Rod Liddle

Why didn't Bridget Harris just slap Lord Rennard?

If you've ever thought of voting Lib Dem, this lot should change your mind

25 January 2014

9:00 AM

25 January 2014

9:00 AM

When I was promoted to being editor of a programme at the BBC, back in the late 1990s, my line manager came and talked to me in a deeply mysterious manner for a number of troubling minutes. He was wary and elliptical and I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about. There were things you could do as a deputy editor, he told me, that you couldn’t do as an editor. But he didn’t tell me what those things were, those things which I now couldn’t do. I just sat and nodded wisely. Only later did I realise that this was his ‘Don’t shag the staff’ speech. That was the thing you couldn’t do — the staff. I hadn’t been aware that as a deputy editor I could do the staff. I wish I had known. Quite horrible to think that this opportunity was now denied to me.

I was reminded of this by the continuing Lord Rennard saga, which has been running now for a little over ten years and rather wonderfully shows no signs of abating. If you had ever thought for even a nanosecond that you might be tempted to vote Lib Dem, this whole hilarious business should put an end to that. I genuinely believe that some of the actors in this drama are psychologically damaged individuals, wrapped up in their pointless furies, unable to see the forest for the trees, determined to exact revenge — and destroy an individual — for the slightest of slights, consumed as they are by an absurd ideology. And in response, the party behaves without a shred of moral fibre or principle. Never ever vote for these people. They’ll take it as a come-on.

When I say psychologically damaged I do not mean Lord Rennard himself, although he has presented evidence of great depression and illness as a consequence of his ludicrous and malevolent hounding. Nor do I mean that the others have been damaged as a consequence of Lord Rennard; having his lordship’s meaty paw on your leg would not, I submit, occasion such trauma if you were a normal human being to begin with.

Rennard has been investigated by the police, at an enormous cost to the taxpayer, who found after seven months of digging around nothing whatsoever to charge the bloke with. He has also been investigated — at enormous cost to the Lib Dems, ha ha — by a QC who also found insufficient evidence that Rennard had been possessed of ‘indecent’ intent in his undoubtedly cumbersome behaviour towards a few women. And yet none of this is sufficient to shut up his accusers, because as victims, as they see themselves, they cannot possibly be wrong. That is the ideology. It is enough that they have complained: they must be believed, they must be right. That is the ideology. And the party, desperate to prove that it is as one with this warped ideology, suspends Rennard because he will not apologise for something which he believes he hasn’t done and which two investigations suggest he has little to apologise for.

This is what one of the women, Bridget Harris, alleges happened. Remember — alleges. It was ten years ago, after all. In a hotel, after some ghastly and I daresay pointless Lib Dem meeting, the two of them — Harris and Rennard — were left talking at a table. According to Harris, fatso Rennard put his hand on her knee, so she moved away. Later he asked if the two of them should finish their coffees in his room. And that, readers, is it. As a come-on, I have to say, ‘Shall we finish our coffees in my room?’ seems to me on the sedate side, compared to: ‘Howja like your eggs in the morning, leftie chick — fertilised?’

But that’s it. That’s the gravest allegation against the bloke. Ms Harris says that Rennard sort of implied that he could be helpful to her career and that she was kind of paralysed with trauma as a consequence of her terribly young age.

Yes, reader. She was only, er, 28 years old at the time.

I think, placed in that situation, she had three options. One would be to say: ‘No, ta, I’ll be going to my own room because I prerecorded Channel 4 News and I want to watch it.’ Another would be: ‘In your dreams, you fat idiot.’ And a third would be to have sexual intercourse with his lordship, if that’s what he intended, and see if anything advantageous came of it. I’m a bit old-fashioned, so I wouldn’t go for option three. Option three would be more attractive if Lord Rennard more closely resembled Orlando Bloom, I would suggest. And indeed, I wonder if any of this would have transpired had that been the case?

What you wouldn’t do, if you were normal, is pursue this issue for ten years and tear your party apart in the process, refusing to accept every verdict handed down by those from who you have demanded investigations, determined to have this supposed transgression repaid. That is a kind of madness, no? Ms Harris says she has not ruled out taking legal action against Lord Rennard. For what exactly, love? For trying to pull you in a bar? I mean, sure — it’s certainly not something I’d do, as an editor or deputy editor. I’d stay well away. But is that really where we are with this whole business, the men and women thing?

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  • Eddie

    OK, so what you are saying is, why didn’t she assault him by using violence? (why not just use, like, WORDS to say NO? And just GROW UP and behave like a grown-up woman and not a wickle wee girl who craves victimhood).

    If a man did slapped a woman, he’d get nicked and probably sacked.
    Ditto with groping – yet drunken gaggles of leery girls do that to young men every weekend in our town centres.

    I am getting rather sick of 1) the utter hypocrisy here – different standards seem to apply depending on the gender of the complainant and ‘victim’; 2) the infantilising of women – by themselves – to play the victim, and get sympathy and compo; 3) the gender bias of the police and authorities, and our political parties constantly pandering to the women’s vote (the only one who doesn’t and who is honest is Farage).

    Predictable, I suppose – we’ve just caught another American pc disease. Millions and millions of tax payers dosh and police time are wasted on this piffle.

    • bwims

      That’s the trouble. We’ve taken common sense away. Women are, by and large, weaker than men. If words don’t work, then I see a slap around the face as an acceptable response. The refusal to go away is a mitigating circumstance, a justifiable misdemeanour, and worked for generations before this one, when “equality” reared its ugly head. In such a case a physical response by someone of greater weight and strength would be unjustifiable assault, and M’lord would be hauled off. Either way, it would be the end of it, and nicely cathartic for the woman. Right now, everyone is p#ssed off.

      • Eddie

        I tend to agree, despite the fact that a slap is an assault, and the constant double standards that men have to face from the feminasties. Men are 10% stronger than women, on average. Not a lot really. And violence against men is 50% of domestic violence (most unreported). Some women are big girls, y’know!
        These days, everything has to be officially reported, leading to a massive waste of police time, people getting records, and money being squandered (and lawyers getting fat and rich).
        And for what? Are we happier now? Apparently, British women are the unhappiest in Europe. Maybe they should go to Spain or Italy, where being hit upon is all part of office life for females?

        • Cornelius Bonkers

          Yo Ed, I’m not so sure about the claim that on average men are 10% stronger than women. Did you see that Tugboat Annie lookalike WHITE DEE on “Benefits Street”? The problem with feminism is that it had tried to reverse 200,000 years of male domination in 50 years – understandable but not really sensible or reasonable. I don’t know why m’lud doesn’t visit the various websites which exist for unfortunately unattractive men…I’m sure Svetlana from Minsk would be more than accommodating.

  • Badly Done Emma

    Well said Rod! There is a fourth option however which is the one I, rather lamely, chose when a similar thing happened to me last year at a friends’ house for lunch. A politico, famous for his groping, wouldn’t leave me alone and, not wanting to ruin lunch, I spent as little time in my seat as possible – and filled wine glasses, served, washed up etc while also plying him so much wine he passed out. He’s a fat, greedy pig and tremendously ugly too. Then I started bitching about him in an angry and humorous way to everyone. One of the things I said to my husband, who was there and saw nothing, was that I wouldn’t have been annoyed at all if the politico had been a Bond lookalike and would’ve batted him off cheerfully (after a while) but because he (politico not my husband) was so skin crawlingly repulsive I felt sorry for him.

  • gerontius

    OK fair enough , but what kind of jerk shags the staff in the first place?
    And placing your hand on a women’s knee and offering career advancement is so low rent it makes my toes curl.
    Well it’s easy for me I guess, I’m so gorgeous women actually wanted to have sex with me.

  • bwims

    The headline says it all. When I was a youngster, back in the 1970s, if Billy Bunter had come on to a pretty girl, she would have slapped his face and that would have been the end of it. Our modern Marxist indoctrination in school teaches girls to be so outraged by this (unless the person is a hunk) that they are reduced to trauma.

    What a sick society the UK has become. No wonder people are buying wives from Venezuela and the Philippines. We need to get rid of LIBLABCON, get out of the EU and ECHR, repeal all the equality crap and restore freedom of speech. Introduce some common sense into everyday life.


    • Peter Stroud

      Oh dear! You have just lost thousands of female votes for your Party.

  • VitaBrevis1

    5 comments ? Oh come on….

  • Richard Calhoun

    Maybe you haven’t realised Rod, or maybe you have just ignored the real issue?
    If you have the boss trying to paw you and you hand him off what does that do to your career.
    The fault lies fairly & squarely with Cleggy & his pious mates, they should have done something about it instead of hoping it would go away.
    As for the ‘Victims’ ? Well I tend to agree with your cynicism

    • tjamesjones

      well, what did it do to her career? Does she claim that Rennard has ruined it? I haven’t seen that. For what her career is worth she seems to be careering along (amusingly for the rest of us, this seems to involve destroying the libdems).

  • John St John Ellis

    Whilst I agree that slapping is of course an overwhelmingly acceptable response, it cannot be expected of everyone. Every person that is on the recieving end of these advances will undoubtedly reacte in different ways, especially when put under the ad-hoc pressure I am sure these occasions can produce in certain cases. Whilst some people will reacte with a slap, and think no more about it, others may genuinely be traumatised, and this should not be diminuated or discounted as a result of ‘modern marxist indoctrination’.
    Whilst I agree that there can be a tendency to overreacte, and I am equally cynical on some occasions, I find it a troubling prospect to ignore those who may genuinely be affected by such incidents. The difficulty, of course, lies in differentiation between the genuine and those exploiting the trauma of others for political or personal gain.

    • Daniel Crowley


      such delicate people shouldn’t go outside.

      • Eddie

        Nail. On head, Hit!

    • Jsoosty1

      Here’s an example. I worked for a banking centre years ago. I walked over to where 3 directors were talking and joined in the conversation. One of them reached over to button up my cardigan for me, as it had come undone across the chest. I was wearing a blouse underneath but his hand grazed my chest – could have been intentional, may not have been. What it was, was an intimate, over-familiar, inappropriate thing to do. The 3 directors looked at my chest, not my face. The power had shifted. I never went over and talked to them professionally again and was therefore professionally disadvanted. But *all* he’d done was button up my cardie! That’s why there’s rules and that’s why it’s serious.

      • David Kay

        thats nothing, you want to be a bloke working in an office full of women. Perverts the lot of them

      • Eddie

        Well, here’s some more examples.
        1) A man becomes a part-time teacher at a college. He does not have children so is expected for work evening classes when women with children get the morning classes. He has to sit and listen to the largely female staff discussing which young men they fancy every day, not to mention endless debate about intimate physical health details of birth etc every single lunchtime – mixed with their usual femi-bleating about how supposedly advantaged he is as a man and how disadvantaged all women are (no matter how rich and well-connected). He wants to get a full-time job and go for management roles – but he has no chance because all full-time roles are given to women by women managers who like it that way, and also the college has a ‘positive action. scheme which discriminates against men and only offers management training and shadowing to women staff.

        2)And another example: 17 year old boy working in a factory has to put up with endless leering and comments from the dirty old middle aged hags who work there. VERY common experience.

        3)And another: barman is groped every single Friday and Saturday night by drunk leery girls – when he complains he is told it’s part of the job and to stop being such a wimp; in fact he should appreciate being groped by drunken slugs because all me like that, don’t they?

        What happens to women also happens to men, in different ways. But men just deal with it. Women – showing behaviour learnt from psychobabble magazines and Oprah – immediately self-identify as victims, and thereby infantalise themselves instead of behaving like grown-ups and realising that, in the real world, one has to be adult about such things.

      • Baron

        How about saying to the one who did the buttoning up ‘thanks, I’m more than capable of doing it myself…’ in a voice that would send a signal where you stood.

  • Jsoosty1

    Why didn’t he ‘not’ put his hand on her knee and ‘not’ intimate that he would like to have sex with her, in his advantageous position in terms of reputation, career, powers, influence and size? Maybe he could pause for thought that his lechy, outdated, insulting, patriarchal behaviour brought his precious party into disrepute, not her objection to it.

    • rodliddle

      No, sure, understood. My point is simply that it’s an over-reaction.

      • Jsoosty1

        Ever heard of Broken Window theory Rod? No one ‘over-reacted’ to DLT groping in the 70s and look where that bloody got us. If men are allowed to carry on thinking this is ok, next it’s a hand up the skirt, a shouted obsentity, rumours that she’s frigid, a career ruined. And harassment is to an extent in the eye of the beholder. She felt harassed. She felt it put her in a position of weakness – therefore, it did. His actions.

        • Eddie

          You seem to consider DLT guilty already. As far as I see it, he is innocent and behaved just as I would expect any rock star or DJ to behave. Adult women and men should be expected to behave like adults – they are not children, and hence not vulnerable. A touch on a knee or a pat on the bum is not in my opinion a cause for police action; after all, plenty of dirty groping girls do the same thing, but they never get arrested eh?

          One suspects femitwerps like you support this witch hunt because it’s men who are getting demonised and hurt. Hell hath no fury eh?

          This shows just how wrong and fascistic your argument is:

          ‘And harassment is to an extent in the eye of the beholder. She felt harassed. She felt it put her in a position of weakness – therefore, it did.

          That is NOT evidence-based law. That is some sort of emo-law where feelings trump everything else, and what you perceive must be true because you have perceived it (although I suspect only women are allowed to ruin lives with such perceptions in your ideal world).

          So perception trumps evidence in your feelings-based brave new world, does it?
          That is sort of the problem here really, isn’t it. Maybe you should grow up.

          • Jsoosty1

            If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with men feeling up women in the work place as and when the mood takes them then I’m not a ‘femitwerp’, you’re a man who lets the urges of his penis dictate his professional conduct. I know who I consider to be the most evolved.

          • Eddie

            Ever heard the word ‘groupie’, love?

            You’re a young woman and fit. You know you can use your looks to get close to pop stars and famous DJs. You use it. Yu choose it. Yu cannot then moan and whinge and claim abuse.

            You are the one who is by far the least ‘evolved’ (oh how original, accusing men of being cavemen, you utter misandrist!) – also badly educated and utterly ignorant of moral philosophy or the law.

            You think someone’s (always a female’s though eh?) should be enough to get a man arrested and charged and locked up? Just because she perceives him to be a threat? just because she ‘feels’ vulnerable? So, if I FEEL that you are abusing me and the I am vulnerable, you should be arrested for harassment, non?

            Your are well and truly hoisted by your own petard here:

            ‘And harassment is to an extent in the eye of the beholder. She felt harassed. She felt it put her in a position of weakness – therefore, it did.’
            And I feel you should be hanged. Therefore you should be. The same logic, dumbo!
            Good luck with your GCSEs anyway. I think you’ll need it.

          • Baron

            What if the positions were reversed, Jsooty1, she a fat, ugly, repulsive woman, but a boss, he a bloke in his late 20s trying to make it in the same outfit. And she did to him, what one of the sisters alleges the Lord did to her.

            Would you still maintain this was a case on which we have to spend millions? More to the point, whose side would you be on?

    • Daniel Crowley

      Maybe he fancied her or something?

    • Tom M

      Interesting. So how does someone who has an “advantageous position in terms of reputation career, powers, influence and size” actually make a pass at someone he fancies without risking the reputation of his political party or a visit by the police then?

      • Jsoosty1

        Blimey. Your social skills must be pretty poor. I’d tend to take a pretty dim view of men at work who put their hand on my knee and ask me up to their room as a normal turn of events. If a much older, senior man at work fancied me then I would expect him to maybe engage me in conversation and take some cues from me before advancing the topic. This would be INSTEAD of any groping, or invitations for sex. But clearly I’m just a frigid prude, caveman.

        • Eddie

          I actually know a happily married couple (m 1976) who met at the office, The shy man couldn’t pluck up courage to ask the girl typist he fancied out. So one day, he just went up to her, and gave her a huge theatrical kiss (them both standing, she leaning back, he holding her – a film pose).

          No doubt you would call that raype or abuse or whatever fake crime the feminasties have invented recently.

          But, as both of these people were living in the real world, (unlike the femi-psychos now) they took it in their stride, despite the rather unusual and forward methods.

          And as I said – they’ve been married happily since 1976, unlike most shrivelled-up, bitter, cold, fantasist feminists – who no doubt have, next to them in their lonely beds, a blow up doll of Germy Greer, or maybe Andrea ‘all men are raypists’ Dworkin, if they have enough room, that is – she was a big girl (well, maybe not a girl, more a femi-hippo, but anyway…)

        • Tom M

          Oh I don’t know about that but you did read what I wrote didn’t you? I said HOW would someone like Lord Rennard, advantageous position, powerful etc etc actually make a pass at someone less advantageous, powerful etc etc wihout the risk of being accused of using his position for personal ends?
          What I didn’t say was that I approved of him groping women.
          You see I was a manager for part of my career and was made aware very quickly that things you said or innocent actions taken could be misinterpreted consciously or unconsciously by people on the shop floor and occasionaly blown out of all proportion by vested interests (unions usually) for their own agenda.

          What I perceive in the Lord Rennard story has some of these characteristics.

        • Baron

          Blimey, too, have we already moved from ‘a hand on a knee’ to groping, from ‘an invitation to finish a brew in one’s room’ to an invitation for sex. Why not go the other way.

          What if the Lord touched her knee to remove a speckle of food, invited her to finish the coffee for reasons unconnected with sex, for isnt. he may have wanted to pick her brains on the strategy the party were to adopt ….

          Jsooty1, do accept Rod has got thsi right, as so often before. It isn’t a molehill, it’s not even a miniature one, not even a base of the tinniest one. It’s an overkill so fitting our progressive, enlightened, but in Baron’s view, infantile society.

      • I wouldn’t put the answer quite as frostily as the lady below, but her essential point is correct, and it’s the point I made on Rod’s other blog post which seems to have gone over one or two heads. And that is that fancying someone isn’t enough: you have to have a sense that the interest is in some way reciprocated. As human beings we have exquisite antennae for these things.

        What I think is much more outrageous than any of this is the bullying of women — the younger and healthier, the more they/we/I got bullied — into dropping our knickers for invasive ‘tests’ we didn’t need, didn’t ask for, and didn’t want, just because the medical establishment thought it a good cash cow and some doctors got their jollies from it. (We needed the contraception and couldn’t get it any other way, so they had the whip hand.) When I was 19 and into my early 20s I was abused in this fashion, and if I had felt less utterly powerless and been more aware of my legal rights, I would have raised a fuss about it. It’s too late now, and best forgotten about. But my sense that doctors are willing to commit violations and any excuse will do has never left me, and I see them (men and women both) as people I have to guard myself against.

        • Eddie

          Oh dear – is there ANYONE is the US of A who DOESN’T claim to have suffered abuse?
          Oprah has a lot to answer for.
          Doctors have to see your fundamentals sometimes. What else would you suggest? We males too are made to drop our kegs – and we’ve all been groped down below by doctors, many of them female. The difference is, we are grown-ups so do not moan and whinge or claim abuse, even if Nurse Lubricate was getting her jollies from our pubescent genitalia.
          The abuse in the US is more the medical profession and parents doping up children on prescription mind-altering meds to make them easier to ‘parent’, and making kids paranoid about strangers, where the real abuse is being done in the home.

          • It’s not just the USA, this happened in Canada and I got the same pressure in England (which I resisted). It’s a phenomenon suffered by tens of millions of Western women. That was my whole point.

          • Who are idiot know-nothings voting me down? You like being violated by perv doctors, in a national system that pays said perv doctors, do you? Well I don’t. And the shame is on you, not on me.

          • See my response to Nurse Prissy above. And shut up forever about this.

        • Margaret Wright

          I am sorry but I do not understand what you are saying. Having had contraception and eventually two sons I have been examined many times and considered it necessary although sometimes embarrassing. I fail to see how any doctor could be sure you were ok without looking. Perhaps you could explain? I always had the option of refusing treatment,asking for a female doctor or having a nurse chaperone present. Tests you didn’t ask for or want- what on earth do you mean? What if they had failed to examine you and been charged with malpractice had something been missed? Poor old doctors cannot win can they.

          • I mean: pap smear for no good reason, without my consent. Cancer in young women is extremely rare. I was extremely healthy. I did not want or need a pap smear at 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and so on. I was never asked whether I wanted this invasive test: it was a condition of getting effective contraception. (I needed it, as my boyfriend was very young and very virile, as were all his family.) There was nothing to examine: the doctor examined my breasts (for the pill?!) and my backside/spine (for the pill?!) and there was no need to examine my cervix because my few previous contacts (a handful of times with the boyfriend; once with some other joker) were all with a condom which meant that I could not possibly have contracted any disease. But he wasn’t interested in the facts, or in my dignity, or in my privacy as a human being. He just wanted to look at nubile flesh for a change.

            ‘Poor doctors’: you must be kidding me. In Canada they have done pap smears on surgery patients without consent while they were knocked out. Well, I didn’t give consent either, and I had to be awake through it.

          • Margaret Wright

            I am truly sorry that I asked as you appear to have serious issues that are not appropriate to discuss on a forum such as this I disagree with everything you say and cannot begin to imagine how anyone, Doctor or not would ever get to examine me without my consent. That said I do hope that you find some resolution to your distress, which clearly you have not been able to deal with and move on.

          • I have ‘issues’ with power that is not medicine, yes.

          • Margaret Wright

            Yes I think you are wise to redact some of your comment for the sake of your own privacy as you have shared far too much information. I have understood your comments perfectly well, so do not patronise me. I tried to be kind in my response but now i am not sure that you deserve such kindness. My initial reaction was more along the lines of ‘Oh Oh Nutter alert! I am not normally rude, but really you are too much-way too much and as you are so very rude yourself you do not bring out the best in others. Did you know that? You are extremely aggressive.

            Perhaps if you were less arrogant you might take the trouble to read up on medical issues then you would know why you were examined in the way you describe but that is probably too much to ask.

            I would just add that if you wish to be taken seriously I would recommend a less silly user name.

          • I don’t care what you think about anything. Next!

          • Margaret Wright

            Well I am still willing to offer you advice for the future: Do not believe any one who tells you that they have to look up your hole to see if your hat’s on straight. Please don’t bother to thank me.

  • David Kay

    she should have just gently taken hold of his balls, gave him a seductive look, then squeezed like hell digging the nails in while telling him to eff you dirty b@stard

  • Brian

    Quick! How do I Tweet W S Gilbert? I’ve got this great idea for an opera about executing people for fllrting. He could call it the Mikado!

  • Hereward

    I wonder if she has ever been laid ,and if so, how she manged it without the man putting a hand on her? In the Lib-Dums now I guess no man is allowed to make a pass at any woman, but must wait until she asks if fancies afters in her room? No wonder they are all so emasculated. I notice too that Pryce is still highly thought of by the party, despite the fact that she has admitted domestic violence against him. Imagine that the other way round. Maybe they shd advertise for all sad-machocistic men to join and be beaten up and hounded? Surprised Mosely hasn’t joined.

  • Hear hear!

  • Jugnu101

    I don’t think Mr Liddle should be taken literally. He simply means that an unwanted sexual advance can be firmly brushed off. Isn’t that how things are supposed to work in relatively open sexually liberal societies? A fancies B. A Makes some sort of seductive overture. B either responds positively or tells A to get lost. Isn’t that how people are supposed to find partners? If A is more senior to B then if the Renard situation is taken to its conclusion then A should never under any circumstances come onto B lest he or she be deemed a power crazed predator. And if you are no oil painting how dare you think anyone should find you attractive?

    • Eddie

      ‘I don’t think Mr Liddle should be taken literally.’
      No – I expect he’d find being shagged by a book quite painful, especially if it’s a Martin Amis…

  • Jess

    This article makes me so angry, you can tell that it’s written by a man.
    First, you can’t just go around slapping people, that would have landed the women in much more trouble than lord Rennard is facing and would have taken away from the fact that he sexually harassed them.
    Secondly, touching same women’s leg and suggesting they have sex may not seem like a big deal to men but to women it is. You don’t live with the threat of being attacked, but we do every day. You don’t know what it’s like when a man comes onto you and won’t take no for an answer, it doesn’t matter how old or experienced you are, in that situation you become completely vulnerable.
    And implying that he could further her career by her sleeping with him is wrong, that blackmail and should DEFINTILY be punished.

    • Eddie

      Oh my, what a self-righteous, sanctimonious, hysterical burp of a rant.
      First, women do go round hitting men and children every day – and none are ever arrested (if men did that, they would be).

      Second, touching a leg is NOTHING so don’t claim it is akin to raype. Women touch men’s arms and legs all the time – female managers actually learn that manipulative maternal arm touch on management courses these days.
      You are NOT vulnerable unless you make yourself so by infantalising yourself. If someone comes on to you, and you are not interested, say so. Men have to deal with that and more too, so don’t be so utterly pompous. You really are not at all special. Just GROW UP FFS.

      Moreover, a great many marriages and relationships are born of men coming on to women in the office. The women I know would take some man coming on to them as a compliment, and are disappointed I have not made a move (they wants me gold, garrrrr). I just have to tell them that I don’t sleep with ugly old menopausals, and refer them to Weightwatchers.

      And actually, men are FAR more likely to be attacked, stabbed, shot, murdered than women. But never mind the facts eh? Best just to believe the fantasy that all women are victims and all men nasty brutes…

      • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

        Eddie, whoever you are, and i say this as a bloke, not one of those women people you obviously dont have as a partner : you are a boring twat.

  • sarah_13

    Unless there is more to it than that, I think you are right. Is that where we are at with this “men and women thing?” Didn’t they end up in his room as well? How did that happen? Did he drag them there?

  • HY

    Upon joining the LibDems her mother should have counselled her to “Lay back and think of Europe.”

    • Retired Nurse

      ..great comment 🙂

  • Margaret Wright

    Thirty years ago my then boss used to invite me in for supervision sessions with the welcoming words of ‘Do come in Miss Lovely Thighs’ Thinking back on this I feel sad and angry- because now I am old and no longer have lovely thighs. I can also walk past building sites without being harassed-which is also depressing.

    Mind you even in the ‘unenlightened’ 80’s the aforementioned old Casanova did get into trouble for asking a young trainee, ‘do you drive’ when she said yes he replied ‘well back onto this then’

    • edithgrove

      That’s funny. I was cycling down Regent Street once when a cab driver pulled up beside me at the lights, leaned over and said ‘I wish I was that bicycle seat’. The lights had changed before I realized what he meant. I’ve laughed about it for forty years.

      • Sounds worse than a bad case of hiccups!

      • Margaret Wright

        i think the lesson might be: do not use chat up lines from a Carry On film unless you are absolutely certain that the recipient has a sense of humour. Mind you, had the old goat touched me, uninvited, he would have been wearing his nuts as a necklace. It is a sad fact of life that the best way to avoid unwanted attention is to age.Unfortunately it pretty much knocks wanted attention on the head as well.

  • justejudexultionis

    If she had slapped Rennard, she would likely have been sued for assault etc.
    Has anybody noticed how fat, bloated and smug our politicians are looking these days?

  • justejudexultionis

    Don’t you just love that lovable rogue persona Rod Liddle has cultivated in order to deflect criticism for his rather unpalatable diatribes aimed at anybody who doesn’t sing Rule Britannia in front of the mirror at least five times before breakfast?

    • Never mind, dear. We all understand that it’s a ‘Left thing’. You don’t have arguments and you can’t deal with ours. The only thing you can do is make those that disagree with you into monsters of your imagination. Understandable, if not really worthy of a 21st-century human being.

  • The_greyhound

    Any woman who hangs around with this dysfunctional freaks is no better than she ought to be.

  • Rob

    I wish the higher-ups at my work sexually harassed me – I’d happily fuck my way to the top.

    • Your comment explains why they don’t.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Yo Rod, yes, you seem to have got to the heart of the matter here. It’s that old man/woman problem again. Yours is the first account which has reliably (I hope) told me what old fatso actually did. But we mustn’t discriminate; not only women but also men have been infantilised. But young Bridget seems to me to be more than a match for any lib-dems I’ve ever come across. My question is why old fatso would go to all the trouble of trying to get amongst her when there are so many other beauties hanging around in parliament…the game was hardly worth the candle

  • Retired Nurse

    its quite frightening when a man that fat expresses a desire to lay on top of you…probably just froze in horror..

  • bengeo

    For the same reason you would not punch Fraser Nelson in the face if he stuck his hand in your lap!

  • CiaranJGoggins

    Time to end false rape and sexual assault allegations by the simple means of making women wear minature video cameras and voice recorders. Whilst they are about women could also try to be less provocative in their style of dress when at work and clubbing.