Why can't we admit we're scared of Islamism?

Let's face it — we only challenge religions that won't hurt us, and governments that won't arrest us

9 November 2013

9:00 AM

9 November 2013

9:00 AM

Firoozeh Bazrafkan is frightened of nothing. Five foot tall, 31 years old, and so thin you think a puff of wind could blow her away, she still has the courage to be a truly radical artist and challenge those who might hurt her. She fights for women’s rights and intellectual freedom, and her background means her fight has to be directed against radical Islam. As a Danish citizen, she saw journalists go into hiding and mobs attack her country’s embassies just because Jyllands-Posten published cartoons of Muhammad that were so tame you could hardly call them ‘satirical’. Bazrafkan is also the daughter of an Iranian family, and the Islamic Republic’s subjugation of women revolts her.

When I met her, she was enduring a crash course in politically correct Europe’s many hypocrisies. White Danes reported her to the police for writing that Muslim men abuse and murder their daughters, and adding for good measure that the ‘Koran is more immoral, deplorable and crazy than manuals of the two other global religions combined’.

You could say that her remarks were offensive. You could say that the inattentive reader might just take them to mean that all Muslim men abuse and murder their daughters. But if every remark that someone might find offensive or misinterpret were banned, the human race would fall silent.

Liberal principles once held that the Danish state should only punish Bazrafkan if her words provoked violence. As it was, the court asked for no proof of actual incitement. (There was none to be had.) Instead, it acted as if criticism of religion — a system of beliefs which individuals should be free to choose and others should be free to criticise — was identical to racial prejudice, which all thinking people condemn because no one can choose his or her ethnicity. The white ‘liberal’ judges therefore ruled that the Iranian-born artist was a ‘racist’ and gave her a criminal record for condemning honour killings and clerical misogyny — proving yet again that the interests of women always come last.

When I asked what she thought of the Danish legal system, I did not receive a long lecture on freedom of expression.

‘I think it’s fucked,’ she said.

So is the London art world. After she told the Danish court she would sooner go to prison than pay its 5,000 kroner (£550) fine, the indomitable Bazrafkan headed for Passion for Freedom. The annual exhibition is as close as London gets to underground art. That claim may surprise you. If you listen to artists, writers, academics and journalists, you would think that thousands of them operate in a radical underground. They say the right things. They ‘speak truth to power’, ‘transgress boundaries’, and all the rest of it. But you will have noticed that they are careful only to challenge religions that won’t hurt them (Christianity) and governments that won’t arrest them (democracies). The London-based Polish intellectuals who organise this artistic protest against abuses of human rights are braver. Passion for Freedom is not devoted to anti-Islamist art. But its curators are not frightened to show it either.

The exhibition was to open at London’s Unit 24 gallery, near Tate Modern, last Saturday. Unit 24, which boasts on its website that it is ‘fiercely independent’, pulled out with only days to go. In emails to the organisers, Unit 24 offered various justifications for wrecking a show that had taken months to arrange. ‘Enemies of the exhibition’ had made threats, and it was worried about a ‘potential terrorist attack’. Unit 24 told The Spectator it pulled the show because Passion for Freedom could not provide insurance and security.

There was no secret about its decision. But not one of the arts correspondents for the broadsheets or BBC covered the threat to an international exhibition featuring the work of dozens of artists. I have argued many times that censorship is at its most effective when no one admits it exists. The first step to freeing yourself from oppressive power is to find the courage to admit that you are afraid. The more people confess to being afraid, the less reason there is to fear and the easier it is to isolate repressive forces.

But the radical poses of western intellectuals make a frank discussion of fear impossible. For how can they say they are brave dissidents one minute, and confess they are scared of theocratic thugs the next? In 2007, Grayson Perry was an exception. He said he would damn Christianity in his art, but had ‘not gone all out attacking Islamism because I feel the real fear that someone will slit my throat’. By the time of his Reith lecture last week, Perry’s honesty had gone. On the subject of courage, he could only quip, ‘I think one of the most rebellious acts done by an artist recently was by Tracey Emin. She supported the Tories!’

Ha-bloody-ha. How the audience laughed. But Perry knew what he said was not true, and so in their hearts did the claque who applauded him.

Fortunately, the truly radical owners of the Embassy Tea Gallery allowed the rebellious show to take over their space in Southwark, where it will run until Friday. The large crowd on the opening night cheered Firoozeh Bazrafkan. Meanwhile, the judges decided that the best piece on display was ‘The Perfect Stone’ by Victoria Burgher. A smiling woman gave visitors stones as they entered. ‘Find where to put it,’ she said with a conspiratorial wink. Galleries pull stunts like this all the time. In this instance, however, visitors found that the stone went into a sack by a pillar. Above it was Article 104 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, which states with creepy precision that when a woman is stoned to death for adultery, ‘the stone shall not be so big so as to kill the person by one or two strikes, neither shall it be so small that it cannot be called a stone’.

I was one of the judges that gave Burgher the prize for her subtle protest against the Iran’s treatment of women. I suppose that means I am a racist too.

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Nick Cohen is the author of You Can’t Read This Book, about censorship. He writes a column for the Observer, and blogs at spectator.co.uk/nickcohen

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  • David Prentice

    Good read, Nick.

    • zanzamander


  • anyfool

    If you give equal standing to an ideology that is more destructive than Communism and National Socialism combined, you then allow them to flood all over your country, you voted to re-elect weak minded politicians who allowed it to happen, if you are a journalist that prefaces every comment with the mantra ” Islam is a religion of peace” Look in the mirror and you will see a weak minded selfish coward, that is why no one will confront this incubus of an alien culture growing inside the body of this country.
    It is not weakness of the majority it is the cowardice of the leadership.

    • black11hawk

      You should read check out Alice Thomson’s Times column this week where she says that hijabs are great, but she’s finally come round to the view that burkas are probably not great: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/opinion/columnists/article3914187.ece

      • James Lovelace

        Hijabs are also the equivalent of wearing National Socialist regalia.

        Just go and read the muslim biography of Mohammed (by Ibn Ishaq). It is THE most authoritative biography of Mo. Every subsequent biography relies on it.

        By the time that Mo was telling muslim women to veil themselves, he had committed genocide, he had beheaded children, he had sold women and children as slaves (meaning: they would be raped by their owners).

        Muslims who do not denounce these war crimes are not to be trusted. Muslims who dress in the manner prescribed by Mo after these crimes, are attesting to their support for genocide.

        • Cassanders

          The issue WRT to women and veiling is much more interesting than usually known. As far as I know, the culprit is in fact Umar/Omar ( who was a devote contemporary follower of Mo and later became the second caliph (after Abu Bakr)). Mo had apparently a rather relaxed view on female attire, but the over-zealous Umar “spied” (would probably be the accurate word) on the prophet’s wives on a travel, and kept complaining to Mo about their habit of relieving themselves (defectaing or urinating) during the night (Can you imagine -Umar was so (over)zealous that he complained about the prophets vives for “improper” clothing in the middle of a completely black/dark middle eastern night).

          Anyway, Mo was not very interested in Umar’s complaints, but the latter kept nagging and nagging AND NAGGING, until the prophet more or less felt himself “forced” to get a revelation on the issue….the later infamous “Phrophet, tell your vives to draw their cloths around them…….

          I think several scholars have pointed out that Umar in fact more or less “coerced” Mo to have revelation on various other issues in some other occations as well. I would thin the “powerstruggle” between Umar and Mo is fairly interesting, and should of course be explored furhter. I suspect the timefram efor such exlorations has to belong, indeed.
          Finally, as an “sweet” irony. The once extremely “victorian” Umar turned out to be a fierce cassanova when he later became caliph.
          In Cod er trust

          • d1stewart

            Saying that Umar coerced Mohammed to have “revelations” that did not actually happen would be blasphemy in Islam, I’m pretty sure.

          • Cassanders

            Sure, I believe many muslims would think so. Hence this not a conclusion often put forward by islamic “scholars”:-).
            Please observe the this narrative has a rather convoluted set of assumptions.
            As a sceptical rationalist, I may in fact dobt that Mo was one historical person at all. (And thereby, that the accounts- be it in the quran or the sunna is of quite limited historical value. As for Jesus, Mo might well be a amalgamate of several persons. I would rate the probablility for Mo being one historical person somewhat above the corresponding probability for Jesus, but not very reliable. Both lack convincing INDEPENDENT sources, which is quite remarkable , given their contemporary political impact, however, i think the independent accounts for Mo is better (not surprising, as he lived several hundred years closer to our time.
            Anyhow, the”unveiling”(sic) of this story I regard as a rather fair reproduction of the stories in the sunna when/if assuming they in fact were true.

            InCod we trust

          • Batilshikan

            You are what Muslims call a “Jahil”, i.e., totally ignorant along with being arrogant and malicious. The good thing is that some people on hearing your lies will get so mad at Islam that they will decide to study it, and then they will come to Islam. It has happened many times.

          • Cassanders

            I am not surprised there is a name for me and my ilk, after all, the quran is replete with negative characterizations of unbelievers. In fact, not only negative characterizations, but also excessive and graphical descriptions of the (eternal) torture prepared for us.

            I definitely reccomend everyone to read the quran. But by all means read it for yourselves, rather than trusting apologets serving you watered down and euphemisized versions.

            Take it directly from thw horse’s mouth, is it goes 🙂

            In Cod we trust

          • Batilshikan

            So now you know what awaits you

          • Cassanders

            Of course, not in every detail, but I can infer a general picture. It goes like this: After I die, my soul will go to the islamic hell. Why Allah would take the trouble to collect and torment all of the unbelievers from ALL different religions + the atheists into HIS hell is not completely clear to me, but I assume you think so,
            Allthough islam is a transformation of judaism, it has stolen (sic) the christian/late-judaism Gehenna concept of hell -which is truly hellish, rather than the more hellenistic “Hades” concept of judaism (just unplasant, cold and boring).

            So, as my immatrial soul ( my dead body is ostensibly left here to rot, -or I or my familiy might even take the trouble to cremate me, -talk of sweet irony)) enters the islamic hell, it must rematerialise in order to be subjected to the ordained molten lead, boiling water, fire….and my skin to be recreated to have all the torture repeated …in eternity. 🙂

            What an utterly stupid story! And you are still not able to fathom the utter immoral core of this narrative? I really fell sorry for you.

          • Batilshikan

            Islam is the true faith brought by all the prophets. Judaism and Christianity are institutionalized deviations from the true faith. References to Jahanum etc., in these religions are just vague memories of the True Faith.

            As far as immorality and morality is concerned, according to your morality, or rather amorality, there is no final judgement. So there are no absolute ethics, just situational ethics. By your ethics, as long as you get away with whatever evil you do, you are okay. So Mao and Stalin are your “saints” as they killed millions, ruled nations, indulged their most twisted desires, and then died peacefully in their beds. They rot, just as a person who spent his/her life serving humanity rots. According to your morality/amorality Ted Bundy was better than his victims because he outwitted and used them, and lived longer than them. Hitler was better than the people he killed as after all the suffering he caused he just suffered a quick death from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

          • Cassanders

            With regards to religions, you seem to be the victim of a very widespread (religious) misconception: That you can obtain true knowledge from your own (or any) religion. Recall then, that all (at least most) religions make several strong and quite explicit truthclaims about the world, gods’ nature, god’s requirements for life, etc etc.
            Many of these truthclaims are mutually exclusive, they cannot be true simultaneously. The rather obvious conclusiion is that fatith persuation coming from religious truthclaims are notoriously unreliable (as source for true knowledge). You obviously think that YOUR religion is the only true one, and ALL the others are wrong, but similar thougths have alle the others believers as well.

            With regards to islam as a true faith, and the other Abrahamittic faiths as false deviations, I must remind you that islam is the youngest.
            I know that the islamic narrative of its own creation intends to explain (the desired conclusion you adhere to), but the story is so rediculous, that only the guillible really should fall for it.
            You may subscribe to the ugly and utterly immoral islamic narrative of hell (Jahanum), and I’m sure many agreeing with your beliefs, but there are of course other and more rational explanations for the particular islamic version.

            Here is the rather obvious:
            When creating a new religion which to a large extent was based on an older one (Judaism), Mohammad and his follwers was of course faced with several challenges, -especially with regards to P.R and effective mechanisms for conversions (besides the historically well-known: force).
            While inventing a couple of quite creative stories to adhust judaism to their need, and make his/their role plausible, the “PR/branding”-job was not one of great novelty. The main recipe: Make heaven even better, and hell even worse.
            Unfortunately but not surprisingly, the recipe worked/works. Promising (horny) men an eternity of sexual pleasure, good food and wine was alas a “success” in jihad and imperialistic context. And an even more ghastly hell was an effective way to keep the believers within the confines of the faith.

            Finally, you seems to have the strangest tendency of drawing unfounded conclusions. What on earth make you believe that I support Stalin or Mao? Do you really believe that without your god, moral does not exist?

            “Half the lies they tell about me are true”
            S.Gorn’s Compendium of Rarely Used Clichés

          • Batilshikan

            So hell and heaven were invented? Do you think the law of gravitation was invented by Sir Isaac Newton? Your whole thesis is based on immense ignorance of Islam. I don’t know if you are a Zionist troll using atheism as a stalking horse to attack Islam, or a true atheists. Atheists are like Sociopaths/psycho paths in some way. Sociopaths/psychopaths are emotional cripples who cannot feel empathy. When tested their brains remain dark in situations requiring empathy, while those of normal people light up. Similarly true atheists are spiritual cripples. Minds of normal (believing) people light up when they are shown the what they consider to be glories of God. The minds of atheists stay dark as their souls. Of course there are lazy atheists who find it easier to deny God then to mend their evil and immoral lifestyles.

          • Cassanders


            So hell and heaven were invented?

            hmmmm, you seems at least quite convinced that “the hells and heavens” of other religions are invented. Our agreement is probably much better than you have realised 🙂

            If you take the trouble of studying various religions and history, you may discover the fascinating roles of these myths. How they are spread and transformed and remolded into the various contexts, as the cultures and religions develop, moves and unfolds. The concept of hell has for instance often had a function of purification rather than (the contemporary) torment. A much more humane notion, I must add, and a pity that this interpretation/view has lost traction.

            You seems to claim that heaven and hell are physically real as gravity, I could of course think of a suite of quite interesting experiments in which you could explore this hypothesis, but I think I decline. -I’m a sensitive man 🙂

            As far as I know, the (universal) law of gravity was expressed and put forward by Isaac Newton. (In normal language “invented” by Newton). You will perhaps claim that your god had “invented” the law before him, -at the time of creation?
            What do you do then when someone tells you that the “law of gravity has limitations ( some will eve claim it is wrong). but at least not applicable at all scales and for all masses?

            Stop wasting time reading the quran or the sunnah and get a life.

            Me zionist? You gotta be kidding 🙂

          • Batilshikan

            I guess you are not used to argument by analogy. Western education is weak in teaching logic and argumentation. I mentioned the law of gravitation because it is a well known law of Physics. I will not go into where Newtonian physics becomes inaccurate and Modern Physics (Einstinean) or Quantum Physics takes over. Having degrees in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science I am somewhat familiar with these concepts, even though some of the intricacies of particle physics is beginning to dim in my memory through lack of use.

            Newton discovered God’s laws (as did Einstein and others). As Newton did not reach the ultimate truth there is room for more discovery and clearing up some concepts. Similarly God’s message regarding the unknown (afterlife) as well as the ethics He has chosen for the humans were revealed to teachers known as prophets, who taught the rest of humanity.

            There has been only one true religion revealed to the prophets, and that has been Islam. Christianity and Judaism are institutionalized deviations from the true faith. Pagan religions have been massively contaminated by humans. the concept of hell and heaven are different or unknown there because they were corrupted or purged. So religion went from pure to contaminated, not from primitive to more developed. All prophets brought the same aqeedah (belief) but different sharia (laws) as that depended on the developmental stage of humanity.

            You are at the same level of development as the pre-Islamic Arabs during the days of jahillyya (ignorance). They also argued about how can God raise the dead when only bones are left. All these arguments of the Kuffar (rejectors or truth) have been answered in the Quran.

            The “humane” notions that you are talking about are just theories of utopians. When utopians get power we get Stalin and Pol Pot (and Paul).

            You cannot experiment with Hell and Paradise. You are trapped in four dimensions (x,y,z,t), while Hell and Heaven in dimensions you cannot even fathom.

          • Cassanders

            hmmm, may I ask what kind of engineering , physics and computer science you studied? The dreaded “western” variety , or perhaps the glorious “quranic” ones?
            Question: If knowldege obtained by your favored “logic by analogy”. is so powerful, and the “western” hypothetic-deductive methods is so poor, -don’t you find it strange that islamic/quranic “science” seems completely powerless in produceling new useful knowledge?

            In Cod we trust

          • Batilshikan

            You may ask. Actually you already have asked, so your question is redundant.
            The answer is that there is no Western or Eastern science. Science is the search of worldly knowledge through observation and experimentation. It is value neutral. When after 1492 the criminal piratical nations of Europe rose to power through certain accidents of history and resultant riches looted from the “new” world, whose original inhabitants were annihilated through genocide and germs, they institutionalized their war making knowledge, for the purpose of making war and gathering slaves.
            Like most nouveau riche they concocted theories how they were of aristocratic descent i.e., racially superior. After WWII declaration of racial superiority has gone out of fashion, so now you and your ilk beat the drum of civilizational/cultural superiority. West was composed of predators, and they developed sharp claws while the rest of the world slept.
            Things are changing now. China the “buck toothed drug addicted brown people” as you guys used to call them, are now rising. Muslims have defeated both the USSR and the US with nothing except God’s Grace. Iraq, which was occupied in the 1940’s by a couple of British brigades has laid low the might of NATO. Things indeed are changing.

          • Fellow Homo Sapiens:
            Peace, Love, Joy, imagination, and Enlightenment to you I wish you the courage of embracing complete spiritual and intellectual honesty.
            Most of what you said was prejudicial and religious, meaning in an intellectual discussion it is inadmissible. While I am not saying you cannot have faith (I have faith), your whole opinion is based on your subjective religious indoctrination.
            Your talk about atheists is nonsense. Are you aware of what an atheist is? Are you aware of what a theist is? You cannot discuss these things without first defining terms. The first term you must define is God. When someone asks me ‘do you believe in God’, if I am intellectually and spiritually honest, I have to answer this way: ‘What do you mean by “believe”, because even before talking about God, belief has several connotations in a sentence.
            If I say I believe in God, do I mean I trust God? Because that is really what the sentence implies. Of course the first question must be, ‘what is God, and then the next question would have to be ‘from what source do we determine whether what it is supposed God has said is true. Do you see?
            All this talk about the brains of atheists is meaningless if you have not decided to understand ‘atheist’. I say this because most people I e this word do not understand what it means.
            I will explain it to you. An atheist is one who has not added the idea of gods to his understanding of the universe. It is very important that you understand this. Religion is something that was added to the world. It is not something one lacks if he or she possess an absence of belief in it. Do you see? You and other theists act as if atheists removed something, something sacred. What has really happened is that you theists have added something–something others are not obliged to have to adopt.
            I will leave the idea of what God is to you. Define God in universal terms, we can talk, I mean subjective in such a way as this religion is plain and provable by any observer in any age and in any cultural milieu. To do otherwise would be subjective, and age and culture-specific. That is inherently unfair.

          • Batilshikan

            What are these “independant accounts”? Were they written by Bengamin Netanyahu, or some other yahoo?

          • UBK

            What were Benyamin’s first words when asked what he thought about the attack on the WTC ? ” That’s good ! ” Then he woke up to the fact he was ‘on air,’ and quickly added ” for Israel, but of course we deeply regret the loss of American lives.” On that day it came to over 3000 – now after the clean up, hundreds having breathed in the asbestos and talcum fine cement dust laden air are dieing of mesothelioma and other respiratory diseases.

        • Batilshikan

          National socialists were Judio-Christians. Their ideology resembled Judaism. Veils were worn form the Roman times till Victorian times by aristocratic women. Slinky revealing clothing was worn by sex slaves in the slave markets of Rome. Slaves and serfs were usually uncovered.

    • macks30

      must be silenced for mankind to survive, you can’t debate with it, it does not
      debate, it does not listen, it has no empathy, no forgiveness, life has no
      value in Islam, our politicians are weak, Muslims should live in Muslim
      countries, oil & water will never mix, they will never really integrate so
      many Muslims in our country can only end in disaster.

      • Anjaan Aadmi

        Too late …. much of Europe is doomed … just wait a hundred years … the Muslims will beat the world democracies in their own game of numbers … !!

        • Moa

          Actually, the birthrate of Muslims is falling too. eg. look at Iran, and the birth rate of immigrant communities is high but trending down.

          Furthermore, the petrodollars that fuel jihad are drying up.

          Egypt has decisively rejected the Muslim Brotherhood.

          The only question mark that remains is America. Currently it’s foreign policy is greatly swayed by the alliance between Democrats and the Muslim Brotherhood. If this is broken or the Democrats lose power then Islam is doomed as a global political force – unless it reverts to naked violence – which will merely hasten its demise as political system of global influence.

          Europe is not quite as doomed as many suspect. The elites are against sovereign states but the populace have nationalistic pride. Guess which one actually matters?

          The ideological fight is far from over. Enlightenment Culture has had some victories, and people around the World (including in Islamic countries) are starting to wake up to the fact that totalitarianism in any form, and anti-Democratic political systems of any form, are bad.

          • smileandwave

            “Muslim Brotherhood Claims Interim Egyptian President Is Jewish”. Egypt’s “liberal” papers respond that Morsi is a
            Zionist stooge. Whichever side wins the outcome is not going to be a tolerant society by any stretch of the imagination.

          • Batilshikan

            Zionist tolerance = Kill Muslims and take their lands.

          • Carl Atteniese

            People who despise cruelty against women, the chopping off of limbs, the silencing of feeling and free speech; these are all Zionists? What dark corner were you indoctrinated in?

        • Batilshikan

          HIndu troll, probably paid by his government to spread hate against Muslims. He is all over the net.

          • Carl Atteniese

            Religious intolerance is making you a lot of friends, is it?

        • Carl Atteniese

          Are you pure, clinically insane evil, or just having us on for a laugh?

        • Anjaan, Why do you feel Muslims should take over other cultures, again? Explain this to me, please.

          • Anjaan Aadmi

            The Muslims are brainwashed to believe that one day, all of the world will come under their Allah, and there will be rule of Islam all over the world … they call it the Caliphate, that President Bush (Jr) alluded to many times (the other political leaders in the US and Europe do not have the courage to call a spade a spade) … !

      • Batilshikan

        Islam is a light that cannot be put out by the likes of you. Islam is victorious. Deal with it

        • Carl Atteniese

          What in hell are you talking about. These people aren’t talking about “Islam” so much as they are talking about totalitarianism, chauvinism, intolerance, a cancer of fear of free speech (which is boyish cowardice). They are talking about primitivism undoing egalitarian enlightened society! Don’t turn this into a thing against Islam. Next you will make the monkey cry of “racism”. And to answer your robot response of “…is a light”: Light, my fellow homo sapien, is not shed with a knife, it comes from freedom and love; it does not come through fear, ever.

          • Ian Crause

            This guy doesn’t understand that, which is why he may find he comes unstuck at some point, especially if he is in the UK and advocating the overthrow of our culture.

      • Carl Atteniese

        This is a little severe. I think we need to politely tell people from Islamic backgrounds that we want peace with them, but in no uncertain terms can they enter egalitarian enlightenment democracies without signing an affidavit saying they are not going to take issue with our time-honored and hard won, self-evidently inalienable, and cherished righteous foundations of society, at pain of deportation.

    • Jerry S

      “It is not weakness of the majority…”
      Really now? How so? You’ve allowed yourselves to be replaced/repopulated by a foreign people who openly despise and trample on your values, without so much as a whimper of protest, petrified by the possibility of being named “racist” or “bigot.”

      Now you claim is was not the weakness of the majority but the cowardice of the leadership? From whom, pray tell, does the leadership derive its powers, if not from the majority of citizen ‘sheeple?’

      • jonque

        Exactly. But so many people don’t realize that now. The only real changes that have ever occurred in the world have been the result of movements from the people (for the better and worse, I should add). So much legislation has been changed or discarded due to outrage from the people. Nixon was ferreted out of office, the Vietnam war was abandoned when, militarily, we were winning, because the public outcry was just too great, Hillary Care was rejected, gun control and immigration bills have been rejected time and time again. That is why we now have a dictator – it wasn’t easy to push us around. Well, the dictator will learn. It’s still not.

    • Ben Kelly

      I wanted to come on here on comment but you have saved me time so I’ll simply say this- hear, hear!


    • Carl

      No, it is mortal, visceral fear on the part of rational people.

    • Carl Atteniese

      I appreciate how you feel, but some people are just mortally frightened.

  • cdjgfjhtktjuyjyuj

    Good article we have to stop the Islamisation of the UK now they have nothing in common with our values

    Please sign and share, blog, tweet, facebook the Daily
    Express petition to stop immigration. Over 80,000 have signed in a week.

    Sign here- https://petitions.express.co.uk/Say-NO-to-new-EU-migrants

    • Amicus

      I am less worried about EU immigrants than (say) Somali immigrants.

  • zanzamander

    You lot in the media are part of the problem Mr Cohen. If it wasn’t for you guys all surrendering to the 9/11 Islamic terrorists, none of this would have been necessary. Instead of going after the ideology that inspired the attacks, you lot, in cahoots with venal politicians and academia went after the victims of the terror, Israel, Western culture, our imperial past and anything else that you could lay your lazy minds to, but Islam.

    That is not to say that “Islamism” began on 9/11, no it began straight after its invention. You only have to look at the evidence if you really wanted, look at how in all the lands that Islam conquered it supplanted everything that preceded it. Why do you guys think that Islam in Europe is going to be any different to the one Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia etc.? But you won’t do this because it would mean insulting millions of peaceful Muslims.

    You should be giving more voice to people like Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer and any number of true freedom fighters, instead you capitulate everytime the “racist” card is played – despite the fact that neither of the two people I’ve mentioned has ever said anything remotely “racist” and abhor racism.

    I have not said anything rude, swore or insulted anyone in my above
    post, yet I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it got deleted, because that is
    what we have come to expect from our media – playing into the hands of

    • gladiolys

      Yeah, but no. Ottomans were not especially Islamic. They appropriated the religion for political ends, as part of building a power base. And it was they who spread Islam, more than Arabs, or so I believe (I’m open to being corrected if you can point me to more accurate information).

      Of course, I expect you to accuse me of being an apologist for Islam. I’m not. It’s as big a load of b*ll*cks as any other religion – poiitics backed up by the supernatural. Something like the Holy Roman Empire.

      Anywho, the point is, ordinary people get conned into following these systems. They are not the enemy. Those who wield the power are.

      • James Lovelace

        ” it was they who spread Islam, more than Arabs, or so I believe (I’m open to being corrected if you can point me to more accurate information).”

        It wasn’t the Ottomans who invaded Spain, and occupied that country for 700 years. You should read Fregosi’s book “Jihad in the West”. He was commissioned to write it in the 1990s, but when it was ready for printing, the publisher withdrew because (surprise, surprise) they were getting death threats from islamic nazis.

        People are staggeringly ignorant about this history.

        • gladiolys

          Thanks… I checked and it was the Berbers who invaded Spain. It was the Ottomans who took over Mecca and Medina and then got to the gates of Vienna.

          • James Lovelace

            “It was the Ottomans who took over Mecca and Medina”

            I really think you need to stop posting this rubbish and learn some history.

            Mecca was a multiculturual pagan city before Mohammed took over with his army and made it muslim-only.

            Medina was a multicultural jewish city. The idiots took in Mohammed when he’d declared war on the Meccans. He set about annihilating the jews with the army he built. Then when his army was 10000 strong, he went and invaded Mecca.

            Following his death, his Companions (the most trusted authorities on islam, after Mohammed) spread out from Arabia to the west, north, and east. Within 80 years of Mohammed’s death, they were invading India.

          • retiredolegit

            But the Berbers were more interested in anything lootable than in religion. And they preferred the life of the sun, hence Galicia & the Basque country didn’t interest them for settling; too wet & dreary.
            Almanzor sacked Santiago, & took the church bells back to Cordoba along with other treasures.

      • jonque

        You’re right, it is innocent people who get conned into following corrupt systems, but once conned they can act with just as much venom as those they support. I know and work with liberals who are actually quite nice people. They have no idea of my political beliefs. I have heard many of them rail against virtually everything I believe in and call people who think like me terrorists, traitors, say they (I) should be killed. I take this kind of talk seriously. They’re not my enemy per se, but I don’t doubt they would turn against me if push came to shove.

        Funny thing is, we mostly want the same things – freedom, equality, prosperity, jobs, a thriving economy – it’s just that they believe they will get there by way of Socialism and Communism. So what do you do with good people who support oppression and think they’re supporting its opposite?

    • Shazza

      Totally agree. And let us not forget the Left’s enthusiastic support and encouragement for ‘multiculturalism’.

      This creed declares that all cultures are equal and should be respected, thus creating a situation that any criticism of the RoP results in cries of ‘racism’. So now we live with FGM, honour killings, halal, anti-Semitism, misogyny, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

      We are reaping what we have sown. And rather than admit that they were wrong, the Left continue to pursue the myth that all is well and that it is only a few ‘extremists’ that are the problem. Wrong. To quote Erdogan again ‘ There is only islam’. There is nothing moderate about islam. The Left is fooling itself and would rather see us all being subjugated rather than grow a pair, admit their gross failure and do something to redress their successful plan ‘to rub the Right’s noses in diversity’. Unfortunately those dhimmis who currently occupy Downing Street are just as complicit in this cowardly surrender.

      I also expect this to be deleted in accordance with the new law that telling the truth is now hate speech.

      • James Lovelace

        The founder of the SWP said that the Muslim Brotherhood were fascists. When the leader of the MB was assassinated, he was described by the NYT as a fascist. When the first ever book on the Muslim Brotherhood was written (by a muslim who supported them), the book stated that the MB was modelled on the nazi party.

        The Left in the west clearly don’t oppose fascism and nazism. Provided the nazis don’t have white skin.

        • global city

          They didn’t oppose fascism until Hitler attacked the USSR, but now we have all that crap about them facing off fascism where ever it reared it’s head.

          • jonque

            The truth is that World War 2 was Sophie’s Choice writ large. The United States had to choose which dictator they wanted to back to win the war and Stalin seemed like the lesser of the two evils. It was only marginally so.

        • fjfish

          Correlation is not causation: Leninist parties organise the same way. It’s about being secretive and wanting to overthrow a violent state that might kill or imprison you.

          You would organise that way if you were living there and had the same objectives, even if you weren’t religious.

          The fascist label is used because of opposition to Israel, doesn’t have a lot to do with much else.

          The left have the Trotskyist “enemy of my enemy is my friend” view. Overthrowing puppet regimes would weaken Western imperialism, regardless of who did the overthrowing. Myself, I’d rather not have a world where there is so much suffering and hatred of the other, whoever they may be.

          I don’t think it’s anywhere near as simple as you seem to think, there are nuances and complexity everywhere, the key thing is a willingness to stand up and be counted like Bazrafkan, to question the lunacy and show it up for what it is.

          • James Lovelace

            “The fascist label is used because of opposition to Israel, doesn’t have a lot to do with much else.”

            Israel has got nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood being fascist. Israel did not exist until 1948, the Nazi-inspired Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928.

            The very first book written on the MB was written by a muslim supporter of the MB. Thinking the MB had been destroyed, he decided to tell the truth: that it was modelled on the Nazi Party, and that it was a terrorist group from the start. That book was written in the early 1950s. I’d rather believe his views than a nobody like you.

            The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was the spiritual guide of the MB. As contemporary writers sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood admit, the Brotherhood worked alongside Nazis in Palestine in the 1930s to kill jews. I’d rather beleive their views than a nobody like you.

            The Mufti not only raised muslim SS units for the Nazis in Bosnia, but he spent WW2 in Berlin as Hitler’s guest. Britain wanted him tried at Nuremberg as a war criminal for his role in the Holocaust.

            After WW2, many prominent Nazis moved to muslim countries and converted to islam. Even to this day, prominent white neo-Nazis convert to islam.

            This is all “correlation” to you. Either you are very ignorant, or no amount of information will persuade you of the affiliation of islam and Nazism.

            Europe’s jew-hatred stems from islam. The first 2 pogroms on European soil occurred in Spain. It was muslims in Spain killing jews in Spain. Almost 100 years passed before christians in Europe started to copy this.

          • fjfish

            oh, ad hominem attacks.

            That works

            I didn’t know about that shameful history and am sad to hear of it. Us nobodies occasionally aren’t all knowing like you, but at least now there’s more than a couple of throw away comments and you’ve explained your position in detail. I’m not defending the islamists, I have Jewish relatives, my father was a PoW, my uncle helped relieve some of the camps, my brother in law’s father escaped Russia some time in the early 20th century. I just think that escalating hatred is a waste of time and only leads to more blood – and there’s been more than enough.

            I’m also more than tired of the cliche calling everybody who disagrees with you a fascist, it’s an old Stalinst trick, very reminiscent of the 1960’s-80’s left, and doesn’t help understand what the causes and conditions are behind what they do and say. Don’t forget Stalin (the old left) was just as bad as Hitler but hid it better and essentially got away with things that were as bad or worse. The left are very fond of shutting people up, and the plethora of laws we now suffer under come from that.

            It’s also very easy to look back (in fact a well-documented cognitive bias) at the past and construct a causal narrative which wasn’t there at the time. A compelling reason behind the pogroms was simple theft and banditry sponsored by the state – disgusting greed with a thin ideological justification. Any relatively well off group of “others” would have done. Of course once once place did it it looked like a good idea to the rulers of the next one, they could boost their coffers and distract attention from their own incompetence – a win all round except for the victims.

            I think I’ll leave it there.

          • James Lovelace

            Hardly an ad hominem attack, since you admit you are in fact ignorant.

            And stop your bleating about jewish ancestry. For all I know, you are a black woman. But you think you can win points in a debate by claiming to have jewish ancestry. Who cares? It’s irrelevant to this debate. As for “escalating hatred” – once again, if you weren’t so ignorant, you’d know that at least 50% of anti-semitic attacks in London are by muslims. Something the media and the liberal-left like to conceal.

            “I’m also more than tired of the cliche calling everybody who disagrees with you a fascist”. No-one called you a fascist. It’s you constructing a straw man.

            “It’s also very easy to look back (in fact a well-documented cognitive bias) at the past and construct a causal narrative which wasn’t there at the time. A compelling reason behind the pogroms was simple theft”

            You accuse others of cogntive bias and constructing a causal narrative… and then you do exactly that yourself.

            Seems like you are an egotist with little self-awareness.

            I told you what muslims and Lefists who are supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood say about the MB and its affiliations with Nazism. I couldn’t care less what your reasons are for maintaining your blinkers.

          • fjfish

            I said I couldn’t accept a bald assertion based merely on how they organised so you clarified it. Thank you.

            One narrative works as well as any other in the sense that they are a post hoc interpretation. One could point at the apparent several hundred years of harmony of the Ottoman empire (not studied in depth so maybe you can shoot me down again).

            I haven’t studied the MB and their fascist links and am glad (and sad) to know about them now. But the organisation was born out of fear of being deprived of what little they had originally. There were a lot of armed settlers buying and appropriating land – what kind of reaction would you expect?

            Modern muslims are fed hatred of jews and that is fuelled by modern conflicts – it’s a two way street of escalation, not helped by two versions of a violent god that’s quite happy with ethnic cleansing and utter destruction of the non-chosen. I can’t see how Spanish pogroms from hundreds of years ago are related to the awful mess the West created in the Middle East after the second world war. This was the fuel for what we see now and modern Jews and muslims views of each other are its unhappy result.

            “Seems like you are an egotist with little self-awareness.” – not ad hominem? Stick to the facts, I want to know more because I need to understand this better, but, honestly …

          • Batilshikan

            Israel is a racist aparthied state. It came into being by committing migratory genocide against the local Muslim populations. The supporters of Israel especially the commentators here openly advocate a genocide of 1.5 billion Muslims. Easy to see who the monsters are

          • James Lovelace

            “It came into being by committing migratory genocide against the local Muslim populations. ”

            Muslims are only in the area of Israel because the 7th century islamo-nazis invaded with their armies in 637. Just like the islamo-nazis invaded Spain and India.

            Jews did not arrive in Israel with an army. They arrived and bought land from the inhabitants who were happy to sell it. These days an arab who sells land to a jew there is killed by islamo-nazis.

            “commentators here openly advocate a genocide of 1.5 billion Muslims. Easy to see who the monsters are”

            You worship a genocidal monster, your own hadiths record that he beheaded children. You think that surah 9, spoken at the end of Mohammed’s life, is the direct word of god. And in Surah 9 it says “kill the unbelievers”.

            It is indeed easy to see who the monsters are.

          • Batilshikan

            Soooo….. Joshua bought land from the Canaanites. I know large parts of the Bible are fabricated, but you are throwing the Torah out lock, stock and barrel.

          • James Lovelace

            There were no muslims in Judea before the 7th century.

            If the muslims who are there now were not invaders, they would not be speaking Arabic, would they?

          • Batilshikan

            If Muslims had been genocidal thugs like Judeo-Chrisitians there would not have been a single Jew or Christian left in the whole of Middle East.

          • James Lovelace

            Caliph Umar stated that if muslims continued to massacre jews and christians, there would be no resources for the future generation of parasitical islamo-nazis to exploit. He suggested that instead of killing them (as Mohammed had exhorted), that non-muslims should instead become serfs (dhimmis) or slaves.

            Islam regards non-muslims as cattle, animal to be exploited. It is worse than nazism in that regard.

          • Batilshikan

            Absolute nonsense. There were no massacres by Muslims. Actually the Christians were so impressed by the discipline of the Muslims that they converted in large numbers to Islam.

          • James Lovelace

            Those who converted did so because they were threatened with death. Go and read Ibn Ishaq. Since you are either a) ignorant, or b) lying, here’s a link to a single page showing that the founder of islam was a violent terrorist (just like those muslims in the shopping mall in Kenya).


            When Mohammed was conducting his genocide against jews in Arabia, he beheaded any jewish boy who opposed him.

            As the hadiths make clear, the criterion for beheading a child was if he had started to grow pubic hair.

          • Batilshikan

            Once again you get caught in a lie. The only thing Muslims did in conquered territories was to keep the people safe from Christian church that used to persecute and kill them.

            Once again you lie about the Jews. One Jewish tribe was caught red handed getting ready to attack Muslims they were allied with, when Muslims were under siege. The judgement against Bani Quriadha was passed by their ally at their demand. It was not the Prophet (Peace be upon him) who passed the judgement. The tribal ally of banu Quraida used the Torah, not the Quran to pass judgement on the treacherous thugs. The youngest one who was about to be killed was around 16 or 17, considered military age in those days. He was actually pardoned on the request of the women of Medina.

            The attack in Kenya was in response to the genocide the Kenyan thugs are committing in Somalia every day.

          • James Lovelace

            “The attack in Kenya was in response to the genocide the Kenyan thugs are committing in Somalia every day.”

            You are clearly a ideologue and a monster, justifying muslim terrorists killing children in the Westgate mall, justifying them castrating and gouging out the eyes of the victims. Thanks for proving the kind of scum who defends islam.

            For those others who stumble upon this “discussion”, they can go and read Fregosi’s book “Jihad in the West”, which documents the 100s and 100s of horrible violent attacks by muslims on christians over the 1000 years of islam.


            I can’t wait until one of the western countries decides to nuke Pakistan.

          • You are watching dreams with open eyes LOL !

          • fjfish

            Nazis are a 20th century thing. Stop with the ahistorical nonsense. Kings have always wanted to expand their kingdoms, the colour of the religious flag they wave is immaterial.

          • Batilshikan

            Nazi ideology is a parallel of Judaism.
            Messiah = Fuerher
            Eretz Israel = Grossdeutchalnd
            Chosen People = Master Race
            Gentile = Untermenschen

          • James Lovelace

            That parallel comes out even more strongly with islam.

            Islam was born as a REJECTION of 2000 years of rabbinical reformation of judaism. Islam was born as REJECTION of 600 years of reformation of judaic beliefs via christianity.

            Jews were in europe for more than 1000 years before Nazism was created. Germans were in Turkey during WW1 and witnessed the muslims there perform the genocide of the Armenians. As Hitler later said about conducting his genocide: “who remembers the Armenians”.

            Nazism is a secularised islam.

          • Batilshikan

            Actually, rabbinical Judaism came about after the romans obliterated the Temple and wiped out the Jews from the Holy land in 70 AD (do I hear a hooah for Titus). Jews were viciously persecuted by the Christians. Muslims treated them with tolerance. Christians slaughtered the Jews because Jews were Christ killers (read the Bible will ya). Christians slaughtered each other over the nature of Christ. they were so sick of this that they embraced Islam enmasse when Islam’s conquering armies arrived.

            Germans learned genocide from the Americans who wiped out the Native Americans. He also learned about sterilization of retarded and other “abnormal” people also from the Americans.

            The Armenians slaughtered a huge number of Muslims, before the Muslims got their act together.

            Nazism is Judaism in Germanic terms.

          • James Lovelace

            ” Christians slaughtered the Jews because Jews were Christ killers (read the Bible will ya).”

            Show me some examples from history. Excluding Alexandria. Examples which pre-date the creation of islam.

            The first pogroms of jews on European soil, occurred in the 11th century in Spain. When it was under the control of muslims. And it was muslims who conducted the pogroms. Pogroms also occurred in Morocco. Almost a century after these started, christians in Europe started to attack jews. This began with the Crusades. Jews had been the go-betweens for the genocidal muslims and christian Europe.

            It was muslims who set the example of genocide against the jews. Mohammed did this with the Banu Qurayza in Arabia in the 7th century, and muslims in 11th century Spain copied him.

          • Batilshikan

            The most hopeful thing about Islamophobes is that they are not the sharpest ones around, and are allergic to all kinds of intellectual endeavors. So as a little tidbit :

            “In the beginning of the fifth century, Emperor Theodosius ruled that because the Jews were the perfidious group that had rejected Jesus, they were to be persecuted. Jews couldn’t own slaves (making agriculture difficult). They couldn’t build newsynagogues. They couldn’t hold public office. The Jewish courts couldn’t try cases between a Jew and a non-Jew. Intermarriage between Jew and non-Jew was a capital offense as was a Christian converting to Judaism. In addition, Theodosius did away with the Sanhedrin and abolished the post of “Nasi.” The Jews received extra tax burdens as well.”

            “The Church represented by the Byzantine government was struggling with its own identity. Rooting out heresy within the Church occupied much of the energy of the Church leaders. With it came a virulent anti-Semitism. The Jews were accused of every imaginable evil. John Chrysostom, speaking in Antioch, delivered a series of sermons which became the source for Medieval Christian anti-Semitism. Justinian, things got worse for the Jews. Keeping the edicts of Theodosius, Justinian added some details to the list in two Edicts. Regulation 37 prohibited Jews from occupying North Africa. The most outrageous edict, however, was Regulation 146, created in 553 CE. Jews were forbidden to read the torah or any other book in Hebrew. Only the Greek version (the Septuagint) could be used. The “Shma” was forbidden. Studying of the Mishnah was forbidden. Justinian encouraged Christians to destroy synagogues, stores, and Jewish houses.”

            This is from here: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/byzantine1.html

          • Dr. Zachary Smith

            Blah blah blah complexity, blah blah blah nuance. Yes, yes, we in the black ‘n’ white John Wayne cowboy bang bang simpleton community have been lectured to death about complexity and nuance, always in defense of some utterly depraved act by third world primitives. What a powerful bulwark C & N have been as a defense of liberty in the west! I for one have nothing but confidence that this time, for sure, the forces of pre-emptive capitulation will prevail.

          • fjfish

            I can’t be arsed replying to you.

          • Batilshikan

            Nonsensical comment. You sound like a thwarted predator. You anti-Muslim bigots would just love to turn all of Europe in one great Milasovichian Serbia, with death and rape camps for Muslims.

        • jonque

          Al-Banna was inspired by Hitler. He contacted him to suggest a partnership. He thought his Brotherhood would make a great Middle Eastern division of the Nazi party. In return, Hitler funneled a great deal of money into the Brotherhood. They served as his Middle Easatern spies at first, then branched out, and by 1938 200,000 of them had formed into two Waffen SS Handschar Nazi divisions.

          The truth is, fascism is essentially a leftist ideology. It is the transition from Capitalism on its way to Socialism – the so called “third way”. The shift from left to right would be Communism – Socialism – Fascism – Capitalism – Anarchism. Hitler was a fascist, which is to say that he favored state run, iron-fisted control of private enterprise, centralized authoritarian government, with favored groups winning special rewards and political positions, heavy taxation to keep non-favored groups poor, socialized medicine, heavy environmental regulation and racial quotas. Stop me if I get to anything the U.S. isn’t currently doing…

          • So you are opposed to a social contract that provides healthcare and good education, environmental regulation that could halt what rampant capitalism has done to our only biosphere, and anything the West is doing that does not allow unbridled corporate control, or are you just saying that minus the ethnic prejudice and attempt at genocide, you could tolerate these good things?

      • global city

        No. We are reaping what they (the Left) have sown.

        • Shazza

          Very, very, true.

      • jonque

        Actually, the powerful block of 57 Islamic states introduced a resolution before the UN Human Rights Council in 2009 called “Combating Defamation of Religions.” Despite the word “religions” in its title, it at first referenced just Islam. Due to objections over its Islamocentric agenda, the concepts of Christianphobia and Judeophobia were inserted into the document at the last moment. It was adopted by the UN after a vote of 20-17 on April 15, 2010. Both the US and EU voted against it, with most of the developing world and the Muslim world voting for it. I would not be surprised to see Obama try to push it through the morally corrupt Supreme Court.

        When I was a kid I read Atlas Shrugged, Farenheit 451 and 1984 and thought they were wild, imaginative and paranoid stories that could never happen here in a million years. I thought that the people around me were intelligent, hard working and rational people who spoke out against evil and gave careful thought to their vote. I thought this because for the most part, it was true. I was in the last year of children at my school who would be taught civics. I was also the last of the children who were taught World History. The next year it became Social Studies and the race toward moral relativism was on.

      • Dowlass

        I’m lost in a thicket of acronyms, here – what is the RoP and the FGM…? I’m already looking at the post below and see I have to muddle through the SWP… 🙁

      • Batilshikan

        Islam is here so deal with it. Allah will punish you by bringing Islam to those you love. Your loved ones will have Muslim friends, they will have Muslim spouses and they will be Muslims. That will be your hell on Earth.

    • James Lovelace

      The Left and black organisations worked with West Yorkshire police and the culpable social workers/muslim leaders to conceal the grooming gangs. They got the Channel 4 programme withdrawn in 2004. These grooming gangs have been preying on 1000s of non-muslim schoolgirls (white and sikh) for 25 years.

      The Left enabled them.

      • rogermurrayclark

        The Labour Party could hardly do without its sacks of bloc postal votes

        • UKSteve

          Like Roy Hattersley MP allowing a mosque in Sparkbrook in the 80’s against massive local opposition.

      • crosscop

        Over 30 years actually.

        • James Lovelace

          The earliest published news report I can find is from 1988. If you have evidence of earlier cases, I’d be very interested to hear of it.

          • crosscop

            “When I joined in 1979 one of my first tasks was to police around a Blackburn nightclub where one of the issues was Asian men cruising around in BMWs and Mercs trying to pick up young drunken girls,” – Retired Lancashire Chief Supt. Mick Gradwell in 2009.


          • James Lovelace

            Thanks. That’s the only earlier report I’ve been able to find too.

            Hopefully, when the Public Inquiry finally comes (and it will), we will learn the full extend of this scandal. The 1988 reports resulted in prosecutions for Sikh men in 1989. At the trial, they rightly described what was going on as “sex slavery”.

            All the features of the current scandal (muslim gangs preying on non-muslim schoolgirls, the indifference of the authorities, the reduction of the schoolgirls to sex slaves) were in place in 1989. But it took another 20 years and the agitation caused by EDL for the media and the authorities to stop covering it up.

          • rogermurrayclark

            To be fair this vile rape epidemic was first brought into the public domain by Nick Griffin in 2001 and then Ann Cryer a bit later – they were both on the receiving end for their pains; not least Griffin who was subjected to a Nulab show trial.

            The EDL weren’t on the scene till 2009, but their street demos certainly had an effect in getting some action out of the disgustingly despicable UK regime

            I wish I could be as convinced as you are that there will ever be a public enquiry – one of the lawyers in the Rochdale demanded one, particularly with regarded to trafficking; predictably to no effect

            Meanwhile we have had about 10 enquiries into the Savile affair – the old swine apparently being the equal in depravity and effect to numerous Muslim grooming gangs

            Savile and Hall were manna from heaven to the rotten to the core, stinking politically correct regime, the timing was extremely convenient; one suspects that the regime was holding on to the old reprobates sins for propaganda .

            If Cohen scans these comments by any chance I would say that the Guardian’s coverage of grooming has been an utter disgrace; with the vilely unpleasant Harker, Libby Brooks and pipsqueak Ally Fogg representing particularly low points

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            Keep up the good work, Nick.

      • Littlegrayman

        An excellent Post Liberal left political correctness has left us all vulnerable and silenced reasonable people.

      • Batilshikan

        “According to Special Victims Squad detectives, Gary Lieberman, 56, of 1148 Beach 12th Street, a Jewish Rabbi who was employed as a religious teacher at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County located at 609 Hempstead Avenue, sexually abused his student who was 10 years of age at the time of occurrence, police said.

        The alleged sexual abuse occurred beginning November 04, 2009 through May 2010, according to authorities.”

        “The King of Morocco plans to expel a Breslov hasidic leader, Rabbi Eliezar Berland, who fled Israel after being accused of multiple sex crimes against young women, some of whom were minors at the time of the assaults.”

        • James Lovelace

          The Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (the only organisation in Britain to work exclusively for the victims of muslim grooming gangs) stated in 2007 that they estimated there were 10,000 victims of these gangs.

          If there were 10,000 victims then there were more than 10,000 muslims involved in the grooming, pimping and raping of these schoolgirls.

          Rather than address the 25 years in which muslims have been systematically raping non-muslim schoolgirls in Britain, you choose to find a single case of a jew having sex with a child. Did that jew actually sit in a car outside schools with other jews, scheming about pimping out some poor child to the rest of the jewish community?

          • Batilshikan

            They “estimated”? Really? So the British version of the KKK “estimated” something about Muslims and we should all believe it. LOL

          • James Lovelace

            ‘They “estimated”? Really? So the British version of the KKK “estimated” something about Muslims and we should all believe it. LOL’

            The KKK was the terrorist arm of the American Democratic Party. I suggest you do some reading.

            Meanwhile, CROP was founded by the mother of one of the girls who was groomed by gangs of muslims. One of the men they sold this schoolgirl sex-slave to, raped and killed her.

            But since you’re a muslim, I wouldn’t expect you to care one bit about a raped and murdered non-muslim child.

          • Batilshikan

            These gangs of “Muslims” are actually Westernized/assimilated/secularized Muslims in name only. You should be proud of them. They are just like you Judeo-Christians.

          • James Lovelace

            There were so many involved in the activities of these gangs, than we know that some of them (most of them?) were mosque-going muslims. Some of these girls were raped 1000 times a year by different men. Some of the men who were sent to prison were mosque officials.

          • What about you people??

    • artemis in france

      Well said.

    • Bill Adams

      “you lot in the media,” yeah, okay. But Nick Cohen was writing against this from the beginning. If you haven’t read “What’s Left?” you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you had, you wouldn’t have written this as if it had to be against Cohen.

    • jonque

      I agree that the media bears an enormous portion of the blame, but why do you think they do it? I mean this in all seriousness, What do they get out of it? At this point I think they’re all being threatened to toe the line, but they’ve done it since Bush I and it just keeps growing pervasively worse. Since when is it the news media’s job to make nations or religions feel good about themselves?

    • UBK

      All three religions are cut from the same cloth, Abraham founder of the first was as despotic psychopath who made ‘God’ in HIS own image. All three creeds are inherently suicidal and together will destroy the rest of humanity, along with the planet and themselves IF the uncontaminated, secular and other minorities do nothing to prevent them. Incredibly the spread of Islam today is no different from the spread of Christianity in the past, depending on a few leaders preaching to hordes of illiterates. While today’s PC Christians in power welcome them with open arms in the misguided belief they can win them over by bribery and good example. [ God, save us from the ‘clever’ clevers’ ! ]. “The thing about ‘common sense is that it is in fact one of the rarest commodities to be found in the human race.” you may quote me on that !

  • zanzamander

    The Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, that is blared out of loudspeakers atop mosques five times a day is quite unequivocal. It clearly says: There is no god but Allah (note the noun), that Allah is the greatest (note the superlative, i.e compared to all other gods) and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah (i.e. all other prophets, past and future, are null and void).

    So, if I am a non-Muslim where do I stand?

    All you have to do is look at the evidence. In the film “Fitna” that was banned in Britain, Wilders does not utter a single word, he leaves that to practitioners of this faith say in their own words exactly what Islam means to them.

    Yet the scared media railed after him and got him banned.

    So, you see, not everyone is scared like you in the media, but with friends like you…

    • gladiolys

      “So, if I am a non-Muslim where do I stand?”

      Just appreciate the beauty of the call. It’s quite haunting but (to me), essentially meaningless.

      A bit like the beautiful Renaissance art depicting Christian stories. Stunning but, to me, essentially meaningless.

      • zanzamander

        So I could spout racist, insulting, intolerant and abusive rants at you and everyone else in the country, but that would be fine, just as long as those being abused, insulted and demeaned do not understand the lingo!

        Many text books in Islamic schools use insulting language to describe non-Muslims and their religions, but just as long as it is done in Arabic or other non-English language, it is fine.

        • gladiolys

          Again, yeah but no. A, the Adhan as you describe it in your post, seems to me to be neither racist, insulting, intolerant nor abusive – just a religious declaration of belief (and as such, only relevant to believers) and B) – why would I care if anyone insults me ina language I don’t understand? The point of language like that is to hurt. If I don’t understand it, how can it hurt me?

          If Islamic schools are indeed encouraging their pupils to be racist, insulting, intolerant and abusive, then Ofsted should intervene. But then again, I believe ALL faith schools are a pile of pooh.

          • bohemond

            Well, I’m afraid your attitude is part of the problem- the “all religions are equally bad” cop-out which is an immoral equivalence and factually a fallacy. Islam is orders of magnitude worse than Christianity has ever been.

          • itbeso

            Well not as it has ever been but now at least. And it is now that matters.

          • Fergus Pickering

            It’s not the language, old son. It’s the knives and the guns and the bombs.

      • crosscop

        It is actually the Muslim equivalent of “Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Fuhrer! Seig Heil!”
        Wake up!

        • gladiolys

          Godwin at this time of day?

          • crosscop

            Bugger Godwin. I’m telling the truth. And there’s many more quite obvious similarities between Islam and Nazism.
            No wonder Hitler said it was a shame that Germany received Christianity rather than Islam.

          • Batilshikan

            Lie. Where exactly did he say that. In Mien Kamph he is full of praise for the Christian religion.

          • James Lovelace

            Muslims consider Mawdudi to have been the single most influential muslim of the 20th century. He said: the islamic state is a form of fascist state.

            When the BBC reported on this a few years ago, the Muslim Council of Britain tried to take legal action to stop them telling the truth.

        • James Lovelace

          AFAIK, the call to prayer in itself does not promote hatred towards non-muslims. However, once inside the mosque, many daily prayers do promote hatred towards non-muslims.

          One white female student of mine converted to islam. We were on friendly terms, and in the privacy of my office, she told me: “Behind closed doors, muslims say the most vile things about you non-muslims”.

          • crosscop

            A friend of mine ( Londoner) converted to Islam 30 years ago. He gave me my copy of the Koran. He finally left after 9/11 because he couldn’t stand all the gloating in the mosque. His Muslim family ( wife and kids) disowned him, of course.
            He told me that the mainly Turkish congregation used to sneer at the British as being a “nation without sticks” – which he said meant that we were a bunch of cowards who were ripe for being taken over.

          • global city

            A neighbour of mine converted to Islam. Within a month he was telling me, not about the wonders of self discovery or the beautiful mythology referenced as miracles in the Koran, but about how women are inferior to men, how Jews are creepy and not really human. Over the next six months he got more and more hostile. His last rant was to tell me how all Christians are dirty, always looking to cadge money.

            What do you think filled him with such stuff?

      • Shazza

        If you are a non-moslem I hope that you will still feel the same when the emerging majority flies the flag of islam over Westminster. Do enjoy the freedom sack, FGM for your daughters and all the other delights that await you back in the culture of the savage 7th century hate filled ideology.

        • gladiolys

          It ain’t gonna happen, no matter how much you want it to.

          • Shazza

            You keep your head buried in the sand. One word


          • gladiolys

            That won’t happen. Otherwise we would have been over-run by Roman Catholics, wouldn’t we? Once Muslim women get jobs, autonomy over their lives and bodies and birth control (and they will, because they will want the same standards of living as everyone else), they will embrace birth control. You are fearful of the future (as are we all to some extent), but that does not mean your fears will be fulfilled.

          • Shazza

            Tell that to the women in Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Chad, Mauritania, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and all the other islamic hell holes.

          • gladiolys

            Shifting goalposts, much? I thought we were talking about this country?

          • rogermurrayclark

            The Islamised holes I just cited are part of the Pakistani colony of Birmingham

          • gladiolys

            I replied to Shazza before I saw your post. I still think th women here – and their children even more so – will change.

          • rogermurrayclark
          • gladiolys

            On my experience with Muslim women in London (see my reply to Shazza). I do not have experience of Bradford. Maybe my views would be different if I had. But not all Muslim women are from Pakistan, or live in Bradford.

          • rogermurrayclark

            No they don’t all live in Bradford, they are colonising towns and cities in E Lancs, W Yorks, W Midlands etc

            In inner Birmingham parts of it are a cross between Mogadishu and Mirpur; it is completely and utterly alien.

            There is no common culture to integrate into; the native inhabitants have largely legged it – those remaining in the highly enriched areas are simply too poor, too old, too wrecked to leave. White flight is simply a fact, I gather it has taken place in London to a very considerable degree

            And is this suprising?

            Across England Muslim gangs – predominently Pakistani – have groomed, abused, drugged, raped and trafficked their way across England.

            It is vile – please don’t say Jimmy Savile by way of response

            The stats – population growth, economic inactivity, first cousin marriage, prison population – are against you,

            Collectively these people are alien and dangerous


          • Ek Chakkar

            This is the fight in India as well. The details of poverty and backwardness stats are not widely reported. Of the 190M Muslims, almost half are illiterate, well below the national rate of 74%.

            The reason I bring in India to this discussion is that Britain’s issues with Muslims are directly related to its support of creating Pakistan and backing Jinnah’s two-nation theory. Just look at the immigrants of the Subcontinent in Britain. All the facts which I have read so far support a conclusion that Pakistan-origin Britons are disproportionately-high trouble-makers while India-origin Britons are far less so. (I agree in advance with anyone stating that India-origin Britons have their own serious issues to address.)

            So, unfortunately, modern Britain is paying a heavy price for something that happened 66 years ago. A united India would have produced Lahoris, Peshawaris and Karachians that were proud of their ancestral pasts, not the citizens of today’s Pakistan that have been educated to hate all non-Muslims (evidence is in the Grade-3-onwards social studies textbooks of Madrassa-, Urdu- and English-medium schools of the last 20 years).

            Hope for the best (reform in Islam); plan otherwise.

          • rogermurrayclark

            Very fair comment

            In the circumstances of 1947 I am not sure that anything other than the two nation state outcome was practicable, but I would expect that you know a lot more about that than I do.

            In any event much Pakistani immigration into the UK has its source in Mirpur, and from such a backward place and culture one would have to be a raving optimist to expect this to be successfully translated into a Western country – although of course the difficulties are compounded by the dire state of Britain’s ex-industrial areas.

            I appreciate that India also faces similar problems with its large and growing Muslim minority.

            Finally although I am aware that Indian-origins Britons have issues(caste?) they don’t impact on the native population so far as I have ever noticed. There was a mini-riot in Birmingham when Sikhs objected to a play being shown at the Rep Theatre some years ago; but it wasn’t a big deal

          • Ek Chakkar

            If it’s the Mirpur in Punjab, then it’s understandable why people from there have such a mentality. The place is less than 75km from Islamabad and Abbotabad each, i.e, in the eye of the region that, today, administers the hate ideology. Even if it’s the Mirpur in Pak-occ-Kashmir, I speculate if the people are so uprooted from their Kashmiri culture by an Urdu-supplanting dominant Pak-Punjabi rule that they have no sense of self after moving to a developed country.

            Britain will have to confront the same issues, to an extent, as Pakistani liberals that argue for an identity rooted in the Subcontinent rather than Arabia (and to lesser extents, Persia and Turkey). Pakistan-origin Britons can become integrated only when they confront their confused identity. It’s a mess and has the potential to become very ugly, especially in the economically-depressed areas you mention.

          • crosscop

            Fully agree – except that they are not Britons – they are British Passport Holders.

          • James Lovelace

            “There was a mini-riot in Birmingham when Sikhs objected to a play being shown at the Rep Theatre some years ago; but it wasn’t a big deal”

            That’s just an example of how Islam corrupts. Sikhs or even homosexuals see how muslims get their own way, and they start to feel the same scummy tactics are appropriate. I was involved in gay politics in the 1980s, we never went round giving death threats to our (very vocal) opponents. These days, people like Melanie Phillips regularly get death threats from gays.

            Breivik was a jihadi. He saw how their tactics work for them, and he copied them. The non-muslim men convicted in grooming gang cases are always people who have known muslims are doing it and getting away with it for years. The only such grooming gang concviction consisting entirely of white Brits, was a case where the two men were BNP supporters.

            Islam corrupts. It is evil, and it is non-changing. It will degrade the morality those who come into contact with it.

          • Will Kettel

            Exactly, what we’re telling other groups is we’ll only ‘respect you’ and listen to you if you threaten people with death.

          • James Lovelace

            You are right. All attention should be focussed on that poisonous terrorist state called “Pakistan”.

            Mawdudi’s book on Jihad was written in 1927. In 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in Egypt. The lie about “the religion of peace” was created by Indian muslims in the 1920s.

            Mawdudi influenced Khomeini as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. This man openly admitted that the ideal islamic state is a fascist state.

            330 muslims in Britain have been convicted of terrorism in just 12 years. The single largest muslim population in Britain are pakistanis. The Muslims in Britain are the most fascistic muslims in the whole of Europe.

            When one looks at the deaths from terrorist attacks since 2001, one sees that Pakistan + India have 6x as many deaths as Israel. http://4freedoms.com/page/pakistan-failed-state

            Pakistan is the root of the world’s problems with islamic terrorism, not Saudi Arabia.

          • Ek Chakkar

            Just one point to add, James. Pakistan is the *only* country created on the basis of religion, probably the first time *ever*. In a sense, then, Pakistan is an experiment of pure theocracy that has gone horribly wrong. And it is in Britain’s self-interest, especially with 1.2M Pakistan-origin Britons, to actively defang the two-nation theory *inside* Pakistan. If sworn enemies at one time, like Britain and Germany, can be leading partners in EU, then India and Pakistan can be the same within a generation after the two-nation theory is decimated forever. In that scenario, Britain will breathe a sigh of relief, as the narrative changes for the good within its Pakistan-origin citizens.

            (For anyone that says that Pakistan was secular in its founding through Jinnah’s words of inclusiveness, please note that the clerics and other conservative factions took over as early as 1949 (within a year of Jinnah’s death), and the country has never sniffed at secularism since.)

          • James Lovelace

            “For anyone that says that Pakistan was secular in its founding through Jinnah’s words of inclusiveness,”

            When I was trying to grasp what was going on with islam, I went to the British Library and got down a shelf of books on the partition of India and the formation of Pakistan. So even I know that Pakistan was formed precisely because the muslims in India refused to belong to a secular state.

            I thank you for your comments Ek Chakkar. The formation of Pakistan has been a terrible disaster. Even now we are having “moderate” muslim leaders in Britain being convicted of genocide in Bangladesh.

            Maybe if Britain had not had to fight the Nazis in WW2, the story of India might have had a better outcome.

          • itbeso

            Giving a country to a religion is never going to end well.

          • Batilshikan

            So have you done some “Paki bashing lately” and are you a skin head who by some miracle has learned to read and write?

          • James Lovelace

            The only racist violence in which I’ve been involved, is when I’ve been attacked by devout, racist muslims, throwing bricks at me and calling me “white c*nt”

          • Batilshikan

            “white c*nt”? So you are a woman? so why don’t you call yourself Linda Lovelace? Your comments have been as if you were a man. If you were a man they would have called you a “white pri*k” not a “white c*nt.” So you have been lying about everything?

          • James Lovelace

            I’m a man. And they called me “white c*nt”. Then they threw a brick at me, through a plate glass window. And all this with them in their long religious frocks.

          • Batilshikan

            So they called you a “white c*nt.” Were you in drag and hooking in their area? You say you know a lot about Islam and Muslims yet you refer to their dress as “long religious frocks.” Shows you know nothing about Islam.

          • Nex

            In Southeast Asia alone, 2 of the Muslim dominated nations are outright racist against their minorities. 3 Islamic insurgencies in southern Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines.

            Coincidence? Yes, if you like sticking your head in the sand. Using the cliched excuse that Majority of Muslims are peaceful, like as we can’t say the same to other religions and atheists? So what more lame justifications do these Muslims have to say about everything they touch turns to scatology material?

          • James Lovelace

            The local newspaper in Burnley did a FOI request of the police. In the 3 years from 2008, the police had 230 suspected child groomers, 70 of whom had been arrested.

          • James Lovelace

            ” think th women here – and their children even more so – will change.”

            Then you need to read the surveys of muslim attitudes in Britain which show the younger generation are 3x more fascistic than their parents. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6309983.stm

            I used to be a deluded optimist like you.

          • gladiolys

            What made you give up?

          • James Lovelace

            I’ve lived with muslims, I’ve had muslim boyfriends. Then after 25 years of being a deluded multicultural Panglossian, one of my muslim friends — who’d sued his university for “racism” — told me that he and his muslim friends would automatically join in on any violent attack on a white man. They had no shame about their racist violence and their preparedness to put the Ummah above all else. This was a muslim man with no beard, with a good job, and who himself thinks that parts of Britain are muslim ghettoes and he would prefer to live in a mixed area.

            In the previous 30 years, the most I’d ever heard from a working-class white man was derogatory remarks about Pakistans. None of those men ever proudly boasted of joining in with any racist communal violence towards a muslim.

            I realised that if a British-born, “moderate”, anti-racist “friend” could harbour such readiness for communal violence towards non-muslims, my understanding of what was going on in Britain was seriously wrong.

            Instead of blindly hoping for progress, I started reading everything I could about islam and muslims. I’m now better informed than the vast majority of muslims I encounter.

          • rogermurrayclark

            Good post

            Here’s the Muslim commentator and BBC QT regular Mehdi Hasan in liberal mode


            He’s political editor of the New Statesman, those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad

          • James Lovelace

            When the Panglossian goggles fell from my eyes, I had no idea about the murder of people like Kris Donald or Ross Parker, etc.

            With Kris, a group of muslim men went out looking for a white man to kill. They found a 15yo boy, abducted him, castrated him while alive, gouged out his eyeballs while alive, then stabbed him and set fire to his young, innocent, living body and burned him to death.

            It is a post-Lawrence racist murder, and far worse than anything Stephen Lawrence suffered. But 90% of British people know nothing about Kris Donald. Significantly, in other cases of racist violence by British muslims, the muslims have threatened to do the same thing to white men. Clearly THEY know about Kris Donald.

          • rogermurrayclark

            Yes, the Kriss Donald murder was apparently pretty well covered in Scotland but a media fog descended on the border so the coverage in England was less than minimal; it was indeed the worst ever racist murder committed in Britain – but as a result of MSM blanking it remains largely unknown

            There were some questions about this afterwards and I recall some stupid BBC cow saying we don’t do Scotland very well and must do better.

            Although Glasgow was out of reached of the London propaganda machine the “Independent” did manage to reach the Shetlands where they celebrated the non-deportation of a Thai arsonist allegedly the cause of great and rejoicing on those remote Isles


            Similarly an extraordinarily long lasting fog settled over the Fylde peninsula which obscured the horrible case of poor Charlene Downes from public view

          • James Lovelace

            Charlene Downes is not the only one. Paige Chivers, Fiona Iveson.

            The media seem to think they can hide each individual case. They do not realise that when the dam bursts and all this hidden evidence is revealed, that the country will flip.

          • Daniel Maris

            Thanks to everyone who has made this known.

            It is indeed a travesty that we haven’t heard about this case although there have been similar attacks in London – again suppressed by the MSM.

          • Daniel Maris
          • Shazza

            Excellent post.

          • gladiolys

            What happened when you challenged your friend and told him how that made you feel and the apparent hypocrisy of it?

          • James Lovelace

            He assured me that he’d try to help me, because it was me.

            After I’d heard him say these things, I was in shock. I went to ask other white liberals who lived in the same area if they’d ever heard anything like this. They said they had, it was not unusual, that “muslims are like children”. They then told me of that muslim gangs hide weapons all over the area. This too subsequently turned out to be true, confirmed by the local police.

            Some years later when I was the victim of a violent racist attack by muslims, neither him nor the others I know were remotely interested in doing anything to help. The police closed the case within 12 hours. The police assumption was that I must have been the aggressor. The police just told me to move to a white area.

          • anotherjoeblogs

            you have my deepest sympathies.

          • Batilshikan

            You know absolutely zero about Islam. What you know you have gleaned from “hate sites.”

          • Batilshikan

            You have never lived among Muslims and had no Muslim friends. You know Muslims through hate sites and hate organizations.

          • James Lovelace

            Wrong. I live in an area where the population is 90% muslim. I have had sexual relationships with muslims from different muslim countries. I had dinner with a muslim 3 days ago. My nephew’s mother was a muslim.

            I know muslims from personal experience. I know islam from what islamic texts say, what muslim leaders say, what muslim websites and forums say, from history, and from what opinion polls show muslims believe.

          • Batilshikan

            The only “Muslims” you had sexual relations with were your palms and fingers. You didn’t have dinner with a Muslim, you probably had a Muslim for dinner. The only thing you have read about Islam is from Jihadwatch

          • global city

            All of the evidence shows it is getting worse….. oops. Check the links provided below!

          • Fergus Pickering

            You think? But I beseech you in the bowels of Christ that you may be mistaken.

          • roger

            But Warsaw (not Warsall) had a big ghetto once as well, it didn’t last.

          • zebra

            how lovely..

          • Shazza

            Why would it be any different here?

          • gladiolys

            Because people are influenced by the culture in which they live.

            I have worked with Moslem women (from Algeria, Iran, Bangladesh), and they have quickly “westernised” and hate the rules under which they would ne expected to live in their countries of origin. I’m just going on my own experience of talking to women and asking the questions I’m sure you’d like to ask them too.

          • Shazza

            As much as I would like to believe this will happen, I cannot. Cast your eyes to Turkey and see how eagerly the women there are donning the moslem garb – look at the ‘burkad’ women marching in Egypt/Iran etc. These countries, with the approval of the women, threw out modernising, ‘secular’, heads of states, such as the Shah and the dictators in the euphemistically called ‘Arab Spring’. Nasty they may have been but minority non-moslem populations were relatively safe as were ‘modern’ moslem women who had embraced western liberal attitudes to women in society. Look at them now. It is incredibly naive to think that this won’t happen here.

          • gladiolys

            We’re not going to agree. I suppose our views are as much articles of faith as any religion, but my main argument remains: people are people and if you reach out to them in human terms, they will do the same back. If you look for the worst, you’ll find it (I know, I’ve seen it too), so you have to try to find the best – it’s usually there.

          • rogermurrayclark

            Have a look at this little clip and try to find the best there


            FYI this has reached epidemic proportions

          • James Lovelace

            “people are people and if you reach out to them in human terms, they will do the same back. ”

            Thank you Dr. Pangloss. Now would you care to explain how wars, genocide, child-rape, etc. happen.

          • gladiolys

            They happen because they don’t regard the “other” (not my tribe/not my religion/not my colour/not my nationality blah blah blah) as non-human, as something less than THEY are. Pretty much like everyone here is doing to all Muslims.

          • James Lovelace

            Religions like christianity and buddhism don’t instruct their followers to kill the other. Islam does. Step an inch out of line with islam, and muslims become the other.

          • global city

            But that is how Islamists view you. You need two to tango. Remember ‘Peace in our time’? They will not respond, no matter how long you stand there reaching out. Most likely response you would get is to have your arms cut off, first.

          • bohemond

            Yeah, reaching out to the Third Reich “in human terms” sure worked a treat, dinnit?

          • James Lovelace

            “I have worked with Moslem women (from Algeria, Iran, Bangladesh), and they have quickly “westernised” and hate the rules under which they would ne expected to live in their countries of origin. ”

            You should try living inside muslim ghettoes. 20 years ago, you would go days without seeing a burka. Nowadays you cannot go more than 20 minutes without seeing a burka.

            70% of muslim women are unemployed. Obviously you are seeing a subset of those in your work environment.

            If you go round muslim ghettoes, you will see 2 year old girls wearing hijabs. If you look at a Church of England school in a muslim ghetto, you will not find a single muslim girl without at least a hijab.

          • Batilshikan

            Excellent! Islam will triumph

          • James Lovelace

            You want to bet? Marine Le Pen will get to power in France, Wilders in Holland. I think Wilders will be slow to act, Le Pen won’t as she’s a statist. No-one does genocide like the socialists do (well, no-one except for muslims).

            40% of Brits think a civil war with muslims is inevitable. In 2012, it was 33%. By the next election, we will pass 50%.

          • zanzamander

            I thought we were talking about this country?

            Why do you think Islam will be different in this country than in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt….

          • gladiolys

            See my reply to Shazza.

          • rogermurrayclark

            Sparkbrook, Alum Rock, Washwood Heath, Small Heath et al

          • Shazza

            Tower Hamlets, Luton …….

          • zanzamander

            Maybe gladiolys thinks women here are more intelligent than those in other Islamic countries you mention. He fails to understand and see that many Muslim women in the West live under exactly the same stifling, subservient conditions that many of their sisters endure in those countries.

            And therein lies the biggest betrayal of those who cannot speak for themselves.

            You see we Westerners are so superior and our democracies are so strong that we will never let a Medievalist ideology to take root – after all, we defeated Nazis, did we not? So what is this non-sense about the fear of Islam?

            This superiority complex, this pride, this trust in our democratic institutions and media will be our downfall.

          • Shazza

            Totally agree and to reiterate, this is compounded by our reluctance to either from fear or legally being castigated as ‘racist’ to criticise openly the distaste we feel for this ideology. A combination of our misplaced ‘trust in our democratic institutions and media’ together with the feared ‘racist’/’Nazi’ label will surely lead to the death of our western, superior culture. The sheeple out there do not realise that we are already in WWWlll – this one however, will be the final battle in a war that began 1400 years ago.

          • rogermurrayclark

            indeed, he would have done better to speak to the males.

            The search for the moderate Muslim spokesman stumbles on haplessly as ever.

            In the recent interview with Tommy Robinson and Mo Ansar the latter was asked whether he would unequivocally condemn stoning and amputation – shifty his response was that he would have to ask a scholar

          • James Lovelace

            “This superiority complex, this pride, this trust in our democratic institutions and media will be our downfall.”

            It was less important whilst islam was kept at our borders. But instead it has been brought inside, distributed widely, and encouraged to be as fascistic as it likes.

            The people who would normally have opposed it — the liberal-left — have instead colluded and silenced anyone who attempted. In the 1990s, Peter Tatchell was charged by the police for declaring Hizb ut Tahrir to be nazis. The Left spent 10 years describing Tatchell as a racist. In the last 10 years, he has virtually given up opposing islamic nazism.

            The job has fallen to the working-class. The very people who the middle class elite despise as ignorant thugs, are the people who have been standing up for human rights, freedom of speech and democracy.

          • rogermurrayclark

            That is the most complacent nonsense, the UK Muslim population doubles every 12 years – see Pew Report


            This is about chain migration colonisation, often they marry their first cousins. This “autonomy over their own lives” is a pipedream, economic inactivity for Muslim women is extraordinarily high

            Slowdown of population growth has been predicted for a long time – there is no sign of it happening


          • bohemond

            Don’t be a fool. 75% of Muslim women in Britain remain at home, choosing the dole over going out to be ‘polluted’ by infidel contact.

          • johnslattery

            Hello, gladiolys. Do you know two things that China, India, Thailand, and the Philippines have in common? One, they are not Islamic countries. Two, they all have Islamic rebellions. Some 30,000 people have died in the Phils alone over the years. Islam is a cancer wherever it establishes itself. And it only needs about 20% of the population to destabilize a country. Anybody who endorses colonization by this cult is a traitor and an idiot.

          • Shazza

            Where there is islam, there is horror.

          • zebra

            yes, so we have horror in London

          • gladiolys

            Hello johnslattery. You kind of make the point I want to make (but have not really attempted).

            Religions are a global business. To me, they are all equally bunkum BUT, I would never consider telling anyone else what to believe, unless I can present evidence (i.e. the world is not flat). We do, however, live in an increasingly globalised world. Do we really believe that all cultures should be homogenous for the sake of stability? If so, whose culture becomes the template?

            It’s equally fatuous for white Britons to accept a pre-modern point of view as it is for us to expect other cultures to accept post-modern capitalist “democracy”. So we seem to have a culture clash. Do we want to live through a war of civilisations? Well, a cold one I suppose I could live with. But a hot one? Not my choice.

            Or we could try to just, you know, live and let live, that old British liberal virtue? Or will that make me guilty of appeasement in many eyes? I would fight Sharia until the death if imposed on me, just as I have been standing against Christian cr*p for many years. But there’s no reason I can’t accept my neighbour wants to live under a different theology than I do. Does that make me a traitor and an idiot, or just someone who sees ethnicity, and even belief systems, as largely a random occurrence that an individual does not choose?

            Like everyone else, I’m just trying to make sense of the modern world and weave my way trough it while maximising my own happiness and minimising the harm I do to others (I hope). Thanks for your time.

          • Tristram

            Belief is absolutely a choice, and we should expect better of our fellow humans than to follow objectively abhorrent and false worldviews. Christianity is thankfully on the decline, and Islam needs to go the same way.

          • gladiolys

            Belief becomes a choice when you are educated to question it. If you’re born into a family of believer, there exists the possibility of being brainwashed into it. Just look at the Westboro Baptist Church for an example. But I do agree with your last sentence.

          • Fergus Pickering

            And we can all believe in scince and global warming? I think I’d prefer to be a parsee.

          • johnslattery

            “But there’s no reason I can’t accept my neighbour wants to live under a different theology than I do.” If the ‘different theology’ is a violent totalitarian cult, you ‘accept’ it at your peril. I won’t. Eat or be eaten. No matter how complex the world has become, this prehistoric truth is still what drives it. There is no need to reason about anything where militant Islam is concerned. It is an existential threat.
            You wrote above that you found the call to prayer five times a day quaint or something. Don’t you realize that this is the cult’s way of ensuring you are never allowed to forget it, even for a couple of hours, all your life?

          • gladiolys

            The age of reason is dead? How defeatist.

          • global city

            it never took off in the societies you are talking about …. that’s the problem.

          • crosscop

            “Or we could try to just, you know, live and let live,”
            You remind me of Jack Nicholson’s US President in the film “Mars Attacks!” – still spouting “Why can’t we just get along?” as the Martians obliterate him.

          • gladiolys

            Jack Nicholson – there’s my role model!

          • Augustus

            You cannot expect a free will and choice to assimilate from people who have never known what that is, and for whom a ‘pre-modern’ culture holds sway over them. They marry children and have many wives. Is that a stable or moderate thing to do? If you marry children and have many wives how do you learn love and compassion? inevitably, the multiculturalist acceptance of all things Islamic and stigmatization of any and all opposition to Islamic laws as ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’ were bound to come into conflict with core Western principles of human rights and human dignity.

            Aversion to Islam doesn’t come from unfamiliarity with the religion, in fact, quite the opposite. There’s no reason to fear being called a racist either, since neither Islam nor Muslims are a race. Muslims need to realize that they need to advance from an embarrassing last place in the evolution of our civilization if they want to earn some real respect among us and the rest of the world community.

          • global city

            you miss a vital part of the narrative. Too many of the ROP won’t allow you or your nice neighbour to ‘live and let live’

          • Fergus Pickering

            But have you not noticed that muslims want to kill you. No. You haven’t noticed.

          • James Lovelace

            It won’t happen because there will be civil war before then. 40% of Brits already say that civil war is “inevitable”.

          • roger

            On a national scale , not a Northern city one, the muslim population is small. In all British armed forces and police the percentage is very small. As I look from this computer out of the window I can see two ruined houses that were razed in the Bosnian civil war, a British civil war would be terrible and the main problem would be outside intervention.

          • James Lovelace

            Roger, I have no desire for a civil war. I think it will be terrible. I hope I die of peaceful natural causes before it happens. But when one considers the list of racists murders by muslims, the 1000s of schoolgirls raped by them, the acts of terrorism… it is only a matter of time before people decide to take the law into their own hands. We saw in 2011, that the police couldn’t cope with riots and looting which were just caused by a desire for some free goods.

            With the free movement of labour in the EU, once France & Holland start to clamp down on muslims, they will make a bee-line for the UK. This already happened in the last decade, when Germany’s Somalis got up and moved to Leicester, because the UK let them get away with more.

        • Batilshikan

          FGM is an African custom. It is also found in some Hindus and parts of China.

      • anotherjoeblogs

        zanzamander has just explained the meaning of the ezaan/azaan/ezan/adhan, is it still meaningless now ? if you listen to a song sung in a language you don’t understand, it may appear meaningless but if the lyrics are translated and cultural references are explained, why would you still consider it ‘ meaningless ‘ ? not unless you want it to remain so.

  • Hippograd

    But the radical poses of western intellectuals make a frank discussion
    of fear impossible. For how can they say they are brave dissidents one
    minute, and confess they are scared of theocratic thugs the next?

    The explanation for the presence of theocratic thugs in the UK is very easy to summarize: mass immigration from Islamic countries. The response of Nick Cohen to mass immigration from Islamic countries is also very easy to summarize: decade-long support. After all, who but an evil racist bigot would object to immigrants from such shining bastions of secularism and free thought as Pakistan and Somalia?

    Secular values in Pakistan

    Secular values in Somalia

    • zanzamander

      People like Nick Cohen are the problem. They’re articulate, intelligent (discuss) and most important of all they have a voice in the mainstream media. As long as it becomes dominant peacefully, they have no problem with Islam. Its like saying “I don’t mind you mugging me as long as you don’t beat me up in the process, you can have everything, here take it.”

      I fear Douglas Murray V2.2 is going that way too.

      • James Lovelace

        In 2005, David Cameron rightly described muslim fundamentalists as “nazis”. Since 2005, Cameron’s Tories have done nothing to stop these Nazis. Considering that the muslim population of Britain doubles every decade, and that the younger generation are 3x more fascistic than their parents, we are heading for disaster. And in recent years Cameron describes EDL as “vile people” whilst saying nothing about the islamic nazis.

        According to Conservative Home, when Douglas Murray made a speech in 2005 saying steps need to be taken to stop the increase in the number of islamic nazis in Britain, Douglas was ostracised by the Tory party.

        It won’t surprise me if in 10 years time the BNP are suddenly swept to power. People like me have spent the last 4 years trying to stop islamic nazism and stop the BNP getting into power.

      • Hippograd

        People like Nick Cohen are the problem.

        But they’re never going to admit it.

        articulate, intelligent (discuss) and most important of all they have a
        voice in the mainstream media.

        Intelligence is useless without honesty and objectivity.

        long as it becomes dominant peacefully, they have no problem with
        Islam. Its like saying “I don’t mind you mugging me as long as you don’t
        beat me up in the process, you can have everything, here take

        The great appeal of Islam for Cohen is that it
        isn’t Christianity. If brown-skinned Muslim immigrants were
        white-skinned Baptist immigrants instead, he and other atheists would
        have spotted the obvious: that they weren’t going to be good for British
        secularism. And you can be sure they’d have protested long and loud.
        But white-skinned Baptists would be far preferable to what we’ve got.
        Baptists don’t seem to have much liking for beheading
        or committing gang-rape.

        I fear Douglas Murray V2.2 is going that way too.

        Looks like it.

  • crosscop

    I wish people would stop trying to make out there’s a difference between Islam and Islamism. They are one and the same. So-called “Islamists” are just very devout Muslims who actually try to follow the instructions of their religion – which happens to be violently supremacist and intolerant.

    • Shazza

      ‘Moderate’ islam is like being a little bit pregnant.

    • zanzamander

      “Moderate” Islam and Jihadi Islamism are two different trains going to the same destination, only the former is Mail while the latter is in a bit of a rush.

    • James Lovelace

      “I wish people would stop trying to make out there’s a difference between Islam and Islamism.”

      Here’s the key question, which is now starting to circulate. Ask anyone who speaks of “islamism” to tell you what is the difference between the murderous founder of islam and a violent islamist.

      They will not answer, because they cannot answer.

      • Otto

        Mohammed was a man of much sense. He founded a hugely creative civilization. You yourself owe much of your culture to it.

        • Omar

          Well, muslisms took over the existing high Persian and Byzantine empires/civilisations – and did just fine ’til the infidels had either all fled or been killed and their buildings crumbled.

          Having now destroyed what they inherited, they’ve turned to parasitising the west, slaughtering one another and eating their young.

        • James Lovelace

          Bullshit. Islam has contributed nothing to western civilisation. Nothing to any civilisation, in fact.

          Even the so-called Arabic numerals are in fact Indian numerals. The Myth of Andalusia claims that it was some great multicultural hive of science and philosophy, but that’s rubbish. Most of the 700 years in which muslims were in Andalusia they were a brutal army of occupation.

          The history of islam is nothing but a history of war, genocide, slavery and plunder.

        • bohemond

          Bollocks. The Arabs appropriated much but created nothing.

    • bohemond

      The cynical Israeli joke runs, “What’s the difference between radical and moderate Muslims? Radical Muslims want to kill us. Moderate Muslims want radical Muslims to kill us.”

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Nice neutral Buddhist country, anyone?
    Jack, Japan Alps

    • Shazza

      Buddhist Burma is having a problem with the colonisers as well.

      • James Lovelace

        Not as bad as Thailand. Since 2001, more Thais have been slaughtered by muslims than the number slaughtered on 9/11.

        The media here don’t bother to report it. More than 5000 have been killed. 95% of the buddhists have left southern Thailand because their government can’t protect them.

        • Shazza

          Of course they won’t report it. It goes against the accepted narrative that islam is a religion of peace.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        HMG have finally dropped their cultural imperialism and are calling the country Myanmar. Didn`t you get the memo?

  • rogermurrayclark

    Here we have a leading Muslim who is a murdering war criminal


    And the grate and the good do and say less than sod all about it

    If that isn’t running scared then what is?

  • zanzamander

    I also think that many Lefty Liberal Progressives do not criticise Islam (in the way they do other religions and cults) is because they fear that by doing so they’d be betraying their support for the Palestinians/Arabs/Pakistanis and other Muslims and, god forbid, inadvertently end up helping Israel.

    Their misgivings on Judaism and its followers far outweigh any doubts they may have about Islam.

  • James Lovelace

    About 6 months ago, I saw that a group of Leftists were starting an organisation to challenge islamic fascism. I went to the launch in London. What I heard there depressed me more than ever, and confirmed my belief that the Left are going to be consigned to the dustbin of history. I think Nick Cohen was at this meeting, so hopefully he will confirm that what I say is true (I don’t know what he looks like, but I think he wrote about it afterwards).

    The right-on Leftists there said they’d been opposing islamic fascism for 30 years. I chuckled to myself, because if so, they had singularly failed to stop it. Quilliam stated in 2010 that there are now 20 major islamo-nazi organisations in Britain. 30 years ago, there was only Hizb ut Tahrir.

    Among the self-congratulatory statements from these right-on Leftists, a muslim Leftist addressed the meeting. He’d been active in leftwing and muslim politics in London for 30 years. He begged the assembled (almost entirely white) Leftists to oppose islamic fascism. He said “you are all waiting for people like me to do it, but we can’t. The fascists will tell the community we are not muslims, and our lives will be in danger”.

    I was the only person in the room who appeared to be flabberghasted by that. No doubt the white Leftists all returned to their nice white suburbs, content with the feeling that by attending this meeting they’d made yet another major contribution to fighting islamic-nazism.

    The muslim population of Britain will continue to double every decade. The younger muslims will continue to be 3x more fascistic than their parents. The country will at some point flip (already 40% of Brits think civil war is inevitable).

    The Left will go down in history as the people who brought about this civil war.

  • James Lovelace

    EDL member arrested for wearing a burka. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYCcySWb8Ng

    But the police watching the mosque in Acton didn’t think it all strange that a muslim in a burka came out of the men’s entrance of a mosque containing one of the terrorist suspects.

    So far, not one of the terrorist suspects who have absconded in the last 5 years has been caught. Not one. For all we know, they were in Kenya planning the Westgate attack.

  • Viking.

    Where comments are allowed, (and there are many newspapers that avoid the Islam issue and allow comment on safe subjects only), if the newspapers, journalists and politicians listened to the top rated comments that I find everywhere that they are allowed, if our government listened to these comments- then the world would change and we could go back to living in civilized countries from which Islam and its followers were denied entry.

  • James Lovelace

    A free, public school in the US has a new history book with a chapter selling supremacist islam to the children. Despite the chapter attacking judaism and christianity as religions, the book has no chapters on those religions! Even if they did, no doubt the jews/christians would be too mealy-mouthed to talk about Mohammed the mass-murderer, the enslaver of children, the assassin of his critics.


    How could any academic publisher, board of governers or even teaching union allow such supremacist, biased materials to be given to children in a textbook.

  • global city

    Nick.. you’re just like the bloody Grand old Duke of York with your constant Revelations about the mire that is Leftist thinking. But the next story betrays that after the last one, you marched your morals and emotion back down the hill to the comfort of glib and tardy leftist assumption….. only to…..

    Every morning, just remind yourself that Leftist thought based on Leftist dogma is really, really nasty. It is not a surprise to those who were not bamboozled in their youth to understand that their hatred of the west is so intense that they will side with anybody, pursuing anything, as long as it is aimed at US.

    You are a decent man Nick. You do not need the faux validation you seem to think that identification with ‘the left’ gives you. After so many Revelations, continuing to be amazed at the cowardice and hypocrisy of Leftist just makes you look lie a bit of a dick.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Spectator boffins, be advised that since a kitten walked over my keyboard, it has become possible for me to “Edit” the contributions of other Internet correspondents. Kindly give “defect” this your urgent attention. Anyone want to borrow this kitten?
    Jack, Japan Alps

  • I call them traitors

    “Firoozeh Bazrafkan is frightened of nothing”

    of course not, but then she is not a middle-aged,middle-class white man. Were the latter to make criticisms of Islam, Blair’s political police would be on them in a trice with charges of racism.

    It’s not Islam or Islamism that frighten me, it is the “liberal” white anti-white racists.

  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    What concerns me is how any kind of “..ism”, “..ography” or even “..ology” seems to end up in practice like this Bob Dylan song;

    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody. yes indeed
    You’re gonna have to serve somebody
    Well it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody – Bob Dylan

    I think the practice of old-fashioned slavery (which is really what most people are scared of and preparing to fight about) is taking the newer, modern form of simply dumping burdens on others who might seem otherwise available.

    • Shaka

      Interesting stuff Mrs. Hartley, Zimmerman soon left the adolescent protest set and beget Infidels and Slow Train that became pure prophesy!

    • TheWho

      We’ll be fighting in the streets
      With our children at our feet
      And the morals that they worship will be gone
      And the men who spurred us on
      Sit in judgment of all wrong
      They decide and the shotgun sings the song”

      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

      Won’t get fooled again”

  • Shaka

    A new law, every muslim entering or leaving a mosque must wear a poppy?

  • Shaka

    The muslims are welcome to our girls in a multiracial society. I myself enjoyed consensual adult sex with muslim virgins especially Pakistani girls. Thankyou muslim fathers for bringing your daughters to the UK. It was heaven!

    • Daniel Maris

      How many? Was it 72?

    • Batilshikan

      So you consider your palm and fingers to be Pakistani virgins?

  • Tuff Tookas

    We used to be a country of courage and satire. From Swift to Spitting Image to Private Eye … one thing we do better than almost anybody is take the piss. We should take the piss out of the Islamofascists at every possible opportunity.

    Rather than simply get in a lather about morons escaping mosques in burkas, we should all put them on and roller skate down Edgware Road playing Prince … Sexy Muthafucka. That’ll show ’em.

    • crosscop

      Spitting Image? I recall that they had a puppet of Jesus. Some Christians were upset and complained about it. They were ignored and the puppet continued to be shown. At some Multi-Faith meeting, the existence of this puppet was mentioned. Muslims then complained ( as Jesus is a Muslim prophet) and demanded to know who made the puppet and who wrote the scripts. The puppet disappeared, of course.


      • anotherjoeblogs

        The Jesus puppet was also Mike Rutherford and the yasser arafat one was Ringo Starr. True !

  • jorge espinha

    It’s a bit of a myth to equate courage with artists . Very few are really courageous. I admire women like Firoozeh and Hirsi Ali , next to them I feel like a cowardly Ant.

  • roger

    I’m not scared of Islamism, we could flush it out of Britain in very short order if we had the nerve. I am afraid of the so called ‘liberal’ forces in Britain and Europe(EU) that would react badly when the gloves came off.

  • George

    Im scared of Judaism and Israel

    • Daniel Maris

      George… there’s a clue there…obviously you couldn’t be George Galloway…being an “internationalist” and “egalitarian” he has no problem with Judaism or Israel does he?

  • George

    But i understand the jewisch propaganda against the Islam
    thats a good excuse to go one with colonisation and occupation of Palestine

    • bohemond

      Spoken like a good dhimmi. However, your “isch” misspelling gives the game away, Herr Sturmbannfuhrer.

      • Batilshikan

        Haters accusing decent people of being “dhimmis.” There were days in the US that anyone being nice to a Black was called a niggerlover.

        • bohemond

          Of all the words to describe aintisemites, “decent people” isn’t one of them.

  • Excellent and quotable article.

  • UKSteve

    I’m not afraid of Islam. I lived in the Middle East for 3 years.

    I just don’t want it in my country, in the same way Christian structures, images, words (‘angel’ and ‘God’ were especially forbidden) iconography and symbols were severely outlawed – by the mutahwa – where I worked.

    I just don’t want it in my country.

    • Otto

      I don’t have any sympathy for your concern because historically no one has more maliciously and systematically and sadistically encouraged Islamist fury like the British.

      In India they encouraged Islamists to attack Hindus as much as
      possible and always sided with them against the Hindus: so much so that
      Nehru, no sympathiser with Hindu nationalism, called the British rulers
      “the English Mullahs”.

      They were more fanatical and spiteful Muslims than even the Muslims themselves.

      Similarly, in the Middle East the British systematically and vehemently sided with the Arabs against the Jews.

      To harass the Russians in Afghanistan the Us and the UK flooded Pakistan with guns, extreme Islamist propaganda – produced in an official American venue – always supporting the most extreme and vicious
      Islamists against the more moderate ones: a particular favourite of
      the US and the UK was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who specialised in throwing
      acid in the faces of unveiled women. When people protested about the
      obscene UK-US support of this vile thug, the British shrugged and said
      smoothly, “Yes, he is a bit tough if you like but his heart is in the
      right, Muslim place, old boy.”

      So sucks to you if you are afraid of your own attack dog now.

      • James Lovelace

        Blah, blah, blah. Explains nothing of the 1100 preceding years, in which the armies of islam terrorised the people of north Africa, Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Near East, India.

        There had been 1000 years of islamic terrorism in India before the British were there.

      • UKSteve

        Well, at least I have a view.

        Unlike this piece of incoherent and deranged rambling. I answered the piece – directly – and contributed to the discussion with a view which people may or may not dislike.

        What you wrote was just disconnected, prejudicial rubbish. Your opening statement is clearly moronic, your last one absolutely hilariously infantile.

        I’ve no idea who “Gulbuddin Hekmatyar” is / was, but the practice of throwing acid in women’s faces has never been a recourse to dispute used on the streets of the U.K , and capital punishment is in our dim and distant past.

        You’re clearly a racist with an extremely distorted, narrow minded and deranged view of the British.

      • obamaiscarter

        Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you use the same exact reply, verbatim, for every single comment you don’t like? Oh, wait, you already have. My bad.

  • Agrippina

    We are not afraid of them, some comedians etc are, so tend not to make jokes about them or there enlightened 13th Century clap trap. It is a backward war like ‘ism’.

    There is no place for it in a progressive developed democracy such as ours. We do not want it, or the idiots wearing their hideous veils running around the place telling us what they want to do and how we should accommodate them. Their so called God was so great, they fled there homelands to take the British tax payer for a long and expensive ride and we loathe our leaders for enabling them.

    They are parasites and some of them harm us, why they are here is unknown, but I wish they had enough self respect to go away, to live as they wish under sharia law in an Islamic country.

    As for the arabs from Saudi, UAE, Qatar etc, go to any of the grand hotels in Central London during the summer months and see the numbers drinking, gambling and entertaining prostitutes, the hypocrisy stinks.

    • Batilshikan

      You seem to be choking on your hate. this is your hell on Earth.

  • Otto

    I don’t have any sympathy for your fear because historically no one has more maliciously and systematically and sadistically encouraged Islamist fury like the British.

    In India they encouraged Islamists to attack Hindus as much as possible and always sided with them against the Hindus: so much so that Nehru, no sympathiser with Hindu nationalism, called the British rulers “the English Mullahs”.

    They were more fanatical and spiteful Muslims than even the Muslims themselves.

    Similarly, in the Middle East the British systematically and vehemently sided with the Arabs against the Jews.

    They flooded Pakistan with guns, extreme Islamist propaganda – produced in an official American venue – and drugs to harass the Russians in Afghanistan – always supporting the most extreme and vicious Islamists against the more moderate ones: a particular favourite of the US and the UK was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who specialised in throwing acid in the faces of unveiled women. When people protested about the obscene UK-US support of this vile thug, the British shrugged and said smoothly, “Yes, he is a bit tough if you like but his heart is in the right, Muslim place, old boy.”

    So sucks to you if you are afraid of your own attack dog now.

    • James Lovelace

      Nice fairy story. Explains nothing of the 1100 preceding years, in which the armies of islam terrorised the people of north Africa, Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Near East, India.

      There had been 1000 years of islamic terrorism in India before the British were there.

  • Paul J

    Yeah yeah, same article Cohen has written 57 times. Stop appeasing Islamism. Islamism is bad. The Establishment should stop doing it. We know. I absolutely agree.

    But I’ll tell you who else is scared of Islamism though, and they’ve seen it at point blank range. The people of Syria. They don’t want the west appeasing the islamic nutters trying to take over their country, and it’s not only the effect on art galleries they worry about.

    But Cohen couldn’t give a sh*t about THEIR fears, because, well, Assad, boo hiss etc etc.. It certainly has NOTHING to do with Cohen OWN religious background, or the interest of a small yet powerful state in the middle east, that’s for sure. Perish the thought.

    (And that David Aaronovitch , who shares his inflexible opposition to extreme political Islam and it’s appeasers, should have the same otherwise inexplicable attitude to Syria is PURE COINCIDENCE).

    • Otto

      Nick Cohen is a Protestant Christian.

  • The Patriot

    I wouldn’t so much use the word scared, I would say concerned, when there’s both home grown and forgein born enemies on our soil, who wouldn’t be?

    What happened to Lee Rigby, not to mention 7/7 should have been a wake up call to the political classes and yet, seemingly, it went back to business as usual less than a week later, it’s time to stop asking the moderates to condemn after an even, and start confronting the issue head on, even if it causes unrest among their community.

    Or perhaps they’re too scared, after all look what happened to Theo Van Gogh, gunned down on the streets of Amsterdam for making a film… I fear for this country if we do not make a stand sooner rather than later, as that later may be too late.

    • Daniel Maris

      Behind the scenes, they devote a lot of energy to stopping Islamism, through the “Prevent” strategy. You can be guaranteed at least three Cabinet committees talk of little else. It’s just in public they deny it’s an issue. For public consumption, Islam is a religion of peace and all British Muslims are good citizens.

  • Fasdunkle

    The powerful race and diversity industries have cowed everybody

  • Rilman

    British Nationals Fight with al Qaeda in Syria


    When is the Muslim Community going to start publicly outing and condemning those amongst them?

    • bohemond

      And these wonderful “Britons” declare that once they’ve imposed the equivalent of Talibanism on Syria, they’re going to bring the war “home” to Britain.

    • jakee308

      Don’t hold your breath. There’s a minority that don’t care and aren’t devout but they keep quiet about it and aren’t about to risk themselves for any Kaffirs.

      It’s a myth that there are moderate Muslims. Just as it’s a myth that Islam is a Religion or that it’s one of Peace.

      Islam is a political and sociological Scheme that demands total obedience to the will of it’s leaders. It is a ideology of death and slavery. Every where it is dominate, there is poverty, death, starvation, slavery and ignorance.

      Exam closely those countries that are dominated by Islam. The only ones that have any riches are oil baronys who use a mailed fist to keep it’s population under control.

  • chan chan

    Don’t worry, everyone. Simon Hughes MP will see to it that everything is alright…

    You, Cohen, are part of the problem with your ‘Islamism’ rubbish. It doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of you and your colleagues’ imaginations.

    • James Lovelace

      Like all the rest, Nick Cohen can’t tell us the difference between the violent terrorist who founded islam and the violent islamist terrorists of today.

  • avi15

    Muddle-headed, bumbling, cowardly British governments have failed to keep islamic extremists out of Britain. Even worse than failing to protect our borders, though, through misguided policies, they have actually encouraged the activities of these people and made the problem of Islamic terrorism worse. Now we have a situation where free speech has been severely damaged, because people who speak out against the worst aspects of Islam are afraid of being either murdered by some muslim looney or arrested for some politically correct criminal offence. Of course, everyone wants to pretend that we are still free when we aren’t so much any more.

  • zebra

    There is no freedom. Simply, we can do talk about muslim, show their good. Even I am scared to say- word- Mohamet..

  • Fed Up

    Outstanding column Mr. Cohen and about time someone put things so plainly. The “muslim world” reminds me of nothing so much as surly teenagers, of who I have five. They simultaneously proclaim their supposed independence, autonomy and
    equality even as their caustic resentment is tacit acknowledgement to grownups of their very real inferiority and dependence.

    But what of our own “self-loathing” fellows? I think their gall is but a symptom, not the disease. I think the disease is nothing more than good old fashioned misanthropy gussied up with high-sounding causes. Effete westerners, liberals and other youngsters simply hate their fellow man and cover their acrimony with a gloss of faux altruism. Because even their purported “causes” are always in opposition to the mass of their countrymen at the least, like keeping our energy stores under glass, or anti-human in the extreme, like “animal rights”, unlimited abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. And there is no hate so sweet and, more importantly, SAFER than hating your own if one is blessed to be born in the modern west.

    Any joe-six-pack can hate a 7th century, woman enslaving, gay killing, infidel slaying, mass-murdering weird-beard. But to hate one’s own for the much finer degrees of separation of their habits, customs, accents, fashion, tastes, religion, the schools they went to, the car they drive, their politics and a thousand other similarities takes an exquisite sensitivity and discernment, no? To hate one’s countrymen is the highest form of hate for them. At least our societal self-haters think so.

    The no-fault, consequence-free protest culture of the last 50 years is both a product of and promoter of more of this self-loathing. Always, ALWAYS, standing against your countrymen is easy, even rewarding in the modern west and so we get more and more of it. For all their blather about oppression and tyranny, no westerner, least of all a US citizen, has ever really lived in dread of midnight visits from secret police or baying mobs of fanatical neighbors. So an entire culture of
    blame-one’s-own-first has grown up around us. For some, the mentality of opposing one’s fellows is so firmly rooted in their psyches they now find themselves standing with barbarians who are the antithesis of everything every liberal ever said he believed in.

    How can such dissonance take hold? Because they still think they’re safe. The same innate arrogance and condescension that places them over their friends, family, and neighbors deludes them that the weird-beards don’t really mean what they say or can ever possibly accomplish what they boldly declare as their mission to enslave all the world or die in the trying. Our libs blithely assume their own safety even as they gnaw away at all its supports and bulwarks. And so they go on compulsively indulging their fetishes, delighting in their scorn of all that surrounds them, great and small. They truly do live in a sort of fantasy world where their worst perceived enemies live down the block or vote for the other guy while the real threats are far away on the map in the places marked “there be monsters.”

    Trouble is, the monsters do mean what they say and do work diligently every day to accomplish their mission so openly declared. And as that place on the map creeps ever closer our libs just turn a blind eye, cover their ears and blabber, “I can’t hear you!”. I’m not sure if they’ll ever wise up until that moment that right now comes to the occasional foolish westerner, like Vittorio Arrigoni, who went to show
    solidarity with the Palestinians but found himself being put to the sword when his service as useful idiot was done. In that moment I wonder if he realized that all of his protests that he too hates his own availed him nothing and realized they
    always counted him one of his own kind, an infidel, whether he did or not. The cruel irony and unforgiving justice of it is that they see him as the worst of the lot precisly for all things he said he stood for and so I always like to twit our haters, “Hey Liberal, they’ll cut your throat first.”

    • ladykrystyna

      Hoorah! Excellent post.

    • Alexandrovich

      You really should come here more often! Bravo.

    • anotherjoeblogs

      tour de force that un, Fed Up.Encapsulates the bitter truth to a t.

    • werewife

      OMG. You should have your own blog, and I would visit it daily!

      • Fed Up

        Thank you. I did a couple of years ago but got so discouraged after 40 years of banging my head on the statist wall I took a sabbatical. Might just be ready to get back in the fight. Thanks again.

    • James Lovelace

      “Because they still think they’re safe. The same innate arrogance and condescension that places them over their friends, family, and neighbors deludes them that the weird-beards don’t really mean what they say or can ever possibly accomplish what they boldly declare as their mission to enslave all the world or die in the trying.”

      It betrays the racism of the Left. If some white non-muslim was to say the same thing that islamo-fascists say, the Left would find it terrifying. But when a muslim says it (especially a non-white muslim) they dismiss it. Which shows they think that the views and actions of muslims can be dismissed. As one of my liberal friends said, when he confirmed my fears about muslim gang violence: “well, they’re like children”.

  • ladykrystyna

    It is nice to see some intellectual honesty from someone on the European Left. Refreshing. Would more of your brothers and sisters be that honest and brave. The world would be a better place.

  • Tirebiter

    The supreme irony is that this time this will end with Muslims in gas chambers in European concentration camps instead of Jews. And the wheel keeps turning, round and round.

    • obamaiscarter

      You’re an idiot.

      • Evan Dickinson

        No, it will happen that way if certain people take control of Europe. And the more terrorists do in the name of islam the more likely those certain people will take control of Europe.

        • jakee308

          “Certain People”? Afraid to name names? Or of being ridiculed? What miniscule loud minority has your panties in a wad?

          Given the numbers inflowing and the EU lack of births, it’s more likely that the Muslims will finally accomplish what they set out to do centuries ago; vanquish Europe and enslave it’s people.

          Don’t expect the US to run to your aid this time either.

          • Mad Dog

            He doesn’t name names because he doesn’t have any specific names to give. The nature of these mysterious secretive conspiracies that are eternally poised to take over the world is that they don’t have names.

          • Evan Dickinson

            I didn’t name names because there are lots of names to name and there are undoubtably more names that will show up in the future. But I’ve given some examples in my reply to jakee308.

          • Evan Dickinson

            Certain people like the BNP, the Golden Dawn, the Fascists gaining ground in france, and many more. I say certain people because there are multiple different parties.
            I’m not european.
            And of course there are other groups waiting in the wings that I dont’ know about and that haven’t formed groups yet. There are simply lots of people who are simpathetic to such moves and they will come out of the woodwork.

          • Batilshikan

            People like you

  • Allah Sucks My Dick

    Fuck Islam. Fuck Allah. Fuck Mohammed. Fuck the Mullahs of Iran. Wipe your ass with the Koran.

    Now, I am an artist.

  • scp2

    If I were an “artist” I’d be rather concerned that sooner or later the Christians would wise up and start slaughtering “artists” who defame Christianity.

    • jakee308

      But then we wouldn’t be Christians then would we?

  • Thee haughty tyrants ne’er shall tame:All their attempts to bend thee down,Will but arouse thy generous flame;But work their woe, and thy renown.
    “Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:”Britons never will be slaves.”
    Still rooting for you, but worried…

  • D.I.

    The left are inherent cowards.

    • James Lovelace

      But even cowards can kill. The TE SAT reports on terrorism in europe show that 90% of it is from the left (even ethno-nationalists like the Basques and Sinn Fein are leftwing).

  • Bob339

    Prize question: The unrestricted entry of millions of muslims into this country was organized, authorized,played down and supported by the rich and powerful adherents of which middle-eastern religion?

  • Knives_and_Faux

    I’m currently painting an art installation called ‘Paki bastards’ but is there a gallery brave enough to hang this canvas.

  • AlexanderGalt

    I’m not scared, just outraged at what is happening to freedom in my country.

    There’s an amazing video of a Muslim Peace Conference that proves once and for all that the concept known as the “moderate Muslim” is a fantasy.

    It’s in a post called: “Tiny Minority” at:


  • Baron

    Your best, Nick Cohen, it won’t be bettered for a long time by anyone.

  • Agrippina

    Today 12.11.13 we hear of a sudanese convicted paedophile who is to be compensated for being held in prison whilst awaiting deportation.

    He arrived in 2004 – back of lorry-claimed to be aged 16-permitted to stay until 18. His claim for asylum Jan 2005-rejected for being ‘vague, unsubstantiated and lacking in detail’. He was arrested 2007 for serious sexual offences against minors-Feb 2008 convicted.

    Then they tried to get rid of him in Mar 2010 caseworker ‘established’ he was sudanese. He must have managed to get enough advice in prison and prior, to establish what to say, to enable him to stay. And bingo, he is allegedly from a tribe that would face persecution, so he can stay.

    Unless and until the immigration service learn that most of these claimants are economic migrants and need to be returned immediately, this farce will continue. No-one should be given citizenship until they have lived here 20yrs without a blemish on their record and children not until they are aged 21 if arrived as accompanied minors.

  • It’s a constant effort for the terror-stricken to pretend that they are really conscience-stricken.

  • Good_Lt

    And the Islamic psychos who would slit somebody’s throat over a cartoon or an art exhibit would do it just as readily to a weak-kneed Western ‘intellectual’ if said psycho felt like it. They do not discriminate in their killing: Muslims, Jews, Christians, secular – everyone is a target.

  • tofubamboo

    and we should be too, because they are heartless, evil people ready to murder so-called nonbelievers. I believe in God, just not their god.

  • SupplyGuy

    I’m not so sure it’s just out of cowardice. I think there is common cause w/ Islam because of liberal’s irrational hatred of Chritians and Jews. But yes, they are cowards too. Most bullies are.

  • jonque

    It’s up to us not to become a carbon copy of Europe. Basically, the left is using Muslims as their scary monsters to push their communist agenda through.
    When the left makes their usual war on women claims, point to the fact that every social issue they claim to reject is the very embodiment of Islam – the war on women, inequality of the sexes, inequality of rich vs. poor, pedophilia, prohibition on homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism, women having to wear tents as clothing so they don’t get raped, the fact that if they are raped they can be sentenced to death..the list goes on and on. It’s not a pretty ideology.


    I am not afraid of islam because I fully understand the danger it poses to the civilized world. What scares me is that far too many people are unaware of it’s danger!

  • canto

    A number of writers, fiction & non-fiction, have admitted that they are afraid to write anything touching on Islam that could be construed as critical for fear of violent reprisal.

    This is really a crucial fact about Islam & Muslims in our society: however pleasant some of them pretend or in fact are there are always Muslims in the community of Muslims who could be induced to cut your throat for insulting Islam or its “prophet”. These Muslims may be once patriotic citizens but with the right conversations with radicals over night they can become terrorists: it’s called Sudden Jihad Syndrome and it’s happened often enough:


    IMO the first step in self-defense is to limit severely Muslim immigration – it’s a matter of life & death not just of infidels but of Western freedoms. Secondly, Mosques have to be monitored. Thirdly, no Sharia courts must be allowed. The very ideology of Islam needs to be challenged often – this is actually easy since it’s really very absurd & fragile, which is why Islam for centuries insisted that apostates & blasphemers must be killed. It can’t survive rigorous debates.

  • Paul Armstong

    media talks stupid about that not real people

  • Ilpalazzo

    I hate to invoke Godwin’s Law, but to those who are still blind and thinking Islam is ‘peaceful’, simply imagine if the Nazis were granted the title of ‘religious organization’ and given the protection Islam has.

    • Daniel Maris

      Don’t let the Godwin squad deter you from making the comparison.

      It’s horrifying when you do the comparison…to take a few:

      1. Leader principle.

      2. Hatred of outsiders and people who refuse to follow the cult.

      3. Aggressive war.

      4. Use of enslavement.

      5. A single book promoted as the source of all wisdom.

      6. Approval of polygamy.

      7. Seek to terrorise opponents.

      8. Obsession with certain forms of punishment e.g. beheading or hanging.

      9. Looting e.g art works.

      10. Denial of universal human rights.

      • El Cid

        You do know that you are making all this up. Nothing that you have said stands up to scrutiny.
        Good try though.

  • Ilpalazzo

    Also, they say only 10-15% of Muslims are ‘dangerous radicals’ – that’s over 160 million. Half of the US population.

  • Agrippina

    Govt has to have imaginative ways to deal with illegals. A possible solution to the immigration prob and how to try and reduce the numbers.

    Illegals and other undesirables should be put on military planes and dropped off in the desert with some water, they can then make there way to some african country and from thence, to the actual country they fled.

    Because when they are here they dispose of their docs and lie about where they hail from and UKBA cannot issue them with passports, so they just leave them here.

    This would work as word would get back and the monies already spent
    trafficking themselves here would have to be repaid somehow. Not our prob.

    Our govt and military would deny all knowledge, end of story.

  • Rose Heath

    As an artist, there is an expectation to make radical statements and challenge the world. That’s optional…i choose to make the world beautiful.

  • Paul S HK

    Reading this fantasy of fear makes me think Mein Kampf had never written, nor the Bible!
    A religion now so backward that it has destroyed the value of early scientific advances to Islamic societies is seen as founding the power to harm us such that we should fear them many times more than Sinn Fein!!
    Cowards on this website!
    And paranoiacs too.
    The bad end of Muslim communities will never gain more than the tiniest foothold in England.
    No thanks to the stirrers of racial or religious hatred, but simply because they have no power. A murder here or there. Nothing. No threat to an English society that has survived WWI and WWII.
    I really despise the gutlessness of so called Englishmen who so little understand the strengths of their country relative to Islam that they go into a blue funk.

    • Daniel Maris

      It seems you have reverse-paranoia…you think nothing can harm you and no one has you in their sights. We saw on 9-11 what a determined enemy with limited resources can accomplish. We have the historical example of the Barbarians defeating a technologically more advanced society, the Romans.
      We saw how Christians went from being a tiny minority to taking over a whole continent in a few centuries, purely through growth in numbers.

      We have seen how Islam has (in the modern era) been gradually dislodging and destroying ancient minority communities – Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists.

      We see now Police-approved Muslim patrols on the streets of Sheffield.

      We have seen any number of cases of corrupt election practices.

      I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

      • Paul S HK

        Well, I’ll leave to other the judgement on who knows what they are talking about.
        Let’s just say that you seem historically challenged.
        Let’s consider the last hundred years, more relevant to us than Roman times. The big threats to our security have been Russian communism, German fascism, German nationalism and Japanese ambition and militarism. Islam didn’t figure.
        And the idea that Christianity grew to dominate a continent ‘purely through growth in numbers’ mixes up organic population growth with growth through intellectual and social appeal. I don’t see any sign act all that the modern world will suddenly find an appeal in Islam that will allow Islam to eclipse the historical success of Christianity.
        As for 9-11 it shows how little they can accomplish compared to Germany, Russia or Japan. Or even the NRA. The loss of life in the States through uncontrolled love of guns far exceeds the death toll from 9-11, terrible though that was.
        As for reverse paranoia, it’s called justified confidence.
        While real paranoia is supported by ignoring the facts, historical or otherwise, my friend, and you have a case of real paranoia… Unless you’re an artist, and there, being active in the arts world myself, I believe we need to strongest support against the fringe mutters who support things like the Fatwa against Salman Rushdie,an example of a .

  • Batilshikan

    An article by a Zionist thug in a magazine that cheered the loudest for invasion if Iraq and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims

    • vildechaye

      Most of those “hundreds of thousands of Muslims” were slaughtered by other Muslims.

  • Fio is not big she no! But she is tougher than Schwartzenegger!

  • Patrick Sarsfield

    I wish you people would stop worrying about Muslims in Europe As European Muslims become more educated and integrated they tend to lose faith in their medieval I reformed barbaric religion
    In 100 years time people will look back on religion as we now look back at those who worshipped the sun

    • Aasiyah Sattar

      Its 1400 years later and i doubt ” people will look back on religion as we now look back at those who worshipped the sun” let me just repeat that for you 140o YEARS later…and if you believe your country can take away a muslim’s faith, then i guess their faith wasn’t strong enough to begin with, then yes you are right they’ll eventually turn into the barbarian you’d like them to be.

      • Patrick Sarsfield

        You either believe or you don’t with religion.you cannot argue with someone who believes. He is not for turning
        1400 years is a mere blink in the history of mankind
        I have no doubt other beliefs will pop up in years to come

      • vildechaye

        If your faith was anywhere near as strong as you make it out to be, it and you would not be so worried about critical/offensive cartoons.

        • Aasiyah Sattar

          Seriously ? You should be having first hand experience on how strong our faith is , you are commenting on a Islamophobic website…Blasphemy .̷∕̴Ɩ̶nð being a critic is two different things. Mocking muslim’s hijaab is being a critic, we don’t like it but we take it.. But mocking the prophet is blasphemy, .̷∕̴Ɩ̶nð no religion should tolerate it..Unless u understand the foundations of Islam, dont pass ur stupid comments about cartoons being offensive..

          • vildechaye

            I’ll repeat: If your faith was SO strong, what other people said about it would be water off a duck’s back. You must be really frightened.

          • Aasiyah Sattar

            I’m not the one hiding behind a website afraid to voice my criticism on muslims, what could i possibly be afraid of ? water off a duck’s back, would be me pissing on your shoe..Stating my faith is weak is ignorant..I wouldn’t be here if i was..

  • Jay

    Just reading some of the right-wingers on here slagging off the left and it kills me to admit it, it’s well deserved.

    As somebody who technically identifies as what used to be called a Liberal – although I don’t use that word anymore as it is synonymous with so much limp-wristed, piss-pant muppetry – I am embarrassed, you are right, we are surrounded by cowards.

    I say surrounded, but actually these crawling, treasonous, sissies actually prefer to lurk behind us and stab us in the back at every opportunity. Apparently in their demented, self-loathing Scmiberal playbook, everybody from Nick Cohen to Richard Dawkins, to Sam Harris, to basically anybody who has the temerity to call bullshit on their cultural relativist cockwash, are darlings of the far right.

    So, you lads on the right, sit back, put your feet up, we’re going to be too busy putting manners on these pricks to have much time to argue with you. Sorry.

  • Aasiyah Sattar

    Islam doesn’t scare you, you scare the sh!t out of each other , which i find quite amusing..

    • Jay

      You’re so right; it was us that scared the shit out of Salman Rushdie. It was also us who took an axe to Kurt Westergaard. We also stabbed Hitoshi Igarashi.

      What can I say, you’ve rumbled us. Kudos.

      • Aasiyah Sattar

        Ok I’m officially lost ? What are you on about ? Salmaan Rushdie needs more then just a scare, he idiotic bull crap of a book Satanic Verses should be recycled for toilet paper, it has created wild spread murders among teenagers doing satanic rituals, rapes and the list goes on..Oh yeah i almost forgot he was knighted and it is freedom of speech right ?i don’t know anything about a Kurt and the other guy but I’m gna assumed muslim’s killed them or something but i still don’t get your point

        • Jay

          “it has created wild spread murders among teenagers doing satanic rituals, rapes and the list goes on..”

          You don’t know what the Satanic Verses is about do you? Your comment is damning evidence to your not having read so much as a review of it, yet you claim ‘it should be recycled as toilet paper’. Google it, as I don’t expect you to read anything longer than a wiki entry. You will blush at your unbridled idiocy.

          “i don’t know anything about a Kurt and the other guy but I’m gna assumed muslim’s killed them or something but i still don’t get your point”

          Kurt Westergarder was attacked in his own home by an Islamic extremist with an axe, as well as suffering widespread threats on his life and the lives of those close to him. For what? Drawing a cartoon.

          Igarashi was stabbed to death for translating the Satanic Verses into Japanese.

          The point you’re missing, largely due to a complete ignorance surrounding this issue being discussed in this article, which I doubt you read, is that artists are afraid to be critical of Islam because they fear for their lives, largely because Islamists are more than prepared to murder them for their dissent.

          So basically, artists are not scaring each other, they’re being scared by people who think it’s okay to murder somebody for dissent.

          • Aasiyah Sattar

            So its my fault those men were killed ? I provided the weapons and commanded that they be killed..As for the Satanic verses i have it on my phone, i read it two years ago just by the way.

            Begin like this – “Admitted that Rushdie has many filthy, dirty and obscene things
            to say about Islam and its heroes and heroines: but sir, do you know what he has
            to say about you, his benefactors and protectors, what thanks he gives you for
            his upbringing, cultural and moral deportment, and unsolicited refuge and

            On the very first[The actual first page of chapter One is numbered 3. Because
            this Satan has counted Nos 1 and 2 without enumerating them, ie. No 1 is a
            dedication to his living companion in “Hell” (of his own making) with just two
            words “FOR MARRIANE” his second spouse, on the whole page and No 2 is a
            prologue on “SATAN” by Daniel Defoe from his Book “The History of the Devil”
            which astonishingly enough is Rushdie himself. Read the reproduction on page
            6; you can’t help agreeing, how “prophetic” are those words!]page of “The
            Satanic Verses”, Rushdie calls his god-fathers the British- “PROPER LONDON,
            BHAI![ . “BHAI!” What is “bhai” Satanic Salman has used a dozen exotic Hindi
            words on the first page alone in his the very first chapter, gleaned from the
            gutters of Bombay. But wait for what he spews out from the sewers of his
            birthplace. He scatters his obscenities a hundred times without translating them
            to tantalise his Western dimwits.] HERE WE COME! THOSE BASTARDS DOWN
            Bastards! He could have said those sons of bitches. But wait, let Rushdie get
            warmed up.
            Could Viking/Penguin, the publishers of this filth, have given Rushdie eight
            hundred thousand dollars ($800,000) as advance money for this? Not likely!
            They have good (?) business sense. They smelt their “PIECE OF PIG
            EXCREMENT” (Rushdie’s words: page 7 TVS), “ROTTEN COCKROACH DUNG” (page 13 TVS). Not smelly enough? Rushdie excretes his shit quite late
            in his book; in his own words – “THE SHIT STARTS” (page 434 TVS). Please
            check up! “THIS SHIT, YOU CUNTS,” “IT’S SHIT,” “IT’S FUCKING SHIT,” “SHIT
            DINNER,” Four “shits” on one page alone (p441 TVS), page 449 “THREW
            SHIT.” Page 461 “WHIT MAN’S SHIT,” there must be something special in it for
            this Brown Britisher, because he says, “BLACK SHIT IS BAD,” on page 529 of his bullshit book TVS, and also on page 461 “NIGGER EAT WHITE MAN’S
            WHIT,” and he shuns his reasons, as to why!

            Yet my quraan was said to be violent , because one verse God expressed his anger against those to intended to harm the prophet. But here you are defending a book with vulgar languge .And you tell me that this idiotic crap should not be recycled for toilet paper? Then my good sir i would dare you to teach these verses to your 8 year old daughter..Or recite a verse on the family eating table just before you eat..Recite it to your kids at bedtime..Unlike all of you that thinks you know all about Islam which give you the right to thrash it, i do my research first so that I’m not a puppet who dance to the tune of the majority. I do the judging for myself and not let people do the judging for me

            Let i remind you how rapidly satanism has spread and is practised today.

          • TheAnathema

            “So its my fault those men were killed ? I provided the weapons and commanded that they be killed..”

            Nobody said anything about this, you’ve invented this on your own to avoid addressing the fact that the absolute foolishness of your earlier comments was highlighted unequivocally. What you’re attempting to employ here, badly, is called a strawman argument; basically a form of intellectual cowardice.

            “i read it two years ago just by the way….”

            You read it and you believe that it’s content has led to a string of “wild spread murders among teenagers doing satanic rituals, rapes and the list goes on..” ?

            Evidence please, I’d like you to provide examples of
            teenage ritualistic Satanic murders, rapes and more that you can directly demonstrate were inspired by Rushdie’s work.

            How anybody could read Rushidie’s work and see it as some kind of celebration of spiritual Satanism, child sacrifice or rape, is beyond me and quite frankly demented. Unless of course the use of the word ‘Satanic’ in the title was all they really read and then they presumed they knew what the book was about…

            “Yet my quraan was said to be violent , because
            one verse God expressed his anger against those to intended to harm the prophet.”

            One verse? So these aren’t violent in your book then:
            Quran : (2:191-193) (2:216) (3:56) (3:151) (4:74) (4:89) and there’s more…

            Like this beauty, one my favourites:(8:12)
            – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

            “But here you are defending a book with vulgar languge .”

            Vulgar language? Seriously? For this you validate the death threats on the author’s life? The murder of his Japanese translator? The stabbing of his Italian translator. The shooting of his Norwegian publisher. And to top it all off, the arson attack aimed at Rushdie’s Turkish translator which left 35 people dead. All this is not enough for
            you, because he used ‘vulgar language’. Wow, your beautiful ‘religion of peace’ has really enlightened you.

            Personally, I believe the mark of a truly civilized society lies in the right of it’s citizenry to express themselves as they see fit without the threat of murderous physical violence being visited upon them; but hey I’m a Humanist, we’re wacky like that.

            “Unlike all of you that thinks you know all about Islam which give you the right to thrash it, i do my research first so that I’m not a puppet who dance to the tune of the majority.”

            And yet you think there is only one violent verse in the quaran? Well researched love, how’s the PHD coming along?

            Also, your blundering assumption regarding the subject matter of the Satanic Verses being centred around some kind of advocacy of spiritual Satanic child sacrifice and ritualistic Satanic rape clearly underlines the fact that
            you don’t research dick. You are an opinionated bullshit artist.

            “Let i remind you how rapidly satanism has spread and is practised today.”

            Again, the Satanic Verses is not a book advocating spiritual Satanism, if you’d actually read it, you’d know that; like I said, you are a bullshit artist, and not even a good one.

            As a side note: the most widespread form of Satanism is probably LeVey’s brand of Satanism, which actually doesn’t believe in a spiritual Satan or God for that matter, they’re basically Atheists who like winding up ignorant Bible-thumpers and other idiots who believe in mythical boogeymen and angry sky wizards.

          • Aasiyah Sattar

            How would you like me to address it ? Would it satisfy you if i agreed that those men deserved it just so you could feed your conscious ? People die everyday because of their ignorance , these men deliberately put themselves in harms way, knowing the reaction they would get. Every person on this earth knows what Islam is to muslim’s and how defended we are to our religion, why would a cartoon of our prophet be drawn, as an artist you know that it was never done before so you would do the necessary research as to why. He intended to provoke the muslims maybe as a sick joke ? Or hoping to become rich and famous over night, every action has a reaction . He knew exactly the anarchy that was to follow ..as for the satanic verses , please provide me with evidence of a satanist that has not read Salmaan Rushdie’s bullshit,i know i could gladly give references? If its just a sick fictitious book that was packed next to Harry Potter in a public library why translate it in different languages, unless there was a huge demand for it. Your ignorance proves that you know nothing of what happens around you..I don’t need to provide you evidence of satanic killings but i live to witness school friends setting a 15 year old girl alight placing her in a middle of a chalk drawn satanic star..13 year old slitting her best friends throat and drinking her blood because being satanic has become the latest fashion trend..This is a community i grew up in for thirty years and for the past two years , there’s been over a hundred incidents. Satanism was never even spoken of here..LeVey’s bible has been around for years , so please think further then your nose.. I know you use to such bullshit , probably even preach that crap amongst your gullible friends, or let your kids memorize it as a lullaby ..i don’t need to defend my quraan to you, i have no reason to..When you obviously dwell in after birth how can anything pure be explained to you ? So go indulge in your sacred book of fucking .̷∕̴Ɩ̶nð shitting while i over indulge myself in my quraan..while you praise the man who doesn’t even have an imagination to senseless nonsense he wrote, I’ll pray that you never have to endure pain of murder’s of people close to you in the result of that ass paper you choose to defend..

          • TheAnathema

            “How would you like me to address it ?”

            Directly and ingenuously.

            “these men deliberately put themselves in harms way, knowing the reaction they would get.”

            So what you’re saying is that Malala Yousafzai, the 16 year old Pakastani girl who courageously campaigned for educational rights for Muslim women, in the face of backward, ignorant and murderous Islamist bullies deserved to be shot in the head? I suppose you feel she had it coming and got what she deserved.

            “as an artist you know that it was never done before”

            Not true, images of Mohammed have been produced all over the Arab world:


            “as for the satanic verses , please provide me with evidence of a satanist that has not read Salmaan Rushdie’s bullshit”

            What you’re doing here is called ‘shifting the burden of proof’, it’s a cheap and intellectually bankrupt attempt to avoid backing up YOUR claim. You are the one claiming that the Satanic Verses has inspired a spate of spiritual Satanic murders and rapes, it is your responsibility to back that claim up with evidence, not mine to disprove your claim.

            “i know i could gladly give references”

            Which I asked you to do and for which I am still waiting.

            “Your ignorance proves that you know nothing of what happens around you”

            This coming from somebody who thinks the Satanic Verses is some kind of handbook for spiritual Satanists, who excuses violence and murder as viable reaction to dissent and who claims that the Quran only contains a single violent verse, all the while backing up not a single wild-eyed claim with a shred of evidence and failing miserably to successfully mount even one solid rebuttal.

            “I don’t need to provide you evidence of satanic killings”

            I’m afraid you do, but also patently aware that you can’t, because none exists; kinda like your murderous, woman-hating, paedophilia endorsing, homophobe of a god.

            “i live to witness school friends setting a 15 year old girl alight placing her in a middle of a chalk drawn satanic star”

            So? What’s that got to do with anything? Rushdie is an Atheist, Atheists don’t believe in Satan; Theists believe in Satan. So if you’re looking for somebody to blame, blame yourselves and all the other demented Abrahamic religions, you’re the ones who invented him and continue to insist he exists. Thus you are the ones providing the inspiration for spiritual Satanists.

            Besides, since we’re on the subject of burning 15 year old girls to death, I’d like to draw your attention to the fate of the innocent Muslim child burned alive by her father in Yemen in October of this year; just as a single pertinent example of one of the many honour killings regularly carried out in the name of your beautiful scriptures.

            “i don’t need to defend my quraan to you, i have no reason to”

            Because you can’t and that is reason enough for you not to risk further embarrassing yourself.

            “So go indulge in your sacred book of fucking .̷∕̴Ɩ̶nð shitting”

            I don’t believe anything is sacred, I’m a Secular Humanist, dummy. The purported sanctity of everything is open to question, dissent and indeed ridicule is it is so deserved; even if you believe that it’s okay to murder people for such behaviour.

            “I’ll pray that you never have to endure pain of murder’s of people close
            to you in the result of that ass paper you choose to defend..

            “I’ll pray that you never have to endure pain of murder’s of people close
            to you in the result of that ass paper you choose to defend..”

            If I do endure such a thing, I will have no more doubt as to what religion the perpetrators will belong to than I will have of your endorsement of their Islamically inspired homicide of an innocent people for nothing more than refusing to bow before tyrannical, murderous bullies..

  • RoyWatson

    It’s frankly hilarious that, above such an article – and, God (of your choice) help us, such a stream of rabid comments – wildly overestimating both the nature and reach of Islam, is a photograph of a supposedly Islamic woman who is in fact comedian and writer Natalie Haynes. The words “hoist”, “own” and “petard” spring to mind.

  • Carl

    “the Iran’s treatment”

    Excellent article.

  • Carl Atteniese

    Thank you for the excellent article.

  • trobrianders

    Why can’t this self-hating culture admit we’re scared of Islamism? You’re kidding right? Islamism, the self-flagellation we’ve been dreaming of.