Rod Liddle: The truths you can't tell in today's Britain

Politicians used to have to apologise when they lied. Now it's the opposite

30 November 2013

9:00 AM

30 November 2013

9:00 AM

My memory gets addled sometimes, so maybe I’m wrong about this. But didn’t it used to be the case that when politicians were caught out lying, they made some sort of shame-faced apology to the nation and begged for our forgiveness? I’m sure that was it, you know. So if I’m right, to judge by the case of our Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, things have turned precisely 180 degrees. Mr Grieve has just offered a full and unqualified apology for having told the truth. I thought that politicians were meant to do that — tell the truth?

And what an apology. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Mr Grieve said the following: ‘We have minority communities in this country which come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic. It is something as politicians we have to wake up to.’ Asked by the interviewer if he meant the Pakistani community in particular, Mr Grieve said that he did. Although he added that the whole blame should not be laid at the door of any single community. Cue, then, a fugue of idiocy which eventually led to the absurd apology.

First, Grieve’s party colleague, the MEP Sajjad H. Karim, said that the comments were ‘deeply offensive’ and — remarkably — ‘not based on fact’, then the rest weighed in. Mr Karim is either an idiot or deluded, as we shall see. And so, after only a few hours, Mr Grieve said a really big ‘sorry’. Here is his apology — you can cut it out and keep it if you wish, as it’s full of asinine genuflections to the hysteria of the mob and therefore a model of its kind: ‘Mr Grieve said he was wrong to give the impression that there was a problem in the Pakistani community. In a statement, he said: “It is not my view. I believe the Pakistani community has enriched this country a great deal as I know full well from my extensive contact with the community over a number of years. I’m sorry if I have caused any offence.”’

Lordy. Let’s deal with the facts first. Do Pakistanis come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic? Yes, they do. Pakistan is one of the most corrupt nations on earth, coming 139th on Transparency International’s list of the world’s most corrupt countries (the higher the number, the more corrupt, by the way). An Al Jazeera report into Pakistan this year began with the words: ‘Paying bribes is part of everyday life for many Pakistanis, with even passport applications affected.’

As for the Pakistani community over here, a report in May this year by the Electoral Commission on voter fraud (to which Grieve was specifically referring) said the following: ‘There are strongly held views, based in particular on reported first-hand experience by some campaigners and elected representatives in particular, that electoral fraud is more likely to be committed by or in support of candidates standing for election in areas which are largely or predominately populated by some South Asian communities, specifically those with roots in parts of Pakistan or Bangladesh.’

The Electoral Commission went on to say that not all corruption could be laid at the door of British people of Pakistani descent. But still, there have been criminal convictions of British Pakistanis recently in both Slough and Derby for voter fraud; I am not aware of any convictions against white British people for voter fraud. Clearly, incontestably, there is a problem within the Pakistani (and Bangladeshi) communities. This does not mean that all Pakistanis are corrupt, or that they are evil people; it means simply, as Dominic Grieve originally put it, that there is a problem within the community. You know this, the Attorney General knows this and Mr Karim should know this too.

So, why the apology? An apology for telling the truth — a truth which, incidentally, had already been stated by his own colleague, Baroness Warsi, a couple of years ago: she made the point that there was a problem within British Asian communities of voter fraud. Even this, mind, is a slight evasion, of course: there is no problem of voter fraud within the British Japanese, or British Chinese or British Indian communities. Just the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, really.

There are truths that you can say in British society and then there are truths that you can’t say. And poor Dominic Grieve — who, as Attorney General, should have had a bit more spine — gave voice to one of the truths you can’t say. There are many, many, truths about our ethnic minority communities which you can’t say and if you do say them you have to apologise and then spew out something egregiously platitudinous about how greatly the Pakistani immigrants have enriched all of our lives, in a very real sense, just as the hapless Grieve was forced to do.

If you are a politician, or a senior public figure, you will be forced to apologise if you give voice to a worry about, say, the incidences of mental infirmity occasioned among infants as a consequence of British-Pakistanis procreating with their own cousins (two-thirds of Pakistani mothers in Bradford, for example, are related to the father of their child). Go on, raise that in Parliament and see what fury envelops you — and yet our health authorities know all about it, even if it’s not something they talk about too often, or indeed ever.

And it was only very recently that anyone has been able to talk frankly about young white girls being abused at the hands of Asian gangs. Merely to give voice to this clear and present problem was to leave yourself open to that massed ovine bleat of raaaaaacccisst — that you were somehow ‘demonising’ one community, playing the race card and so on. This happened to Ann Cryer, who ten years ago tried to raise the alarm when she was Labour MP for Keighley: most of the predators grooming underage girls, she said, came from the Mirpur district of Kashmir. The ensuing outrage warned off anyone minded to make similar observations. We know that the police and social services in Burnley and Oldham and Blackpool and Blackburn and Oxford were reluctant to act for years and years as a consequence of this very fear. And the silence meant that the problem was ignored, while the list of victims lengthened.

So, there are things you can’t say and things that you can say and sometimes they are almost the very same thing. For example, if you look at our crime statistics you will see that certain ethnic minorities — particularly people from an African-Caribbean background — are hugely over-represented in our prisons. Now, you can say that, but only if you then go on to make the point that the British criminal justice system is therefore institutionally racist and that all of our races in this glorious and happy rainbow nation commit exactly the same amount of crime proportionally, it’s just that the police and the judges are racist. Even if every other indicator tells you that this is an absurd thing to suggest. The result? No one asks proper questions about what’s going wrong.

Or take the education statistics. It is perfectly OK to point out that young black boys do pretty badly in our education system, with low levels of exam achievement and high levels of exclusion, if you then go on to make the point that the education system is weighted against them for racial reasons, because the teachers and the government and society is raaacccisst. But not if you suggest that there is a wider problem which somehow makes young black boys unwilling to learn.

And yet institutional racism is the one reason it simply cannot be that black boys do badly in school; black girls do just fine. Chinese pupils get better GCSEs than anyone; next it’s Indian children. Bangladeshi pupils do better than white British pupils and black male pupils do worse than anyone — so it can’t be racism holding black kids back, but something else. But venture as to what that might be and you will be entering a world of pain. Do so as a politician and your career will be pretty much over — unless, like Diane Abbott, you are a black politician.

So no serious debate takes place about why black children do so badly in our schools. But there are hundreds more things which you can’t say, if you’re a politician, and which are palpably true — not all of them concerning ethnic minorities, even if race is the one issue which will bring down the walls of Hell on your head.

Are single mums a good thing? Do we want more of them? Are children happier with young, teenage, single mums, do they achieve, do they have wonderful lives? Y’know, I have my doubts about that — but say that, as a politician, and watch the fury descend. Especially if you mention race or culture. Just one in ten Asian children live in lone parent families. A quarter of white children do, and just over half of black children. Good luck to any politician who opens a national debate on the implications of this. Far safer to let the problem fester — or just tell the world how brilliant black mums are, without mentioning the absent dads at all.

Is there something within the religion or ideology of Islam which somehow encourages, or merely facilitates, extremist Muslim maniacs to maim or kill non-Muslims? I think there probably is. But you can’t say that; when a terrorist atrocity occurs you must say ‘this has nothing at all to do with Islam’, even though that may be untrue, and a convenient evasion.

Do you think sex-change operations should be available on the National Health? Watch yourself, bigot. You think not all rapes are as bad as each other, even if you accept that all rapes are vile? When Kenneth Clarke was Justice Secretary, he once dared to suggest that there is a difference between ‘serious rape’ and sex between consenting but underage teenagers. The outrage came almost as fast as his apologies.

I am very glad that Britain’s community of people of Pakistani descent have ‘enriched’ the life of our Dominic Grieve; I’m sure they wouldn’t sleep easy were this not the case. But when even the Attorney General cannot state a simple truth, in the hope that we might tackle a problem which needs tackling, are we not in a bizarre and dangerous place? Our politicians are collectively terrified of these issues; and so the issues are never properly addressed. They are skirted around, or ignored. And when they are mentioned at all, the grovelling apology is already being formed on the lips.

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  • JoeDM

    Excellent article.

    I thought that Grieve had rather more backbone than the rest of the Cameroonian wets, but obviously not.

    • Fergus Pickering

      The interesting thing is why Grieve said it in the first place. Of course it is true and of course if he said it he would have to eat shit. So why did he do it.

      • rogermurrayclark

        A stirring of conscience?

        I think the interesting considerationsare the reasons behind and the speed of his pathetic capitulation

        • Fergus Pickering

          Ahd what are the reasons? Do you know, or can you speculate, what they might be? I am so eaten up with hatred for lawyers that I cannot think usefully about it.

          • rogermurrayclark

            I honestly don’t know what made him fold so quickly. He can hardly depend on Pakistani bloc votes, like the despicable Straw for instance,

            The Tory Party Chairman Shapps had a bit of a go, but almost all the criticism appeared to come from UK Pakistani politicians.

            Surely he should be able to withstand that? Vast majority of his colleagues doubtless agreed with, but in time honoured fashion kept quiet.

            Our wondrous MSM should have put the question, and they didn’t

            It is a very sad state of affairs that this is what it has come to

          • aeneid

            He is afraid of the leftwing media hell hounds like all politicians these days. PC is the quickest form of book burning these days.

          • rogermurrayclark

            I guess the elephant is the room is the London petro-dollar recycling pump and Islamic finance

          • anotherjoeblogs

            Yes and when the elephant pumped up on petro-dollars is exposed, those who adhere to the multi-kulti dream will have a rude awakening when all this appeasement has been done for the love of money and not in the name of ‘ inclusion and diversity ‘. Of course there will be no admittance of ‘ we were duped ‘.

          • James Mayer

            There damn will be, because NO-ONE is going to forget who was responsible for bringing Western civilisation to its knees, and as a result, namby-pamby Liberalism is not going to enjoy a crumb of credibility ever again. It’s dying, anyway; watch the EU elections next year for a start. Hoo-boy…

        • The Laughing Cavalier

          Simple, he was duffed up in the No 10 basement.

      • ArchiePonsonby

        He sees that Cameron’s days are numbered and this is Grieve’s first timid step to launch manouevres?

  • crosscop

    “Is there something within the religion or ideology of Islam which somehow encourages, or merely facilitates, extremist Muslim maniacs to maim or kill non-Muslims? I think there probably is.”

    It’s called ‘the Koran,’ Rod.

    • rtj1211

      The Old Testament is fairly bloodthirsty too, but Christians conveniently forget that. American Christians rather like maiming and killing people too, especially if they are Communists or Muslims, or happen to live in countries run by those Communist or Muslim bogeymen.

      • Pootles

        And the answer to that one is the same as always – the New Testament, and, in particular, the Gospels, totally supersede the Old Testament for Christians.

        • The Laughing Cavalier

          And we had a reformation.

          • Pootles

            Yes, and Europe also learned something from the blood letting of the Wars of Religion.

          • LadyCrossroad

            The reformed religions are all very fond of the Old Testament, much more so than Catholics are.

          • Pootles

            Not all reformed religions – the Church of England is a reformed church, but its interest in the Old Testament is much, much less than, say, that of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. And even in that latter case, the FPs do not call for people to beheaded for insulting their religion, and, doctrinally, they also accept the pre-eminence of the New Testament.

        • LadyCrossroad

          Well, that would have been news to the New Model Army.

          Or mean this New Testament?

          “Think not that I have come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. ” Matthew 10:34

          or this one:

          “And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.” Matthew 3:10

          Maybe this one:

          “But I will forewarn you who ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell: yea, I say unto you, Fear him.” Luke 12:5

          Were I the bloodthirsty type, I could easily find enough in the New Testament to justify my actions. There is nothing less bloodthirsty in the New Testament than there is in the Quran. And nothing less merciful and kind in the Quran than in the New Testament.

          It’s in the nature of humans that we must seek the answer. Some people are psychopaths and are drawn to kill and maim, and some are not – and it helps the psychopaths if they can use cherry-picked passages from some religious book respected by millions in order to justify their actions.

          • Pootles

            The New Model Army ? Uh? We are talking about the 21st Century, not the 17th. Now, your NT quotations:
            1) Jesus is referring here to the effect that becoming a Christian will have on his followers, the prophesy that they will be persecuted for witnessing for him, e.g., the Roman persecution of the Christians. In other words, this is not an instruction to his followers.
            2) This is a descripton of punishment in the next life, not an instruction to Christians to kill people in this life – that is a judgement for God, not for men and women to visit on their fellows.
            3) Ditto 2 – it is God and his judgement, not man and his judgement.
            Do you begin to see the difference? You are not correct when you compare the NT and the Koran. The comparison to be made is between the life and teachings of Christ and the life and teaching of Mohammed. Mohammed is regarded as ‘the perfect man’, his example should be followed. He was a killer, and a war lord, he married a child, he kept slaves, he instructed his followers to kill and maim apostates, adulterers, and thoe who insulted Allah. Jesus did none of these things, not one. Oh, before you say it, I am not a Christian.

          • tolpuddle1

            What you refuse to see is the difference in the Founders.

            Mohammed of Mecca commanded armies, slaughtered his foes and shouted insults at their corpses.

            Jesus of Nazareth did none of these things and went unresistingly to a terrible martyrdom, a sacrificial death.

          • LadyCrossroad

            I don’t refuse to see anything – I’ve barely entered the discussion. Yes, Mohammed was a warlord – very like King David, in fact, who called down vengeance and the sword on his enemies in Psalms that are still sung to this day, in the Church of England.

            Jesus of Nazareth is a more complex and unknown figure – there are (serious) historians today who say that, if he existed (it’s not proven), he was a revolutionary leader. What is certain, simply from the gospels, is that he was an iconoclast and that he seriously rattled the Romans, who crucified him. That does not suggest a peaceful opponent, since the Romans only used crucifixion in cases of serious rebellion (including slave rebellion) or banditry – and it’s unlikely he was a bandit.

            But that does explain the mixed messages in the gospels. I don’t think you can explain them away as you have, although some theologians have tried.

            As for the followers of both religions – I think the score is pretty even when it comes to both war and atrocities, as well as acts of mercy and charity. It’s true that *nowadays* there are fewer Christians willing to kill for Jesus (but there are still some – see the evangelical types who kill abortion doctors or try to blow up clinics; or the soldiers who put gospel verses on their guns, not as protection, but to urge them to kill the religious enemy); but also, far fewer willing to die for him. Christianity is going through a lull. If you look at the whole 2000 years of its history, however, the picture is very different.

            Likewise, Islam has gone through periods of peace and calm, and now is going through a period of turmoil – though you no doubt know that most people who are killed by extremists are themselves Muslim, which suggests more a kind of battle for the soul of Islam rather than an attempt to spread it. If anything, Islamic terrorism makes it far less likely that non-Muslims will be attracted by that religion. Islam is also much younger than Christianity, so we can’t do an exact comparison. But perhaps if you remember what Christianity was like in the 1400s, you might get an idea of where they are in their religious development.

          • Pootles

            ‘Mohammed was a warlord – very like King David’ – this is not much of an argument, as, of course, whereas Islam sees Mohammed as ‘the perfect man’ to be emulated, Christianity does not see King David as anything more than a figure in the Old Testament history of the Jews, and part of the geneological background to Christ. It is Jesus who is the figure that is the model for Christians. Interestingly, you are unable to show that Jesus, as revealed in the Gospels, was a killer, someone who recommended that his followers kill, someone who married a child etc etc. Instead, you have to resort to suppositions about Jesus. The Romans were concerned about revolt among the Jews (with good reason as it turned out, and with horrible long term consequences for the Jews), and wished to placate Jesus’ rabbinical enemies. What we do know about Jesus and civil authority are his words: ‘render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s’. It was that key text that underpinned the longtime struggle between Kings and the Church (which the Church eventually lost), but it is clearly not the same view as held by Muslims who think that Sharia is universally applicable, and obviates the need for a civil-religious division. As for the crimes of followers, again there is a crucial distinction between Christians and Muslims. Those Christians that commit such crimes do so in explicit contradiction to the teachings of Christ. Those Muslims who choose to commit such crimes do so in the knowledge that they can find explicit support in the life and teachings of Mohammed. You have to acknowledge that, really. Finally, the ‘Islam is only in its midle ages’ canard – the difference being one of global context in the 15th Century and the 21st Century. There are other models readily available now that weren’t 600 years ago. Besides, you are welcome to pop into your local mosque and tell the worshippers there that they are still in the Dark Ages…

          • tolpuddle1

            If Jesus had been the failed revolutionary some claim Him to have been, we should never have heard of Him. QED.

            Christianity has always had a faculty for self-criticism, Islam hasn’t. Why ? – because Jesus preached and converted, Mohammed slew and conquered.

            There isn’t any development in Islam and never can be – unlike Christianity it’s not a living thing such as a tree, but a massive rock – immensely powerful and immensely dead.

            Thus there can never be an Islamic Reformation or Enlightenment.

      • dmitri the impostor

        The tu quoque fallacy is not a refutation of anything. But lazy thinkers conveniently forget that.

        • Dukeofplazatoro

          Exactly. As soon as any discussion like this starts, out comes the tu quoque argument to deflect debate altogether.

          The Wars of Religion were some centuries ago. militant Islam exists now.

          • First L

            Indeed, militant Islamism arose with The Mahdi in the 19th Century in the Sudan. He was fought by General Gordon (unsuccessfully) and his successor – The Khalifa was fought with rather more success by Kitchener with Winston Churchill serving in the column.

            Islamism as practiced by The Mahdi involved forced conversion and the murder of ‘infidels’ as a basis for religion. Osama Bin Laden spent several years with The Mahdi’s descendants while setting up Al Qaeda.

            It has nothing to do with historical Islam such as that practiced by Sal’a’din who was generally a great, wise and beneficent leader. Indeed one of Sal’a’din’s attacks on Christian Europe only came about because some idiot of a black prince thought it would be hilarious to steal the body of Mohammed from Mecca. Most of the clashes between Christianity and Islam in the Middle Ages came about thanks to belligerent Popes. Modern Islamic belligerence is not only completely intellectually bankrupt but also theologically manufactured.

          • crosscop

            Modern Islamic belligerence stems directly from the Koran and militant, conquering Islam has existed from the time of Mohammad himself. Mohammad – not the Mahdi – started the butchery of infidels, as can be seen by his treatment of the Banu Qurayza.
            The clashes between Islam and Christianity in the Middle Ages started with the Muslim conquest of Palestine, North Africa and Spain. Charles Martel stopped them taking France. The Crusades were a direct result of a plea to the Pope for assistance by the Byzantine Emperor whose territory was under relentless Muslim attack.
            Now, when and where did Saladin attack Christian Europe – because that really is news to me. And as for the Black Prince – he never went anywhere near Mecca and was born about 120 years after Saladin died. Oh, and Mohammad is buried in Medina, not Mecca. Other wise, not a bad attempt.

          • JackyTreehorn

            Should the Pope have stood by and let the Christian populations in the ‘Christian Holy lands’ be persecuted and made second class citizens in their own lands by a foreign religious invader?

          • First L

            The vast majority of the Crusades was us invading them, not the other way round.

          • JackyTreehorn

            I think you should go and re check that.
            For one thing they were Christian lands to begin with apart from your statement being incorrect

      • Fergus Pickering

        The Old Testament is not central to Christianity. It is a history of Hebrews. The New Testament, in particular the gospels, is what is central. In other words, the word of Christ.

      • crosscop

        The Old Testament is full of descriptions of violence but I don’t recall the Old Testament prophets saying that non-believers should be converted, subjugated or killed until the only religion is Judaism.
        Also – any “maiming and killing” carried out by Christians is against the teaching of their prophet. Maiming and killing carried out by Muslims is done in accordance with the teaching of theirs – and follows his “perfect” example. It’s unfortunate that the Muslim prophet was a 7th Century version of Charles Manson.

        • GeeBee36_6

          ‘The Old Testament is full of descriptions of violence but I don’t recall the Old Testament prophets saying that non-believers should be converted, subjugated or killed’

          Er, actually they did. The Pentateuch (five books of the law, from Genesis to Deuteronomy) contain graphic instructions as to what God required of his chosen people, whenever they encountered individual people or villages where teh law was not kept and God not worshipped. As an example, look up Deuteronomy Ch 13, vss 1 to 16. An extract is: ‘[any] prophet that arises among you..who says ‘let us go after other gods’…shall be put to death.’ Another commands: ‘If your brother, son, daughter, wife or friend says ‘let us go and serve other gods’… you shall not pity them, nor spare them.. but kill them – your hand shall be the first against him to put him to death;. And: ‘If you hear in cities that base fellows have gone out saying ‘let us serve other gods’… you shall surely put the inhabitants to the sword, destroy it utterly and all who are in it…and gather all its spoil into the open square and burn it with fire’.


          • crosscop

            I see what you’re getting at – but these appear to be instructions to keep the Israelites in line. They do not appear to be instructions to go out and conquer the world for Judaism. Even if they are – nobody has taken any notice of them since they were written and certainly nobody takes any notice of them today. Muslims do – and always have – taken notice of what the Koran says.
            And what the Koran says is not nice. Bringing the Bible into this is just “whataboutery.”

          • GeeBee36_6

            crosscrop (and indeed aenid below): I absolutely agree with you. It is worth knowing, however, that this is the sort of stuff the all-loving, forgiving, cheek-turning deity of the trinity started out as. And yes, absolutely, I agree with you about the radical difference between the OT and the Koran, the latter, as it were, proselytising destruction of non-believers, as opposed to the pentateuch’s abjuration to punish backsliders from the faith.

          • Nicholas Street

            Why are you pricks always dragging up the Old Testament? Christianity is about the New Testament and the teachings of Christ.

          • Penn_Seive

            Matthew 5:17

          • global city

            Huh? Never buy your stones from an Akhamite?

          • GeeBee36_6

            Quite so. Clear testament (pun intended) tp a god that changes its mind. The ju-ju in the sky of the OT, I would submit, cannot be the same deity that Saul of Tarsus wanted his cult’s followers to buy into.

          • aeneid

            Find me a preacher pushing this. How about imams? Figure it out already.

          • global city

            Yes, but remember, we all know that he was talking to the Jews… and a long time ago too. The New Testament supersedes the Old testament as well.. for those who believe in the stuff.

          • anotherjoeblogs

            When Christians start chopping up muslims like pieces of meat and quoting the old testament, then we should delve into the sources. I don’t think this is happening on the streets so mentioning the above is simple diversion.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          The OT didn`t mention punishment of the dead, either. It wasn`t until “Gentle Jesus meek and mild” came along that this pernicious notion was introduced. Thank heaven it`s all BS.

          • global city

            Yes… but what an odd point to raise!

            I like those debates with Christopher Hitchens too.

          • tolpuddle1

            Hell is primarily a choice (of being everlastingly wicked) – only secondly a punishment, a consequence. If the human personality has free will and survives death, Hell must exist in order to house the misguided individuals whose final choice is everlasting wickedness (Hitler and Stalin, for example, quite probably).

            The Chinese Taoists believe in the existence of Hell, as did the ancient Etruscans and the Classical World (under the Graeco-Roman terms Tartarus and Avernus). Judaism recognises the possible existence of Hell.

            As Virgil wrote: “Easy is the descent to Avernus.”

          • rogdix

            Jesus did not teach that. Christianity (St. Paul) did. Jesus had no idea about “Christianity,” – the concept was only introduced after his death.”

      • aeneid

        Wow, you have it all figured out without ever having learned anything. Congratulations!

      • global city

        Really? Also, have you not heard about the NEW Testament?

        Even trying to make a lose comparison is the most embarrassing of face plants! All you have shown by making that post is just how mindfucked you are!

      • GentlemanPugilist

        The Old Testament’s not REALLY Christian, though. It’s actually a Jewish book and contradicts a lot of what Christ said, and of course it’s Christ’s word that’s really important to Christians. Care to point to any bloodthirsty verses attributed to him?

      • JackyTreehorn

        A pathetic attempt at an equivalence.
        Muslims are raging jihad all over the world and you try to equate the Koran to the Old Test.
        I don’t see the followers of Christ using the New Test to justify blowing themselves up from Timbuktu to bali.

      • I’m not Christian, but that’s a bunch of crock. American Christians are, almost all of them, kind and peace-loving. At least in their personal lives. As for their voting habits…

    • The bible has instructions to kill un believers, those of different religions and homosexual men (doesn’t mention women, oddly).

      • Pootles

        See above for the position of the New Testament and, in particular, the gospels.

      • Rocksy

        The ‘bible’ is made up of two very distinct books: the old testament and the new testament. Christianity is based on the New Testament which has only two commandments:- Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with thy whole soul and thy whole heart and thy whole mind and thy neighbour as thyself.
        Note Christians are commanded to love God not to worship him.

        • Ah the old move the goalposts on “God’s word” gambit.

      • Graham Oliver

        I believe it was Queen Victoria who said that it was impossible for women to practice homosexuality. “What would they do?” she is supposed to have said.

  • Eddie

    Yes, indeed. Top piece.

    Perhaps we need to introduce a new key skill in a GCSE: ‘How to fall on one’s sword when one is exposed for one’s telling of porkie pies?’

    But then, seeing as schools and teachers are engaged in utter dishonestly in trying to rig their results to look better in the league tables, passing students who should fail, doing their coursework for them, and even sending difficult kids on day trips when inspectors visit, where would one find the honest teachers to teach it? (Ethics? Kent?) Most of them have left the profession in disgust. Like me.

    Dominic G was 100% right in what he said. 100% totally spot-on. He was clearly leant on by Curry King Cameron.

    In our local constituency, when they were selecting a new Labour candidate, the Pakistani candidate got as many local Pakistanis as he could to join the Labour party to get himself more votes – and of course, the Pakistanis go by household, with Daddy Pakistani thinking for all his wives, childrens, and cousins and voting for them too… Anyway, this candidate did not win, but he did come second. Only a lack of a larger ethnic population here in Swansea stopped him. All this is allegedly, of course…

    Next up: little boy apologies profusely for insulting the emperor who is definitely not in any way shape or form naked and whose clothes are a lovely shade of invisible…

    • rtj1211

      Unfortunately, as Iraqis know only too well, if decency in reproach doesn’t work, you progress to corporal punishment. If that doesn’t work, you progress to court-martials and firing squads.

      • First L

        I have an Iraqi ex who grew up mostly in Britain. Being a westernised woman and therefore having certain expectations of the freedom in which she can live her life, she is utterly disgusted by much of Iraqi culture, including many of her family who would seek to deny her many if not all of those freedoms.

    • Louise McCudden

      “Curry king”?

  • HamishMacPherson

    “Bangladeshi pupils do better than white British pupils and black male pupils do worse than anyone — so it can’t be racism holding black kids back, but something else. ”

    This seems to assume (amongst other things) that institutional racism effects all ethnic minorities equally.

    If ‘Bangladeshi’ people are different from ‘Black Caribbean’ people, for example, then the extent and nature of their systemic disadvantage (if there is any, and I believe there is) will be different too.

    • MikeF

      “This seems to assume (amongst other things) that institutional racism effects all ethnic minorities equally.”

      There is no ‘institutional racism’ – it is a bogus concept invented by the Macpherson Report.

      • FrenchNewsonlin

        Just so and hasn’t speech (and thought) become dangerously cluttered, and horribly littered with terrible PC-ordained traps. So much for Cameron’s promised rollback of Labour’s 13-year-long attack of legislative diarrhoea.

    • OldSlaughter

      It is possible. But do you consider it at all likely? Especially when the gender disparity is also so great?

  • Cybeeria

    Thank you very much, Rod, for a superb article. It had to be said and no-one could have done it better.

    • Baron

      A brilliant take on what has become of Britain, what else from one of the few journalists with guts, but a fat lot of good will do to to anything.

      • James Mayer

        Well it’s up to us to do a fat lot of good for our country, isn’t it? Let’s get started.

  • Vlaams

    I assume Grieve knew full well that the only way to get his points into the public domain was to make them and then apologise a day or so later. The points raised are still in the public domain, as proved by Liddle’s article.

    • Pootles

      That may well be the case – but what an awful position to have reached when it comes to public debate in a democracy.

  • Hippograd

    But when even the Attorney General cannot state a simple truth, in the
    hope that we might tackle a problem which needs tackling, are we not in a
    bizarre and dangerous place?

    We are indeed. But we’ve been there for quite some time. It was in 2007 that the Chief Rabbi explained exactly how it all happened:

    Britain’s top rabbi warns against multiculturalism

    [Jonathan] Sacks said Britain’s politics had been poisoned by the rise of identity politics, as minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment. The process, he said, began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays. He said the effect had been “inexorably divisive.”

    “A culture of victimhood sets group against group, each claiming that its pain, injury, oppression, humiliation is greater than that of others,” he said. In an interview with the Times, Sacks said he wanted his book to be “politically incorrect in the highest order.” — Britain’s top rabbi warns against multiculturalism

    This part was incomplete: “The process began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays.” Muslims joined the culture of victimhood very early on and are now expert at it.

  • Pootles

    So, how do we get out of this mess? I work in HE, and if I said the things Rod Liddle said here, I would be in real danger of losing my job – the Labour government made it a legal, statutory requirement that education bodies, among others, must ‘promote’ multi-culturalism.

    • rtj1211

      You set up a party solely for white English men.

      You make it clear that you are standing solely for the equality of that maligned grouping, however women who consider equal men to be a good thing will be allowed to join too, upon pain of agreeing that dominance-dungeon feminism is absolutely unacceptable.

      Your policies will include:
      1) Statutory sacking for feminists discussing the sexual preferences of men in the office as part of a campaign to kick them out of their job.
      2) Statutory equal access rights for men to their children, upon pain of 100% withholding of all alimony.
      3) Reduction of net immigration to zero for 25 years, limitation of entry to those with a job, with cash to support themselves for 180 days in this country and no rights to stay beyond that if they are not by then in gainful employment.
      4) Restoration of the right for men to associate in single-sex organisations, specifically constituted thus and immune in perpetuity, by their constitution, to challenge by any woman.
      5) Criminalisation of immigrants demanding the removal of white people from their area, the options being going home with no rights to return or 10 years in prison without parole.
      6) Strong punishment of white men for any behaviour analogous to these behaviours, including racism, sexism, withholding of legitimate alimony etc etc.

      The ostracism of a generation of white men who had nothing to do with inequality, have suffered just as much as women and immigrants, has gone too far.

      They shouldn’t have special rights, just a feeling that they belong in this country.

      Far too many of them no longer think that they do.

      • Louise McCudden

        Oh, you mean like a far right group. Yeah that’s a great, not at all terrifying, idea… !

        • Pootles

          rtj1211 is being ironic.

          • victor

            left-wingers have no sense of humour unfortunately there so far up there own backside that im offended by it blah blah blah i dont do pc so dont get offended about anything actually unlike some liberal left morons

        • mutton

          Well your rabid lefties have had their way long enough and look at the results.
          Hitler-far right, Stalin -far left, Mao- far left. Take your pick!
          Back to your northern homeland McCudden it is full of lovely lefties.

      • john

        English secession from London would be good for the English. London is no longer English and never will be again. Stand as an independent candidate for English secessin from London.

      • James Mayer


    • Baron

      How do we get out of this mess, Pootles? Too late for traditional, polite, societal discourse, only the reality in time will sort us out.

      The case of Tito’s benign dictatorship comes to mind – a rainbow nation, half-free press, almost identical package of heart warming shibboleths, all backed by statutes. Then the day of reckoning arrived, and we all know how it ended, don’t we?

      • Pootles

        Yes, horrifyingly. And, what is even more dreadful is that there are no ‘ethnic’ (for want of a better word) differences between Croats, Bosnians and Serbs – the differences are cultural/historical/religious. One statistic sticks in my mind from all that horror – one third of all marriages in Sarajevo were ‘mixed’ marriages. That didn’t stop a thing.

      • greggf

        …….and there’s Lebanon!

    • Zantedeschia

      How does saying a la Rod Liddle bullshit like ‘Black mums shouldn’t be allowed to have kids’ and ‘black people are criminals’ and ‘muslims are terrorists’, ‘pakistanis are corrupt’, apart from being racist because not deployed constructively, play a part in your job in any way? I think you’d be sacked for saying inflammatory things which were not only wrong but primarily completely irrelevant and conspicuous and in large part thus racist for it.

      If you were running an election in an area in which corruption was well known, and in which there was a majority of votes done via post, which happened to have a lot of Pakistanis in it, then it might be different, but as things stand I just don’t see the relevance.

      Or have you been appointed ‘berater of black people for the criminality of a few’ officer at your school? Humblest apologies if so.

      P.S. Rod fucking cunt arseclown Liddle can eat my shit

      • Pootles

        Er…I’m not at a school, I work in higher education, a university. I don’t think Liddle says any if the things you attribute to him, and the fact that you chose to read his remarks in that way indicates that you may be part of the issue he is writing about. As for your other intemperate remarks, well, it is just that sort of thing that poisons debate, and undermines democratic discourse.

      • The_greyhound

        Since there’s not the slightest evidence that Britain or Britons benefit from the presence of any of these foreigners, how can Mr Liddle’s statements be either “wrong” or “inflammatory”?

        You are merely asserting, in the usual fascistic way, that only you can decide what people are allowed to think or say.

        So carry on eating your own shit.

        • Terry Collmann

          Have you not noticed who cleans the workplaces/hospitals/streets of Britain? Who picks its potatoes and other crops? I’ll give you a clue: many, if not most, weren’t born in this country. What’s more, they cntribute far more in taxes than they and their fellows take out in benefits. So actually, Britain and Britons benefit hugely from immigration.

          • Bill Thomas

            Depends how you define “clean”…..having just spent a weekend walking the filthy streets of London….it seems that no one (immigrant or otherwise) does any cleaning at all.

          • And before their arrival these things weren’t done? All that’s happened is that they took those jobs away from the Brits who used to do them. If Brits no longer want to do them, this is a sign of cultural degeneracy, which resulted from said immigration.

  • Sir Trev Skint MP

    The mainstream media are the protagonists, whipping up anger by giving a voice to those who choose to take offence at the truth. Sky & BBC could not give enough air-time to Pakistani MPs on Sunday. During every interview the presenters never asked them to explain why corruption is endemic in their communities.
    The msm go for the messenger simply to generate more ratings. They give no consideration to the harm they are doing to our nation through their disservice.

    • Louise McCudden

      Why is it “their” communities? Just because they are Pakistani and apparently some other Pakistanis have been corrupt? All Pakistanis should be held accountable for the actions of other Pakistanis? Pretty sure there’s a word for that… beginning with R…

      • Pootles

        That’s not what the chap said. He wanted to know why Pakistani origin MPs, who frequently, and not unsurprisingly, say they represent their communities, weren’t asked to explain why corruption is endemic. And, as you will see from LIddle’s article, Pakistan itself has an extraordinarily high corruption rating.

        • Rocksy

          No point in trying to explain anything to apologists.

          • Pootles

            You have to try, old chap. Odd that ‘Louise McCudden’ (wonder if she’s related to the Canadian Great War fighter pilot?) hasn’t come back on replies to her comments.

      • aeneid

        Ya, lets blame the trees or maybe the air!

  • Spongsdad

    Come now, Rod. You can’t go writing articles like this, nay articles containing verifiable facts and expect to get away with it. I am grossly outraged that you have been so offensive as to tell the truth and I demand an immediate public apology.

    • rtj1211

      He’s a Millwall fan – what do you expect??

  • giuviv

    JUAN RODOLFO WILCOCK’s advice for pesky hacks: One should carefully grease one’s body with hot tar before going to bed, making sure that one carries out the same procedure on member’s of one’s family (wife, sons and in-laws if they are still alive). Thus oiled the entire family- tenants or proprietors of the house- should roam the rooms, toilets and stairs of said home, preferably barefoot and in their underpants, chanting psalms, pounding saucepans and generally making as much noise as possible until all the pesky writers in the house come out of their hideaways and proceed to head to the kitchen. The stunned journalists can then easily be caught with fine nylon nets expressly placed in a large bottle with at the bottom some very fine erucic acid for the critics. Another system involves introducing a kilogram of small frogs set at a regular distance from each other in a long thread of resistant hemp, previously immersed in softened and marinated tar. The greedy hacks will precipitate on the frogs attracted by the scent and will find themselves transfixed with a notable saving of time and of tar. http://juanrodolfowilcock.blogspot.ru/2013/11/juan-rodolfo-wilcocks-practical-advice.html

  • jargee

    You forgot the fury that would descend on anyone who pointed out that the two homosexuals who tricked the Balls couple, would not dare try to enter an Islamic B&B.

    • Meggles

      Very,very true – and bl**dy sad.

    • Louise McCudden

      Except people have had all sorts of protests etc with Muslim places too.

      • Pootles

        Could you give us some examples of this, please.

      • aeneid

        How is your unicorn?

  • Ah yes, speech-risk. For some people however such as apostates like Maryam Namazie, of the UK’s Council of Ex-Muslims, what people choose to say effects their actual chances of meeting physical harm.

    For such folk the public denial of their conscience, to fulfil the expectation to obey “the rule,” is not just a question of lost favourable political kudos (for 24hrs of a Westminster news cycle say), or threats to the success of their tax-payer funded careers, like council or police chiefs. It determines their chances of staying alive.

  • Nele Schindler

    I love this article, but then I do not.

    The fact is that you, Rod, along with James Delingpole, Theodore Dalrymple, Nigel Farage, Brendan O’Neill, Peter Hitchens and many others have told the truth over and over and over again, and you’re still eating, and still working, and the sky hasn’t fallen onto your heads.

    This seems significant to me – that we apparently haven’t got a free-speech problem but a lack-of-backbone problem.

    This is really all that needs to be pointed out. That there isn’t a very concrete reason to fear the howling mob (ok, your career in one particular party might be over or some nitwits might tear your image to shreds on Twitter but so what?).

    So I disagree with the point that there are things you can’t say. It’s just that there are people who believe fervently that there are things you can’t say, which is a difference.

    • Fergus Pickering

      You can say things in the Spectator, which nobody reads. It is a safety valve. We will have something like freedom of speech when such things are said to the BBC. I wait impatient for the day to dawn.

      • Louise McCudden

        I read it, it’s a great publication. Frasier Nelson is a very talented journalist and editor, and he’s been particularly impressive over the issue of regulation and freedom of the press.

        I still think this article is a load of big hairy balls though.

      • Nele Schindler

        How is it automatically freedom of speech if the BBC says something sensible? They’re known for being crackpot commies – it’s freedom of speech to have different organs saying different things, and that’s the case.

    • Pootles

      This may be the case for journos on the Speccie, or for some self-employed types, but it is certainly not the case for anyone who works in the public sector, or whose job is in some way connected to the public sector. Say these sort of things and there is every chance that you will suffer sanctions, up to and including losing your job.

    • jargee

      Your last sentence leads me to believe that Shindler’s pissed !

    • chrisd87

      There’s a difference between the position of a well-known journalist/commentator and your average person (particularly if said person happens to be employed by a local authority or government agency). Rod and the others are employed by their various publications precisely because they write ‘controversial’ stuff. They are not likely to face the same sort of pressures in terms of the people who they associate with and (particularly) their employers as the average member of the public.

      • Nele Schindler

        I wonder whether this is true – whether it’s not that we just all assume there’ll be problems and therefore internalise the not speaking, blaming outside forces.

        I grew up in Communist East Germany – really, that was ‘no free speech’ – but the people who got into trouble where either well-known political dissidents or people who crept about all the time and then happened to open their gob at the wrong moment, either because they were drunk or angry or something else.

        The people who tended not to get into trouble were the constantly brave ones, the ones who somehow hadn’t internalised all the BS and remained free.

        I heard of numerous examples of people who loudly and vociferously demanded their rights and didn’t take any sh*t from anybody, especially those who blamed them for anti-government offences.

        They usually got what they wanted and were left alone. One distant acquaintance of the family made a huge scene at a party meeting. On the way home, he was stopped by a car and the men inside very quietly and politely asked him to get in. He made a screaming racket in the middle of the street. They drove off and he was never bothered again.

        The bullying just works as long as the bullied remain cowed. It’s as simple as that.

    • rodliddle

      No: to you, and to others. I can say them. The worst I’ll get is the ludicrous PC PCC demanding an apology, and a howl round from the bienpensant idiotcracy. It’s the politicians that can’t say them. The people who rule us.

  • Margot

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  • rogermurrayclark

    Excellent piece, but this somewhat misses the point

    “But still, there have been criminal convictions of British Pakistanis recently in both Slough and Derby for voter fraud; I am not aware of any convictions against white British people for voter fraud. Clearly, incontestably, there is a problem within the Pakistani (and Bangladeshi) communities. This does not mean that all Pakistanis are corrupt, or that they are evil people; it means simply, as Dominic Grieve originally put it, that there is a problem within the community.”

    It is not a matter of the odd conviction here or there, but the compelling evidence of mass participation in voting fraudwhich shows unequivocally that the “community” as a generality is institutionally correct

    “It was carried out with the full knowledge and cooperation of the local Labour party and “extensively prevailed” throughout the city, where applications for postal votes soared from 28,000 to 70,000 last year.”


    “There are many, many, truths about our ethnic minority communities which you can’t say and if you do say them you have to apologise and then spew out something egregiously platitudinous about how greatly the Pakistani immigrants have enriched all of our lives, in a very real sense, just as the hapless Grieve was forced to do.”

    I would cetainly like to know how exactly these people have “enriched” us, but the interesting question is the how, why and wherefore of Grieve’s pitiful, utterly abject Ethelred the Unready style capitulation

    • Cumberland

      One example of enrichment would be a start, it may stir a memory or two and we may even get an enrichment list. Don’t hold your breath.

  • Newsfox

    Hilarious – every prejudice which every white racist has writ large on the front cover of an Establishment political mag. That represents what you can’t say! haha And have you read the Mail or the Express? They ‘don’t say’ these things pretty much every day!
    This article illustrates how modern racism works really – essentially, ‘we white people are better and superior and the foreigners must always be second class citizens.’
    When a foreigner or ethnic minority citizen does something bad, their ‘community’ is quickly interrogated by the white dominated media. No such thing happens for white paedophiles or white far right terrorists like David Copeland. No discourse in the media asking if white people are more prone to slavery or if colonialism and its attendant horrors are a ‘white thing’. And quite right too, because despite the vast amounts of racism in the world, science has never come close to backing claims of one race being more likely to do anything.
    The solution to voter fraud. Investigate it and punish it like all other crime. Bringing communities into it serves a particular racial stereotype of Pakistanis, and racial stereotyping is the bastard child of outright colonial racism Enoch Powell championed and the Tory Taliban perpetuate.

    • StephanieJCW

      “When a foreigner or ethnic minority citizen does something bad, their ‘community’ is quickly interrogated by the white dominated media.”

      Sad but true. Whites are always individuals, non-whites never are.

      “The solution to voter fraud. Investigate it and punish it like all other crime.”


    • rogermurrayclark

      “No such thing happens for white paedophiles or white far right terrorists like David Copeland.”

      white paedos generally operate as individuals not so Pakistani grooming-rape gangs “normalised group activity”

      “If you come from a rural Myapuri, Kashmiri community, where, whatever state law says, village tradition and sharia says that puberty is the green light for marriage-as it does-and if you recognise that most girls in this country are hitting puberty at 11 or 12, perhaps one begins to understand why it is not just lone offenders. There has to be something, given that so often this is a normalised group activity-not among a major criminal gang, but among friends, work colleagues and relatives-that does not have the same sense of shame attached to it as would be the case for your typical white offender, who works alone because if he told too many people, somebody would report him.”


      Equally Copeland was a highly disturbed individual whereas Muslim terrorists operate in groups, nor is the “community” at all co-operative in terms of informing the authorities about grooming or terrorism

      “The solution to voter fraud. Investigate it and punish it like all other crime.”

      Well that’s a joke for a start, the UK authorities generally run scared of opening this can of worms – 6 Pakistani councillors in Bham were judged to have committed voting fraud, none were ever charged with a criminal offence

      ” Bringing communities into it serves a particular racial stereotype of Pakistanis”

      Bham 2005 – tens of thousands of ;postal votes were applied for in a very short space of time, the fraud was highly organised, reports spoke of a vote rigging factory; the judge Richard Mawrey said that it would have “disgraced a banana republic”


      “The jailing of a Blackburn city councillor – an Asian Muslim representing Labour – for rigging postal votes in the May 2002 local elections has failed to silence the rumour mill. Voters in the Muslim community, which makes up almost a quarter of the electorate, say now they are being strong-armed by mosque leaders and councillors to vote Labour. The number of postal votes registered in Blackburn is 20,000, compared to 7,600 in 2001.”


      • StephanieJCW

        “white paedos generally operate as individuals not so Pakistani grooming-rape gangs “normalised group activity””

        Why do ill-informed idiots plague these boards. There are countless numbers of paedophile rings involving white men! (And I am not trying to deny there was an issue with paedophile rings involving men of South Asian descent – just pointing out a certain double standard at play.)

        • rogermurrayclark

          You consider that Andrew Norfolk who won the Orwell prize for his investigative journalism into Pakistani grooming gangs and whose research led to a HOC Select Committee Report on “localised child grooming” is an “ill-infomed idiot” then?

          Perhaps you could cite numerous examples of white grooming rings? To be proportionate in population terms it would have to amount to hundreds

          Go on then

          • StephanieJCW

            You can type into google and shift through the results.

            Just have fun with this one alone for starters.


            Nice little goalpost shift at the end though. I made no comment on proportionality. I commented on the lie that all white paedophiles operate alone.

          • rogermurrayclark

            That’s a truly pathetic answer – you claim “countless” but don’t actually cite anything

            Nor did I claim that white paedos invariably operate alone, but as a general rule they do, so your feeble strawman fails

            Proportionality is key to the argument. I could cite 20+ Muslim – mainly Pakistani -grooming trials and cases going through the process without any difficulty, based on Norfolk’s research etc – which you are clearly unfamiliar with

            You can, probably, do the maths yourself; but if there was an degree of proportionality there would have to be hundreds of white British grooming gang cases – there aren’t.

            And indeed the reality is much worse, because thanks to political correctness there has been a distinct reluctance by the “authorities” over the years to turn over the stone here. It has been utterly shameful

            “Asian sex gangs were able to groom, pimp and traffic girls across the UK for more than a decade while authorities failed to publicly acknowledge the problem was happening, confidential documents reveal today.A dossier of internal police, social services and intelligence reports shows that agencies in South Yorkshire were aware that vulnerable girls were being abused, but a catalogue of alleged crimes were not prosecuted.In one case, a white girl who was sexually abused by an Asian gang from the age of 12 was offered lessons in Urdu and Punjabi by her local council after her ordeal.”

            Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=867_1348499044#IcFpMGOlyw8KayA1.99

            The prevelance of this horrid abuse is accounted for by cultural factors as Taj Hargey and Lord Ahmed helpfully pointed out



          • Louise McCudden

            You won’t, of course, but please try and read a bit more widely.

            Start with this: http://mediadiversified.org/2013/09/12/fuckhonour-and-fuckshame-when-it-silences-young-people-reaching-out/

          • Pootles

            That is a very interesting link, thank you. However, although, as one would expect, it confirms abuse within such communities, that still does not change the fact that there is a specific issue with men of a Muslim Pakistani/Afghan/Bangladeshi background preying on girls from the white and Sikh comunities. Further, that pattern seems to go back as far as the late 1980s (when Sikhs in Birmingham first trid to stop it), yet the police, social care, schools, politicians etc did nothing fo so very long.

          • rogermurrayclark

            Yo haven’t refuted a word I’ve written and merely posting a link is as evasive as it is lazy

            FYI Pakistani gangs do speciifically target white girls(Girl C evidence Oxford) and they refer to them as white slags, white bitches(Derby)

            They are regarded as a particularly low form of kaffir(Taj Hargey).

            The abuse has partly racial underlying motivation, partly religious – for instance in the Birmingham case 2 girls were groomed in Telford and brought to Birmingham to be raped to “celebrate eid”

            I am well aware that they also groom Sikh girls and have been doing so for many years, recently Mohan Singh got some action out of plod at last which resulted in the Leicster convictions – he says that that the abusers are of “Pakistani Muslim heritage”; there is an interesting youtube of him and Andrew Norfolk discussing grooming

            I am also aware that this low life can abuse their own given the opportunity

            None of this alters the fact that this is a disgusting, foul and alien practice with deep cultural roots. It is intolerable

            And one must also consider dreadful threats made to victims and families if they considering going to the “authorities”


            Keighley – threat to slit a father’s throat

            Oxford – threat of decapitation

            High Wycombe – threat to burn the family house down

            Wakefield – threat to gang rape mother (West Yorkshire Police video warning on grooming gangs)

            If I remember rightly according to one of the Times reports a girl was doused in petrol as a terrible warning.

            In a further case of witness intimidation a girl in Brierfield was sent 350 texts “persuading” her to change her evidence, the trial collapse – an asociate of the gang working for Lancashire Social Services had leaked confidential info to the groomers

            I fancy I know more about this horrid subject that you do

          • Pootles

            No, you were trying to claim an equivalence. For that to be the case, you would, indeed, need to evidence hundreds of exclusively white rape gangs solely attacking girls from the Pakistani/Afghan/Bangladeshi communities. Do that, or admit you are wrong.

          • rogermurrayclark

            You altered your post to include that link, which is a very dishonest way of debating

            And I doubt you even read the link you googled up hastily

            “Even though most abusers – whatever their age or sex – work alone, there is clear evidence of some conspiracy, of the existence of paedophile rings”

            This hardly supports your absurd contention of “countless numbers”, does it?

            Even the Guardian has partly admitted the reality

            “We believe that there are two main profiles of the on-street groomer. First, we have the white offenders, who typically offend alone. So far, nothing new: the lone white male is the norm for UK child sex offences. Second, however, there are Asian offenders, many of whom are of Pakistani origin. They seem much more likely to offend in groups, lending their abuse a curiously social dimension.”


        • Pootles

          Are there ‘countless numbers of paedophile rings’ solely composed of white men who prey exclusively on Pakistani/Afghan/Bangladeshi Muslim-background girls? Please give us one example of such a gang.

        • Cosmo
  • KO

    Another excellent and brave article, Rod. Isn’t it
    a wonder of our age that a little word like ‘raaaacist!’ could be
    used by the liberal-left to block all discussion about the greatest
    demographic change ever wrought on our nation since 1066? (Not to
    mention the rest of Northern Europe – we’re by no means alone in
    this). It has been used to remould the mindset of a generation. To
    club any dissent into submission. To power forward the misguided and
    utopian dogma of multiculturalism. And all without mandate. The
    Soviets could have learnt a few lessons from the European
    liberal/left about manipulating mindsets – but then the Soviets
    didn’t have the talented luvvies of the likes of the BBC to help them
    in their cause. The indoctrinating power of the latter has been
    vastly underestimated, I feel. ‘Raaacist!’ has become the bull-whip
    with which to herd us into compliance. And we have the cheek to sneer
    at the Victorians for their silliness about their sexual taboos!

    • Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
      Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness

      “When the fairies are displeased with anybody, they are said to send their elves to pinch them. The ecclesiastics, when they are displeased with any civil state, make also their elves, that is, superstitious, enchanted subjects, to pinch their princes, by preaching sedition; or one prince, enchanted with promises, to pinch another.”

      Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

      • Cornelius Bonkers

        Pursuing the more academic slant which you have so helpfully initiated, can I recommend the remarks made by Gilles Deleuze in his Rhizome: an Introduction (1976) namely, that rhizomes are “random unregulated networks in which any element may be connected with any other element”. It might not seem immediately obvious how this statement illustrates the dictatorship of BBC “luvvies” over our thoughts and actions but in fact it does. So for instance, when, say, a carrot plant is planted in earth already occupied unknowingly by the rhizome (stem) of a predatory plant (e.g., Japanese Knotweed) the chances of the carrot surviving are nil. The same might be said of opinions which are resistant to currently politically correct norms but are strangled at birth or before. If the likes of Paxman et al can silence Tommy Robinson what hope is there?

    • Nightwatchstate

      At http://www.identityforum.org.uk there is a speech regarding stepping over the use of the word ‘Racist’ called ‘Bridging the Shibboleth’.

  • StephanieJCW

    “Lordy. Let’s deal with the facts first. Do Pakistanis come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic? ”

    Sorry – two steps back, are we talking about actual Pakistanis, those born and bred in Pakistan or ‘Pakistanis’ i.e. Britons born to Pakistani grandparents/parents which kind of changes things quite a bit.

    • rogermurrayclark

      Does it?

      • StephanieJCW

        Erm, yes.

        • rogermurrayclark

          Birmingham , Blackburn examples illustrate that the endemic corruption in Pakistan has been, wholly unsuprisingly, imported here

          • Louise McCudden

            How was it “imported” if we’re talking about people who have always lived here? And whose parents have always lived here?

            Also, do you know any history? You think there was no corruption or electoral dodginess before we had immigration from Pakistan? Hahaha

          • Trofim

            LM. Perusing your posts suggests that one of your main manouevres, as one would expect, is routine crude tit-for-tat whataboutery. We’re talking about prevalence. There is probably at least Muslim who likes a bacon sarnie for breakfast. Nevertheless, it is still the case that eating bacon sandwiches is more prevalent amongst non-Muslims. Even though there is electoral fraud in Britain, it is a comparative rarity. I live in Brum, and all the electoral fraud in the last election was in wards with a high Muslim population. Loyalty to clan and tribe often trumps integrity in Muslim countries.

          • rogermurrayclark

            It is an imported culture, these people often have dual nationality, they have extensive family networks back in Pakistan; and often marry their first cousin imported from the homeland; the result is the establisment of colonies who do the same kind of thing that was par for the course back home

            I suspect I know a lot more about history than you do. In Birmingham in 2005 the scale of the corruption, the systematic vote rigging, was quite unprecedented.

            18th Century politics in England was pretty corrupt with rotten boroughs, pocket boroughs, borough mongers and so forth – but then only a small minority had the vote, and there was an effective clean up as the 19th century progressed. Birmingham in 2005 saw tens of thousands of postal votes applied for in a rush and electoral fraud of “banana republic” proportions. Birmingham’s motto is “Forward”, taking the example of Joe Chamberlain – now it is going backward, much of the inner city now bears moree than a passing resemblance to the 3rd world, with 3rd world politics to show it

          • aeneid

            Ooohhh, a false moral equivalence excuse. The most tedious form of liberal foolishness.I guess we should just ignore the problem then.lets try this, givin the choice between 2 bags of apples, would you choose the bag you thought might have one bad apple or the one with 9? You have to choose or no pie for you.

    • jargee

      In all probability, Rod is referring to the likes of the four who tried to blow as many of us away in London underground stations. Irrespective of where they were born.
      And I guess that he may also include the 6 Cllrs who Richard Mowrey QC in 2005 was to inform, that their strange unsavoury tactics, to do with Postal Voting, belonged in a banana republic and not in a civilized land !

  • StephanieJCW

    “black male pupils do worse than anyone”

    …except white working class boys. That’s pretty much common knowledge by now. And it won’t get better while people like Rod ignore it.

    • jargee

      That’s is news to me ! And I believe it to be untrue !

      • StephanieJCW

        Explain why you thought the above were things “you cannot say” – you evidently don’t bother to keep up with current affairs:


        “It said the performance of white British boys from the poorest families – already the lowest achievers – has slipped further over the past five years.

        They are now half as likely as boys from impoverished Chinese or Indian families to get good qualifications and far less likely to succeed than boys from the worst-off black Caribbean or African families.”

        • jargee

          THAT is rubbish. Absolute unadulterated catsh*t ! Indigenous children are less likely to succeed than those from Somalis for instance ?….garbage !

          • StephanieJCW

            Well it’s not rubbish is it – the stats support it. Your hysteria isn’t a substitution for statistics. But if you’re happy to put your fingers in your ears and consign young working class boys to the scrap heap, that’s your look out.

          • jargee

            Statistic ?…………..Blair and Straw colluded to f*ck with immigration figures on their watch…..instances such as stuff like that, tend to make people very wary of statistics because the collators of those statistics may have their own agendas !

          • StephanieJCW

            Translation: You were wrong.

          • jargee

            Clarify yourself !

          • dodgy

            Er… I know that an outsider joining an argument is unlikely to help matters. But the Daily Mail is a poor reference to cite.

            I had a look. The Mail unhelpfully does not give the data that it bases its story on, but a bit of research uncovers this report:

            CSJ – Causes of Educational failure

            Which indicates that, of the children receiving free school meals, 36% obtained 5 or more A*-C GCSE grades. Breaking that down by ethnic type, 40% of Black boys managed this, compared with 26% of White boys. Only Roma and Irish Travellers are indicated to do worse. Generally, the girls do better.

          • Louise McCudden

            I agree the Daily Mail isn’t that trustworthy, especially on this issue.

            I think the point is really about whether this is something people “cannot say” isn’t it? I’d say articles in big papers like the Mail and the Sun (most read papers in the country!) suggests that you can say these things.

          • jargee

            The Racist Member for Hackney can even tweet stuff that you cannot say about ethnic ‘ minorities ‘ !

          • dodgy

            See about 15 posts below for my comment about that. Briefly, these are actually things you can say, but not things people will listen to at all. They won’t allow you to make a case, won’t read your data, and won’t consider the issue for one moment…

        • aeneid

          Looks like they took the bottom 26% of whites on free food and compared it with all blacks. Still would shock if true but you should celebrate the success of liberalism. Its working!

      • manonthebus

        Which bit is news to you and which bit is untrue? I don’t really care, but …

        • jargee

          Other than his opinion of what the consequences of Rod’s column are—-he only made the one assertion !

  • StephanieJCW

    “Far safer to let the problem fester — or just tell the world how brilliant black mums are, without mentioning the absent dads at all.”

    Sorry but as someone who was raised in what is officially known as a ‘lone parent house’ can we stop the myth that this equates to an absent father. My father was very much a part of my life – my parents just didn’t live together. I know I’m not alone in that (your sons are in the same situation I believe.)

    I don’t think anybody thinks that it is better to live with one parent rather than two. But how exactly do you stop relationships failing and how do you force couples to remain together?

    • manonthebus

      You can stop encouraging them to separate by paying both of them benefits that would not accrue if they were living together.

      • StephanieJCW

        Are all single mothers and non resident fathers on benefits then?

        My parents certainly weren’t. They can’t be the only ones.

        So money is the only thing causing people to split?

      • Louise McCudden

        Yes I’m sure my mum wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t for the benefits that my parents didn’t actually get anyway smh

  • ADW

    Try reading http://britain-watch.co.uk/2013/11/electoral-fraud/ and tell me there’s no problem with the Pakistani community in Britain.

    • Louise McCudden

      Call me cynical but that doesn’t look like quite the most impartial of sites.

      • Pootles

        The important thing is, though, is the information on that site accurate? Are the posts on it factually wrong?

        • Louise McCudden

          Probably, since it thinks the “feminising” of education is a thing. Or a sentence that even makes sense.

          • Pootles

            ‘Probably’ ? How about addressing the case that coms up when one clicks on the link? As for the use of language, one finds just such apparently odd linguistic turns in academia – it’s one of the great strengths of the English language.

          • ADW

            You can’t write off the entire site on the basis of one post (or rather, one word in one post). Have a read of the data on the site on wind farms (written by qualified scientists) or energy in general, and see if there’s any food for thought. Or, to stay on topic, read the judgment above – nothing to do with the website – and see what you think.

          • Colonel Mustard

            It is a “thing” and has been for some time. And it is not limited to just education. It is all a question of the impartiality you seem to expect from the viewpoint you disagree with but the absence of which you don’t seem to mind from those you do.

      • ADW

        Not really an answer – I agree it is a tendentious site, but there is a lot of statistical material on there not so easily dismissed. More to the point, in the post I linked to, there was a discussion of and link to a judgment of the High Court – a rather more impartial institution – about disgraceful voting fraud within the minority Pakistani community . Here’s the link itself: http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWHC/QB/2013/2572.html&query=Bashir&method=boolean

        The judge concluded: ”

        The Birmingham judgment was the first arising from mass electoral fraud resulting directly from the introduction of postal voting on demand. I had hoped that, by drawing attention to the flawed basis of the scheme and the opportunities it had created for vote-rigging on an industrial scale, public and Parliament would be alerted to the problem and that something might be done about it.

        I was wrong.

        In Slough, where the problem of roll-stuffing came to the fore and where the combined effect of a wholly insecure registration system and postal voting on demand had allowed the creation of phantom armies of ‘ghost voters’, once again I hoped that some action might be taken.

        I was wrong again.

        Nine years have passed since the fraudulent Birmingham election and five since the Slough judgment. The media and the public are fully alive to the threat that electoral fraud poses to our democracy. The politicians are in denial and, it must be said, the approach of the Electoral Commission would appear optimistic even to Dr Pangloss.

        I concluded the Birmingham Judgment with the words:

        “The systems to deal with fraud are not working well. They are not working badly. The fact is that there are no systems to deal realistically with fraud and there never have been. Until there are, fraud will continue unabated.”

        And the Slough Judgment with:

        “It would have been pleasant to conclude this judgment by saying that this had now all changed. But I cannot. Despite the 2006 Act, the opportunities for easy and effective electoral fraud remain substantially as they were on 4th April 2005.”

        And here we are again.”

        And on each of those occasions the problem was in the Pakistani Community.

  • StephanieJCW

    Also – out of interest, seeing as everything Rod has said, is frequently said by a number of media commentators – how are they examples of “things you can’t say”?

    • jargee

      No they are not ! If they are, nobody could put the time that they were discussed as being ‘ frequent ‘ !

      • StephanieJCW

        They are frequently discussed – Liddle, Delingpole, Hitchens, O’Neill and a whole host of others.

        For things that ‘can’t be said’ nobody has a problem with saying them

        • jargee

          Blunkett just said that Roma were a problem in Sheffield ONCE—-MPs of foreign extraction thundered their objections at him.

          • StephanieJCW

            But he said it did he not?

            And someone else will say something once again. Just because some people may object to what you say – does not point towards a lack of free speech. But just as people are free to speak, others are free to object. (Which MPs of foreign extraction?)

          • jargee

            Sajjid Karem. MEP.

          • StephanieJCW

            He’s not foreign. He’s born in Blackburn.

          • jargee

            A mouse born in a stable cannot be described as a horse !

          • Louise McCudden

            I love when anti-immigrant people quote this! It’s from James Joyce and he meant the exact opposite. He was saying just because he was born somewhere, it doesn’t make him a citizen of that country – his country is where his heart is, where he chooses to live. It was a pro-immigration quote.

          • Pootles

            OK, how about the Duke of Wellington on his nationality – ‘just because a man is born in a stable, it doesn’t mean he’s a horse’. That wasn’t meant in a Joycean sense.

          • Louise McCudden

            Ah yes, you’re right. I’m now convinced that immigration is bad and racism is fine. lol.

          • Pootles

            Er, that’s not what I meant, but there you go. I was just trying to show you that your smug little Joyce reference could just as easily be put against another Irishman’s statement on the same subject. You pays your money, you takes your choice.

          • crosscop

            You do have a problem when racism is actually the truth, don’t you?

            The NHS is racist, you know –

            “If you’re Asian and need a transplant, you’ll probably need an Asian donor.
            There’s such a shortage of minority donors that less than 1.5% of blood and
            organ donors are black or Asian.”


          • jargee

            The hearts of hundreds of child migrants were here—-socialist garbage declared that they could not stay. After putting in motion a plot to be rid of them, they then began the stinking muliticulturism plot…it began with the arrival of the ‘ Empire Windrush ‘ in 1948! I hope that you also love that !

          • Trofim

            Does “I love it when . . .” mean “I don’t love it when . . .”?

          • aeneid

            Your inability to discriminate between cultures is not nobility.Quite the opposite.

          • Alexandrovich

            I’ve tried hard not to dismiss you out of hand but you make it inevitable.

          • Colonel Mustard

            Some confusion there for Alex Salmond’s posse.

          • crosscop

            A simple DNA test would prove that he is foreign.

          • Louise McCudden

            I am intrigued by this. Your DNA shows your passport now does it?

          • crosscop

            DNA shows your ethnicity. Karem’s would show that he is foreign to the British Isles.

          • Angus_MacLellan

            It shows where one is from and one’s heritage.

          • Angus_MacLellan

            Being born in a stable doesn’t make one a horse. Joanna Lumley or Cliff Richard are not considered Indians so why consider this guy British ?.

          • jargee

            People in pyjamas and sporting beards regularly inform us in our streets with placards, that anybody who insults their Prophet should be beheaded !

          • StephanieJCW

            And yet people still insult their prophet. You seem to be confusing people taking offence with people being able to share opinions that others might not like.

            You can’t stop people taking offense

          • jargee

            So it is that you clearly agree that they should threaten the benefactors of their families with death—and not be at all punished for such foreign crap ?

          • crosscop

            Can you please give us an example of a British politician ( apart from Nick Griffin) who has dared to insult ( that’s tell the truth about) the Muslim “prophet”?

          • Louise McCudden

            You assume that people don’t “dare” say the type of rubbish Nick Griffin says about Islam. Or that they “can’t.”

            Maybe people just do not think those things. Because largely it’s a load of rubbish?

          • Pootles

            What exactly is ‘a load of rubbish’ when it comes to Mohammed? Which of these statements about Mohammed is untrue: 1) he was a war lord, 2) he personally killed people, 3) he kept slaves, 4) he married a child, 5) he advocated death and/or mutilation for people who insulted Allah, 6) he advocated death for apostates, 7) he advocated death by stoning for adulterers ? Which one of those statements is untrue ? Oh, and while you’re at it, which one of those statements relating to ‘the perfect man’ also applies to Jesus Christ?

          • Louise McCudden

            It’s a load of rubbish that virtually any Muslims at all actually believe any of that stuff.

          • Pootles

            So, those statements are all true then? And not ‘a load of rubbish’? What message regarding the ‘perfect man’ do you think is being preached in mosques? You need to see how the overwhelming majority of Muslims regard Mohammed. He is regarded as a model for Muslims, just as Jesus is for Christians. I ask you again, which of my statements about Mohamed are a load of rubbish’ ?

          • Daniel Maris

            Can’t see an answer to this one from Louise. She’s fleet of foot and has obviously decided to skip this, because there’s no answer.

          • Pootles

            Indeed. The discomforting thing is that, in all probability, it won’t have changed her view of matters one jot.

          • Trofim

            If you’ve got a minute to spare you might find this interesting:


            You might hear some unpalatable things, but then you have to expect it from rabid, islamophobic Daily Mail-reading rednecks like Sarfraz Manzoor.

          • Alexandrovich

            So what produces an unending supply of suicide bombers then? Boredom?

          • jargee

            Since 7/7, I can give you 52 reasons as to why it is not a load of rubbish !

          • crosscop

            Griffin – whatever you may think of him – told the truth about Islam and even quoted the verses of the Koran which justify the rape of captured kuffar girls. That’s why he was found not guilty ( twice) of the charges against him.

          • Cosmo
          • Louise McCudden

            So he said it and then people objected.

            So what you’re actually upset about is that not everyone agreed with him?

            You’re saying other people should shut up basically.

            Ah free speech.

          • jargee

            I know precisely what I am saying. I will add, that if you yourself were to venture into a Islamic area without accepted clothing, it just may be pointed out to you rather abruptly, by the Muslim men living there.
            That is, if your avatar is indeed you. And that in actuality, you do not wear a niqab and the photo you use was found in the street somewhere.

  • malkovichmalkovich

    I grew up in one of the northern towns Rod mentions. My dad worked for the council all his life and was a dyed-in-the-wool Old Labour stalwart who always lectured me on the importance of not tarring a group of folk with the same brush, giving everyone a fair go, how the sorry state of the town was down to evil Tory bastards, et cetera. Once when we drove past a notorious council estate I made some quip about it being a hive of scumbags, and he lost his temper and assured me that there were a lot of decent, honest people living on there who simply had it tough, and I should never talk like a Tory in his presence again.

    Anyway, I watched him struggle for years trying to be fair-minded and find generous things to say about the town’s Pakistanis and Bangladeshis he dealt with all the time through work. He tried telling himself, and us, that they were just like the rest of us. But eventually, like everyone else in the town, he couldn’t deny what was in front of his eyes. There was just too much – too many scams. Trying to rig local elections, claiming housing benefits on properties they weren’t living in, one bloke taking a driving test for twenty five and countless other fraudulent identity scams, dodgy insurance claims, takeaways that mysteriously blow up in gas explosions shortly after the policy’s renewed, Nissans that are always being run into the back of, etc.

    It’s rife in those communities and everyone who works in local government in those areas knows it. People in media and politics and academia can call us all “racist” from a distance for mentioning it, but that doesn’t change the reality on our doorstep, that we have to live every day.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Sounds like your dear Papa had a “Road to Damascus” moment of clarity.

      • global city

        it was more a case of wanting to think the best of folk (quite a natural instinct) being gradually ground out by miserable repeat experiences of reality.

        • Die jüdischen Banken sind überschwemmen Europa mit Muslimen…

          • ArchiePonsonby

            Bis zu ein punkt, Graf Copper!

          • bwims

            What an a hole you are

          • Fúck you and die…

      • Thomas Hobbes said the Papists and Presbyters were nothing more than ‘ghosts of the deceased Roman Empire sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.’

        Hobbes fled for his life to France while Oliver Cromwell laid waste to the British Isles proving it.

    • JabbaTheCat

      Good post…

    • Shoe On Head

      great post.

      unfortunately the only thing transparent in the pakistani community is the corruption.

      having said that, show me a man who isn’t corrupt and you show me a man who hasn’t been offered enough money yet. lets not divert our eyes from bigger forces. give a pakistani man a a fake ID and he may attempt to defraud a bank, but give a bank$ter a bank and he can rob the world.

      (shoe on head)

      • global city

        Displacement theory at large, for all to see.

        Thank you.

        • Shoe On Head

          no, thank you Global City.

          (kisses, hugs and belly rubs)

          Or should that be

          (freudian kisses, freudian hugs and freudian belly rubs?)

          • global city

            LoL! Possibly… where do you live?

          • Shoe On Head

            OM-Jeezus (pbuh). party-cartons, streamers, and let out the midget marching band in the closet. let them out…

            is bradford too far? i live above the HFC (halal fried chicken), right next to the high street…

            (p.s. you just carpet bombed my soul)

            (shoe on head)

      • tjmac7

        Snowden? you are talking out ya back side mate.

        • Shoe On Head

          *delicately coughs up an origami crane*

      • Gus Mueller

        “Bankster” is the calling card of someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        • Shoe On Head

          you smell dat?

          all me, baby. allllll me.

      • Die jüdischen Banken sind überschwemmen Europa mit Muslimen.

        • mattghg

          This is not grammatically correct German…

    • gochome

      I worked for an insurance company many years ago and they launched a new
      critical illness insurance plan that paid out a lump of money if you were
      diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke plus a host of other illnesses. The
      first 4 claims came from the Pakistani community and were rejected as
      fraudulent. Just ask the insurance industry for some facts and figures.

    • Dante

      holly cow!if i would be raped by 10 big black fellas,gangbanged for hours like no one before,i still would feel more like a man than this appologist SHOULD feel for the rest of his life…this issue is getting sick

    • Just Me

      Meanwhile corruption occurs at the highest levels of society in all countries but is applauded and seen as the norm. There’s not many Pakistani’s at the largest global banking corporations that have all shown corruption and greed. It takes a lot of effort to reach enormous levels of debt. See on the web for economic infographics demonocracy.info as this shows the banksters debt in visual form.

      • outraged

        Not true. Many, many Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese worked at financial institutions and obediently run them to the ground. They were not mastermind, for sure, but they were the most compliant and in the end – the biggest beneficiary of the corruption of the global banking systems.

    • Blazeaway

      You are probably talking about Nelson or Burnley. Burnley, of course, suffered race riots. Nelson, the former ‘Little Moscow’ of well-meaning, good people has voted BNP. We have been treated to the ‘official response’.

      Just utter the word ‘race’ in those towns and the plod will be on you.

      Rape gangs? They look the other way.

    • James Mayer

      How can anyone vote this down?

  • jargee

    When educated doctors, who one assumes were to take the Hyppocratic Oath, are to scheme to blow as many Scots away as they possibly can in an airport….but were unable to gauge that a five foot wide vehicle cannot pass through a four foot wide gap, makes one firstly believe that they are full-blown nutters—and secondly that they acquired their positions through out and out skullduggery !

  • Stephen Gash

    The Tories now have precisely nothing to offer the English. The Tories are toast in England.

  • Stephen Gash

    The Cowardly and Unprincipled Party.

  • dodgy

    …‘there are truths that you can say in British society and then there are truths that you can’t say’….

    Yup. Always are, always have been. That’s what humans are all about.

    Try saying that “Catholics were quite nice people, really” in 1570. Or that the British Government ought to support the Jacobins in the 1790s. Or that the Boer War was unjustified colonial aggression driven by gold in 1900….

  • Louise McCudden

    That’s not what Ken Clarke said, he wasn’t talking about consenting underage teens (which the CPS doesn’t prosecute anyway), he was talking about date rape. And he said “classic rape” is a stranger jumping out from behind the bushes. That’s not how most rapes happen at all.

    And yeah, thinking trans people shouldn’t have access to surgery unless they’re rich is kinda bigoted, in my opinion. People are entitled to call you a bigot, that’s also free speech.

    Lots of people debate black people doing well/badly in schools, that’s a huge discussion within black communities and race relations groups. What you probably mean is that people don’t like the theories you have about black people doing badly in schools. Rather a different issue.

    You “can” say all these things, because you just did. They were published, in a national publication. If a lot of people don’t like them and call you names or argue the point with you, then grow up and deal with it.

    You are, once again, calling for everyone else to shut up in the name of “free speech” (yours) and pretending to be victiminsed or saying controversial things while actually saying the most boring, old fashioned, cliched debunked nonsense on the planet.

    Also, “racist” only has one a in it. You seem to have leaned on your keyboard or something when you typed it.

    • jargee

      Also, “racist” only has one a in it. You seem to have leaned on your keyboard or something when you typed it.

      Not if its enunciated by sheep that dance to a multiculti tune, it ain’t !

    • La Fold

      Can I marry you?

  • greggf

    Well said Rod:
    Is it reprinted in “The Times”?

  • Carson

    The U.S. writer Michael Kinsley a number of years ago defined a political gaffe as an instance in in which a public politician slips and inadvertently tells the truth.

    The value of information is that it facilitates better decision making — a truism even little kids know. When the public policy to stay as stupid as possible by not looking at any topic that is career-damning, then good decision making is lost and quality of life necessarily declines for all. That is a heavy penalty to pay to keep one’s career motoring along for the necessary 20 years or so til pension.

  • jargee

    On the 4th April 2005, it was reluctantly reported in the Guardian that 6 Asian Cllrs were told by Richard Mowrey QC, that their activities concerning Postal Voting was the behaviour of people living in a banana republic !

  • jargee

    Since the advent of multiculturism, there isn’t any sensible soul who would say that the country today is a happy country ! Multiculturism was never about the happiness and welfare of the indigenous to Britain—-as far as political lefties and socialists were concerned…any indigenous who questioned immigration, could drop dead !

  • dodgy

    You want some more truths that can’t be said?

    Try “The police are above the law.”. Or “Current anti-terrorism activity is job-justifying theatre against a minimal threat.”. Or “Climate Change is not a problem”…

    Of course, in true paradoxical GKC fashion, what “A truth which can’t be said” really means is “A truth which can’t be HEARD”. You can say that one race is doing worse than another, or that ‘Global Warming’ is a fake scam – all that happens is that the people you say it to put their fingers in their ears and go ‘La-La-La’.

    GKC never believe that a day would come when some things could NOT be said in Britain, of course. But now we have strange laws, foreign to our culture, whereby praising Al-Qaeda is actually illegal, and you can be put in jail simply for saying that they are a praiseworthy organisation. Which used to be the sort of law the dictator of a banana republic would make. Which is an indication of where Britain is headed…

  • Graeme S

    Mr Grieve you gutless chinless toss pot ………. The Asian community will never, ever vote en mass for the Tories. They may placate and invite the head Honcho to t curry awards but ultimately the Asians will create a voting bloc bought and sold to whoever favours there cause . This is of course to continue to flood the country will fellow brethren

  • LadyCrossroad

    Here’s a truth I’m not going to apologise for. There IS a minority of corrupt people in this country who give the rest of us a bad name. They are either sitting in the House of Commons, or in the City. They fiddle the books, fiddle their expenses, fiddle the exchange rate, fiddle the rules, fiddle mortgages, fiddle their taxes, then come cap in hand for more money from the taxpayer. And I, for one, am fed up with having to pay for them.

    The whole Pakistani story is just a distraction from the actual corrupt core of the country. I’m not falling for that rubbish.

  • Peter Stroud

    Somewhat late with this article, Rod. But it certainly needed saying. All the points you made need regular airing: by politicians and journalists. So much is being swept under the carpet, that soon, we will all be tripping over it.

  • JD

    An absolutely excellent piece. You’ve hit the nail on the head here. Political correctness is literally destroying our society. Unfortunately I think we’re beyond the point of no return. There are simply too many self-righteous ‘right on’ politically correct do-gooders who, for the sake of tolerance and inclusivity of course, are all too quick to shout ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, ‘europhobe’, ‘islamophobe’, ‘xenophobe’ etc etc…

  • Lynn Grace Corbin-Lohmanns

    Actually the rot goes a lot deeper than a few electorial misdemeanours, especially here in the US where i’m currently domiciled. I recommend a book called ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot” which is about the liberal media’s deliberate obfuscation of interracial (black on white) violence. http://whitegirlbleedalot.com

    • aeneid

      If the FBI reported the real crime stats instead of lumping whites and latinos people would be shocked at how bad it is.

  • Nightwatchstate

    For Christ’s sake. Although whites are still a majority in this country, it’s only because of inertia. Amongst those under 25 us natives are about 50:50 with Johnny come Foreigner who has already has an ethnic homeland. When are we going to kick out the f- darkies already? Brits are sleepwalking into their own racial extinction and still mumbling about being ‘very glad’ that Pakis are coming over and raping and killing their sons and daughters. Burn in hell, the lot of you. Vile, vile traitorous scum.

    • aeneid

      Some will believe all cultures are the same right up until it kills them.

  • Ipsmick

    Is it permissible to say that Liddle is a noxious, racist bastard? Is it also permissible to wonder how someone of so little talent or wisdom gets published? Anywhere.

    • GeeBee36_6

      Permissible, certainly. Innaccurate, indubitably…

    • Trofim

      Of course. And it’s even permissible to suggest that “racism” is not the most dreadful thing in the universe. Ageism, for example, causes far more suffering than racism in this country. Ditto attractivism, intelligencism, fattism, sizeism, weightism . . .
      But then dogs go “bow-wow”, cats go “miaow”, cows go “moo” and lefties go “RACIST!!!”. They’re automatic, therefore otiose, behaviours.

    • Sanctimony

      Is it permissible to say that that you are an unreconstructed thicko who thankfully has yet to be published ?

  • johnslattery

    Thanks Rod. In a political and media world now dominated by self-serving quislings, moral cowards, grovelling gobshites and outright liars, it is refreshing to see a spade called a spade.

  • Stephen52

    Ooer Rod, possily too many truths for one article, maybe you should have spread them out a bit in an ethnic truth du jour series. Imagine the outrageds of Islington at the Guardian?

  • Sanctimony

    Just one example… the Pakistan National cricket team, whose captain, Salman Butt coerced a teenage Tyro fast bowler to bowl no balls on command and on behalf of the bookmakers… they both subsequently ate some porridge… but now have the nerve to suggest they were both treated too severely….

    Corruption is endemic in Pakistan… and it’s rulers have a say in the composition and behaviour of their cricket team etc.

    Why they need to do this is beyond comprehension as they have had,,, and continue to possess some of the finest cricketers in the world.

    Even the demigod, Imran Khan, taught his Sussex colleagues the best methods of ball tampering… and his political platform in Pakistan is now founded on his anti-corruption drive…

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    “Our friends in Parliament, they all on our side
    Sometimes they talk tough, but you know it`s a lie
    Immigration is a good thing, on that they all agree
    The only ones can stop it are the wicked BNP”
    Hate it and leave it, Britisher pals.
    Jack, Japan Alps

    • George Smiley

      Perhaps, but you are still an obvious agent provocateur for the UAF.

  • JR

    It had to be said. It’s hypocritical that on the one hand we are indoctrinated to “celebrate” all cultures, yet we cannot highlight that corruption is a serious problem in these cultures. Bizarre. I would probably go a step further to say that this “background of corruption” is also reflected in other areas, as Rod also mentioned, except I’m thinking the House of Lords and the expenses scandal. But that is for another day. If we are condemned for telling the truth, there really is no end to our PC culture, and those who really wish us harm will find their goals easier to achieve.

  • Agrippina

    The sad truth is that it will get worse, they are a minority at present, but they have large families and all that inbreeding is costing us the taxpayers a fortune in NHS charges, housing, child benefits, disablity benefits (alot of children born with defects) etc. The govt drafted the legislation so badly that the ‘multiple wives’ are all recognised & supported by us. If we cannot speak the truth at present whilst their numbers are modest what will we be doing in the future.

    There have been several cases taken to the High Ct, because they want their elderly relatives kept on costly life support systems. They say their religions states that all must be done to preserve life. In Pakistan & Bangladesh they would have died, most cannot afford med services.

    We need to stop this nonsense now and that means voting for someone who puts Brits 1st. Att-Gen should have stuck to his guns.

    • Apaliteno

      Isn’t it ironic that in marrying the 2nd/3rd/4th wives and seeking state support they are breaking the tenets of their own religion (they are not supposed to marry unless they can support them)?

      • crosscop

        But they can support them – with the jizya that they take from the kuffar.

  • Agrippina

    Angola has closed the mosques and said that islam is a cult and not in line with the customs and culture of predominantly christian Angola. There are estimated to be 90,000 muslims in a country of 18million. The palestinians are protesting and have burnt Angolan flags, so rent a mob is working well.

    But at least Angola has the courage to do something, it is more than the cowards here who apologise for speaking the truth.

  • groovelid

    Rod, nice one, mate…

  • Stan Mould

    Great stuff!

  • aeneid

    Political Correctness is how we kill the the truth and ultimately our society.

  • igor56

    I have been naturalised brit for 25 years originally coming from Soviet Union. Its really sad and frightening to see how Britain in regard of free speech more and more resembles the country i left 25 years ago…

    • Trofim

      Привет! I studied in the USSR for a year in the 1970’s. The parallels are indeed striking and sinister.

    • Bring Back Free Speech

      Yes, if only Soviet dissidents were given a bigger platform in this country.As Vladimir Bukovsky said: ‘Political correctness is the gulag of the mind.’
      A gulag this country increasingly resembles, when the truth cannot even be spoken, let alone anything done about the problems one is not allowed to speak about. .

  • RavenRandom

    Our colonisation continues a pace, yet it seems we can do nothing. If you make the majority community feel powerless you will create destructive tensions.

  • sgide

    Canada has the same problems with Pakistanis. It is common knowledge that they are corrupt and can not be trusted. I avoid doing business with them if I can and I know most of my friends feel likewise. Hard to find a more unpleasant nationality/ethnicity/culture.

  • ADW

    On the other hand, Simon Hughes MP is very anxious for Muslims to be cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister. We need them to lead our politics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPZSMgYflyk

    So I suppose all the voting fraud “on an industrial scale” as the High Court (not an institution known for wild overstatement) put it was only hastening what Mr Hughes MP felt was urgently required.

  • monsieur_charlie

    Completely true, every word. However, what worries me is that in spite a few comments along the same lines, nothing ever changes. Don’t the politician realise that by pursuing this plan they will be faced with a far more serious situation in the near to middling future. The English, in particular, will awaken one day to realise what is happening and then god help everybody.

    • vieuxceps2

      “The English….will awaken one day”- Goddammit! They’re taking their time.We’ve been sh*t upon for decades now.

  • Anthony Kitchen

    If by being honest and unbiased I’m accused of being a racists, I will chose to be a racist every time.

  • Jeremy Poynton

    Same when Boris slammed Scousers. He spoke the absolute truth (as a Scouser friend of mine, agreed) – and then was forced to apologise for telling said truth.

    What a pathetic society we live in, that people are so ready to be offended, and so offended by the truth.


  • Marchmain

    Grieve just ended up looking a spineless twat – surely he must have considered the bullshit that was going to descend on him before he opened his mouth – (I have a British born colleague of Pakistani descent who agrees entirely with what he said). His ignominious retreat was cringeworthy.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Never rated Grieve. He put his QC old chummery before his politics by failing to sack Starmer on day one. Starmer turned the CPS into a political weapon of the left and Grieve presided over it. A weak man.

  • foxoles

    “Have you ever wondered, perhaps, why opinions which the majority of people quite naturally hold are, if anyone dares express them publicly, denounced as ‘controversial, ‘extremist’, ‘explosive’, ‘disgraceful’, and overwhelmed with a violence and venom quite unknown to debate on mere political issues? It is because the whole power of the aggressor depends upon preventing people from seeing what is happening and from saying what they see.”

    Speech to the Turves Green Girls School, Northfield, Birmingham (13 June 1970)

  • Nick


  • arthurenglish

    “All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal.”

  • D Whiggery

    Thankyou! I don’t about you, but I feel cleansed. How can we stop the hysteria of faux moral outrage, and why is it so much more hysterical in Britain than anywhere else. I worry for my country. It’s been so long that we haven’t been able to talk about stuff like immigration that I’m afraid that when it comes out, it’ll come pouring out and we won’t be able to control it.

    There are so many festering problems that need sorting out, but if it’s done as part of a national outpouring of 15 years worth of pent up anger, I fear things will happen that we’ll regret and that we’ll be made to feel guilty about later. when the dust settles.

  • global city

    The one big thing that certainly cannot be leveled at immigrant communities is why all this terror exists.

    The responsibility for this lies at the door of those awfully white, middle class bastions of revolutionary wank we mistakenly still call academe.

    The cultural Marxism, the Political Correctness, multicultural dogma and group identity politics is all of our own making. created by us, with the intent of crushing our own civilisation.

    it’s working wonderfully, isn’t it?

  • S1999

    Pakistanis have enriched no culture. Based as their lives are on Islam, which forbids any activity other than the maintenance and forced dissemination of its own twisted ideology, they have never been in a position to offer anything. Never will be. They’ve been brought here because our capitalist masters don’t need to pad out the population with people who think critically, but instead with the terminally dim.

  • Richard_LTFC

    Thank you for a superb article.
    A minor point: Transparency International, which often gives harsh rankings to corrupt Asian and African nations but over-generous rankings to countries in the corrupt EU, is partly financed by the EU, so its rankings are not to be taken seriously.

    Transparency may even be generous placing Pakistan at 139. I’m not from Pakistan; I’m from Luton, and it would be interesting to see the results if someone asked Luton’s Pakistanis whether they were from a culture where corruption is rife. It would be one of those rare occasions when a result of over 98% saying, ‘yes.’ would not look suspicious

  • The Elderking

    We are constantly told just how much black and “asian” immigration has enriched our lives.

    Unfortunately no-one has yet told me how.

    I would like to see what marvellous benefits I get contrasted against voting fraud, no-go areas, terrorism, restrictions on travel, security checks, surveillance, drug dealing, muggings, knife and gun crime, imported diseases like TB, massive increases in welfare and NHS spending, housing shortages, white flight, enforced multiculturalism, restrictions on freedom of speech, quotas, youth and over 50’s unemployment, halal meat hidden in our diet….etc etc?

    • Nick

      Excellent comments.

  • Fatboy295

    Add Boris Johnson and his comments about IQ to your list of truths that can’t be spoken

  • Nick

    In 1974 our quite nice London suburb street was eventually taken over by Pakistanis and Indians.So my parents packed us up and moved to Cornwall.
    We didn’t feel enriched……..We felt invaded.

  • GentlemanPugilist

    ‘Mr Karim is either an idiot or deluded…’

    No he’s NOT. He’s a British Pakistani who’s merely trying to censor and deter criticism of his community.

  • Patricia

    Splendid article Rod. Yes, indeed, the truths that dare not speak their name.
    What I find particularly despicable are the crimes by a certain “community” against young girls simply because they have white skins and no family support – rendering them valueless.

  • foxoles

    Cheer up, Rod. Australia is leading the way:

    Abbott’s government to dump laws on ‘hate speech’


    • GentlemanPugilist

      That is good news:

      “The classic liberal democratic rights that in my view are the fundamental human rights have been almost pushed to the edge of the debate,” he told the Australian.

      “It is a very important part of my agenda to recentre that debate so that when people talk about rights, they talk about the great liberal democratic rights of freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of worship and freedom of the press …

      “You cannot have a situation in a liberal democracy in which the expression of an opinion is rendered unlawful because somebody else finds it offensive or insulting.”

      We need a constitution to safeguard, or rather establish and gurantee, our own rights.

      • foxoles

        *loud applause*

    • anotherjoeblogs

      Excellent ! Well done Abbott ! great news for a change.

  • bugalugs2

    Perhaps another problem imported from Pakistan is Pakistani politician’s willingness to tell bare-faced lies without the slightest sense of shame, or even recognition that they are doing anything wrong?

  • Dutchnick

    Having lived and worked in Pakistan I confirm that every aspect of every activity is so corrupt, you cannot conceive how hopeless it is. I have worked and lived in many countries and Pakistan is without doubt twe worst experience. Even being offered $1,200 dollars for my passport at immigration control!

  • David Ritchie

    Yep the Spectator makes it own point about its contributors and readers being a bunch of tory racists and lets demonise the working class while we are about it. This article is tosh but it speaks to the heart of your own prejudices, however, the idea that you don’t get to air them is just silly. Don’t you people get the Daily mail?

    • Adrian Wainer

      ” Yep the Spectator makes it own point about its contributors and readers being a bunch of tory racists and lets demonise the working class while we are about it. This article is tosh but it speaks to the heart of your own prejudices, however, the idea that you don’t get to air them is just silly. Don’t you people get the Daily mail? “,.
      David Ritchie

      Why is it racist to be against Islamists? Are you making an argument that non-Muslims are basically equivalent to cockroaches and therefor it is a legitimate public health concern of Islamists to wish to exterminate non-Muslims and hence racist to criticize people for wishing to support legitimate public hygiene activities ? Also do you think it is a demonization of the working class not to support castrating black men and forcing them in to slavery ?


    • Trofim

      Yes, the Daily Mail is read by millions of working people, thus hated by the left for whom disdain for the hoi polloi is an innate character trait. By the way, us working class folks sure as hell don’t say “yep” – that’s a lefty commenter’s term. If you spend any time with working people you’ll know that antipathy to Islam is universal.

    • SwitchedOnSavage

      “This article is tosh” you may as well just walk on to the road and announce ” I am a mentally deranged cretin who should not be wandering unsupervised. Please euthanase me.

  • Kirk Dickenson

    Minority rules in this twisted ‘multicultural’ country of ours. Dare say anything that, although true, may offend a minority, and the groveling starts. First a community leader takes umbrage at a ‘truism’ or a stated fact, then some lefty or socialist jumps on the bandwagon and by that time the politician or whoever said it is in full retreat kowtowing backwards, ‘brim full’ of appolgies & convincing himself/herself that they are indeed racists.

    Great article about the truth that dare not say it’s name: dare to speak truths about minorities and suffer the consequences………….grovel & kowtow at leisure…..or at the double more like!

  • Distance Left

    Another quality article in The Spectator; nicely written Mr Liddle.

    It did actually give me pause for thought to have a little pity for any politician who might want to speak about these issues and engage the public/their constituents who probably contact said MP’s about these and many other ‘non-pc issues’.

  • glennfm

    Of course in today’s climate one cannot tell the truth.
    Unfortunately, that probably includes Mr. Liddle, who would not doubt bristle at the notion that the city of London is the greatest hive of corruption on Earth.
    Well, maybe second to Wall Street.

  • Batilshikan

    This is a Zionist rag with a habit of spewing venom and hatred against Muslims. This is the Jewish version of Der Sturmer

    • Adrian Wainer

      ” This is a Zionist rag with a habit of spewing venom and hatred against Muslims. This is the Jewish version of Der Sturmer “,.

      Thank you Mr Ed Miliband for taking off from your busy schedule as leader of the Labour Party to contribute to the debate on The Spectator.

    • Nick

      In other words,it’s a magazine which is basically telling the truth.

    • Trofim

      I can’t work it out exactly, but I can see that your nom-de-plume is an anagram of a phrase containing a common Anglo-Saxon term for “excrement”. Now I’ve got it – it’s an anagram of “I BALKAN SH#T”, (Balkan sh#t being a way evacuating the bowels a la balkan – squatting.

    • SwitchedOnSavage

      It tells the truth about muslims. Makes you liberal cowards squirm doesn’t it.

  • What’s Left?

    Most politicians only tell the truth when they make a “gaffe”. Other such truthers usually have to apologise if they want to keep their jobs.

  • Adrian Wainer

    A fundamental problem that the US, the British Isles and Western Europe suffer is the ability of political leaders, parliaments, the media, academia, big business, etc of tricking the general public in to accepting things as facts which are false. The most critical and pressing matter in that respect with regard to the British Isles and Western Europe is the claim that Islam does not have serious problems which present a threat to Western societies and what the West is doing means Islam will not be host to problems which could present a threat to Western societies. Whilst the reality is that Islam does have serious problems which present a threat to Western societies and what the West is doing means Islam is encouraged to be a source of problems which present a threat to Western societies

    • SwitchedOnSavage

      What did you say????

  • Chris Foltz

    You Redcoats are so lame … Mike Savage would set things straight if he were let into your country…oh… forgot it’s not your country any more the savages from your old colonies own it… lol 😛

  • heretickle

    I am writing from the United States. We have very few Pakistanis here. But we do have corruption and voter fraud. Our political campaigns and elections are completely rigged and manipulated (just like our stock and commodities markets).
    2008 – Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton (democratic primary), stolen; 2004-George W. Bush vs John Kerry, stolen; 2000 George W. Bush vs Al Gore, stolen. 1992- George H. Bush vs Bill Clinton vs George H. Bush s Ross Perot, stolen; 1992 Bill Clinton vs All Democratic Challengers, stolen (democratic primary); 1988 George H Bush vs Patrick Buchannan, stolen (republican primary); it goes on and on. Also it is not limited to presidential politics and extends to the most insignificant position. Want a recent example, please look at all the state which held referendums for the labeling of GMO food. Each outcome documented to be clearly manipulated. I am sure you are correct about Pakistanis in the UK, thank you for your courage. Now show real guts and write about the criminals responsible for the LIBOR rigging and the absolute lack of prosecutions; the reality that all of the major banks are insolvent; yet continue to be bailed out; the late Jimmy Savile and other pedophiles running amok in government; the child sex slaves routinely brought to the UK; the synthetic drug market ecstacy and other candies brought from Amsterdam and Tel Aviv; and government spying on every man, woman and child. I got carried away. Maybe you are correct, the other stuff if minor, the real threat is the Pakistani kebab salesman trying to steal a seat on the local council while send government procured freebies to his mates.

    • Owen Spedding

      It is ridiculous to say “Why are you reporting on this issue when these other issues exist?”. The Spectator publishes a large number of articles on a wide range of subjects – this particular one is about 2 politicians lying about there being no basis in fact to imply there was a voter fraud issue in the Pakistani community when our own independent electoral commission had highlighted that there were – all due to race politics. At no point in the article is it mentioned that all other issues should be ignored.

      I bet that if you searched the archive you would find articles on all those other issues you described except that Jimmy Saville was a boring old DJ and never in government and the UK is quite capable of producing our own Ecstasy and have no need to import it from anywhere.

  • wally

    Dirty paki-fukies off you go back to your filthystan.

  • Andrew Saint

    Here’s why our lazy politicians pander to Pakistani and similar communities. In all but the most liberal households (not a lot), father tells wife Shabila and his voting-age children how to vote. So lazy Westminster MP has to suck up to just one person to deliver…..what?……six, seven, eight votes? It’s the same reason, writ large, why they grovel to Muslim “community leaders”……..as these blokes (and it’s always blokes, isn’t it?) have the power to deliver votes in shovels.

  • foxoles

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”

    Benjamin Franklin: Silence Dogood, The Busy-Body, and Early Writings

  • chris_xxxx

    When Parliament contains a majority of convictionless politicians, whose sole role is to keep their job, then this is article should come as no surprise.

    It is no coincidence that UKIP is on the rise (19% polling) and next year the three main parties are going to get a big surprise in the EU elections, and not in a good way.

    • S1999

      But UKIP have already expressed their support for the niqab. The main goal is to get out of Europe.

  • Danimel

    I read once that political correctness is the belief that one can pick up a turd from the clean end. When lies are preferred over truth society has real problems. As long as the majority of regular people support liberal progressive ideologies the result will worsen. Sadly most liberals just want a tree to hug and do not understand the reality of what the leaders of these ideas have in mind for the future. Everyday people understand that the truth hurts and most do not want anything to do with it as a result. This leaves the door wide-open for what goes on today. The real question that needs to be answered is who benefits from the chaos generated in support of lies over truth. The truth shall set you free.

  • WorthSayingAgain

    I have a family connection with Pakistan. My grand father lived there and it is a place I have visited a number of times. It is a shithole.

  • Venharis

    It’s all a “soft kill” policy by the Globalists and Race Baiting is
    but one of their running scams. Their aim is to destroy the middle class
    in the Western World and then take us down the road to a Fascist
    Euthanasia program. They have started with the fluoride in the water and
    poison vaccines and GMO’s that sterilize rats after the third
    generation in laboratory tests confirmed over and over again. If you
    want to take a peek down the rabbit hole tune in to Alex Jones at
    infowars(dot)com…. Their ultimate goal is 99% World De-Population and
    man-machine integration and immortality see – 2045(dot)com. And YOU are
    not in their plans…

    • S1999

      Who is?

  • JackyTreehorn

    Excellent article but.
    Would you have had the courage to write it at the beginning of your career?
    The left have been allowed to use race to intimidate people into the narrative for too long.

  • Razor

    I’m in total agreement with this however this is dangerous when you consider you could provide a platform for ignorant and well informed racists to piggy back on this use this very forum as a p[platform to launch their vile race hate rubbish. I hate racists but i hate doing nothing about racists even more, not talking about an issue and skirting the real issue of corruption within Pakistani communities and violent crime from African communities is to allow these communities to fester. There is obviously nothing wrong with white British areas, ofcourse not.

    • SwitchedOnSavage

      Racists are realists who are awake to the nature of blacks and arabs for example and are prepared to confront it, not grovel at their feet like sniveling cowardly liberals of which you belong.

      • Razor

        No I disagree, there is absolutely nothing about me that is snivels or grovels, and I am a fervent critic of misguided multiculturalism and the Muslim takeover of the western world. You obviously misinterpreted what I was saying. Multiculturalism is very important but it must be done in the right way and for the right reasons. The Arab/ Muslim influence on the world is not wholly a good thing as the Arab mindset of arrogance and condescension towards others and women is abhorrent to natural human man, but as man we always have something to learn from someone else. As for you who thinks it is OK to blindly vent at a stranger on the internet, take stock of your sad little life and spread your racism and misguided hate elsewhere, you are pathetic and don’t belong in civilized society. FYI I am a conservative not a lefty hippy.

        • SwitchedOnSavage

          “a platform for ignorant and well informed racists”
          The well informed is what racial reality is about not ignorance as you well know. Racists are informed and have researched and experienced firsthand the spectacular shortcomings of certain other races.
          For example we know that blacks have a significant propensity for violence, murder and rape as opposed to whites.
          We also know muslims observe an extreme ignorance and wish to establish a caliphate in Europe.
          I readily admit my racism and hatred towards these groups and will not apologize as I simply want to maintain a “civilized society” and not import the third world and become third world as their feeble failed countries.
          I suggest you read “Camp Of The Saints ” to see what can and is unfolding in the western world thanks to traitorous liberals that will be held to account for their crime of white genocide.

          • Razor

            Close but you fail to understand one simple thing thwe war is not on the colour of the skin, it is between the poor and ignorant of all colours. A man does not hate another man because of his skin colour, but rather what he represents. Until the socio-economic problems of this modern western society is ebbed THIS is the War that is coming.

            This is not new news, this war has been waged since Roman times. Those you cannot appreciate self realisation of enlightenment due to basic physical, mental and emotional needs not being met he will blame everyone else for his mis-comings. Like the blacks in South Africa. Like British people do with regards to foreigners. Like the poor and socially excluded do with regards to the educated and wealthy. My point is it is not a racial issue. It is a war of cultures, war of combating beliefs and knowledge. What is truth to one man is rubbish to another. This is the folly of this “modern World”. We have misplaced values and understandings then take issue with the wrong source hence it cannot be solved.

            As you seem well written at least I propose to you that you are wrong but only slightly, I am not suggesting class-ism or nationalism more culturalism. be as prejudice as you like, heck I am, but I am prepared to have my prejudice knocked out of the water. It is the survival technique of any animal to make judgement about another animal or creature, assessment is key, but be prepared to be wrong. I have met horrible distasteful people across all barriers of colour, race, creed and nationality. yes Pakistanis are more inclined to marry their second cousins, Negroids have a tendency towards violent crime no matter where they live, but go to some parts of Europe and you will see the some of the poorest examples Caucasian cultures. With a history of incredible human atrocities even towards their own people. Stahlin for Caucasians, every black politician for Negroids and for Asians I can say Mao.

            So, no race isn’t the problem, it is culture and personal ethic that would cause me to openly confront someone, maybe even batter someone unrecognisable if the need arose.

          • SwitchedOnSavage

            You make some very valid points and I thank you for taking the time to do so.

            Let me clarify my position, I think rather than overt racism and hatred as I professed to earlier….. my frustration lies with us.
            By that I mean the system, the political leadership which I would describe as spineless and cowardly in the extreme, I include almost all Western countries in that description.

            I have a deep loathing for political correctness and outright liberalism which I see as deliberate weakening and dumbing down of society. [check out the Frankfurt School points if you are unaware of them]. I also see blatant hypocracy and stupidly on a massive scale from these cretins. Let me cite some examples:
            1/ Death of Nelson Mandela- the uniformed sycophantic fawning over a murderous racist terrorist. The media went into a predictable frenzy of groveling.
            2/the election and re-election of Obama purely because he is black he got 99.5% of the black vote. How appalling is that? They didn’t care or know anything about policies only that he is black.
            3/ The deluded fools Obama, Cameron and Hague all wanted to supply arms to the Syrian rebels when it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that they were and are islamists.
            And these are supposed to be the leaders of the free world…..they are morons.
            4/ The epidemic of rape in Sweden ALL committed by muslims. The media and police too cowardly to even acknowledge let alone eradicate. And what about the police performance during the recent Husby riots? Bloody pathetic.

            Maybe I spend too much time on news sites from around the world, and maybe that is why I feel so strongly against liberals, immigrants and Governments that I regard as traitors.

            The majority of people [whites] walk around clueless wondering who is going to win dancing with the stars.
            I might have strong views which are objectionable to some, but at least I am switched on.

          • Razor

            It is my pleasure, I may not agree with everything you say but I will appreciate its verve and foundation. Thank you for clarifying your point.

            It is indeed the problem of our modern western culture, too many people asleep in front of stupid television. The uninformed sheep are going to drown us all. We will beset on all fronts of poor quality immigrants from the eastern European expansion, African refugees bringing in crime and homegrown Muslims wanting sharia law in Britain whilst refusing to adhere to social norms and those proud British people who actually don’t know how to assert themselves politically.

            To welcome immigrants who wish to embrace the British culture and to enhance the beautiful melting pot it could be and add to the economy and not to exploit our laws, culture and economic strength is obviously desirable. So how does one distinguish between the two?

          • Razor

            It is my pleasure, I may not agree with everything you say but I will appreciate its verve and foundation. Thank you for clarifying your point.

            It is indeed the problem of our modern western culture, too many people asleep in front of stupid television. The uninformed sheep are going to drown us all. We will beset on all fronts of poor quality immigrants from the eastern European expansion, African refugees bringing in crime and homegrown Muslims wanting sharia law in Britain whilst refusing to adhere to social norms and those proud British people who actually don’t know how to assert themselves politically.

            To welcome immigrants who wish to embrace the British culture and to enhance the beautiful melting pot it could be and add to the economy and not to exploit our laws, culture and economic strength is obviously desirable. So how does one distinguish between the two?

  • bwims

    Rod, you do know that the only answer to this is a non-Marxist-led UKIP govt. don’t you?

    By the way, I imagine the party that most benefits from vote fraud makes the least noise about it?

  • Picquet

    I do wish you’d got Rusbridger to print this.

  • michael

    the problem is that an enfeebled legal process cant handle closed shop communal criminality (organised crime) and in the Pakistani community, crime bosses are politicians.(community leaders often business or religious leaders)…theres no such thing as a criminal politician outside the Pakistani community …is there ?

  • Jamie Alexander

    The one thing that isn’t mentioned here is the media’s role to play in all this – if public figures are spineless nowadays, it is the vulturous nature of the national press that makes them so.

  • RHG

    Hard to believe this is country that fought off German nazi’s only to hand their country over to the PC nazi’s, many of them inbred Paki’s

  • Kudos to Mr. Liddle. I wish politicians had half the courage he has.

  • James Mayer

    Modern-day Europeans have been assaulted for several decades now by the cult of political correctness, have shamefully backed down repeatedly in the face of whining hysteria from third-world invaders and weak liberals with low testosterone, and now find themselves teetering on the brink of cultural annihilation with almost nowhere left to run. For what reason are we to accept the censorship of obvious truths? Such cowardice and maladaptation to the challenges inherent in our earthly existence would shame our ancestors, and threaten to cement our fate into what is so clearly looming on the near horizon. Paris has fallen; we are witnessing the transformation of a European city into an African city, and would you believe that violent crime and urban degeneration have soared in direct correlation? This is a defining moment for our civilisation, and some of our kinsmen actually seem willing to lie down and surrender rather than displaying the courage to engage in mere debate.

    Not this white man. I salute the integrity of this publication, and will stand firm with its author in the ideological battle which is now raging. Rise up, Britain. We ride out now to reclaim our mental freedoms. And our homeland.

  • Peter King

    It was Dominic Grieve who ordered the transport police to arrest the so called tram rant women and the CPS and Croydon magistrates to refuse her bail. google up Emma West Gerald Ellis. This was over the youtube video and what it said about the demographic transformation of England on 3 /12 two black males where charged over kicking a white women on a bus unconcious they of course got bail

  • Peter King
  • One way of protecting yourself against the need to apologize later is to use reputable statistics. I know nothing about voter corruption amongst people of Pakistani descent, but if the statistics say that it is particularly bad in that community, then Dominic Grieve should have quoted those statistics (and his source for them, and made absolutely sure that the statistics were not misleading). Then instead of using emotive language about one community being particularly problematic, he could have left the numbers to speak for themselves.

  • I look forward to the day when people apologize for having made hasty, spineless apologies. But that will happen only when people wake up to the fact that Political Correctness is merely a postmodern power game disguised as morality. It has already created a generation of cowards.

  • NickG

    Orwellian inversion and crimethink writ large. Political correctness and and the Culturally Marxist ‘media academia complex’ that police what is acceptable public discourse. Certain realities and truths must not be articulated, indeed they mustn’t be thought!

    Of course this mismatch between reality and politically acceptable discourse inevitably leads to bad policy and likely in the medium term to long term, cultural suicide.

    This article is, alas, a rearguard action, a noble effort to resist this onslaught, but I fear things may now be too far gone in Blighty. The Cultural Marxists now control the discourse and brainwash our kids through the school and university system and through much of the arts and media – including the state owned BBC.

  • John Smith

    We all know better & need to vote for a party that supports OUR views, not a LibLabCon centrist viewpoint

  • SwitchedOnSavage

    Dishonesty is the least of the evils that muslims enrich us with. How about child sex grooming, gang rapes [epidemic in gutless Sweden} murders, violent racial attacks against whites, all while plotting to destroy the despised infidel while leaching as much welfare benefits as the dishonest bastards with their multiple wives and hordes of offspring can possibly steal.
    Apart from all that, their not bad blokes.

  • Northern Lights UK

    Oh well.. J. Hemming on a public website published a court order with all children names in it.. Then, of course, he said he wanted to sue for libel the website and half of the posters on the website to forbid them… to spread the truth and the evidence he broke the law. In other times a politician doing that would have been arrested… now they go on tv and sue for libel people outing them. Congrats to the new modern British society.

  • Imi

    and i agree with the majority of this article. There are many good examples of Pakistani’s and certain crimes are very low among Pakistani.
    but some of the following do happen on a consistent basis. All races have their
    issues and so do the Pakistani’s and some of the following will apply to other races too, but seen as we are talking about the Pakistani community, i’ll focus on that.. So, why pretend they don’t?? It only makes it
    easier for greedy people in the community to prey on the vulnerable and good Pakistani’s
    and of course any other race. I see the constant fraud every day that my
    British Pakistani’s and those freshly just arrived commit. Immigration law
    centres, claims for every accident imaginable, car ringing, vote fraud, exam fraud, encouraging accidents in cars by
    organised groups, credit card fraud, mobile phone fraud, the lack of money to help toward the environment or any
    charity unless it is an Islamic aid charity, the lack of care for the areas
    they live in. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure you believe your own eye. There
    is no deprivation, most of the Pakistani’s are fairly wealthy, yet they will
    spend 10000’s on a Mercedes but refuse to pick up dirt and litter in front of their
    own yard, the aggressiveness of the Pakistani youth, the boom cars, lack of respect for the community, the obnoxious arrogance of the spoilt males because of the ‘worship’ of there sons by Pakistani mums,the drug
    dealing culture, the lack of respect for women Pakistani or white etc, .the
    undercover bisexual culture of some the males. My gay mates have told me how
    they treat white gay men as objects and a lesser person once they have used
    them. This happens with white girls too. The community needs a major overhaul and education . I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe it should come partly from the Mosques or educated open minded people from with in the community. who knows!But please remember, there are many people in the community who are not like this, including myself. I just wish there was some major change.

  • Wayne Khan

    Alot of the Pakistani’s have turned areas of UK cities and towns into what resemble areas similar to cities& towns in Pakistan and all the issues that go along with them. The decent asian’s trapped in these areas also suffer when stupid liberals ignore the problems. The only people that benefit are the corrupt people in these communities as the authorities protect them by not tackling the issues.This goes for any community with issues , not just Pakistani’s.

  • Fred Nurk

    “There’s lies, damned lies and there’s Pakistan.”

  • mark taha

    I wish somebody would just say-I’m not taking it back!