Why we should let Faroe islanders hunt whales

It's one of the world's most ancient traditions - and it does little lasting harm

1 February 2014

9:00 AM

1 February 2014

9:00 AM

In Tórshavn, capital of the Faroe Islands, I met a man who first helped his father kill a whale with a sharp knife when he was eight years old. The spouting blood soaked his hair and covered his face like warpaint.  He remembered the warmth on his skin, a contrast to the cold North Atlantic in which they stood.

These days we assume that people who kill whales and dolphins must be bad. Flipper and his cousins are our friends, and notwithstanding that unfortunate business with Moby-Dick, those who pursue whales for their flesh must be terrible human beings. We know now, as Herman Melville did not, that cetaceans are exceptional mammals, highly intelligent with elaborate social networks and close family relationships. They are capable of exhibiting grief and even of coming to the aid of human beings in distress.

In several parts of the world, there are moves to give these special animals legal protection as ‘non-human persons’. India passed that law late last year, and in 2011 the American Association for the Advancement of Science began gathering support for the Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans. The first article in that declaration is: ‘Every individual cetacean has the right to life.’

In a week or two, environmental campaigners from Sea Shepherd will be touring Britain enlisting public support to end what they call the ‘barbaric and merciless slaughter of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands’. The campaign is gathering rapid traction on social media, and video clips of the Faroese hunt (known as the grindadráp) have been ‘liked’ and circulated in their hundreds of thousands. In those clips, the sea is stained red, the flapping pilot whales are dragged ashore with ropes and grappling hooks, and they are killed with a sharp instrument that severs the spine close to the head, resulting in almost instantaneous death.

Sea Shepherd compares the Faroese whale hunt with the Japanese dolphin slaughter at Taiji, an annual process where hundreds of dolphins are herded into a small rocky cove. Babies and young adults are then separated from their mothers for sale to Chinese theme parks, and the others are stabbed to death by fishermen from above with flensing knives attached to bamboo poles. It is an awful scene of prolonged carnage. And, as we know, Japan has been utterly unwilling to countenance restrictions on its annual so-called ‘scientific whaling’ expeditions.

I respect the bravery with which Sea Shepherd confronts the Japanese whaling ships in the South Atlantic. And I applaud Blackfish, the recent documentary shining a spotlight on the highly dubious practice of exhibiting orcas for family entertainment at Seaworld in the USA. I’ve never killed a whale. And I think I could not do it. But I am uneasy about the campaign to target the Faroese and I’d defend the right of that father and his young son to hunt and kill whales. Theirs is a dramatic land, a green and treeless collection of 18 islands in the North Sea where just 50,000 people still live a life intimately connected to the elements. They have traditionally eaten puffins, great skuas, storm petrels and fulmars. Along the sharp sheer cliff edges there are wooden stakes embedded in the ground to which hardy islanders attach a rope and dangle perilously to catch birds on the wing, or gather eggs from nests on the rock face.

Historically, the islanders have relied on whale meat as an essential part of their survival. These are fiercely independent people, intimately connected to their natural environment in spite of modern heating, air links (when the clouds clear for long enough) and the internet.

They have never set out to look for pilot whales: they kill them only when a school is discovered close to shore, and only if one of a small number of designated beaches is near enough to use as a landing ground. According to the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Conservation Organisation, pilot whales number more than 750,000, and each year the slaughter is estimated to take less than 0.1 per cent of the population. Records have been kept since 1584 — which makes this the longest recorded tradition of any human-animal interaction. Experts think the practice has been going on for more than 1,200 years.

The grindadráp (whale hunt) is not merely something from the Faroese past. It is a reminder of their relationship to the sea, and the meat is still a favourite delicacy.

Wouldn’t it be better if high-profile marine campaigns left the Faroese alone and focused on the more immediate and pressing threats to ocean ecosystems? Only this week a factory was discovered in Pu Qi in China that is processing more than 600 whale sharks a year. The world’s largest fish, a harmless plankton feeder, is known to be dwindling fast across the tropics. In the Mediterranean, a combination of vested interests (some criminal) and lax European Union laws have resulted in the decimation of tuna populations. In the St Lawrence River in Canada, a small population of beluga whales is being poisoned by PCBs. Around 100 million sharks of all species are being caught worldwide to feed the Asian market for sharkfin soup. In many areas, 90 per cent of large carnivorous sharks have been removed from the ecosystem. In India and Sri Lanka, there is a burgeoning fishery for giant manta ray gills to make ‘blood purifiers’ for the Chinese medicine trade. Parrotfish and conch are being overfished in the Caribbean, allowing algae to lay waste to the coral reefs. The list could go on and on and on.

Endangered fish species are commonly found on most British restaurant tables and, due to overfishing, our once superabundant cod populations continue to show little sign of recovery. These are the marine issues that I worry about. There is one ocean on our planet, not six or seven or more according to labels on a chart. All that sea is connected to form a giant system that we have neglected and continue to plunder. Let’s not victimise one tiny human population who are carrying on a tradition that will in all probability die out naturally in time. For now, let them eat whales.

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Tim Ecott is the author of Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World.

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  • David Kay

    Save the whale, let them hunt climate change activists instead.

  • Chris Butler-Stroud

    I am afraid the argument that there are more important environmental or welfare issues to deal with is an excuse we often hear to avoid facing up to some awful cruelty such as that seen in the hunt in the Faroe Islands. Such an argument can mean nothing ever gets the attention it deserves, because someone will always find something ‘more pressing’.

    The assertion that the whales die instantly is not true in all cases (having suffered drives of up to ten miles), and indeed these hunts have extended to species such Rissos, white-sided and bottlenose dolphins, and even the orcas that Tim admires (see reference to Blackfish). The Faroese also take bottlenose whales when they can. You can read some of the worst kills here http://uk.whales.org/blog/courtneyvail/2013/07/when-things-go-wrong

    What Tim fails to mention is that the hunt is no longer a necessity and indeed in 2012, Pál Weihe and Høgni Debes Joensen of the Faroese Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health formally recommended that from a human health perspective, pilot whale should no longer used for human consumption due the impact of contamination loads

    The Faroese have been, and in their mind, remain commercial whalers. Mr. Herálvur Joensen, the then Head of the Representation of the Faroes in Copenhagen, speaking in 2008 about the small cetacean hunt in the Faroes stated, “The Faroes do not trade our whale resources on international
    markets, but we have done in the past. And we wish to maintain our right
    to do so in the future, if we decide this is an economical option. We certainly respect the right of other nations to trade in their natural resources. In this sense the Faroes are also a commercial whaling nation, in principle if not in practice.”

    The Faroese have a direct impact on the commercial whaling debate, as they have a representative on the Danish delegation to the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Denmark has consistently supported moves to lift the IWC moratorium on commercial whaling and often successfully scuppered leadership attempts by the UK and others to take conservation action through the IWC.

    The Faroese are no longer a remote people struggllng for survival, but a nation that no longer needs the ‘tradition’ of whale meat to survive, – that said, they have an negative impact on international efforts to protect whales and dolphins beyond their relative size. Time for this hunt to end once and for all.

    • George Hartwig

      The old empty arguments again… “Necessity” and “Commerce”.
      Nothing is “necessary”, we could well live without eating potatoes, without eating chicken, and of course without eating grind. But why should we? The Faroese pilote whale is a natural ressource, and it would be an ecological sin not to use it.
      Subsistence contra commerce is no criteria for the legitimacy of whaling, – the only criteria are legality, sustainibility and animal protection.
      Your empty words are but a camouflage for the sectarian belief in whales and dolphins as the Western Holy Cow or maybe the Golden Calf.

      • AnimuX

        I believe the reasons why you should not eat Grind are quite obvious.

        The most obvious being that Faroese doctors have advised people to stop eating pilot whale meat because of toxic mercury and PCBs found in the meat and blubber that pose a significant health risk to humans.

        There are other legitimate concerns, including the inherently cruel aspects of the slaughter itself and the fact that pilot whales have many threats to deal with in the sea (pollution, entanglement/bycatch, disease, natural predators, diminished prey/food sources, habitat degradation, ocean acidification, warming oceans, etc).

        It is an ecological sin to exploit animals at a high trophic level as a resource when there is no economic or nutritional need to do so.

        • George Hartwig

          The Faroe Islands have a similar public health advice system as Sweden (so not like the EU scheme): people get a detailed report about the health risk and they may decide themselves. I like this system and it works pretty well, and you will know that the consume of whale meat declined considerably.
          But I guess you are not interested in the Faroese public health system at all. And this health aspect has nothing to do with the general decision for whaling. So spare your false tears.

          • AnimuX

            ‘“Look, we are paying a price — our children have suffered under the toxic load of methylmercury and other persistent organic pollutants.” I think that has been important to some people. Otherwise, we would just say we are heavily exposed, but nobody would know if we have paid a price or not. We now have documented it ourselves and to the international community — we have paid a price. Whether it is big or small, I shall not say. But we have identified a toxic effect on our children. And we have paid a price: We have been forced to change some dear dietary habits, which are an important part of our Faroese identity.’

            Chief medical officers Pál Weihe and Høgni Debes Joensen in 2008 announced that pilot whale meat and blubber contains too much mercury, PCBs and DDT derivatives to be safe for human consumption. “It is with great sadness that this recommendation is provided,” they said.

            Their research on the impact of the pollutants on the Faroese themselves has shown that mercury, especially, causes lasting damage.

            The work has revealed damage to fetal neural development, high blood pressure, and impaired immunity in children, as well as increased rates of Parkinson’s disease, circulatory problems and possibly infertility in adults.

          • George Hartwig

            I can give you the facts, but I can’t understand them for you. Get your blinkers off, you master of text modules, and try it again.
            The Faroese International research on mercury, PCB and DDT had been exemplary, it even found its way into the US health regulation. Be convinced that the Faroese people don’t need your advice to understand their own world; the Faroese Health system ensures better information than the paternalistic EU system e.g.

            – Over and Out –

          • AnimuX

            The facts are that pilot whale meat is not safe for human consumption and there is no economic or nutritional necessity to kill pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

  • AnimuX

    Perhaps the real problem is the sharp drop in intelligence involved
    when random authors offer up an uninformed opinion to readers and
    declare their ignorance to be a balanced or knowledgeable argument in
    favor of whaling.

    First of all, whales and dolphins are not pigs or cows or chickens or
    even foxes. It would be nice if editorial writers and other
    commentators could occasionally address this subject without injecting
    lesser straw man arguments. There are plenty of activists who focus on
    animal cruelty in agriculture and sport hunting — Google it.

    Second, it’s shocking to witness a Faroese Grindadrap in progress
    because of the event’s obviously brutal nature — a whole town of jerks
    rushes into a crowd of corralled pilot whales and physically hacks all
    of the animals to death. The amount of violence and blood is visibly

    The Grindadrap has absolutely nothing to do with food security or
    economic prosperity in the Faroe Islands. Not one person will starve or
    go bankrupt if these opportunistic slaughter festivals were permanently
    halted. In fact, the main export of the Faroe Islands is food (fish).
    The people who participate in this slaughter do it purely because they
    enjoy killing those animals with their own hands. They get personal
    pleasure out of it.

    However, distribution and consumption of pilot whale meat poses a
    public health risk due to contamination from marine pollution. Faroese
    doctors have repeatedly advised that people refrain from eating the meat
    or blubber of these animals due to long term studies on the
    consequences of human exposure to mercury, PCBs and other toxins that
    accumulate in pilot whales.

    Furthermore, all claims that the animals are killed instantly are
    false. The pilot whales are harassed at sea, chased in to the shallows,
    and then hooks are driven either into the animal’s flesh or into their
    airways. The animals are dragged by ropes attached to these hooks until
    beached and then one of two killing tools is used to finish the task. A
    knife is driven into the one side of the animal’s head and cutting
    continues until the other side is reached — passing through the spine
    and arteries in the process. Or, alternatively a tool that looks like a
    small spear with a T-shaped handle is driven repeatedly into the back of
    the animal’s head and claimed to pierce the spine or brain or artery
    that feeds the brain. Only after all of this effort does the whale
    finally succumb to death among the other members of its family group.
    The Grindadrap is not a humane practice — though over the years, as a
    result of observers with cameras, some efforts have been made to make
    the event seem less cruel — such as only killing the whales on beaches
    rather than watching them bashed repeatedly against rocks.

    Finally, calls for protecting whales and dolphins are not limited to
    emotional attachment. For the large whale species, industrial
    over-exploitation nearly wiped them all out leaving many endangered
    today. Smaller cetaceans mostly perish as bycatch in commercial
    fisheries and also face threats from pollution, habitat degradation,
    climate change, overfishing of prey species, disease, and more. There
    are no guarantees that the large populations of pilot whales estimated
    to live throughout the North Atlantic today will survive in the same
    numbers, or at all, tomorrow. Conservationists are concerned about all
    marine species — including top predators like sharks and cetaceans —
    for good reasons.

    • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

      The photos don´t make it look milder. It´s the opposite. The photos make
      it look much crueler than it really is. And nobody enjoys this, it´s
      food. Pure and simple! I can´t see much if any fact that you wrote
      there. Get your facts straight!!!

      • AnimuX

        Ridiculous. You don’t see Faroese people rushing onto the farm to slaughter all of the sheep against a fence creating a red muddy mess. So, why do they insist on running into the water to kill pilot whales in a frenzy?

        The people who participate in the slaughter love it. They enjoy killing with their own hands. They celebrate the experience with their neighbors. They do it because they love it.

        Nobody in the Faroe Islands needs to kill pilot whales for food. They get their food at the market and live like any other European nation. This is not some isolated tribe. This is a modern country. Furthermore, the main export of the Faroe Islands is food and the pilot whale hunts are opportunistic — if the whales don’t show up then people simply don’t eat them that season.

        If nobody enjoys it, according to your false statement, then why do they celebrate doing it and participate so enthusiastically?

        • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

          They enjoy the food, if that´s what you mean. Nobody enjoys killing. And where is the celebration? I´ve never seen any celebration, nobody celebrates. What´s wrong with you? It´s for food, pure and simple. Not a necessity as much as luxury. People don´t need deer meat, yet they go hunting on a full stomach. Because for them it´s a sport. Go bother those guys will you?! And stop guessing!!!!

          • AnimuX

            Are you suggesting the Faroese people kill pilot whales for sport? It’s not hunting — it’s herding. Indeed, whale meat is an unnecessary luxury food item — one that their own doctors have advised not to continue eating due to the contamination of pilot whales from marine pollution.

            There is no good reason to kill the whales, particularly not in the manner chosen by the Faroese people. They don’t kill out of necessity. They simply enjoy slaughtering those whales with their own hands.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      “First of all, whales and dolphins are not pigs or cows or chickens oreven foxes. ”

      They are mammals, so I find it quite comparable.

      “Second, it’s shocking to witness a Faroese Grindadrap in progress because of the event’s obviously brutal nature — a whole town of jerks
      rushes into a crowd of corralled pilot whales and physically hacks all
      of the animals to death. The amount of violence and blood is visibly

      I believe more people are actually shocked by the mass of blood, casuse blood is related to mortality, and makes many people uneasy. Many of the anti-grindadrap photos focuses specifically on the blood, for these reasons, with quotes like “you got blood on your hands” etc. All emotional. They are not a “town of yerks”, they are just excited to see something that happens just 1 time a year in their town.

      “The Grindadrap has absolutely nothing to do with food security or economic prosperity in the Faroe Islands. Not one person will starve or go bankrupt if these opportunistic slaughter festivals were permanently halted.”

      • AnimuX

        Claiming that whales and cows are the same because they’re both mammals is nothing more than a logical fallacy. They’re not comparable anymore than a mouse is comparable to an elephant or a chimpanzee. They’re not the same.

        There are plenty of activists who protest against cruelty in agriculture and meat production — including in the USA — as previously mentioned. Grindadrap is not agriculture. It’s not hunting either. It’s merely the ‘traditional’ practice of herding groups of cetaceans into a cordoned space so that sick minded individuals can enjoy the pleasure of slaughtering helpless animals by hand.

        They do it because they love it. If they didn’t enjoy it so much, they wouldn’t enthusiastically run into the water to personally kill whales.

        As previously stated, the health risks of consuming pilot whale meat are a public health concern according to Faroese doctors who advise people to avoid eating the meat and blubber of cetaceans. As a public health risk it is everyone’s business.

        In order to claim these animals are killed humanely you have to completely ignore the entire process of driving the animals to shore, jabbing them with hooks, pulling them onto a beach, until finally someone walks up and repeatedly stabs the animal in the neck with a knife or small spear — as if the animal magically lands at the feet of a happy islander to be killed in a microsecond. What utter rubbish.

        Pilot whales shouldn’t be exploited at all. There is absolutely no economic or nutritional need to kill them.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          The vast majority of protesters against agriculture are hateful bigots as well by the way. Major anti-agriculture orga-nazi-ations like HSUS, PETA and IFAW are well known for staging animal cruelty to make it appear that farmers are cruel, by paying someone to treat animals inhumanly, like kicking them or bashing them against the wall, and then filming that, to make persecute hard working farmers and slaughterhouse workers around the world. I prefer to call it the Animal Rights Industry.

          • AnimuX

            There is no such thing as an ‘animal rights industry’. There are, however, many organizations — some animal rights and others conservation or environmental — that expose animal cruelty in agriculture.

            Video recording abuses within factory farms, and elsewhere, is not “staging”.

            Furthermore, most people prefer to minimize or avoid cruelty to animals, regardless of whether they are for or against eating meat.

            People who callously ignore the suffering of animals, or actually enjoy torturing animals, generally care little for the suffering of human beings too. That’s where you’ll find the ‘hateful bigots’ you’re describing — among abusers of animals.

  • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

    Thanks for this beautifully written article, I am also 100% for the Faroese.

    • love dolphins

      And more and more people worldwide are 100% against Taiji and Grindadrap and 100% for Sea Shepherd, Project Dolphin, Greenpeace, etc. etc. etc.

      • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

        Luckily in this case you have no power though, the Faroe Islands does not care about international exposure, and they themselves takes thousends of photos of this every year which is widely distributed throughout media, cause they are porud of it, unlike other cetacean hunters who are ashamed. The Faroese though are very proud and open about what they are doing.

        • florencebelle

          proud of what exactly? killing beautiful whales . You dont know the meaning of the word. SHAME IS MORE APPRPRIATE!

      • Fabrizio Santoro

        hahaha interesting enough, since Sea Shepherd aired Whale Wars: Whining on Shores, tourism in the Faroes have doubled…. 😛

        • florencebelle


          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            No, but because of the failed propaganda, and that people saw the beauty of the Islands.

    • florencebelle

      Just as if you need to tell us that! I think we got the message idiot about 20 comments back!

      • florencebelle


  • Jógvan

    Sorry, I’m
    Faroese …

    Upset Danes ask me about whaling. I am a disgrace to their nation because I
    kill whales … it does not look nice to house these barbarians under the
    common throne. Everything should look pretty to the world, so it is unfortunate
    that the Faroese people cannot stay away from the whales or at least build a few
    slaughterhouses along the beaches where it all could be hidden away and nobody
    saw the blood The whale meat could then come out in small, fine packages, like
    Danish pork and chicken – directly into the freezer. It would look so pretty.

    Whaling is frequently “today’s theme.” One is appalled at having to
    listen to opinions from people outside before they properly try to get some
    knowledge Faroese whaling. They brainwash the outside world into thinking that
    we kill an endangered species, and thus we get a bad reputation.

    It is a repetition of Brigitte Bardot and the image of the baby seal! In a
    desperate attempt to get into the media spotlight again after the beauty was
    faded and did not sell itself, she put up as the seals’ savior and helped to
    destroy an indigenous people’s means of livelihood. Without thinking that
    indigenous people for thousands of years build up their nutritional needs,
    according to what their exact nature brings them of food. What do Brigitte
    Bardot and other media celebrities such as wealthy pop musicians know about indigenous
    people’s foods? They make “some”
    environmental case their touchstone to win world sympathy, so the focus is
    removed from superficiality. Several of them have no idea what they “Support”
    and do more harm than good.

    If an indigenous people’s usual diet is suddenly replaced by foreign food,
    foreign substances, they become sick. Bananas and cabbage is certainly healthy
    – when it is sprayed with poison – but it has never grown or been harvested in
    neither Greenland nor the Faroe Islands. People eat oranges and lettuce in
    France. If it was taken from them and they were forced to eat raw Seal liver
    instead, THEY would be ill because their system is not tuned to that kind of
    nutrition. It is that simple.

    People talk about whale hunting – the hunt for whales. This is not about
    hunting. It is called whaling. The Faroese are not out on the big ocean to hunt whale
    herds to dry land. Some large whales seek even closer to land on their own.
    Well-meaning environmentalists in the United States have tried to drive
    stranded whales out to sea again. They have kept them alive when by irrigating
    them with water off the beach and tried to drag them out with chains and giant
    cranes. Nationwide media coverage! When it fails, and the whales have to be
    killed, people’s feelings get out of control, and it overshadows everything
    else, such as stories about natural disasters, violence and murder against
    people, of abused children, the insane religious fanatics’ misdeeds. Emotions
    run free in the holy name of double morality. The whales have had a reason to
    look towards the shore – even in the Vejle fjord in Denmark in 2010! The poor
    whale was not let to die in peace.

    The Faroese are sovereignly the best in the world to handle pilot whale catch.
    They have centuries of experience. The catch is so controlled that each whale
    is counted and registered since the 16th century. There are no
    hunters in the world, in whatever form of hunting that can provide such

    Paul Watson
    is a liar when he tells the outside world that the whales suffer a cruel and
    painful death and that we are bloodthirsty barbarians. It is simply impossible
    to catch whales with a fishing rod and put them up on a cutting board and
    manage them a’la French Steak. It is clear that the ocean colors red with blood
    – they’re large animals. Watson’s concern for the whales, which according to
    him jerk of pain, is unfounded. The rooster also runs around headless, and
    sheep are kicking on after slaughter. The larger animals’ reflexes seem more
    violent, self-explanatory.

    We grew up with pilot whaling, just as we as children watched as the sheep were
    slaughtered and the birds had their neck broken. You cannot be soft minded when
    you grow up in a harsh nature. In Denmark and other countries the kids hardly
    know where the red hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken thighs are coming from. It
    all comes from dead animals – hopefully not self-dead – added a bit of
    everything and a splash of color that makes it all look pretty. What kind of life
    have these animals lived before they were slaughtered and prepared for the
    freezer in the super-market? Not as good a life as our birds, fish, sheep and

    Should we
    fail to slaughter animals, because they look cute, or because they have intelligence? The pig is
    said to be one of the world’s most intelligent animals. Which creature cries
    more than a stressed pig – and how much suffering does a breeding sow not get
    from its bedsores, when it can no longer rise from its couch, sometimes not
    even move – but despite all this it better breed! Why do people eat venison
    without lamenting the adorable doe eyes – or a tiny lamb? Or cute little
    chickens that are not stunted or crippled by the growth hormones in the chicken
    cage in their miserable, fortunately for them, short life. And trucks with
    young calves are transported live, crammed together under the pure stress
    torture all the way from Denmark to Holland to satisfy consumers’ on airs. And
    horse transports as well, where you don’t find it necessary to give these poor
    animals a sip of water – they are going to die soon anyway and time is money,
    so why spend time on nonsense humanism underway. Talk about cruelty to
    the limit! Then you have to put up with letters
    from Danes and tourists in Holland recently asking about what kind of a strange
    country, they are in Realm with where you kill whales. Yes, imagine those poor
    tourists are ashamed of the Faroese whaling – “it’s primitive and has no
    place in the year 2010 and it’s not food, it is about, they can just buy what
    they need”.

    Paul Watson’s intentions are not well-meant. It
    is a media show. One of his ships was purchased in Norway through an intermediary,
    and Norwegians resented deeply, when they learned what it was intended for.
    Such activists incite “easy targets” which appeal to feelings rather
    than to reason and enlightenment. On the Internet, the public is able to
    vote for and against whaling. The “easy
    victims” – tick “should be forbidden.” This percentage
    states out from some pictures of a lot of blood, that the Faroese should now
    live without whale meat. There are hardly any of those people who know that a
    few decades ago the Faroe Islands was number two worldwide with the most
    nutrient-rich diet. Yes, that is namely diet and
    nutrition we are talking about here. Strangers want to manage our diets.

    One wonders what we want with whale meat in
    2010, when “civilization” has brought us pizzas, pork chops and red
    sausages. The supermarkets’ freezers are bursting with “civilized
    food” of indeterminate origin, and pumped full of we-don’t-know-what, and
    neatly wrapped in plastic so it does not pollute. How
    “fine” is it to eat Foie Gras with silver cutlery and pointy little
    fingers when you consider the genesis of the diet just eaten? I wish you would
    get it turned in your throat just like the poor animals do it! To prohibit the
    Faroese to eat whale meat would a few decades ago be similar to taking the rice
    from the Chinese, the fruit from the southern population and the vegetables
    from the Danes. As late as the 1960s we got our regular flight connection with
    the world. We who prefer the original food rather than the junk that has since
    flooded the islands, are thus in some cases still alive! But the incidences of
    serious diseases have accelerated in the Faroe Islands for the last decades,
    mostly due to foreign and improper nutrition.

    No, the Faroese are not barbarians. Our animals live freely and without
    stress. The Danes and other nationalities are by
    contrast barbarians when it comes to treatment of animals. The treatment that
    you expose your animals to – exclusively for commercial purposes – is barbaric
    cruelty. It is tragic to see how these animals live before slaughter, where it
    is just quantity and not quality that counts. We do not kill whales for fun and
    never for commercial purposes.

    Flocks that come along our fjords have always been regarded as God’s gift to
    our people, as a welcome and necessary complement to the food, as the mountains
    and the sea incidentally gave. The whale blubber (polyunsaturated fat) was the
    Faroese children’s most important vitamin source for generations. We got the
    number of slices bacon, similar to our age, 5 years = 5 slices on a piece of
    rye bread. The tradition of distributing profits from whaling for free to every
    household in the village is the most unique social system that exists. In my
    childhood the whale men went around in the village and made sure how many there
    were in the household, and if guests were in the house that day, they were
    counted for as well.

    Paul Watson or other foreigners should not have any opinion about whether or
    not we can do without whale meat as a source of nutrition. He must instead
    worry about the ocean pollution that has destroyed the quality of both whale
    meat and everything else living in the sea. He – and everyone else – does not
    need worry so much anymore. Whales are soon so filled with mercury and debris
    from your civilized industry that you will soon automatically get your will,
    when the meat is no longer suitable for human consumption. By then someone will
    have to find a method for destruction of stranded whales. It is pollution and
    other man-made disasters that destroy various animal populations and prevent
    the chain from functioning normally. We are aware that we therefore have to get
    used to new food sources imported from outside.

    • AnimuX

      Faroese people don’t kill pilot whales for nutrition. They rush into the water with knives drawn and hooks in hand to personally enjoy slaughtering helpless animals with their own hands. They have absolutely no economic or nutritional need to kill whales. The main export of the Faroe Islands is food (fish) and Faroese doctors even advise against eating pilot whale meat or blubber.

      Not one person in the Faroe Islands will go bankrupt or starve if the opportunistic slaughter of pilot whales is stopped.

      • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

        You have used this export argument literally hundreds of times. In the Province of Blekinge in Sweden where I live, our main export also happens to be fish, but we are also a big moose and deer hunting province. So because we export fish, we should not be allowed to hunt deers and moose? Same logic.

        • AnimuX

          You can make up any term you like. That doesn’t change the fact that the people in the Faroe Islands have absolutely no need to continue killing pilot whales — which directly contradicts the false claim that they must kill whales (during random opportunistic hunts) for food. And don’t forget that doctors in the Faroe Islands advise against eating pilot whale meat due to the health risks of consuming contaminated meat and blubber.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            You basically want to remove a food item from another country. For a couple of weeks ago I was in Oslo in neighboring Norway, there I enjoyed a minke whale steak at Nilsen Spiseri, that was among the most delicious things I have eaten in a while. But according to you and other anti-whaling AR’s, the Norwegians as well as us Swedes who lives near Norway like I do, should be denied the right to eat such delicious and tradtional meals cause you dont like seeing those non-endangered animals killed just cause you like those animals. Yes there is other food choices, but people SHOULD be able to choose.

          • AnimuX

            Minke whales, like other large whales, are protected by international conventions as a result of previous over exploitation. In fact, even before the international moratorium on commercial whaling went into force the stocks of minke whales hunted by Norway were listed as ‘protection stocks’ by the IWC.

            Of course, that doesn’t erase the inherent cruelty in shooting animals the size of a car or bus in the lungs with explosive harpoons just to mass produce a luxury item for curious tourists, export to foreign countries, and consumers who don’t care about international conservation efforts.

            Norway lost the vote on whaling back in 1982.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            I would never eat an endangered animal, and minke whales are not endangered. It is true though that I am a consumer who dont care about international conservation efforts of non-endangered animals, I also know Swedes who buys minke whale meat in Norway and eats it here in Sweden, no problem to do that since the Nordic Passport Union allows Scandinavians to travel freely without customs control between Scandinavian countries, including the Faroes and Iceland.

            Now the question is, why should international conservation efforts be an issue, if the animal in question, like the common minke whale, is not endangered?

          • AnimuX

            As previously stated, the stocks of minke whales hunted by Norway were already established as “protection stocks” by the IWC. Furthermore, nobody hunted minke whales to mass produce meat until after the world’s whaling industries decimated the populations of the largest whale species to mass produce oil.

            There’s no mystery about it — this happened because some countries refused to accept advice by scientists to reduce commercial whaling quotas and refused to adhere to previous restrictions on whaling.

            There is ample historical precedent to consider when Norway (and Iceland and Japan) continues to violate whaling restrictions today just as previous regulatory violations by whaling industries pushed the great whales to the brink of extinction.

          • Keir Shambley

            I have searched the IWC website extensively and cannot find any information claiming that minke whales are “protected stocks.” Please, share links to support this claim.

          • Keir Shambley

            Never mind, I finally found it. I think it is important to note that the IWC allows some exceptions and that minke whale are not considered endangered species. The page with this information also claims, “In fact only two species of large whales can be considered in danger of extinction, the North Pacific right whale and the North Atlantic right whale, both of which were severely depleted by pre-20th century whaling.”

            “Antarctic minke whales (protected since the moratorium apart from some special permit catches)

            Commercial exploitation of Antarctic minke whales (the smallest of the large whales) began in the early 1970s, much later than the other large whale species. There are several hundred thousand Antarctic minke whales and thus they are clearly not endangered. However, there has been an appreciable decline in their estimated abundance between the multi-year circumpolar surveys conducted between 1982/83-1988/89 and 1991/92-2003/04. Present estimates of total Antarctic abundance range from around 460,000 – 690,000 (two methods); work continues to determine a final estimate and to determine whether the appreciable decline represents a real decline in abundance, changes in survey methods, changes in the number of animals available to be sighted due to presence within the ice or some combination of these.

            Common minke whales (protected since the moratorium apart from commercial catches under objection and subsistence catches in the North Atlantic and special permit catches in the North Pacific)

            Apart from the dwarf sub-species, common minke whales are only found in the Northern Hemisphere. There are no reliable data with which to assess dwarf minke whales.

            Common minke whales were taken in most parts of the North Atlantic but these stocks are in a healthy state. Reliable recent abundance estimates exist for the northeastern and central North Atlantic and off West Greenland; these total over 180,000 animals.

            Common minke whales have been primarily hunted in the western North Pacific. Difficulties in determining stock structure make firm conclusions on status difficult. As a species in the western North Pacific it is not through to be endangered but there is concern over the status of the ‘J-stock’ (whose range includes the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and Sea of Japan) and for which there is considerable bycatch in fishing gear. Abundance estimates for parts of the western North Pacific total over 25,000. The eastern North Pacific has been poorly covered by surveys.”

          • AnimuX

            The Schedule to the ICRW – Table 1 – “Baleen Whale Stock Classification and Catch Limits” – North Atlantic – Northeastern stock of Minke whales – PS (protection stock). The West Greenland stock is also listed as a protection stock.


          • Keir Shambley

            Interesting. Thank you for the link. Did you notice all of the exceptions in this pdf?

          • love dolphins

            O so because it tastes good you don’t care you were actually poisoning your body? Good to hear you don’t care about any living thing, not only whales.

          • Fabrizio Santoro

            like if packed food, magically exposed in supermarkets are drugs free.. the salad you buy is full of chemicals, the meat has been inflated with drugs.. I’d rather have a choice between eating pilot whale meat and knowing what I get, instead of going through a supermarket on packed food…

          • love dolphins

            Wonder how supermarkets survive in your country…. You must have a very large vegetable garden. Maybe there’s room for a cow and pig and some chickens but seems like you don’t care where your meat comes from and is contaminated or not.

          • Julia

            It’s not so much WHAT you it. It’s how it’s obtained. These are cruel and barbaric means. It’s really gross and I think it might have something to do with Penis size. The men are angry and have to be all big and tough because they over compensate. Just like a red neck in KY driving a big truck…He’s hiding the size of his manhood. LOL I’m teasing. I’m sure you have an adequate penis. It’s your brain that’s small.

          • Þórir Bergsson

            I am pretty sure its your brain you are talking about.

          • Judy Martin

            we all are not this stupid in america.why is this worse than the terrible living conditions in the american chicken factories or our imprisoned brood sows , unable to stand up because their cages wont allow then to move..at least these animals lived free lives.

          • Ragnar Sigurðsson Joensen

            eh, poisoning his body? the food you get at your grocery stores, are you 100% certain that it is not loaded with toxins that will slowly kill you? We’re aware that whale meat contains mercury, but so does every other flu shot and vaccine that you’ve ever gotten in your life. The difference is, that a single flu/vaccine shot contains a lot more mercury than, say, a few years worth of whale dinners. (Also, vaccines and flu shots are going directly into your blood stream).

            But all in all, its pointless to argue any of this. We eat meat, and love it. You do not like that, should we give a fuck? 🙂

            You’ve seen pictures… its very easy to draw emotional drama from pictures. Try come for a visit and have a look at the hunt in reality.

          • Anthony

            am I the only one who really enjoys to real all of these arguments? x’D
            (Tú Alfagra Land Mítt)

          • Kathi Harrington

            The life expectancy in the Faroe Islands is very high and does not reflect any problem with their diet.

          • Julia

            Educate yourself please. Really.

          • XWheme1937

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          • Simon Nordendal

            And people don’t need to kill Cows in order to get a nice hamburger, but people do.

            People ca eat other stuff than cow meet, but which either it is it is meet.

            Cows are being killed because people like the taste of cow meet.
            We kill pilot whales because we like the taste of pilot whale meet.

            Same as people kill cows for lets say hamburgers.
            People could still live without cow meet, but what ever you still have to kill a living animal, be it cows, whales, chickens, fish what have you.

            So get over it, not all nations are the same.
            If you are an American or British I would say stop killing cows, sheep, or how about stop killing people.

            So much nonsense over animal slaughter but so little about the hundreds of thousand of people being killed in Syria, Iraq etc, or to get back to the animals, lets save the Cows, lets save the fish, lets save the Chickens.

            Eat and be happy.

          • asbjørn poulsen

            you have noth anny brain faroe islanders now ther are toxic wales and wee have hear it menny times so donth go on with itin

      • Jógvan

        Correct! I don’t kill pilot whales for nutrition and I will not go bankrupt nor starve if I stop.
        I’m sure you know the feeling of really loving one specific kind of food. Well, I really love the taste of whale meat, especially as fresh as possible, so why wouldn’t I like to be a part of getting the animal to the shore and watching the most experienced whale killers in the world doing their job perfectly to minimize the suffering of the whale.
        I would much rather choose a Faroese whale beef than a chicken that has lived 35 days in a 30x30x30cm cage in its’ own filth.

        • Fabrizio Santoro

          Tú hevur rætt, Jógvan! I’m Italian, it would be a disaster if – say – we couldn’t eat pizza, pasta and drink wine! :v
          And pilot whale meat is delicious :3 nomnom

          • love dolphins

            So you would never question what your parents taught you? Going through puberty must ‘ve been real easy for you!

          • Fabrizio Santoro

            on the contrary, you should question yourself what your parents taught you, since you seem to love “holy” whales and dolphins more than you love other humans… what does disturb you? the fact I’ve ate whalemeat? the fact I’m italian and I do eat typical italian food? the fact I do respect a country and a culture for the hospitality they gave me?

            life must be very boring down there….

          • love dolphins

            You really don’t have a clue? Sigh… It’s not B. You think it’s typical to have whalemeat on your pizza frutti de mare, lol? Be careful what you eat abroad, they might be poisoning you.

          • Fabrizio Santoro

            I do not understand why the hell are you mixing Faroese and Italian food!! :/ probably babbling too much about things you don’t know is actually worse than eating a ton of whale meat… 😛

            And in any case, it is frutti DI mare… not “de”…

          • love dolphins

            O, I’m sorry, let me edit my post right away. And since my English and Italian is incomprehendible, I wonder how good your Dutch is. And YOU started comparing both whale meat and pizza! Yes, they’re both traditional food in a country but only one is causing unnecessary suffering and inhumane methods to obtain. Tradition shouldn’t be an excuse. That’s why human right activist for example try to stop the horrible TRADITION in Kenia of young girl circumcision… and we the grindadrap.

          • you are crazy

            can you please stop talking about this you don’t know anything!!!

          • asbjørn poulsen

            hmmm and menny peopel in youer country do halal murdering you have to stop it fore it are more cruel than killing wales

          • Julia

            You’re sick. Really. Please educate yourself.

        • AnimuX

          Faroese people eat plenty of other animal products and don’t make exclusive exceptions for free range, cruelty free meat, and other such designations. So don’t pretend that everything you’ve ever eaten lived a happy free life outside of a factory farm. The Faroes are a modern country and have grocery stores just like any other EU nation.

          Just be honest about it.

          • Zeus

            Can you fcuk off?

          • love dolphins

            You go first!

          • Pauli Mikkelsen

            Why not be a part of whats been killed and eaten?
            A preson that eats steak and dont have the balls to know how the stake gets on his plate, is a fucking hypocrite…

            And why is it sooo important for you guys to tell us what to eat? Why is it a MUST that we live the same way you do?
            It should be a good thing that not every nation in this fucked up world lives the way the americans have taught them to live..
            Different nations – Different cultures. Accept that for crying out loud…

          • rubi cabrera

            again i say we are not part of the EU xDD

        • eve_v

          Jógvan, if you were right about this issue, you would not have to write an 8000 word essay to defend your viewpoint.
          What you do in the Faroe Islands is BARBARIC, yes, as in heinous, cruel, vile, savage and horribly brutal. I don’t care about your reasons, the practice is horrendous and it needs to stop.

          • RhovanionGirl

            Is it truly any worse than what goes on in some North American slaughterhouses? Or on some factory farms? This article doesn’t go into it but the slaughter is quick and humane in this case. Sharp hooks have been outlawed, only blunted ones are allowed and they do not pierce the flesh. They simply insert into the blowhole to help get the whales on shore where they are killed by quickly and properly severing a major artery. The whales die in less than a minute. Compare this to cattle that spend their days barely able to walk because they are lame on 3 of 4 legs but are prodded to the milking parlour anyways. Or, as was recently reported on, turkeys being beaten with pipes and sticks until their legs are broken and then left?

          • annalisa Gaardlykke

            Pictures? oh you mean the ones from so-called non profit organisations, that live on donation from the wealthy… those pictures can in no way be bias or compared with propaganda… I’m sure that these pictures where not picked as the lucky 5 out of 5000, and then increased in contrast and tinted red.

            If you are vegan, I will listen to your point of view and most likely understand it. But if you eat meat or any animal product, you clearly don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

          • RhovanionGirl

            Mainly I’m talking from personal experience on farms I have visited with a veterinarian. And no, I’m not a vegan. But I do have a clue thanks, since I majored in animal welfare, have visited multiple slaughterhouses and farms, and know how to asses animal welfare.

          • Ellie Jones

            I don’t care if you majored in freaking pilot whale hunting on the Faroe Island: you have no idea what your talking about unless you have been there and seen it. I have seen it and know what I’m talking. The only thing for a non-vegan that is bad about this IS the picture. That, I know for a fact. The whales live a free life and then they get killed, so not at all like your slaughterhouses.

          • Dena

            Hi Ellie are seriously defending the slaughter? When you see a family killed or human tortured you good with that?

          • asbjørn poulsen

            it happends every day in the bigg countrys people gedt killed and ther are non ther do anny thing abouth that buth wee have to stop to gedt ouer food source fore you and other say so you are clever and a other ting if all people was wegans wath shud the annimals eath ther are more than 7 billion people no i think annimals shud be treated better ass the wales in ouer country

          • Jógvan Zacharias Midjord

            is it just me or are you sorta defending us ( the Faroe islands )

          • Dena

            If you have seen what happens at slaughterhouse and still buy meat, than your given them thumbs up to continue the abuse. What is happening in slaughterhouse is as bad as what is happening to whales. It has to stop this torturous and unnecessary, we call our civilized

          • Simon Nordendal

            Good point there annalisa Gaardlykke 😉

          • sicklid

            No, you don’t get it. A balanced vegan diet is not sustainable for every human to adopt. It’s expensive, you need to take extra supplements, and import food from all over, which adds to the pollution issues.
            I live in a rural area. We grow fruits and vegetables, can them, hunt and fish for our food, and raise animals. Eating locally. That is sustainable.
            You are so disconnected from the food sources, you just don’t get it. Most people don’t. Their food comes from a brightly lit grocery store, and they don’t see where it REALLY comes from.

          • Dena

            I’m a nutritionist with over twenty years of experience and what you are indicating is incorrect. For example when did you hear of some being hospitalized due consumption of fruits, vegetables and lumens? Then you can look at nutritional value of
            Spinach, cooked
            1.00 cup
            (180.00 grams)Calories: 41
            GI: very low

            vitamin K987.2%

            vitamin A104.8%






            vitamin B232.3%

            vitamin B625.8%

            vitamin E24.9%



            vitamin C23.5%



            vitamin B114.1%




            omega-3 fats7%

            vitamin B35.5%

            pantothenic acid5.2%


          • sicklid

            Yes, spinach is very good for you. It’s an excellent food, very dense with nutrients, and tasty to boot. But it doesn’t have everything you need.

          • Dena

            What is you think you need?

          • sicklid

            Well, for starters vitamin B12 is essential for the nervous system and the production of red blood cells. I didn’t see that in your break down.

          • Dena

            Shellfish have highest amount of B12, cheese, eggs and vitamins.

          • David Michel

            sicklid, b12 is mostly never stocked by any humans…urban legend…i a min full shape do martial arts..fencing coach..defender of animals…in full shape…just like most Vegans…now as for meat eaters..they feed their cancer cells..increas eheart disease.etc..ask ANY doctor..

          • Neither does whale. Amino acids in human meat may prove best, and heck! We certainly aren’t an endangered species. But that logic doesn’t make cannibalism an option, does it? Same could be said for whales, chickens, cows and so on.

          • David Michel

            B12 can be found anywhere…your statements are off and wrong..maybe in the faroese they want to make sure u stay on a meat diet..and support the violence and the grindatrap..and dont tell me its not violent but peaceful because yo uwill make yourself discredited and look like a pure liar..lol

          • John

            Never heard about anyone hospitalized for eating pilot-whales either.

          • Dena

            John your suggest methyl mercury is safe for humans and would not lead to person being

          • SSCS4EVER

            Well the rate of Parkinsons disease on the Faroese Islands are way higher than other places and so are the amount of people with learning problems, both comes from the intake of whale meat that are full of Methyl Mercury and other toxins! So there you have it ,there are a lot of people being hospitalized due to consuming whale meat

          • Solid Bow

            Way late on this but the problem with veganism (for me) is that if you want to do any high level athletics/weight lifting the amount of extra eating is ludicrous. During some parts of my regimes I need 2400 calories/day and near HALF of that in PROTEIN. Do you know how difficult that is on a vegan diet? It’s near impossible.

            I tried this one year to test and you’re instantly drained of long-term energy and have to be near constantly eating to keep up weight.

          • Alex Vermont

            I’m vegan and what you just said is bullshit. B12 and vitamin D are not expensive and I get my food from local CSA’s and I spend much less than I used to.

          • sicklid

            You really missed my point. Not everyone has access to the resources you have. Always remember that. I said it’s not for everyone. Not saying nobody should be vegan.

          • Alex Vermont

            “It’s expensive, you need to take extra supplements, and import food from all over”

            perhaps you should make your point a little better.

          • sicklid

            You forgot the preceding line. “A balanced vegan diet is not sustainable for every human to adopt.” Note that I am not saying “no one”, it’s just not for everyone. Perhaps you shouldn’t take that one line out of context, and then you might get my point.

          • Alex Vermont

            It’s one thing to say, “A vegan diet is not for everyone.”

            What you said and in the matter in which you said it is completely different. You’ve set up your statement so veganism is essentially bad by emphasizing the expense and pollution issues. Veganism isn’t as expensive as you are making it out to be. The pollution that you are associating to veganism is nothing compared to the pollution and environmental damages associated with industrialized farming. It’s interesting how none of that was mentioned.

          • sicklid

            For people in many areas those are real issues.

          • Dena

            I understand your point of view, but you should go spend some time with the pods so you can gain a better understand what you are killing since I have not heard one person from island know anything about highly intellect create. Your choice is one you all been conditioned to believe in, without taken stock or developing your option of study. Being isolate has aided in your blinders.

          • Dena

            If your doctor told you for health reasons to stop eating animal bye products due your elevated cholesterol and toxics so could have another 10 years of life.

          • John

            Im am a doctor, don’t drag us doctors into your fanatic beliefs.

          • Dena

            First of all you have no right to for all doctors.

          • Dena

            Second is I have close friends that two are GP and other are specialized. All are vegetarians for health reasons, and I’m not speaking for anyone other then myself.

          • asbjørn poulsen

            fruith and wegetables are same unhealty to eath they are sprayed with toxics to

          • SSCS4EVER

            Not all of them are sprayed ! Have you heard about Ecologic fruits and veggies? Otherwise go to your local supermarket in Øster-Jølby and look!

          • sicklid

            Now why would he do that? My cholesterol is perfect.

          • Dena

            It happens all time individual is advised to change there diet for reason. The thing you should get tested for is how much mercury is in your liver.

          • asbjørn poulsen

            all industrial food are poisoned go to youer doctor and check youer self wee now abouth ouer food in faroe islands and the doctor ther have find outh abouth the mercury have check on how much wee can eath so we now and do noth need youer advice dena

          • Dena

            Social responsible individual know where food comes from even in well light grocery store. What is shocking for me is killing an animal that has equal to if not greater social structure then human. You thinking it is ok to kill an pod where they all watch. You have clue what youkilling,

          • David Michel

            I have never taken supplements…these are urban legends and reasons that people embrace not to make efforts. this is completely false.
            I am Vegan and my blood type apparently is for the meat eaters..lol..
            B12 is lacking in Veganism, however did you know ,..and ask a doctor..that very small percentage of men can stock up on B12..urban legend…only thing that would be missing.
            When you meat eaters eat meat, you are getting what they are getting from the plant based food they eat..cut the extra steps and go Vegan…
            It will reduce animal cruelty….save tons of water..and reduce some of our worst pollution..
            51% of gas emissions come from the animal agriculture…13% from fossil fuels…so need to pay attention at any level..unless u are foolish and think the planet can continue gorging on meat and gorging on animals..it is not sustainable at all…too much water goes to that industry to our detriment…
            educate yourselves and opt for a better future…

          • Solid Bow

            “51% of gas emissions come from the animal agriculture” … Okay but the animal population won’t shrink if we aren’t eating them…

          • asbjørn poulsen

            wath are you going to do ween ther are so menny annimals tat they day of hunger and are ower populated they need place to feed on are you going to poisoning them like menny countrys do now ???

          • GoRoyallyFuckYourself

            Like religious nuts, vegans are delusional. If it were so bad, we wouldn’t have any carnivores whatsoever.

          • Alex Vermont

            Are you saying you are a carnivore? If so, perhaps revisiting a biology textbook would do you some good. Comprehending the difference between and omnivore and a carnivore is important.

          • Dena

            If you open your mouth your teeth are not design like dog or cat that primary meat eaters but rather closure to vegetation consuming animals. If bothered to look at what is happening in body after consuming meat verse non animal it is very clear. I think you may find some imagines on YouTube, the information is out there.

          • Grub

            No the pictures come from the book written by a Faroese whale killer. It is called “Seven Minutes.”

          • David Michel

            You seem to be forgetting that 99% of sscs is Vegan…so then you should really listen to our point of views..us Vegans and activists…
            I am against animal agriculture in general, corporate or grass fed or tradition of my butt in the faroese..Survival and tradition can be intertwined but when its no longer a case of survival…time to make a stand for whats right and thank those magnificent animals for all the food they brought you for centuries by leaving them alone today…
            Are you looking to replace the fishermens income.. ? easy does it, make all the boats eco tours..u will have be of the most touristic palces on earth…and have lots of money from it.. right now u make urselves look like aholes..thats one point..
            Also when i hear faroese people mention that they are not endangered…who the heck knows ? ..u guys are far from having done any real scientific survey..and i’ll tell you right away your killer/grinders might not have the msarts to do that kind of thing..to be barbaric as they are shows some lack of intelligence and compassion.
            As to the suffering and pain, if someone put a hook in you and grabbed you and would make a nice cut in the bac kof your neck u know ur body might not be moving much and blood oozing out of you, but i guarantee you will have some terror and not for 2 seconds..so stop the lies and the bullshit, show compassion..
            Stand up in the Faroese and put a stop to the Grindatrap, thank those dolphins whales by leaving them alone..make them some shrines..thank them for centuries of survival..that would be recognizing your history, not make u look like barbarians and make u look much smarter.
            Enjoy !

          • Grub

            Of course all barbaric animal killings should stop! Especially among sentient, communicating, three-lobed brain sea mammals. How does a damned turkey killing barn compare to the rounding up, herding in and bloody death of whales in a Faroe harbor? No difference except the whales are so much smarter, aware of what is coming, attempting suicide against sharp rocky land. And their babies are screaming.

          • Alex Vermont

            Turkeys suffer as well. Ornithology has come a long way and we have a better understanding of turkeys’ and chickens’ ability to comprehend their surroundings.

          • asbjørn poulsen

            you are noth talking truth i now menny annimals and like sheeps cows and pigs they now ass well as wales wath happends you treath youer annimals better and leth them outh of the cages to have a better life buth i now you will never do that you are only hurrassing others like a small country like faroe islands and think every ting you do in youer country are good and the right ting buth i think you shud gedt the annimal welfare better in youer country before you jump on others we are noth badering you in anny way

          • 法律工作
          • Grub

            What difference does it make the cruelty that is carried out in North American slaughter houses (as opposed to throats cut in the rest of the world). It should ALL be stopped. I’ve seen the book. You guys enjoy the bloodletting. Fathers proudly pass the hooks and machetes to their sons who gladly enter manhood among the churning blood red water and the screams of the dying and the babies looking for their parents?

          • asbjørn poulsen

            they kill wales in america to you do probably noth now that kill them with spears last time in mars this year

          • Dena

            So, this right?

          • Why does this argument need to be ‘tit for tat’ as in making the slaughtering and suffering of one sentient creature to mean it is okay to slaughter another sentient creature so long as the imposed suffering is perceived as less. Your argument–defending whale slaughter via pointing your finger at the admittedly vile slaughterhouse trade is like justifying murdering people via gas chamber over starving them to death. Slaughter and suffering can’t be measured by those who aren’t experiencing it for themselves. And we need to speak out for the animals since they can’t on their own. PS: Meat is not necessary for health. Humans just hate to give up their ‘bacon.’

          • David Michel

            well not sure who u r having a discussion w..i am vegan and all animals to me should just not have anything to w our dietary needs..good luck not getting sick dude..make sure that mercury poisoning doesnt do too much damage

          • RhovanionGirl

            Thanks for the concern, I’ll be sure to eat a balanced meal and keep my mercury monitor handy

          • David Michel

            No worries…anytime…it just sucks to need a mercury monitoring device with you anytime you eat…hey maybe its the future..everyone with their little machines anytime they eat any meat or fish toi measure toxicity..lol..and deformed children and heart disease and cancers etc… lovely life…ill just make sure to have non gmo all natural organic vegan foods 🙂

          • Caroline Burton

            No, it may not be any worse, it may even not be as bad as what goes on elsewhere, but you cannot excuse one atrocity because another exists, nor should we dilute the seriousness of this issue by introducing an entirely different one. People’s views change and if someone who eats meat and dairy products wants to condemn other atrocities, then perhaps that is because they are in the process of enlightenment. Who knows, maybe after this issue, they will take on the meat and dairy issue, hopefully. That’s how it works, it’s called the evolution of moral consciousness.

          • Anthony

            I’m getting sick about hearing all of this cry about the faroese people are killing whales. just let them do it. we can’t do anything to stop them killing whales but here is it illegal to kill whale but there it isn’t. that is there island. and let them kill whales so shut the fuck op and let them do whatever they want to do

          • Alex Vermont

            Denmark is a part of the European Union and it is illegal for members of the European Union to participate in whaling endeavors. The Faroe Islands are under Danish control.

          • rubi cabrera

            Faroe Islands is not like Denmark it is not part of the EU why does everyone keep saying that do research people it saves lives -_-

          • Alex Vermont

            Perhaps reading comprehension is not your strong suit? There’s a difference between saying DENMARK is part of the EU and saying the Faroe Islands are in the EU…which I did not say.

            Are you arguing that the Faroe Islands are not under Danish control? Then perhaps taking your own advice about research would do you well.

          • Alex Vermont

            My point was more to do with Danish police participating in these whale hunts which was recently documented. My comment was directed towards the issue with Denmark getting involved and protecting the whale hunts….which according to EU, they should not.

          • rubi cabrera

            The only reason Denmark egrees protecting the killing and eating of whales is because they know that it is legal in Faroese waters are there exceptions yes but everything done in that day was point to point legal. By definition we all know that when you try to get involve in something that is legal by illegal means you need to be apprehanded right? that is the only thing Danish police did you did not see them with spears or the equipment used. By the way it is not a ‘hunt’ Faroese people do not go out to sea to look for whales they only eat what is close to island waters.

          • rubi cabrera

            1) Denamrk didnt pariticipate in killing any whales they maintained the peace and upheld the law so you are still wrong and no need to undermind me when i said to do research. Faroese law applies in Faroe Islands Danish law applies in Denmark

          • asbjørn poulsen

            faroe islands are noth part of the european union and that are a stupid argue you do go to france ther they stuff gooses and ducks so the liver blows is that noth annimal cruelty ther are a loth of sea sheppards members from france and i think they are disgracefull they experimented with atomic bombs in the passifik and ther are people steel dealing with it gedt cancer and other tings buth france do noth clean it upp and they go to faroe and hurrass people there clever

          • Durita Dahl Djurhuus

            Against stupidity even the gods fight in vain. 8000000 perfectly reasonable words from Jógvan would still not make you understand a thing right? The only thing that needs to stop is you and your kind…

          • nepnep84

            eve_v – It’s not about defending a viewpoint – it’s about informing ignorant people like yourself. When I say ignorant, I don’t necessarily mean stupid (I don’t know you), I mean ignorant as in lacking knowledge/awareness about pilot whaling. Frankly, I find it disturbing that you can write 55 words with no sources or evidence, only your own prejudice viewpoint and get voted up. Faroe Islanders have to explain again and again because pilot whaling is such a misunderstood phenomenon.

          • Jógvan Zacharias Midjord

            how can you call it barbaric, when you have no clue what you are talking about, the only thing that you know about the Faroe islands, is what this article says, and what the SS are saying, when i want to say something i all ways take the time to look at the details about it, and not propaganda

          • Pauli Mikkelsen

            Why is it exactly that you are nosing in here, when it has nothing at all to do with you, and you know for a fact that there is no threat to the species at all?

          • Grub

            Everything on this planet has something to do with each of us here.

          • Tracy Campbell

            I dunno, he made a pretty good point about how animals are treated commercially…which is FAR more barbaric than killing a creature for food in its natural habitat. He wrote an essay to explain and support his viewpoint, instead of just brashly flinging around the word “barbaric” without any support like you did.

          • Mark Daniels

            How is the mistreatment of animals commercially relevant to whether the whaling is ok?

            The way some people’s minds work confuses me… The only similarity is that in both examples the subject is animals.

            Do you not see that the arguments are not comparable. They are not even relevant to each other.

          • Alex Vermont

            I guess I don’t see the distinction. In the end, a sentient being’s life is being ended against their will. Why does it matter if it happens in the wild or behind the confines of a slaughterhouse? I don’t see how one is better than they other. They are both “barbaric,” to borrow the terminology.

          • asbjørn poulsen

            so you have to kill a loth of people fore wee canth bee wegans 7 billion people wath shud the annimals eath

          • David Michel

            hahaha u r absurd..whatever u r trying to say…lmao

          • Solid Bow

            Near every sentient being’s life is ended ‘against it’s will’… often in far worse ways than anything @ these islands…

          • Wavie

            If the Faroese weren’t right about this issue they would have stopped the whaling. They know that they are right and hence they would rather die convincing all those ignorant people, who help spreading horrible “facts” about their country because they believe everything they hear in the media, of that fact than sacrificing another food source simply to please others and forever be known as the people who were once “barbarians”.

          • John

            Eve, you are the reason why he has to write long explanations. You live by the rule “hate what you don’t understand”. The only argumentation Sea Shepherd and people like you use is, barbarians, savage, horrible, cruel etc. Articles/propaganda like this are just planted by the Sea Shepherd to create hatred, and they don’t care about the real facts and you don’t either. None of you know the real truth about whaling, and choose to ignore the facts and instead call for violence, economic sanctions etc against the Faroese. Instead you should try to see above your Disney perspective of animals. There is practically no vegetation in the Faroes and meat is important way of getting food. The whaling is sustainable and the animals don’t suffer in contrast to our disgusting meat factories in Europe… where animals are stacked in tiny cages, medicated full of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals. The same goes for the majority veggies. The whaling is in fact much more humane and civilized then the barbaric, brutal, horrible,cruel money meat-machines around the world. Just because you have never seen any blood of the animals you have eaten doesn’t mean that it is not there. It comes in a nice package and you have no clue that it was a living animal.

            Saw in one of your earlier comments on another story, “Any mediocre journalist knows to at least check their references”. I suggest you do the same. But I know for sure that you will not, because your fanatic mind is set. Sea Shepherd mission accomplished because they got you angry and blind, and they don’t need anything more. No need for facts only anger and lies. Your only purpose now is to create hatred against a nation that has done nothing wrong, shame on you.

          • Guest

            One of my faroese friend wrote this on facebook: “I wrote – for the first time – a little post on the Sea Shepherd, Denmark facebook page, where I pointed out that pilot whale meat is actually eaten, and the Danes kill about 19 million. pigs annually. Now the comment is deleted and I am banned from their page.”

          • Jason Dunn

            Why, because they are big? Why don’t you go down the local pond and hound the trout fishers on the same grounds. Isn’t it the same thing? The difference may be, that the trout struggles more, suffers longer and dies slower.

          • Ólavur Petersen

            So it’s barbaric, because YOU say so. Honestly, we have shown you people proof of EVERYTHING from how it’s humane and not in any way cruel, to how it’s not even toxic enough to cause any harm. But as usual, you ignore that, because you’re too damn stupid to be able to think, and just follow your emotions instead.

          • Rói Ljósheim

            Why do we need to stop?
            Believe you that you have to decide what we eat?
            I kann not decide for you whether you want to go to Burger King and eat a burger from such a beautiful creation, the choice is yours

          • Roy

            Why do we need to stop?
            Believe you that you have to decide what we eat?
            I kann not decide for you whether you want to go to Burger King and eat a burger from such a beautiful creation, the choice is yours.

        • love dolphins

          Sure, why not go watch it and let your kids dance on dying whales? Quite a tradition I’d say… And give a knife to those children and drunks, your so called “very experienced killers”. Yep, we’ve seen the pictures. So again, LIAR!!

          • you are crazy

            hahaha you don’t even know what you’re talking about. you sound so stupid. come to Faroe Islands and look, if you hate it that much!

          • RhovanionGirl

            “We’ve seen the pictures”. Fantastic argument right there. I’ve seen a picture of a unicorn, guess they’re real!

          • Hilary

            Exactly ‘love dolphins’!! I struggle to understand how the killing is humane when articles such as this (and I’ve researched a lot) explain how children as young as 8 years old are given a knife and allowed to stab a living creature until they are covered in its blood?! Contradiction in itself I think! I don’t believe in stopping the Faroese people eating what they want, as the population of those whales is not at risk….at the moment!, but I disagree with the way in which they are killed. Its a tradition yes, but its more like a ritual that everyone gathers to watch and expose young children to killing. Whether its for a tradition and to eat or not, exposing children to killing is wrong and allowing them to take part is even worse! Give young children a taste for killing, then act surprised when a few of them get such a taste for it they start turning on people or other animals!
            A legitimate slaughter house would be better. Not on the shores with everyone watching like its a parade or carnival event…that’s just sick. Whales are highly intelligent creatures, who have the ability to feel grief and even empathy…they form long lasting relationships and friendships, so how would the Faroese people feel if you and your families/friends were all piled into a small cove with no escape and were forced to watch your loved ones being slaughtered whilst extremely scared right in front of your eyes…until you were slaughtered as well??? I hope the tradition ends and the whales are slaughtered in a more human and respectful nature in future…so that they don’t die afraid and in stress! After all, these animals have long been reported to come to the aid of humans in distress, they very same as are louring them to their deaths now. It saddens me and I hope it changes soon.

          • Þórir Bergsson

            I have killed a couple of guillemots i dont crave the killing of other animals and specially not humans, dont be so naive.

          • Joey Navera

            Hillary your point is all that makes sense to me. Killing iin the eyes of children will bear a different kind of fruit- a fruit that could turn sour. One day these children will turn into killing other creatures like humans when all these whales are gone.

          • Poul

            we have had 1 murder in 23 years! so its a big NO to those theories of yours, we will not turn in to psyco killers

          • Rúni Christiansen

            What a moronic thing to say. Have you actually been there? I doubt you would say that if you went to the place

          • asbjørn poulsen

            in faroe islands ther have been 4 peopel murdered in a 100 years so i dont think it are ass you say fore they mean ther have been harvested wales fore 1200 years in faroe islands the annimals in slaughter houses day in stress to ther canth bee anny faster way to do it in slaughter houses annimals waith a long time and are in horrible stress hillary

          • brandy

            actually there have been 10 murders since 1967 in the Faroes Islands, but still not a lot, and some of the murderers weren’t even Faroese!

          • asbjørn poulsen

            i am born in 1960 and thats noth right ther are 4 murders and the last in 2012 and it was noth a person from the faroe islands ther did it and if ther was 7 its still noth much and ther sith around 7 people in jail in a year brandy

            2014-09-04 11:52 GMT+02:00 Disqus :

          • Kathi Harrington

            There is no correlation between children who learn to hunt and fish increasing a chance that the child will kill humans. You are an idiot for suggesting such a thing.

          • Rúni Christiansen

            “I struggle to understand how the killing is humane when articles such as this (and I’ve researched a lot) explain how children as young as 8 years old are given a knife and allowed to stab a living creature until they are covered in its blood?! ”

            That’s just not true. 1. Children are not allowed to kill whales in FI – you have to be an adult, and you have to have a certificate. 2. The whales are not killed by knives – read the article again! Knives are used for cutting up the animal once it is dead.

          • Poul

            drunks??????? wow an sscs fan, or the westboro baptist church of ignorance, learn the facts instead of believing the BS from the sscs. this should be of help to you: http://www.whaling.fo

        • Broad-minded

          I think a lot of people should stop trying to convince themselfs, it´s clear that they also know killing whales is wrong. Nowadays every voice counts to change something, so start signing petitions. It´s going to end soon, so no worries 😀

        • Mark Daniels

          Your argument is that because there is perhaps animal suffering going on elsewhere, then it is ok to create animal suffering here.. this is well known fallacy.

          It is like arguing that beating women is ok in England, because they beat them worse in Saudi Arabia, or that we should take away Muslim’s rights in France, because they take away all people’s rights in Egypt.

          Do you not see how weak and illogical your argument is?

          • Poul

            no, the argument is, stop throwing stones when living in a glasshouse yourself, clean up your own mess before pointing fingers!

          • Mark Daniels

            This is still a illogical and weak argument. My own personal ‘mess’ is also irrelevant. The objective morality of an action is not decided by the moral activities going on elsewhere. This is wrong….. And should be outlawed.

        • Ninn077

          Its interesting how no one seemed to get your logic in this comment. The ritual in itself, because the whaling tradition seems a bit ritualistic, with all the blood and “violence” as a community event does seem a bit too much. But…. you are right in the sense that if were going to eat meat that we like, there is no better way than to hunt it ourselves. And showing the children is actually the right way to go, although it may seem harsh, its not hypocritical, you want to eat meat? Here’s is how its done. Not close our eyes and have someone else do the dirty work for us, so we can criticize them when a video, movie or animal rights post comes along.

      • johnslattery

        It’s none of your business how the Faroese run their economy and what meat they choose to eat, Animux. I presume you are a vegan, right, given your sanctimonious outpourings on this subject? If so, focus your rage on halal slaughter, which affects many, many more animal lives than whaling.

        • Cornhole

          How is it nobody else’s business? In a modern world of globalisation, where we can all talk together over the internet, where we can efficiently trade with each other via sea and air, we can visit on a tourist visa, how is it not our business?

          Maybe 50 years ago it wasn’t our business – which coincidentally is when your whaling should have started to stop. You’re happy to import foreign foods, and stock your supermarket shelves, but also continue to do what you’ve always done?

          At what point does the fact that the entire world population has increased nearly 2.5x since 1950 mean anything to the way we utilise the planets resources? Notice I said the “planets'”, because whales do not belong to the Faroese, they swim in international waters just after they pass by you.

          What used to happen 50 years ago, or longer, should not be a precedent for the way things happen today. Everybody has to get on board with changing, and building a sustainable future. Yes, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, all get killed – but they get killed sustainably. Bearing all that in mind, one doesn’t need to eat meat at all to get the nutrients they require. With modern supermarkets and options available, it has opened the door to alternative dieting ways to those who choose to educate themselves.

          Everybody needs to stop whaling, because it isn’t sustainable. We can’t farm them. They don’t have 8 offspring, they don’t breed twice a year, they don’t come quickly to maturity, they are not species which can be continuously bombarded – they will not last. Once one species starts to go, people will just move on to the next species, just like they have with fish. So no, this is about all whales, and all other susceptible animals that belong to everybody.

          • Guest1

            It is nobody else’s business because nobody else seems to even be properly informed. I find that most people here against whaling started being against the Faroese after the whaling pictures. Obviously, a picture of a whale being killed is not pleasant, but neither would one of any other slaughter. Have you ever seen a drop of blood in water? It spreads extremely quickly. Whales have a lot of blood. Of course all of the pictures are bloody.

            The way Grind is killed is in a controlled way, making sure that they die in the quickest way possible. If you take another look at the pictures, you will realize that there is only one cut at the top, and then once they are dead, there will be a cut out at the bottom to remove the insides. I will not claim that there have been absolutely no cases of a whale being cruelly slaughtered, but that never happens today. Not everyone is allowed to kill the whales, only people who are well experienced with Grindadráp, and have learned to do it correctly. Also, the people who do kill the whales have to have the right weapons. As well as this, there are policemen making sure that it is done in a quick and efficient way. The whale is killed with one cut, and dies on average in 30 seconds.

            The Faroese are originally farmers. They use the resources they are given. The whales are not endangered, nor does the 0.1% that are killed a year make them unsustainable. Whatever is killed is also eaten. They are not killed for certain meat. The resources from the whales are used.

            I’m sorry, but wherever I see these articles, people use so many negative adjectives to make it seem so much more barbaric than it really is. Please, stop using ‘bloody’ as a reason for us to stop. We know it is bloody. Every sort of animal killing is. Pork is, beef is, poultry is. The Faroese will never take you seriously if you come with things like ”I saw the pictures. They are bloody. Killing pigs are not the same thing, because they are bred. I know everything about your culture. You people are the worst people on planet earth”. Opinions are not facts. And seriously, haven’t you ever hear of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Many of you have only seen pictures and read false/opinionated articles. Everything can be exaggerated on the internet, and this is one of those times, to say the least.

          • florencebelle

            @guest 1This is one arrogant Tossa!” you people (presumably people who care about cruel unnecessary animal slaughter), are the worst people on planet earth!” Im speechless. This is so indicative of the mentality of these people. Actually, its these “worst” people who are probably the same people who campaign for the continued existence to live freely for all the worlds wildlife. including myself. But for these people as you call them, the mass extinctions taking place at the present time would be a hell of a lot wors thanks to overpopulation of thoughtless, greedy consumeristic humans who never seem to have enough . Unlike some of their critics on here who sit in judgement with their harsh traditions intact pontificating to those who have the ability to look outside their own little domain & want to protect their world even when its NOT IN THEIR BACKYARD!

          • Guest1

            “You people are the worst people on earth” I put quotation marks for a reason! This is what we are told by all of these people judging us. Other people say that we are horrible people, just because we use our natural resources! I am not saying you are horrible people for caring, but you are all uninformed! What I am saying is that so many of you base arguments on one article or one video. There are so many inaccurate articles on the internet. And as far as wildlife living freely, the whales do. They are not hunted or kept in cages or farms. We only go for them when they come into our fjords.

            Imagine if you heard that a remote country called the Faroe Islands used natural resources as a food source. They didn’t even go out to hunt them. They waited until they came to them. They don’t take more than they need, and let any extra go. They kill them in super time. They eat all of the meat and blubber. Wouldn’t people be applauding us for not caging animals in small tight areas and stuffing them with growth hormones and other?

            As I said before, every meat slaughter is bloody. Whales have far more blood, and when mixed with water, it spreads. A lot. What puts most people off is the ‘bloody sight’ and the fact that they are whales. Whales are intelligent, correct? Well, so are pigs, yet pork is a very common food in many places. I kind of find that another reason people don’t really approve of it is because it is so different. I can think of many things that people used to loathe because they were different. Being dark-skinned? Being homosexual? If you are against them now, people will often give you a look of disapproval. Maybe one day it will be the same for whaling in the Faroes.

            Please, please, please, try to be open-minded? I am trying my hardest to explain this in a way that everyone can understand, and I realize that there have already been misunderstandings, but we are trying to show that we don’t just do it ‘because we like killing’ as some people have claimed. After a while of reading all of these false claims we get angry and tired of them. That is why our answers may come off as arrogance.

            Here is a link that proves most of the arguments against whaling wrong. Please read it, because seriously, it is much better at debating this than I am.


          • Not your business.

            It isn’t your problem because it doesn’t happen in your country. We are faroese, and we can do whatever we want to in our country. Your saying that sheep, cows, pigs and chicken all get killed sustainably. They are bred, live in very small places, and they often don’t die instantly. Their life sucks. Pigs are fed with something that makes them grow faster, is that good for them? The whales get to swim freely, have all the space that they want to. We kill 0.1% of whales, they aren’t endangered, because if we already have enough of whale meat, then we actually let them go. Yeah, we faroese people let the whales go, did your beloved Paul Watson tell you that? Paul Watson only lies about the faroes, and the whales that we kill. He got 1 fact correct, and that is the fact that we kill whales. We know how to kill the whales, and we have the correct weapons, that got developed specifically for the whales, so that they die instantly, and don’t die a slow death. The weapon is called “mønustingari” in faroese, and it severes their spinal cord, then we cut their ‘throats’ so that they can bleed out (AFTER THEY DIE), because the meat tastes better if we let them bleed out. Everything is extremely organised. After that we cut their stomach with a single cut, to remove the insides.

            What if World War 3 happened in a few years, and we couldn’t get our transported food from the other countries, and we could died of starvation, because idiotic, not properly informed people from other countries told us to stop killing whales, and people stopped knowing how to kill them. We don’t have alot of local food in the faroes. Some people have sheep, but not enough for everyone. The whales come to the Faroe Islands, so we eat them, it’s nice to get a bit of free meat every once in a while. Most plants can’t be grown in the Faroe Islands because of the climate. That problably isn’t a thing that you are familiar with, because everything problably grows where you come from. We can grow potatoes easily. We can also grow other things, but then we’d need to take very good care of it, and we problably wouldn’t be able to do that because of the War. We faroese people kill whales because we need them, they are our food<3 And we aren't murderous people, we are people that need food. Here are a couple of laws about killing whales that we have http://www.eysturkommuna.fo/get.file?ID=11119 it's in faroese, so sorry.

            Next time, know what you're talking about before you complain about it.

          • Julia


          • Frédéric Dubé Mercure

            You say that your whales are at least living a “free life” compared to our chickens and our cows that we make live in small places and feed them with gross food, etc. ? Sadly my friend, it is better to be born is such an habitat, which is yes not the best comfort like the sea, than to be born in the sea to live a good life and to end up being slaughtered. My point is : when you don’t know you can have or live better, you don’t think what you are living is bad. I am not defending the way we are treating farm animals here, but at least, compared to what you are saying, we are not slaughtering them. Cows die in less time than you take to emprison your whales and kill them using your “legal weapons” and so on for other farm animals here.
            Further on, I am totally in approval that people in different countries have the right to defend such things as traditions to ensure perpuity in their local habits that went on for centuries. Though, there is some differences between those habits. Would you, as said before, accept people killing other humans with the reasons that its moral for them and that they have done it for centuries ? You will say killing humans and whales once a year is totally different. Not exactly different. It is true that a human, at least in my point of view, is weight more important than a whales life if taken side by side. But still killing is killing. Wether or not its for food “once a year” (I personnally think you could stil be happy without that “free food”) killing a human for a sacrifice once a year because people think in miracles that could happen with that sacrifice. Do you see the comparison ? Maybe you people think it’s ok to do so, and are targetting our farm animals commercialisation to show us that we’re doing the same or worse and you are totally right we’re not really better but saying that others are worse is a sophism and can’t be considered a proper argument because you are not defending your actions you are only passing the problem to others. We have barely no ways to counter the disgraces in the farms here, but you have all the means to make a difference as stop such violence on poor and intelligent animals that lived an awesome life before they go, because it’s in their travel route (meaning they can’t change it), to your islands. I am not a vegan and I have more of a conservative point of view on the farm commercialisation, but I do not approve the need to kill once a year many whales like you folks are doing. Maybe it is super good, and maybe cannibals are saying human is super good too. One day, maybe in millions of year, but one day we will all have to make sacrifices on food because there will not be plenty like todays.
            And about your war argument, I really don’t think that your whales that come to your islands once a year will save you all…
            Finally I totally respect you guys you must be amazing and I would love to go there. I congratulate you all for trying to defend your valors too !
            (sorry for my english I am french canadian)

          • Ragnar Sigurðsson Joensen

            As if we kill the entire population of pilot whale. Maybe its time to look at all the shit the globalisation is putting into the oceans, that is what is actually pushing the animals to extinct.

            http://www.whaling.fo << for more information.

          • Mikael Í Jákupsstovu

            So by your definition, farming equals sustainability ? you mention self education as a preriquisite for better living, but advocate transport of goods, be they nutritional or not, as a viable alternative to local produce. YOU need to educate yourself, the two biggest threats to OUR environment are namely farming and international transport, NOT killing live wildstock.

            And to further break down your preposterous postulates; The very definition of sustainability, is harvesting at a lower rate than the reproductive rate, and this goes all the way through both the food- and supply-chain of the production.

            Hunting wildstock at a lower rate than the birthrate is as sustainable as sustainability goes. and by coincidence, the birthrate of the Long Finned pilot whale is, compared to the estimated population, 3.840 on an annual basis. The Faroese hunt on average 800 annually.

            you whould have gained much more respect by just saying “whales are nice, so you can’t kill them”, instead of going headlong into a discussion without any valid arguments.

            Best wishes, an educated Faroese.

        • love dolphins

          You feel good now, picking on him? Well, let me tell you something I am not vegan. There you have it. Come on, let the comments rain down on me! But know this, vegan, vegetarian or not this alarms ALL of us. Feel a little outnumbered?

        • florencebelle

          This person probably IS against cruel halal slaughter if they care about the cruelty of whaling so that is a stupid comment! And you are wrong, the wild creatures of the planet belong to us all & if a rogue country is decimating the worlds wildlife like china or barbarically bludgeoning another sentient creature like whales & dolphins to death unnecessarily ,then YES, it is everyones business. If we all did what whaling countries do, there would be NONE LEFT!!! Never mind the cultural traditions. argument, bear baiting was a tradition, bear bile cruelty is a tradition, bullfighting etc but any ethically minded, empathetic , compassioate person can see thes practices are wrong & not necessary. We dont need to live with the caveman hunting mindset any more in 21st cent! These hard baked thugs need to GROW UP!

          • Julia


          • Rúni Dam

            ignorant,stupid,who you are!

          • florencebelle

            Take that stupid looking hair out of your eyes & maybe you will SEE SENSE!!!

          • Anthony

            what the Faroese are doing is non of our business and shut the fuck up

          • PornGrind

            “And you are wrong, the wild creatures of the planet belong to us all”
            If they belong to us all, then I will eat my part and You can do whatever You want with Your part.

            End of discussion much?

      • Broad-minded

        Really like your arguments 🙂

      • Broad-minded
        • GB

          Right. Because voting in an internet poll is going to make a difference. The Faroes are a self ruling territory, and by insulting them and talking down to them, you make sure that they will keep defending their rights to kill whales. The only way to change the old customs is to convince the people that you are right, and the only way you can convince them, is to engage in polite discussions based on scientific facts.

          Unfortunately for you, science does not agree with you. These whales are not endangered, and the slaughter is done the most efficient way there is.

      • doesn’t matter who

        How can it be so much more BARBARIC to kill pilot whales than to kill a chicken, a fish or even a bug?
        Just cause they are big doesn’t it mean they feel more pain when killed than a bug who you crush with your hand because its annoying.

        I have never killed a pilot whale and probably never will, i leave that for the men. But seriously. This nonsense about Faroese people being crazy and have no heart or what ever, is simply hilarious!
        How can it be any worse to kill a pilot wale compared to a pig, cow, chicken or something else. Who live their whole life in a small cage where they can’t even move. Chicken’s get poison so they grow faster, and some die of it because their body’s can’t handle it.
        When a pig is born they cut their tails of, and many of them die of infection, the rest live in small cages with 100 others and when they die, they are slaughtered alive!
        Cows stand in a small cage too, but by them selves. They can only stand one way and can’t move. If they fall to the ground they are dead, cause they can’t get up again. The rest slaughtered alive like the pigs.

        At least these pilot whales get their whole life to live in freedom, in peace in the big ocean, and most of them die out there.

        So remind me again why EVERYONE tell US faroese people that we are some crazy assholes? because the real crazy assholes are the once slaughtering in America and other places! But still you come for us.
        Even if Sea Shepard is here now again, they are NOT going to change a thing. We couldn’t care less about those stupid people, and we are not bowing down to paul watson!

        btw. The whales die die instantly and professionally!

      • Maria

        That is just ignorant!!!
        You must have seen “An axe to grind” too many times since you think that is what we are doing!

        We have a need for the whale meat on the islands – do you have any idea how expensive the food on the Faroe Islands is? It is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in – whale meat is a lifesaver for many people in the Faroe Islands!

        Let’s turn the tables! Do you eat meat? Do you think that the meat is made in a factory? Every kind of meat has been KILLED! So what if we kill a small percentage of whales – chicken, cows, turkeys, horse, sheep etc. are born to be killed – so that you and I can eat them! Can you honestly say that fat chicken, that are to fat to even stand on their own legs – pigs that are so fat they have to lie down – turkeys that get their legs broken so they don’t run – horses that get blunt blows to the head several times before they fall to the ground and lie there in pain – all of that, is that better than the whalekillings on the Faroe Islands? The whale-group is discovered, the boats go out at fetch them, and make them swim to the shore, where the grindmen’ are waiting with their tools, and kill them within seconds. There are no screams from the whales, they don’t suffer any pain, worse than the animals mentioned before!

        If you are a Vegan – then it is understandable that you have such a twisted view on the grindslaughter – but why the hell have you chosen the grindadráp as the worse? Are the pigs, the cows, the sheep, the chickens not cute enough?

      • Andrias Faulkner

        what in goods name do you know about that ??

    • love dolphins

      Your start was good for saying Sorry you’re Faroese. Well, guess what, APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!!!!

    • love dolphins

      And you are the liar here when you say Captain Watson is one!

    • SandShark

      I believe that at one killing of the whales saved the people > but those days are long gone. It’s turned into one big party for the men and boys. I do think once you get to know the people, you see they are not evil people and need to approach this type of hunt differently then say Taiji. I believe you need to get to the mothers of these children and explain how dangerous it is to eat this meat and how it effects the body. It needs to be a inside job more less> get into the schools, teachers and again approach it differently. They do not sell their meat but am trying to teach their kids how to hunt incase they need to survive again in this way. Learn about the past of these people, and in a nice way > teach them of a new future.

    • GenJackRipper

      Färöya is the best place on the earth. You can almost do anything as long as you stay so pure and beautiful.

    • dicten

      Dear Jogvan
      I’m Danish and agree with everything you say. I don’t actually know any Danes who are against Faroese whaling, but I guess there are as many crackpots among us as there are amongst other nations; my apologies!
      I hope the oceans will be cleaned up eventually so that you can go on enjoying whale meat.
      Alle the best

    • Julia

      Video does not lie. This is barbaric. You don’t need that meat! lol that statement makes me laugh. This is a dumb tradition that is trying to prove manhood. You’re not men. You are cowards. Spoiled little brats that need to kill something that would never harm you just to prove you can. I think this is a gross display of human power over a “lesser than” mammal. Oh my god you tell us to mind our own business?? You MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and stop killing entire whale pods. Leave their families alone. You are wrong and clearly uneducated about Cetaceans. Disgusting human display.

    • SteveLee


      thrown in the bin ; http://sftimes.s3.amazonaws.com/c/2/e/6/c2e6c07713df9ba20aaeedf0e0980fc6.jpg

      You are sick sick animals and whatever dimension i call home, i pray, i pray to every star in the sky, that you, are not part of it.

    • Judy Martin

      please dont lump all americans together in the stupidity. i was born and raised on a poor mountain farm an west virginia, usa. i know and agree with everything you say here. people have gotten so far removed from their food source that kids today think that hot dogs and chicken nuggets are from a plant. It is sad that we have let political correctness and popularity contests between politicians and celebrities turn us into idiots.
      Meat and poultry and fish are animals and we have been eating them since we started walking on 2 legs. These whales had about as quick and painless death as could be provided. They live a free, natural life. Unlike our industrial farming of today.
      So please , know we americans are not all idiots and some of us really can think for ourselves . I see nothing cruel or evil about killing a reasonable nnumber of whales and feeding your familys and your neighbors.At least there are probably no children going to bed hungry in your village, unlike here in the USA

    • Grub

      Cut yourself open several times with a tire iron, stick your head in a pan of water, and enjoy that “only seven minutes” experience. Neanderthal.

    • Terry Field

      Is there no end to the desire of human beings to slaughter the creatures of the world – just because they can?
      SO many words in your post.
      Just one thing conspicuously missing.
      The many upvotes of your island killers is unconvincing.

    • Chan Li

      Jógvan I know this is a very old post, but it seems like the subject is still alive today. I completely agree with you. I had the same thoughts before I read this article and your comment: I was looking for opinions other than the negative publicity (propaganda would be a better term) that Shepherd Paul Watson is giving you. You know what I think? I think the big heads massive commercial whaling of Iceland to Japanese are influencing the activists to target you, while they’re doing the real harm to animals and nature. Emotional people and animal lovers (as myself) can easily be manoeuvered and manipulated with shocking images, and large commercial companies know that. They can use that to create a diversion from their destructive practices. People who don’T see this, and that they have the power, the cunning and the money to manipulate activists groups, those people are very very naive. Please people, aim the right target. We know nothing about life in the Faroes, but we know how WE destroy nature, disrespect life, and cruelly enslave OUR animals. WE are the ones responsible for all the environmental problems and the suffering and poisoning of animals. NOT the Faroes. Leave them in peace and go eat your hot dogs.

  • Bahamas97x

    This drive hunt is one of the most disgusting and inexcusable acts of animal cruelty anywhere in the world.
    I think that there must be something badly mentally wrong with those people who participate in this act. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves. This sort of act should have died out a couple of centuries ago.
    And as for the bullsh*tters below trying to con us that no one there enjoys this act, and it’s all about food, do you think we were born yesterday? Save you bulls*it for those who might believe it.
    Ask yourself this – what would you think if you saw a small crowd of people on your local street tomorrow hacking a dog to death with large knives? Would you think that was the act of sane, normal people? Or would you run away and call the police?
    And bizarre cruelty to animals is one of the childhood traits of serial killers and general nutters which does not bode well the health of those people in the Faroes who do this.

    • Meghan Pierce

      They don’t hack the whales to death. They place one cut that severs the spinal cord and the main artery to the brain. After that cut, the whale can’t feel anything. The animal then goes unconscious from blood loss, and dies in less than a minute.

      • AnimuX

        Some of the Faroese are faster at cutting than others but the end result of a sliced open neck is unmistakeable. Furthermore, that’s not the entire process and you know it. Before the animals are first cut into, they’re harassed at sea, chased into the shallows, and then a hook is driven into their airways and they’re dragged by their blowholes up to the shore — how long does it all take before it’s said and done? Be honest.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          I do not recognize the herding as a part of the killing process at all. If so we could also include animal transport and herding of farm animals as a part of the slaughter, which its not.

          • AnimuX

            Oh but if you’re going to call it “a drive hunt” then the herding is indeed part of the process — just as a hunter tracks an animal that is shot but not yet dead or immobile. It is all part of the slaughter.

            So, how long from the time a whale has a hook jabbed into its airway, then dragged by its blowhole to the shore, before the cutting starts?

        • Meghan Pierce

          I’ve read that it takes an hour or two for the whole process to happen- from sighting to the last pilot whale to be killed. Compared to other hunting and slaughtering processes, that seems better than a lot.

          All this information is public, and I have learned most of it from youtube videos and articles. I’m not Faroese, but instead I’m an American. And I know that my country still whales, along with many others that are surprising.

          • AnimuX

            The ‘USA’ doesn’t go whaling and has no whaling industry. However, some native Alaskan groups are permitted to kill a small number of large whales for nutritional subsistence. This is also permitted by the International Whaling Commission. Outside of these native groups, it is illegal in the USA to harass, injure, kill whales or dolphins, and illegal to posses, transport, or sell products made from cetaceans.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            “The ‘USA’ doesn’t go whaling ”

            What country is Alaska a part of then? Russia? Canada?

          • AnimuX

            The native tribes are an exception — mostly due to old treaties that persist from the annexation of Alaska and the establishment of reservations for tribal societies (an unfortunate tragedy of western expansion in the Americas). As previously stated, it is otherwise illegal in the USA for citizens to harass or harm whales.

          • Fabrizio Santoro

            oh yeah.. there must be an “exception” when you run out of proofs….

          • AnimuX

            No. It’s an actual exception — as in each tribe that hunts whales must go through a process to get the hunt allowed by the US government as an exception to the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act and the International Whaling Commission must approve the quota for Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling.

            Anyone else in the USA who deliberately harms a whale or dolphin can be prosecuted and sentenced to prison.

          • I can do more then fish

            If an exception exists you cannot say that “The ‘USA’ doesn’t go Whaling” as it is actually lets see whats the word….oh right..Its a false statement and logical fallacy as you are ignoring a fact.

          • AnimuX

            Although these native groups fall within the jurisdiction of the USA the government is still bound by treaties that recognize these groups as something more — “tribes possess a nationhood status and retain inherent powers of self-government.”

            I know it’s convenient for people to falsely compare native tribes in the Arctic to private corporations or European countries or government sponsored poaching operations when making pro-whaling arguments.

          • I can do more then fish

            Its also convenient to use guilt by association. They are a country ergo they cannot whale hunt. In a con-whaling argument.

          • Meghan Pierce

            The Faroese likewise, have no whaling “industry”. None of the meat that is obtained from the hunt is sold. Instead it is distributed among the people of the community to eat. In fact, the pilot whale meat makes up 30% of the meat they eat.

            Here’s an interesting scientific article on the hunt, and how important it is to the Faroese. It brings up the effects of the pollution that the (technically dolphins) pilot whales have in their blubber. It also looks at alternatives, and how that will affect the whole world- including contributing to greater ocean pollution.

            Also, why do the Native populations get to hunt large whales that have smaller populations than the Pilot whale? The Bowhead whale has a population that could be as low as 10,000, and the Inuits can take up to 67 whales a year. http://iwc.int/estimate- for bowhead whale populations.

            “Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Seas stock of bowhead whales (taken by native people of Alaska and Chukotka) -A total of up to 280 bowhead whales can be landed in the period 2008 – 2012, with no more than 67 whales struck in any year (and up to 15 unused strikes may be carried over each year).” – http://iwc.int/catches#aborig

          • AnimuX

            The Faroese also do not kill pilot whales for “subsistence” AND they do sell the meat, as WDC and other organizations have shown by simply visiting the Faroe Islands and documenting the sale of meat from the Grindadrap.

            Regardless, the Grindadrap is not continued for economic or nutritional needs. They simply kill those animals because they enjoy the slaughter.

            Edit: As for the native groups in Alaska, Russia,and elsewhere, they may actually have an argument for whaling based on nutritional need — however this should be repeatedly examined. Many do not believe the IWC should allow it. Personally, I do not agree with it either. Regardless, it’s not done for ‘the thrill’ or ‘excitement’ of killing whales. Nor is it done for commercial use. Although, Greenland lost its ASW quota when eco-groups exposed commercial use of the meat from the ‘subsistence’ hunts.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      How would you claim they “hack” the whales to death? With a pick axe or what? They are killed with a clean cut with a grindaknivur (pilot whale knife) or the spinal lance, not exactly what I would describe as “hacking them to death”, which would indeed be inhumane if it was true.

  • George Hartwig

    The Faroe Islands don’t need any allowance for their grindadráp. Nobody has the right to decide upon the use of their pilote whales as natural ressources but the Faroe Islands themselves. The grindadráp is legal, sustainable and according to animal protection regulations.
    These former whale killing nations, – UK, USA, Australia, Germany…, who started their new cult of whales and dolphins as the Western Holy Cows only when their industrial over-exploitation ceased to be of
    any economic interest, are not in the position and have no moral right at
    all to give bad or good marks to those people, who play the game.

    Yes, the Faroese grindadráp has a long history, it is the only still existing form of this ancient collective and social marine drive. This treasure should well be honoured as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

    And to be honest, – should I really take the opinion of an author seriously, who respects “the bravery” of these false Animal Right SSCS eco-fascists and who applauds this vile propaganda concoction Blackfish?

    • florencebelle

      UNESCO…in your dreams mate!. As regards you insults to people who care about the environment/animal welfare….sorry thughead, you are outnumbered. There are more of uswho care about the environment etc & campaign for its conservation ( that means everything, forests, oceans & all the animals in them) than there is of people like you! Dont lecture to me on bravery when you have a bunch of violent cowardly hard baked men killing some of the worlds best loved wildlife needlessly. you make me sick!

  • AnimuX

    The biggest lie perpetrated by Faroese defenders of the Grindadrap is the lie that they kill these animals for food and don’t enjoy doing it — as if they’re forced to by necessity.

    In reality, the Faroe Islands are a modern country and the nation’s main export is food. The average income of people in the Faroes is comparable to other European nations. They’re not starving or poor and they definitely don’t rely on random whale killing for food.

    The people who participate by running, sometimes screaming, into the water with knives and hooks in hand, simply love personally killing helpless animals with their own hands. They celebrate the experience with their neighbors. They derive personal pleasure from it. That’s why they do it.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      I happen to know participants personally, who are very friendly and nice people and they claim to total opposite, I’d rather trust them than some pathetic American AR who has never been to the Faroe Islands. Since you like to claim that these people only do it cause they enjoy it, I’d also like to claim that the vast majority of internet anti-whaling keyboard warriors lives in their mothers basements, eating Kraft meals for dinner.

      • AnimuX

        They claim the total opposite eh?

        Do they claim to be starving or losing their homes to bankruptcy if not for the slaughter of whales, when it randomly happens, on their shores? If so, they’re lying to you.

        Do they claim to hate personally killing pilot whales, as if it was something they wished was avoidable but could not be helped? If so, they’re lying to you.

        In reality, nobody from the Faroe Islands makes such claims. They kill those whales in the brutal and inhumane manner chosen by their ancestors, not out of necessity, but out of sheer enjoyment of killing.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          “Do they claim to be starving or losing their homes to bankruptcy if not for the slaughter of whales, when it randomly happens, on their shores?”

          No. What I meant was that they deny your lies that its done only for fun, and all the AR myths that its some kind of “rite of passage” or some “manhood ritual”. The ones I have spoken to, the ones that I know, kills whales as quickly as possible. If you break the Faroese animal welfare laws you can be suspended from future drives. If is defiently not out of necessity, but nor is their import of meat products or their fishing, either. They could all become vegetarians if they wanted to, by importing vegetables and fruits only, but most people are not vegetarians, the Faroe Islands is no exception to that.

          • AnimuX

            If anyone believes it is a ‘manhood ritual’ or ‘rite of passage’ it’s because too many Faroe Islanders refuse to admit the truth that they kill those whales because they enjoy the slaughter but say they’re doing it for ‘tradition’.

            A ‘tradition’ of mangling hordes of whales as a community for no good reason can be easily misinterpreted.

            So ask them to just be honest about it. They love killing whales with their bare hands. That’s why they do it.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            Still, I’d rather trust native Faroe islanders who participates in the drives, than an American animal rights activist who has never been anywhere near the Faroe Islands. Hunters in general, including drive hunters, enjoys what they are doing, but its not the only reason they do it. My father is a moose and wild pig hunter here in Blekinge and he sure loves shooting those animals as a hunter, but its also for the meat of course, which is handled and taken care of, so its not only some joy of killing, but also harvesting free meat. My Faroese friends who kills whales has the same point of view.

          • AnimuX

            So ask your friends in the Faroe Islands to be honest and admit they’re not slaughtering whales for tradition or out of necessity — but for the sheer enjoyment of killing whales.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            When I asked them why for a couple of years ago, they said that its for the meat that is harvested, and the excitement, in other words, like any other hunters like my dad, who also agrees with the Faroese.

          • AnimuX

            How noble! They slaughter entire families of totally helpless animals — that is animals unable to fight back or flee — for the ‘excitement’ AND then they eat meat that they don’t even need despite the fact that their own doctors advise against it. Now, if only every article written about the Faroe Islands would explain this in plain and honest terms then perhaps there wouldn’t be so much confusion.

          • Bjarki Skúvadal

            I think I have to interfer into this discusion.I am a faroese, and I have partisipated in many many grindadrâp, and it has always been the most natural thing to do and I never felt crual, I always thought it was no different to kill a sheep or a cow which I also have killed. I must admit that it is very exiting because you are fighting with an animal that is thousand times stronger than you but I never felt any enjoi by the act of killing, that is ofcourse necessery if you want to eat the animal. I feel very bad to hear from foreign people that we are bad and sick people because we kill whales, and that we do it just to enjoi ourselves, that is ofcourse nonsens. The reason for people running into the water with knifes and hooks is that you wait until the whales are close enough and than you run to make it over as fast as possible, and the knives and hooks are the tools, without them you can do nothing. Your are completely right we would not die or starv if we did not kill and eat the whales, but than the danes or the english or even you would have to kill a few thousand cows more to supply us with without any cost ofcourse, because the whalemeat is free, as you might know, and would that not be a desaster, us sitting here trilling our thoumbs waiting for the aids from you? think about the indian tribes, what happened to them when you stole their huntinggrounds?
            We are actually the most peacefull nation you can think of, we never started a war, our government never sends us out to foreign people to kill them, we do not produce weapones to sell to Dictators so they can kill their own people, murders are very very rare in this country and criminality is almost unknown, but we kill whales because we like to eat them, and we see them as a natural resourse like we always have done.
            Excuse my bad spellings, hope it can be understood!

          • Fabrizio Santoro

            “Save the whales.. for dinner!” as Kate Sanderson said once! 😉

          • AnimuX

            You know perfectly well that the Faroes will not have a shortage of food, including meat, if they stop the Grindadrap. Thank you for admitting that there is no nutritional necessity involved and that the slaughter is entirely optional.

            You should also know Pál Weihe (among other doctors) has studied the effects of the contamination in pilot whale meat and blubber on Faroese people and recommended they stop eating it.

            Please don’t exaggerate as if the pilot whales actually have the opportunity to ‘fight’. They’ve been driven out of the deep water where they live to be killed in an enclosed space without room to escape. They don’t naturally prey upon people and therefore only attempt to flee. There is no ‘fight’ between men and pilot whales on a beach anymore than there is a fight between men and kittens in a paper bag.

            As a powerless nation, the Faroe Islands are indeed a very peaceful country — and a prosperous country in no small part due to the funding given by Denmark and trade with the EU. But this has nothing to do with the pilot whale slaughter — nor does stories about western expansion in the Americas and the decimation of native tribes all over the world by modern industry and war.

            Getting back to the topic… If participants in the Grindadrap are described as ‘murderous’ or ‘violent’ it is quite obviously the result of the spectacle of the Grindadrap which is obviously a violent practice. Some view all animals as having inherent value as living things. Others consider the growing body of science regarding cetacean intelligence — such as the calls from some scientists to declare dolphins and other cetaceans as non-human persons and the second smartest creatures on the planet.

            Regardless, this much has been established. There is no necessity to the Grindadrap for money or for food. The participants enjoy the Grindadrap and continue killing whales because they like eating pilot whales regardless of health consequences. That about sums it up — a petty standard at best.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            If there was no blood, I am 100% sure that less people in the world would be shocked and outraged by it. Many anti-Faroe photos focuses specifically on the blood, and likes to show photos of how the sea is red of blood AFTER the whales have been killed, cause “activists” knows that blood evokes emotions and will make people outraged, no matter how quickly the animals were killed. Sometimes they even use photoshop to make the blood look even redder than it is, activists loves blood. Same thing with the seals in Newfoundland, red blood on white snow makes money from emotional wrecks around the world by donations.

          • AnimuX

            Of course, people are shocked by the horrible bloody mess that is made when entire families of pilot whales are cut open after being dragged to the shore. It is quite normal to be shocked after witnessing such brutality. And activists do want to raise awareness about what is happening in the Faroe Islands and elsewhere.

            Why are you so opposed to people witnessing the reality of the Grindadrap? Why do you think it should be hidden?

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            Called pods actually, not families. There is nothing shocking about having them cut up after they have been killed, such things has to be done if the animals are to be eaten, so no, I am not shocked by such sights. The first time I saw an animal being cut up was when my dad took me on a deer hunt when I was 5 years old, and after the animal was shot it had to be cut open and gutted quite immediatly, of which I helped him with. And so I did countless of times after that. Maybe shocking to city folks, but for rural folks like me its pretty normal.

          • AnimuX

            OK. If you think it’s all perfectly fine and normal then why are you opposed to showing how these animals are killed to the public?

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            I am only against it if its shown to demonize the people who was behind the killing and those who watched it (or in some cases, demonizing the entire Faroe Islands). Especially if they used photoshop to make the blood look even redder. What I also hate is when people show photos out of their context. Therefore I am not opposed to the Faroese media showing such photos, cause they do it with pride, and not to demonize other people. When a-holes like Sea Shepherd makes their campaign photos, they take the bloodiest of the bloodiest.

          • AnimuX

            Photos of the event don’t demonize anyone.

            The actions taken by those who participate in the slaughter are horrific and photos are simply documentation of the brutal Grindadrap — including the bloodiest of the bloodiest images.

            Such images of the actual event inform the public about the reality of Grindadrap — as opposed to euphemistic references to ‘tradition’.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            The photos does not demonize anyone. However, I am concerned rather about HOW those photos are used. If they are used in Faroese media for a neutral and non-biased view of the hunts, or even showing that they are proud of it, it’s okay. But if its shown by activists to evoke horror and disgust, then its not okay. And you as well as I know that if there is a series of 50 photos of a hunt from Faroese media, Sea Shepherd and other money-grabbing organizations in the Animal Rights Industry WILL pick the bloodiest one. They will of course not care if its out of context or misleading.

            For many people, blood equals cruelty, death and sadness, but for me and other people who knows the truth, blood does NOT have to equal extreme cruelty. Sometimes, when there is photos of a whale being hooked in the blowhole (with the more humane blunt gaff) in a sea of blood, many who sees that photo will think that all the blood is from THAT whale cause they dont see any other whales on that photo.

            Never use photos out of context, and never add lies along them like “its a rite of passage” or “the whales are stabbed to death with hooks”

          • Andrias Faulkner

            but the meat you buy in the store is better?? do you know what the slaughterhouse looks like?? how they treat animals?? so its fine with the industries because they pour the blood in a drain?? use your fucking head!! and for a fact you need a licence to be able too kill the whale… you can find countless of videos on the internet of animal abuse… the grindaráp takes 2 minuts and its over

          • AnimuX

            No. I did not say that cruelty in agriculture and meat production is OK. There are plenty of activists who protest against such cruelty. However, the one does not excuse the other. And it is a lie to say Grindadrap only takes two minutes. The animals are harassed at sea, chased into the shallows, then hooks are jammed into their airways and they’re literally dragged by their blowholes to the shore and then the cutting begins. That’s not a two minute process and you know it.

          • florencebelle

            of course theres anim al abuse, doesnt make the whale killing ok!

          • Julia

            I don’t eat meat. I have seen what is done and the condition these animals live in before they are killed. The USA has some learning to do. We are just as cruel to animals as you are. But…it’s time to stop. It’s our overbreeding that is causing chaos on the planet. I adopt..I rescue. I don’t eat meat and I don’t “breed”. I do this so that my Step Daughters can have a future. I have so little respect for humans..I’m pretty ashamed how we have treated Mother natures children. I for one will live as peaceful life as I can in harmony in this world I was born into. Helping who and what I can. I challenge you to educate yourself on Cetaceans. I challenge you to take aside a whale and look into it’s eyes. I dare you to watch them swim free with their pods and observe their family structure. I challenge you and anyone who thinks this is okay, to do that. With any animal.

          • Julia

            But I still think these hunts are for pleasure and to judge manhood and over compensating penis size. It’s a gross display

          • Andrias Faulkner

            that your call and i respect you for it.. when i was a volunteer worker i ended up in a farm with only greens and that was hell… no meat for two weeks.. i could feel on my body that i had grown weak.. but honestly i dint give a shit if you doesn’t eat meat or not! god put animals on earth for people to eat… and just the fact that you can be so ignorant… it really makes me sad… because we in the Faroe Islands does not have the same privileges to grow greens in our gardens… we have potato’s and what ever we can get our teeth’s into… ffs we eat every thing of sheep except they’r dick’s… no joke.. and we have done so for 900 years… because we survive no more no less !

          • florencebelle

            why not take the bloodiest when that is the reality !LONG LIVE SEA SHEPHERD!

          • florencebelle

            Again my dear Magnus what a stupid reply. For goodness sake Can you get it into your brain…WE DONT WANT WHALES SLAUGHTERED AT ALL!, whether it involves blood OR NOT!!!!!!! STOP KILLING THESE INTELLIGENT SENTIENT BEINGS, FULL STOP! get your kicks somewhere else!

          • Julia

            I’m very sure you’re wrong about that.

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            Come to the Faroes and witness it for yourself! Instead of trolling on forums!

          • Julia

            Lord no! Why would I want to watch self aware animals get slaughtered in front of their family members? The pain and suffering as a result of this barbaric torture is enough to make a person sick. If you don’t see that they are in pain (blood or no blood)..Then it’s YOU that is sick. Monsters the lot of you that condone this behavior. Serial Killers.

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            Why I bother answering you guys….l

          • Julia

            Bjartur. Please understand. I am not just some bleeding heart animal activist who is all about propaganda and extremes. I am a strong woman who has 30 years of experience working with animals. I’m not talking out of my ass here because it “just makes me sad” or “I just feel it’s wrong”. I know behavior. I know they feel pain. And whales are self aware. Do you know what that means? To be Self Aware? It’s a measure of intelligence. It means you feel empathy, sorrow, fear. I don’t condone killing anything..BUT killing a sheep a cow a chicken is not the same as killing a self aware animal around it’s family and social group. It’s just not the same. I’m not saying you’re dumb but i’m saying you are ignorant on the difference between self aware animals and unaware animals if this is truly how you feel about them. If you care then please research “self awareness”. Do you feel you could treat a human in the same way you treat these whales? If not, then PLEASE read about self awareness. I understand why you do it. Why you have killed these whales. Now try and understand why “I” think it’s wrong. Have an open mind.

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            Now that was a civilized or “grown up” reply for once.
            You have to understand, that when you start calling us serial killers and monsters, people might get upset and start tossing bad words back at you.
            I respect how you feel, and I do know what self awareness means. English isn´t our native language, so most times you´ll see us writing grammar school english.
            I´ve never been involved in killing whales myself, because I don´t have the heart to do it.
            If you had stayed in the Faroes for a month visiting, you would most likely start herassing some other nation afterwords, because you would feel different about us. I guarantee it.
            Dogs are self aware, yet they are being slowly boiled alive in places like Korea. That makes me angry, but it makes me more angry that activist like to pursue us instead. A very peaceful nation that never hurt anyone.

          • Julia

            I don’t doubt the land and people are beautiful. So many things make me angry when it comes to animal abuse. But i must stick with priorities. Ocean conservation is number 1. Without a balanced eco system working in the ocean, it dies. if the ocean dies, humans die. I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to enjoy life as much as I have. I agree boiling dogs is sick, but so is skinning them, eating them. But to them, China, Korea..dogs are not held with any type of respect. To me, all animals should be held with respect. it’s their land, we just share it. Humans will be the death of this planet. I will continue to harass anyone who disrespects animals. I have to. It’s what my whole life stands for. protecting them at all costs. But a balanced eco system in the ocean is always number 1. It just makes issues more urgent with the findings of self aware mammals in the Sea. It’s genocide when you really think about it. No different than what Hitler, Hussein, Stalin and so many other have done in the name of domination. As a matter of fact i’m on a campaign to rid the US Seaworlds of Dolphins. So it’s not just where you are. It’s everywhere.

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            You can exclude us from everything written in your post above, except the killing of animals. We don´t disbalance the eco system by taking some pilot whales each year.

          • Julia

            Anyone who does that, disrupts the balance.

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            Overfishing yes. Not this!

          • Julia

            You and I shall agree to disagree. You keep eating whale and I will keep trying to save them. 🙂

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            I don´t eat it anymore 😉

          • Julia

            UP VOTE!!!

          • Julia

            And i’m from the U.S. We have awful laws here protecting animals. But they are improving. By the way, I don’t disagree with hunting as long as the animals life that was taken goes to feed a family in need. That animal needs to be thanked for giving it’s life to feed another’s. Native American Indians did it right. Us Americans have not caught on yet. I’m not exactly proud of my Government.

          • love dolphins

            The dolphinkillers in Taiji found a way. Putting a wooden “cork” into the puncture wound so the poor creature chokes in his own blood, fully conscious the entire time. You idiot, even without a drop of blood spilled it’s unacceptable that these animals get mass-murdered.

          • Broad-minded

            PLEASE think rationally and take just a second to imagine this(the perspective of the whale): you´re walking on the street with your family, everything is great.
            Suddenly you´re scared and being lured by loud creatures you´ve never seen before, you´re now in a corner, totally stressed, you don´t want to go this way because it has an end, you want to continue, you follow the others of your group, but you´re so scared, you can´t understand
            anything, you don´t know why these creatures are doing this, you´re seeing the despair of your mother and other family members, you just wish this could stop, after all you haven´t done anything to this creatures. Oddly, their little ones are also there. You´re now totally despaired; you see there´s no way out. You know you shouldn´t be here,
            you feel so helpless, there´s nothing you can do to save yourself, let alone your family.
            Everything is so loud and full of these creatures,
            they cherish strangely. You see a lot of these creatures holding a hook, you hope for the best, it´s hard to breathe now.
            The water turns red, you´re now realizing it´s the blood of your family and friends that you´re swimming in. You don´t ask questions, you just want to go away, but there´s no escape and you know you´re the next. You´ve seen
            your entire family being cold-blooded murdered, their blood is in your mouth, your father´s and mother´s blood. Somebody uses the hook to pull you to where the corpses are, but you can´t accept it, you simply can´t
            give up, although you can hardly move now. You can´t differentiate what´s happening, just chaos, you think it can´t get any worse than that, but somebody approaches with a shiny and sharp object, you unexpectedly feel the
            excruciating pain covering your neck and
            slicing you open, you start to bleed, everything starts to fade, but the pain is so bad and liberates adrenaline, which keeps you awake till the end, you just wish you could die, “why is it taking so long??” it feels like forever, you just wish everything could end, you´re frightened.
            “WHY are they doing this?” You can barely see what´s happening now, but you can hear the water splashing with the movements of your dying friends, oh the water, where you´ve spend your whole life in, now just blood. It´s been 30 seconds, you don´t care if you´re just 1% of your
            kind, the pain is horrible. This horrible bloody scene is the last thing you´ll ever see, before you completely fade away, you ask “why?” again.This is your last breath, the pain hasn´t left you yet, you´ll never swim again, you´ll never get to know your unborn son/daughter….then just a blur. “Why?”

            – THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS!!!

          • Julia

            I enjoy reading your very educated posts. Thank you!!

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            Agree with every word Bjarki!

          • florencebelle

            well you would agree you idiot after listening to your stupid naff arguments!

          • Suzanna Austin

            Are you imbred? Do you have a gene missing? You sound like a blood thirsty psychopath

          • Bjarki Skúvadal

            I suppose I am in your term, but in my term you are. A whale is an animal just as any other that you kill, you just hide it we do it in the open, it can not be done in a slaughterhouse. A whale is not cleverer than a rat, so that argument does not caunt. You see it as a pet, we do not. To us dogs are pets, but to the chinese they are food, so are the differences all arround the world.

          • florencebelle

            oh RUBBISH!, how ignorant you are, you need to do some research. It is scientifically researched, that whales & particularly dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet! due to the size of their brain ” not cleverer than a rat” !!!!1(& even they have more intelligence than you it seems! we dont see whales as pets you silly person , they are wild creatures of the ocean who deserve to live a life of freedom just like you! With the attitude you have, that any creature on this earth ,no matter how intelligent is fair game to be tortured or killed in any way that the human sees fit sums you all up perfectly. Cave man mentality . I think many of us have moved on!

          • Bjarki Skúvadal

            Yes, actually all these discussion is rubbish from one end to the other, because we you and I have completely different points of view on these matters, to me a whale does not range higher than all the animals we and you kill for food, to you it sounds, it is something very close to a humanbeing.
            Well is it the size of the brain that counts??? Men have bigger brains then women, are we cleverer? ask your fellowsisters, I am pretty shure what they will answer.
            Have the whales not lived a life in freedom until they are killed??? What about your cows and pigs and all the others you kill? how was their freedom before they were killed??? Did you expect the whales to live for ever? Or did you expect them to die a pleasent death, e.g. resting on a beach closing the eyes and pass away? no then you and other “whalelovers” would come rushing trying to push it back into sea. And don´t you think that they have other enemies than us? what about killerwhales? did you know that they also eat other whales,? the kill does not last only 20 sec. but hours. If you think that nature is just perfect idyll you have to think differently it can be very cruel even without us!!!!!
            Thanks for comparing us with cavemen! Fortunately we have kept some of the cavemans understanding of nature, while you citypeople have lost it completely in your cheese-dish cover, enjoing your meat wraped in plastic without thinking that there is a kill before it.
            By the way, if the whales are so clever, why do they not smash the boats into pieces? they have the power! Why don´t they flee? They can stay under water for about 20 min. and they could get very far away from the boats in that time.

          • florencebelle

            Im not going to get into a lengthy discussion over your boring illogical arguments about whales escaping, & men & womens brains., not even worth an answer! I actually find you quite THICK!, in the head, that is. Do you realize how stupid you sound. I had to laugh. Evolve from your caveman ways & give us all a break! As none of my food involves the killing of an animal I dont have to worry about my cruel imprint on the earth. You are on a different planet, . When I compare you to fine sensitive caring wildlife people like sir david Attenborough, & chris Packham & others who have a whole different appreciative attitude of the other creatures of our planet, I see there is a huge lump of progressed humanity missing in YOU! CCrawl back into your cave. I dont want to hear from you again, your ideas, or anything about you. I hope one day you will be deprived of your prey . If I receive another reply from your kind, it will NOT be read but IGNORED , you are not worthy of my valuable time. So just GO AWAY FOR GOOD!

          • Bjarki Skúvadal

            Oh, dear, oh dear, am I really that bad? But the fact is, that you donot save the whales by calling me dirty names, THAT is waste of time, go and stop the oceanpolluters, that will save the whales and all other life in the oceans appart from those we and all the other predators eat. OVER AND OUT!!

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            Can´t handle the argument can you? 🙂

          • Helena

            How can it be worse to kill an intelligent animal than a less intelligent one?

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            You could start to defend the slaugther of pigs of you have the time. I would love to hear, why you think it´s ok to kill pigs so you can enjoy your ham sandwich. Considered a very intelligent animal btw.
            A crow is much more intelligent than a cow, so the brain size argument doesn´t hold water.

            If we were to critisize your country for the slaughter of pigs and cows plus the millions of turkeys for thanksgiving and christmas, just to name something, that would make us hypocrites. Wouldn´t it?

            Take a good long look in the mirror!!!!

          • Ruth Griff

            stupid man , its in relation to body size! unscientific twit

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            8 months waiting for that reply?

          • love dolphins

            My spelling isn’t that good either but I understand what you are saying. What I don’t understand is why your fellow Faroese here is saying hooks are not used, not any more at least, only to drag dead whales ashore but you state the opposite, that hooks are necissary? Looks to me someone is lying and it’s not you I’m affraid.
            And for the record I am not American, I’m actually very surprised -in a bad way- this is happeing so close to my bed. Hope this finally gets a lot of attention in Europe, just like Taiji. Close the Cove + Stop the Grindgrap!!

          • florencebelle

            hear hear, love dolphins, im not in the us either , im in the EU!

          • florencebelle

            well you dont get involved in wars/weapons etc simply because you are too small, you can rely on the big boys to protect you from any invaders like Denmark & the EU & of course u dont have to get involved cos u just look after number 1. . Now if Hitler had won, you would eventually have been taken over but you probably would have fought for your freedom . you didnt have to. Others did it instead so dont point any fingers about wars. Most of the wars are because of wicked dictators & religious fanatics in othe r countries in which others get involved thinking they are helping, the oppressed As regards killing animals, you cant compare sheep & cows to wildlife which is being threatened on a global basis on land & in the human polluted oceans! And the animal /whale maybe strong but it has little defence against a gang of cut throat humans in shallow water! Why dont you just shoot the animal outright

          • Bjarki Skúvadal

            Thank God we are small, not big enough to go to war, but we have not been untuched by other nationes wars, we supplied Britain with fish during 2. world war losing half of our fishingfleet and 140 men, which is a great number for such a small nation. Sometimes it is like being in a war, because when you are a small nation people from bigger countries believe that they have the right to tell us how to behave and live.
            Well I don´t think Danmark would be able to protect us in case of war, actually they are the invaders, having been for 600 years and than during the cold war the americans came pushing the danish to build early warning stationes in our country making us to bomb targets so they could protect their own holy country from the “evel” russians. And after all this the whale terrorists came lecturing us how we ought to live and which animals we aught not to kill and eat while they themselves didn´t think that it was not wrong f.ex. hunting a tiny fox with 50 bloodthursty dogs and 30 men on horseback blowing horns and dressed in stupid red dresses just for fun.
            My god what a double standard of morality.
            Why are you entiteled to tell me that I cannot compare killing af whales with cow and sheep killing? They are all animals and the whales are not threatened as a species, and they are food to us. But the real treat is as you mention the pollution of the oceans, and that threat does not come from us, but you. go home and brush the shit before your own door.

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            Magnus! Animux is a troll. Ignore him! Most likely still lives with his mother.

          • florencebelle

            from what ive seen of scandinavian drama, its more likely you are the ones still living with mummy. No wonder you have a reputation for a gloomy depressed outlook on life!. Maybe if you observed the wonder of the wildlife around you instead of stamping on it , you might feel a little better!

          • Broad-minded

            The difference is that hunters DON´T kill entire families cowardly by luring them in a corner. The world is changing and a lot of farms offer a dignified life to their animals, many electrocute them to their death, what
            really takes less than a second, they don´t feel a thing, I´ve seen it.

            PLEASE think rationally and take just a second to imagine this: you´re walking on the street with your family, everything is great. Suddenly you´re scared and being lured by loud creatures you´ve never seen before, you´re now in a corner, totally stressed, you don´t want to go this way because it has an end, you want to continue, you follow the others of your group, but you´re so scared, you can´t understand anything, you don´t know why these creatures are doing this, you´re seeing the despair of your mother and other family members, you just wish this could stop, after all you haven´t done anything to this creatures. Oddly, their little ones are also there. You´re now totally despaired; you see there´s no way out. You know you shouldn´t be here, you feel so helpless, there´s nothing you can do to save yourself, let alone your family.
            Everything is so loud and full of these creatures, they cherish strangely. You see a lot of these creatures holding a hook, you hope for the best, it´s hard to breathe now.
            The water turns red, you´re now realizing it´s the blood of your family and friends that you´re swimming in. You don´t ask questions, you just want to go away, but there´s no escape and you know you´re the next. You´ve
            seen your entire family being cold-blooded murdered, their bloo yis in your mouth, your father´s and mother´s blood. Somebody uses the hook to pull you to where the corpses are, but you can´t accept it, you simply can´t give up, although you can hardly move now. You can´t differentiate what´s happening, just chaos, you think it can´t get any worse thant that, but somebody approaches with a shiny and sharp object, you unexpectedly feel the
            excruciating pain covering your neck and slicing you open, you start to bleed, everything starts to fade, but the pain is so bad and liberates adrenaline, which keeps you awake till the end, you just wish you could die, “why is it taking so long??” it feels like forever, you just wish everything could end, you´re frightened. “WHY are they doing this?” You can barely see what´s happening now, but you can hear the water splashing with the movements of your dying friends, oh the water, where you´ve spend your whole life in, now just blood. It´s been 30 seconds, you don´t care if you´re just 1% of your kind, the pain is horrible. This horrible bloody scene is the last thing you´ll ever see, before you completely fade away, you ask “why?” again. This is your last breath, the pain hasn´t left you yet, you´ll never swim again, you´ll never get to know your son or daughter tha´s to be born. Just a blur… “Why?”

            – THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS!!!

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            Take back that statement about hunters, cause when people hunt reindeers here in Sweden, they spot a horde of reindeers and chase them to a small area where they kill them with hunting knives and butcher the meat. And don’t compare whales with humans, it sounds so damn retarded.

          • Broad-minded

            I’m not taking anything back, because you know many hunters don’t hunt cowardly like you do! Of course you don’t want to compare, otherwise you would die of bad conscience 😉 This is the reality and the whales feel just as much as you, you can’t deny that. This discussion’s proven pointless many comments before. Enjoy your last whale meat, this will soon end.. the world won’t accept it anymore, no matter what you say…. and I’ll be smiling when it ends.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            This may be news to you, but the Faroe Islands does not care what the world accepts or thinks. My whale meat? Here in Sweden its pretty hard to find, I usually eat whale when I’m in Norway.

          • Broad-minded

            This may be news to you, but those whales aren’t theirs to kill, they belong to the ocean, in international waters. Worldwide are many people fighting firmly for human rights and animal rights. Justice for the weak. Fighting against unnecessary, cruel and bloody traditions, like bullfighting, female ciscumcision etc. As long as these traditions continue, there will be people fighting, boycotting and irritating. As soon as they quit, we will stop irritating. This is an endless circle with only one outcome: stop killing whales, otherwise this fighting will never end. These are the facts. You’re opinion sincerily doesn’t matter to me, you’re not even faroese… I won’t discuss this any further. It’s pointless… 😉

          • Chan Li

            Darn! You must have taking drama classes from Walt Disney. You’re the perfect exemple of projecting human feelings to animals, and far-fetched interpreting of a scene without objectivity, based only on your emotions. Did you know that Killer whales use similar tactics when hunting other whales and dolphins ? And most of the time, it’s much more bloody, and takes a long time of suffering and chasing, often a group chasing a mother and her calf for hours. You should hate all living predators, according to your logic, not just the human ones. Lions, wolves, killer whales, chimpanzees (they’re the cruelest), and on and on … They’re all evil psychopath animals. Save Bambi.

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            It´s not nessesary to consume whale meat at this point in time, but it was, and can be again. It´s currently a luxury. But you guys go shooting deer on a full stomach. I don´t like that very much, but it´s not my place to start lecturing you.

            Some people on this forum are trying to explain to you in a reasonable manner, how the whaling is really done, since you have now way of knowing, but the the replies they get are really imature.

          • florencebelle

            How on earth do you debate with this person! who has a thing about his biased loyalty to faroe & an anti american stance??? Its not just americans who are agaist whale slaughter mate but a whole host of other countries across the planet too!. I dont have to visit cruel china to know that BEAR BILE FARMING IS BARBARIC! & of course parts of america have whales so they should know about them! Ridiculous arguments

          • love dolphins

            How about a Northern European animal rights activist? Hunters should get their testosteron kick out of something else.

          • Julia

            you are effing sick in the head

          • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

            I assure you that no one in the Faroe Isl enjoys killing whales.

          • florencebelle

            WHAT! YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOME ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS…ASTOUNDING, perhaps u could inform us in more detail what they consider as acceptable as regards animal slaughter then????/

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            First off, I’m Swedish, not Faroese. But like Sweden, the Faroe Islands has animal welfare laws. Whale slaughter is indeed included in these animal welfare laws, it states that the whales have to be killed as quickly as possible, and that only a select number of people are allowed to carry out the actual killing. Usually the killing itself takes less than 30 seconds. Very much like Swedish (Sami) reindeer herding/slaughter.

          • Ruth Griff

            Ha Ha ha! call that an animal welfare law mate!!!! welfare means you avoid stress pain & cruelty to other living beings!

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            No, animal welfare means that you kill animals as humanely as it is possible. Animal welfare is not animal rights.

        • Fabrizio Santoro

          Do you claim to be starving if all the supermarkets went bankrupts? We should support local production and self sufficiency, instead of forcing a whole country to mass import chemical poisoned food from Europe and the rest of the world. It doesn’t seem to me that shipping cargo using ships and planes is ecosustainable….

          • AnimuX

            Pilot whale meat and blubber is contaminated with mercury, PCBs and other toxins. Faroese doctors recommend that people avoid eating pilot whale meat and blubber because of the negative health consequences.

            The Faroe Islands already produce their own food — and their main export is food (basically fish).

            They have no economic or nutritional need to continue the Grindadrap. It’s that simple.

          • JonathanKwanHC

            “They have no economic or nutritional need to continue the Grindadrap. It’s that simple.”

            I think more people would be outraged if the whaling is
            done for economic needs, don’t you think??

            Anyway, mind if I tell you that the whale meat has helped
            the Faroese to overcome the harsh times?? For instance, if it wasn’t for the supportive culture of Faroese, including
            whaling, I don’t think the Faroese can survive in the economic crisis in 1990s that hit them extremely hard.

            Faroe Islands is a very oil dependent place.If there is another oil crisis, the Faroe Islands may suffer from the lack of external resources again. Because cargo ships and planes need oil to run. The Faroese will be forced to have a larger scale of whaling then before!!

            And your argument of “Fisheries”, I am afraid
            it can’t be agreed. Fish can’t provide a lot of proteins and Vitamins, but whale meat can provide a lot of Vitamins, especially Faroe Islands can’t grow vegetables.

            Furthermore, having some animals as food resources
            doesn’t mean the Faroese have enough internal food resources. For example, Faroese still don’t have enough sheep to feed themselves that some of them are
            needed to be export from Iceland and New Zealand.

          • AnimuX

            There is no nutritional argument you can make that shows pilot whale meta is necessary for the health or survival of Faroese people.

            The hunts are opportunistic — meaning they only happen at random during a certain time of year. Faroese doctors have advised people stop eating pilot whale meat due to the toxic metals and chemicals that accumulate in pilot whales (and dolphins).

            The Faroe Islands are not some isolated tribal community completely cut off from the outside world. The country receives annual funding from Denmark. The people have an average income like any EU country. The Islands have grocery stores just like any other EU country. There is absolutely no food crisis in the Faroe Islands. It’s that simple.

          • JonathanKwanHC

            “The Islands have grocery stores.”

            You mean Miklagarður located in Tórshavn, which is the ONLY proper supermarket on the islands?? Your argument may only apply to residents of Tórshavn, but what the rest of the islands?? I do know many villages and some islands like Suðuroy or Sandoy are miles away from Tórshavn.

            Beside, your argument can also be applied to the Inuits whaling. Why it wasn’t supported?? Because people argued that “The food prices there are so expensive!”

            So yes, their argument is also applicable to Faroes. Did you forget that Faroe Islands is of the most expensive places to live in the world?? At least, it’s more expensive than Denmark and Sweden. Everything is imported.

            And let me remind you, until recently, fruits like banana were seen as luxury food for the Faroese. Because they were imported food and they were very expensive.

            Compared to these sky high food prices, whale meat is
            non-commercial and FREE, a way for many rural Faroese to relief the expensive food prices.

            And watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a89dYfv2FKE Part of the interview just supported what I just said above about high cost ofliving of Faroes.

            “The country receives annual funding from Denmark.”

            You forgot that Faroe Islands do pay taxes to Denmark, so this is not “annual funding”. For me, this is no more than giving a “tax refund” back to Faroese.

            I know people from Faroe Islands and they said that the “funding” is nothing to them, they don’t need it.

            This argument has nothing to do with whaling, it is to let you know that your argument is not really convincing since that “funding” is not really improving the Faroese economy or their living standards on any ways.

            “Faroese doctors have advised people stop eating pilot whale meat due to the toxic metals and chemicals that accumulate in pilot whales.”


            Pál Weihe did not say that Faroese people should stop eating whale meat, he just advised the Faroese to take care and manage their mercury intake instead.

            When he released the reports in 1997 he already stressed out the fact that the medical reports had not interfered the discussion of stopping the whaling or not.

            He also said that he eat whale meat and he did served the meat to his children, even though it is in very small amounts. Why?? Because he never asked the people to come a full stop on eating pilot whales, but just to control their mercury intake.

            You can’t DENY the fact the economy for Faroe Islands is really fragile and you can’t DENY the fact that Faroe Islands has suffered from serious economic crisis that hit them very hard. For instance, biggest Faroese fish export company and two biggest banks faced bankruptcy 2 years ago. Ferry connections to two out of four surrounding countries also closed down, making Faroe Islands more isolated.

            If any economic crisis occurs again, it would hit the
            Faroese livelihood very hard since the Faroese economy is really fragile. And at that time, they can’t buy any imported food since they are so expensive, if they don’t stick back to the former ways of survival like whaling, then they
            would have “food crisis” as you claimed before.

            I don’t really know why you keep saying the whale meat has nutritional values. Faroe Islands can’t grow any vegetables and fruits, that’s a fact. Many historians had already started investigation on how the Vikings obtained Vitamins C to prevent scurvy as most Nordics can’t grow fruits and vegetables. One of the answers was the Vikings kept eating a lot of seafood and whale meat, which contains a lot of Vitamin C.

            Other than obtaining Vitamin C from whale meat, expect on the occasion that the Faroese choose to buy expensive fruits instead; the pilot whales do provide more meat than their sheep, puffins and fishes on the lipid and protein contents. Furthermore, since beef and vegetables on Faroes are extremely expensive, whale meat is the CHEAPEST and the most convenient way of them to have iron intake.

            I am not a big fan of Faroese whaling and I can’t tell how much the whaling can stay longer, but I just find most of the arguments against it “quite wrong”.

          • AnimuX

            Why can’t defenders of the pilot whale slaughter just be honest about the reality of modern living in the Faroes?

            The islanders are NOT dependent on pilot whales for survival. Certainly NOT dependent on pilot whale meat for vitamins either.

            60% of the meat consumed in the Faroes comes from domestically raised sheep. They catch so much fish and other marine products the main export of the islands is food (fish). This includes items like cod and lobster. They also catch puffins and fulmars. But one of the big industries growing in the Faroes is industrial scale fish farming too. There is also a growing domestic dairy industry — surprise, the Faroe Islanders have cattle too.

            I wonder what other foods can be found in the Faroes? There doesn’t seem to be much interest in native edible plants other than cultivating angelica and sorrel. What about the domestically grown potatoes, turnips, and other root vegetables? If it can’t be mass produced on the islands then what else do the Islanders eat?! MY GOD! According to the pro-whaling responses there is no bread in the Faroe Islands because there is no grain! Right?

            Wrong. This argument by defenders of the pilot whale slaughter can be summed up in a photo from a market in the Faroes: http://www.rekindlingthewaters.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/pilot-whale-meat.jpg

            The package of pilot whale meat (yes, for sale) is held up to the camera as if it’s the only food on the islands. But if you look past the whale meat you will see massive rows of shelves filled with other foods.

            Why can’t people who attempt to defend this unnecessary slaughter of pilot whales just be honest about it?

          • JonathanKwanHC

            I NEVER said the Faroese only need the whale meat for survival. I NEVER said the Faroese are dependent on only for pilot whale meat for vitamins either.

            I mentioned about the nutritional values because you kept claiming the pilot whale meat has “no nutritional values”.

            What I said was, while it can be partially true for the Tórshavn residents that the whale meat is not need, but it is needed for RURAL FAROESE TO HAVE SOME RELIEF ON THE SKY HIGH IMPORTED FOOD PRICES. THE WHALE MEAT WOULD ALSO BE USEFUL FOR SURVIVAL IF THE FRAGILE FAROESE ECONOMY IS HIT AGAIN BY ANOTHER ECONOMIC CRISIS.

            Get it??

            “Why can’t people who attempt to defend this unnecessary slaughter of pilot whales just be honest about it instead of making excuses for it?”

            You have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to call others’ arguments as “excuse” and call others “just be honest “, when you haven’t even stepped on the Faroe Islands and have no knowledge about the circumstances in the Faroe
            Islands and the Faroese by yourself!

            From the words of “attempt to defend” and “making excuses” in your sentence, you are accusing me as a liar and seems like you can’t tolerate any opposing arguments when you described my arguments as “excuses”.

            “60% of the meat consumed in the Faroes comes from domestically raised sheep.”

            Just 60%?? That means Faroese whales can’t survive just by sheep, then where is rest of the 40% of meat then??


            Read page 15 of this book. About 20% to 30% of meat depends on the whale meat, not only the portion in terms of food consumption, then whale meat is also very important part of Faroese meat consumption then if we do some
            calculations. The portions of sheep plus whale already consist of 80% to 90% of Faroese meat consumption, and pilot whale is the second-largest portion of Faroese meat consumption after sheep. Am I right??

            “But one of the big industries growing in the Faroes is
            industrial scale fish farming too. There is also a growing domestic dairy industry — surprise, the Faroe Islanders have cattle too.”

            Where do you think “average income like any EU country.” Comes from?? Fishing consists of half of Faroese GDP and 95% of their exports, it no surprising that they need to have industrial fishing to gain their income.

            The number of cattle in the Faroes is not very high and they are just for the small amount of milk supply, they are not for beef consumption and therefore they still have to import beef from the outside world.

            And according to your argument, should Inuits also stop whaling because they have tons of fishes, seals, walrus and even caribou and reindeer to eat??

            “Pilot whale slaughter can be summed up in a photo from a market in the Faroes”

            It just proves that you don’t know much about the Faroes. Have you seen how the whale meat is freely distributed?? And do you know some of the meat will be freely shared to the hospitals, elderly homes and orphanages??

            It is true that pilot whale meat can be found in supermarket and restaurants, but that is such a small scale that is never a big business for the locals. Not only the occasions of whale meat is being sold is extremely rare, the government also control the prices. Grindadráp is therefore, far from being a commercial whaling.

            And do you know why the meat can be end up in the supermarkets and restaurants?? Because in many extremely small villages, the people may have surplus of whale meat after the sharing. In order not to waste the meat, many of them will give the meat to the supermarket and restaurants for a very small price. And I doubt if there are people other than foreigners will choose to buy
            the meat, because the vast majority already got their share of whale meat for free in the shares, so it is unnecessary for them to buy any whale meat.

            “I wonder what other foods can be found in the Faroes? There doesn’t seem to be much interest in native edible plants other than cultivating Angelica (vitamin C) and Sorrel (vitamins A and C), Common Nettle (high iron and mineral content), or Common Scurvygrass (guess why that was eaten). What about the domestically grown potatoes, turnips, and other root vegetables? If it can’t be mass produced on the islands then what else do the Islanders eat?! MY GOD! According to the pro-whaling responses there is no bread in the Faroe Islands!”

            It is proven by the WORLD BANK that in the Faroe Islands, less than 2% of lands are arable lands. You can’t deny that.


            The Faroe Islands only used extremely few underground plant parts for eating. Furthermore, the plants you mentioned above is found in the Faroes, but they are hardly used a food sources and play in economic roles.

            I won’t deny the Faroese do eat bread and potatoes, but there are no land is set aside for permanent crops! And if you have any knowledge about the Faroese diet, the Faroese cuisine is considered as “extremely imbalance”
            by the outsiders because it contains very few vegetables.

            But what I said about Faroe Islands can’t grow vegetables and fruits was just to mean the grains and vegetables generally don’t grow very well because of the rocky and rugged terrains. Sorry if it was misleading.

            “Examples of imported foods you can find in stores in the Faroe Islands…….”

            It just proves that you didn’t read my arguments properly.

            There is only ONE supermarket in the capital of Faroe Islands, but many villages and some islands like Suðuroy or Sandoy are miles away from Tórshavn.

            Faroe Islands is of the most expensive places to live. At least, it’s more expensive than Denmark and Sweden. Everything is imported, hence the sky high prices. One of the examples is exported fruits that were seen as luxury food for the Faroese until recently because they are very

            Compared to these sky high food prices, whale
            meat is non-commercial and FREE, a way for many rural Faroese to relief the expensive food prices.

            And watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…

            Part of the interview just supported what I just said above about high cost of living of Faroes.

            Finally, on the mercury issue.


            The Faroese are just recommended by the authorities to have safe limits of eating whale meat once to twice a month. Only young girls who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant should be restricted from eating whales.

            I know a few Faroese and they usually say they only eat whale meat once a month, so they are not completely unaware of the mercury.

            And if your link provided said that Pál Weihe “recommended” people to stop eating whale meat, then how come in the interview from PBS, he said he eats whale meat and serves the meat to his children for a small amount??

          • AnimuX

            Now who is getting ’emotional’? Let’s just run down through some of the excuses you’ve come up with far.

            Do Faroe Islanders need pilot whale meat to avoid starvation (are they dependent on it)? NO

            Have Faroese doctors publicly advised islanders stop eating pilot whale meat due to health risks? YES

            Do Faroe Islands inhabitants have plenty of domestic food production — other than random mass slaughter of pilot whales? YES

            Do Faroe Islands people have easy access to grocery stores to obtain food, domestically produced or imported? YES

            Do Faroe Islanders have to eat pilot whale meat to avoid scurvy or to get vitamin C? NO

            And now you’re going to claim that “rural Faroese” can’t afford to buy groceries so they have to kill pilot whales. Mass slaughter for a free lunch?

            Are you seriously going to make that a point of contention in this debate?

            Exactly who isn’t rural in the Faroe Islands — or rather — who is so rural in the Faroes that they will starve or go bankrupt without grind? Answer: nobody…

            The conditions on the islands are not good for mass production of domestic crops which is a real limitation. However, like any modern country, the Faroes import what they don’t produce from other countries. And, as previously stated, the islands are not some isolated tribal culture cut off from the rest of the world.

            As for the health issue — which is not merely a recommendation to reduce intake:


            “In 1998 Weihe had advised pregnant women and all women of childbearing age in the Faroes to stop eating pilot whales, but he said that other Faroese could safely eat pilot whale meat and blubber once a month.

            Ten years later, Weihe changed his mind, and decided he had to expand this advisory to a total ban on all pilot whale meat and blubber consumption — to everyone, of all ages.”

            How many studies are needed before people admit there is a serious health issue involved?

          • brandy

            I believe that if the Faroes stopped killing the pilot whales, the import of meat would have to be increased by 30%. The free pilot whale meat is a great supplement to the diet of many Faroese families. If you are conserned about the toxicity of the meat you should focus your energy on purifying the seas. It’s not the Faroe Islander’s fault that the seas are poisonous. It’s more likely the industrialized countries in Europe. BTW, I’ve never heard any Faroe Islander say that they kill the whales against their will, solely for food. The killing is exciting AS well as a food source. I’ve never been in a kill, though, so that’s just my understanding.

          • florencebelle

            yes but you are NOT in an economic crisis now are you?so why are u STILL killing whales! The uk has to import all those foods above too!.

          • florencebelle

            Also as regards rural Faroese, you have planes boats helicoptors dont you to transport food to more difficult places!!! How do you think the people manages off the western islands of scotland & the Hebrides???? its not rocket science. you pro whalers have lost the argument in this discussion 100%

          • AnimuX

            Also: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn16159-faroe-islanders-told-to-stop-eating-toxic-whales.html

            Pál Weihe and Høgni Debes Joensen have indeed recommended that people stop eating pilot whale meat due to research that shows lasting damage to the health of humans caused by methyl mercury intake and exposure to PCBs and other toxic chemicals and metals found in pilot whales.

          • florencebelle

            what on earth are you talking about! Of course fish provides LOADS of protein. Its one of the richest sources of protein there is!

          • Broad-minded

            It’s funny how you use the word “if”. Okay, so let’s destroy the whole nature and kill every animal, so IF something happens, we would be ready and survive. 😉

          • Hergeir Carlsson

            If money is the issue, then fx KFC dont have to serve chiken anymore, they hava millions of dollas 🙂

          • florencebelle

            Nor is the human habit of relentlessly killing the planets wildlife eco sustainable EITHER!!. Grow you own veg & import fairtrade foodstuffs, & eat locally caught more plentiful fish, would help. no need to get “poisoned” from europe

        • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

          It´s so wrong that you have access to an online computer.

      • florencebelle

        Magnus matey, arent you now doing what u are accusing the anti whalers of doing?? you are telling us what we eat!! Kraft meals for dinner!!! I dont think so. Even if they do, its better than eating toxic whalemeat (again caused by humans) You are actually an extremely rude person!.Listen to his description of the killing, as if the sharp hooks being replaced by “a blunt blowhole gaff” makes any difference!! positively medieval.

      • Broad-minded

        Just for the record, not everybody here is american, the whole world is against this “tradition”. There is NO EXCUSE for killing them! You use the same “arguments”(Tradition, comparison to other slaughterhouses and humane methods) because there is no reason for killing them! Enjoy the last years of your “tradition”, because these will be the last ones! Humans develop and don’t continue traditions for being “tradition”. To keep doing this is to prove that you don’t want to develop, but live in the past and stay tiny-minded.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          Then why is the world not against other animal killing traditions like Thanksgiving where hundreds of millions are killed? Many people especially westerners are biased towards whales. I hate whale lovers

          • Broad-minded

            Many people are against other traditions. Turkeys are pretty dumb animals, by the way. Whales have self awareness. Of course you hate whale lovers, because they want to end your totally unnecessary cold-blooded yearly massacre.
            Funny, because I don’t know you, therefore can’t hate you(logically), I just want this tradition to end, it’s unnecessary and inhumane. I understang you like having a piece of whale in your plate now and then, but this is just not good enough, is not a rational reason to keep murdering whales, by far not.

    • Bjartur Vest Thomsen
  • court333

    I find it difficult to refrain from commenting on many of the claims made within this article, including the blind acceptance of figures relating to population estimates of pilot whales around the Faroe Islands (as if an abundance of pilot whales makes it any more ethical or acceptable to slaughter them), but will limit my comments to the interesting allowance and exemption that the author provides to the Faroese tradition of exploiting pilot whales, in contrast to the list of other marine species that he notes are facing exploitation elsewhere.

    The author seeks our understanding that there are more serious matters at hand, including the decimation of sharks, manta rays, and tuna across the globe, suggesting that the similar decimation of pilot whale families is somehow less important and less meaningful to marine ecosystems. Beyond the sheer cruelty involved with these hunts, their impact upon the broader marine ecosystem is unclear and population-level impacts also unknown.

    It is interesting that all of the examples cited by the author are examples of human exploitation, just as the grinds are, and yet the grinds get a free pass in comparison. I have to ask why? Is the author’s exemption of these hunts, as opposed to the hunts of tuna or sharks, based in numbers alone and with the suggestion that the pilot whale hunts are sustainable? Or is it the assertion of a belief that any tradition is entitled, no matter how cruel, to preempt the rights of others who may be impacted or affected by these activities? Whales belong to no one, and to no one country, and are not the tribes and societies of the world that wish to see these beings alive and free from pain and harm also legitimate traditions that should be recognized?

    No traditions or cultural practices should be exempted from scrutiny, and in situations where they are no longer necessary for subsistence purposes and where they seriously and demonstrably compromise human health, animal welfare and wildlife conservation, such traditional activities should cease.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      How do you think that Faroese whaling (who takes just a few hundred, sometimes a bit more than 1,000 non-endangered pilot whalesI is even comparable to for example mass slaughter of literally millions of sharks for shark fin soup? I believe that very many anti-whalers have these opinion because they automatically thinks that those who kills whales and dolphins are inherrently evil, cruel and perverse.

      • AnimuX

        Once again, whales are not sharks AND there are plenty of activists protesting on behalf of sharks and other marine species.

        • Fabrizio Santoro

          oh, the big match between the “godly” whale and the “evil” shark.. as if some species of sharks weren’t endangered!

          • AnimuX

            Many of the same activists who champion protection for whales are also protesting for protection of sharks and other species.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            They are not equally outraged, emotional and angered by the killing of sharks.

          • AnimuX

            Is that why so many activists are protesting against the government of Australia — which they normally praise when it comes to whales — for the shark cull going on there right now?

            The media doesn’t pay as much attention to these other species — that doesn’t mean activists aren’t paying attention and attempting to draw support for protecting the sharks and other animals.

            Even your favorite activist, Paul Watson, has had to deal with years of persecution from Costa Rica in his attempts to stop shark poaching in Central American waters.

          • florencebelle

            OH YES I AM!!, The difference is , we are not knocking our head on a brick wall with a EUROPEAN COUNTRY! its usually Asia, who are just as stubborn as you are

          • florencebelle

            correction is WE ARE, knockking our heads on a brick wall with a european country WHO SHOULD HAVE MORE AWARENESS OF THE PLIGHT OF THE PLANET & KNOW BETTER!

          • florencebelle


      • love dolphins

        It is, it’s also horrible and inhumane! They toss the sharks back in the water to drown or die from bloodloss after their fins were cut off! And let me guess, you’re gonna tell us now how much you love shark fin soup? Or that you are such good people to eat every part of the whale? Please… You can tell yourself you’re not evil, we know better!

        • florencebelle

          OR LOVE DOLPHINS, what they will say is….well its their cultural practice so they cant be told what to do, even tho they are decimating the shark populations & upsetting the balance of the ecosystem!! so predictable. Just makes realize even more how wrong all their arguments are1

      • florencebelle

        Here we go STUPID illogical Magnuss again!Hello! the shark fins aare being taken by Asians specifically rogue CHINA! Europe America, & australia etc are trying to STOP IT! Dont you think egghead, that the people who are against the whale hunts would be against shark finning as well, Dhurr. Use your head! Those who care about whales usually care about all the other creatures as well ! DO YOU CARE?? & do you care enough to campaign against the looming extinction of sharks because of it?? Do you write to govs & sign petitions against shark finning ??? I BET YOU DONT!. too wrapped up in your own little whale hunt.

    • florencebelle

      @court. well said court. Yes all those other endangered species you mention are important too. They are not forgotten. And those of us who do care about conservation of the environment & its wildlife, do campaign , sign petitions & write to governments to try & protect the whole ecosystem against the onslaught of destructive polluting humans.. The whale killing is just one aspect.. Sensitive, knowledgible people people can see the devastating impact of our species on this special planet just in a few years. We are trying to speak out depite the archaic mindset of the opposition on here .

  • David Lindsay

    There are those who gorge themselves on the products of sow crates and battery chicken farms, but who pick up their skirts in horror at hunting and shooting.

    Those same people either say nothing about, or else positively approve of, the Common Fisheries Policy, which is opposed by only one of the three main parties, the only one that one is not in the Coalition. But they pick up their skirts in horror at whaling.

    What, exactly, is so horribly wrong with whaling, by which the Norwegians have been feeding themselves and their families since the ninth century, while the Japanese have been doing so since the twelfth century, and while the latter’s Korean neighbours have been doing so for eight thousand years?

    And why, at a push, is it more or less all right for scientific research, but never, ever for food?

    • AnimuX

      People continue to fail to research the history of whaling and then arbitrarily declare every Norwegian, Icelander, and Japanese citizen is descended from whalers. It’s simply not true.

      Did some people eat whale meat in these countries dating back to centuries past? Yes. Was it a national tradition to eat whale meat in any of these countries? NO.

      Japan’s whaling was limited to certain coastal villages, for example. In other parts of Japan whales were once worshiped as gods of good fortune and NEVER eaten. So, how did you manage to overlook that second fact of Japanese history?

      The Sagas, which Norway and Iceland have in common, do not describe any organized whale fishery in the history of either nation. Instead, there are one or two tales of rich families arguing over who will get rights to a beached whale carcass. That’s not the same as a ‘whaling industry’ and the occasional spear drift whaling that happened in later centuries also never established any national tradition of eating whales.

      It wasn’t until the late 1800s, when Norway invented the modern harpoon cannon and explosive grenade harpoon — to be fired from powered ships — and destroy whales on an industrial scale for oil — that whaling advanced on a national scale in these countries.

      Norway directly introduced modern whaling to Iceland, and the Norwegian companies failed to make any profit selling whale meat — there was no market for it anywhere (except for the Faroes, of course).

      Minke whales (the only whales hunted by Norway these days) weren’t hunted for meat production until the 20th century. Currently, 40% of Iceland’s domestically produced minke whale meat goes to curious tourists. Both Norway and Iceland export whale meat to Japan.

      Japan eagerly purchased Norwegian modern whaling technology, ships, and even hired Norwegians as crew to build a modern whaling industry at the start of the 20th century. All previous “cultural” whaling was set aside to mass produce whale oil for sale to western countries for things like lamp fuel and margarine production. Japanese whaling companies were able to make some profit from the sale of whale meat — but this also does not make whaling a centuries old national tradition. In fact, whale meat became a substitute meat during the food shortages in the aftermath of World War II and remained a mainstay of Japan’s national diet until economic recovery allowed families to buy other meats. Today demand for whale meat in Japan is pathetically low and if the government did not include it in compulsory school lunches most Japanese children would never know the taste. So much for ‘tradition’.

      In South Korea, today whaling is limited to “bycatch” and sometimes illegal hunting out of Ulsan — not a national tradition there either.

      • David Lindsay

        People continue to fail to research the history of whaling and then arbitrarily declare every Norwegian, Icelander, and Japanese citizen is descended from whalers. It’s simply not true.

        And, I for one, never said it.

        Since I had vaguely presupposed your dazzling insight that whaling has been confined to coastal areas.

        What is wrong with whaling? What, exactly?

        • AnimuX

          Whales are currently protected by multiple international conventions because the world’s modern whaling industries nearly wiped out every species of large whale. Unfortunately, many of these species remain endangered today — and some endangered species are still actively hunted despite a moratorium on commercial whaling set by the International Whaling Commission since 1986.

          Smaller cetaceans face massive threats in the form of bycatch in commercial fisheries — some specific threats due to direct exploitation, like the poaching of dolphins in Peru to use them as bait for poaching sharks.

          All whale and dolphin species have to deal with overfishing of prey species, pollution, ship strikes, bycatch/entanglement, disease, natural predators, habitat degradation, consequences of climate change like ocean acidification (which also affects their food sources), and more.

          Not to mention the fact that there is no humane way to kill an animal the size of a bus — and the ever growing body of scientific knowledge that cetaceans like dolphins are likely the second smartest creatures on the planet.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            Pilot whales though are certainly not at the size of a school bus. As for intelligence, to be honest I dont actually care if they are smarter than Einstein, they are food.

          • AnimuX

            I mentioned ‘smaller cetaceans’ separately from the larger whales in my response.

            Pilot whales are also not slaughtered ‘humanely’ in the Grindadrap.

  • David

    All the Faroese can come up with all the excuses and defenses in the world about this tradition – bottom line, you all look like trashy, girly savages – no real men on that island. Real men look at you and laugh because you’re a bunch of cowardly men getting your kicks off of hurting something docile that doesn’t stand a chance against you. You wouldn’t last in the real world so stay on your little sheltered island of fools and continue to live in the 1600’s while us real men continue to laugh at your girly actions. You’re all a joke.

    • Fabrizio Santoro

      Oh sure, because it is very “manly” to take your fat ass on a car, to drive 500 metres to get to the supermarket and give money to a guy, which he gives you back some meat he killed in your place, so you can go at home with a clean conscience?

    • Meghan Pierce

      Deer are pretty docile. So are fish. Yet men hunt these. I don’t see how that makes someone less manly.

  • I can do more then fish

    I am seriously appalled.

    Non-human persons?

    What is a person?

    “a human being”

    Anyway you have got to be kidding me.
    To those vegetarians and vegans why why why do you attack other people for choosing to eat meat. Yes we have to kill an animal in order to do so. However in order to eat we have to kill something. When you eat a carrot you are eating the root of a carrot plant, when you eat a bean you are eating the offspring of a bean plant, when you eat cherries well different story but we cannot live on fruit for our whole lives.

    Anyway back to the whale hunt, these whales die in about 30 seconds with new methods. In the Pacific ocean Orca’s kill Grey Whale calves. Now these do not have the luxury of dying in 30 seconds. They are relentlessly attacked for 6 hours before they are drowned. Now in the wild death is not they go to sleep and die of old age. Actually nothing dies of old age in the wild. Some die because of poison, others disease, some predation etc… Actually some die because of their wounds after they have been eaten alive.

    The whales are killed humanely without further suffering. (30 seconds is not a lot of time at all) I suggest those who think that death comes quickly get out of the city, observe nature, and actually understand how things actually work in nature.

    But I believe a lot will choose not to, as they are to afraid to need to change their opinion after seeing what it is actually like.

    • AnimuX

      The pilot whales are NOT killed humanely in the Faroese Grindadrap. The animals are harassed at sea, chased in to the shallows, then hooks are jabbed into their airways and the whales are literally dragged by their blowholes to the shore where their necks are cut open or repeatedly stabbed to finally kill them while the rest of their entire family group waits to die next on the same bloody beach.

      • I can do more then fish

        I shall condense that for you.

        Whales are sighted, steered to shore, dragged on shore, cut in the neck.

        I will start with the neck.
        If you know anatomy then you will know the carotid artery and spinal cord are in the neck. BOTH when severed lead to death very quickly. (around 30 seconds)

        dragged on shore well maybe not the most humane (its still humane), but it reduces suffering in the long run. If these whales were killed in the bay there is a high chance of them being wounded and suffering for minutes to hours, way longer then the 10-15 seconds it takes to drag them a shore.

        The whales are only steered to shore if they are sighted close to shore and near the designated beaches.

        Now the word humane actually is not a good word. It places humans in a kingdom of their own, separate from that of Animalia. Now we are actually part of the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Primates, Family Hominidae and Genus Homo. But when taken in relevance to our Taxonomy suggests that a humane hunt has the prey suffering less then when hunted and killed by other Animalia.

        In other words Humane is a relevant term.

  • sessle

    ‘Little’ lasting harm? The slaughter of any animals like this causes harm. They’re part of a delicate ecosystem that humans are already destroying well enough without practices such as this.
    It’s a very concerning barbaric practice, especially to be involving young children in.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Its actually very common for children in rural areas of many countries to take their children on things like hunting. I was only 5 years old when my dad took me on a deer hunt for the first time, and I witnessed the whole process, the shooting, the gutting, the butchering and the slicing of the meat from the deer and even helped doing it, and did so countless of times after that.

      • sessle

        Doesn’t make it okay. Game hunting is revolting as well so don’t even bother trying to use that as an argument, and don’t compare deer to whales. Very different creatures & very different practices.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          I can compare whales to whatever animals I want to compare them with. Deers, like whales, are wild, they are mammals, they are animals.

          • sessle

            And you’re an idiot. Humans are mammals too, why not hunt them, hey? You don’t seem to draw the line anywhere.

          • I can do more then fish

            I think someone needs to look in a mirror.

            But some human tribes are cannibalistic.

            Oh and taking .1% of a population is not going to upset the balance that much if at all.

            Humans as a species are carnivorous/omnivorous historically. As a result our bodies have certain requirements that can only be met by eating meat.

            Also human meat would be redundant as we already possess all the nutrients and amino acids in human meat (because we are human). However there are nutrients that we can Only get from other animals like deer etc…btw I imagine whales also have nutrients that residents of the faroes need.

          • sessle

            All of that was fantastically incorrect, but thank you for your input.

          • I can do more then fish

            Not even an attempt to prove me wrong except Say im fantastically incorrect.
            Well for starters essential amino acids are not made from the body and we muat get them from food sources.
            On another point if we were herbivorous our eyes would be on the sides of a head by our ears, as we did not develop the ability for depth perception around the distance to the cabbage.

            We have canines, incisors, premolars and molars that are designed to tear and rip flesh, not grind plant matter.

            Also .1% of a population is so small that taking 1k individuals out still means there are 900 000 imdividuals in a population. Its not enough to have an effect, unlike 50% of a population.

            I honestly belive you are trolling and not actually in this argument for the right reaspn

          • florencebelle

            so idiot ,why is it that gorillas who are vegetarians havent got eyes at the side of their head. / what a stupid thing to say! early man began by eating berries & nuts etc!

          • I can do more then fish

            Two answers:

            One some species still eat insects making them omnivores, not vegetarians.

            Also Gorilla’s are a separate line of primates from Humans and Chimpanzee’s. As a result you would most likely see an ancestral primate with variation in eye location, and tooth structure. These traits would be inheritable, and would provide a relatively higher fitness in the population. Those with eyes relatively further at the front of the head would produce more offspring, as would those who have canines. Now over time it one of the surviving populations might start to occupy a different niche as competition for resources increases, giving you a herbivore (though gorilla’s are omnivores, they eat insects) and having chimpanzee’s and the genus Homo maintaining an omnivorous diet of animals, fruits etc…

            Early man did not begin by eating berries and nuts by the way, we developed in the same line as chimpanzee’s and both species are omnivores that eat animals as well as fruits.

            Calling someone an idiot who works of off accepted morphology and evolutionary tendencies is bold. Especially enjoy the fact you brought up one of the exceptions to the eyes in front of the head feature, but as always there are exceptions in nature, hopefully the paragraph on evolution explains a shift in diet. In a few thousand years it is possible that gorilla’s will actually have eyes back on the side of there head and no canines, becoming vestigal organs.

            Good day to you.

          • florencebelle

            The meat argument has been proven to be flawed!

          • Warwick

            Well said

          • florencebelle

            yes & theres certainly too many humans, so cull them why dont you. But of course that would be seen as cruel by you wouldnt it/

      • florencebelle


  • DjTony Christie

    Its about EVOLVING as a species from one that did not have the knowledge of how to survive with out murder, to one that now has the knowledge and the intelligence to be a compassionate species. The worlds population at this point and the industrialization of animal slaughter has tipped the scale. We are better than this. There are a lot of traditions that we have left in the past because we have evolved. Now its time to stop the brutality that we force upon every other species that we share this planet with. Key word SHARE.. we are all in this together. We are not immortal. Our live are just as fragile as theirs. Yes EVOLVE to understand that all life is precious and all living creatures are equal.

    • florencebelle


  • commonsense88

    1. Pilot whales are not endangered, are not held in captivity and are killed as humanely as possible.

    2. Pilot whales are in no way more deserving of life than other mammals and.human-whale speciesism is still speciesism: if you argue that it is morally wrong to kill animals for food, then this must be equally true of all animals, otherwise this argument is no better than arguing that it is morally right to kill animals for food because humans are superior to animals.

    3. Emotions are a poor substitute for reason.

    • AnimuX

      There are plenty of legitimate concerns, including the inherently cruel
      aspects of the slaughter itself and the fact that pilot whales have many
      threats to deal with in the sea (pollution, entanglement/bycatch,
      disease, natural predators, diminished prey/food sources, habitat
      degradation, ocean acidification, warming oceans, etc).

      Not to mention the fact that even Faroese doctors advise people to NOT consume pilot whale meat due to the toxic mercury, PCBs, and other toxins found in the meat and blubber that can harm humans.

      Insistence that people should kill any animal they like, regardless of objections, simply because they like to (or want to), is an emotional argument.

      • commonsense88

        In your opinion, is all slaughter not inherently cruel? what slaughter do you approve of?
        Do you think that doctors should have the authority to decide what you are allowed to eat?

        • AnimuX

          Generally speaking, doctors already have authority to decide what people eat in countries where governments enable oversight of the food supply. That’s where food safety standards come from: research into health risks associated with certain foods.

          Is all slaughter inherently cruel? Not necessarily. However, I am not making an argument against all meat consumption.

          Regardless, there exists plenty of activism against animal cruelty in agriculture and meat production — you can Google it if you’re interested.

  • eve_v

    This article reeks of red herring.

  • Helene Hesselager

    The article fails to mention that several serious health dangers are linked to consumption. It ignores the fact that the pilot whale slaughter is no longer linked to necessity, and although consumption has gone down dramatically in recent years, this does not reflect in catch numbers. Thirdly, it paints all Faeroese people with the same brush, thereby overlooking the fact that some among the Faroese population strongly oppose the pilot whale slaughter and refuse to take part in it. Some of these
    Faroese people have told me that they are afraid to speak out against the slaughter, as they would then be accused of being disloyal to their own culture. Some told me that it is not socially acceptable in the Faroe Islands to oppose a whale slaughter that has been going on there for centuries. This is most likely the reason why we hear so little from those who think that time has come to stop it.

  • Suzanna Austin

    You are a sick person. What a pathetic argument. All of these atrocities should be banned. Hopefully someone will hunt you down for writing such a disgusting article. You should be utterly ashamed.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      So you are encouraging death threat towards the man who wrote this article? This is pretty serious.

      • florencebelle

        oh BOG OFF you silly man.

  • caz

    Jogvan. You bored me very quickly with your patriotic shite. The meat tha comes prettily packaged from the freezer is slaughtered humanely. No animal will see another being killed and know he is next. Take your ignorant head out of your arse snd don’t fucking treat people like mugs. Every country is steeped in tradition. Some traditions keep going and some become unacceptable as we evolve. Obviously you retarded idiots are not evolving.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Dont you think its a pretty good compensation though that these whales did get to live free until one unlucky day? Farm animals dont get that luxury. Its a good compromise, and I’m sure the whales too would agree if they were to choose.

      • AnimuX

        Another straw man argument…

        Whales are not cows or chickens or other farm animals.

        Whales are not made more ‘worthy of brutal slaughter’ because they’re not domesticated.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          If the whales had to choose, what do you think they would choose? A life in captivity from birth to slaughter, or a life in the free from birth to slaughter but a just slightly longer death, what do you think they would choose? If I were a pilot whale, I would choose the latter alternative, and so I think they would.

          Real straw man arguments are when AR’s compares whaling and dolphin slaughter with slavery, genital mutilation and witch burning.

          • AnimuX

            A straw man argument is when one asserts a weak argument as if it is the position of his opponent in a debate.

            You continue to assert that cruelty in agriculture is comparable to Grindadrap — as if your anti-whaling opponents believe agricultural meat production is superior to whaling — an argument that has not actually been made (certainly not on grounds of cruelty) in this discussion.

            You attack your own substitute point about ‘farm animals’, as if it represents your opponent’s position, by claiming Grindadrap is somehow less cruel, thus self-supporting your own arguments in favor of whaling.

            That is a classic example of a straw man.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            Now we come to the part that makes all of this connected.

            There is people in the Faroe Islands who eats grind* on certain days. If the hunt is ended permanently as you wish, then what do you think would be the replacement on those certain days? Do you think it will be some vego meal? The most likely replacement in most families would be imported meat from Mainland Europe. In other words, if people stop killing whales, even more farm animals will suffer for it.

            The biggest pork and beef exporters in Europe is Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland. Have you seen how animals are treated on farms in those countries? Its not a pretty sight, some of them even allows gestations crates. And thats where the replacement-meat to the Faroes will come from.

            * Grind is what the call pilot whale meat in the Faroes, the meat you want to ban them from eating because of your selfrighteous views that no one should lay a finger on your beloved whales.

            Also its pronounced “grinnd”, and NOT as the English word “grind”, like some of the Faroe-hating fools of Sea Shepherd pronounce it as, cause they think it related to the English word “grind”. Grind is short for grindehval, which is Scandinavian for pilot whale. Has absolutely nothing to do with the English word “grind” and is not pronounced like that either. But some idiots and Faroe-haters will pronounce it like that on purpose.

            Another thing I have to mention is that descecration of the Faroese flag is illegal under Faroese law, cause in Faroese law it says that their flag may not be insulted or mocked, neither by words or by deeds, which is a punishable offense. Which makes the logo for Sea Shepherd’s hate campaign technically illegal for display in the Faroe Islands. Truly hope someone is arrested and charged for it, flag-desecrators are some of the worst people and should be punished.

          • florencebelle

            well actually you are not right . us animal people you slag off also care about farm animals as well as wildlife, & the uks , compassion in world farming campaign has helped to eradicate battery cage hens & the crates for pigs is also banned mr ignorant, & there are 6 countries breaking the law & not complying with the ban & GUESS WHAT! ONE OF THEM IS DENMARK! so that put your stipid argument about only caring about whales…right out of the window!

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            However, battery cages are not legal or used in the Faroe Islands, they have their own laws there, the animals of the very, very small Faroese agricultural industry is treated very humanely, some, like sheep, even roams free all year long.

          • Julia

            If a whale had to choose , it would choose to be free

      • florencebelle

        youve already said this! But not all of these whales get a life tho do they mag? like pregnant whales with foetuses! Oh give me a break1

    • Bjartur Vest Thomsen

      Pigs wait in line to be killed. Seen it many times. It gets electrocuted so it´s stunned, then it´s gutted, while still alive.

  • Cristina Domingues

    Source: http://uk.whales.org/blog/courtneyvail/2013/07/when-things-go-wrong

    Before the actual act of killing – which is of course far from being
    painless – the victims are subject to a long and exhausting chase which
    sometimes lasts over 10 nautical miles after which they are driven onto
    the beach and have to witness the horror of the extermination of their
    whole family.

    But even the most hardened among the whalers agree that this literal
    “bloodbath” can sometimes go horribly wrong which in the past has led to
    a lot of criticism and discussions within the Faroese community. Below
    are some examples of how the Grindadráp is often even further from being
    as “humane” as some of the hunters keep on claiming it to be. All
    examples were given by reliable sources within the community of the
    Faroese pilot whalers.

    – Klaksvík, 18th of June 1978: 31 Orcas are driven onto the beach and
    killed. They were confused with pilot whales is the explanation used to
    justify the hunt later on.

    – Klaksvík, 16th of September 2009: Three Risso´s dolphins are killed
    despite a ban to hunt this species. Again the hunters claim that they
    confused the animals with pilot whales.

    – Hvalba, 13th of April 2010: Again 21 Risso´s dolphins are killed
    with the same explanation of having confused the dolphins with pilot

    – Klaksvík, 19th of July 2010: In the biggest drive hunt of the last
    six years 228 pilot whales are driven onto shore, despite the beach only
    having the capacity to hold up to 100 animals. The killing takes place
    at dusk with night falling quickly and the chaos leads to a massacre.
    Even a lot of the local people are horrified by the scenes of slaughter.
    Only four men with the skills to kill the whales quickly and in the
    right way are present and they are completely overwhelmed by the chaos
    and the huge number of animals. A lot of young men and women just jump
    into the chaos, wielding knifes and stabbing at the animals without a
    clue what they are doing. A lot of the whales slowly bleed to death or
    die of their wounds. The “horror of Klaksvík” leads to a debate within
    the Faroese community under which rules the Grindadráp is supposed to
    take place in the future.*

    – Víðvík 11th of November 2010: 62 pilot whales are driven into the
    remote bay far too late in the day while darkness is already falling. It
    is decided to kill the animals and come back the next day in order to
    flense them. By then, the meat and blubber of many of the carcasses has
    started to rot and the bulk of the meat is being discarded into the

    – Hvalba, 25th of October 2012: 36 pilot whales are being driven into
    the Hvalba (“Whale bay”) on the south island of Suðuroy in order to tag
    them with transmitters. The disoriented and shocked animals get stuck
    in the sandy bay and refuse to be driven back out to sea. They strand
    and are left helplessly on the beach. Some of them die. It is only after
    a whole night of bureaucratic back and forth that the locals get
    permission to kill the rest of the stranded animals.

    Some of the Faroese hunters might claim that these incidents are sad
    exceptions, but five hunts gone wrong within only three years should
    lead to some serious questioning of the drive hunts even within the
    hunters community.

  • love dolphins

    Instant death by bringing a sharp instrument in the spine near the blowhole??!!?? It is proven there ‘s a death struggle of about 4 minutes with this method!! FOUR MINUTES! You call that humane? It is the law that cows, pigs, chicken must get the fastest death possible in slaughterhouses but for dolphins and whales this is okay? And even if they need the meat, hundreds of whales is way too much for such a small population! Is there no quota?
    I truly hope these Danish all die a long, painful death while watching their children suffer and die first, just like those poor creatures.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      First off, the Faroese are not Danish and does not identify as such, call them “Danish” in person and you will get a pretty harsh reaction, kind of like calling the Scottish or Irish for “English”.

      Check the video named “Whale hunt in Faroese. Grindadráp 2013 í Hvannasundi – Copyright”, specifically, check from 2:23 to 2:32, there it takes only 9 seconds to stun and kill a pilot whale.

      • love dolphins

        Ow, I insulted them?…. Danish, Danish, Danish, DANISH!!! See, I can be childish too! But I can think of many other things I would like to call them!
        Still 9 sec too long! And I never look at those video’s (photo’s are worse enough) but I know there’s footage out there that shows something else. So this one was “lucky”? You’ve said it yourself, they enjoy what they’re doing, they don’t want it to be over fast but have as much fun as possible, as long as possible.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          Have you ever heard of a hunter who does NOT enjoy what he is doing? I for one have never heard of hunters who does not like to hunt, otherwise they would not be hunting. However, to claim that they ONLY do this for the joy of it would be false, since they do infact eat the meat.

          Generally it takes less than 30 seconds to kill a pilot whale, and I personally know participants who can confirm this. There is laws regulating this to reduce suffering as much as possible, if a participants breaks the laws, he will be suspended from taking part in future hunts. There is also some old videos on youtube from the 80’s and early 90’s, those are not valid today since laws has changed alot since that.

          • AnimuX

            No. It does not generally take 30 seconds to kill a pilot whale. The whales are harassed at sea and chased into the shallows, then hooks are jammed into their airways and the whales are literally dragged by their blowholes to the shore, and only then does the cutting finally begin.

            That process takes longer than 30 seconds and you know it.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            I was of course literally referring to the killing itself. If you include the herding and all of that stuff, you might as well say that it takes 4 hours to kill a pig if it takes 4 hours to drive pigs cramped and scared together on a truck from Denmark to a slaughterhouse in Holland.

          • AnimuX

            Many activists who protest against cruelty in agriculture do indeed examine and condemn the process of slaughtering other animals.

            Regardless, during the Grindadrap the whales do not voluntarily leap from the water and land at the feet of a knife wielding islander to be instantly killed as if it were a happy surprise.

          • So it’s okay to torture them first, as long as the ‘actual killing’ is short? Not in my book, it isn’t.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            The herding is necessary for the killing. Are you also going to condemn reindeer herders in Arctic Scandinavia for herding the reindeer hordes before slaughter? I do not see it as torture, but a necessary process to get the animals killed.

            This is also the only legal method to hunt cetaceans in the Faroes. You are not allowed to kill them at sea (like just taking 1 or 2 with a harpoon), thats illegal.

          • It sounds a bit more than mere herding, from the other fellow’s description.

            I’m not terribly fond of slaughter in any case. I try not to eat anything higher in consciousness than a chicken. Even though bison burgers are delicious!

          • AnimuX

            No. It does not generally take 30 seconds to kill a pilot whale. The whales are harassed at sea and chased into the shallows, then hooks are jammed into their airways and the whales are literally dragged by their blowholes to the shore, and only then does the cutting finally begin.

            That process takes longer than 30 seconds and you know it.

          • love dolphins

            Not for fun but out of necessity? About every carnivore except…man?!?

    • Natalie

      Wow, I hope you’re blissful because you’re definitely ignorant. Check your facts before you rant and make a fool of yourself . Oh and Denmark has nothing to do with the whaling, the Faroe Islands are a sovereign nation. Still want Danish kids to die? Asshole.

      • love dolphins

        Since my geography is bad I don’t hate them now for being whalekillers, I hate them Danish for being butchers and spectators (again, logs of children!?!) of a healthy, young giraf as much as I’m disgusted by the Faroese. What is wrong with those Scandinavians? RIP Marius and all the nameless pilot whales.

  • Steve Jack

    I too live in a small island community. We are geographically closer to Tórshavn than we are to Aberdeen on the Scottish mainland (and the port where our ferry docks). It used to be a whaling community, driving whales to their deaths in a manner very similar to the grindadráp. We have the same difficulties agriculturally and a similar background culturally. Our weather is very similar to their weather e.g. we are currently cut off from the mainland by a storm.

    So how do we cope? We go to the supermarket like everybody else does. Yes, the availability of fresh goods becomes low during bad weather but not for long periods of time. We use fuel oil, not whale oil. We generate our own electricity. We generate heat by incinerating garbage not putting it to landfill. Just like they do, or could do, in Faroe.

    The cultural argument is fair. The Faroese people have done this for a very, very long time. But not with large numbers of fast boats and sometimes a helicopter being used for spotting!!

    The food argument is silly, especially considering the excellent availability of all the foods we all are used to shopping for in local Faroese supermarkets.

    And in 2012, Faroese scientists yet again published in a learned, peer reviewed journal, that, “From the latest research results, the authors consider that the conclusion from a human health perspective must be to recommend that pilot whale is no longer used for human consumption.” Full stop. No equivocation.


    The once proud and essential grindadráp is now reduced to the status of a ritualised blood sport, pure and simple. The adrenaline fuelled excitement of the hunt, the drive and the kills. The ritualistic display of the carcasses, on many occasions with foetuses excised and displayed beside their mothers. The inclusion of young children and families, blooding them and encouraging their participation in this “normal”, fun, traditional Faroese pastime, thus perpetuating it.

    These are not stock animals. Or fish. They are sentient, intelligent, migratory wild mammals that travel in family groups. The are driven, terrified, to beach whereby they are brutally and ruthlessly dragged to shore, through water red with their family members’ blood, where they are eventually killed. As an aside, not only pilot whales are hunted. People have commented that dolphin kills during hunts are effectively by-catch and therefore accidental. This is risible. For example, last hunting season, in one day, a pod of 430, yes four hundred and thirty, white sided dolphin were slaughtered in a blood-soaked frenzy of blood lust and pure greed following a drive hunt. Quite a significant accidental by-catch don’t you think? And a larger number than has EVER been slaughtered for flesh following a drive hunt in Taiji, Japan.

    Is there any place for this in a modern, vibrant Faroe? No, absolutely not. Let the past die and finally consign the grind to the history books of these magnificent, rugged beautiful islands. By all means celebrate proud Faroese cultural history, but in a museum, not in a bloody red North Atlantic.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Why is it better to buy meat in the supermarket than hunting whales for it? Do you think the meat in the stores comes from 100% humanely raised animals?

      • Steve Jack

        Oh dear – what an unfortunate post. I started reading it with the intention of replying but by the time I got to the end, I realised that it would be an exercise in pointless futility.

      • florencebelle

        what a load of tosh! Of course scandinavians stick together, youve only got to see the eurovision song contest!!! to see that! Good for the scots people, obviously moved on from whale hunting days. Just because they are a neighbour doesnt mean they have to agree with what you are doing!.

        • mike usa

          wow, and i thought we were screwed up over here…..you actually used a singing contest to attempt to justify your position on an enviromental debate??? that’s hilariously sad.

    • JonathanKwanHC

      I don’t know about the cost of living of Shetland, but I do know the Faroe Islands is one of the most expensive places in the world to live. The whale meat is FOR FREE, which is a relief for the expensive food resources.

      And the Shetland people may be easy to access to supermarkets because most people live in Lerwick or on the Mainland. But this is completely different for the Faroe Islands, there are 18 different islands, some islands are very far away and isolated to the Main islands. This means many villages and towns are actually very far away from Tórshavn, where it is only place that has a Burger King, a supermarket and a shopping mall.

      Remember, Faroe Islands has twice the population of Shetland, so the Faroese are much harder in the distribution of natural resources. For instance, even you can still find a lot of sheep on the islands, but many Faroese still don’t have enough sheep to eat so they have import the sheep meat from Iceland and New Zealand.

      And does Shetland has a lot economic crisis like the Faroe Islands does?? For instance, if it wasn’t for the supportive culture of Faroese, including the whaling, I don’t think the Faroese can survive in the economic crisis in 1990s and the Oil Crisis in 1970s that hit their economy extremely hard.

      The culture of the whaling is not about the methods of chasing and spotting the whales. It is about the supportive culture of Faroe Islands, which the people support each other by sharing the FREE WHALE MEAT.

      “The ritualistic display of the carcasses, on many occasions
      with foetuses excised and displayed beside their mothers.”

      I don’t there is a way of spotting a particular pregnant whale. Perhaps you can give the Faroese a suggestion??

      Inuits also did kill the pregnant whales and put the foetus in front of the public. How come nobody is criticizing them??

      “The once proud and essential grindadráp is now reduced to the
      status of a ritualised blood sport, pure and simple.”

      Please site a source to prove it, okay??

      “These are not stock animals. Or fish. They are sentient,
      intelligent, migratory wild mammals that travel in family groups.”

      Does the “intelligence” value what animals should be killed or
      should not be killed?? I am getting really tired of this argument.

      • florencebelle

        SO??? like there isnt OTHER FISH TO EAT, instead of slaughtering these majestic creatures, no need for it no need at all.

        • Pauli Mikkelsen

          Who are you to tell people what fish to eat?


          aaah shut up you fucking moron! -the faroese aren’t allowed to fish more than 5% of their own sea because of the EU..
          you can try to stop eating your fucking cows, or whatever you eat, because they suffer 100 times more than the whales. stop talking about something you don’t know shit about!

    • JonathanKwanHC
    • florencebelle

      very well said!

    • Pauli Mikkelsen

      I live in the faroes, and i can say for sure that your information is way off..
      First of all.. We dont use helicpter´s.. here is One single helicopter on these islands and i can assure you that its not used for whaling..
      The fact that we have faster boats than we had before dont change anything.. The number of whales killed now are far less than it was when we had slower boats. Simply because we dont hunt just for sport. We hunt when there is a need for it…

      You talk about going to supermarkets for food now.. Seems like you dont think that those meats come from intelligent animals also.. You are probably one of those that think that food just ends up in the cooler by magic…
      But the fact is that the animals you buy at the supermarket have lived a terrible life from day one. And im sad that you support cruelty like that.

      Whale oil we dont use here at all.. We eat the blubber tho..

      You of course dont understand that our whole country is made of rocky mountains, where nothing grows but gras..
      We can have enough sheep here so there is around 1 sheep per person a year. but that will not feed the islands more than so much.. So where do we get out substances?
      Do we let the British torture farm animals at slaughter houses and ship em this way?
      Or do we get our substances from the ocean? Of course we do..

      You talk about a pod of 430 white sided dolphins that was killed here last year.. Well, I can say with knowing the facts, that not a single white sided dolphin was killed here last year..

      Your facts are so brutally far of.. My guess is that you are a part of sea shepherd and just do what your group says is okey to do..But lying is never okey..


      aah shut up you idiot!

      • Steve Jack

        Feeling the love 🙂

    • Hergeir Carlsson

      As you are not from Faroes, you know nothing about os, like i know nothing you . You like wise dont know the whale personaly, so pleace stop tell us why we hunt the whale, because it is clear her, that you know nothing of the hunt or even about us as people

  • Gary Smith

    I ask, how would you or anyone “feel” if their family and friends were being slaughtered all around them in a ruthless bloodbath, and you were powerless to help them? Not only that but knowing you are next to die. SCARED, ANXIOUS, UPSET and TERRIFIED? Right? You bet you would! Well that is EXACTLY how the Whales and Dolphins feel!
    No one can tell me that to needlessly inflict a stress level on such sentient gentle animals is ok. These creatures as mentioned in the article have helped save human lives, therefore they obviously know the value of life. Maybe that is why they don’t attack those who are attacking them. Maybe they expect us to treat them with equal gentleness.
    I have and will ALWAYS OPPOSE this BRUTAL BARBARIC SADISTIC PRACTICE. I understand its history and thats where it should remain, as part of history.
    There are many animals and mammals that are in danger and need help as mentioned in the above and many people are fighting there causes. Just because that is so it does not justify the Faroese slaughter. Two wrongs dont make a right.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      As a compensation, these animals gets to at least live free before their death, unlike farm animals. I find that a good compromise, and I am sure the whales would think so too if they were to choose.

      • AnimuX

        Another straw man argument.

        Whales are not cows or chickens or other ‘farm animals’.

        Whales are not made more ‘worthy of brutal slaughter’ because they’re not domesticated.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          Not a straw man argument.

          Since you choosed to include the herding in the actual slaughter process only to justify your statement that it takes more than 30 seconds to kill a pilot whale, I said that by the same logic you can also say it takes 4 hours to kill a pig if you include all the transport, which sounds like an equally absurd statement.

          When I say it takes less than 30 seconds to kill a pilot whale, I mean the literal killing of it, and since thats what most of the bloody campaign photos depicts, thats why I am choosing to say is a quick process.

          Whales are not more “worthy of brutal slaughter” because they are not domesticated. However, I do not make any moral difference between killing whales, and killing other mammals.

          • AnimuX

            The whales do not voluntarily leap from the water and magically land at the feet of a knife wielding islander to be instantly killed as if it were a happy accident.

            So don’t continue to pretend the slaughter of a whale takes 30 seconds by arbitrarily deciding the slaughter doesn’t actually start until after the last knife is stuck into the whale’s neck.

          • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

            And pigs do often not volountarily cramp themselves into a truck with the the others to fit as many as possible. However, that does still not make it a part of the slaughter process. The slaughter starts when the pig is stunned and ends when its dead, similarly, the slaughter of a pilot whale starts when its stunned with the spinal lance, and ends when the whale is dead.

          • AnimuX

            The straw man argument continues.

            As previously mentioned, plenty of activists protest against cruelty in agriculture and meat production. Regardless of such production, the Grindadrap is not a 30 second process, nor is it humane. The one does not excuse the other.

          • Hergeir Carlsson

            I can tell you for a fact, that it takes 5 sec to kill a whale!
            The rest is reflexes, like in the headless chiken.
            I can also tell you, that it is the most humain way of killing a animal. It is fast and painless. 1 good trusth with the “mønustingarin” and it is over and done!
            And you are quit right Magnus, this is the most humain and the only true way of triting you animals with respect. They are free ( all our animals live free) at then they get a fast exit, inchuring painless death. Most important, we througe noting a way, we feed as manny mouths as posibul for free, all you have to do, is signing up for your share.

        • Fabrizio Santoro

          neither whales are less worthy to be killed because they are not “farmed animals”… are we trying to divide animals in Class A and Class B? According to which scientific prove?

          • florencebelle

            another clueless point!

        • Runi

          whales ars animals “fact”

          • florencebelle

            what a stupid inane comment!

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Also, I have never heard of pilot whales saving human lives. Except through their meat who historically saved the Faroese from starvation for hundreds of years.

      • florencebelle

        WELL THEN YOU ARE VERY IGNORANT MR MAGNUS. If you took the trouble to follow news items & wildlife programmes ie in the uk, then you would see some amazing interactions between humans & whales/dolphins. & others which displays their intelligence. I suggest you watch bbc “spy in the pod”, & bbc Chris Packhams programmes” inside the animal mind”.But then I dont suppose you have progs like that where you live,. what a differnce in culture!

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          I don’t actually care about what level of intelligence a certain animal has. I have nothing against the UK, but I find this British “we are a nation of animal lovers”-bragging quite annoying, and very condemning towards other nations.

          I live in Sweden, and we certainly don’t kill whales here, cause there is no whales in the Baltic Sea, and almost none in the Kattegat or Skagerrak seas either. If there was I think we would hunt them.

          We have plenty of British and American program here, infact it dominates the content on TV over here. International channels are the same in the Faroe Islands as in Sweden. Many of them are shared, like Discovery Nordic, Animal Planet Nordic and National Geographic Nordic, which has largely the same content as that in the UK. Most people in the Faroes (like the rest of the Nordic countries) has access to these channels, just like here. There is some amazing programs about animal life indeed, also about animals commonly eaten in the west, but that does not stop us from eating them.

    • Runi

      dont you think other animals see and are afraid before the killing of them? if not,your so stupid,that you schould not bee allowed a pc or internet

      • florencebelle

        well that means that you KNOW the whales see & are afraid before their killing like pigs so why are you killing them!

    • florencebelle


    • Hergeir Carlsson

      You are probably from uk, so you know how it feels to kill. You know Falkland island-Scotland-Irland-Irak-Afganistan and of course India and large parts of Africa. All inosent people. You know exactly how it feel to kill family and friends better than most!

      • Hergeir Carlsson

        All animals know when there time has come. Thats not an argument for stopping anything. Do you like english breakfast? well you just killed 2 animals there, do you like mcdonalds? well ther you fucked about 1 mil animals. You are starting to look like a bad boy her!!!! wake up and smell the coffie, people eat meat and animals die!! you bye clothes and animals die, you bye your woman makeup and animals die. You kill sheep pigs cows crocks fish and birds and what ever els you eat and what ever, so stay out of what i eat!!!!

  • Mercedes Rosello

    This tradition, like many others around the world, originated from a genuine need by communities to feed themselves and their families. However, our world is rapidly changing. Our age, called the ‘anthropocene’ because of the impact we humans are having on our environment, involves harvesting natural resources (including of course those from the sea) and frequently depleting them at an astonishing rate.

    Some believe that the exploitation of the natural world is our birth right and that humans have an implicit right to destroy other living forms around us in the course of such exploitation. Many accept that doing this is justifiable – because we are more intelligent and therefore we are entitled to destroy less gifted beings, or because we have been doing it for a long time and therefore an established tradition justifies the destruction.

    Yet, times are changing. Many of us are becoming aware of the devastation that some of our production methods, harvesting practices and traditional rituals cause in the world around us. 

There is growing awareness of an urgent need to learn new ways of coexisting with nature.

    Sustainability alone is not enough: we must learn to respect the complexity of the world we live in – and that involves learning to respect the value of life itself.

 Traditions involving needless slaughter, brutality and violence cannot form part of human evolution, because they are intrinsically barbaric and destructive. They perpetuate the unjustifiable: the notion that male violence and dominance over the defenceless is necessary and desirable in our communities.

    Any evolved society will instinctively reject these practices, recognising them as the outdated and damaging rituals that they really are.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      This is fascism. When I was little, I was taught by my parents to respect all cultures no matter how disgusting or wrong they may seem in our perspective, as long as they dont harm humans.

      • love dolphins

        I tell my children to respect mother nature and all living things.

    • Runi

      this is more than tradition.you are very ignorant and selfish.i as person is very relyied on the whale.and will never stop eating what nature gives me.you can go to mc´donald..see where the health problem is today!

    • Natalie

      I’m sure you mean well but this is a very ethnocentric point of view.

  • Billo Heinzpeter Studer-Algade

    You are so right, Tim. Thanks for your lucide comment. I’d like to add that 2 trillions of fishes every year are slaughtered and in most cases they undergo an even more atrocious death – we just don’t see it as most fishes to not let much blood when killed…

  • Bev Bailey

    Clearly Tim Ecott is unaware of the health risks associated with eating whale and dolphin meat, and also unaware that pilot whales are in fact dolphins. Everyone who reads the Spectator article (or indeed who wrote it Mr Ecott!) should also listen to this interview. A powerful, educational and insightful point of view from Runi Nielsen, a Faroe Islander. He offers a valuable insight as a Faroese
    national on why the grind continues as well as his beliefs as to why
    they should stop. Listen and learn.

    • Runi

      yeah you found the right man there.you are using that toxic of the blubber and meat.but there are new discowers that say the pilotwhale is very free of toxics now,and can be eaten as normal.all those numbers you are using are old data actually..

      • Bev Bailey

        Feel free to share this neiw information on the health benefits of pilot whale meat…can’t say I’ve seen it anywhere myself and it would be pretty miraculous for the dolphins around the Faroes to suddenly become free of toxins when all other large marine animals are still toxic.

  • K.S.

    we should LET them? but it’s none of our business.. it doesn’t affect any of our lives, and none of us would have known about it if it wasn’t plastered in our papers and on websites, why now of all times? when we have enough to worry about.. such as our own country’s problems, lets work on fixing those first and stay out of other country’s business hmm?

    • Runi

      thats right.

  • Still, I wouldn’t want to be one of the whales.

    • Runi

      a pig.maybe?

  • In today’s age of continued scientific advancement and understanding of how our actions affect the Eco system, there are no cultures that are not being asked to give up things rooted in the past. If we are going to survive as a species we must be willing to change and adapt. Societies that do not change, die. This is what history tells us. Either we listen and we stop the wanton destruction of the planet we live on, or ?? That’s right, we’ve got no where else to go. So we had better figure this out quickly.

    • Fabrizio Santoro

      I clearly do not understand how killing a bunch of pilot whales (which are NOT even endangered) may affect the ecosystem.. There are more than 700.000 pilot whales only in the North Atlantic, and Faroese take average 700/year.. Math is clear and simple.

      Fine, let’s say the Faroese will (not any sooner) end grindadráp. Problem won’t be solved: the whales are dieing from pollution, and that’s not a problem caused by the Faroese! So better to turn to “almighty America” (the one somebody here said “does not kill whales” – directly), China and EU to stop polluting the oceans!

      I don’t really understand this kind of “fanatism” of people willing to go back to the age of stone: people living in huge polluting towns demanding a small sufficient community to stop providing themselves food, as we all should do: by being self-sufficient!!

  • Bea Burton

    I cannot believe that any one- even a journalist- could condone such unimaginable cruelty under the basis of there being “bigger fish to fry”- no pun intended. Hang your head in shame. There is NO justification for this act of horror.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Its done for food and it takes less than 30 seconds to kill a pilot whale, these animals are not even big.

      • Bea Burton

        Wow! Oh that’s ok then……..???????!!!!!!!!

        • Runi

          it is !

      • Bea Burton

        Wow! Oh thats ok then…
        I do understand the workings of the event, and the size of the animals???!! This doesn’t alter the fact that it is an example of men at their most basic, enjoying the act of death of another living creature. I understand that hunting many creatures provides the same thrill. However, I do not approve of those either. It saddens me that we share our world with people whose mindset really does believe that killing is fine, and that animals are here for our disposal as we see fit.

        • Runi

          this is a food source,plz understand.if an animal has to be eatin,you must kill it.others of you also kill.but about money and oil.religion,you kill people kids mothers innocent people.see you are Swedish,so yo dont go out to war.but supplying eveyone with firearms and dynamite.and beeing neutral..children are beeing killed of yours firearms.

          • Bea Burton

            off topic.

  • justme

    The meat is toxic! They’ve been told not to eat it! Why do people think it’s okay to kill animals as long as they’re not endangered!? They are barbaric & inhumane & there is no way to justify it! While were at it, please help the dolphins in Taiji too! There is NO difference!!! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/stop-the-dolphin-slaughter/?taf_id=9343667&cid=fb_na

    • Natalie

      I don’t like your ‘holier than thou’ attitude. What makes their cultural traditions any of your damn business?

      • justme

        What makes MY opinion any of YOURS? Go fuck yourself!

        • Natalie

          Don’t post on a public forum if you can’t wear big girl panties. Just saying 😉 and God Bless your heart anyway.

  • Mercedes Rosello

    The point of this article puzzles me. Since Faroe isn’t a part of the EU, we can’t actually ‘stop’ them from killing pilot whales. So, when Ecott says we should ‘let’ them, what exactly does he mean?
    Ecott is right in stating that our oceans are in free-fall and that other species are suffering far more than pilot whales. But why is this a cause to celebrate whaling?
    The fact that most of Europe abhors the idea of hunting marine mammals was made clear several years ago when they became protected within out borders. The idea that we should somehow toast the small handful of Faroese that partake of the bloody grindadrap is simply nonsensical.

    • Runi

      its always bloody when an animal is killed,those who kill pilotwhales,do not tell you what to kill or eat! or what? it is so that we are in different locations in this world,therefor we eat different.dont tell others what to eat or do,mind your own things!!

  • roger

    It is more important to tackle the real problem, mercury, PCBs and other pollutants that will soon mean we cannot get any food from the sea. Imagine a world without Tuna and other oil rich fish.
    Pilot whale numbers don’t seem to be depleted by the Grind by other species do need protecting.
    Stop polluting it and only fish with lines and hooks.

  • Tony Marano

    The title of the article “Why we should let the Faroe Islanders hunt whales,” is insulting to the people in the Faroe Islands. What do they mean “why we should let?” Who are they in the UK to make such a statement? The people in the Faroe Islands do not need anyone to “let” me hunt whales. That is a decision solely in the hands of the people of the Faroe Islands.

    • Natalie

      Tony I think you’re absolutely right. A lot of the comments posted here condemning Faroese whaling are probably well intentioned however grossly misinformed, but most dangerously they are ETHNOCENTRIC. The Faroese cultural traditions are their business. Period.

  • Randy McDonald

    It does harm the whales.

  • Hitched

    You are a lamp of liberty, a shining beacon for all to see. Glow brighter, shine bigger: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Patrick

    I have rarely read such simple-minded nonsense; furthermore, the japanese population is ashamed of what goes on in Taiji while the Faroe islanders and the Danes seem to be proud of their tradition and the slaughter seems like a big party; with beer & kids enjoying the slaughter. Yes the Faore islanders and the Danes who defend them are a disgrace to humanity; so is the japanese government, but the japanese people don’t take their kids to have fun slaughtering the mammals; once morer, it feels like this is a white christian colonial ethnocentric viewpoint and it makes me sick. And the comments below are disgraceful. Shame on everybody.

  • Heidi Synnøve Lien

    It’s not ok to kill just because the species is not endangered. Humans are overpopulated, does that mean you think murder of humans is ok too?

  • Bass Traffic

    I completely disagree, let us try to change the habit of perhaps 1,200 years because it is outdated and barbaric. To use the excuse that other things happen elsewhere is besides the point. Let us fight wrongs everywhere we see them and put them right. There is no reason for the islanders to continue with this practice.
    Invest in permaculture and small scale organic farming and there will never be any shortage of food.

  • Samanthaaaa

    ya’ll are sick, inconsiderate pieces of shit.
    Imagine if you were a dolphin and one day your mother got kidnapped and tortured by humans.
    how would you fucking feel?
    You wouldn’t be too mother fucking happy would you?
    Think about things before you actually do it.
    Stupid, moronic, inconsiderate, disgusting pieces of shit.

  • Cori Ryan

    This barbaric ‘tradition’ belongs in the past – you can try to romanticize it all you like – by not opposing it you are as guilty as the people carrying it out. Shame on you… https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/t1.0-9/s403x403/1620667_224854237720102_1827443929_n.jpg

  • Cori Ryan

    And before anyone else tries to justify this slaughter by comparing it to the West’s consumption of farm animals – I’m vegan – next argument?

  • Majbritt Pauladóttir

    Ref. to http://jn.fo/springaraflokkur+a+kollafirdi.html

    The Faroese text translated:
    At about 1 p.m. today a small flock of common dolphins came into t he fjord of Kollafjørður. The dolphins seemed to be about to beach themselves when they were helped out again by the locals.

  • Faroese guy

    People… There is no reason for us to justify or defend our actions of whaling. The people here commenting do not understand, and do not want understand our reason for doing this. So lets stop explaining and just go on about our bussiness. we are wasting our energy and our time and energy dealing with these “so called” perfect beings. Who apparantly think that the meat they buy just pops out of thin air into the shelves in their local supermarket.

    The only one talking against us who actually has some knowladge is Animux. And i’ll clarify for you here.

    We do not need to hunt pilot whale for our survival. We do it because we love whale meat. And because it’s a tradition. But i wont expect you to understand what tradition is. Since you’ve clearly stated you dont give a shit about it.

    And as far as doctors are concerned. The only real risks mercury involves is when a woman is pregnant. And no sane pregnant woman would eat pilot whale here. Mercury poisining itself isnt so harmful. No faroese consume whale meat in that huge amount that it would be considered harmful.

    Eating junkfood with low nuitrition and high amount of kalories is 10times more harmful. And we all know how the quality of life for those animals are.

    Heck, my grandad lived to be over 90. And he had mercury poisining 9 times over the danger limit.

    And the avarage life of an overweight ‘murican is what?

    So apparantly i’ve gone against my own advice and tried to explain to you people anyway. I guess im an oppurtunist and hoped that you might actually understand.

    But it’s cool. I actually enjoyed reading all the comments of people sitting behind their computer wasting their time, thinking they are making the world a better place by typing angry rants on websites.

    If you really wanna stop us, Try visiting us in our beautiful isles. But i warn you, we dont give good hospitality to protesters.
    And your supposed paul watson has tried several times. Heres a good video of his first attempt.

    The other attempts didn’t go so well either.

    • fiona

      Please do comment, because I actually like to hear your point of view. Unlike most people who jump onto something that, at the time, is popular. Without, like you say, being willing to hear the whole side of it. Emotions and cultural views are brought to a situation that is difficult to understand from a different perspective. There is a lot going on in the world but its really only media coverage that makes it known. There are human beings being tortured around the world, even for our gain but that is not what is being focused on. Thank you and your other people who have come onto this controversial page and given me a more rounding view of what is really going on here.

  • Jan Vestergaard

    Finally an objective view on the faroese whale hunting, as you stated we only hunt less than 0.1 per cent of the population. And the whale is not an endangered species, and will not become an endangered species due to our “hunting”.
    And we do not do it for commercial use. And everyone that attends get a equal share. Nothing gets thrown away and we eat all of it.

    It is an essential part of our food here.

    Also if compared to “Cows, pigs, and chicken” that many people argue is a better choice to eat, because you can buy it in the local store.
    Most of these animals live their life in a small prison, (unless you buy it very expensively and go “ecological” which most people cannot afford to)

    These great whales, have lived a full free life in the ocean. Before we catch a very small portion of these and eat them.

    I think it is more human to eat these animals, compared to eating a chicken, that has never seen the outside of its cage. to mention an example..

  • Pauli Mikkelsen

    Different nations – Different cultures…
    Does every country in the world need to be americanised?
    There are some few very small nations left with their dignity.. Let them have that at least. 99.9% of the world is totally fucked up. You should be proud of the 0.01% that still is trying to live a normal life, instead of trying to fuck everything up for them..

    Whaling might look brutal, But im very sure that the animals in the supermarkets have had a more slow and painful death.
    Where there is meat, there is blood. Simple fact…

  • Lily

    It’s still a barbaric act. It’s not like the euthanise the whales before they kill them. Just because it’s been part of their tradition, doesn’t mean it make it right. Can you imagine if you had a little child and you condition it at a young age to ignore the physical suffering of an innocent whale? We are living in the 21st century. We don’t need to condone such barbaric traditions.

    Also just because there are other atrocities occurring, doesn’t mean it makes this one ok. Have some more compassion please.

    • Hergeir Carlsson

      Do you eat meat?

      • Hergeir Carlsson

        If you do, have the animals lived in a confinement? all of our animals live fri, the sheeps- the birds- the fish and the whales. We take what we need, nothing more. We dont kill fore fun, we live in harmony with nature. There is a reason why the whale killings are so dramatic as you see in the pictures, it is not possibul to take the whale out of the water an move it to at slaugtherhouse, it would be painfull fore the animal because of its wight and its lungs would colaps. In order to insure a painless kill, we have to do it so. I personaly will not eat meat from a animal, that has been forsfead and lived a stressfull life, that gives bad meat. Like the meat from fx Brazil and New Zealand.
        If you live in a big city, you will most likely dont know this, but we who live close to nature, we can taste the diffrens and we know and grow up alongside the animales. It is said to be a stressfull experians for the whales, to be driven on to land. But it is no more stressfull for the whale, than for fx cattle been driven from grassing fields.
        It is ok if you dont like or understand it, we have never asked that of you. There are many things we dont like and/or understand about the rest of the world. Why do you gays keep animals in confindments? why do you gays throug food away, when 80% of the population has no food? Why can you gays slaugther any animal you like, in the maner you like? an then dislike us fore living like we always have? Why is that? and what gives you the right to do that?

        • Gunnar Brekke

          “We dont kill for fun”???

          Hahahahahahaha, look at all you disgusting degenerates running arund with bloodllust in your eyes and a disgusting smile in your bloody faces.
          We do not kill for fun….LIAR

          No, i do not eat meat

  • The Roadster

    The more centralized control, the more the forces of liberty that enabled prosperity in the first place are extinguished.

  • SilentHunter

    Maybe we should also allow the Japanese to bind little girls feet again . . . on the basis that’s it’s “their culture”?

    Remind me again why they stopped doing that . . . oh, yes, now I remember . . . they stopped doing it because it was cruel and unnecessary; a bit like (well; a lot like) killing whales, because that’s what we used to always do.

    Still ! . . . I’m sure “culture” beats “cruelty” every time.

    • Hergeir Carlsson

      Why does it mater if we take some whales? every body says its ok to kill cows and pigs and chikens and tuna or what ever, and they dont care that this animals have a horribul life.
      Go to the shop and buy this foods, because we will like you then! they say, but for gods sake do not take the kind little helpfull whale that helps dansels in distess!!!???? Do you also have smal blue birds flying around outsite your house or what????
      I will make a deal with you, if you stop eating every ting you normaly eat and start eating somting totaly different, that i diside, then i will stop eating what i eat!
      Thats kind of impossibul ha??
      No mater what, i guess we can agrea that, that will never happen ha?!
      So have a nice day!

      • SilentHunter

        Forgive me Hergeir, but had you been an Eskimo who relies on eating whale blubber, then I can see a reason for it.

        The Faroese are wealthy, thanks to your off-shore oil reserves; there is no imperative need for you to slaughter these whales.
        It’s done because . . . hey! . . . that’s what we always used to do; even now, when the “need” is no longer there, you still do it.

        I take it you stun the whales first, before you despatch them humanely . . . just like they do to animals killed for human consumption?

        • Hergeir Carlsson

          Forgive me SilentHunter, but we have no oil reserves and we are not a wealthy nation.
          If you think that stikking at rod up your animals as and stuning it is humane, then you are mistaken. those animals have a shity life, while the whale has a god life. those animals that you say we can eat, have a long slow and painfull deat, it starts when they are born and i guess they are happy to die. I personaly dont like to eat those animals, fore me it is like eating roadkill. The only humain way is to let them live free and take what you need of the stok, whether it is whale or cow or pig or sheep! Thats what we do with all our animals and i thing you can learn from us rather than push us down. Let all animals liv free!!!!

          • Gunnar Brekke

            The animal industry is disgusting and filthy.
            That said,this doesnt mean that you shouldn’t stop your barbaric medieval bloody, useless “tradition”
            Just stop it ok? And stop defending it by saying that there are worse things in this world
            That does NOT make it better.

  • Dr Monroe

    Western hypocrisy at its finest

  • Chantalle Helm

    So your argument is their slaughter of an endangered species is justified because there are other places that commit the same crime but on a much larger scale. In the same way it’s okay to exonerate a murderer because when we compare a single killing to the series of victims of someone like Harold shipman or Jeffrey dahmer hey you know it’s not that bad??? The practice is inherently cruel on any scale and the fact that they only kill 0.1% of the population each year doesn’t justify it.

  • insom

    What a racist piece of work. God forbid those SLANTS (pictured here in the nice political cartoon above) whale. But when white people do it…it’s OK.

  • Par

    How about changing sides…?
    Would the Hunters cum food revelers of FAROE feel the same way if they themselves are in place of the PILOT WHALES…

    If the FAROE Hunters are being hunted as Pilot whales & NOT HUNTING…

    Come on Live & Let live… how could the food of someone be a Joy at the cost of Cruelty towards other….Lets respect each other & live Humanly….at least to start with if not stop Hunting fully …please reduce it by more than half….even if half no of whales live instead of being killed now…we would have achieved something…

    Please stop partially …if not fully…RESPECT OTHERS LIFE TOO

  • Steve Wilson

    This argument that its ok to slaughter whales because we kill cows and chickens and pigs is a true sign of brain damage! Domesticated animals raised and farmed for food are not anything like whales. No one will suffer from lack of whale killing. The ONLY real reason ppl want to keep slaughtering these beautiful animals is because they think they taste great. Tradition and culture my a**, If U want world respect then act respectable, stop killing intelligent mammals just because U enjoy the taste.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      The only reason you kill animals is also cause they taste good.

  • Broad-minded
  • Meghan Pierce

    Just as I suppose we don’t need beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc. But we have it, and no one is trying to change that. They do it for food- not for fun. They eat
    this meat.

    It might be somewhat fun, or somewhat for tradition, but just like people who hunt deer for food, food is the most important factor to them.

    Why does “intelligence” matter when determining what animal lives,
    and what animal dies? People don’t care when they rip into their
    steak, when they run over a rat, or shoot a crow. But all of these
    animals are ALSO intelligent in their own way. Oh, and crows are the
    most intelligent birds- they can remember which humans fed them in
    the past, and can pass on tool usage to their offspring. Many people
    consider intelligence to be “how human like is this animal so we
    can sympathize with it”. But in reality, every animal is
    necessary and intelligent. I’m not saying don’t eat meat, I’m saying
    when you bite into your steak/chicken/fish, ask yourself how are you
    any different than these people who are eating pilot whale?

    And for the vegans-
    industrial farming still kills animals indiscriminately when
    harvesting food. They don’t stop for animals- they are on a GPS path,
    and they continue to go. All those pesticides aren’t just for insects
    too- there are some to kill mammals, birds and other animals so that
    they don’t eat the crops. And then there’s shipping, and how many
    animals that ends up killing. And of course all of the habitat loss
    just contributes to more animals dying- of starvation, water loss, no
    place to live, etc. Sure you guys are trying to minimize animals
    dying, but as long as you buy from industrial agriculture, animals
    are still dying.

    Then there’s meat farming. Oh cows are our animals, and they were made to be eaten? Pigs were too? (You know pigs are also deemed “intelligent”
    too?) Well by using concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) we
    are not only contributing to habitat loss on land (because of above
    mentioned industrial agriculture- those animals need food), but also
    to ocean habitat loss. Why? Because their manure is washed into the
    rivers and streams and then it’s washed into the ocean. Along with
    fertilizers from the crops that are grown (even organic industrial
    agriculture uses fertilizers), this causes eutriphication- algae
    blooms. The algae dies and is decomposed by bacteria in the water…
    which uses oxygen to break it down. This causes the water to be
    depleted of oxygen- hypoxia. With no oxygen, anything with gills
    drowns. Yes, drowns, because there is not enough oxygen for them to
    live. Plants die, because even they need oxygen to go through
    cellular respiration- if they didn’t die because the algae blocked
    all the sun to them. Then the things that breathe air, like these
    precious pilot whales, sea turtles, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea
    lions, baleen whales, orcas, and sea birds, starve to death. It’s
    direct hunting that will kill marine life, it’s going to be climate
    change and pollution. Speaking of which…

    Fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used to make your food- most fertilizers, pesticides,
    antibiotics, and of course almost all transportation use fossil
    fuels. Those large shipping ships use up tons of fossil fuels, and if
    these people weren’t hunting these whales, they’d be having more meat
    delivered to them- which means more fossil fuels used. And since meat
    eats plants, and plants use fertilizers and pesticides, that food is
    made from fossil fuels basically. Which of course contributes to a
    larger carbon foot print, pollution, and of course, climate change.
    And of course there will be spoilage of food if it’s transported. A
    percent of that meat and plant material is lost because it had to be
    shipped over long periods of time and it spoils.

    Also, cows and other ruminants make a lot of methane while digesting corn and soybeans- food that they really shouldn’t be eating. That methane is a much
    stronger greenhouse gas, so it takes less methane to contribute a
    larger greenhouse effect.

    Then there’s animal welfare concerns of the meat too. Factory farmed animals are treated awful. They are confined to tiny areas, fed food that they normally
    wouldn’t eat, and when it comes time to kill them, they aren’t always
    killed in the most humane ways. Those captive bolts can miss easily,
    and sometimes don’t even hit the brain of the animal. These pilot
    whales are killed in a more humane manner than most factory farmed
    animals. How? Each whale is killed with one clean slice that cuts
    both the main artery to the brain and the spinal cord. With the
    spinal cord cut, they can’t feel any pain, because the nerves in the
    body are no longer connected to the brain. Then then either bleed
    out, in about 30 seconds to a minute. Factory farmed animals
    sometimes end up going through the production line alive- that’s how
    we get still alive cows that are skinned and being gutted.

    Also, these animals have lived free their whole life. Those cows, chicken, and pigs have lived in concentrated conditions that they only survive because of
    antibiotics. The animals have their offspring ripped from them. And
    they wait in giant lines for hours when they can sense that others of
    their kind are dying. These pilot whale hunts take an hour to
    complete- they are not some day long thing that people torture these
    animals. They try and get it done as soon as possible.

    These people are going out, harvesting a local food source, just like people who hunt deer. They are contributing less to the usage of fossil fuels than a
    normal meat eater, and maybe even less than a vegan who eats
    industrial agriculture processed foods. It’s a completely sustainable
    hunt- pilot whales number in the hundred of thousands in that area
    alone, and a million or more worldwide.

    So should these people switch over to a “modern” lifestyle where meat comes
    packaged in cellophane and Styrofoam? Where people forget that that
    bloodless burger they are eating came from a cow? That the tofu they
    have packed in their lunch came from a million acre soybean field
    that was grown with who knows what chemicals, and is contributing to
    not only global climate change and pollution, but also habitat
    destruction of grasslands and forests? Or should they know where
    their meat came from, that an animal died so that they can eat
    through the winter? I personally believe people need to get a whole
    lot closer to their food. If they aren’t willing to slaughter a
    chicken for meat, them they shouldn’t be eating chicken breast.

  • David Michel

    Really sorry about this oh dear writer…but some facts used are a bit wrong..the dolphins from taiji are sold world wide..almost all of them world wide in marine parks and aquariums come from taiji…that was for the cove..as I was a cove guardian…now for the barbaric slaughters in the Faroes you say : “..Theirs is a dramatic land, a green and treeless collection of 18 islands in the North Sea where just 50,000 people still live a life intimately connected to the elements. They have traditionally eaten puffins, great skuas, storm petrels and fulmars. Along the sharp sheer cliff edges there are wooden stakes embedded in the ground to which hardy islanders attach a rope and dangle perilously to catch birds on the wing, or gather eggs from nests on the rock face…” well you make it sound like they live on another planet or in a very harsh environment where they do not have choice but to hunt..however what you should know is they are part of Europe and have their supermarkets just like in any country in europe with their hundreds of various ingredients…dairy meats vegetables fruits….they have everything…now we should not mix tradition and survival…there is no need for this barbaric grind to happen, they have everything they need..and to just be stubborn into continuing the grind when it is no longer necessary is a waste and sort of preparing their kids for an apocalyptic earth…they will ready when we have totally destroyed the oceans to survive..i guess i see the point..but it is not mine..

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      So because they have supermarkets they should not be allowed to hunt wild game?

  • Buro Cratz

    Many run-of-the-mill collectivists, more commonly known as liberals, have been overwhelmed by the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by their masters to obscure the proven virtues of morality, liberty, and prosperity.

  • Shalom

    Patriots: It is time to go on the offensive against the illusions and superstitions of today’s liberals and progressives: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • taz

    It is just a disgusting tradition… that is the be all and end all of that matter. They do no harm and should not suffer for human fun and games!!!

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Its not really a tradition, as they hunt soley for meat and nothing else, not even the methods are traditional. Its not for fun. Usually it takes less than 10 seconds to kill a pilot whale.

  • Jackie

    It is barbaric and cruel! You can NEVER convince me otherwise!

  • Jason

    This is cruelty and a lack of compassion at it’s worst. If you think this is okay or would be willing to defend a person’s right to do this, then you have succumbed to a world that is the worst version of itself. This is murder.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Is it more murder than your countrymen killing livestock, fish and wild game for meat?

  • Rich

    Basically the Faroese are a bunch of backward cunts

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Any more backwards than other people killing some animals for meat?

  • Gunnar Brekke

    They defend themselves with the “it’s our culture” phrase.
    But thats not good enough. It’s animal abuse and torture, and it should be stopped right away!!!
    I am from Norway. Should i dig up my cultural viking heritage, and start plundering and murdering along the british coast?

  • Gunnar Brekke

    And it looks like the only defence these bloodthirsty degenerates have is that other animals have it worse.
    Thats not good enough.

  • Mark Daniels

    Killing a few people once a year also has little impact.. why dont we get about 100 people together and have a slaughter of them? It might be someone’s tradition. Humans eat tens of billions of animals, and contribute to climate change. 100 people would do nothing to the overall population anyway, and the people doing the killing are decent people.

    As a law student they teach is to play around with an argument and apply it to different (but analogous) factual situations.

    If the result lead to a shock the conscience.. (like my analogy probably does) then the argument is erroneous. This argument is invalid in support of the practice.

    The ‘morality’ of an action is defined by weighing up the pros and cons. The cons in this instance is pain and suffering in relatively intelligent animals, that all scientific research shows have the same emotional responses that humans do. What are the pros? Preserving tradition? A supply of whale meat?

    There are other ways to preserve tradition that don’t involve inflicting extreme suffering, as well as other ways to eat (animals included), that again, involve less suffering.

    On balance I see no justification at all for this practice, and therefore it should be outlawed.

  • Daniel Foss Torgunrud

    we’re humans…we kill and eat just like every other animal out there :/ keep complaining if you all got your wishes we’d just have rocks on our plates instead of good food. i’m selfish 🙂 as every human should be.

  • Eli Blond

    A total bunch of molarky. There is no way to kill these animals in a humane way. When I hunt the majestic north american deer I use a sharp arrow that is aimed for the heart in order to make the kill as swift and clean as possible. These peoples killing whales with small knives and have to be stabbed repeatedly. I should stab u with a finger nail trimmer enough times to bleed u dry

    • Matthew

      Aren’t you being rather hypocritical Eli? You don’t have to hunt the majestic north american deer, do you? And you choose to do so with an arrow?! That’s just for fun too, isn’t it? If you really wanted to be sure of killing them cleanly you’d use a gun. And if you miss the heart and hit, say, the thigh? I’m sure you’re a very good archer but isn’t that a risk you run? And if you miss doesn’t that cause rather a lot of suffering.

      I’m not trying to stop you enjoying your sport but you are hardly in a position to lecture the Faroese about their morality.

  • speakincreeker

    This is incredibly barbaric and cruel. I cannot fathom the need to do this kind of thing. Wherever the Faroe Island’s are, it should be sunk, with all hands aboard.

  • speakincreeker

    This entire story just makes me sick. You ‘people’ are a disgrace and should be ashamed of your actions. A pox on your houses.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Any worse than other countries killing animals for meat?

  • Jim

    The writer mentioned ‘…the right of that father and his young son to hunt and kill whales.’ There should be no ‘right’ in killing animals in such a savage and unconsidered way. The manner in which the whales are herd and killed with primitive weapons, which do not kill the animal instantly, is disgusting. At least in most commercial meat farming, animals are stunned. Also, the author argues ‘The grindadráp (whale hunt) is not merely something from the Faroese past. It is a reminder of their relationship to the sea’ …If their relationship to the sea is represented by the cruel, inhuman actions of Faroese men butchering animals and their young in such a heedless fashion, then their past should be forgotten.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Nowadays it usually takes less than 10 seconds with modern methods.

  • Siddhartha9208

    The most dangerous and destructive animal on planet Earth? Homo sapiens

  • Dopple Gang

    Although the natural pecking order of a free country may appear callous, if we are to advance, then some must lead and the rest will follow.

  • Grub

    This is a lie. The whales are forced into harbors with boats then slaughtered by a slow drowning death by knife or machete or tire iron cut repeatedly to the blowhole. In no way is this “hunting.” It is simply mass slaughter, with the babies screaming for their dying or dead parents. Many of the whales attempt suicide by throwing themselves up against jagged rock cliffs repeatedly. Handlers from cetacean entertainment business stand by to captur “docile” juveniles in such shock they can’t swim away. The harbor turns red with blood. The Faroese grocery stores are absolutely full of every conceivable non-Cetacean meats so there is absolutely no survival need for this practice. And they brag that death takes ” only seven minutes.” Well how would you like to live a full seven minutes cut up, your lungs filling with blood, listening to your family, your baby scream? Set your watch for seven minutes with several gaping wounds and hold your breath. You will find it seven minutes of hell. Oh yes, this is just a wonderful way for a father to teach his son to be a man! Great tradition to pass on, you know, like drawing and quartering, the removal of beating hearts, iron maidens, burnings at the stake, impalings, heads on pikes. It’s all so very good and healthy!

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      “It is simply mass slaughter, with the babies screaming for their dying or dead parents.”

      Whales have no vocal cords, they can’t scream, dumbass. Also its called calves, males, pods etc, not babies or parents.

      “The whales are forced into harbors with boats then slaughtered by a slow
      drowning death by knife or machete or tire iron cut repeatedly to the

      No. They are pulled ashore with a blunt gaff with a ball at the end. They are then stabbed ONCE with a spinal lance, that kills the whale instantly. To do what you describe would be illegal under Faroese animal welfare law.

      “Many of the whales attempt suicide by throwing themselves up against jagged rock cliffs repeatedly.”

      Evidence please, cause that has never happened.

      “And they brag that death takes ” only seven minutes.””

      While an entire hunt may take about 7 minutes, it takes less than 10 seconds to kill one whale.

      “Oh yes, this is just a wonderful way for a father to teach his son to be a man!”

      Its NOT a manhood ritual or rite of passage. This is a vicious lie by the Animal Rights Industry and Corporations

      “Great tradition to pass on, you know, like drawing and quartering, the
      removal of beating hearts, iron maidens, burnings at the stake,
      impalings, heads on pikes.”

      None of that has anything to do with meat.

      Cetacean meat represents 30% of Faroese meat consumption. Its delicious.

  • Grub

    Tim, you’re right up there with Samuel Johnson. A clear eyed, truthful, unbiased, well reasoned case for torture, tidy and fit for print. Do you like bear bating, cock fights, dog fights, bull fights, burnings at the stake, impalements, and drawing and quartering? Ahhhh for the good old days! Well you’ve certainly got the Viking coursing through those cold blooded veins.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      “Do you like bear bating, cock fights, dog fights, bull fights, burnings at the stake, impalements, and drawing and quartering?”

      None of it, cause those things are done for entertainment, not meat. The grindadráp (pilot whale harvest) is done soley for meat, 30% of Faroese meat consumption is whale meat, for them a whale or dolphin is just food that swims, nothing else. Oh and it has nothing to do with vikings, they died out for 1,000 years ago. Faroese people today are a mix of Celtic and Norse heritage, and is a Christian nation.

  • Grub

    Beat on your chest, go to the pub to celebrate your manhood, then go impregnate women. Vikings RULE!

  • Jo Green

    There is no evidence that that the killing is “instantaneous” as he has put it in the article, in fact there is no known way of killing these large animals in humane way because its not possible otherwise you would see this used by veterinary practitioners and marine biologists around the globe on the dolphins and whales that have beached themselves and can not be otherwise saved. So that is one argument sorted…fish is running out due to over fishing all over the world however clubbing baby seals and killing of so called “pests” i.e dolphins and whales is used t keep this in check no us humans simply eating or fishing less! there are many things that are tradition in every country that if were still around today would cause a massive outcry of human and animal rights and quite rightly have been abolished to the argument of something being a tradition does not stick, its just like me following English tradition by grabbing anyone I disliked dragging them by the hair to the court house and declaring them as a witch and then them being promptly burned alive at the stake, it simply does not happen people and animals evolve. Also why kill something that is not really needed for food?? if you have plenty in abundance (and most farosee don’t even eat it) then why kill them by the hundreds why not stop at 3 or 4 then share that around?…to the below comment of hiding it away won’t stop people being absolute outraged by it they tried it Japan with tarpaulin etc people still know its happening and does not make the killing any better because you don’t have to watch it although I am trying to see what you are getting at with that although you will be surprised at how many people are now interested to know how their meat is raised and killed everywhere around the world now and this is highlighting a lot around the world, people are not just picking on poor old faroses you know in fact, we are looking at the world as a whole and we have every right, as does everyone in protecting the land and sea we ALL depend and rely on! so we are not just some jumped up foreigners jumping on a band wagon and decided to pick on a tiny island for the hell of it, maybe if you left your islands once in a while and opened your eyes to the real world then you would see that what you are indeed doing is murdering something that is as intelligent as you, yet you don’t go around murdering humans do you? just because they look different and don’t use vocal cords or have hands and feet to kick around does not make them inconsequential beings, they are in fact a major part in our oceans bio diversity and going around killing a few every now and then is not ok and not right as we need them to breed a healthy populations and not be interbred and eventually become extinct all because you wanted to fulfill the age old tradition of your long long lost ancestors, it doesn’t matter how many forms and records you keep etc its about protecting the world we live in but you are all to blinkered to see it… so I say thank you very much for helping to fuck up the world I say that for my grandchildren should they be around to see it. oh and I don’t support Sea Shepherd or any other organisation however I do support them in raising the awareness of this to the rest of the world oh and before you make claims about something you know so much about maybe take a look at the offical Faroese whaling page haha http://www.whaling.fo/Default.aspx?ID=7084

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      “then why kill them by the hundreds why not stop at 3 or 4 then share that around?”

      Cause these hunts are intended to be meat for entire towns and villages. Everytime a hunt like this takes place, EACH AND EVERY CITIZEN of the village where it happens, gets their own equal share of the meat. 30% of meat consumption in the Faroe Islands is whale meat.

  • Gaasedal

    “To all you hunters who kill animal for food, shame on you; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animal were harmed.”

    – Written by: some idiot with a low IQ (maybe from Sea Sheperd).

  • Terry Field

    YEs, they should be allowed to hunt freely in Wales.
    But they should be hunted if they continue to kill Whales.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Why is it more of a big deal to hunt non-endangered whales than other non-endangered animals? For the Faroe Islanders, whales are food that swims. 30% of meat eaten by Faroese people, is whale meat. Why do you want to deny them that birth given right?

      • Terry Field

        There are no ‘birth rights’ that endure. We take what we can until we are replaced, slain, removed or otherwise stuffed.
        They are, and must accept being, STUFFED.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          Why should the Faroese have to stop killing and eating whales when your country can continiue killing your animals?

  • Roger Hudson

    The heart of the problem is that some people, some countries, will be selfish and turn the oceans and seas into sterile dead liquid areas that will kill all other life, including the greedy peoples grandchildren.

  • Caeser Flickerman

    As well, Obama’s criminal regime is still attempting to hold the US economy hostage: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/11/us/politics/administration-to-delay-pipeline-decision-past-12-election.html

  • Jim Rodgers (Paleoman)

    Well said. There are far worse treats to the whole world including it’s one Ocean ecosystem and that is over populations of the Homo sapeins. We are the meanest, most selfish,
    greedy, self centered species on the planet. As a whole we as Homo
    sapeins are nothing more than ticks sucking the lifte out of this one
    beautiful Globe, hence our Latin name should be changed to Homo

  • FAR

    what is wrong with those people? why they still keep this barbarian tradition?! there were so many tradition all across the world but humans should give up on wild ones like this…. please stop your savage traditions.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Its actually not for tradition, infact its not even done in any traditional way. Its done for meat, that people likes to eat. 30% of meat eaten in the Faroe Islands comes from whales. You want to deny them that right?

  • FAR

    AZTECS used to sacrifice people for their gods, does anybody in america do such a thing today?! so learn to give up on barbaric traditions and live like humans, not wild animals.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      Too bad they still don’t, the European colonist scum had no buisness there.

  • DrPaulone

    The rest of the world finds this to be very barbaric. Whales and dolphins are very intelligent, social and self aware. We find this very primitive and makes your country look very un evolved. Maybe it’s time to join the rest of the world, it’s 2014, stop this ridiculous “tradition”.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      So just because they are social and smarter than some other animals they should get a different treatment than your meat animals? Isn’t that animal racism? For me, all animals are equal.

  • Swanky

    What do you mean by ‘decimated’? Reduced to a tenth of the original recent numbers? Or reduced to leave one-tenth remaining? If you mean ‘devastated’, that’s what you should say.

  • Gilberto Souza

    islanders of Faroé are cruel.They are nazis ?

  • robert

    I say fcuk the Faroese son and his oh so lovely father!

  • Tammi Ison


    My name is Tammi. I live in Lodi, California, USA

    I saw a post regarding this discussion of a friend’s Face Book Page. So I decided to google it and try to find out more information. I am very happy that I found this Article so I can have a better perspective on the subject.

    When I saw the frightening image of the bloody water, I was naturally in shock and very saddened. My first reaction was “WHY!??” I DO LOVE AND RESPECT ALL LIFE.

    Although I grew up on “Meat & Potatoes,” and love a good Rib Eye, Tri Tip, BACON, Ham in my Homemade Scalloped Potatoes, I do feel guilty when I know that I am eating another Mammal, especially extremely intelligent Mammal. Years after my discovery of Animal Cruelty, I made a decision that I am going to try my best to stop eating Cow’s and Pigs.

    This is very difficult for me, as I am 5’5″ and weight 110 LBS., I am a very very picky eater when it comes to eating other than what I cooked myself

    I love the smell of Meat on the BBQ!

    After Reading the Article and most of the above replies, I really do not know how I feel about Faroe Islanders and the killing of Pilot Whale. It still saddens me, very much. However, I do know live there, I do not know much about there community and culture. I think the Faroese must care about the whale they eat since they have records dating back to 1548. If I remember correctly.

    In the wild, animals kills other animals all of the time solely for the purpose of survival.

    I guess my point is that I cannot judge Faroese for their killing of whales because if that is their main source of food, that may be the reason they’ve killed whales for so many years.

    I am left feeling torn on this subject. And, the only reason I decided to comment is to Thank The Author Tim Ecott, as well as everyone who shared their feelings/opinions.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this long winded ramble.



  • Katy

    However this is defended, people who are capable of this barbaric slaughter must have a pretty strong psychopathic element in their genes.

  • chris

    FUCK ALL faroease people, if i could kill one of you i’ll do it son of bitch

  • scotchleaf

    Faroese police have threatened tourists visiting the island archipelago with possible arrest and prosecution if they do not report sightings of migrating whales and dolphins to local authorities.

    According to ramped-up Faroese law, tourists visiting the islands must report all sightings of whales and dolphins to local authorities, so that the cetaceans can be targeted for slaughter in the infamous drive hunt, known as the grindadráp.

  • lorraine kelly

    Funny how other animals eat animals , like a tiger will kill a Gazelle or a lion a human for that matter , but they are not called barbaric , we after all are at the top of the food chain

  • cool

    There are 15 thousand dolphins killed in Peru. I don’t see the campaigns against the dolphin hunting in Peru.

  • Caroline Burton

    This writer tries to defend the indefensible, but why? The grindadráp is cruel and unnecessary. Those who take part in the brutal killing do not do this for food, rather it is an initiation into manhood. This kind of mentality still exists in primitive societies, but the Faroese consider themselves to be part of the developed world; they enjoy all the trappings of modern technology and they do not need to kill even one whale in order to survive. Every civilisation has a shameful history of disregard and cruelty towards non-humans as well as towards fellow humans, but most have abandoned barbaric traditions as changes in laws continue to reflect society’s moral progress. It’s time the Faroese realised that what they are doing is no longer acceptable in a civilised world. Culture is what we do, it is not something that must be continued ad infinitum. The way we behave is something that should be evolving ethically all the time. This is 2015, not 1520.

  • Jon Champs

    I honestly believe that even a 1200 year old tradition doesn’t make it right. What about the tens of thousands of years prior to this when nobody hunted any of these creatures to in many cases, near extinction? I’m now against all forms of unsustainable fishing, regardless, and especially against anything that kills hyper-intelligent cetaceans. If it means we have to stop fishing then that’s what we should do. It may seem extreme but peoples livelihoods cannot depend on the devastation of ecosystems or barbaric behaviour. WE as human beings have ravaged this planet and it just cannot go on. ALL OF US are responsible. The time to change has long passed, every excuse to the contrary is making things worse, for the whale, the people, the world in general. Of course it will be ridiculed, etc etc. As long as everyone gets what they want, and it doesn’t affect them, and you make a fast buck, well that’s OK isn’t it? Does anyone wonder where all this will lead us in 100 years? NO! because it won’t matter to them. God knows what the people a century from now will think of us, but it won’t be very generous.

  • Tamara

    Ehm how about no???

  • I disagree. I’m sure that most conservationists would like to stop the whale shark trade in China. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it though… I’m sure that we’ll pressure them to stop that too!

    • otso bjartalid

      How you’ll pressure us to stop grindadráp? I’m pretty sure that Denmark can’t cut in to the tradition, Faroe Islands is an autonomy, and one of the constituent countries of the Danish realm along Denmark and Greenland.

      • Sooner or later, someone is going to get fed up with your bullshit ‘tradition’, and instead of snapping and shooting a bunch of innocent teenagers in America, go over there instead and just let fly with a machine gun. And there will be a great big massacre. And the sea will turn red with the blood of Faroe Islanders for a change. How about that?

        • otso bjartalid

          Umm, i don’t believe that would happen. I don’t believe that someone would start to massacreing us, especially a “great big massacre”. Only a small portion of us actually kills the whales… No, that’s bullshit, none would do that.

          • You sound like you are trying to convince yourself.

            By the way, my other reply one week ago must have been *really* hardcore, because it wasn’t even approved.

          • otso bjartalid

            By the logic you said that you support genocide of the Faroe Islanders. Sorry if i sounded like i was speaking myself, but my message was purely to you.

        • otso bjartalid

          Also, let me say 3 words about you: you’re sick, man. You side with someone who wants a massacre. You are double-moral and you should be in the middle ages, not in 2016. The only difference is that you think that whales are more important than humans. There are 2 options:
          a) You are mad and you support psychopaths, maybe you’re also one.
          b) You have wroten your messages in a really foolish way; you said that you’ll pressure us to stop the whale hunt with Faroese genocide.
          I have spoken.

    • otso bjartalid

      Could you please answer to me… Had you any ideas how to pressure Faroe Islanders to stop whale hunting? Lol, do you think that Greenpeace is gonna start a rebellion against us? It’s pretty stupid to spout off without thinking first.

  • Your article highlights other issues, which is commendable. I just don’t think your viewpoint is representative of most people’s.

    I would’t trust anything NAMMCO says. They’re the ones that write manuals how to kill pilot whales! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/340/496/637/tell-nammco-to-stop-telling-people-how-to-kill-whales-with-harpoon-guns/

    The number of pilot whales in the ocean doesn’t make their deaths any more ethical; so it’s not really about sustainability. You could say that it’s a “sustainably cruel” practice. That’s not such a great thing though, is it?

    I don’t think humans should have the luxury of citing mere ‘tradition’ as an excuse to continue to conduct barbaric acts. It’s too easy. Much harder would be to actually change.

    As I learn of the horrific way in which they kill animals in slaughterhouses in my own country, I am forcing myself to give up red meat. I can’t remember the last time I bought it (the last time I cooked red meat for myself was in 1992). And as I have learned more and more about over-fishing, I don’t eat anywhere near as much fish. I just can’t do it any more…

  • PaleoFuturist

    No one would miss a few whales in the sea. Let the Icelanders and Faroese enjoy their whale meat.

    They are not harming human beings and what matters is that it defines Icelandic and Faroese identity whilst these people have been eating whale meat for a long, long time.

    Let’s not take it off their menus just because today we happen to be really sensible about….. animals that we traditionally eat.

  • Hanks Jim

    hypocratic fools