Nigel Farage’s diary: Comfort for Cameron, and the wonders of German traffic

Plus: Why I was an even bigger debate winner than I realised

5 April 2014

9:00 AM

5 April 2014

9:00 AM

What a week! I was thrilled to have a chance to confront Nick Clegg but my excitement was tempered with disappointment that neither Cameron nor Miliband agreed to take part — although both were invited. I’d love to have challenged Miliband about the effects of uncontrolled immigration: wage compression, for instance, and the erosion of job opportunities within working-class communities. Why did he chicken out? My bet is he knows these facts are unanswerable. Cameron is, by all accounts, having kittens about Ukip but I think I can set his mind at rest. Our current wave of support seems to be thanks to working-class former Labour voters, which makes perfect sense. An excellent new book by Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin, Revolt on the Right, explains that these sensible working-class voters feel alienated from Labour but unable to vote Tory. So poor old Cameron can’t blame Ukip any more for his failing fortunes.

But back to the debate with the man who did show up. At the time, after our first tussle, I was very pleased that the YouGov poll showed Ukip in the lead by 57 per cent to 36 per cent. What I later found out was that the result was actually about 68/25 but the sample was re-weighted. This was, I was told, because  a high proportion of ‘older people’ answered the poll. The pollster therefore imagined the result was skewed. However I have an alternative term for these ‘older people’ that YouGov seems to think unrepresentative. I call them voters.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to me in these debates has been the realisation that it isn’t just the political classes we are up against, it’s virtually the entire commentariat, too. In the spin room, it was clear to my press team that most of the media were desperate to write up a Clegg win — even those working on newspapers that are supposedly hostile to the Lib Dems. Journalists were itching to start tweeting that Clegg had trounced me, even after it was quite clear he hadn’t. But why? It just goes to show that the Westminster bubble — press and politicians alike — floats further away every day from the people they claim to speak for and to.

The day after the first debate I gave a speech in Cologne, organised by the youth wing of the Alliance for Deutschland, Germany’s fast-growing Eurosceptic party and, to my surprise, it was a sell-out. In the audience were Rhineland Germans holding Ukip placards. The Ukip brand clearly is broadening.

The next morning, we headed back up the motorway towards Brussels, only to find ourselves stuck behind a horrendous accident. Helicopters, police cars, ambulances, fire engines — we were stuck for four hours, but the curious thing is that no one got cross. German men and women stood on the autobahn quietly chatting. Not one raised voice or shaken fist. I imagined the scene if there’d been a four-hour delay on the M25 during rush hour in my part of Kent, and marvelled.

The delay was particularly stressful because of the news that my mother, who was taken ill the day before, was deteriorating fast. While I was stuck in German traffic, she was being wheeled in for emergency surgery and it was awful not to be there. The next morning. when she came off the life support machine, I was able to visit her in intensive care. Despite the fact that she is going to face a long recovery, it looks like things are going to be OK. The outstanding medical care my mother has received in a south London hospital confirms my view that in emergency treatment and intensive care our NHS is world class. My whole family is profoundly appreciative.

The most enjoyable moment of the week was on Saturday at Twickenham at the Schools’ Rugby final between my old place, Dulwich College, and Warwick School. Dulwich’s reputation for rugby is extraordinary. It is not so long ago that two old boys, Andrew Sheridan and Nick Easter, were in the same mighty England team. I met my son and a load of old boys and we cheered like maniacs for Dulwich, who won 53–5, victorious for the third year in a row. There was a very good party after that.

On Monday evening, I sat down with some trepidation to watch Nigel Farage: Who Are You?, a Channel 4 documentary by Martin Durkin. He spent weeks filming me, and any temptation to be guarded soon went out of the window. It was a pretty fair characterisation, I thought. The most extraordinary moment came when the liberal-left commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown unleashed her loathing of me. At one point, she even said the media needed to be ‘controlled’ to limit my exposure. With enemies like these, who needs friends?

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Nigel Farage is the leader of Ukip and a member of the European Parliament for South-East England.

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  • Jules Wright

    The opening lines of ‘For What It’s Worth’ by Buffalo Springfield spring to mind: “There’s somethin’ happenin’ here | What it is ain’t exactly clear …” Whether UKIP represents catalyst for broader change elsewhere or change in its own right remains to be seen. 22 May will shed further light I suspect. However, you Nigel have set (welcome) disruptive elements in motion and disruption often drives significant change – in technology, in business, in politics – that overturns tired, obsolete or sclerotic ways of doings things.

    And next time Clegg bangs on about how only the EU can police crime transnationally (as he mendaciously did again last night in #2), please keep hitting him with Interpol …

    Happy Birthday. Hope your mum recovers. Get to work.

  • Major_Eyeswater

    Thanks Mr Farage, and well done last night. Leaving the EU is now established as the consensus view. I am enjoying the growing sense of shock amongst the establishment that their arguments for staying in are being comprehensively rejected.

    I will vote for UKIP in the European elections on the strength of your showing at the debates.

  • dramocles

    Thanks Nigel. The big win for me was how Clegg (and by inference his cabal of smug metropolitan political wonks) was shown up to be such a transparent manipulator of the truth.

    Our entire political system has been infiltrated by these entryists. It really is time they were swept away – and you have caught the wave that will do it.

  • Alb Einstein

    Best wishes to your mother Nigel. I hope she is very proud of you and thank you for standing up for ordinary British people.

    It was a bit hard to watch the second debate as it was so one sided – if it was a boxing match, Clegg’s corner would have thrown in the towel after the first 5 minutes. For the record, you have my vote in May & also 2015.

  • EppingBlogger

    There was so much material from Clegg I anticipate UKIP’s pamphleteers will be busy for weeks!

    The propositions from Clegg were incredible 1. Only 7% of our laws come from Brusses, 2. Only a handful of people actually work for the EU and 3. It is critical we remain a member.

  • Matt Eldridge

    Well done Nigel, it’s great to see you shaking things up. For too long this country has been run on complacency by ‘fat cat’ politicians who think we serve them, not the other way around. For me your most refreshing trait is that you always seem to be willing to answer the question, something that seems to escape all but the youngest and freshest of MPs. You are right when you say that we never voted to join the EU but it’s about time we had our say on whether or not we stay in. I particularly enjoyed watching the channel 4 program and clips of your speeches in the EU parliament, especially when you rightly stated how a lot of the hierarchy are unelected and when you were asking ‘who are you’, they looked very uncomfortable, as they should. Keep up the good work.

  • SonofBoudica

    Brilliant. Thank you Mr Farage.

  • Greenslime

    Regarding the comments on the commentariat, Nick Robinson was stretching every sinew to describe the 60/40 (or whatever it was) as a win for both. He just could not bring himself to say that Farage had won. It just goes to show the default soft-left default setting of the BBC’s workforce.

    • The BBC Sucks BBCs

      I saw a BBC man say ‘according to polls Nigel Farage won, according to the Westminister Village Nick Clegg won’. I’m sorry but in what way is the Westminister village relevant? The polls are the only thing that matters, but tell that to the BBC.

    • andyrwebman

      ” It just goes to show the default soft-left default setting of the BBC’s workforce.”

      Indeed – we should all be writing in to the BBC to complain about their popularisation of the overuse of the term “phobia” to describe peoples opinions.

      It’s actually libellious in nature, since they imply that nobody could actually believe them due to rational thought, and typical of left wing arrogance – the attitude of “I’m not even going to debate, I’m just going to assume I’m so right that you must be insance to disagree”.

      The enemy fights a subtle war of mind control at many levels.

  • Right Full Rudder

    The most positive thing that came out of the debates, other than the sheer pleasure of watching you demolish Nick Clegg, was that it is now clear that the “In” side merely boils down to fearmongering about job losses. Nothing else that they say has any effect but scaring people about their jobs will inevitably work to some degree in the wake of a recession. Of course this is baseless. Europe will continue to buy and sell us things without tariffs or trade restrictions. To do otherwise would be madness, given we’re a vital market for Germany and France, not to mention Ireland. So UKIP’s strategy must be to keep knocking down that “job losses” argument and explaining to people that trade does not require political union. Your point that when we sell cars to America, they need to have the driver’s seat on the other side, was well made.

    The only negative thing I can imagine is that the chance of getting a referendum from any of the major parties just went down. Even the loonies at British Influence can’t still realistically think they could win it.

    • andyrwebman

      ” Europe will continue to buy and sell us things without tariffs or trade restrictions”

      Yep. Look how many things we buy labelled “made in China” or “Made in Korea” for a start.

  • Sapporo

    Nigel, you have won the argument, now is the time to consolidate the victory and continue the momentum. Make no mistake, you are up against the full weight of the MSM. To counter the anti-UKIP media and the lack of positive coverage, the Party needs to empower the members. What UKIP requires now, is investment in its structure and administration. Local associations are highly motivated, but lack the tools and the funds to turn sympathetic sentiment into votes.

  • Jules Wright

    100% support in Comments thus far. Instructive. Rare.

  • Joseph K.

    Congratulations, Nigel, on a superb performance in the second debate. You nailed Cleggy perfectly. Watching him squirm as he tried to bluff and lie his way through the questions made my evening.

    When he resorted to childish insults and name-calling, he sounded like a petulant little boy who had been told that he can’t have jam roly-poly for supper. It was nothing new for those of us who were aware of his true character, but it will have been a revelation for those viewers who were previously unaware. They will have been left wondering how such a callow twerp could have become our Deputy PM.

    A brilliant result all round.

  • Richard N

    Nigel, well done in the debate.

    But I wish you had said something about the fact that our voting power in the EU is about 8% – 8%! – and yet Clegg, Cameron and the other EU puppets talk about being in the EU giving us influence!

    What influence does 8% voting power give us – when we could have 100% influence, if we were again an independent country.

    Please consider using this ‘8% – against 100% – of ability to control our own country’s future’ argument in your future TV / media appearances. People remember such simple, consise, points.

    Incidentally, as an aside: I offered, in an email exchange with Mr. Hamilton of UKIP, to make a substantial donation to UKIP – and he never even bothered to follow up on that. If you read this, you might ask him why. My initials – in case you do – are ‘RJ’.

  • Raw England

    Nigel: When you said you’re going to work for the White Working Class (AKA English people), you instantly gained at least a million votes here in the North!

    That’s exactly what the English Working Class has been waiting to hear.

    • Bob

      Farage also mentioned the Afro-Caribbean community in London which had suffered from high immigration, but the media seemed to only focus on the white story as if Farage had become some white-supremacists! Thank God the public saw through it!

      • country_exile

        Exactly. Our communities from the Commonwealth share our heritage and culture. This is not and never has been about the colour of anyone’s skin.

        • andyrwebman

          We need to reclaim the word “racism”.

          Giving pointless hassle to a decent person based on skin colour is horrible.

          But criticism of importation of large scale cultural beliefs is different. If there were a nation that was 100% white european but full of hard lin communists, wouldn’t we all be reluctant to allow large scale immigration from that country?

    • Aramis

      The white working class is not only English people surely?

  • Streben80

    Never forget Nigel that no matter what they throw at you, you have an army of millions of supporters behind you who appreciate just how hard and how long you have worked to get to where we are today. I can honestly say that you inspired me to become involved in politics and many others that I know, that alone is a significant contribution to this country.

  • Ann Kyriakides

    In the wilderness for many years and most definitely a ‘left behind’, I found myself inspired by you to sit up and actively take notice. I have regained my passion for my Country and now enjoy being fully involved with the huge debate on the future of the UK and stand unequivocally with UKIP. You are an inspiration and I thank you for the very hard work you have done/are doing for us. I do hope you enjoyed your birthday with extra relish this year. I hope that your Mother has a speedy recovery, I know what a worry this may be for you. Carry on Sir, we are with you all the way – Kindest regards

    • The Patriot

      Indeed, he both has, and inspires, something that seems to have been incredibly lacking in the governments of late… Patriotism.

  • brotherbaldrick

    Hey Nige you should write more of these, nice one. And well done for winning both debates, I’m looking forward to voting for UKIP in May

  • You call it the “London Bubble”, I call it the “London Gravy Roundabout”, Same as the Brussels Gravy train but the turn around is quicker.
    Well done on a brilliant performance.

  • chris

    My eyes nearly popped out hearing YA-B’s last comment. Hard to see how it was an unfair edit, & she’s not a media-naif.
    Let’s hope that now the veil of fear has been shredded we can get into some realistic exit scenarios. I look forward to the Brexit prize results within the next few months.

  • The BBC Sucks BBCs

    Best wishes for your mother Nigel, more old people than young vote UKIP because they remember when Britain was a great country, young people are brainwashed from birth by the BBC to think that Britain has always been like this, that old Britain was racist, that multicultural Britain is better, it just isn’t true & unlike Clegg I don’t wanna see WG Grace open the batting, though I’d like to see Pieterson back, I don’t want return to 1950s, I just want to return to a pre Maastricht, pre Lisbon UK where we mostly governed ourselves & where Britain was home to the British & not just geographical location in a German dominated EU superstate.

  • Peter Tinkler

    Well done I hope others see where this country is going

  • Denbo

    Nigel you should play over and over this video of Yasmin on controlling the media because of you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNa91VgTHmM

  • Darren Barker

    Please keep up the sterling work Mr. Farage. You are the first person involved in politics I have seen that doesn’t look like they are lying through their teeth. Thank You Sir.

  • TheOtherTurnipTaliban

    Go Nigel!

  • Two Bob

    But thats not trooooooo! That simply isnt trooooo! Bless little Cleggieboy.

  • Why is it ok for the Scots to have a referendum on leaving UK but not ok for the Uk to vote on leaving the EU ?

  • I like Comb-over

    Next Year @ Westminster!

  • SylvieM

    Nigel, what would we do without you? There would be no hope for this country at all. You are an itch the main parties can’t scratch, and always will be. That’s why they hate you – and we love it! We’re voting you, our family is voting for you, our friends are voting for you, and so are our neighbours. Can’t come soon enough! Good luck!

  • Brimstone52

    Jan 2014 UK/EU trade figures…

    Exports to EU; £12,339million
    Imports from EU; £17,839 million

  • livnletliv

    Peter Kellner did the same nonsensical weighting for round 2, so Mr Farage no doubt got at least 80%, all the yougov polls are weighted which always steals from UKIP and adds them to the leftwits. Disgrace how corrupt yougov is.

  • William Clark

    Nigel, I am very glad your mother is better and I hope she makes a full recovery, God bless her. Whilst of course what you say about the ghastly EU is correct, my fear is that a vote for you will give a majority to Labour in 2015. Cameron has promised a referendum if he wins the election and I have no reason to doubt him. The Europeans are culturally incapable of reforming anything, so there is no chance that they will grasp that Cameron is giving them a chance to make the ‘union’ less idiotic so as to cause British voters to change their minds – it won’t happen. If we have a coalition with the pitiful Libs now, surely after 2015 a UKIP Tory alliance is best for Britain?

  • barrydavies

    What impressed me most was when Clegg started trying to shout him down Nigel remained cool calm collected, waited made his point and didn’t reciprocate the childish PMQ’s type behaviour, a true international class debater versus a primary school type debater no contest really.

  • DrDavidLowry

    A Farage of follies over fracking and nuclear power

    In this week’s big political debate over Europe between deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg MP, and the leader of the UK independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage MEP, commentators have treated it like a political beauty context, reading the runes and feeling the mood music.

    But what about the content?

    Asked about one of the big political issues of the week, energy prices and security, Farage said he favoured getting on with fracking like the United States and building new nuclear power plants, and opposed what he called useless wind power.

    The fault in this argument is the shale gas revolution in America has peaked, and costs are rising rapidly to extract remaining reserves.

    On 27 February the authoritative Bloomberg business news service reported independent shale gas producers “will spend $1.50 drilling this year for every dollar they get back.”

    The article explains that shale output drops faster than production from conventional methods. It will take 2,500 new wells a year just to sustain output of 1 million barrels a day in North Dakota’s Bakken shale, according to the Paris-based International Energy Agency. Bloomberg also cites the Houston-based Sanchez Energy Corporation company, which plans to spend as much as $600 million this year – almost double its estimated 2013 revenue – on the Eagle Ford shale formation in south Texas, which is the main drilling centre, along with North Dakota, for shale gas exploitation
    By contrast, the net debt of the world’s biggest oil and gas exploration company by market value, Exxon Mobil, is less than half of the cash earned from operations last year. Bloomberg stresses that it plans to spend 68 cents for every dollar it gets back this year.

    In February ExxonMobil’s CEO Rex Tillerson even joined lawsuit against a fracking well water tower being built near his $5 million Texas home, the Wall Street Journal reported.On 5 March at its annual investors meeting in New York, Exxon Mobil said it expects capital expenditures (capex) of $39.8 billion in 2014, 6.4% lower than last year’s spending of $42.5 billion. The company indicated it will reduce upstream spending and remain selective in terms of investments in downstream operations, as it loses faith in shale.
    Exxon announced in June 2012 it was quitting shale gas drilling in Poland, on eof the European Union’s great hopes for shale reserves. Talisman Energy of Canada have scaled back their Polish shale investments after “disappointing” early attempts at extraction, the New York Times reported on April 24 last year.

    Nuclear fissionedFarage claimed to want to support jobs in Britain, but in supporting new nuclear, he is actually supporting jobs in Socialist France! And the export of billions in profits to French State-owned EDF: an odd way to support British jobs by freeing up the private markets for energy.

    Speaking in the Commons debate on an Energy Price Freeze on 2 April, Labour back bencher Paul Flynn MP- a long time opponent of nuclear power- pertinently asked: but what is British about Hinkley Point? He wenton to argue to fellow MPs: “Did Members read the French newspapers when the deal was announced? They regarded it as the deal of the century. It will create 10,000 jobs—not at Hinkley Point, but in France. It is an extraordinary deal. For Britain, it is the rip-off of the century. We have agreed to buy energy—this is hard to believe—at £92 per megawatt-hour, which is twice the going rate at present, and that is the minimum rate. We have indexed linked that price and guaranteed it for 35 years. We do not know what energy prices will be in 35 months…….”

    Flynn concluded “ We are buying a European pressurised water reactor. They have been around for a little while, but they have not yet produced enough electricity to power a bicycle lamp. The first one was in Finland. According to the deal, it was going to start generating electricity in 2009. The original cost was €3 billion—it is now reckoned to be €8.5 billion—and it is not expected to be generating until 2019, 10 years late. The other one is Flamanville. It had a very similar original cost and is now also expected to cost nearly three times that—€8.5 billion. It is not expected to be completed for four years after the year when it was supposed to be generating electricity, which was last year.”“When Liberal democrat MP Simon Hughes used to start his speeches by announcing that no nuclear power station in the world has ever been built on time or on budget. Of course, the Liberal Democrats are now singing from a different hymn sheet because they have a Lib Dem Secretary of State for Energy
    We are waltzing into a future that is not well informed by science …Sadly, however, we go on thinking along tram lines. I believe we will find that the EU decides that the £17.5 billion subsidy we intend to pay for Hinkley Point—for one power station—is against European rules because such subsidies are not allowed.”

    (http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm140402/debtext/140402-0002.htm)After Flynn had spoken, yet more news of the failures of the Finnish nuclear programme emerged. Leading Finnish newspaper, Helsingen Sanomat, reported that at € 8.5 billion The failed reactor at Olkiluoto 3 is now more expensive than any skyscraper. The most expensive single commercial building is known to have a casino hotel in Singapore Marina Bay Sands , which cost in today’s money of € 5.2 billion . The price of the Olkiluoto3 would have been able to three new One World Trade Center skyscrapers build in New York City.

    Nils Bøhmer, director general of Norwegian-based Scandinavian environment group, Bellona – who is a trained nuclear physicist – called the new round of cost overruns “absolutely insane’”

    Yet these are the pro-nuclear and pro-fracking energy policies both Farage and Clegg’s parties are backing. What does it say about their judgment?

    Dr David Lowry is an independent environmental policy and research consultant and a member of energy secretary Ed Davey’s Geological Disposal Implementation Board.

  • pobinr

    Lets see by means of their ludicrous contradictions just why FibDemLabCon are a bad joke;

    Liberal Democrats – The party of liberty & democracy who are anti having the liberty to decide on Europe via a referendum & anti democracy in being EUrophiles.
    But that’s the opposite of liberty & democracy isn’t it?
    LibDems the Party for people that don’t believe in liberty & democracy

    Labour – Anti refendum, pro EU & pro immigration.
    Result = Mass immigration of cheap labour driving down wages, taking jobs, taking homes, making more traffic congestion & making slumlords & low wage payers richer.
    But that’s the opposite of Socialism isn’t it?
    Labour the party that don’t believe in Labour principles!

    Tories – The party of small government most of whom are EUrophiles meaning gigantic bloated centralised EU government that’s ballooning out of control.
    But that’s the opposite of Conservatism isn’t it?
    Conservatives in reality the party for People that need to vote UKIP if they are conservative

    Vote FibDemLabCon & get the opposite of what you want.

    VOTE UKIP get UKIP get your country & your democracy back


  • pobinr

    Yasmin Brown is pro EU. When asked about what the top people such as Martin Schultz do & what their jobs are & what branch of the EU they are head of, she didn’t have a clue!
    Pro something that she has no understanding of!
    That has to be the definition of stupidity!
    At last the TV coverage Nigel deserves. Brilliant programme. Highlights what a bloated self serving anti democratic pile of crap the EU is > http://www.channel4.com/programmes/nigel-farage-who-are-you/4od

  • pobinr

    Lie 1] Clegg said only 7% of our laws now made by EU. NO > 50% are.

    Lie 2] After saying half of the 1.5m Euro immigrants have gone back home, he then said he ‘Wanted to reinstate exit checks for counting people out of the UK when they leave’
    So how could he make the claim that half have gone back home if we don’t count the numbers that leave ?

    Lie 3] Clegg claimed last week that we protect jobs by being in the EU.
    NO letting in millions that take our jobs isn’t protecting our jobs

    Lie 4] Clegg claimed last week that Eurpean Arrest warrants mean criminals are repatriated whilst ignoring the fact if we had proper borders they wouldn’t have been let in in the 1st place

    Lie 5] Lib Dem stands for liberty & democracy.
    NO it stands for the anti democratic EU & No liberty on deciding to leave it

  • randomanglican

    I hope you continue this diary. It makes for good reading!

  • jamesbarn

    Lets consider this point for a bit
    Why will Labour, and Cons not admit
    In the Debate that’s planned
    UKIPs Nigel is banned
    There is no doubt about it their “FRIT”

  • Edward Keithly

    A warrior for the working day…

  • IftikharA

    However, without migration, USA and Australia will not be the nations that they are today, in fact UK may not be as powerful as she is. What is points are that migrants does not drive wages down, take jobs away from ‘others’, does not take always social housing, take all the school places or gain extra social benefits. Rights is about as simple as that ‘rights’, be it human rights, social rights or communities rights. Rights are shared as the burdens of societies are shared. I was born in a British colony, my grandparents contributed to the wealth and development of the UK and not ask for anything in return. I come here to work for over 48 years, have not access any benefits, well hopefully a pension. I become a British citizen in 1973 and still remains a migrant, an outsiders until the day I die. Never belonging,
    always contributing, afraid to challenges, taking whatever is given even when it
    is unfair. This is not ‘leftie thinking’, it is just about claiming my rights.

    To all the Britons living in non English speaking countries… Get out
    and back to the UK until you learn the native language of the countries you want
    to live in, than you can go back… It’s only fair!!! I don’t know of many
    English who are fluent in Thai, but who have settled in Thailand, nor for that
    matter, in French or Spanish, with over a million in those two countries! Are
    you going to stop people coming if they are not speaking English? Unfortunately
    Britain is sunk to the bottom wrong priority to add in the past. too many
    collusion. Other thing is how can they come here as an illegal, and what steps
    are you going to take? Unfortunately too many people can’t really speak English,
    and even say yes or no they don’t know, just like I am speaking to the wall. for
    example of my question: do you speak English? and no answer.” WHAT? I’ve always said that immigration should never be about race, colour or politics but about economics. If you’re coming here to contribute by working, spending, investing and paying tax welcome aboard.

    As a British Asian myself, and a Muslim, I am deeply proud of my heritage and language. At home i speak my own languages, Punjabi and Urdu. When out and about with family, i speak in Urdu etc. I will speak in whatever language I like. Nobody, absolutely nobody will tell us what language to speak. Obviously I appreciate everyone living here should ve able to speak a bit of English. But its not a must, especially for elders. After all,

    Look at how many white brits move to other nations yet refuse to learn the
    languages? No, they expect others to learn or speak English, and the Brits just
    don’t wanna integrate. If u white Brits don’t do it when u move to other
    nations, don’t expect or demand other others, Asians, Africans etc to have to
    learn English to fit in. Me, Im Asian, Im proud of my languages and if it riles
    others when they cant understand our conversations, well get over
    London school Islamics Trust

    • pobinr

      Migration was fine in 1066 when the population was 2m. Its’s now 63m.
      Wwe have enough housing shortages, road congestion, full schools NHS queues etc.
      Meantime Eastern Europe which is already less densely populated than the UK, becomes further depopulated. So what’s supposedly good for us has to be bad for them surely in losing their youth & people of working age ?
      I don’t subscribe to the view that the more of England we concrete over & build on the richer we become.
      Only slumlords & min wage employers become richer from mass immigration of low earners, while our quality of life & wages are driven down by more crowding & a 14% drop in average wages since 2007 in real terms.

    • andyrwebman

      I think any Brit moving abroad who doesn’t learn the language of their adopted country should indeed be criticised – which rather defuses your point.

      It’s only fair – if you like a country enough to move there, you should be willing to work hard to obtain your place, even go as far as to pass a language entrance exam. So if I want to live in Italy, I should be able to converse adequately in Italian.

      You need to make friends in the community, understand what is special about your chosen home, ensure that you and your loved ones allow yourselves to bbe changed somewhat by your new home – and to offer it new ideas in return. Your children should grow up bilingual and with a sense of belonging in both cultures.

      What no country wants is ghettos of isolated sub sections and cultures which don’t mix much with other sub sections – mere exchange of money is not enough, that’s like turning parts of the country into huge trading enclaves. If large comminities with radically different ideas of right and wrong spring up, it’s a recipe for mistrust and future conflict.

      • IftikharA

        Speaking English does not promote integration into
        British, American and Australian societies, and broaden opportunities. English
        speaking Muslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist, thanks to state
        schools with monolingual non-Muslim teachers and English language. English
        language is not only a lingua franca but also lingua frankensteinia. Human right
        are also covers linguistic right. Cultural and linguistic genocide are very
        common. British schooling is murdering community languages like Arabic, Urdu and
        others. English is today the world killer language. Linguistic genocide is a
        crime against humanity and British schooling is guilty of committing this crime.
        Language is not just a language. It defines one’s culture, identity and
        consciousness. It defines how we think, communicate and express ourselves. The
        fact is the most South Asian Muslims have come to know Islam by way of Urdu, the
        children’s alienation from the language that connects them the heritage of their
        parents and grandparents is disturbing. As a matter of fact, one has to get to
        know his mother tongue well if one is to master any other language.
        Multiculturalism means different cultures
        living side by side, separately. We live in a multicultural world of
        mono-cultural countries. If only England becomes multicultural and other
        countries don’t, then the result will be a less multicultural world. Right next
        to the Over ground Station, a peek inside the Railway Tavern pub will reveal
        white locals in the front, black locals in the back room. This segregation is
        self-enforced; both parties seem to prefer it that way. The sight of such
        retailed segregation is uncomfortable, and off-putting. It inevitably reminded
        me of the ”separate but equal” facilities of late-Jim Crow 60s

        Many comments claim that the immigrants don’t
        integrate. Aside from the little interactions mentioned, how can integration
        occur? Doesn’t it need to be 2-way? How many of us are pleased to accept
        hospitality and gifts of exotic dishes offered by the ‘immigrants’ and yet don’t
        reciprocate? Difficult to have a truly ‘multicultural’ society when the core
        belief of many of those who inhabit one of those cultures is that all the others
        should be eradicated.
        London School of Islamics Trust

        • andyrwebman

          “Speaking English does not promote integration into British, American and Australian societies, and broaden opportunities”

          Surely incorrect. It is not the only thing required, but it is nonetheless a prerequisite to mix with people that you can communicate with them – though there may of course be other reasons you fail to integrate.

          “English speaking Muslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist,
          thanks to state schools with monolingual non-Muslim teachers and English

          Is that all it takes to become extremist? Being in a country where you’re taught in that country’s language by someone not of your faith? They seem damnably prone to extremism if that’s all it takes!

          If my parents had moved to Spain when I was at school, and I had a Catholic Spanish speaking teacher (when I was an English speaking atheist) that justifies me being an extremist, does it, and bombing the Spanish for not pandering to my English speaking?

          In other words, if the country doesn’t bend over backwards to accommodate you being different then you should bomb them?

          “British schooling is murdering community languages like Arabic, Urdu and others.”

          Rubbish – these languages are alive and well in their native countries, and also as second languages in their communities. Many schools are even offering them as subjects alongside French, German, Spanish etc. What they’re not doing is teaching everything in them – and why should they?

          If you want to work with the scientific community, for example, English is needed – no question.

          Multiculturalism is something I just don’t want at all – rather, I would like to envisage something I call “Pan Culturalism” – all of us seeing ourselves as members of a
          larger culture which has absorbed (and been enriched by) the best parts of all its predecessors, and rejected the bad. It will contain sub groups joined by interests, but all should feel that they are free to move between the groups.

          In other words, each generation is treated as individuals and not as “belonging” to some culture. If we wish to believe something different to our parents, then we will.

          Unfortunately it’s never going to work with Islam, is it? You believe that the perfect society was handed to you on a plate by the divine and flawless word of God in the Qu’ran, so the idea of rejecting any part of it as bad – or disproved by modern science – is never going to work.

          Neither is the free and open diffusion between sub groups, when the Haddith Sunnah clearly advises you
          “if a Muslim leaves his religion, kill him”.

          Or am I wrong? Are you willing to let them choose to be Buddhists if they wish, without any coersion?

          Are you willing to permit your daughters to have white atheist or christian boyfriends (which is only fair given that I have seen any number of Muslim guys with white girlfriends)?

          I think really you want us to sit back and not care that large chunks of our country are being transformed into a sub society with a set of values and direction diametrically opposed to our own.

          It aint gonna happen, dude.

  • country_exile

    Go, Nige – get into the b***ds. It’s been a great week for UKIP. At last the political classes are waking up. And they are afraid. Bloody marvellous. Look forward to your next visit to Suffolk.

  • pobinr

    I don’t want to live in ‘Johnny No Mates’ or even ‘Johnny No Jobs Britain’.
    Let’s play safe & be Little England ruled by ‘Soviet Union Number II’ rather than rule ourselves. It gives us a much better say in things.
    The more people we let in to take jobs, the more we protect our jobs.
    The more of England we concrete over & build on the richer we become.
    The world is a bigger & more frightening place than it was when we ruled half of it as Great Britain.
    Please dear Clegg help save us from it.
    PS Clegg I love your body language > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rXMvpPjonc

  • pobinr

    Watching the LBC debate it’s clear that Clegg likes to delude us.

    Lie 1] Clegg said only 7% of our laws are now made by EU. NO > 50% are.

    Lie 2] After saying half of the 1.5m Euro immigrants have gone back home, he then said he ‘Wanted to reinstate exit checks for counting people out of the UK when they leave’
    So how could he make the claim that half have gone back home if we don’t count the numbers that leave ?
    Judging by how many East European accents I hear these days there’s 10m here.

    Lie 3] Clegg claimed last week that we protect jobs by being in the EU.
    NO letting in millions that take our jobs isn’t protecting our jobs

    Lie 4] Clegg claimed last week that European Arrest warrants mean criminals are repatriated whilst ignoring the fact if we had proper borders they wouldn’t have been let in in the 1st place

    Lie 5] Clegg claims the ECHR & EU help our human rights.
    NO actually. Thanks to the European arrest warrants you can now be snatched & taken away by a foreign police force without an extradition order.

    Lie 6] Lib Dem stands for liberty & democracy.
    NO it stands for the anti democratic EU & No liberty on deciding to leave it

  • Noel Matthews

    Nigel. UKIP is an idea whose time has come. We are unstoppable

  • andyrwebman

    The quote “when the liberal-left commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown unleashed her
    loathing of me. At one point, she even said the media needed to be
    ‘controlled’ to limit my exposure.” speaks volumes.

    We need to start labelling these who call themselves liberals as “ILLIBERALS” or “PSEUDO-LIBERALS”.

    Isn’t it ironic that those who call themselves liberal are always wanting to restrict what people can do in things that really shouldn’t be restricted?

    On the other hand, they’re totally against punishing people when they do something that really SHOULD be restricted!

    Nigel – you have a unique opportunity here to undo the insidious work of the left that has been sneakily chipping away at our freedoms for the last 40 years and more – give the UK an equivalent of the US first amendment!

    How about something like the following:

    “There shall be no restriction of the freedom of speech of the population in law, save for the following two exceptions:

    1. Incitement to physical violence
    2. Continued harassment of individuals (courts shall have the right to forbid contact between people)

    All laws contrary to this are declared null and void”

  • Mark

    Clegg was a poor choice of debater. Mehdi Husan has much stronger arguments- essentially that those countries outside the EU that trade with Europe (Switzerland, Norway) still have to adopt EU regulations and pay money to the EU, but have no seat at the table.


  • pobinr

    I wonder what it’s like for Clegg being only number two in British politics?
    I don’t mean number two as deputy prime minister.
    I mean as second only to Tony B.Liar as the most hated lying politician in the UK?
    When he gets the boot he’ll f*ck off to the EUssr gravy train dictatorship in Brussels which is why he’s such a big fan of it!
    Run by crooks & recycled Communists that can’t get the accounts signed off for 19 years in a row
    He doesn’t want to live in ‘Johnny No Mates’ or even ‘Johnny No Jobs Britain’.
    He wants to play safe & be Little England ruled by Soviet Union Number Two rather than rule ourselves.
    It gives us a much better say in things.
    The world is a bigger & more frightening place than it was when we ruled half of it as Great Britain.
    Clegg can help save us from it. The more people we let in taking jobs the more we protect our jobs.
    Patronising conman with joke body language > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rXMvpPjonc

  • pobinr

    I can’t believe how DimLibs & the left, if there’s any difference between them, can’t see the obvious.
    In a nutshell:
    QUESTION] How much wealth is generated here by more car washes & Costa & Starbucks & Pizzas being served by East European kids on min wage?
    ANSWER] Eff all
    It just makes a few slumlords & low wage paying employers richer but helps adds to the housing shortage & road congestion, NHS queues, more schools with classes full of kids that can’t speak English properly & adds to our 1,000,000 youth unemployment.
    Oh & leaves East Europe half empty with a lack of people of working age & lack of people to help rebuild their countries in the post Soviet era & look after their elderly.

    I do not subsribe to the view espoused by the likes of Cable & Clegg that the more of England we concrete & build on then the richer we become & the more people we let in the more we protect our jobs!
    Are they completely mad ?
    We actually become poorer in terms of quality of life.
    No one voted for this nonsense in 1975
    EU open border = Bad, bad & more bad!

  • pobinr

    I can only assume the people here that think mass immigration is wonderful are fortunate enough to live in areas that haven’t been flooded in the last 5 years with East Europeans. I live in Shirley, Southampton.

    Last week I rang to make a doctors appointment. I got ‘Sorry not possible today.’

    Never used to be like that. I resent this kind of thing.

    And why shouldn’t I be able to resent such things without being called a racist?

    I resent housing shortages. I resent the social housing queue now being 8+ years in Southampton. I resent more traffic congestion, More noise, more pollution.

    Even immigrants are tired of immigration!

    Asians no longer send their children to the local school St Marks in Southampton, because they want their children to learn English rather than Polish, Romanian, Hungarian etc!

    They have classes where only 4 children are English!

    My friend wouldn’t send his child there. He paid for her to go to St Winifreds private school instead and he’s half Polish!

    His father came here from Poland in the 60’s!

    Every other name on Southampton Maternity unit cots is East European.

    Locals can’t get their kids into their nearest school.

    Even if they can it’s full of kids that can’t speak English properly.

    The General hospital has had to ask for more funding for the hepatobiliary liver service due to Vodka usage by our friends from the East.

    I was speaking to Pole the other day at 11am.

    I asked him how come you’re not at work?

    He replied he ‘Couldn’t get any more chef work here’

    I said will you be going back to Poland then?

    He replied ‘No I steel beetar off here’ !

    On the dole !

    Thje mother lin law’s in a rest home. Some staff are East European.

    She’s hard of hearing & can’t understand their poor English.

    I was chatting to a Hungarian girl recently who served me in Pizzaexpress. A charming girl. I asked her what has the EU done for her and her country?

    She replied – ‘It’s given her the opportunity to leave’

    I said would she ever go back to Hungary. She replied ‘No’

    So countries less densely populated than here to start with are losing their your & people of working age.

    Their demographic screwed & ours!

    I bought a 2 flat that had had 6 Lithuanians living in.

    The new working class living like this with almost no overheads so undercutting wages for locals & driving down living standards for people with mortgages to pay & making slumlords & min wage employers richer.

    EU = Capitalist’s wet dream brought to you courtesy of the left.

  • pobinr

    Liberals, ah liberals!

    My great uncle was Irish & another was Scottish. I’m also 1/16th German Jew.

    Also eleven sixteenths of my genetic make up comes from Bongo Bongo land when my ancestors left there 100,000 years ago.

    Frankly I’m shocked that the only reason you xenophobes & racists accept me is because I was born in England.

    I believe the EU should expand to include all nations & the population of the entire world should be allowed to come here to either operate car washes or serve coffee on min wage so that Starbucks can avoid even more corporation tax.

    That way we won’t be a ‘Johnny no mates’ or even ‘no friends’ Britain.

    It means school bully Putin, that awful friend of Nigel Fuhrer won’t pick on us.

    Think of it. No more wars because we will be ruled firmly but efficiently from one centralised point.
    You see you can only have wars if there’s two or more points trying to rule you.

    If we concrete over our land to build homes for the entire world it will be a
    tremendous boost to our building industry & our concrete industry. Yours & mine & our children’s future.
    It will boost our economy & we’ll all be richer. It will also protect our jobs. Yours & mine.

    Think of the boost in demand for car washes the coffee they serve thanks to population increase.
    It means more & more jobs. More & more wealth. More & more boost to our economy.
    We’ll all be richer. You and me.

    We could boost our employment, create jobs by having factories making replicas of all the trees that we cut down to clear for land for building homes for all these new people that speak exiting different languages to us that enrich our culture & quality of life.

    Then sell those fake trees to the ever increasing population of immigrants. Yes incredible isn’t it. You guessed it. Yet more wealth from making replicas of what we cut down. You & me.

    What about our security?
    Yours & mine & our children’s?
    Well we are now safer thanks to European arrest warrants. We can be snatched by foreign police forces without that old fashoned extradition process. Sorry did I say ‘foreign’. I meant European. But the advantage is or course any nasty people we let in, becuase we don’t discriminate of course, can be snatched too.

    And it makes more employment for our legal system. You know those funny men in frocks & wigs. They now have counter parts in Strazburg that can overrule them on laws we invented and suggested to them in the first. It’s all about harmonisation and trust me it makes more work and employment & thus wealth for you and me.

    CO2 emissions & transport costs from China would reduce because all the Chinese sweat shops will be here helping to make you & me richer. I everyone lived here. Think of it. A world with almost nil transport costs. It will help protect the future of our planet for our children and grandchildren.

    But don’t be too downbeat. It needn’t stop there. There are 100 billion galaxies, with a 100 billion stars in each. There must be 100 billion planets. Perhaps a billion with intelligent life.

    If we have a bold vision for the future for you & me. For us. We can build 3D cities 10,000 miles high to accommodate the beings from all those planets.

    The more aliens that come here the richer we become. You & I.

    We will welcome all of them. Even the ones like Daleks that want to kill us. In the end our compassion will win them over. They will learn to love us whether they want to or not.

    It’s a bold vision I know. But it’s the only way we can compete in a universe market place.

    If we have enough Poles here we can move mountains, uh or enough aliens of course. I don’t discriminate. We’re all equal. Any differences are an illusion.

    We have nothing to fear from aliens by being xenophobes like some people who are foolish enough to resent over crowding and house shortages. Remember the more houses we build and the more of England, uh sorry Britain, uh the country of Britain, uh state of Britain & of course Scotland, though we don’t know yet whether they will be part of that, then the richer we become.

    But anyway, the richer we become because that creates jobs. Employment for you and me. For our children too. Let’s not forget them who we see them sometimes when they’re not at battery children farm nurseries being breast fed by Polish mums with milk to spare. Or at school of course.

    The Poles, uh or aliens will be so much better off here they can send money back home to pay for care for all the elderly left alone there. Where even poorer Poles back home, uh or aliens will be paid to care for them. Though I shouldn’t call where they come from as their ‘home.’ That would be to discriminate. We all live in one huge community. It’s called the world.

    So you see everyone gains from mass upheaval.

    In a couple of years time I myself am even prepared to undergo the upheaval of moving to the centrepoint I spoke of where clever people live including my wife. People clever enough to be paid a large salaries becuase they are wise enough to lead you and me. Where they can shape our children’s future. Yours and mine. We’re together in all of this.

    They are called EU Commisioners. Many of whom are what they call ‘Communists’ who were our friends and allies in our fight not to be ruled by Germany via the Nazis, but via the EU instead.

    They are such caring people they want to see us all equal. No rich and no poor people. Apart from them being rich of course. But then they deserve to be rich. Becuase they serve you & me so well with their wisdom. We need to be grateful to them for that.

    Unlike that nasty Nigel Fuhrer who for some selfish reason doesn’t want to share out our hard earned money or perhaps hard earned massive debt to all the poor of the world.

    We should also be grateful to all those that came here 75 years ago & fought beside us to help make their countries fit places to in live so they could come and live here instead.

    They enrich our high streets with their horsemeat sausage shops and their thousands of different varieties of Vodka. They’ve brought our high streets to life. They’ve helped stimulate our health economy with the new hepatobiliary liver units treating Vodkaholics in our hospitals providing more employment & therefore wealth for local nurses that trickles down to their Polish Polishers. You see we’re all richer.

    No longer just pasty, poundsaver & charity shops. Our high streets are now punctuated with Vodka shops & horsemeat sausage shops. It enriches us. Our way of life and our society. For us. For you and me and for our children.
    Oh & the man that owns that pie shop in Shirley High Street in Southampton is making lots of money selling his pies to Polish people. So you see everyone benefits from more & more & more & more & more & more & more & more & more & more & more & more people being here.
    Becuase the more people, the more pies he sells. It’s simple economics. Or economics for simpletons.

    Of course it’s not just Poles. There’s Estonians, Lithuanains, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Czechs and Slovakians. More and more people to come here to earn money to send home to care for their elderly. So here’s even more employment created back where they come from creating jobs for old people with no family left in their country to look after them.

    More and more different languages. More and more translators – more and more employment and more and more wealth for us. You and me. But please notice I said ‘Czechs’ and ‘Slovakians’. Not ‘Czechoslovakians’.

    You see they are now two separate free independant nations. Free to be ruled separately from the same centre point. Just like perhaps the Scottish will be one day.

    It’s just the same with translators. More translaters in our schools & courts of course means more employment and more wealth for you and me. Think how much wealthier we will become when we have all the languages of the universe here. More translators. More employment. More wealth for you and for me and for our children. It all helps shape our children’s future.

    That hard of hearing Gran or perhaps elderly Mum or Dad you have in a rest home. Hardly able to understand the accent of their Polish carers. Well that stimulates their brains & enriches their lives too.
    More work potentally for translators. Yet more jobs. Yet more wealth. It’s all gain gain & more gain.

    If any aliens don’t have voice boxes like we do. And you have to remember we aren’t all the same. Though we shouldn’t show any reaction to that of course. Then they can learn to speak almost without words by sheer force body language alone like me & like this chap does > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rXMvpPjonc

    Trust me. Follow me. Vote for me & I will bring you wealth & a beautiful harmonious world where we all love any living creature whatever it is & whatever it thinks.

    More freedom, more democracy, more liberty, more choice, more and more EUro harmonized diversity, & more & more centralised control by wise men with the wisdom to know how to manage our freedom & liberty…. uh and women of course in equal numbers with our best interests at heart.

    Our future, that’s yours and mine and our children’s means everything to them.

    We benefit Immigrants & they benefit us. We will put their young into care in nurseries as soon as they exit their mothers wombs and they will learn how to love our playstations.

    Yours sincerely

    Nick Clegg [ And I want you to know that I really do mean that most sincerely I really do]