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Ukip are playing it safe – so they’ve rejected me

17 August 2013

9:00 AM

17 August 2013

9:00 AM

So farewell then £80,000 salary, £150,000 expense account, secretary, team of assistants, constituency office, first-class travel, immunity from prosecution, Brussels blowouts, ludicrous pension and all the other perks I’d been so looking forward to enjoying from May next year onwards. Ukip has decided that it doesn’t, after all, want to have me as one of its MEPs.

The rejection came as a bit of a surprise, I must say. When the party chairman, Steve Crowther, rang to break the news, I felt rather as Brad Pitt might on being turned down for a mercy shag he’d proffered Ann Widdecombe. No offence intended to Ukip — I think they’re great people and a very necessary prick to the Westminster bubble. But if I’d been them, I definitely would have gone for me. Sure it would have been a risk, which would probably have backfired horribly. Think, though, of all the fun we would have had before it did!

Apparently I did fine on the public speaking part. But failed dismally on the interview (too recent a party member; not enough evidence of involvement in the nitty-gritty of Ukip politics) and on the psychometric testing. So there already is another string to my bow: ‘James Delingpole — the man so barking even Ukip wouldn’t have him.’

By spooky coincidence, I got the rejection call just as I was putting the finishing touches to my 500-word statement explaining to the party membership why I deserved their vote. It began: ‘Nigel once famously said that trying to get Ukip-ers to behave is like herding cats. Well I want you to think of me as a one-man herd of cats.

‘As I told some of you when I spoke at the hustings in Birmingham, I’m not remotely interested in becoming just another ruddy politician. Ruddy politicians, it seems to me, are the people who have got us into this mess. And I see my main job as trying to help get us out of it by whatever means -necessary.’

I went on to say that the very last thing I intended to do was spend any more time in Brussels than was absolutely necessary. Mainly I wanted to be a Ukip MEP so that I could appear on TV a lot more and annoy the greenies and the lefties.

Maybe it wasn’t so much a personal statement and more of a suicide note. I mean, I can see why, if you were a party worker who’d dedicated every hour God sent to leafleting houses and interviewing candidates and hosting cheese-and-wine evenings, it would be bloody annoying if some poncy show-off journo got to swan over to Brussels for a couple of days a week in order to pick up his cool 80 grand plus exes, purely on the basis of his being a C-list media celeb.

On the other hand, I’m very much a believer in a) division of labour — I’m good at the public performances and the lefty-baiting but simply can’t be arsed with the other stuff, so why waste me on things I’m crap at? — and b) raw, searing honesty. It’s the reason I connected so well with the party membership that glorious hustings evening in Birmingham. They loved me because I told it like it is.

And I loved them, too. Being a Brummie myself probably helped: I always feel comfortable among my own kind, even if my accent has got a bit posher over the years. I’d talked to one or two of them beforehand and what struck me — contra the Tory propaganda myth — was what thoroughly sane, decent people they were. Whatever it may once have been, Ukip is most definitely no longer the party of single-issue nutcases.

One of them was a committed Christian who had been drawn to the party in reaction to the coalition’s gay-marriage policy. Another had been converted at his comprehensive school — by his female geography teacher, of all people — and was -especially -enamoured of Ukip’s flat tax plans. Yet another had never been remotely interested in political activism before but one evening, shopping in Tesco with his wife, he had been shocked to notice that they were the only English people in the entire supermarket…

No, not racists. Not weirdos. Not extremists. Just ordinary folk who all felt so badly let down by the LibLabCon political class in the Westminster bubble that they’d finally decided enough was enough and that it was time for real change.

This is something, I think, that the Conservatives have failed to factor in to their 2015 general election plans. They imagine that if the economy is improving and they’ve tossed their natural centre-right constituency just enough gobbets of red meat, then it will be enough to win the day. But I don’t think they’ve realised how intensely this kind of cynical, Blairite trimming is resented in the provinces. The ex-Tories now swelling the ranks of Ukip feel they’ve been taken for fools too many times by out-of-touch Westminster elite. And they’re not going to be lured back simply with the sop of a Euro referendum, let alone with specious promises that in future local communities will get more of a say in whether they want a wind turbine dumped on their -doorstep.

My main concern about Ukip is not with its membership but its hierarchy. In their understandable desperation to prove that they’re not just a fruit-loop party of protest but a viable, electable force in their own right, they’re in danger of sacrificing those very qualities that make them so distinctive and attractive. They’re playing safe, and playing safe is what brought us David Cameron and his dismal coalition. Is that really the role model they wish to emulate?

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  • James

    ‘Yet another had never been remotely interested in political activism
    before but one evening, shopping in Tesco with his wife, he had been
    shocked to notice that they were the only English people in the entire
    No, not racists.’

    How did they know? Did they interview everyone there and ask to see their passports? Was the supermarket staffed by cats? Or were they, in fact, massive ruddy racists?

    • Henry

      Do bore off.

      • Alex

        James has a fair point; it does look like ‘English’ may be being used as a synonym for ‘white’.
        I like a lot of UKIP policies, and truly despise the 3 major parties. But the attitude to race and immigration of some UKIP supporters puts me off voting for them.

        • blingmun

          Oh for goodness sake. The people from these islands were historically white for the last few millennia.

          Overwhelmingly, when you see non-whites in the UK they are people who moved here relatively recently. There’s nothing racist in that statement. It’s a simple fact. If you think there’s been too much immigration you cannot help but look at non-whites as a consequence of something you don’t like. Doesn’t mean you have to dislike the immigrants. Personally I would single out Irish, Jewish, Chinese and Indian immigrants as being particularly successful.

          I reserve all my hatred for the likes of Tony Blair whose vicarious guilt about slavery and colonialism makes him ashamed of his own kind and turns into ethnic cleansing through assimilation into an endless supply of non-British immigrants. Over time, Englishness and Britishness will be diluted out of all existence. It is perverse and twisted almost beyond belief.

        • Wilhelm


          Oh it’s terrible being white, isn’t it ? When I see a white man walking down the street, it just sickens me !!

    • StephanieJCW

      Oh you beat me to it. Yep I have no idea how they would know that without talking to everybody in the supermarket.

    • Well done all you lefty trolls for noting the most important take-home point of the article: UKIP are racists. And racism is the worst crime in the world – worse than genocide, worse even than homophobia.
      Now you can all sleep safely in your beds at night, in the secure knowledge that by having noticed the take-home point of the article you are definitely NOT racist – and therefore good.

      • Foamcow

        Well done the UKIP nutter for conflating a suggestion that the a couple of UKIP members are racist with *everyone* in UKIP being a racist.

        No doubt there are non-racists in UKIP, there are also racists (possibly a disproportionate number) – the couple you mentioned being a pair of them… though plainly they’re the nice racists because they don’t beat up people or stuff shit through letterboxes. Instead the grumble and feel awkward. They’re still racist though.

        What that couple allegedly said is an absolutely “racist” perspective. To claim that it isn’t and that they’re simply dismayed by something or other is just putting a nice hat on it.

        Racism isn’t just shouting at people who are a different colour to you. It’s about feeling that Mrs Singh or Mr Gryzbowski down the road are somehow different than Mr and Mrs Jones of Middle-Wallop.

        So what if they were the only English people in the supermarket? What jot of difference would that make to anything? The supermarket was full of people not English, Italian, Indian or Polish people. Just people. Some are good, some bad. Some work hard, some don’t. They’re no different to any “English” man or woman.

        THAT’S what is stopping a lot more people supporting UKIP. Sort that out and you’ll win much more support.

        • Cumberland

          Many people who you consider racist are nothing of the sort, they just can’t understand why the British government invited all these people to come and share the British way of life, to make room for those invited means the British people are forced aside, giving up their rightful place or at best having to share, The ill feeling generated is mostly focused on the politicians, and not those invited.

          • Foamcow

            Is that not the definition of racism? To believe people are different, or should be treated differently based on their colour or country of origin?

            Why is it a problem in the first place? In what way are British people “forced aside”? Why not share? Why is it “them” and “us”?

            Why do some of us feel that we have a right to be treated in a way different to someone who moved here from another place? Why do some of us feel awkward in a supermarket when the customers are from another country? What’s the *actual* problem with that?

          • GrumpyDenier

            Try walking at night through certain parts of Luton and see exactly how much ‘sharing’ is going on.

          • nonsequiturcouk


            This is what we are afraid of.

          • Foamcow

            That did genuinely make me laugh. I’ve not watched it all yet (but I will).
            Loved that the esteemed Dr thinks that the Romans spoke “Roman”. I wonder how he thinks Christianity spread in that region.

          • nonsequiturcouk

            Love people like you, i.e. the left. You give them information and they nit pick the most inconsequential errors.

            If you were a bear with a brain you would contact said Dr, and ask him to share his research with you.

            That’s what educated, rational, scientifically biased people do.

          • Foamcow

            “People like you, i.e. the left”. Classic.

            You assume I’m a leftie (incidentally, some of my beliefs are left-wing, some are more conservative)? Oh dear me.

            Believe everything you hear from someone with a title do you? I assume you’ve read all this research too? He may possess a Phd. in Mathematics but that does not, by any means, make him correct.

            I genuinely find his opinion interesting but I reserve the right to accept it as “fact” until I’ve heard and read a bit more and done some research of my own.

            You assume I won’t be checking on his “research”?

            Yes I am a nit-picker if that’s what you want to call me. That’s kind of what scientific process is about. ANY error only serves to undermine the hypothesis being put forward. By demonstrating that he doesn’t know “Roman” isn’t a language he undermines his qualification to come up with these “facts”. He may have just fumbled it during the recording. I don’t know. Neither do you.

            Anyway, thank you so much for the information. I am enlightened. People like me need people like you to put us right.

          • nonsequiturcouk

            Fair points.

            I will be very interested to see your work once complete.

            But my point about the tactic of the left is still valid, it’s called critical theory, of which there is no theory other than the requirement to critique everything, relentlessly on any possible angle, the more confusing to the listener, the better.

            You also have to realise his audience is American, they mostly have never heard of Latin.

            I have no problem with nit picking, it’s the facts you choose to pick that make me dismiss you.

            Find some contrary evidence that says Islam hasn’t screwed over every country it’s ever infected. Find me nobel prize winners. Find me leading islamic scientists. I’ve not found any in my research, maybe you’ll have more luck.

            Interesting also to watch the interview with the Son of the Hamas leader who basically confirms the objective of Islam, which is clearly, world domination. With no science, no education and no human rights.

            You say my error is to believe this guy, is it no possible your error is the belief of those who say one thing, yet kill at every opportunity.

            Btw the number of Jihad attacks since 9/11 he quotes as 19,000, that’s wrong, latest figure is 21,000.

          • Foamcow

            Most religions seek domination if you think about it. It’s their way or the high-way. I’ll stop with Buddhism though, they’re pretty chilled.

            You want some Islamic scientists?

            I’ll just point you here for starters… yes it’s Wikipedia but at least some of these must be real. I’ve heard of some of them anyway 🙂


            Not hard to find. Should give you some pointers.

            I will agree that at it’s worst Islam is used to oppress. But Christianity has been, and still is, used in the same way. What about Creationism? Thankfully we, in the west, have largely broken free of that form of oppression but it still exists in places.

            But, my original point was about racism and not Islam. I would not for a moment pretend Islam is a great thing, nor would I say it’s a bad thing. I’m not particularly keen on any religion. Many, many people have been killed in the name of one religion or another. Killing in the name of god is not something exclusive to Islam.

          • nonsequiturcouk

            That’s a little disingenuous being that my link was entirely about Islam.

            No other religion other than socialism has such a high body count.

            Socialism 150 million of it’s own people
            Islam 270 million of anyone.

          • Moa

            I suggest you actually read the Qur’an and hadiths yourself, Foamcow rather than *assuming* that just because Islam is a heretical sect of Christianity that Jesus and Mohammed have the same teachings (hint: they don’t, in fact their teachings are diametrically opposed; just as YHWH [who cannot lie] is diametrically opposed to Allah [who the Qur’an states numerous times is “the greatest of deceivers”]).

            If you want the quick version I suggest you read Qur’an Sura 9:5 and 9:29 which abrogates all the earlier (“Meccan” Suras).

            Then for a complete explanation of the Islamic position of Israel please Google hadith Sahih Muslim 6985 (which calls for genocide of the Jews to bring on the Day of Judgement – this is what Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Al Qaeda groups are all working towards).

            Yes, Islam is superstitious political totalitarianism. But it doesn’t matter what *we* believe. It matters what Muslims believe – because that is what it driving their behaviour once they get to majority status (eg. the current chaos in the Middle East, once the dictators were toppled Islam and Islamists finally had a free hand – and the daily murder of Copts in Egypt is a typical result).

            Oh yeah, I hope you are fact-based. Take a look at the *facts* of the daily carnage carried out in the name of Islam at “thereligionofpeace com”.

            You finally might cotton on to the fact that your equivalence between Judeo-Christian superstitions and Islam is completely false. There is no equivalence between 21st Century Enlightenment Culture that has origins in Christianity and the 7th Century culture that the Islamists are trying to transform the world into (and they are making great inroads in Britian – indoctrinating children beneath your very noses).

          • Cumberland

            Keep up the good work, you will open the eyes of a few every time you say these truths, maybe a few muslims will take your advice and read the islamic scripture themselves instead of having a version presented to them every Friday.

          • Moa

            Thank you very much!

          • Pootles

            Indeed, why not share? One of the problems is that there is no reciprocity in all this, and reciprocity is the absolute key in terms of harmonious relations, whether it be between friends, couples, peoples, cultures, or countries. For example, there are over 6 million people of North African background in France, along with over 2,500 mosques. But there are only 5 churches in Algeria, for example, and almost no French background people. Similarly, the English background population of London is less than 50% (i.e., a minority), yet, for example, Islamabad is 96% Pakistani Muslim, or, another example, Beijing is 96% Han Chinese, and most of the remainder are also of Chinese background. And, of course, that is the norm. What is also significant is that those of us of European background are a very small minority (around 8%) of the global population, and that the English element (along with all the culture and history it embodies) is tiny. Further, it has been displaced (‘forced aside’) in many English cities – London, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford.

          • Foamcow

            I can’t disagree with what you’re saying. Racism works from every ‘side’. It’s not the sole reserve of the White Briton.

          • Pootles

            A decent response – if only more ‘discussions’ on these sort of sites/threads were as democratic. Decent chap.

          • Moa

            It is not ‘racism’. It is ‘survival’. In your desperation to show how tolerant you are you forget to promote European Enlightenment Culture. Europe will be unrecognizable in a few decades unless a change of course is taken.

          • Flintshire Ian

            I dont feel awkward in a supermarket in another country when I am on holiday abroad. I did feel culturally threatened when shopping in a supermarket in West London where whites were in a minority and the majority of the customers and check out staff were Indians wearing Indian clothing and speaking a foreign language. Too much of a not necessarily good thing.

          • Moa

            There is no problem. But the England you knew is going, fast. You are being out-bred. All of Europe is. Within a couple of generations the original native inhabitants of Europe will no longer be in the majority. Guess what? some of the new immigrants don’t want to show the same courtesy you showed when they were the minority.

            Enjoy the bacon while it lasts (your schoolchildren are often prohibted pork products, and are force-fed halal tortured meat).
            Enjoy the music while it lasts.
            Enjoy easy relations with women, while it lasts.

            Already on your universities there is segregation. On the same universities there is no longer true Free Speech.

            The England you knew is already setting and will disappear in a few decades (you will still be alive to see it happen).

            Please go on and show how tolerant you are. Darwin is already at work, replacing your limp genes with ones far more vigorous. You sneer at ‘racists’ but they can see the writing on the wall you cannot – they are the smarter ones by far.

          • Fergus Pickering

            Why is it so bad to be racist? Most people are, particularly older people.

          • Cumberland

            The word has been totally abused and overused so is almost useless except to stand alongside any word of common abuse. Old people have been forced fed this immigration scam from their childhood, the progressives should consider this fact when dismissing the old folk of being out of touch, indeed it is the old folk who have it completely right.

          • Foamcow

            Because diversity is necessary for the success and survival of any culture or species. Without it stagnation occurs. This is true across every topic I can think of. Progress and innovation often comes from outside influence. Isolation and separatism is good for nobody.

            I don’t think most people are racist.

          • Roger Clague

            WE can get innovative influences from books and visits. We don’t need an invasion.

          • Andrew Daws

            Who’s invading? Did you know that only 3% of Europeans work in a country that is not their place of birth?

          • Andrew Daws

            It depends on whether you define racist as different or inferior. Different just means that you can’t presume we have the same background: immigrants won’t have watched the same TV programmes as we did as children. Inferior means they are bad people here to steal our benefits (and our women).

          • george

            Or, god forbid, read the same books — which is far more important for a civilization.

          • Andrew Daws

            Sorry, I don’t see what you are saying. Are you saying that in order to be civilised we have to read the same books? That we all have to have the same experiences? Let’s shut down all the airports for a start then. We won’t get anyone arriving from overseas but you’ll be holidaying in Skegness from now on then.

          • george

            Very simple: books are more important than television. The writer mentioned watching the same TV shows as a marker of cultural sharing or similarity.

          • Mike_Smith_Gloucester

            “Racism” can be summed up in the old proverb “Birds of a feather will flock together”.

          • Cumberland


          • Andrew Daws

            “forced aside”? You mean that they were in competition for a job with a Pole, and the fact that they speak the language and know the culture was of no advantage at all? Perhaps they just weren’t as good at the job. Or is it that we presume that Brits will be lazy and incompetent? I wonder whey they would presume that?

          • Cumberland

            You don’t get it do you, regrettably you are not alone, The vast majority of the British have not wanted this mass immigration, they don’t see any reason why they should compete with anyone other than a fellow Brit, for work, a home, a hospital bed, a place for their child in a school of their choice……But even after being messed about and totally ignored by the progressives of all political parties most hold no grudge against the new-comer, but they do hold a grudge against the progressive politicians. Now you can carry on with your discussions somewhere in the clouds, if you get time look down and see what is really happening.

          • Andrew Daws

            When I saw the first sentence “you don’t get it do you” I could tell that it must be a post about UKIP: it’s the only subject which raises such bitterness. There is an assumption that every immigrant comes at a cost, that en bloc they are taking away what is rightfully ours as resident Brits, even though as a nation we are entirely built of immigrants, starting with the Romans. Most immigration has been with the sword: read about some of the horrendous slaughter at the hands of the Normans, for example. Modern day immigration is people coming in initially from the Commonwealth, from the West Indies, then from the Indian subcontinent, and more recently from Europe. In addition we have a small number of people here on compassionate grounds, seeking asylum. But the way they are coming in now is predominantly trying peacefully to build a life here. Not every job filled is at the expense of a Brit: many have created jobs which we can fill. Not every immigrant is filling hospital beds and school places at our expense: on average immigrants pay more tax and use less welfare than Brits. Of course we can find all sorts of individual cases of abuse as you can in any society. We have all read the stories of huge families of foreigners living the life of Riley in Westminster, or even worse of claiming benefit for expensive properties then subletting them out and living somewhere cheap. Of course there is abuse, but it’s not restricted to them. A former English neighbour of mine proudly announced that he was expecting his 22nd child, and he had never worked, nor did he ever have any intention of working.
            A recent report from Europe said that the total of people working in another country from their own was 3%, yet reading a lot of UKIP literature we would believe that 40-50% of UK workers were foreigners.
            What is much more relevant is why on earth a British employer would prefer to employ immigrant labour, when you have a problem with the language, they are different and uncomfortable, and we would all like to support our own. Part of the answer must be that we have had the welfare state for so long that huge numbers of people have come to believe that work is an option, should they prefer not to stay at home looking after their children. Some even brazenly say that they are better parents because they choose not to leave their children in the care of someone else.
            Also with a welfare cap of £26k many people either cannot earn that much on their own, or if they can, the differential is not worth it. If you can get £600 per week by working, but £500 for not working, it’s not hard to see that there is little incentive to work.
            We could raise the drawbridge and keep out all foreigners, but surely it’s more sensible to filter them, and allow in only the good ones?
            The main problem lies with the current EU administration which is trying to take more and more control. They are even trying to force us to pay benefit to non-Brits, even though we have become the most popular destination partly because of the language.
            One answer would be to try to leave Europe, but be careful: the balance sheet is not one sided. We would lose a great deal, and in the long term, cutting ourselves off from the rest of the World when the World is becoming more homogenised is very short sighted.
            Our respect for our politicians seems to be to be at an all time low, but the decisions they are facing seem to be becoming more difficult all the time. We did have a nice easy balance between the left and the right, but that doesn’t apply any more, yet we still have a two party state because of the first past the post system. My main problem with what UKIP is doing is that they will take support from the Tories (which you may say is well worth doing) but because of the way voting works, you will end up seeing Labour elected. And as well all know Labour love big central state control: take our money then spend it on us rather than letting us decide. So they will naturally be in favour of an EU administration that does the same.
            Be careful what you wish for, but be more careful about how you set about to achieve your objectives. A vote for UKIP is a vote away from the party that is most likely to reduce the influence of Europe.

          • Cumberland

            All you have given is more of the same, you still haven’t got it, The British at no time, past or present, wanted mass immigration,it was forced on them by progressive politicians.The British are not racialists, they just preferred there was no mass immigration whatever the colour or creed of the incomer.All this talk of racism is just chatter, the people of this country have shown themselves to be very patient, both with the immigrant and with the politicians who done them down.

          • Andrew Daws

            It’s not really a discussion is it? You just restate your belief that nasty politicians are deliberately foisting huge masses of unwelcome invaders on us, and destroying our culture. I understand your frustration, but you need clearer thinking. Sorry if you find that unhelpful, but you are using emotive terms rather than statistics, and it gives you a very distorted view of the situation, Without a decent analysis we can’t formulate a plan to improve our situation. Our living standards are going down, but that is because we have been living beyond our means for decades, not because of some sinister plot to ship in a load of scrounging foreigners.
            If you are going to blame the politicians, consider the way they keep trying to buy our votes with populist policies: that’s where the real problem lies. For example Jeremy Hunt said we want the NHS to run at full strength 24/7, without saying that it would cost more: where would the money come from? Don’t worry about the details, just go for a good soundbyte!
            We have a National Debt of £1.2 trillion, and the interest on that alone would pay for a lot of school and hospital places. And Nigel Farage is easily as bad as the current incumbents: you only have to look at the UKIP website to see that he goes for headlines over substance. Look at his stated aim to reduce the size of the State, and then look at how he wants to increase public spending in every major area. You can’t have it both ways.

          • Cumberland

            Yes, you are correct, you wish to find a solution to the problems you see within the country, and it doesn’t help that I say many of the problems were caused by the politicians insistence on mass immigration, and these problems would not have accrued if the people had had their way. You cover a vast area, but to take one point…a sinister plot to ship in a load of foreigners…what do you think all this is about if not the leveling of living standards, for the British downward, of all within the EU?

          • Andrew Daws

            Your line “the politicians insistence on mass immigration” can’t be allowed to slip by again. Evidence please.

            Your implication that this mass immigration causes all our problems also needs to be challenged. Just how did the influx of foreigners damage our living standards? Our living standards have been going down for decades because we have been spending more than we have been earning.

            Your assumption that immigrants have made it worse not better needs evidence.

            This sort of rhetoric will simply ensure that UKIP, by appealing to our instincts rather than our understanding, will stand against Tories in the election, and without getting any seats to speak of, will lower the Tory vote and allow Labour in.

            Is that what you want?

          • StephanieJCW

            I don’t feel forced aside.

      • LewisDuckworth

        A point which should be made more often, James. I agree strongly. I suspect that 8 out of 10 people who commit the dastardly crime of using their mobile phone whilst driving with one (or no) hands(s) would deny having a racist bone in their body.

      • Julio!

        The racist point is actually a key one when we’re discussing the UKIP loons, James. And – yes – one of your three glowing examples of salt-of-the-earth UKIPPERS was a racist, without doubt. Yet another, a screaming homophobe. As a self-professed libertarian, oughtn’t you be encouraging your fanboys to keep their noses out of other peoples sexual predilections?

        • The_greyhound

          I have always observed that people using nonce expressions like “racist” and “homophobe” (curious that both words are linguistically indefensible – the consequence of a comprehensive education no doubt) are identifying themselves and their position in “the struggle” rather than pointing to an objective reality in the world about them. “Racist” is a bit like calling someone a “witch” in seventeenth England – better to do the calling, before someone calls you the same thing. It probably owes its only currency to the fact that thick white liberals are uncomfortable with foreigners, and project their feelings of guilt and shame onto other people. Similarly “homophobe” is merely someone who speaks disrespectfully of the bogus and talentless ‘stars’ of BBC Light Entertainment,

          • Julio!

            erm, does that make you a nonce, Mr. Greyhound? Or, indeed, a thick white liberal?

          • The_greyhound

            You fool.

          • Icebow

            How dare he accuse a white man of racialism! As an alternative to ‘homophobia’, how about ‘invert aversion’?

      • ArchiePonsonby

        My party of choice has made a grisly mistake rejecting you, and one which they’ll come to regret, ehr kid, in’t it?

      • pdhan

        you really need to stop being so easily riled if you want to represent a political party

      • pjl20

        Not sure how you come to the conclusion that the party contains ‘racists’ ?

        Up here in Yorkshire we have cross-section of members from diverse ethnic backgrounds, several of whom have stood for election in both district and in the 2010 general election.

        James. produce your irrefutable evidence please.

        ‘Lefty trolls’ do not qualify as ‘evidence’ either.

      • dalai guevara

        Dear James,
        I am a great fan, I like replying to you in person – the Brad Pitt part was particularly amusing.
        But now, let’s be honest, they did not ‘deselect’ you, you unselected them. Wise move. You will keep your sanity. All the best, buddy.

      • StephanieJCW

        How somebody as idiotic as you receives money to write anything more than a shopping list is beyond me. It’s a fair question.

        And if you think it’s left wing to ask such a question I suggest you need a 101 course in “politics for dummies”.

        Hysterical much?!

    • DGStuart

      Viewing their passports (in the unlikely event they were about their
      person) would not establish whether they were English or not. It may, if
      they were carrying one, establish whether they were foreign nationals
      (non-EU), EU nationals (not foreign in the EU’s terms) or British
      nationals (or British identified EU nationals).

      Englishness therefore is quite another thing and open to interpretation. It certainly cannot be ascertained from a passport.

  • MV_E

    As a UKIP member I am so sorry they didn’t choose you; I know the powers that be are “playing it safe” (sadly) but they should make some exceptions…

    • pjl20

      The assessment process of evaluating MEP candidates for the 2014 European elections, were done objectively and fairly by marks awarded out of 100.

      UKIP party members have access to the list of candidates who have been accepted.

      Even Nigel Farage and the other party MEPs have been included in the process.

      • MV_E

        I realise there has to be an “assessment process” (how very tick box)! but surely exceptions could be made – Dellingpole gives good TV!!; UKIP needs MORE people who can get our points across credibly on the meeja.

        • pjl20

          If exceptions should be made, why couldn’t I also be included?

          No. Only a fair and objective system will do.

          The MEP candidates on the published list now also have to be voted on by the party membership for the Region.

          • MV_E

            so, if, for example a “dream team” candidate for example a Dan Hannan or a Douglas Carswell were to suddenly throw their hats in the UKIP ring they’d be refused because they hadn’t been in UKIP for years or they couldn’t recite a particular policy….come off it; we’re trying to win elections here!

      • Martin_Kinsella

        By some happy coincidence the Dear Leader came top of the list.

        • pjl20

          Why wouldn’t Nigel Farage come top of a list such as this?

  • StephanieJCW

    How the bloody hell in Nora could you possibly know you were the only English people in a supermarket?

    Even if it was a tiny supermarket, a ‘Tesco Metro’ unless you speak to them you’d have no idea.


    • Roger Clague

      Englishness, to me is defined by social values. Mr. Delingpole appears to agree with someone who thinks they can see it, like skin color or a large beard.

      I am not surprised UKIP did not want JD to represent it.

      • blingmun

        A factual non-racist definition of Englishness could refer to ethnicity. Or surnames – and you could make a fairly safe bet that the people observed in Tesco Metro didn’t have names like Bull, Baldwin or Botham.

        • cecile10

          But they may well be British born and culturally British. I guess I should be glad my immigrant parents were European – my Britishness is never questioned.

    • bloody proud Englishman

      Too true…I was in the delicatessen in Asda and it was full of foreign muck. The guy serving spoke with a broad black pudding Lancashire accent though, so that were a`reet.

  • pjl20

    I was under the impression that UKIP MEPs only draw down the same salary as Westminster based MPs do, circa £65,000 per annum? Not £80,000.

    As for ‘expenses’ are these not in the form of EU parliamentary allowances, that are not described as ‘expenses’ as such, as is the reimbursement for each of our Westminster-based MPs outgoings, that may be re-claimed?

    What is more the selection of MEP candidates for the 2014 European election is handled according to the rules.

    • whs1954

      Is this a joke? I can’t imagine how many pints of Leffe in Belgian bars Farage has milked off the taxpayer.

      • pjl20


        There you go misrepresenting a party leader. What is your problem? Do you believe the way BBC TV News shows the same clip of Nigel Farage supping a single pint of ale?

        ‘milked off the taxpayer’ – I think he can afford to pay for his own refreshment when he chooses to have a beer, don’t you?

        MEPs receive allowances, unlike Westminster MPs, not expense claims to cover genuine costs incurred in office. I suggest that you get your facts right before leading off!

        It is you who appears to be the joke.

  • Do bear in mind that even if UKIP had selected you, you might not have got in. Anyway, your country needs you – to liven up the House of Commons.

  • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

    The last thing UKIP needs now is another loose cannon so I can understand why they didn’t select you. If you’re serious about becoming an MEP I suggest you run for the local council first and show it. If as you say all you want to do is annoy lefties then there’s always Twitter…

    • Tom M

      I rather agree with that. JD seems to be the sort of person with whose views I agree but when in a public debate never seems to be able to express them in a credible way.

      • george

        I agree with him when he talks about climate and energy. Beyond that, his views are those of an 80’s-era louche adolescent, and are none the better for it.

  • John Bull

    “My main concern about Ukip is not with its membership but its hierarchy” I thought you were a member James? Surely “our” membership? Or have you lapsed?

    • pjl20

      Who are the ‘hierarchy’ – surely not the democratically elected MEPs?

  • Druth

    UKIP is about the struggle to get our freedom, identity and nation back from anti-democractic political elite and not as you seem to suppose here, about enjoying an EU sinecure.

    • Pootles

      Er…Delingpole was being mildly amusing. I think.

      • Druth

        I’m a big fan of Delingpole – so I like to get a rise out of him. I am glad he’s finally got of the fence and joined UKIP, but I would now like to see him put a in few hard yards. I think he will be great for UKIP, given the right sort of job. But I don’t think that is as an MEP.

        • Noa

          We can always get another MEP, even a UKIP one. On the other hand there’sonly one Delingpole the Writer, master smiter of green loons, socialistas and father of Comrade Marx.

          Better the scrivenor we know than the pundit we don’t!

  • therealguyfaux

    “Playing it safe” is all right if you’re well more than a hundred runs behind on the last day with less than a hour to go. Maybe you think, we won’t win, but damned if they bowl us out. So you take one run, where you might have made it back for another without that much chance of being put out. You let a ball go by, which you might have swung at, so you don’t accidentally tip the ball back to the wicketkeeper. Maybe you think you’ll be offered a draw if you do enough of that sort of thing, which allows the other side to let you save face, especially where they’ve already clinched the series.

    But of course, nobody starts their first innings saying “You know what? Let’s play for a draw!”

    The question is, at what stage of the game do Nigel et co. see themselves, anyway?

  • David Lindsay

    One expects UKIP to go under eventually, of course. But please, not before next year’s European Elections. UKIP is needed in order to assist Labour in depriving both Coalition parties of all seats in all three regions of the North of England.

  • AndyB

    I think if Danny the Fink can get a life barony then the encumbents should just cut to the chase and make you a life peer as well. Might actually give the Lords some credibility, and in a rather ironic way would be a signal from the Tories that they appreciate the concerns of rank and file UKIP members. One for Tim Montgomerie’s Monday column in the Times perhaps….

  • IvanTudorWho

    “shopping in Tesco with his wife, he had been shocked to notice that they were the only English people in the entire supermarket”

    This is meant in a spirit of social snobbery rather than racism, but assuming that you meant Five Ways, they were probably the only humans in there as well …

  • Wilhelm

    If the Incas, Aztecs and native Americans were a little more ”waaycist” to the invader / immigrants, they could still be around today.

    How White Europeans took over America, using ‘waaycism’ and multiculturalism.


  • edwardbancroft

    One of the lesser race-aware institutions are our trade unions. It’s odd just how many prospective Labour MEP’s are union sponsored. Perhaps the funding they bring buys off any criticism from the lefty bloggerati.

  • pdhan

    Guess they’ve filled their clown quota already?

  • Wilhelm

    If you think Tesco’s is bad, take a look at the French football team, it isn’t ethnic French, 7 Africans, 4 real French, depressing.


    • george

      Tesco, surely?

    • StephanieJCW

      So eleven ethnic French.

  • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

    I’m not sure I am particularly a “greenie” or a “leftie” but Delingpole certainly annoys me. For example, I wonder how his children feel about being constantly referred to as “boy” and “girl”. I have no doubt he finds this waggish. It isn’t, merely very irritating.

  • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

    Trying again to make a post…..

    I am neither particularly a “leftie” nor a “greenie”, but don’t worry Delingpole, you do annoy me, even if UKIP won’t have you. I don’t know why The Spectator doesn’t just hand over your page to someone else, given all you do is say the same handful of things all the time : I’m a right individual, me ; I don’t like wind farms or lefties; I’m a bit insecure, really.

  • Blakenburg

    Can anyone on this comments page give me what the word ‘Racist’ means? I am sure there are many interpreters of the word. Has the word been used many times out of context?
    If one is saying that a person is prejudice or prejudgement of people of other countries, that is not being a racist. Surely the term racist means that you put your own family first, then the community you belong to next, then it goes on to your country. At the same time, have respect for for others. Racist comes from the word Race or the term Race of People. Prejudice and Racism are not the same !

  • CraigStrachan

    James, do you think saying on a recent Telegram podcast that you are a member of both UKIP and the Tory Party might have something to do with it? Generally parties don’t approve of that sort of promiscuity.

  • Brian Otridge

    James, as a UKIP member I can understand both sides of the argument. Your comment on “Division of Labour” is the decisive one. You are damn good at what you do, you are doing as much for “the cause” as Patrick O’Flynn of the Express and now UKIP has done (for example). And I suggest you need to focus on that, you can get the media exposure JUST by being an outspoken journalist (C-list as you say, but I reckon you’ll soon be B-list), able to present the UKIP case with searing honesty (but without remarks that sail close to the racist and sexist wind) while coming across as a voice of reason too.

    Keep the good work up!

  • Susan Foyster

    The old parties have millions to help buy elections. We in UKIP have peanuts and a lot of volunteers. They can and do pay people to examine every word even the most junior council candidate says under a microscope, to see if they can find smear material. God help us if one word is out of place. It’s not therefore surprising the leadership are being more careful when proposing high profile candidates. I think it’s a shame, we need to tell it like it is and let them get on with the mudslinging, if they can’t find fault they’ll just make some up anyway. The establishment have become addicted to power for it’s own sake and will do whatever it takes to try and hang on to it. They consider dirty tactics to be self defense, rather like someone who places landmines round the garden shed. It’s rarely worth bothering to defend against the racist smear, those who are open minded enough to look properly at our policies know perfectly well it’s untrue. Our competitors will continue use it as often as they can, on the basis that some mud always sticks.
    Just this time however… We are not racist. Our anger is not directed at individuals or groups of people who have a legal right to be here but is reserved for past and present governments who have allowed, even encouraged far too many immigrants, far too quickly. We want it to stop, now. This is impossible whilst we remain in the EU and however much posturing Dave does, he, like Labour and the Libs, wants to stay in and the EU won’t move on this issue. There are lots of other reasons for a Referendum but the only way to get one is to vote UKIP. You can forget the Tory promise, it’s just another smoke screen to hide the issue in the hope it will go away.

  • hereward

    Sorry you did not make it James and yes the UKIP hierarchy are playing it far too safe IMO also . The right on media have this pernicious effect . A huge vote for UKIP on May 2014 is needed to shake the LibLabCon (EU) alliance out of their money tree .
    The media ( with lies ,misinformation and spin ) are doing all they can to ensure that does not happen .

  • AlanPiper

    I think he’s right to worry about the hierarchy. I think he’s right to question the merits of management by cat-herding rather than a more business-like approach and organisation to match. The management structure of Government is something that hasn’t changed for about 100 years and if UKIP cannot see opportunity in that and organise themselves accordingly, then they only emulate their opponents. Another sacks of cats – just a different political colour.
    UKIP currently seems increasingly excited about coming second in various elections. That I would suggest is an illusion of progress that doesn’t conceal the lack of credible policy ideas or resolve political divisions that still remain within UKIP, behind the Eurosceptic cloak which binds it all together.
    I hope that coming second doesn’t become it’s epitaph. But I have yet to see enough compelling new ideas or a political strategy that suggests that UKIP means business and can do enough to come first.

  • Oh that’s terrible news.

    You must feel like the fat, asthmatic kid watching everybody in front of him get picked for the mixed rounders team.

    Are there any other parties out there on the right you could try and represent, maybe one where the entry bar’s set a little lower?

    • gfr

      You’ve missed the point – UKIP REPRESENTS all those fat, asthmatic kids kids that LIBLABCON pretends to represent – but DOESN’T.
      Chaps like you, who get picked first at rounders, are the reason that LIBLABCON is in power – and the reason why we’re in the mess that we are.

      • No they don’t.

        UKIP represent a sub-set of the comfortably affluent who always think they know best, are wary of anyone who doesn’t think, look and act exactly as they do.

  • ExtricatEd

    Oh shame ;-( poor lad

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  • jimcooper

    Yes, I fear that even Nige has become afraid when in fact what has brought him out of the shadows and to everyone’s attention is appearing to us masses NOT to be afraid. To have a fag and a pint for all in norf London to see is his trump card, and he needs to keep his nerve… otherwise…POP…we’ll all be celebrating the criminal diversity that unchecked Rumanian (Turkish?) immigration will inevitably saddle us with…

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  • neilcraig

    While I admire you I can see why they said no (clearly so can you). It isn’t the reasin but I do think you should do a bit of leafleting too. A would be general should do some time in the ranks – this is a large part of what is wrong with the old parties.
    However I do agree that the leadership are being a bit keen on proving us respectable. The – lets take Syrian refugees – line is such seeking after respectability, but won’t impress ordinary people. We aren’t ever going to get the supportive coverage the BBC gives socialists and even Greens – I think we would be better just to openly say so. The public can tell we are being censored by the state media and will take account of it if we show we think it is wrong.
    Nobody denies that if our spokesmen were in TV as often as the LabCons we would be doing 10% better in the polls & thus them each 5% worse, making us easily the biggest party – the response to this censorship should be protest not obsequience.

  • warmingmyth

    JD has a very valid point about UKIP playing safe particularly in regard to the media They should stop doing so immediately! It is only Metropolitan Liberal Elitists in the media and paid internet trolls working for the EU and LibLabCon who keep picking up on UKIP members with unorthodox views, not anyone who is a potential UKIP voter. The condemnation of David Silvester was ill advised. They should just have continued to stress that Silvester was just expressing a personal opinion and not a UKIP position. As far as the theological views he was expounding are concerned they should have indicated that it was beyond their competence and referred the media to any theologian willing to express an opinion. Farage in particular needs to be very careful that the way he expresses himself in regard to those expressing unorthodox views does not confirm Godfrey Bloom’s reported view that he is developing a Fuhrer complex.
    I am not referring to JD’s non selection, some of the reasons for which ( very recent membership and lack of work for the party) appear completely valid.

  • Chaos Law

    Well done, UKIP. This man is allergic to both sense and decency.

  • RonnieTimewarp

    You were too bats**t even for the Telegraph too, which is why you ended up on tinfoil-hat central Breitbart, delighting all ten of their readers with a refreshing alternative to factual reporting.