morning after his Dawkins article (Dawkins has been on a bit of an anti-Islam tirade recently which has upset Owen’s sensitivities.) Speaking of which, Mehdi Hasan has also been upset by Dawkins’ comments. However, Mehdi, in private, appears to be happy to refer to non-Muslims ‘kuffar’.

    • The_greyhound

      When thieves fall out, eh?

    • vieuxceps2

      And cattle,the dear soul.

  • NedMissingTeeth

    Great artical Rod. I love you.

    • rodliddle

      I love you, too.

      • rodliddle

        In fact, my dad was called Ned, and he had many missing teeth.

        • Baron

          So, what is it between the two of you, a declaration of love or abit of gossiping about dental predicaments?

      • NedMissingTeeth

        I’m blushing, Rod. Could this brief exchange of mutual loveliness be considered whispering sweet nothings? Thanks for the reply, you’ve made a dull weekend slightly less miserable. : )

  • Hexhamgeezer

    I suspect that when most of these morans signed up for Twatter they didn’t realise it was a 2 way street.

    I believe the scientific name for their thin skins is a moaniscus

    • rodliddle

      yes, that is exactly it, Hexham. They are happier jabbering to themselves, congratulating each other on their latest “insight”, chuckling at the stupidity of everyone else. And then the rug gets pulled from beneath their feet, and they don’t like it.

      • arnoldo87

        “They are happier jabbering to themselves, congratulating each other on their latest “insight”, chuckling at the stupidity of everyone else.”

        A phenomenon you will never observe on a Spectator blog.

        • rodliddle

          Rather less so, Arnoldo.

    • mumble


  • alecto2

    Well said, Rod.

  • alabenn

    Twitter. pretentious pricks posting piffle.

  • Rockin Ron

    Too often they enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

  • Rita

    This is all just conjecture. Seeing as you’ve never experienced writing as a female on the net, you’re not in a position to compare the two experiences. It suits your narrative to believe it’s just as bad for men, but numerous male journalists have gone on record in recent weeks saying it’s not. Something women already know. The quantity is different, the tone and type is different, the provocation much less. It’s an incredibly easy thing to ascertain, you just have to take a male and a female person who take broadly the same political approach (such as Owen Jones and Laurie Penny) and compare the abuse they get. As it happens, both have already done this exercise, Penny’s is an order of magnitude worse.
    For one thing, the vocabulary to insult white straight men doesn’t even exist to the same degree as it does for non-white people and women (there’s a clue about who’s doing what there). People who want to attack white men for their writing (who are far fewer in number because white men are the ones behind a lot of the attacks), are stumped for ways to do so, they’re stuck with calling them a few rude names, making a few cartoonlike threats that few men are actually afraid of, then accusing them of having gay or feminine traits.
    Crucially the effect is different. You might pride yourself on being a rufty tufty bloke off which all abuse simple rolls, but you don’t live in a world where you spend a good deal of your time being afraid and having your civil rights infringed upon to avoid attack.
    It’s really not much of a boast to say that something that doesn’t affect you as badly as other people doesn’t bother you as much, is it? Not really a sign of courage or conviction, just of lack of empathy and of solipsism.

    • Frank P

      Thought you poor oppressed pussies were after equality? Seems that’s not possible, then? Is the biggest bug up your arse ‘white’; ‘straight’ or ‘men’?

    • Max07

      Oh come on. It’s just that you don’t even recognise the stuff that women regularly throw at men as a problem. You simply don’t see it as an issue because it doesn’t cross your PC radar.

    • rodliddle

      Dunno bout that, poppet – I’ve been far nastier to Owen than Laurie. But by your logic, as you have no experience of writing on the net as a man, and therefore are unable, through lack of empathy and solipsism, to understand the terrible abuse we get, your entire post is utterly redundant.
      You see, Reet – you make these absloutist petards, and you get blown up with them.

      • David Corbett

        Lovely stuff

      • Hzle

        What actually happens is that someone “makes these absloutist petards”, a bunch of their supporters go “Yaaay, brilliant” and pay no attention when someone points out how completely irrational it all is. They don’t care about reasoned argument, they don’t need it

    • MikeF

      “…the vocabulary to insult white straight men doesn’t even exist to the same degree as it does for non-white people and women.”
      That’s because the people who do such insulting all too often start off with ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ and then get fixated on the words and keep repeating them like a mantra. In this case you are effectively blaming the people against whom abuse is directed for the banality and illiteracy of those who are doing the abusing.

      • StephanieJCW

        Or maybe they just have little interest in abusing white straight men. If only the opposite were true…

        • MikeF

          “Or maybe they just have little interest in abusing white straight men.” Then why do you appear to lament the absence of such vocabulary.

        • Hzle

          People insult people. Do you really think that white men don’t get as much abuse as women?

          It may be different abuse, with a different vocabulary, sure. But something tells me you haven’t studied this in depth and found that the abuse directed at women is demonstrably ‘worse’ – you’ve just lazily accepted it as fact because you perhaps think that this is the way to “support women” or “show solidarity”

          Seen that way, this variety of feminism is just the divisive playground game of “girls against boys”. We have enough problems without making new ones

      • george

        If only it were just ‘banality’ and ‘illiteracy’ to blame.

    • Hzle

      Seems like a massive whinge. 2 sentences from it:

      “Seeing as you’ve never experienced writing as a female on the net, you’re not in a position to compare the two experiences”


      “It suits your narrative to believe it’s just as bad for men, but numerous male journalists have gone on record in recent weeks saying it’s not. Something women already know”

      Notice that you believe that women “already know” something that Liddle is “not in a position to compare”. Which is kind of odd as that would imply that women have experience writing on the net as a male AND as a female, and can therefore compare experiences that Liddle isn’t able to.

      But I expect I’ve already lost you. Look up “logic” sometime. You’ll find that all these ideas about “white male privilege” collapse into nothingness when you subject them to proper critical scrutiny. Your mistake is that you’ve actually believed in political rhetoric.

    • mumble


  • Tallarook

    You are subconsciously phallocentrically oppressing Ms Moran!

    • Tallarook

      Are you Derek Haslam? Of Southery PE38? Child pornographer and ex cop? Associate of convicted nonce Sid Fillery?

      • Tallarook

        Isn’t derek haslam the expert on psychiatrists? @QueermanGoggins

        • Tallarook

          The Otters Pocket & B G Blouse both Derek Halsam, 9 Lynn Rd, PE38, disgraced ex cop who drink drive killed a pedestrian. The Met allowed him to get away with that . Thus far;)

          • Tallarook

            Derek Haslam of 9 Lynn Rd the homophobe with subscriptions to Leather Queens & Ladyboys. Ooh Matron!

          • Jim_Hacker

            Is that troll still spamming up blogs with his conspiracy theories? His AfterWatt blog was a real joke.It was like an open love letter to Jodie McIntyre. Coggins then nominated himself for an award using load of fake identities. Even then he only came 99 out of 100. Sadly there are too many of these attention seekers screwing up the social media and ruining decent sites with their crap.

          • QueenLinzi

            Two IDs on here Derek? take a bow Det Con Haslam an EDL piece of shit. Still kiddy fiddling are you?

          • BeerandNoggins

            Gosh Ciaran Goggins in yet another ID @CGoggins twitter or catch the homophobic racist anti Jewish rapist at @DerekHaslamQPM twitter. If you are really tired and need to sleep try reading his idiotic WordPress blog, Ooh matron oh look the telegraph has just banned the poisoned dwarf yet again, fnrrr fnrrr!

          • BeerandNoggins

            I am looking for cheap travel insurance for a last minute all inclusive holiday in Bodrum in Turkey. Anybody know if they have newspapers in English and the current attitudes to overtly gay men. Should I haggle when say buying a rug or in a turkish bath?

          • Syria47

            You should do something! I hear legal moves afoot to have you stand trial for drink drive killing of a pedestrian. Ian Hurst kindly gave me your details in rtn for my dropping FOI request. Expect a phone call Haslam;)

    • Hzle

      Why shouldn’t he say it? I don’t follow him, so I didn’t know he used the phrase regularly.

      It’s fair enough, though. When you’ve seen & heard feminists claim that language, logic & scientific method are “phallocentric” “tools of the patriarchy”, used to “oppress women”, you realise that some people think nothing exists in the whole world except gender politics – because it’s the only thing they’ve read in depth.

      It’s worth pointing this fact out – I don’t mind if it’s a tad repetitive.

      • QueenLinzi

        Don’t feed the troll. He is Derek Haslam (go Google) a bent former cop who was annoyed when his little earner (Leveson) dried up.

        • ITraceUK

          QueenLinzi, or should that be Ciaran Joseph Goggins? I understand from my business associate that you are in fact an old queen and former rent boy. Would you please stop sending me stupid tweets concerning the guy who so roundly kicked your sorry arse. No, I would not sell you any information on any decent upright and honest member of the public in the UK, however if you do not disist from your childish trolling I will publish your personal details including your criminal convictions , mobile numbers current address bank details current address NI number, Passport and full bio on the internet.
          You are known generally in press and media circles as a complete idiot.

        • Hzle

          Queen Linzi I’ve read some of the troll-war on this page and want nothing to do with it. I thought he made a half-useful point. All these weird accusations and insults are a waste of pixels

    • mumble


    • mumble

      An English character in Mad Men remarks that America is “a gynocracy”. To gain enough traction to get into the script of a mainstream TV series, vulvocentricity must be a thing.

  • John Smith

    Ride on Rod! The Boro won as well, against a London team!

  • StephanieJCW

    What on earth is wrong with Aids jokes? I get people accusing her of a double standard with comments about ‘trannies’, ‘spazz’ and ‘mong’ but Aids is an illness. How on earth is joking about having an illness offensive to anyone, or on a par with rape and death threats or to a lesser degree, targeted personal abuse?

    It just seems like you’re desperately trying to find things to accuse her hypocrisy but joking about having AIDs isn’t being abusive to anyone, anymore than joking about having malaria or Herpes is being abusive to anyone.

    • rodliddle

      I don’t mind AIDS jokes, Steph, nor the use of those other words. As you could have probably guessed. My objection is Moran’s emetic hyporcisy. And let’s be honest, if she made an AIDS joke you would find it fine – it’s about the disease, innit? If I – or Godfrey Bloom – made it, you’d be demanding prosecution.

      • GarethSoye

        I hear that Moran refuses to pay for aids. Hearing ones that is, she says it’s a waste of money as no one can tell her anything she doesn’t already know.

    • vieuxceps2

      I,poor chap,am blind in one eye. I should not like you to make jokes about Dead Eye Dick.Do you see now?

  • Beauchard

    How dare you write an article I agree with. You also have the audacity to have some talent.
    I hate you.

  • TheOSC

    They are not ‘liberals’, they are ‘progressives’ …

    The OSC

  • MikeF

    There is absolutely nothing new is this. Tom Wolfe described the reaction to criticism of absolutist metropolitan liberals as far back as 1965. Then he was talking about disagreement with whatever appeared to be the ‘line’ in the New Yorker magazine. But substitute The Guardian, Independent or BBC today and it is much the same:
    “Its followers – marvelous! – react just like those of any other totem group when someone suggests that their Holy Buffalo Knuckle may not be holy after all. They scream like weenies over a wood fire.”

  • chris_xxxx

    Every picture of Caitlin Moran looks like she’s let off wind and realised it was more than just air.

  • The_greyhound

    I’m only sorry that this lovely creature couldn’t have been on our banknotes, alongside Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

  • DrCoxon

    Who is Caitlin Moran?

  • Eyesee

    Entirely so Rod. The Left generally feel that to disagree with them is a genuinely mad thing to do, because, well because they are so lovely. Which is why they create ‘deniers’ out of people who point out that there is no scientific substance to the claim of Man Made Global Warming, that it cannot be debated. Then there is Political Correctness, which establishes anything the Left want as a fact and states that to disagree is wrong. As a heterosexual I find homosexuality unpleasant, which I think is quite straightforward and understandable, but with enforceable PC, it is a hate crime. I appreciate that it all comes together as different aspects of anti-capitalism, but it is tedious in the extreme and has infected all levels of society. How do we get back to a proper, functioning world? Not via Twitter, that’s for sure.

    • Baron

      Lovely they may be, Eyesee, but their offence extends beyond one’s failure to acknowledge their allure, Baron is sorry to say. It extends to one’s disagreeing with ideas, concepts, policies that have their roots in feelings rather than rationality in an age when emotions rule.

      Virtually everything they say, and do has its origin in the heart rather than the cranium where common sense and rational thinking reside. Take one of the basic tenets of the Marxist ideology ‘to everyone according to one’s needs, from everyone according to his ability’. Doesn’t it sound noble, benevolent, worth pursuing? How can one object to such a sentiment without appearing nasty, uncaring, inhuman?

      And so it is with everything else the left leaning tossers have ever come up with whether it’s the minimum wage, buying the unemployed bikes to go to work, gender switch operations on the NHS or gay marriage and the Full Monty of the entitlement culture.

      The good news is that not un;like the communist idiocy practised by the Slavs of the East this Gramcsi cum Alinsky inspired asininity must also implode.

  • black11hawk

    Did anyone read Zoe Williams Guardian column last week on Godfrey Bloom and the whole Bongo Bongo Land incident:

    “”I just do it to upset the Guardian,” joshed Godfrey Bloom on BBC Radio 4, “defending” (we’ll come to that) his comment on aid, and bongo bongo land. “I love it.” Gah, the fiendish intelligence of the man. He’s like a superbreed. If we get upset, it only pleases him; if we don’t get upset, who will tell him what is wrong with his remarks?”

    “I loved the political correctness era – I loved not having to explain why racism was irrational, and women weren’t any more disposed towards domesticity than men were. It saved so much time. I wish I’d mended the roof while the sun shone, written a novel, cleaned behind my fridge.”

    • Max07

      You do wonder whether people like Zoe Williams have anything to do with people outside of their own little bubble. If women aren’t any more disposed towards domesticity than men, why is it the sole ambition of so many young girls in my area – working class, but not the sort of place that the leftie chattering classes take much interest in – to get pregnant and then set up home well away from the world of work? Certainly the simian lads with whom they sometimes shack up briefly don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm for family life. I have the most horrible feeling that Zoe would say this is down to lack of opportunity. If only someone had encouraged these girls to be, say, cardiovascular surgeons, physicists or even Guardian columnists they wouldn’t feel the need to be at home surrounded by nappies and piles of ironing and their leisure time would be spent reading improving works rather than getting themselves heavily creosoted down at the local Tanfastic.

  • Marietta Sojourner Truth Higgs

    I might have some respect for Grace Dent if she hadn’t been so dismissive of concerns about MGM. In a column about FGM a few weeks ago she dismissed such concerns on the grounds that there will always be some man to complain that men have it worse in order to stifle protest (I am quoting from memory). I think this qualifies as both straw man and non sequitur. No-one’s saying MGM is worse than MGM, just that it is also wrong, and since when have Grace and her chums had a monopoly on “protest”?

  • Q46

    Someone upset me and I told them to, ‘Drop dead.’

    Should I hand myself in at the nearest police station because of this ‘death threat’?

    We are in the age where words have become a crime, divorced of intent, context or meaning.

  • EwanUzarmi

    I think Caitlin’s quite pulchritudinous. Would like to take her for a spin down to Bexhill in the old Armstrong Siddeley.

  • Gibson

    The twat Giles Coren is another one who usually writes about how “wacky” and “hip” his hedonistic life is.

  • What an ‘orrible looking dog she is.

  • therealguyfaux

    Essentially, anything short of I’m-coming-to-your-house-straightaway-to-butcher-you, i.e, things like “”@caitlinmoran Oh, shut your gob, you idiot” or “Caitlin Moran is a sick ugly POS”, are the modern-day equivalent of drawing a moustache on a picture of her face. Disagreements on substance, “playing the ball,” are fair game– don’t say “I favour this,” thinking there is no possible counterargument to be offered by someone else looking to entertain THEIR Twitter followers.

    SHEESH. You’d think all this would go without saying. Oh, hold on, isn’t that the sort of thing Ms Moran wants– for certain viewpoints, to be determined by HER, of course, to go without being said (in a different sense of the phrase)?

  • Hzle

    Yes debate has come down to accusations that you must be full of “hate” – they don’t even go through the initial argument stage. The new left seem to love hatred – even though they can’t define it

  • Guest

    This is bullshit

  • mumble

    Before one issues a death threat, one has to care whether they live or die. Problem solved.

    • Christine Hudson

      Got it in one!! I certainly couldn’t even make the effort to care about this nonentity – she’s just a parasite living off the back of other peoples hard work!

  • John Mead

    Apparently anyone who disagrees with the Spectator is a ‘not-bright-leftie’ – considering the twunts we have in our right wing Parliament that sounds like an act of denial from the very bright things as the Specky mag!

  • AtilaTheHen

    Oh no