When judges go to jail

Plus: the toll of the Troubles, race at the polls, and our changing housing market

10 May 2014

9:00 AM

10 May 2014

9:00 AM

Judges in jail

Barrister and part-time judge Constance Briscoe was jailed for 16 months for perverting the course of justice in charges related to the Chris Huhne affair. She is far from the first judge to end up behind bars.
— In 2009 Marcus Einfield, a former judge at Australia’s federal court, was
given three years for lying over a speeding offence: he said he had lent his
car to a friend who in fact had been killed in a car accident three years
— Just last week Kazakh judge Kuplash Otemisova was jailed for four-and-a-half years for ‘making a wrong court ruling’, by releasing a Russian businessman who had been convicted of ordering murder.
— In 2011 Mark Ciavarella Jr was jailed for 28 years for accepting bribes from the builders of two juvenile detention centres on Pennsylvania. He had jailed 4,000 juveniles for minor offences such as fights and horseplay to keep the centres full.

Toll of the Troubles

Gerry Adams was questioned over the murder of Jean McConville in 1972. An
analysis of the 3,531 people killed in the Troubles between 1969 and 2001:

Civilians 1841
British security forces 1141
Irish security forces 11
Republican paramilitaries 396
Loyalist paramilitaries 169

1522 were Northern Irish Catholics,
1287 Northern Irish Protestants and
722 were not from Northern Ireland.
Source: Sutton index

Polling race

A Policy Exchange report estimated that ethnic groups could account for one third of the British population by 2050. What could that mean for politics?

White 37%
Indian 24%
Pakistani 11%
Bangladeshi 72%
Black African 6%
Black Caribbean 9%
2010 VOTE SHARES Labour
White 31%
Indian 61%
Pakistani 60%
Bangladeshi 18%
Black African 87%
Black Caribbean 78%

Rental cases

Ed Miliband floated proposal to reform tenancy law. How has home ownership in Britain changed over the past century?

23% 1918
42% 1961
50% 1971
68% 1991
69% 2001
64% 2011
77% 1918
58% 1961
50% 1971
32% 1991
31% 2001
36% 2011

Source: ONS

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  • GraveDave

    But with Briscoe maybe certain things need to be looked back on and into; and if needs be overturned. There was never any proof of this young man’s guilt. It was purely Briscoe’s word against that of five white people. All of whom denied the allegation vehemently. No proof whatsoever and her word against that of five others. .
    But of course in the light of the Lawrence murder and questions still going on and the anti racism hysteria just breaking out all over the place because of it the police couldn’t do enough for Judge Constance Briscoe at this time. And decided to arrest and charge the boy anyway.

    Yet her own mother maintained throughout that she was a born liar and attention seeker.

    The drunk man who racially abused Britain’s first … – Daily Mail…/The-drunk-man-racially-abused-Britains-black-j...

    11 Oct 2006 – The drunk man who racially abused Britain’s first black judge … ‘But the complainant informed the driver of the taxi that she had been racially abused.’ ……

  • terence patrick hewett

    Gaol shurely: this is the Spectator!