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How dare they sell the beaches where I played as a child

This is what the EU has done to Greece: forced us to flog the few assets nature gave us

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

 Porto Cheli

Nothing is moving, not a twig nor a leaf, and I find myself missing the cows, the mountains and the bad weather. The sun has become the enemy, a merciless foe who can be tolerated only when swimming, something I do for close to an hour a day. Nothing very strenuous, mind you, except for an all-out 50-stroke crawl towards the end. For someone who has swum every year since 1940, I’m a lousy swimmer. Not as bad as Tim Hanbury, who swims vertically rather than flat on the water, and who resembles a periscope, but I’m no Johnny Weissmuller, the late great Tarzan of the Forties.

From the verandah of my house I look down on a beautiful bay and a private beach, which is no longer private. I don’t mind that at all, but I do mind that crooks like the Qataris can be allowed to buy the beaches where I played as a child, fill them up with rich scum of the Gulf persuasion and make it verboten for any poor Greek to refresh himself in his own sea. This is what the EU scum has done to us: forced us to sell the few assets nature gave us instead of oil and gas. The oily ones were the first to grab them.

The ultimate touchy-feely accolade of our times — a big sloppy bear hug à la Clinton or Blair — almost made me sick last week, as practised by the Greek Prime Minister when he hugged the grotesque Jean-Claude Juncker. What is it with these phonies? Can’t anyone shake hands any more? And, while I am on the subject, Antonis Samaras, the PM, whom I met only once, about 35 to 40 years ago. He had just returned from Amherst or Harvard and had entered the Greek nationals in tennis. I played him in the first round, saw that he could more or less hit the ball, and beat him 6–0, 6–0. There were no refs in the early rounds. As we shook hands, he asked me if he could change the score to something more respectable. I said sure, I never liked giving anyone two bagels. But it shows the kind of shifty character he is, and he’s known for having bitten every helping hand.

While these two sons of bitches were hugging each other for a photo opportunity, the straitjacket of the euro continues to do its stuff. Unemployment is still at a record 27 per cent, and for those under 25, at a staggering 55 per cent. Our debt is 170 per cent of our GDP, bigger than Italy’s and equal to Japan’s, which goes to show we are good at something after all. At bullshitting the people, that’s for sure. Samaras and that fat slob who has given fatties a truly bad name, his foreign minister and successor to the Papandreou gang, Evangelos Venizelos — he was born Turkoglou and took one of our most revered names as his own, which is par for the course — keep telling the people we’ve turned the corner. Some corner. They have not fired the civil servants whose excesses brought this country to its knees, have not done away with a statute of limitations law against official bribe-taking, but have followed Brussels to the letter when squeezing taxes out of people who no longer have any income. Around here the garbage has been piling up for weeks, so why should a citizen pay the state for not performing? The Greek state has never given quid pro quo. That’s why so many Greeks made it big in places more attuned to the law.

To put pen to paper is to believe one has something of value to impart. To write about something as monumental as what is going on in Iraq in normal language takes arrogance. The pain of others makes for good copy. Amazingly, those responsible for the slaughter still hold their heads up and continue to voice their opinions. The Cheneys, Kagans, Kristols, Blairs and Saudis — all in cahoots with the Netanyahus of this world — shamefully showcase themselves on TV and in the press. Two trillion dollars after Uncle Sam tried nation-building, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dead and millions displaced, the very same people who brought down Saddam and went after Assad are still showboating. Is there no shame left? No divine punishment? How did it come to this? We need to ally ourselves with Iran, distance ourselves from Likud, tell the Saudis who are financing Isis along with the Qataris to cease payments or else, and then we might just see some light at the end of a very black tunnel. We armed the Taleban against the Soviets and then had to fight them 20 years later; we armed the Sunnis against Saddam and Assad and now we have to fight them from the air only. What I’d like to know is how come I knew all this years ago and wrote about it in these here pages, while Hague was out giving speeches against Assad. As Maurice Glasman wrote, ‘We should be pro-Iran, pro-Kurds, and pro-Christian.’ This is a battle for civilisation.

I write this on my birthday, which I will celebrate with a dinner tonight with the Greek royals and other close friends. But it’s with a heavy heart. My oldest friend Aleko Goulandris cannot make it due to illness, and with the rest of the world in such a mess, even Taki cannot drink enough to make reality go away.

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  • Happy birthday Taki!

    Keynote Speaker Basil Venitis, venitis@gmail.com, http://venitism.blogspot.com

  • Happy nameday Taki!


    Modern Greece never
    had democracy. It was always either
    kleptocracy or dictatorship. Greeks
    cannot govern themselves properly.
    Ministers of the Greek government enjoy full impunity, receiving bribes,
    persecuting their opponents, and gagging bloggers. I am one of their major victims. Keynote Speaker Basil
    Venitis, venitis@gmail.com, http://venitism.blogspot.com


    Impunity law, introduced by Türkoglu,
    allows Greek ministers to get bribes!
    Greece badly needs now either a king or a dictator to imprison all


    Before considering anything else,
    EU must do something about the freakish kangaroo justice of the cradle of
    kleptocracy. Greek justice is a
    political tool of Graecokleptocrats to intimidate their opponents and keep busy
    myriad lawyers.


    The brutal
    cybercrime unit (CCU) of the freakish Greek police, a real godzilla, is a
    political tool of Graecokleptocrats to terrorize their opponents. CCU is supervised by a dishonest prosecutor,
    a disgusting liar, and breaks into the homes of innocent citizens, stealing
    their computers and files, locking them in jail, and leaking false information
    to all media.


    Following the
    Law of the Least Common Denominator, the whole Fourth Reich might deteriorate
    to the miserable level of Greece. Greece is a special basket case, because of
    the unbelievable stupidity and corruption of the Greek government. Piggish Graecokleptocrats cannot be
    rehabilitated. EU cannot control these
    freaks, who steal money and lives. They stole my life at gunpoint!


    pretends Greece is reforming, and Merkel pretends she believes him! Nevertheless, Russell Indices reclassified corrupt Greece
    to an emerging from a developed market, an unprecedented step taken after a
    depression reduced the nation’s economy drastically. Greece is the first country Russell and MSCI
    have cut to emerging from developed market status. Kleptocratic Greece now officially belongs to
    Third World!


    Samaras hoodwinks about Graecovery, but
    grexit is very probable. Samaras just
    fakes it before he makes it! The nature of economic activity in Greece suggests
    that growth is just a pipe dream. The
    few investments in the private sector are trivial. There are very small
    numbers, insufficient to stimulate growth across the economy.


    use the Church of Greece as a political tool to stupefy hoi polloi. That’s why the Greek government pays all
    salaries of clergy and major expenses of the Church. Malevolent Graecokleptocrats
    are presented to stupefied hoi polloi as a manifestation of God’s
    benevolence! Most bishops form a gay
    club full of scandals, and they can easily be blackmailed and manipulated by

    Greece has been alternately friendly
    and hostile to the United States. But its long unhappy history is a testament
    to the dangerous neighborhood of this country of 12 million inhabitants: the
    turmoil of the Arab spring is to its south, an ascendant Islamist and
    neo-Ottoman Turkey are to the east, and the ethnic powder keg in the Balkans
    lie to the North, capped by understandably unsympathetic European Union
    creditors. Only Greece’s NATO membership—a euphemism for an omnipresent
    American 6th fleet—has offered the Greek people both security and the
    opportunity to chafe at its dependence on U.S. arms.

    Greek banks face a long road before
    they have healthy balance sheets and are willing and able to lend. Furthermore,
    the business operating environment in Greece remains unattractive because of
    high levels of red tape, huge regulatory burden, huge political corruption,
    impunity of kleptocrats, an opaque legal system, political mafias, a slow and
    corrupt judiciary, and persecution of dissident bloggers.

    These grim prospects for economic
    growth are accompanied by extreme social strain, such as unemployment rate of
    30%. There are two million Greeks that
    are out of work, half-million families that have nobody earning an income,
    half-million workers whose employers have not paid them for months. Most Greeks are finding it difficult to make
    ends meet and most young people try to find their future away from Greece. The governing coalition holds together
    through a survival instinct. Greece fakes it before it makes it.

    There could be no investment in Greece before the abolition of VAT,
    kleptocracy, impunity of kleptocrats, licensure, bribes, kickbacks, cancer of
    socialism, and persecution of dissident bloggers.

    Greece has five classes of people: The untouchables,
    the drones, the clergy, the Graecoons, and the slaves. The untouchables are the Graecokleptocrats
    and their kith and kin. Nobody can touch
    them, because Graecokleptocrats enjoy impunity.
    The drones are the public employees, who hold sinecures, whose main
    function is to collect bribes. The
    clergy consists of thousand priests and gay bishops, whose main function is to
    dumb down hoi polloi and promote Graecokleptocrats. The Graecoons are all those shipping
    magnates, who hold the largest commercial fleet on Earth, who bypass
    Graecokleptocrats. The slaves are all
    hard-working hoi polloi, who are harassed to death by Graecokleptocrats and the

    have been ruining the cradle of kleptocracy since the end of dictatorship in
    1974. All state organizations are hopelessly inefficient. Every day kleptocrats
    are enriching themselves and handing out sinecures and overpriced contracts to
    their kith and kin. Dodgy deals and scandals are frequently uncovered. Graecokleptocrats
    never go to jail, protected by impunity. Only scapegoats end up in jail, and
    the system doesn’t change. Nothing will change, in fact, unless everything
    changes. Greek politics need a creative destruction. Greece needs either a real
    revolution or a real Cincinnatus now.

    Samaras must break the resistance to reform of vested interests and the
    prevailing rent-seeking mentality of powerful pressure groups. Most Greeks think Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias should
    be abolished. Relying on my own personal experience, I, Basil Venitis, confirm
    what major global organizations have found that Greece is the most corrupt
    country in Europe. Piggish
    Graecokleptocrats are the shitscum of planet Earth, protected by impunity.

    Graecokleptocrats use the Church of Greece as a
    political tool to stupefy hoi polloi.
    That’s why the Greek government pays all salaries of clergy and major
    expenses of the Church. Malevolent Graecokleptocrats are presented to stupefied
    hoi polloi as a manifestation of God’s benevolence! Most bishops form a gay club full of scandals,
    and they can easily be blackmailed and manipulated by Graecokleptocrats.

    Greece now is the most corrupt country of Europe with
    huge taxation, 23% VAT, unbearable bureaucracy and regulation, public employees
    demanding bribes for service, kangaroo justice, brutal police, and violent
    cybercops. Investing in Greece is money gone with the wind! Prudent investors should stay far away from

    Graecokleptocracy leads Greece to disaster. Expect many declines in GDP, a chaotic
    default on Greek debt, leftists and fascists in power, and degradation of
    Greece to a Third World country. A Greek
    meltdown would reverse the decades-long process of EU integration and undermine
    the credibility of euro. Greece’s creditors
    won’t get a single euro back.

    Jeremiah would agree that changing a
    Graecokleptocrat’s attitude and habits is as difficult as changing a leopard’s
    spots, mission impossible! Since the government of Greece can never be
    reformed, I advocate the transformation of Greek state from a single country to
    a confederation of city-states. Each
    Greek city should be a separate state. Nothing could make Greeks happier than
    to see the Grand Brothel of Kleptocracy on Syntagma Square in flames! Burning
    the Greek parliament sounds like music in their ears! The cradle of democracy
    has become the cradle of kleptocracy!

    The stupid measures of piggish Graecokleptocrats are
    killing Greeks little by little, and MPs in the Grand Brothel of Kleptocracy on
    Syntagma Square don’t give a damn. MPs are rich, they have everything, and
    Greeks have nothing and are fighting for crumbs. Greek MPs are paid 8,000 euros
    per month and many huge fringe benefits that include free cars, free travel,
    rent subsidies, free luxurious healthcare, free insurance, and generous pension
    in just four years. Moreover they enjoy
    immunity, and God only knows of their bribes and kickbacks.

    Troika must first demand the abolition of impunity of
    Graecokleptocrats. Impunity is the real cause of all Greek problems. Everything else appears trivial in
    comparison. Do it right or don’t do it
    at all. But Venizelos, founder of kleptocratic impunity, resists.

    Valery Giscard d’Estaing admits it was a mistake to accept Greece in the European Community, because
    Greece is basically an Oriental country!
    Everyone should stand by their responsibilities and obligations. We
    cannot absolve Greece of this. If Greece doesn’t feel that it is able to cope,
    then it needs to decide for its exit. If you are a member, you have to play by
    the rules.

    Grexit scare fatigue is setting in. Keeping Greece in
    eurozone is a bit like running a marathon. Many reforms, especially of the
    structural kind, take time to show results, and it is easy to hit a wall when
    piggish Graecokleptocrats resist change. To make it to the finish line, it is
    crucial that Samaras and Venizelos, Laurel and Hardy of Greek politics, to keep
    up momentum.

    Greece has become a Third World country! The
    government of Greece tortures hoi polloi with huge taxation, 23% VAT, infinite
    bureaucracy, overcriminalization, kangaroo justice, police brutality, cybercop
    barbarity, myriad licenses, myriad applications, infinite queues, unbelievable
    political corruption, myriad bribes, and infinite sadism. Only kith and kin of piggish
    Graecokleptocrats bypass this torture.

    Juergen Fitschen of Deutsche Bank declares Greece’s political system is unable to escape
    corruption. Fitschen points out Greece is the only country, where we can
    say it’s a failed state, it is a corrupt state, corrupt as far as its political
    leadership is concerned and obviously other people had to be willing to support

    Greece today
    is not a country, but a madhouse! Greeks
    accumulate eggs and yogurt in order to hurl them at all Graecokleptocrats they
    could find, especially Venizelos of Pasok, who introduced the stupidest law on Earth which
    states ministers of the Greek government are immune to prosecution! As a result of this infamous law, Graecokleptocrats cannot be prosecuted,
    even though Graecokleptocrats get myriad bribes. This socialist mad bulldog has
    transformed hoi polloi to slumdogs!

    Graecokleptocrats have a long history of promising
    reforms and not delivering, and this time is no different. After decades of using public services as political
    spoils, Graecokleptocrats must also take on the corruption
    and inefficiency they fostered before they can implement the reforms that
    creditors demand before releasing further funds.

    Every time Graecokleptocrats have to receive a tranche
    of the money we’re going to have the same problem. If they keep missing
    targets, sooner or later they won’t get the money. There is a chance this is
    just delaying the inevitable. Graecokleptocrats have repeatedly
    voted in measures and privatizations that have never materialized. It is
    proving a Herculean task.

    With one out of two youths now out of a job and more
    and more families having to rely on one, trimmed down salary, social discontent
    is bound to become explosive. Greek mayhem is not over yet. On the contrary,
    this is just the beginning and we will see a huge revolt against

    Eurozone paymaster
    Germany ratchets up the pressure on Graecokleptocrats, saying Fourth Reich needs action,
    not words. Schaeuble declares promises of Graecokleptocrats on
    reform are no longer good enough, because so many vows have been broken and the
    country, which has been a bottomless pit, has to dramatically change its
    ways. Schaeuble cannot understand why
    Graecokleptocrats add insult to injury.

    The major export of Greece is Greeks themselves,
    immigrating to Anglosphere and Germany, running away from kleptocracy,
    socialism, bureaucracy, heavy taxation, 23% VAT, cronyism, kangaroo justice, persecution of
    dissident bloggers, absurdity, Pasok mafia, Nea Democratia mafia, and Orthodox
    mafia. Greek rabblerousers are also nabobs of nepotism. MP Byron Polydoras used his one day as
    temporary speaker of a provisional parliament to hire his daughter in the
    parliament! Madhouse Greece!

    Greece, the land of kleptocracy, 23% VAT, and kangaroo
    justice, is a backward Balkan country that persecutes dissident bloggers. The government of Greece is a freakish blogbuster
    and the #1 enemy of the Greek people.
    That’s why Greeks evade taxes and cheat their government in any way they
    can. But it’s very hard to starve this
    beast. Winter of Greek Indignation. Madhouse Greece!

    Greece, the most corrupt country in Europe, is a
    kangaroo valley! There is no justice,
    and perjurers are a dime a dozen.
    Dissident bloggers are persecuted, and Graecokleptocrats enjoy impunity. Election to a public office means a license
    to receive kickbacks, provide sinecures to kith and kin, terrorize Greeks, blogbusting,
    and do as you please.

    asserts Fourth Reich needs a process that deals with sovereign insolvencies,
    while solidarity in the bloc has its limits. There’s been a fundamental shift
    in how markets view sovereign debt, and preventing contagion is a tremendous
    challenge. Now is the time for bold steps in Fourth Reich. Now is the time to
    expel those member countries which violate the Lisbon Treaty.

    Atlas shrugged in the Cradle of Kleptocracy. It’s
    impossible for Greeks to produce when Graecokleptocrats loot them with heavy
    taxes, especially the 23% VAT, demand kickbacks, confiscate computers and
    personal files, impose stupid laws and regulations, harass dissident bloggers, condone
    cybercop brutality, and spread the cancer of socialism. Madhouse Greece!

    The main efforts of Greek businessmen are not in
    producing good products at low prices in order to increase market share and
    product growth, but in bribing kleptocrats, filling myriad papers, avoiding
    stupid regulations, avoiding and evading overtaxation and the 23% VAT, fighting
    stupid regulation, fighting the cancer of socialism, and avoiding myriad stupid
    laws. Madhouse Greece!

    The Cradle of Kleptocracy should never have been
    allowed to join the eurozone in the first place due to its long history of kleptocracy,
    financial irresponsibility, and because Graecokleptocrats lied about Greece’s
    financial condition, sending Trojan Horses to Brussels as budgets. But Fourth Reich’s great experiment with
    monetary union has been propelled more by politics than economics. Once in the eurozone,
    Graecokleptocrats took advantage of the
    stability it brought not to reform and improve competitiveness, but to increase
    their kickbacks, and to amass debt at low rates of interest to fund myriad
    sinecures in exchange for votes.

    There is
    little beyond venting their anger on the streets that Greeks can do about it.
    Whatever happens as the depression unfolds, whether Greece is expelled from eurozone,
    years of painful reform and austerity measures to straighten out the nation’s
    finances are unavoidable. Like the classic tragedies of ancient Greece, the
    players in this tragedy of modern Greece can’t avoid their tragic fate.

    adjustments will have to be made as Fourth Reich falls apart, PIGS are
    expelled, and the Anglosphere confronts a challenge to its dominance and
    competitiveness from rising BRICS. Greeks
    need to reform their economy, abolish kleptocracy, abolish kangaroo justice, and
    put some Graecokleptocrats in jail, in order to have any hope of a bright

    There is no way any prudent investor will throw a euro
    in the bankrupt Cradle of Kleptocracy, which is infested with blogbusters and the
    cancer of socialism. More than two
    millennia ago, the Cradle of Democracy was the leading light of Western
    civilization, the Graecoroman culture. Now the Cradle of Kleptocracy is leading
    the way towards the decline of that civilization. It’s enough to inspire a new
    Sophocles with a supertragedy.

    One must be very stupid to invest in Greece, the land
    of huge bureaucracy, huge corruption, heavy taxes, 23% VAT, kangaroo justice,
    police brutality, cancer of socialism, and persecution of dissident bloggers. 90% of new businesses go bankrupt within a
    year, and survivors are harassed and looted by Graecokleptocrats. Businessmen are treated like criminals. Even businesses with real losses have to pay
    heavy taxes, subject to ridiculous pseudo-objective criteria!

    Nana Mouskouri says: The general negative atmosphere at the Greeks is
    justified and correct. I’m really angry. I feel ashamed. Greece
    needs Europe. Europe doesn’t need
    Greece. All of this
    lifestyle, the houses, the cars, the elections, were all funded by European
    money. Now Europe has the right to be
    angry for not getting its money back.

    The anarchist symbol,
    an A enclosed inside a circle, is omnipresent on Athenian walls. Torch the
    polling booths! Burn the parliament! Greek
    graffiti is due to desperation. If you have no hope for the future you try to
    destroy everything. Amid widespread disgust at Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias,
    which have taken turns ruling Greece since the country’s military dictatorship
    ended in 1974, much of the graffiti reflects a lurch to the extremes of the
    political fringe.

    Greek graffiti
    is a symptom of a society that is starting to fray at the edges. In central
    Athens, where graffiti sprouts like ivy, packs of stray dogs lounge in the sun
    and junkies openly shoot up. The facades of historic edifices have not been
    spared. Graffiti is everywhere. It’s unpleasant, hostile and plain vandalism.
    Outside a city hall building in central Athens, someone has sprayed a symbolic
    black blindfold upon the eyes of a statue of Athena, the Greek goddess of
    wisdom. An unemployed scribbled an ironic job ad: Wanted, dead or alive, Greek
    prime minister. No qualifications or brains required!

    Police says it
    is pointless tackling graffiti, because it returned almost as soon as it was
    erased. It’s like the marble on Syntagma square. The protesters rip it up and
    it gets replaced. But two weeks later it’s torn up again. The city is waiting
    for stability to return, before it cleans up. Though many Greeks and tourists
    dislike the graffiti, it reflects the country’s agony. The time Greeks live in
    is aggressive. Art expresses life, so it is reasonable that graffiti is
    aggressive. However, if there is one unifying theme in the graffiti it is

    The Greek depression is
    the result of a systemic violence imposed on the population by the political
    center, not the extremes. The fact that the internal devaluation increased the
    sovereign debt and the economy is forecast to contract by 25% by the end of
    2014 is the failure of Graecokleptocracy.

    A fruit and vegetable handout by generous farmers in
    Athens led to Athenians being trampled, calling attention to the desperate
    conditions in kleptocratic Greece. Hundred tons of produce were given away by
    farmers who were protesting high production costs.

    The chaos was sparked when food stalls ran out of fruits
    and vegetables, prompting desperate Athenians to rush to nearby trucks. It was
    an every man for himself situation as the Greeks shoved their way to the
    trucks, competing for the food that was left. Hundred tons of food was completely
    gone in an hour.

    These miserable images make
    civil society angry. Angry for a proud people who have no food to eat, who
    can’t afford to keep warm, who can’t make ends meet. The situation shows images of Athenians on the brink of despair and the sense of sadness for a proud people who have ended up
    in this misery. It’s a reality that many Greek citizens find hard to

    It’s difficult. Greeks never
    imagined they would end up here. They
    cannot afford anything, not even at the fruit market. Everything is expensive,
    prices of everything are going up while their income is going down and there
    are no jobs. Greece, which is currently in its sixth year of depression,
    is experiencing 30% unemployment rate. Citizens have been forced to endure wage
    and pension cuts to make up for funds stolen by Graecokleptocrats.

    Nowhere in eurozone is the disconnect between investor
    sentiment and economic fundamentals starker than in Greece. There’s an
    inescapable feeling that, not only haven’t Greece’s underlying fiscal problems
    been resolved, they’re being kicked into the long grass in order to keep the
    eurozone show on the road.

    Creditors led by Germany have committed half trillion euros
    to fight the debt crisis since 2010. Half of the money has gone to Greece. As the debt Sword of Damocles swings over Graecokleptocrats, the future will be won or lost on reviving
    investment in such things as roads, ports, and airports. To do that, Greece
    needs a full overhaul of its perception of itself.

    Greece has only two comparative
    advantages that could draw investment. They are its location providing a trade
    passage between the east and Europe for goods and energy and as a tourism destination. To
    do that, the architecture of the public sector has to change.

    The hoodwinks of Graecokleptocrats have little resonance with Greek voters. Opinion
    polls show Nea Democratia mafia neck and neck with antibailout Syriza,
    reflecting the tense electoral standoff of June 2012 that threatened Greece’s
    place in eurozone.

    current government is trying to impress Europe by playing the role of the model
    prisoner. The idea of a Greek recovery is a piece of propaganda George Orwell
    would recognize as a lie.

    • jjjj

      Mr. Venitis, this needs more development. It’s far too short.

  • ghostoflectricity

    So Taki has a ‘heavy heart’ on his birthday. Forget Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and Michael Brown (the teenager killed by a cop in suburban St. Louis), let’s all shed tears for poor, put-upon Taki, the man who is so liberal in his use of words like ‘scum’ and ‘sons of bitches’ (calling Dr. Freud; has Taki ever heard of the psychological defense known as ‘projection,’ in which you displace all that you find abhorrent about yourself onto others? Freud called it the most infantile of defenses; here we have a man well into his 70s who throws nasty terms around for anyone who doesn’t fit his infantile fantasies of what the perfect life should be) and so lacking in any other form of generosity (known as ‘liberality’ (not liberalism) in olden times) in all other aspects of his overprivileged and blinkered little life.

    • GenJackRipper

      Yeah, let’s care about the black robber in Ferguson that later got shot trying to pull a cops gun.
      And let’s continue to pretend that multi-racial societys are working…

      • ghostoflectricity

        I didn’t say “murdered.” The fact is a police officer killed a young man who happened to be black, in a town with a history of racial issues. The facts of what happened are in dispute. I won’t say I know what happened. But your comment about “multi-racial” societies reveals your ideas and sympathies. Here’s a newsflash: most societies are multiracial. Most INDIVIDUALS have mixed heritage. Perhaps you’d like to reinstitute the anti-miscegenation laws in the U.S. and elsewhere. Good luck with that.

        The problem isn’t with the “mixing” of “races” (whatever a race is). It’s with intolerance, not listening to anyone else, and rushing to judgment. It is possible the demonstrators in Ferguson are guilty of that as well. But if so, they aren’t the only ones- far from it.

        • GenJackRipper

          Funny how South Korea and Japan are monoracial and thriving.

          • ghostoflectricity

            Funny how you pick two nations with mutual loathing. Ask Korean ‘comfort women’ how they feel about their treatment at the hands of the Japanese during World War II. Ask the Japanese how well that two-decades-plus recession is working out for them. Or the Fuji nuclear reactor disaster, now three-and-one-half years on. Ask either nation how they feel about their insularity in the face of threats from North Korea and/or China. Your antimiscegenation views would have gone down well in the American South ca. 1930. Or in Nazi Germany a few years later. Not anywhere else. Not only are they morally wrong, they’re stupid. But perhaps you yourself are ‘racially pure,’ whatever the heck that means. In your case, it also means inbred and stupid.

          • mohdanga

            Do you advocate massive white, English speaking immigration to Africa, India, the Middle east and China? Or would this be ‘imperialism’, ‘colonization’, ‘hegemony’ and ‘white racism’??
            Do you honestly believe that Japan’s recession and a nuclear accident was caused by its monoculture? Korea is a monoculture and its economy is booming, you forgot to mention that. Korea and Japan are also allied with the US so their ‘insularity’ is obviously not an issue.
            My ancestry is Polish/German….not much black/white heritage there.
            And if race doesn’t matter then why do many of the non-white minorities in England and other Western Countries self segregate?

          • ghostoflectricity

            You must have me pegged as some kind of left-wing radical. Nothing could be further from the truth. I happen to believe people should be allowed to immigrate anywhere, as long as they don’t have criminal records and do so legally. I think it’s a tribute to the U.S. that so many people want to come here. As for self-segregation, it is a problem: people should be expected to accept, in broad terms, the cultural and political values of the nations to which they immigrate, and I agree with the criticism of (some) Muslim minorities in Europe (and of the political establishments that tolerated or even encourage it) for going there but rejecting liberal/pluralist/democratic values (including the right to criticize Islam and Muslims) and expecting their new nations to adapt to their values. As for your personal ancestry, I don’t really give a damn. I don’t think it makes you any better or worse. Like many on the right, I don’t believe one’s “ancestry” or sociopolitical or socioeconomic status determines (or should determine) how they think or behave- I believe, unlike most on the left, that we can CHOOSE how we think and behave. In other word, poverty or oppression (real or imagined) is no excuse for criminality or terrorism, or simple sponging off others. And I also think racism is empirically, morally, socially, spiritually, and factually wrong.


    Premier Samaras,
    leader of Nea Democratia mafia, hoodwinks that he sees a light at the end of
    the tunnel, but that is a train of disaster coming! Keynote Speaker Basil
    Venitis, venitis@gmail.com, http://venitism.blogspot.com


    leader of Pasok mafia, asked Joerg Asmussen whether it was possible to
    reorganize figures so Greece’s fiscal gap for 2015 and 2016 appears smaller
    than it actually it is! For Asmussen,
    these words characterize the old Greece and outdated inefficient systems for
    which he fundamentally has no understanding.


    Lagarde is
    bewildered by the stupidity of Graecokleptocrats! Some executives at Greek state enterprises
    have annual salaries of 300,000 euros!
    Moreover, Greeks wonder why the offshore accounts of rich ministers have
    not been traced and why the names of hundred Graecokleptocrats who took many
    billions of euros in bribes have not been published. Lagarde does not trust Graecokleptocrats,
    because they never apply what they vote in the Grand Brothel of Kleptocracy on
    Syntagma Square!


    OSI, Official Sector Involvement in debt haircuts,
    is now the objective of Samaras and Turkoglu, Laurel and Hardy of Greek
    politics. PSI, private sector involvement, was psychotic. Now, OSI is ossification of
    Graecokleptocracy, rewarding and perpetuating political corruption. Osification brings ossification! There is no way Merkel would accept OSI. Ohi
    is the Greek word for No. Merkel said to Samaras: Ohi for OSI!

    Dumping euros on Greece is ridiculous. It’s unfair to squander hard-earned German
    euros, and it’s unfair for Greeks to be addicted to German handouts. Nobody
    wins in dumping, which increases sinecures, laziness, profligacy, diseconomy,
    political corruption, and bad attitude.

    It is high time to bring an end to the Greek
    tragicomedy. Graecokleptocrats continue to negotiate as if things are business
    as usual, they let one final ultimatum after the other pass, and they
    persistently fail to realize that their discussions have started to verge on
    the absurd. It would be a lot better to end this farce.

    The Greek economy is shrinking faster than
    assumed. Rescuers on both sides of the
    negotiating table should try being honest for a change. If Graecokleptocrats are to lastingly reduce
    the mountain of debt, Greece needs to revamp now.

    The drastic austerity programs will not only remain
    ineffective, but will also stigmatize Greece as Europe’s problem child for a
    long time to come. Solidarity is not a one-way street. The European Community must remain tough and
    demand the necessary structural reforms, especially drastically reducing the
    huge political corruption, abolishing the impunity of Graecokleptocrats, and
    stopping the persecution of dissident bloggers.

    Eurokleptocrats are losing touch with reality. Greece
    is broke, and yet Brussels sends Graecokleptocrats billions in new loans. This
    is understandable, given that abandoning portions of their claims against
    Greece would translate into substantial losses. But cutting losses short is the
    golden rule of markets.

    The Greek bailout is the heroin of Graecokleptocrats. It feels good in the short term for
    Graecokleptocrats, but it doesn’t help repair the Greek economy, causing more
    damage, because it gets in the way of a proper recovery. Graecokleptocrats hoodwink that acquisition
    of their heroin is a heroic act, but heroin is not heroine!

    Graecokleptocrats consider Fourth Reich a processor of
    ESM poppies. But EU’s poppy tears bring Greek tears! ESM is not the opium of the masses. ECB is not a morphine exchange, and Fuehrer
    Merkollande is not a heroin trader.
    Dehydrated Greek economy must drink water, not opium latex.

    The Greek debt differs from that of other nations,
    because it’s not due to spending, but robbing!
    Graecokleptocrats got huge kickbacks from overpriced purchases of public
    equipment and contracts and by churning the state insurance funds. If this is not robbing, what is it? When politicians of other nations were trying
    to do things for their citizens, Graecokleptocrats were trying to fatten their
    secret offshore accounts, protected by parliamentary immunity.
    Graecokleptocrats rob Peter not to give Paul, but to themselves!

    That’s why the Greek workers are on strike. They resent paying the huge Greek debt
    created by Graecokleptocrats. It’s not
    fair to tax and reduce the salaries and benefits of workers to make up for the
    money stolen by Graecokleptocrats. The
    fairest action would be for Graecokleptocrats to return the stolen money back
    to the Greek treasury. Many Graecokleptocrats live like princes of Saudi
    Arabia! Enough is enough, bring the
    money back!

    Graecokleptocrats’ program is already hopelessly
    behind schedule, in terms of both the sale of government property and the
    agreed reforms. Graecokleptocrats do many stupid things, such as persecuting
    dissident bloggers! It’s like dealing
    with children that constantly have to be told to clean up their rooms. Troika
    is very angry. Everyone is irritated over the lack of progress and unbelievable
    stupidity of Graecokleptocrats.

    There is only one solution to the dilemma faced by
    Graecokleptocrats over their inability to borrow more money. Shut down the
    government! Debt ceiling or no debt ceiling, deficit or no deficit, all of
    stupid ministries, agencies, boards, commissions, authorities, bureaus,
    divisions, services, administrations, and programs should be shut down. This is not complicated!

    The best thing that could ever happen to Greeks would
    be if the majority of the functions of the bankrupt Greek government were shut
    down permanently. Jefferson said the two
    enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second
    down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the
    legalized version of the first.

    But the bankrupt Greek government has already become a
    legal criminal institution and the #1 enemy of the Greek people! Unfortunately, Jefferson’s advice has come
    too late to the Cradle of Kleptocracy.
    That’s why Greece now needs a real revolution to overthrow the corrupt
    status quo. If the army is not willing
    to do it, Greeks themselves might start acquiring guns for the great moment of
    liberty, climaxed by the public hanging of all Graecokleptocrats in front of
    the Grand Brothel of Kleptocracy on Syntagma Square. Any Greek tragedy ends up with a catharsis!

    Internet can replace schools. State insurance is an entitlement program, an
    income transfer scheme, a wealth redistribution plan, and a Ponzi scheme. State
    insurance taxes should be abolished and the program should be shut down. All taxes should be abolished and the tax
    service should be shut down.

    Germany is not prepared to extend further loans to
    Greece beyond what has already been agreed.
    Moreover, IMF won’t take part in any additional financing for
    Greece. It is inconceivable Merkel would
    again ask Bundestag for approval of a new Greek bailout package. Merkel is unwilling to risk a rebellion in
    another rescue for Greece.

    If it was ever the goal of Merkel and her allies to
    rescue Greece from bankruptcy, then they have failed. The only thing the
    drastic austerity measures have done is to exacerbate the economic crisis and
    push Greece’s debts even higher in a never ending spiral of austerity,
    depression, and debt.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Not you again.

  • There’s just one exception to your loathing of Islamic militants, isn’t there, Taki? When they’re attacking Israel, as in the case of Hamas — who are deliberately putting their own civilians in the line of fire — suddenly they’re the injured innocents and it’s the Israelis who are the “scum”, to use your favourite term of abuse…

  • jjjj

    Taki, no one is interested in what you say. Thankfully. Take your odious fascist views and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

    • Taki is a lot of fun!

    • GenJackRipper

      Apprently you do enough to comment.

      • jjjj

        I’m mortally offended. Tosser.



    Scarcely a week goes by in Greece without new
    revelations of political corruption. But Greek impunity
    law, introduced by Turkoglu, allows Greek
    ministers to get bribes, but it does not allow them to launder that money! That’s why out of all these ministers who got
    huge bribes, only Tsochatzopoulos got in trouble! Keynote Speaker Basil
    Venitis, venitis@gmail.com, http://venitism.blogspot.com

    Graecokleptocrats have long been dubbed
    the untouchables. MPs cannot be touched,
    because they are protected by impunity, engraved in the ridiculous constitution
    of Greece! MPs have received bribes and
    kickbacks amounting to two hundred billion euros since the end of dictatorship
    in 1974, and nobody can do anything about it.
    A seat in the parliament comes with a robbing license.

    Greece has all the right conditions for
    corruption: plenty of bureaucracy, kangaroo justice, laws with numerous
    loopholes, impunity of kleptocrats, and economic pressure. Regarding bribes and robbing the Greek
    Treasury, Premier Andreas Papandreou infamously advised Graecokleptocrats: We
    all agree, of course, that we are allowed to give ourselves a little present
    from time to time, but please don’t make it too large!

    All Greeks know most politicians are
    corrupt. Graecokleptocrats span the
    gamut of political corruption. Bribe is the gift bestowed to influence the
    recipient’s conduct. Kickback is a payment to a person in a position of power
    or influence for having made an income possible. Embezzlement is outright theft
    of entrusted funds. Patronage is favoring supporters. Nepotism is favoring kin.
    Cronyism is favoring kith. Graft is an unscrupulous use of a politician’s
    authority for personal gain.

    Greece is the queen of political
    corruption in Occident. The impunity of the 300 MPs of the Grand Brothel of
    Kleptocracy on Syntagma Square is the most freakish thing on Earth. Even though Graecokleptocrats loot many
    billion euros in bribes and churning, Graecokleptocrats cannot go to jail!

    Graecokleptocrats are protected by the
    parliamentary immunity, and nobody can touch them, no matter what. Moreover,
    they have the nerve to jail dissident bloggers.
    It’s a long way from the 300 Spartans of Leonidas! Allons enfants de la Grece!

    Graecokleptocrats who own offshore companies in tax
    havens never declare them to tax services. Graecokleptocrats are connected to
    offshore companies that do not appear to operate under the radar of tax
    authorities at a time when endemic tax evasion is fueling a financial crisis
    that has devastated Greece’s economy and threatened the future of the euro.

    Greeks are taxed on their worldwide income, so in
    theory they should pay taxes on income generated by offshore companies. But tax
    regulation is complex in Greece and there are many legal loopholes
    Graecokleptocrats can use to avoid declaring their assets. Offshore companies
    are used by Graecokleptocrats for unlawful enrichment.

    Tax evasion is so rampant in Greece that it’s at the
    core of an economic crisis that continues to cripple the country’s economy
    despite the infusion of billions of dollars in bailouts from wealthier European
    neighbors. As austerity measures and riots have garnered unwelcome
    international attention, Greece has become known as a worst-case example of the
    toll of the 2008 economic meltdown and the dangers of fiscal irresponsibility.

    According to a recent report by the European Union and
    the International Monetary Fund, Greeks owe a quarter of the country’s gross
    domestic product. A Greek journalist
    caused a political storm when he published the names of about 2,000 Greeks with
    bank accounts in Geneva, the Lagarde list. To add to the drama, a former Greek
    finance minister, George Papaconstantinou, was accused of deleting the names of
    his relatives when he first got the Lagarde list. A half-biilion euro account belonging to the
    mother of a Greek premier was camouflaged under the name of an Israeli agent!

    Many of the Graecokleptocrat companies are incorporated
    in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), a chain of coral and volcanic islands in
    the Caribbean. The islands host about 500,000 active companies, about 40
    percent of all the world’s offshore firms.
    If rich countries can withstand tax evasion from offshore companies,
    Greece cannot. The international community stands silent, covering the actions
    of these companies.

    The reach of the Greek offshore economy extends
    particularly to military contractors. Former minister of defense, Akis
    Tsochatzopoulos, was arrested and jailed, charged with laundering the bribes
    received through offshore companies.
    Bribing Graecokleptocrats is legal, but not money laundering!

    Contractors for the Greek air force are closely
    connected to secretive entities registered in the BVI. Interoperability Systems
    International Hellas S.A. is one of the companies that since 2003 has
    participated in a $242 million contract for the production of electronic
    warfare equipment for Greek F-16 fighter jets. The company has also provided
    electronic hardware and software for the U.S. Navy and governments around the

    At the time the F-16 contract began in 2003, a BVI
    entity called Bounty Investments Ltd. owned 33 percent of ISI Hellas S.A. Some
    of the shareholders of the offshore company were managers of ISI: David Adams,
    Johan Boskemper, Gerhard Mazenier, Heinz Winter and David Tham.

    The offshore structure had yet another layer. Bounty
    Investments was a shareholder in another BVI company called Interoperability
    Systems International Ltd, almost the same name as ISI Hellas SA. One of the
    directors of this company was Nikolas Papatsas, ISI Hellas SA’s current

    There was a third and even more secretive company,
    Belchamps Management Limited, which for several years used bearer shares —
    meaning that the owners of the shares were not officially registered anywhere.
    Commonwealth Trust Limited, an offshore services firm that BVI authorities sanctioned
    for its lax anti-money-laundering controls, took over management of the three

    Under CTL’s management, ownership of the three
    companies became even more opaque. Sarah Petre-Mears, a Brit who acts as
    nominee director for 1,200 companies in the Caribbean, U.K., New Zealand and
    Ireland, became director and shareholder of Bounty Systems, Interoperability
    Systems International and Belchamps Management. Of the three BVI entities, only
    Bounty Investments Ltd appears in the list of offshore companies kept by the
    Ministry of Finance.

    Defense contractors should not be part of the largely
    unaccountable offshore economy. Any direct or indirect contractual relationship
    between defense ministries and offshore companies, in any form, should be
    condemned, even if only for transparency reasons, in a sector replete with
    corruption allegations.

    Another way Graecokleptocrats use offshore companies
    is to buy and sell bonds — thus keeping the arrangements cloaked in secrecy and
    avoiding taxes on the profits. On February 21, 2007, a Cyprus law firm created
    an offshore company in the BVI called
    Karpathia Ltd. It used the same registered agent as the Greek military
    contractor, Commonwealth Trust Limited. It named two companies as nominee
    directors of Karpathia.

    The single shareholder behind the mysterious entity
    was Apostolos Vakakis, chairman of the retail conglomerate Jumbo SA, one of
    Greece’s largest companies. Karpathia purchased 3.5 million convertible bonds
    issued by Jumbo SA for €36.7 million. Within the next six months, while Jumbo’s
    stock remained stable, Karpathia made a windfall: It sold 2.85 million bonds
    for €65.1 million. The buyers of the bonds remained anonymous and are part of
    the mystery surrounding the transaction.

    Michael Christoforakos, former president
    of the Greek subsidiary of Siemens, revealed some names of the 200
    Graecokleptocrats, who shared two billion euros in kickbacks, to the prosecutor
    of Munich, where he escaped from Greece.
    He also deposited all names with two public notaries in Munich, in case
    he gets murdered by agents of Graecokleptocrats. This way he stays alive! But the Greek government has not pressed
    charges against the 200 Graecokleptocrats, because they are protected by
    immunity and they are in power in Greece, members and ex-members of the Greek
    government and parliament. You just
    cannot press charges against yourself!
    Moreover, the Greek government does not even reveal their names for the
    voters to know who they are voting for.

    Christoforakos also revealed the names
    of twenty journalists who received many million euros in hush money to keep
    their mouth shut about the billion euro kickbacks to the 200
    Graecokleptocrats. Needless to say,
    those Graecokleptocrats who did not receive kickbacks are also guilty, because
    they all knew about the bribery of their colleagues and said nothing about
    it. The suitcases with the cash were
    whistling around them. There is no way
    they could not hear all that loud whistling!
    So, in reality we are talking about four hundred guilty people! Since Greeks continue to vote for the same
    crooks again and again, they deserve what they get!

    The Greek government never bothered to
    ask the Munich prosecutor for the Christoforakos list of 200 Graecokleptocrats
    who received two billion euros in bribes from Siemens. In another infamous
    list, SDOE is currently investigating the assets of sixty

    The largest bribes originate in the
    military industry. Military procurement is a corrupt business from top to
    bottom. The process is dominated by advocacy, with few checks and balances.
    Most people in power love this system of doing business and do not want it
    changed. War and preparation for war systematically corrupt all parties to the
    state-private transactions by which the government obtains the bulk of its
    military products. There is a standard 10% bribe to kleptocrats for military

    Participants in the military-industrial
    complex are routinely blamed for mismanagement, fraud, abuse, bribes, and
    waste. All of these unsavory actions, however, are typically viewed as
    aberrations, malfeasances to be covered-up, while retaining the basic system of
    state-private cooperation in the trade of military goods and services and the
    flow of bribes. These offenses are in reality expressions of a thoroughgoing,
    intrinsic rottenness in the entire setup.

    There is a widespread misuse of funds provided to a thousand
    Greek NGOs. Greece gave a billion euros of development aid to socialist
    kleptocrats in the Balkans, and some of it is unaccounted for.

    One organization, the International Mine Initiative
    (IMI), set up to remove landmines in Bosnia, Lebanon and Iraq, has come under
    particularly close scrutiny. IMI claims to be a world leader in demining
    operations, but it hasn’t removed a single mine! On IMI’s former director,
    Kostas Tzevelekos, was jailed to await trial on charges of fraud and
    embezzlement. Three serving diplomats linked to Hellenic Aid also face possible
    charges, including Alex Rondos, formerly Papandreou’s chief Balkan adviser, who
    now works for the European Commission.

    Some of the funds allocated for demining have really
    served another purpose. IMI helped to protect Radovan Karadzic, the former
    Bosnian Serb leader now on trial for war crimes at the International Court of
    Justice in The Hague, while he was on the run from NATO forces. Dusan Tesic, a
    former member of Karadzic’s security team, was hired by IMI as an enforcer for
    one of its programs in Bosnia. Soon afterwards, IMI replaced its local
    multi-ethnic team with workers from UNIPAK, a Bosnian Serb company with ties to
    Karadzic’s former police minister.

    We all know what happens at Olympics, an
    international competition of steroids, not athletes. People feel well during
    the games, but feel miserable after the games when they find out Olympics cost
    them ten times more than projected, and most of it went to kickbacks of
    kleptocrats! The Athens Olympics cost
    was projected to two billion euros, but it finally cost Greek taxpayers thirty
    billion euros, with all that extra money going not to the games, but to the
    private pockets of Graecokleptocrats.

    In Greece, the most corrupt country of
    Fourth Reich, trains run completely empty to nowhere! Many trains bought from Germany do not fit
    the rails, but they were bought just to generate bribes! In 2009, investigators of the Munich
    Prosecution Department uncovered a corruption affair, in which MAN has given
    huge bribes to Greek politicians to get large orders for overpriced trolleys. A streetcar named desire! These trolleys with huge markups are named
    bribes! But Greek prosecutors have
    started investigating this scandal just in September of 2012!

    Partyfare is a new political
    disease. Partyfare allows political
    parties to rob the State Treasury and banks by a simple vote in the parliament! The cost of Greek politics is the highest in
    Fourth Reich. Recently, a thirty-million-euro injection was granted again by
    the Grand Brothel of Democracy on Syntagma Square to its hookers! Political parties in Greece are the highest
    funded in Europe as a proportion of tax revenue, ten times more than in
    Germany. The Greek political parties receive fifteen euros per vote in State
    funding, the highest in Europe.

    Graecokleptocracy and the overflowing
    bureaucracy in Greece makes it very easy to embezzle Fourth Reich funds. Many
    professors and administrators at Panteion and other colleges, well connected to
    piggish Graecokleptocrats, were sentenced to long prison terms for
    embezzlement. A Greek court found they had misused many million euros in
    research funds. The guilty of Panteion include a rector, a vice-rector, and an
    accountant who bought a red Ferrari using research money. Money was embezzled
    from research budgets and spent on rugs, marble bathrooms, and furnishings for
    holiday apartments.

    Greece has received a quarter of
    trillion euros in Fourth Reich funds, but big parts of that went down the drain
    in economically useless or imaginary projects of Graecokleptocrats. You won’t
    find a study in Greece looking at where exactly the Fourth Reich billions are
    flowing to. You won’t get an overview of the total costs and the projects’
    exact status of implementation.

    Olive oil cooperatives, well connected
    to Graecokleptocrats, report a higher production output to Brussels compared to
    what their actual figures are to receive more subsidies. Databases to document
    their demands are run by the cooperatives themselves and are easily

    Licensure is a sign of slavery. All licenses of the kangaroo justice
    government of Greece should be abolished, including doctors, lawyers, and
    marriage. The kangaroo government of Greece licensure is an immoral exercise of
    force, an overly burdensome restraint on trade, a violation of the right to
    liberty, a mill of kickbacks. Government is a guarantor of liberty and is compatible
    with liberty only if its range is adequately restricted to the preservation of
    economic freedom.

    One of the many reasons why the kangaroo
    government licensure is incompatible with liberty, therefore, is because it is
    destructive to economic freedom. No other nation demands more licenses than the
    Cradle of Kleptocracy. Any Greek has the
    natural right to pursue any means of providing for his family, so long as in
    doing so he does not act fraudulently or otherwise violate the rights of

    The kangaroo government mandated license
    turns the market of the Cradle of Kleptocracy upside down. It prohibits every
    Greek from producing in a given industry except for those who are granted the
    privilege of doing so by the kangaroo government, especially those who provide
    huge bribes to kleptocrats. The kangaroo government, in such a scenario,
    absorbs all individual rights unto itself and then divvies up some of those
    rights in any number of ways.

    Under the licensing system of the
    kangaroo government, such as it exists today in the Cradle of Kleptocracy, if
    some Greek attempts to exercise his natural right to provide for himself
    without the kangaroo government’s nod of approval, which usually comes with
    bribes, that person goes to jail. Imprisonment for supporting oneself in an
    honest and non-fraudulent manner which does not infringe on the rights of
    others just doesn’t seem right.

    Preemptive protection is offensive in
    nature, and therefore, is itself a violation of natural rights. In a free
    society, it is only after fraud or another violation of rights takes place that
    the state has the right to intervene on behalf of the consumer. By means of the licensure power, the kangaroo
    government can permit a Greek to eat or it can condemn him to starve, unless he
    bribes kleptocrats. So long as the kangaroo government has the power to issue
    licenses to live in the Cradle of Kleptocracy, Greeks cannot claim to be free,
    and living without freedom is not much of a life.

    The root causes of Greece’s crisis are
    corruption, VAT, and the enormous regulatory burden that crushes the country’s
    economy. Foreign investors have long
    been put off by bribes, myriad licenses, bureaucracy, and lack of clear laws.
    There is a mistrust in entrepreneurship. Greek bureaucracy treats anyone trying
    to start a business as if he is guilty of something. Civil servants are
    throwing you into a labyrinth on purpose, in order to get bribes. The law gives
    them the latitude to delay you or punish you.

    One of the main obstacles to more
    investment is the legal jumble that dictates how Greek businesses work. Even Graecokleptocrats admit the lack of
    clear laws and the endless requests for opinions, studies, and permits are
    there to give work to unionized specialists. There are whole businesses and
    technical offices employing engineers and experts specifically for the purpose
    of licensing.

    Requests for bribes are not always
    explicit. Sometimes people quote you a price and sometimes they drop hints
    about the cost of things and how hard it is to get by. A civil servant might tell you that
    politicians come and go, but he’ll be here waiting for you!

    Avoiding the state is the best way to
    get ahead. To sidestep the maze of permits that torment many entrepreneurs, one
    should buy an existing business that has the licenses already in place.
    Graecokleptocrats create myriad stupid fuzzy laws that everybody ignores.
    Several interests prefer a fuzzy system they can manipulate, especially in
    building permits, which are a hub of corruption.

    Investors are bewildered by the way tax
    rates and rules constantly change. The unstable system makes business planning
    difficult. The tax code requires such complicated book-keeping that most
    companies find it impossible to follow. It also requires constant visits by tax
    inspectors, which open the way to corruption.

    The Greek depression might turn to a
    constructive destruction. One hopes that
    with the nightmare that Greece is going through at the moment,
    Graecokleptocrats might have a reality check and decide to change things. Let’s
    hope Graecokleptocrats can do it, otherwise you are not going to see any
    investment in Greece.

    Incompetent political mafiosi continue
    to govern Greece today, the same people, the same corruption story. For
    decades, they have created a rotten system that permeates all segments of Greek
    society. For example, Greece’s state
    social security organization IKA has been used by many in Greece as their
    personal piggy bank. The fact that IKA coffers are empty hasn’t stopped corrupt
    public employees from continuing to transfer money to kith and kin who are not
    entitled to receive any payments at all.

    The Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973
    was a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of
    1967-1974. The uprising began on November 14, 1973, escalated to an open
    antijunta revolt and ended in the early morning of November 17 after a series
    of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic.

    November 17 is currently observed as a
    holiday in Greece. Students and
    politicians lay wreaths on a monument within the Polytechnic on which the names
    of Polytechnic students killed during the Greek Resistance in the 1940s are
    inscribed. There are no names of the Polytechnic uprising in 1973, because no
    Polytechnic student died. However all
    the people pretend that the inscribed names correspond to 1973!

    The November 17 Polytechnic generation
    has become the present-day mafia of piggish Graecokleptocrats which rules
    Greece. The Polytechnic generation
    capitalized on its experiences to gain power and wealth in a calculated manner.
    For them, the Polytechnic uprising was an alibi that opened the doors of
    Greece’s parliament and academic institutions even though they lacked the
    necessary qualifications. They were part of the big orgy of European subsidies,
    and continue to play a part in the system of corruption and dependency on state
    money. If anyone dares criticize their questionable ethics, they invoke their
    past ordeals to deflect attention from their current corruption.

  • Hussain Aziz Al Sajwani

    Sorry for how Taki is feeling, but then we all know nothing remains the same. Money talks. I hope one day the Greeks will overcome the crisis and get their Beaches back and so will the Palestinians get their lands from those occupants who do not even look like Middle Easterns.

    • jjjj

      Yeah, rigghhhht. The Middle Easterners all look the same. You idiot.

  • Greece is an incivil nation with
    kangaroo justice, overcriminalization, brutal police, huge political
    corruption, and persecution of dissident bloggers. Graecokleptocrats suffer from the Xenogiannakopoulou Syndrome, using the kangaroo justice
    as a political tool to gag political opponents. The Xenogiannakopoulou Syndrome is psoriasis of democracy. Democracy becomes a marilizard kleptocracy.


    EU practices double standards on civil rights. It’s freakish for EU to interfere in the
    civil rights of foreigners, but condone the abuse of my civil rights, a citizen
    of EU! EU should get its own house in
    order before lecturing others. EU should rein in Greece, the most corrupt country of Europe with prisoners of conscience,
    testilying police, malevolent prosecutors, perjurers, and stupidest jurists.


    The political philosopher Edmund Burke
    once remarked that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good
    folks to do nothing. A glaring example is my persecution by the government of
    Greece, which grossly violates my civil rights.


    Martin Niemöller said: First
    they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a
    Socialist. Then they came for the Trade
    Unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not
    speak out, because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one
    left to speak for me!


    It’s been now four
    years since the Pasok government of Greece stole my life, my computer, and my
    files. Nobody cares, nobody gives a
    damn! I have done absolutely nothing,
    and I am being persecuted by the Greek government without any real reason. My ordeal is against all rules of civil
    society and treaties that Greece has signed.
    a country without a functioning justice system, has gone bananas. Graecokleptocrats suffer from the Xenogiannakopoulou Syndrome,
    using the kangaroo justice as a political tool to gag political opponents. Graecokleptocrats think the
    laws exist to give them whatever they want!






    On October 18, 2010, a gang of six brutal cops of the violent Greek
    Cybercrime Unit (CCU), a real godzilla, supervised
    by a dishonest prosecutor, a disgusting liar, raided my home in Athens and stole my computer,
    software, files, documents, and personal data.


    The policemen locked me in jail for a night, they
    humiliated me with handcuffs, fingerprints, mug shots, and lies, leaked false
    information to the media parrots, and the Greek government initiated sham
    ex-officio court proceedings for a stack of freakish trumped-up charges!


    There was neither pillow nor toilet
    facility in my jail cell. I had to urinate in a bottle! I, a 69-years-old man with high blood
    pressure, was not allowed to keep my hypertension pills with me. There was
    neither toilet paper nor soap in the whole CCU jail.



    Greece, a
    country of infinite political corruption, perjury, injustice, and brutal
    police, must be revamped. Ex-officio
    law suit, αυτεπαγγελτος, the
    most dreadful word in justice, means the state sues somebody without
    involvement of the accuser. This
    terrible scheme has been used by the freakish Greek government to persecute me.



    Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, Alternate
    Minister of Foreign Affairs, sued me, and she wouldn’t show up in court,
    because the state took over her position!



    At the ex-officio law
    suit, the accuser just hits and runs!
    This hit-and-run justice is the most disgusting kangaroo justice on
    Earth. The accused must be in a position
    to face his accuser eyeball to eyeball. The right to confront and cross-examine
    one’s accuser is a sign of civility. The malicious accuser slings false
    accusations against you, the state takes over, the accuser disappears from the
    court, and the trial is postponed infinite times! This is penalty of the presumed innocent. This is penalty without trial. This is kangaroo justice of Third World
    countries! This is barbarity and
    brutality, pure and simple. Shame, shame, shame on Greece.


  • Greek Journalism is often
    either invested with magic powers or blamed for all that is wrong in Greece.
    There is no objectivity in Greek media. What matters is the decency of subjectivity,
    how decent honest and professional Greek journalists stay in a very corrupt
    country where everything is relative. How determined Greek journalists are to
    fight against set-ups in Graecokleptocracy.

    It is often said that
    journalism is printing what someone else does not want to print, and everything
    else is public relations. This has to be done with respect for human rights and
    people’s dignity.

    Greek media
    are all about pimps and spins. Costas Caramanlis declares there are five pimps
    who manipulate the Greek political life.
    MPs are the prostitutes. MP Panos Kamenos points out the Greek media are
    under the control of people who depend on the state. The media control the
    state and the state controls the media. It’s a picture of mutual blackmail! MP Apostolos Kaklamanis points out the era
    when oligarchs appointed the party leader has passed.

    and spins dominate Greek politics. Efforts to curb potential conflicts of
    interest, in particular relating to the media, have had little effect in Greece.
    Greek media policy has remained highly centralized in the hands of the
    government of the day, and it has been thoroughly influenced, albeit in opaque
    and informal ways, by powerful economic and business interests who have sought
    to gain power and profit.

    between politicians and the media is particularly significant in Greece,
    because the state plays a large role in the economy, and because of the way
    media has developed there. Private radio stations and TV channels emerged only
    in the 1980s. As businessmen hurried into the new market of pimps and spins, successive
    governments let friendly broadcasters operate without proper licenses. Cronyism
    led to Greece having a large number of media outlets for its population of
    eleven million.

    For the past few years,
    journalism in Greece has had nothing to do with the truth. A corrupt elite
    group rules the country. At its center lie businessmen who are unaccountable.
    They act as they please and usually make deals with Graecokleptocrats. Graecokleptocrats then legislate as if
    they were common mobsters, in order to serve and many times legitimize those
    businessmen. In the end, the journalists
    reveal nothing.

    There are countless
    examples. Costas Vaxevanis’s arrest is one of them.
    For two years Graecokleptocrats stubbornly refused to use the Lagarde list of tax dodgers. When Vaxevanis published it, he was
    arrested by cybercops and led to court. Vaxevanis was acquitted but the
    district attorney’s office cancelled the court’s decision as it was expecting a
    different one. Around the same time, the Guardian disclosed
    the fact that the Greek police had tortured individuals. The Greek media did
    not mention anything. The Greek minister came to sue the newspaper on account
    of telling the truth.

    A few days earlier, Vaxevanis had revealed the fact that the director of New Kleptocracy, the political
    party that is led by the Greek prime minister, had been an affiliate of the
    Greek junta. Graecokleptocrats refused to answer. The Greek media made no reference to this fact. Yet the
    Greek constitution demands respect to the press.

    newsrooms of Greece are infested with socialist apes, and their mindset spills
    over into the news coverage, producing biased news stories on many issues, such
    as kleptocracy, taxes, environment, government, insurance, and health. Infamous
    Greek journalists received huge hush money, in order to keep their mouths shut
    about the astronomical kickbacks to Graecokleptocrats! Omerta galore!

    The Greek
    market of pimps and spins has forty national daily newspapers, twenty-five
    national Sunday papers and fifteen national weekly papers. Per capita, Greece
    has far more national newspaper titles than any other EU country. The country
    also has nine national TV stations, six of them privately owned, and numerous
    private radio stations. They all lose
    money on a consistent basis, but they stay in business in order to influence
    politics and their other businesses.
    Media is just a political weapon, an intimidation tool. For example, publishers
    lobbied for the sale of Eurofighters to Greece and had used their newspapers to
    promote the merits of the deal. Military
    contracts always bring the largest bribes and kickbacks.

    The American
    Embassy in Athens notes: How can all these media outlets operate profitably?
    They don’t. They are subsidized by their owners who, while they would welcome
    any income from media sales, use the media primarily to exercise political and
    economic influence.

    Most of the
    economy outside the shipping industry depends on state contracts or licenses. Most
    companies in Greece are essentially waiting to get money from the state. Greece
    suffers from the cancer of socialism. John Alafouzos muses that most media are
    in effect press offices for business groups! Alafouzos, whose family owns SKAI
    TV and Kathimerini newspaper, laments the whole damn thing has developed into a
    completely unhealthy situation. The purpose of media has been largely to
    execute specific tasks for their owners.
    Pimps and spins galore!

    Mega Channel,
    Greece’s biggest TV station, is co-owned by businessmen who are leaders in other
    industries. The biggest stake in Mega is owned by members of the George Bobolas
    family. One of his sons, Fotios, is a director of Teletypos, Mega’s holding
    company. Another son, Leonidas, is chief executive and a major shareholder of
    Ellaktor, a construction giant founded by his father that has participated in
    multi-billion euro overpriced contracts with the state. The Bobolas family also
    controls Ethnos newspaper and many magazines.

    Other figures
    involved in Mega include the family of Vardis Vardinoyannis, who is prominent
    in oil and shipping, and Stavros Psycharis, who controls the DOL media company.
    George Vardinoyannis, son of Vardis, serves on Mega’s board, and the family
    also owns the Star TV station. The family is also the major shareholder in
    Motor Oil Hellas. Psycharis, whose company DOL publishes leading newspapers,
    such as Vima and Nea, and has won many overpriced state contracts in education,
    culture, travel, and printing, is the chairman of Mega.

    Having a
    revolving door between politics and journalism is not necessarily a bad thing.
    Indeed, persons with extensive experience, regardless of ideology, can be a
    great asset, but only if they are honest.
    However, many times a package of partisan ideology as news is the ticket
    to the revolving door! Many disgusting
    parrots eventually become MPs.

    ESHEA, union
    of journalists, keeps a list of its members who work for the government, especially
    in press offices; Many wear a second hat as newspaper journalists at the same
    time. ESHEA ban its members from working for bodies they cover as journalists.
    In an effort to unmask those breaching that rule, the union obtained a list of
    government-employed journalists in 2005. But it was never published, under strict
    government order.

    media are unfair, unbalanced, banal, vane, and hoipolloi trash. Newspapers have
    become screed wraps of DVDs. TV news has sold its soul to rabblerousers and
    pullpeddlers and is full of set-up arguments. Reporters have been transformed
    to statist parrots who doubledip in the state treasury. Anchormen have become
    the czars of statist banality and propaganda. Omerta galore! The truth can be
    found only on the Internet.

    Trimis, president of ESHEA, points out there is a triangle of political powers,
    economic powers and media owners, and nobody can tell who has the upper hand. It
    starts from the top, between the minister and the publisher, and it trickles
    down to the press office and the journalist. It’s a pyramid. One example is a
    TV studio set up in 2007 by the Agriculture Ministry to promote its activities.
    Although about sixty people, including political journalists, were hired, only
    a few had anything much to do. Many more than would be needed were hired and it
    is clear it was a perk.

    journalists are rewarded for their disgusting support of

    Graecokleptocracy with aggeliosimo, an unfair 20% charge on all advertising, going
    to the pension fund of their union. All advertisers now have to pay 43% surcharge,
    23% VAT and 20% aggeliosimo. This abuse of advertisers and the media is
    condoned by Fourth Reich, and it puts financial pressure on many media. But Greek media do not care about losses, but
    only about power to accomplish favors for other businesses they own. Moreover, the 43% disappoints new competitors
    for entering the media market, limiting the media moguls to five pimps!

    Press officers
    for financial institutions who also write in the media, fail to report the need
    for the nation’s financial system to be reformed. Alexandros Kasimatis, a
    financial journalist at a Sunday newspaper, also works as head of public relations
    for the Capital Markets Commission (CMC), a key financial regulator of listed
    companies. Ioanna Mandrou, aka Ms
    Light-Water-Telephone, worked full-time for Vima newspaper and three public
    utility companies! Mandrou now works for Kathimerini and SKAI TV. It’s very common for politicians to arrange
    such jobs as favors in return for good publicity, always enhanced by favorable
    comments and spins.

    who clash with media owners risk a bad press. Media owners ask ministers to
    help stop judicial investigations into their affairs, put pressure on banks and
    other companies to accept haircuts on their media loans, and grant media lower
    taxes. Most poor Greeks paid the new
    surcharge on property, but not the media owners! Greece’s economy has dwindled
    by a quarter in five years. Financial pressures have intensified. Advertising
    has shrunk and the top twenty media companies have declared debts totaling
    three billion euros, but they do not care, because they have other things in

    Against the backdrop of Graecokleptocracy, a very deep
    crisis of confidence has developed between the media and the Greek public. Seen
    as corrupt parrots, journalists are often identified with kleptocrats. Many
    journalists now fear physical violence and some use protection. The targets of smear campaigns that mix
    sarcastic slogans with death threats, journalists now think twice about going
    out on to the streets to report.

    The impact of
    Graecokleptocracy has radicalized all Greeks, who express their anger and
    frustration in increasingly violent demonstrations. Journalists are more and more at risk as they
    encounter situations of civil war in the course of trying to cover the
    activities of grass-roots movements. Caught between the violence of revolters
    and the brutality of police, journalists pay a high price for the coverage of
    Greek revolt they give us.

    Forestalling logic, mainly by bluff, intimidation, mudslinging,
    innuendos, quoting out of context, and getting out of issue, is characteristic
    of most political debates. Staged argument is the new trend of TV news, in
    order to raise their audience ratings with melodramatic excitement. Four
    channels dominate the Greek TV market, brainwashing Greeks in whatever
    direction they wish, and establishing their own agenda. Their reporters
    doubledip in the Greek treasury, in order to promote socialist propaganda and
    nonsense. The Greek state budget used to
    include a secret account for bribes to journalists who report favorably about
    the Greek government!

    Greek nudnik anchors misinform hoi polloi surrounded by stupid parrots.
    TV stations always invite the same characters, those shrews who repeat the same
    nonsense adinfinitum and adnauseam. Most Greek journalists are in cahoots with
    the two statist mafias, Türkoğlu mafia and New Kleptocracy, to dumb down hoi polloi,
    in order to perpetuate the corrupt status quo. That’s why Greeks browse the
    internet in order to find the truth.

    The Greek Republic has
    become a crossbred republic. You have the right to vote every four years, but Graecokleptocrats pass provocative laws,
    for which the public will hear nothing from the media. Graecokleptocrats themselves are in a
    constant state of impunity, because of a phenomenal law that grants them

    Media barons work in
    close partnership with Graecokleptocrats. They define what is legal and what should become known to the public. Foreign
    media have very harsh experiences after trying to conduct a research on the
    state of the Greek media. Attacks are launched against foreign media to make
    them appear as if they wanted to destroy Greece!

    Freedom of the press is
    not defined by a snapshot of the greater narrative but by the environment in
    which journalism can operate. We live in a Fourth Reich of stark contrasts. Europe cannot overlook its
    culture or its tradition of freedom. Democracy is like bicycle: if you don’t
    move forward, you will fall. Journalism today is not about recording the facts.
    It ought to be a battle against barbarity and obscurity. On this continent we
    must rediscover the universal ideas and of course the role of journalism.

  • Three policemen kidnapped and assaulted a 35-year-old man. One of
    the policemen works at Athens security police headquarter, another is stationed
    at the Saint Dimitrios precinct in southern Athens and the other at a police
    station in Paiania, east of the capital. The three held their victim against
    his will at the Paiania precinct, handcuffed him, and beat him. Keynote Speaker Basil Venitis, venitis@gmail.com, http://venitism.blogspot.com

    police have tortured four robbery suspects. The young men, aged between 20 and
    24, were hooked and severely beaten during detention. While images of the
    suspects published by the media show extensive bruising, the police released
    photographs of all four, digitally manipulated in an effort to erase bruises
    and cuts, causing a public outcry.

    protesters were arrested in Athens. The victims were tortured during detention
    at the Attica General Police Directorate.
    Police officers slapped them and spat on them, burnt their arms with a
    cigarette lighter and kept them awake all night with torches and lasers. A
    Guardian report on the incident led the Greek Police Minister, to accuse the
    British newspaper of spreading lies and threaten it with legal actions.
    However, professional forensic examination of the fifteen protesters proved
    that the torture had indeed taken place. When, the next day, two Greek
    journalists commented on the Guardian report on the national television
    channel, they were fired.

    brutality is on the rise. Greek citizens have opposed kleptocracy with general
    strikes, demonstrations, and occupation of squares. The answer was excessive
    police force, tear gas, injuries, and unjustified detention of protesters.

    Yannis Kafkas suffered an almost fatal head injury when a police officer hit
    him with one of the fire extinguishers that the riot police carry with them. He
    spent twenty days in intensive care and had to undergo emergency head
    surgery. Journalist Manolis Kipraios,
    while covering protests against kleptocracy, suffered from permanent hearing
    loss after a member of riot police fired a stun grenade against him.

    hundred thousand people gathered outside the parliament, following the public
    suicide of a 77 year old pensioner. The protests ended up in clashes with the
    riot police amidst clouds of tear gas and flames. Photojournalist Marios Lolos
    received severe head blows by the police forces and had to go through surgeries
    for head injuries. Journalist Rena Maniou was severely beaten by security
    forces while Dimitris Trimis, the head of the Greek journalist association
    ESEA, broke his arm after he was violently pushed and kicked by the riot

    were used by the riot police as human shields. A photograph circulated on the
    internet shows a female protester in handcuffs ahead of policemen as people
    threw stones against the officers. Of all cases, not a single one has been

    brutality has a long history in Greece, and even the murder of teenagers by the
    police forces is not unprecedented. Sideris Isidoropoulos, a 16 year old
    teenager and activist, was killed by police forces while putting up campaign
    posters on a public building. Riot police has beaten to death 20 year old
    protester Stamatina Kanelopoulou. 15 year old Michalis Kaltezas, was shot in
    the head by a policeman during clashes following protests in Athens. The police
    officer was acquitted of the charges. A police officer shot dead 15 year old
    Alexis Grigoropoulos, during demonstrations in Athens downtown. The police
    officer took aim at the boy and shot him at the chest. The murder of the 15
    year old sparkled nationwide riots in the country.

    What makes the situation in
    Greece even more alarming is the fact that most cases of excessive police and
    state brutality go unreported. As the majority of Greek media are owned by the
    country’s oligarch families that control the financial sector and have strong
    ties with kleptocrats, journalists prefer to keep quiet in the interests of holding
    on to their paychecks. Greece descends
    into further chaos amid mounting political corruption. The Greek coalition
    government fails its own people and is unable to ensure justice and basic
    rights for its citizen.

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    Greece had a choice and went down the wrong path. They should have told the EU to f*** off and pulled out of the Euro and the EU as well and then they could have decided their future without a bunch of dictators in Brussels telling them what to do.

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