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It’s OK to mention anti-Semitic attacks – but not who commits them

Just pretend for a moment that of, say, 200 anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, a study discovered that 198 of them had been committed by Methodists…

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

I was attacked by a swan the other day, as I walked along the bank of the River Stour in Kent. The creature climbed out of the water and lunged towards me, wings puffed up, making this guttural and hate-filled coughing noise. I kicked out at its stupid neck and told it to fuck off and the bird backed away towards the river, still making that demented hissing, like a badly maintained boiler.

At first I was mystified as to how I had gained its enmity. I wasn’t near its mate and still further distant from its sallow and bedraggled idiot children. Nor had I advanced towards it, or even given it a threatening glare. And then the horrible realisation dawned on me. The swan had attacked me because it believed — mistakenly — that I was Jewish. There was no other possible explanation. And as I stood, a little shaken, on that riverbank, it occurred too that all of these mysterious anti-Semitic attacks which we’ve been hearing about recently, the attacks in which the perpetrators remain a complete and utter mystery, are almost certainly the work of swans. Why had I not realised this before?

The previous day I had read a very long piece in the Guardian by Owen Jones precisely about anti-Semitism. In the course of more than 1,000 words Owen kindly cautioned us against having anti-Jewish feelings and pointed out that anti-Semitic attacks were on the rise throughout Europe and that this was a bad thing, on the whole. But nowhere did he say who was responsible for this nastiness and I was left with the impression that it could be any of us, just any of us, walking down the street one day and we’re suddenly possessed of the insuperable desire to torch a synagogue or knife a rabbi.

Puzzlingly, Owen did dwell for a paragraph or two on the anti-Semitic roots of some of Europe’s far-right parties. So there was a sort of implication that perhaps those sorts of people had been responsible, although no direct allegation. I have heard and seen much the same thing on the BBC and Channel 4 News; reports of horrible attacks upon synagogues and Jewish businesses in Europe. A huge spike in anti-Semitic attacks in this country, too — more than 200 in the last month; more in the last four weeks than the previous six months put together. But no mention, not even a hint, as to who might be responsible. A complete mystery, isn’t it? We are left to try to fathom our own explanation — and it is very difficult, isn’t it? I think the giveaway, though, is some of the graffiti which accompanies these attacks: Allahu Akbar! Jihad! Stuff like that. It’s obvious — unusually literate, fundamentalist swans.

Here’s the thing. I will bet every penny I have and more besides that virtually all of the anti-Semitic attacks in this country — and in France and Germany and Belgium — have been perpetrated by Muslims. And because they have been perpetrated by Muslims, that fact will simply not be reported, even when it is plainly obvious that the attackers were Muslim.

This is a peculiar state of affairs, to my mind. Imagine if it wasn’t Muslims or swans. Just pretend for a moment that of, say, 200 anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, a study discovered that 198 of them had been committed by Methodists. That the one thing which 99 per cent of violent UK anti-Semites had in common was membership of the Methodist church. Do you think that such a fact would not be mentioned in news reports of such incidents, or in comment pieces by juveniles warning us how horrible anti-Semitism really is? I think the journos would be falling over themselves to nail the Methodists, and to delve and investigate the roots of this sectarian hatred. I think this fact would be considered salient and significant, germane to the issue at hand. But not with Muslims. Instead, Owen and the rest will first try to disguise the fact that it is Muslims making these attacks and then secondly, when it becomes patently obvious that it is Muslims, will try to insist that this fact is irrelevant and perhaps simply an unfortunate coincidence. And that anyway, because not all Muslims are anti-Semites, the fact is not worth reporting.

But of course it would not be considered irrelevant and a coincidence if it were any other minority group on earth, would it? And of course it isn’t irrelevant, or a coincidence; there is a strain of anti-Semitism running through Islam, and a mistrust or even loathing of Jews is firmly rooted within both our Muslim communities and in Muslim countries from Turkey to the Indonesian archipelago. This does not mean for a moment that all Muslims are anti-Semites, and nor of course should that conclusion be drawn. But Islamic anti-Semitism is surely a fact — and recognised as such by plenty of the more, um, enlightened Muslim writers, such as Mehdi Hasan. Here’s what he had to say on the issue: ‘It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article — if they are honest with themselves — will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.’

Remember, it is only three or four years ago that our most moderate and amenable Muslim organisation, the Muslim Council of Britain, refused to take part in Holocaust Day, so great was its animus toward Britain’s Jewish community.

To refuse to tell the truth when you know what the truth is constitutes bad journalistic practice, to my mind. But it is also deluding and utterly gutless.

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  • trekker2002

    The problem for Muslims is that antisemitism is explicit in the Quran and Muslims are expected to believe (and most do) that the Quran is the literal word of God, inerrant and unchangeable. When you also understand that any Muslim who suggests that some elements of the Quran were ‘of their time’ is likely to be declared Kuffar which is effectively a death sentence in any Islamic state and incitement to murder in any other, it is hardly surprising that things are slow to change. The answer has to be very robust law enforcement and ensuring that all communities are told very clearly that the UK does not tolerate intolerance.

    • Alexsandr

      The inability of Muslims to question the Koran leads to fundamentalist inflation, as they get more and more nutty in their views, no-one can challenge them for fear of being branded not a true Muslim.
      The whole thing is a bullying protection racket.
      When will someone say ‘the emperor isnt wearing any clothes’?

      • global city

        Dawkins has tried of late, but the Left have now gone off him as a result.

    • gelert

      Plod ignores Muslims spreading hate.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        Plod’s a waste of space. Face it, you have a failed police force (service) on your hands Britisher pals.

        • Harry Pond

          you always play the nigger in the woodpile Jack

          • Harry Pond

            I remember when I was in my front room gearing up for a party in West Ken and a gang of black chaps suddenly ran into my flat and turned us over in 1997. Needless to say I called the police and was arrested for ‘race hate’ after using non PC terms for the violent twats that had just robbed us at knifepoint. I will never forget that plod- you thick gormless uneducated morons.

          • Harry Pond

            You could go on another course I suppose

          • Harry Pond

            my work here is done Jack- prize in the post please.

    • Roger Hudson

      Islam’s foundation has a scientific explanation they would like to kill you for explaining : if a man went into a cave in the Arabian ‘month of heat’ he would de-hydrate, de-hydration can lead to hallucinations such as seeing arch-angels ( whatever they are) and believe they are the mouth of god , the man might then write down a load of stuff, some of it quite vile.
      I once had a student with murder in his eyes after I told him that a horse couldn’t literally fly to the moon and back. And i’ve even seen the ‘hoof print’ in the stone on mount Moriah (basement of the Dome of the rock) but I believe in metaphor and myth and not believing religious texts are ‘true’.

      • Annie Belowski

        The Muslim prophet suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy which can mimic schizophrenia complete with auditory and visual hallucinations. Add to that gross personality disorder and you have a toxic mix indeed.

        • David Ashton

          Did Saul of Tarsus, Mary Magdalene and Simon Peter have similar problems? Just wondering.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Or, as Tolkien explained to CS Lewis, metaphor & myth can be true in another way. Ironically, many of the more ‘religious’ atheist commentators on this site are more literal in their understanding of bible stories than most christians themselves.

  • SarahAB

    Although clearly there is something in this, it’s important not to overstate the case. In some countries in Europe antisemitism comes from the more traditional white far right types. And in the UK, according to the Jewish Community Security Trust, the breakdown of incidents by perceived ethnicity may indicate a disproportionate Muslim involvement, but there are still many crimes committed by people who are unlikely to be Muslim.

    “CST received a description of the ethnic appearance of the offender or offenders in 78 of the 304 antisemitic incidents reported during the first six months of 2014.3 Of these, 45, or 58 per cent, were described as white – north European; 3, or 4 per cent, were described as white – south European; 6 (8 per cent) were described as black; 21 (27 per cent) were described as south Asian; none as east or south-east Asian; and 3 (4 per cent) as Arab or north African.”

    • Damaris Tighe

      78 out of 304 antisemitic incidents is only 25% so the figures aren’t telling us much.

    • gelert

      Muslims are 4.8% of the UK population. If they are committing 31% of the offences then it shows the true extent of their involvement.

    • RobertC

      I don’t think anti-semitism is the only issue that needs to be resolved:

      And then there’s ‘honour’ killing, forced marriage, FGM, ‘grooming white meat’, child marriage, the thighing of children, killing of homosexuals, apostasy killings – the list is quite a long one.

      • gelert

        Now,now. Don’t be such a cultural imperialist. Think of all the benefits we get from diversity and multiculturalism 😉

        The Norwegians deserve anything they get from Muslim terrorists; they’ve been supporting them against Israel for years.

      • Jay_Sands

        I’ll probably wish I hadn’t asked but what is the thighing of children?

        • SarahAB

          Interfemoral sex I think.

          • Jay_Sands

            I knew it was a mistake to ask.

          • RobertC

            What is amazing is that if you had a picture of it on your computer, you wouldn’t need to wait for an early morning call from Mr Plod, you would be in a cell before you could say JS, and rightly so!

          • Damaris Tighe

            It was what the great example to mankind, Muhammad, did to little Aisha when she was too young to have full s*x. She recorded that she had to wash his soiled robes afterwards.

        • rightrightright

          Masturbation performed against the thighs of babies and small children.

    • itbeso

      “the ethnic appearance of the offender or offenders in 78 of the 304
      antisemitic incidents reported during the first six months of 2014.3 Of
      these, 45, or 58 per cent, were described as white”

      Just bear in mind a proportion of these ‘white’ antiemitics could just as easily be Muslim. Muslim is not a race or an ethnicity or a skin colour; it’s an ideology anyone can end up holding.

  • CrashDive

    Rod, better not to mention the ‘elephant’ in the living room…

    Otherwise charges of Islamophobia will be heading your way….

    • Damaris Tighe

      I think he’s (quite rightly) beyond caring.

      • Coastliner

        Apart from the deluded self -hating lefties, I would imagine that most sensible people are ‘Islamofauxbic’.

    • Roger Hudson

      A phobia is a fear ( irrational fear) of something, i don’t like cults like islam (doesn’t it mean subjugation?) but i am wary of it’s believers but don’t fear it.

      • Guest


  • statechaos

    Just like the child-sex rings operating in the North-West and Oxford as well I believe, where most of the culprits were Muslim men but no- one dare say so and I may be moderated for saying so. We didn’t see Baroness Warsi outraged by this one did we? Media reports went out of their way to stress that these sorts of crimes are committed by all sorts of people. Why are we so afraid to speak out?

    • gelert

      Because plod will be after you for hate crimes. However, plod ignores Muslims who openly preach hatred.

    • gregusmeus

      Actually Warsi did speak out against it however even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

    • awfulorv

      Because many, if not most, in your country are sorely lacking in courage?
      Do you suppose that could be the reason?
      Oh, and you don’t have those mean, nasty,guns to protect yourself, your wife, or daughter with, when the Muzzies come round.

      • UKSteve

        Oh FFS, another ranting ultra-right wing American hillbilly gun nut.

      • Guest

        Good points.

    • John Gerard
      • Coastliner

        Shameful more like. How those individuals who took part in covering up the abuse of vulnerable children can sleep at night I have no idea.

        • global city

          when ideology trumps sense and compassion… we saw it in Nazi Germany….as they say.

    • jesseventura2

      These crimes we were told by British media were committed by Asian gangs?Were there Chinese,Japanese,Indonesian,Thais,Indians etc involved or only the muslim dogs from Pakistan?

    • Annie Belowski

      I am not. If ever Islam’s behaviour in my town offends me I tell the police about it. If Muslims can be offended then so can I!

      • Guest

        Well said

    • will91

      Remember it’s “Asian men” who do this. Something which rightly outraged a Chinese friend of mine.

      • awfulorv

        Tell your friend not to despair, we know who are perpetrating the atrocities and, except in rare cases, it is not “Asian Men”.
        I cannot speak for those so dense they would elect Obama twice, though.

    • stag

      I am always reminded when this issue arises, by way of comparison, of the general attitude in the media following the Catholic priests paedophile scandal. Not only were the crimes of these sick men denounced; not only was the complicity of some diocesan bishops deplored – it was open season on the Church at large. Particularly, no-one went out of their way to preface their condemnations with the disclaimer we have become accustomed to when Muslims are the perpetrators, a disclaimer such as “the Catholic Church promotes peace and love”, or “Christianity is a religion of peace”, or “most priests are trustworthy and compassionate”. There seemed to be a special glee on account of the fact it was priests. You could be forgiven for thinking – as many people did and still do – that there is a higher-than-average instance of paedophilia in the ranks of the Catholic clergy than in the general population. No attempt was made to challenge this perception in newspapers and TV reporting.
      All this is of course in stark contrast to the treatment of Islam and Muslims in the media. Even those who have dedicated their journalistic careers to fearlessly speaking truth to power, such as Owen Jones (at least in his own head), are very, very quiet when it comes to voicing truths like the one Rod voices above.

      • awfulorv

        We’ve been doing the same with black violence, forever.

    • Rabbi Burns

      Not only is the ethno-religious background of muslim paedophile gangs glossed over – except when they have to print their names – much of the press routinely avoids the word “paedophile” itself in connection with these gangs; a consideration not afforded to other brands of paedophile.

    • Callan

      Yes, this topic was brought up on Question Time some months back and the panel virtually tied themselves in knots in their efforts to avoid the M word. As for Jones the juvenile Marxist with verbal diarrhoea, can’t someone send him off on a long cruise with his soul mate Alhibi Brown?

      • Guest

        Good points

  • Damaris Tighe

    A few years ago the EU commissioned a report into anti-semitism in Europe. The report’s findings were that rather than far-right groups being the main problem, most of the reported incidents involved muslims. This was not what the EU wanted to hear so they refused to publish it. It was in the end brought to the public – I can’t remember whether as a samizdat leak or because the EU was persuaded to change its mind.

    • Jonathan

      Some of the far right parties that the Left continues to wail about actually support Jews and Israel. For instance, Geert Wilders is especially supportive of Israel. Right wing parties in Norway, Finland and Sweden have similar outlooks.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Yes, but I was referring to the unreconstructed far right neo-nazi groups. Not sure Geert Wilders could be described as far right, rather than simply right wing.

        • Moa

          Actually, the “Far Right” label is a slander that originates with the “Far Left”. By the Far Left repeating the assertion over and over again everyone has come to the conclusion that Nazis are Far Right. This is false.

          Please let me explain – because it requires some explanation to undo all the indoctrination you’ve been fed your whole life. Do you have an open mind, and are prepared to learn? great 🙂

          The American understanding of the terms Left and Right are far more useful than the European use of those terms (where the terms have been defined by the Far Left for their own purposes).

          The political Left (in the American view) is all collectivism. Which means an increase of State power, and a decrease of individual self-determinations. So, at the Far Left we get Communism (all power to the State, no individual power), then the socialisms (Fascism & National Socialism), Progressivism/”Modern Liberals”, and Moderate populists near the center.

          The political Right in this spectrum is about increasing individualism, and decreasing State power. So from the center and moving to the right we get: Classical Liberals (now called “conservatives”), Libertarians, and finally, Anarchists (with all power to individuals and none to the State).

          Here is a diagram of this political spectrum:


          Since the Far Left provide the definitions of the political spectrum as used by Europeans, the National Socialists are indeed ‘right’, but only *relative* to the ‘Hard’ Left Communists. They are still a collectivist ideology and on the Far Left of the moderate center.

          This is the Big Lie that Cultural Marxists have used for decades to confuse Europeans. They discredit the political Right by re-defining the spectrum so that collectivist Nazis are lumped in with those that distrust/reject State power (the conservatives, libertarians and anarchists).

          I hope this provides you with a cultural understanding of not only how Americans see the World (note: I’m not an American), but also shows how the Hard Left has successfully warped the critical analytical faculties of most intelligent people by redefining political terms (Left and Right) so that people cannot think straight about the issue.

          The Soviets (Communist Socialists) and Nazis (National Socialists) were not opposites, they were RIVALS for the Big State collectivist Left. The true opposite of the Communists and Nazis are the anarchists and libertarians.

          Notice on this spectrum that Geert Wilders is a conservative, and is right-of-center. His views are no where near Naziism, and the application of the term to Wilders is as a result of the successful deception of the Left in their redefinition of political Left and Right.

          Like I said, it is hard for Europeans to accept and understand the political spectrum as the Americans understand it – because there has been a century of the Left distorting the terms (in order to prevent you thinking correctly about the issue). Once you understand the true nature of the political spectrum you understand that it is the Big State collectivist Left that is the danger (Communisim, Naziism and even Islam are all Big State collectivist ideologies that oppose individual self-determination).

          I hope this explanation helps my fellow Spectator readers break free of ‘The Matrix’ constructed by the Left to imprison your thinking. Remember, the **Big Lie** made by the Left is that Nazis are Right Wing. This is completely false.

          The political Right stands for the individual, over the wishes of the (totalitarian) State.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Please don’t make assumptions & patronise me. As a founder member (maybe before you were born) of the British libertarian movement I’m well aware of the true political spectrum. I use the terms left & right for short posts. I’ve also posted on the true spectrum in other posts. I don’t need a lecture from a kiwi.

          • Moa

            Please don’t make assumptions & patronise me. As a founder member (probably before you were born) of the British libertarian movement I’m well aware of the true political spectrum.

            Yet, here you are making assumptions about me and patronizing me. Why don’t you take some of your own advice instead of being an obnoxious prat, eh?

            I’m well aware of the true political spectrum. I use the conventional terms left & right for brief posts to get my point across.

            All I can go on is what you posted. Your post was misleading and used the inferior definitions of these terms. It is good you know the superior usage, but why you need to be so ‘gay’ about me providing the correct definitions, I do not know. Perhaps your ego is so large you cannot take correction in any form, despite your admission here that you used inferior definitions for your ‘short’ post.

            I’ve also remarked on the true spectrum in other posts – & unlike you managed to do it in a short paragraph, not a dissertation.

            What a colossal t0sser you are! What arrogance! While succinctness is indeed a virtue, being too compact leads those new to the subject to misinterpretations. There was zero need to compare lengths or anything. All you needed to say was, “Thanks for providing superior definitions, I was already aware of these so they weren’t needed for me, but I’m sure others may benefit”. But instead you had to go off the deep end and show what a mongol you were. No wonder your movement never gains mainstream traction if total arrogant pr!cks cannot accept that their abbreviations were not the most accurate description of situation.

            I don’t need a lecture from a kiwi.

            I see you edited your racism out. Shame on you.

          • Damaris Tighe

            We’re going to use the racism card now are we? I edited it out after I’d cooled down & for no other reason.

          • AJH1968

            I have always found your posts to be balanced, and your comment fair, please do not apologise (although I suspect as a true gentleman you feel compelled to) As for being a Kiwi apart from Rugby, I have nothing but admiration for you and your fellow Kiwi’s who have served Her Majesties Government with distinction (lest we forget) in two world war’s.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Thank you AJH. In fact I’m not a kiwi but a Brit! I referred to Moa as a kiwi because that’s what s/he called him/herself in a past post, & they took exception to it. But I must admit I did it in a rather toffee-nosed way. Must remember to have my first cup of coffee before replying to posts …

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            Not another nutter that assigns a different nationality to anyone that contradicts him. I warned you that insanity was contagious, didn’t I?

          • AJH1968

            Sorry about confusing you with a Kiwi (although I am still very fond of them) but the combination of bad prose, and ad hominem vituperative left me a little incensed. I too need take pause, have a little caffeine and think, before jumping into the fray.

          • Damaris Tighe

            You were quite right – that’s what set me off!

          • Moa

            No worries. I’ll apologize for being so prickly.

            With regard to the “racism” part. Your statement was that in you pre-coffee state you would not deem a kiwi as worthwhile as taking comment from, but perhaps you might take one from a fellow Briton. What do you think that is?

            Now, we can probably agree that the racism canard gets played waaaaay too much these days, but I was pointing out that this is exactly what severe caffeine-deficiency makes you vulnerable to.

            Just because I’m a kiwi does not mean I should be treated worse than anyone else. Just because people are Israelis does not mean they should be treated worse. Just because some Britons have Anglo-Saxon heritage does not mean your Government should treat them worse (eg. less police tolerance for Free Speech) than your recent imports. All of these are slippery slopes, yes? adding such comments to your posts give Leftists ammunition to discredit us. And I’m a serious person who aims to win against those b@stards.

          • Guest

            And he is Guest LOL

          • Roger Hudson

            I’m sorry but it’s better to look at politics like a clock face, Nazis and Stalinists meet up around the 12 mark. Sensible people are at 6.

          • Damaris Tighe

            I agree. I’ve said that elsewhere. But for short posts it’s better to stick to the conventional right left rather than launch into an explanatory discourse every time. Otherwise I’m sure I’d bore people to tears.

          • Mr B J Mann

            The linked spectrums could possibly be improved by putting one vertically and forming a two dimensional grid as some other political analysts have.

          • Moa

            Thanks for the suggestion. The problem with putting them vertically is that you no longer have political Left and Right corresponding to spatial left and right.

            While I’ve seen various two-dimensional plots, IMHO the linear plot is better. Why? because there is only one axis that actually matters, Individual Liberty vs State Power, and I don’t want that to be obscured by economic or social dimensions.

            Once we start thinking in terms of Individual Liberty vs State Power then the populace cannot be deceived by the Left for long.

            But I’ll follow your advice and pick some of the two dimensional plots for further discussions, so thank you for suggesting this.

          • Dreeber

            I think even Speccy readers might be tempted to skip over most of your post because of its length, but it was spot on nevertheless.

          • Bonzo

            As Orwell said: “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

        • global city

          Apart from his ‘Islamophobia’ Wilders is quite a liberal. Ironically this is the main reason he has set himself against Islam, as it undermines nearly all core liberal values. It seems that all the other Liberals throughout Europe have given up on these core values so see no irony or hypocrisy in denouncing Wilders for upholding their supposed shared core values.

      • Rumpledforeskin

        The much maligned FOXNEWS is supportive of the Jews and Israel. I am a former liberal and Democrat who became totally disenchanted with the left for many reasons: 9/11, antisemitism from the minorities and lefties,Illegal immigration and illogical rampant PC .

  • Jaria1

    I’ve seen some sizeable anti Israeli demos in London due to them responding to Hamas rockets but must have missed the anti Muslim demos

    • Jonathan

      Would you have them protest against themselves?

      • Jaria1

        On TV their spokesmen disown them saying they are UN Islamic so they should be the first to demonstrate against those they say they consider imposters

  • soporific

    Imagine for a moment almost every citizen in the whole of western world being sodomised to an inch of their lives by bankers and pretending for a second that the bankers were nearly all Jewish. Oh.

    • jjjj

      Imagine every citizen in the whole world not being able to fly anywhere without having the whole experience turned into an ordeal because there are countless practitioners of a certain religion who wish to kill everyone. Oh.

      • soporific

        Given the choice of the ordeal of having a pat down at a security gate and misery at the loss of my livelihood, penury and death for those left with no choice, I know which I’d take.

        • jjjj

          ‘…and misery at the loss of my livelihood, penury and death for those left with no choice, I know which I’d take.’

          Describes the fate of millions of Jews and Christians at the hands of your ilk, Nazi and Islamist. So you are right. How can you compare the security checks to that.

  • The_greyhound

    Bugger me, a bien-pensant swan.

  • MikeF

    In much the same way television news reports on the current atrocities in Iraq often refer to them being carried out simply by ‘militants’ without actually telling us what sort of militants.

    • Damaris Tighe

      ‘Militant’ was a sanitisation of the word ‘terrorist’ which became the vogue 10-15 years ago. But I noticed that when Britain became subject to ‘incidents’ in the last few years they became ‘terrorists’ again. I guess that one person’s militant is another person’s terrorist only when they’re personally affected.

      • Aberrant_Apostrophe

        When do they become ‘freedom fighters’ – just before they have wiped out most of the unbelievers?

        • Jonathan

          When they target Jews.

      • Joanne

        A few years ago, I’m not sure when, the New York Times starting using the word “militant” instead of “terrorist” to describe Hamas and Hezbollah fighters. I did a double take the first time I saw that.

        Someone on high probably made an editorial decision. It’s likely that other American media followed suit, as the NY Times is kind of a role model, or so I hear.

        • Damaris Tighe

          Yes, that’s what happened here probably at about the same time. I think it was the BBC who started it. The question is, were the BBC & NYT copying each other or did they both get the idea from another source?

      • Joanne

        A few years ago, I’m not sure when, the New York Times starting using the word “militant” instead of “terrorist” to describe Hamas and Hezbollah fighters. I did a double take the first time I saw that.

        Someone on high probably made an editorial decision. It’s likely that other American media followed suit, as the NY Times is kind of a role model, or so I hear.

    • gelert

      Arthur Scargill was a militant; these Muslim bozos are terrorists, but the PC MSM don’t want to offend Muslims.

    • Tim Reed

      Is the BBC still referring to them as ‘conservatives’?

      • Gareth

        They were only “conservatives” while the BBC regarded them as the bad guys. Now that the BBC is more sympathetic, they can only be called “militants”.

  • edithgrove

    Well a couple of them are lib dems, although with large muslim constituencies. Evan Davies, now fully adjusted for Newsnight, became uncharacteristically emotional this morning and tried to make Joan Rivers responsible for anti-semitism.

    • Jay_Sands

      Yes, I heard that giggling lightweight interviewing the Chief Rabbi too, asking him if he was supportive or not of Joan Rivers’ statements. As Ms. Rivers is an American and made her statements in the US one has to wonder exactly what point, or should that be sound bite, Mr. Davies was trying to make because it certainly had nothing to do with the reason the Chief Rabbi had been invited onto the Today programme.

  • justejudexultionis

    Much of contemporary Islamic society seems dangerously close to Nazism at times. These problems will surely get worse over time as the number of Muslims in our society increases.

    • Mike

      All the symptons are the same and the end result will be the same.

    • Coastliner

      Only ‘dangerously’ close?

    • Physiocrat

      Islam was proto-Nazi from the start. 600 Jews were beheaded in a single day on the instructions of the “prophet” himself.

    • ebonystone

      Better the other way around: Nazism was dangerously close to Islam at times.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I’ve just read in the Mail that the Taliban made Afghan Sikhs wear yellow tags.

      • anon

        Yes, they have. But no one will talk about it and the fact that Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan technically don’t belong to Muslims. There are other minorities that have lived there forever, that are deprived of their rights to their ancestral lands. But, omg, the poor Palestinians. the whole world cries about them.

        • Damaris Tighe


        • global city

          Nowhere beyond the doorstep of Mohammed’s house is ‘ethnically Muslim’ for the same reason you site above about Iran, etc.

          You surely know loads of pre-Islamic Arabian myths and civilisations? Fascinating stuff

          • anon

            My family is originally from India. People there still remember the true legacy of this horror..They’ve been fighting it since the 1500’s at least.

    • anon

      If you look outside the Western world, you will see they have committed 50 times more murders than the Nazis. 100 Million estimated killed in the Indian subcontinent alone. The Nazis must have learnt from them, not the other way around. They have been the biggest evil this planet has ever faced.

  • formonitoring

    Anti-semitism by distinct social groups? What like Millwall fans, the most anti-semitic supporters group for decades? Oh yeah who do you support Rod?

    • rodliddle

      what are you talking about, you idiot?

      • formonitoring

        “Ivan Cohen called on the authorities to tackle the “well-known antisemitic hard core” among West Ham, Chelsea and Millwall fans…”

        • rodliddle

          Then Ivan’s an idiot too. In forty five years of watching Millwall I have never heard a single anti-Semitic comment, chant or song. Plenty of other racism, in the old days, but never anti-Semitism.

  • dan

    its all methodists that run the media rod, you’ll never get to hear of their nefarious ways, bwahahahahahaha

  • If you have evidence, link to the evidence. But if all you can say is “I will bet every penny I have and more besides” you’re not doing a journalist’s job, you’re just muckspreading. European Christianity has a pretty strong tradition of anti-semitism; so do the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches. I doubt it’s gone away.

    • Pootles

      Are you suggesting that it is Greek and Russian Orthodox Christians, along with more native strains, that are responsible for anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, and, say, France, today? If so, please link to the evidence.

    • Mike

      No one disputes that Christianity had its dark and ‘fascist’ period but thats over. Now its Islams turn to ‘inspire’ genocide, racism & bigotry.

  • Michael Mosley

    Why are so scared of Islam? Have we been silenced by the murder of cartoonists or scared of being labelled rascist?

    • gelert

      Remember Salman Rushdie ?

      • Jonathan

        Today the fatwa leveled against him would be on page six, near the bottom.

        • Guest


    • Terry Field

      Because or government and its paid servants are terrified of it.

    • William_Brown

      We aren’t. But our gutless and floundering politicians are. Unfortunately, they will only respond to a call to action once they perceive a large block of votes can be had. Such Is their fickle vanity.

      • Guest

        Well said.

    • Dr. Heath

      Unless dealt with by competent policing action
      [rather than appeasement and cowardice, the default responses of
      statesmen like Chamberlain, Daladier and Obama], terrorism always works. Many
      cowards justify their resort to appeasement by hiding behind the anti-racism
      banner. They would condemn savagery, of course, but to do so would betray a
      racist failure to understand the heart-rending plight of the savages, a view which in itself is unconsciously racist. Because Mrs
      Jellaby types justify their existence by making a spectacle of their concern
      for [a very tiny and strangely select minority of] the world’s victims of
      racism and oppression, they are indifferent to, rather than terrorised by, any
      crimes these victims might get up to. Stalinists see adherents of the Religion
      of Peace as part of a resurgent world proletariat with whom they can forge an
      alliance aimed at finally overthrowing the West and capitalism. There exists any number of reasons for being frightened and for doing nothing, most of them despicable and self-serving.

  • monsieur_charlie

    Whats wrong with being antisemitic if you think, as a group, they have done you considerable harm. And, of course, that would go for any other group, Muslims, Methodists, politicians – whatever.

    • Edward Scarr

      Nothing. Unless you physically assault them. People can believe what they want unless they’re threatening the safety and well being of others. That’s how the world should be of course – but there’s too much malice and spite in the human heart apparently

    • kreplach2

      Because anti-Semitism is classed as racial discrimination under UK law. Its like saying “What’s wrong with hating black people”. Do you get it now?

      • monsieur_charlie

        I would have included black people in my comment, if, as a group, they caused considerable harm. Do you get it now?

        • gregusmeus

          If you need to have it explained to you why racism is bad…

          • monsieur_charlie

            Who mentioned racism? Oh yes, you did. That leads me to believe that you are so brainwashed you can no longer think straight.
            Before you reply with more of your wasist wubbish, perhaps you could explain why any group is beyond criticism.

          • jjjj

            Do you believe in guilt by association?

          • Mike

            It is not racist to hate those that would do you harm, what planet are you on !

            I hate Cameron for his sell out of the UK so by your definition, I have phobias against priviliged, Eton educated, white elite establishment self serving opportunists. Lets dream up a name for this as I’m sure many share my ‘racist’ style views about Cameron.

    • Epidermoid

      “Whats wrong with being antisemitic if you think, as a group, they have done you considerable harm.”

      Because your impression that they have done you considerable harm is likely to be based on a religious delusion and a credulity that is both infantile and dangerous.

      • monsieur_charlie

        Although I have no religion whatsoever, I would much prefer the religiously delusioned to the lying scum who deliberately destroy free speech for their own selfish political ends.

        • Epidermoid

          It’s the Left who proclaim their allegiance to free speech and take great care to eliminate it. They declare,”No platform” or other trite nonsense and yet think they are welcoming of criticism.

  • Many people are
    brainwashed with false conspiracy theories.
    Most people believe the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a
    classic in paranoid racist literature. Taken by the gullible as the
    confidential minutes of a Jewish conclave convened in the last years of the
    nineteenth century, this hoax has been heralded by antisemites as proof that
    Jews are plotting to take over the world. Since its contrivance around the turn
    of the century by the Czarist secret police has taken root in bigoted
    frightened minds around the world. Keynote Speaker Basil Venitis,,

    The Protocols spells out the alleged secret
    plans of Jewish leaders seeking to attain world domination. It represents the
    most notorious political hoax of the last two centuries. Although thoroughly discredited, the document
    is still being used to stir up antisemitic hatred. The world-control myth was
    actually lifted from a 19th century French political satire in which the
    alleged plotters weren’t even Jewish!

    leader Andreas Papandreou openly compared Israelis to Nazis. MP
    Koutsoyannis inundated the Greek Parliament with an incoherent flood of
    antisemitic remarks, heartily applauded by all Pasok MPs.

    Raphael Moissis, president of the Public Electric Company
    (DEH), was openly demonized and ridiculed by the Greek Parliament, because he
    served in the Israeli army!

    Theodore Karypidis of Syriza declared that NERIT,
    Greece’s state broadcaster, is derived from the Hebrew word for candle, ner,
    which he linked to the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, which commemorates the
    struggle of the Maccabees against the Greeks, and anyone who lights the candles
    in the seven branched candelabra of the Jews lights Greece on fire!

    LAOS leader George Karatzaferis raised the question of
    Jewish complicity in the 9/11 attacks in Parliament, stating that the Jews have
    no right to provoke, because they have filled the world with crimes!

    Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos said: There were
    no ovens. This is a lie. I believe that it is a lie. There were no gas chambers

    There is a line between legitimate criticism of Israel
    and antisemitic demonization of Jews, and many Greek media have brazenly and
    repeatedly crossed that line. Greek newspapers frequently run stories comparing
    Israel to the Nazi regime and accusing it of genocide. They feature editorial
    cartoons depicting Israeli soldiers in uniforms with swastikas!

    Greek Orthodox liturgies still contain verses in which
    Jews are ascribed collective guilt for the death of Jesus! Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus said on Greek
    television that Adolf Hitler was an instrument of world Zionism and was
    financed from the Rothschild family with the sole purpose of convincing the
    Jews to leave the shores of Europe and go to Israel to establish the new

    Many Jewish cemeteries in Greece have been desecrated,
    and synagogues and Holocaust memorials have been sprayed with antisemitic
    graffiti. A Greek doctor has a plaque
    outside his office which says in German “Jews Not Welcome.”

    Esthir Cohen, who got
    an emotional sincere apology and hug from the German President Gauck, points
    out to the antisemitism of Greeks:

    “When Nazis were
    pulling us out of our homes and dragging us through the streets of Ioannina in
    order to send us to Germany, not a single neighbor even peeked through his
    curtains to see what was going on.

    The last time I saw my
    parents was on the railway platform in Auschwitz, where we were separated. I
    remember that as they were driven away in the back of a truck, they shouted
    out, ‘Girls, defend your honor.’

    When I returned to
    Ioannina, I went straight to my home. I knocked on the door and a stranger
    opened it. He asked me what I wanted, and I told him that it was my home. ‘Do
    you remember whether there was an oven here?’ he asked me. ‘Why yes, of course,
    we used to bake bread and beautiful pies,’ I replied. ‘Well get out of here
    then. You may have got away from the ovens in Germany, but I’ll cook you right
    here in your own home.’ I was horrified.
    All these years I have been scared. I have been unloved by all

    Antisemite is anyone who senses a pervasive, worldwide Jewish
    conspiracy or who holds the Jews responsible for all bad things that transpire
    among nations. Anyone who denies Israel’s right to exist, demonizes it or is
    prepared to accept its annihilation. Anyone who makes plump comparisons with
    Nazis to condemn Israeli policies.

    • jjjj

      Thank you for this piece.

    • Joanne

      What you say about Greece is not too surprising.

      The Anti-Defamation League, a well-established Jewish organization based in the USA, commissioned a poll recently to measure the rates of antisemitism around the world. Greece showed up as the most antisemitic country in Europe, with 69% responding with what the ADL defined as antisemitic views.


      • AJH1968

        Alas, the Modern Greek, who resembles he’s
        illustrious forbears in name only.

    • The Masked Marvel
    • Curnonsky

      There is a Greek who writes for the Spectator – he might serve as Exhibit “A” regarding his countrymen’s feelings about the Jews.

      • Taki is not anti-Semite, most of his friends are Jews, and he loves Israel. Religulous Greeks are anti-Semite.

    • vieuxceps2

      “Antisemite is anyone who senses a pervasive ,worldwide Jewish conspiracy”

      i fear that is too wide a net to cast.Rightly or wrongly, the world is filled with such people.

  • Picquet

    Fear is now the motivator in much to do with religion, itself merely a euphemism for the same emotion.

  • The Community Security Trust, ehich monitors anti-semitism in the UK, reports that where attacker could be identified, 62% were ‘White European’, 8% ‘Arab or North African”, 8% Black, 25% South Asian. .

    • girondas2

      What % of the attackers could be identified in the first place? – kinda relevant

      • Damaris Tighe

        See SarahAB’s post. Only 25% of attackers could be identified.

    • JamesChambers123

      Remind me again what the total percent of the UK’s population is Arab, North African, Black or South Asian? ~10%?

    • vieuxceps2

      I’m not too good at sums but your figures add up to 103%. Perhaps the extra 3 are martian muslims?

  • laurence

    Rod, I am astonished. The self-styled religion of peace saturated with anti-Semitism? But how could this be? Why, it is known throughout the world for tolerance and peacefulness. I’m sure you must be mistaken.

    • Terry Field

      Peas be upon you.
      And carrots, cabbage, and broccoli.

      • bionde

        I always say piss.

        • Terry Field

          Piss not upon the Rod
          For he is a goodly bod.

      • rightrightright

        But only once they have passed through the digestive tract. Waste not, want not.

  • Cymrugel

    It is very strange.

    Muslims now constitute a major threat to peace in most of the world a=and have been instrumental in raising the undead corpse of European anti-Semitism from its grave, yet all behave as if there is no problem.

    How many more outrages will be carried out; how many more anti-Semitic attacks before action is taken?

    • Coastliner

      Don’t hold your breath.

    • anon

      Your leadership is bought by oil money. Ban the Saudis and other arabs from investing in London and in UK businesses and funding university studies. The elite and leadership care about money, not country.

    • Guest

      Good points

  • sarah_13

    Spot on again Rod. It is cowardly. Jones is so invested in views that the facts will not be allowed to get in the way.

  • GraveDave

    If only skinheads and swastikas would make a comeback.

  • Terry Field

    It is not just cowardliness – the public sector is staffed with people in senior roles who were recruited by the Newlabour horror, and who enthusiastically support the lies and distortions of the ‘celebrate the difference’ codswallop.
    As well as the rest of the trash propagated by the fouls Socialist State of Brownian garbage.
    The Muslims who have been identified by police in respect of the crimes of the type that a group were convicted for in Oxford – identified as in excess of 80 people according to a senior law officer in a prior government – are not yet being prosecuted – WHY NOT?????!!!!!!???????
    Because they are being sheltered by the social thought police and social opinion managers in such places as the Home Office.
    If these numbers are correct, and if the numbers should be scaled up from the numbers of raped white Kufar girls by the faithful in Oxford, it is probable that many thousands of poor vulnerable white British girls have been abused.
    That this swept under the carpet shows we are in a country that Goebbels could have recognised.
    Britain is a shameful, managed, untruthful, frightened, distorted place.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I keep wondering whether the enthusiasm to prosecute elderly celebrities for historical paedophilia (which I’m not minimising in any way) is fuelled by the desire to create an equivalence between native & muslim s*x crimes.

      • Terry Field

        Plainly this grotesque nonsense is an attempt at social management, and smokescreen deployment on a scale the Soviets and Goebbels would have contemplated.
        No rational person is taken in by this guff.
        I would love to know about the current Pedo-rings activities – including the degenerates from the groups of the power-elite – nobody has the guts to deal with this, not even the brave and resolute Theresa May.
        And the Islamic sex trade in Kufar white girls in Britain???????
        Any progress there?????????????
        Hell will freeze over before that is touched by the Home Office.

        • Coastliner

          There are court cases practically every day somewhere or other throughout the country, often involving multiple perpetrators. They are only being reported in the local press and not being covered by the national MSM. More papering over in the name of ‘community cohesion’? Absolutely sickening.

  • Ben

    I love your writing Rod. Not just because of your humor, which is first class. But mainly because you have the decency AND the balls to be honest and to say something which needs saying. As for the other journalists you highlight? They think YOU are guilty of ‘Hate speech’ for telling the truth and the Muslim sickos perpetrating these attacks are misunderstood.


  • Augustus

    We’re simply back to the Middle Ages when the Jews were regarded as the source of all natural ‎disasters such as plagues and famine. But the two major European Jewish communities react differently. The vast majority of French ‎Jews are under no illusion about their future and many are planning to leave. Their leaders ‎speak out, courageously protesting against anti-Semitism and defend Israel. In contrast, much of Anglo Jewry remains in denial, deluding themselves that their lives are ‎unaffected by anti-Semitism, despite what they read and see in the media and what their ‎children experience. There are today about 1.5 million Jews in Europe, compared to about 8.5 million pre-WW2. There will always be Jews in Europe, but the communities will shrink to tiny enclaves unless the ‎tide is turned. But unlike pre-war Jews, who often were unable to obtain entry visas to other lands to escape the Nazis, they are now blessed with a ‎Jewish state, powerful enough to defend them, and to which they can always go to escape those who would do them harm.

  • Liz

    It was probably trying to mate with you, the goose stepping probably confused it.

  • ant

    I used to follow Owen on Twitter, and on the afternoon that Lee Rigby was murdered, Owen was vociferous in his contention that, ghastly as the murder was (I’ll give him that) it had nothing to do with Islam. Over the course of the next few hours Owen did as much as he could to deny the role in that slaughter of an ideology that – if it were to have its way – would have poor Owen, and many gay men like him, swinging from cranes from Lambeth to Tower Hamlets.

    I pointed this dichotomy out to him – in his defence I had always found him happy to engage on twitter – but not so in this case. I was blocked. And this is the problem.

    There is a real moral sickness in the left. The hatred of Israel/the west and by association the Jews has led to a rise of that purest form of socialism – nazism. What is terrifying however, is the pace at which it is spreading surreptitiously in mainstream media, the useful Hamas idiots on Channel 4 news and, no more so, than the BBC.

    Take BBC5Live’s Your Call yesterday morning, hosted by BBC drone, the terribly nice, Rachel Burden. The subject was Iraq and in the last half hour the callers that pretty much dominated the airwaves were, firstly, a ranting conspiracy nutcase from Glasgow (where else) who was screaming the line that CIA/Mossad where behind ISIS. Presumably this fruit had believed the, now totally-refuted, line that Edward Snowden had evidence of such a conspiracy. But Burden just let him fly. When any other host would have stopped, or at least countered him in his tracks, Ms Burden just let him go without fear of repost.

    Next up was a full-on pacifist. For him, arms were the problem. It was like listening to a 10 year-old trying to make sense of the world. Did Rachel try to explain that ISIS really don’t speak your language, pal? No. She gave this loon a good 5-10 minutes of the nation’s airwaves to flounder about trying to expand on his theme that the UN should do something and we should stop selling arms (to Israel)…it was pitiful

    But as the programme drew to a close, a final caller chimed in that really, consorted action needed to be considered and maybe the problem is to do with Islam and countering this virulent stream that has gifted us ISIS.

    Yes, you’ve guessed it, Ms Burden suddenly woke up, grew a pair, turned into Noam Chomsky and slapped the caller down for criticising Islam. He’d been barely allowed 30 seconds, where the nutters had had 10-15 minutes.

    I no longer pay licence fee (legally) for this very reason. There is a disgusting, insidious delusion, wholly based on a combination of wilful ignorance and moral cowardice, that allows the most revolting human conduct since nazism to pass as mere consequence of our own supposed immorality. If there is a war, it needs to be fought here first.

    • Lydia Robinson

      The Al Beebaceera has vested interests in the Arab world,hence their stance generally.

  • alabenn

    . This does not mean for a moment that all Muslims are anti-Semites,
    No, just about 98%.

  • Mike

    Very well put and thats why its 99% of ‘islamic Swans’ who are guilty of hate crimes and far, far worse around the globe ! But seriously –

    Progressive liberal fascists on the left always use cheap journalist associations
    to distort the truth whether its reporting Gaza, hate crimes in the UK
    & USA or trying to pretend Islam is a peaceful religion.

    They conflate in two paragraphs, the first about a named far right group gulity of the odd hate crime with the second paragraph about unattributed far more serious mainstream hate, torching of places of worship and even vicious murders. The irony is those in the West can at least read, digest and puke up these journalistic associations as pure hate crimes in themselves, but those who might take this seriously and make a false link can’t even read in their own language let alone English, so what is the point.

    Could a wannabee Muslim Jihadist in some remote village even have access to these sickening literary attempts at spin let alone be able to read them ? No, I didn’t think so as the limit of their IQ is to recite the hate filled lines from the Koran learned by rote and nothing else.

    Despite the attempts to censor, distort & re-arrange the truth by the ‘progressives’, the majority know exactly where all the barbaric acts were conceived & promoted and that’s through Islam. The left who distort the truth and
    the MSM who are too scared to report it know full well that the slaughter of Lee
    Rigby was inspired by Islam as millions around the world watched the footage and the words used by the Islamofascists. We also know that genocide of Christians & Yazidis in the middle east and the attempts to exterminate Israel by Hamas are inspired through Islam as the war mongers & killers have repeatedly said so.

    The first thing that countries & societies lose before becoming a fascists state is the truth and the reporting of it and the 1930’s should have taught us that.. The UK and others are at that stage now where the truth will not be spoken except by a few worthy lone voices for fear of arrest. The next step is in this process will
    be Sharia law in the west and after that it will be the end of democracy &
    western civilization as we know it.

    • FrenchNewsonlin
      • Mike

        Personally I don’t really have a problem with anyone going off to a foreign war if thats their ‘calling’.

        In modern times It happened during the Spanish Civil war and has happened many times before across Europe and the Middle east, That in itself I don’t consider an issue per se as long as those combatants understand that their adopted country has no responsibility for them and if its against the stated policy of your country, it should made be possible to revoke citizenship. Perhaps Farage might look at this if we ever get to leave that dictatorship called the EU.

        My real problem in this instance is they are going to fight for a group that has specifically stated it wants to conquer the west or in this case the UK. You cannot have loyalties to your country and a group of Islamic psychos behaving worse than in biblical times. They should be made to make a choice, are you with us or them and if its them, we should revoke their citizenship. Those with the balls will actually revoke their citizenship anyway.

  • Lydia Robinson

    It’s rather like the misnomer “Asian grooming gangs” which had a multicultural, inclusive ring to it and could have included Chinese and Indian people, rather than Muslim grooming gangs which was the truthful and accurate description.

    • Mike

      That was the biggest insult and racial slur ever used recently by the MSM and I’m impressed that Chinese or others of non Islamic faiths who came from that region took it so well without complaining. They might well have had a chance of suing the media over linking them to sexual grooming and perhaps they should have to make a point.

      If the MSM couldn’t use the term Asian to deliberately dilute the real racial culpability in these cases it would have been interesting what words they could have used or dreamed up in its place.

      • Lydia Robinson

        I wonder if the IRA had been grooming white English girls, would the MSM have referred to “Celtic grooming gangs.”

        • Mike

          I’m sure they would and then Scottish people would have been slandered let alone 95% or more of the Irish people ! If the MSM can’t call it for what it is, they are cowards & hate purveyors tarring every similar race or ethnic group with the same brush.

          The MSM and fascist progressives are the very first people to scream out bigotry or racism if anyone else stereo types a group like this and yet here they are, doing exactly that. I’m sure thats lost on them that by their rhetoric they exude bigotry and racism from their pores more so than even the BNP.

        • The Masked Marvel

          No, they would have been “IRA grooming gangs”. They weren’t called “Celtic bombers”, were they? Analogy fail.

      • MikeF

        They might have called it ‘faith-based’ grooming.

        • Mike

          I would also in this hate crime fixation the progressives have but thats too close to the truth so I doubt they would as everyone would know which faith and join the dots !

  • Jonathan

    The Guardian’s article was as much ass-covering as anything else, for they with their biased coverage of all things related have stoked the fires of Jew hatred across Europe. They should be ashamed.

    • Epidermoid

      The Guardian has been appalling in its anti Semitism. I have a number of books on the subject going back some years and always in the index is that paper.

  • sebastian2

    We’d never mention the S (Swan) word or the M (Methodist) word if we were as apprehensive about the reaction as we are about the I (islam) word. Some people, it seems, are coiling themselves into the most complex of tangles in avoiding what’s blindingly obvious to most: the problem is islam. And why are they avoiding? Because they know – as the rest of us know – what might follow from the slaves of this most readily “offended” Moon God. This utterly tongue-tied, timid aversion to blurting out the plain truth is, surely, the most powerful evidence of islam’s intolerance and hair-trigger potential violence. If there were no grounds for fear, there’d be no fear.

  • Agrippina

    During protests in cities up and down the land on 09.08.14 in support of Gaza! There were flags for hezbollah, hamas, palestine, various islamist terrorists. In Sheffield 2 kurds incensed by islamic black flags tried to remove them, the cops arrested the kurds, not the turds carrying flags supporting terrorists all over the world.

    That just about sums up this country, all must be done to appease the oppressors until eventually civil unrest will follow. It won’t only be the Jews but all of us will have to fight them.

    Bradford, Birmingham, Blackburn, Leicester, Luton, Manchester, parts of London are dumps for all these uncivilised shoe throwing, backward mossies. Thanks to all the govts of the last 50yrs!

    • CO Jones

      Well, yes, at the sharp end of the problem, we have the government to thank.

      But the governments we get are the governments we vote for. And as long as sufficient people continue to vote unthinkingly for the people who opened wide the gates (Labour), the people who kept the gates open (the Tories) and the people who don’t know where the gates are (the LibDems), the situation will get worse, not better.

      To adapt an old analogy: If the turkeys keep voting for Christmas (are we still allowed to write that?) then they have no right to complain if they get their necks wrung.

      • Agrippina

        As long as the turkey is halal, we should be ok.

    • Guest

      Very well said.

  • Cymrugel

    Personally Its always been ducks I have had a problem with.
    Quacking, bread thieving bastards.

    • Alexsandr

      do you suffer from goosephobia too?

      (I know – its chinaphobia – I looked it up)

  • The Masked Marvel

    Be very careful here, Rod. If your fellow travelers of the Left weren’t so busy justifying the swans’ anger, those perpetrating the violence wouldn’t feel so free to do it, and the majority of the public wouldn’t be turning such a blind eye. Your media colleagues lead the way, with Hacked Off nowhere to be seen, too busy moaning about celebrity death cover art.

    There were plenty of other fowl species at the recent London protests.

  • Keith

    It’s time that Islam was classed as a terrorist organisation

  • JB_1966

    Gosh is Rod Islamophobic? If he is then he’s gone up in my estimation because that seems to be an entirely rational position to take.

    • Alexsandr

      no. a phobia is an irrational fear. being scared of islam is rational.

  • Coleridge1

    This is a terribly important and timely piece. I don’t however distinguish betwee the Muslim thug who knifes a Jew and the like of Mehdi Hassan or Owen Jones. The latter will tell us they oppose anti-semitism but then go on to legitimize Hamas which calls for all Jews to be exterminated in their Charter or the fascist clericalist regime in Tehran which is the epicenter of international Jew-hatred.
    The Muslim knife-wielding thug and Hassan/Owen feed off each other.

  • Epidermoid

    I must say, the line, “It believed I was Jewish” was brilliant.

  • Mr Creosote

    Imagine the MSM response if 198 cases had been committed by UKIP supporters!

  • lakelander

    Thanks for that, Rod. I’d been trying to work out, a while ago, why people would want to attack our off-duty service personnel too. You know, when they and we were proud of them being out and about in uniform and before this was regarded as provocativeIt was swans or Methodists, I guess.

    Personally, I’d like to rip apart any person of any religion who physically attacked patriotic British soldiers, sailors or airmen who individually are worth more than the sum total of the scum that have a problem with them.

  • DP111

    That swan in the photograph is White. It is clear therefore, that Whites are the cause of the recent rise in anti-Semitism.

    One must remember, that these days, Political Correctness trumps Truth.

    • GraveDave

      It’s the same where I live. Overlooking the school fields, those white gulls always come down and chase off the one or two blackbirds.

  • BradD99

    The far left now seems to intentionally “protect” antisemitism by refusing to name who actually commits the antisemitism, and the fact that Muslim bigotry against Jews in Europe right now is really the same thing as Muslim bigotry against Jews across Arab countries that destroyed their Jewish populations.

    Somehow, people who protect these antisemites get published by the Guardian, the Independent, the Huffington Post, every far-left site, every “progressive” site, etc.

    As a Jewish guy, this feels like the worst antisemitism since the 1950’s.

  • BradD99

    Thanks to articles like this, I will continue to read and support the Spectator

  • BradD99

    One of the most influential Israel-haters these days is the repulsive, evil, disgusting GLENN GREENWALD, who only mentions Israel with extreme hate, and whose tweets result in a giant hatefest of anti-Israel AND anti-Jewish responses.

    And he seems to have no problem with those responses. I don’t see him argue against them.

    He has over 300,000 Twitter followers. And almost daily, he urges them to hate Israel with all of their hearts and souls.

    And I don’t see anyone argue against him. Maybe he blocks them. But you can still use a second Twitter account to see what someone tweets, and copy the exact URL of the tweet ,and then paste that into your own account and reply to it even from a “blocked” account.

  • BradD99

    Here is one of the biggest “HATE ISRAEL” accounts in the English-speaking world:

    Skim his tweets. Thousands of the most hateful anti-Israel tweets imaginable. Close to zero tweets critical of Palestinians, or Hamas, or Israel’s neighbors.

    And he’s reaching over 300,000 people.

    You (yes YOU) need to counter his hate, however you can.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I noticed this in the many anti-Israel comments that swarmed the Spectator the past month. So many of them jumped on a negative story with obvious glee & refused to notice the (from their point of view) positive part of it. For example, a small group of unpleasant Israelis attacked a peace demo. Commentators saw the rabid rightists as representative of Israel whilst completely ignoring the peaceniks who just as easily could have been taken as representative on the basis of this one incident. But of course, they didn’t fit the narrative.

      They also slavered with delight at the group of southern Israelis who, having endured years of missile attacks, watched & cheered the bombing of Gaza from a hill. These of course were the ‘real’ Israelis. They chose not to notice the large group of Israeli Jews, including rabbis, who visited the mourning tent of the Arab lad murdered by Jewish yobs.

      • BradD99

        Yup. The anti-Israel hatemongers ignored the fact that millions of Israelis have to keep hiding in bomb shelters, yet ranted endlessly about the 50 (or 100, whatever) Israelis who got photographed in a hill watching stuff or something.

        This is what I’ve noticed for a long time now. Literally 99% of the OBSESSIVE critics of Israel aren’t normal human beings who happen to come across stuff that they are honestly sharing. The far left seems to TARGET Israel, and INTENTIONALLY filter anything good out, and intentionally exaggerate anything bad.

        • Damaris Tighe

          When you have 1) obsession 2) selective observation & 3) denial of anything good, what do you call it?

  • Amin

    So who has the answer? What is the reason that the most liberal socities gives perfect emunity when it comes to muslims?

    • vieuxceps2

      Fear,guilt, shame, negative emotions in general.Islam is bad news for the whole world. Especially for muslims.

      • Terry Field

        Not good for Peppa Pig either!

    • Damaris Tighe

      Over-reaction in the opposite direction to historical racism &, ironically, antisemitism.

    • Mike

      We’ve been told by the liberal progressives we must atone for the sins of our ancestors of 500 years ago and as a consequence we’re not allowed to criticise a barbaric religion.

  • David Glen

    Ah the poetry. Assume off the top of your head it was all Muslims – betraying your total lack of research concerning the strange bed-fellowing of neo-nazi groups, conspiracy socialists and Hamas supporters over this chance to ‘come out’ – and watch the streaming “they are all pedo-terrorists in waiting anyhow ,not a moderate amongst them, better off sent packing” bile follow.

    No irony there then.

    I’m sorry but it is an insult to exclusively finger one group as anti -semitic, or even mainly responsibile. It’s anti historical and is a disservice to the understanding of the genocide.

    Hamas are firing the rockets, but groups of all creeds, colours and political thought joined in the celebrations. On the right as well – you can’t just finger the ‘guardianistas’. Still, don’t stop others bigotry being useful to stoke yours and others – otherwise you’ll be out of a job.

    • Dream on mushroom.

    • vieuxceps2

      I think Liddle’s article was meant to “finger” as you put it ,the Guardian writer who failed even to mention the muslims principally to blame for anti-semitic attacks.Wilful blindness, avoidance of reality, bad traits both, not to be encouraged…..etc

  • john p reid

    Excellent, if it was True the labour leadership, told Dan Hodges to stop criticising, Jones last year, as the sort of leftie,who the Labour Party is trying to attract, holds the views of Jones, then Rod Liddle criticising jones points out where the Labour Party is going wrong if it won’t accept the dangerous views Hones has,and how right Dan. Hodges is too criticise him.

    • vieuxceps2

      Any chance of having this translated into English?

      • john p reid

        There’s translation, apps if you click on your browser look them up under Stop being a cunt,APP

        • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

          Why so touchy ? Vieuxceps” is right. Your post makes no sense.

        • Damaris Tighe

          You should stop being a cnut & start being literate.

          • john p reid

            I’ll do what I like thank tou very much

        • vieuxceps2

          I followed your advice and tried for a translation”app” for your letter but the language wasn’t recognised,except for the term “cuntAPP” which was given as a term probably used by (I quote) “illiterate morons”and not generally accepted in normal society.Perhaps your finishing school days have worn off a little?

  • Jaysonrex

    As always, Rod Liddle gives his opinion bluntly. Muslims seldom if ever made a show of their hate (of non-believers in Muhammad the Prophet). Christians, on the other hand, were never shy of displaying publicly their hate of those that did not accept Jesus as the Son of God.
    For this and other reasons, Christians have persecuted, tortured and killed Jews for more than 1700 years. The reason? They claim that the Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus, the itinerant Jewish preacher, later promoted to ‘Son of God’. Because of this vicious lie, invented 100 or more years after Jesus was nailed to the cross, Christian have created the following means of persecution of the Jewish people: ghettos, followed by pogroms, then by the Holy Inquisition and ending with the Holocaust.
    Nowadays, it is not ‘acceptable’ to display one’s anti-Semitism. This term has been replaced with “anti-Israel” and/or “anti-Zionism”. Sic transit gloria mundi.

    • thomasaikenhead


      Do not conflate anti-semitism with anti-zionism. The latter deals with a legitimate reaction to a political philosophy, the former is something very different.

      Can you really not see the difference between the two?

    • Mid_Century_Modern

      Hopefully you will seek help and get counseling and proper medication. Wow – just wow. Hard to believe there are individuals as sick and twisted as you.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Er .. you’re in another century. Rod was talking about the 21st. You know, the one we live in right now where most blatant antisemitism comes from muslims not christians.

    • Mike

      Islamic hate marches in London & Luton on many occasions and the constant hate bile coming from Anjem Chwodary, you seem to have a very selective memory. Then theres the no go zone for non Muslims in Leytonstone, ahh yes, the religion of peace !!!!

      As Damaris has said, you are living in the past and you must have a very long life span to recall the Christian persecutions of 500 years ago, Islam has just caught up to those barbaric practices in the 21st century which we left behind centuries ago.

  • thomasaikenhead


    “…and we’re suddenly possessed of the insuperable desire to torch a synagogue or knife a rabbi.”

    Time for a reality check?

    When was the last time a rabbi was knifed or a synagogue torched in the UK?

  • Thank you for publishing this article. Notice how the left wing extremists commenting here still refuse to look the devil in the eye.
    Their head in the sand, Chamberlain view of the world is becoming irrelevant. If they are not stupid than they are complicit with islamisation. 5th columnists if they.are complicit.

    • Mike

      Head in the sand ? More like up their a** judging from the s*** they spout !

  • Katie

    Rod, the people on here who have jumped on the Israel-Palestine crisis bandwagon to promote anti-Semitic theories aren’t Muslim:
    Add this to the fact that the website (and the website of those who contribute to it) contain blatant holocaust denial material and what I’m getting is a picture of a largely white, non-Muslim, far-right element to all this hate too.

    • Coleridge1

      This is tantamount to Holocaust denial. Nobody viewing images of the pro-Hamas rally in London last week could fail it spot Muslims holding up placards praising Hitler and calling for Jews to be gassed. Pathetically, the police refuse to arrest these islamoNazis for fear of being accused of Islamophobia and riots barking out in Tower Hamlets, Luton and Bradford.

      • Bonkim

        Holocaust denial is not a crime in Britain. The protests were anti-Israel and Israel is a theocratic state no different from the Islamic theocratic state in the region. If you took the Jewish and Islamic components from the equation it is age old politics of conquests and tribes fighting for territory.

        • Damaris Tighe

          “Israel is a theocratic state no different from the Islamic theocratic states in the region”. You mean that Israel, the parliamentary democracy that state funds imams as well as rabbis, that allows any religion to practice without interference, that hosts gay pride in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv each year, & allows no questions asked fertility treatment for single women, is no different from Iran & Saudi Arabia? You’re even dafter than I thought.

          • Bonkim

            Different beliefs different norms. Similarly protests in support of what you believe is part of democracy – no one is objecting to you starting a protest movement against Hamas or ISIS. I am sure the media will cover it.

            Regards Israel regardless of its democratic trimmings and stated constitution how that plays in real life is guided by the Jewish interests – whether it is the illegal settlements or how the law treats non-Jews, immigration, etc, etc. Even Jewish peace groups dare not protest against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Jewish peace groups have protested against the war in Gaza but during a war meet the same type of opposition that British pacifists did during WW2. That’s nothing to do with Israel being ‘theocratic’. The settlements are not supported by many political parties & by most of the Israeli public. Re immigration, Israel has an immigration policy that most Brits would like for this country. Of course the Israel is guided by Jewish interests, that’s what it’s there for. Again, most Brits would like our policies to be driven by British interests.

          • mohdanga

            “….whether it is the illegal settlements or how the law treats non-Jews, immigration, etc, etc.” How many Palestinians have Syria, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Iraq taken in????
            Why should any country have to justify its immigration policy?? The ‘doors wide open to any and all’ that has been the hallmark of the West in the last 40 years will be the death of us.

          • Bonkim

            People moved around without needing passports and visas until early 20th century when most nation states as we know today did not exist.

    • MissDemeanor

      ah yes, because Muslims aren’t exactly known for mouth foaming hateful ranting and psychotic attacks in the name of their equally psychotic death cult

      if only everybody was as peaceful and loving as you muslims…

    • Mike

      No one has ever said theire are not deniers of the holocaust amongst non Muslims but the majority of those actively promoting the extermination of Jews today are most certainly Islamic or support Islam.

  • Mike

    Queen Beatrix of Holland attends this Concert. The conductor, who
    just happens to be Muslim, proceeds to give the Queen a lecture on
    the “beauty” of Islam.

    But.. wrong time, wrong place… the Dutch Orchestra walks off the concert stage !

    It’s great to see people with the courage of their convictions unlike the spineless Brits in the UK!

    • Damaris Tighe

      Brilliant. Dutch have gone up in my estimation.

      • Mike

        Well they do have Geert Wilders batting for equality, democracy and NO pandering to minority groups !

    • Marie Louise Noonan

      Are you a Yank?

      • Mike

        No I’m British, but what has that got to do with anything !

        • Marie Louise Noonan

          You used the term ‘spineless Brits’ to describe your fellow countrymen. Why would you do that?

          • Mike

            If you haven’t the guts to stand up to Islamic aggression or in a case like this Dutch orchestra by making a stand against Islamic opportunists, then you are spineless in the face of adversity and pandering to Islamic psychos.

          • luke sampson

            “Mike” is an American;you can tell by his rather painful prose.

            Being called spineless by a Septic is a bit rich considering their complete cowardice in the face of their vibrating communities. I think lacking the courage to face up to their “challenges” they read about our problems, pretend we have a worse situation, and try to gloat. We are better of than them.

            America is a toilet.

    • Innit Bruv

      The guy wasn’t the conductor, just some religious zealot. He wouldn’t have been allowed to conduct the Concergebouw Orchestra dressed like that.
      (That’s why the security officials asked to see some ID)
      The orchestra was advised by security to leave the stage.
      Check your facts, ignoramus!!!

      • Mike

        So he wasn’t a conductor, still the wrong time and place to preach victim hood !

  • Lickyalips

    Blimey – even the presstitutes are waking up to the imported problem that is islam.

    • Andy Capp

      “Presstitutes” – love that!

  • WorthSayingAgain

    There’s going to be an intafada in England sooner than you think. The tinder is very dry indeed.

  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    I don’t think animus is the right word. Bring back common sense..we need lots more.

  • Hugh Janus

    Every Muslim should be purged from the Western World. Period. Along with their leftist(Socialist) Allies.

    • Mike

      Best be careful, Its probably the most heinous of hate crimes in the scale of things to promote purging lefties as a minority group !

  • Astrid Fernandez

    The truth right there. It’s high time we called it. Thanks for this article.

  • Physiocrat

    In all the photographs of anti-Jewish demonstrations in Europe, fair-haired blue-eyed Aryans have been conspicuous by their absence.

    • Innit Bruv

      It isn’t fair-haired blue-eyed Aryans who have had hundreds of their villages flattened and thousands of their homes blown up!!!!!!

      • Physiocrat

        Hundreds of villages flattened? Thousands of homes blown up? Who has done this and why?

        • Innit Bruv

          Who? Israel. Why?the theft of another people’s land.
          Apparently some bloke called Abraham was promised something or other by God around 4000 years ago.
          Beggars belief, but there you go…..

          • Physiocrat

            Are you being paid by Zionists to make the opposition look ridiculous?

          • Innit Bruv

            No, I merely find the Zionists’ claim to that land risible.

          • Physiocrat

            We are where we are. I don’t know where you are, it doesn’t really matter, but if you are living at, say, 28 Doggett Road, Catford, London SE6 4QA, what is your claim to that land? And if you are the Duke of Westminster, what is his claim to the land he owns ie a large chunk of the West End?

            I hope you are aware that the largest single landowner in that part of the Ottoman Empire that became Mandate Palestine was the Greek Orthodox Church. It still is. It has retained all the land it owns and the Israeli parliament is on land leased from them. So what claims to land are you talking about?

          • Innit Bruv

            Wouldn’t be seen dead in Catford.
            For the rest,read your history.Choose wisely!
            (Avi Shlaim, Benny Morris, Shlomo Sand. Ilan Pappe would be a good place to start.)

          • Physiocrat

            So no answer then? I don’t suppose you have an answer to where to we go from here? I shouldn’t worry though because ISIS-clones will be taking over in Europe soon.

          • Innit Bruv

            You never asked “where we go from here” in the first place.
            Would help if you were a bit more specific.
            As for land claims, the answer ought to be self evident.
            Would you consider those orthodox rabbis who regularly
            attend anti Israel to be anti Jewish?

          • Physiocrat

            Just to make it clear, here are all the questions.

            1 If you are living at, say, 28 Doggett Road, Catford, London SE6 4QA, what is your claim to that land?

            2 If you are the Duke of Westminster, what is his claim to the land he owns ie a large chunk of the West End?

            3 The largest single landowner in that part of the Ottoman Empire that became Mandate Palestine was the Greek Orthodox Church. It still is. It has retained all the land it owns and the Israeli parliament is on land leased from
            them. What claims to land are you talking about?

            4 Non-institutional owners who lost or abandoned land in 1948 are long dead, so again what claim to land are you talking about?

            5 Where do we go from here?

            Orthodox rabbis who are opposed to state of Israel are obviously not anti-Jewish. There is a difference of opinions within orthodox Jewry on the matter. Non-Jews who obsessively concern themselves about the issue whilst at the same time ignoring ignoring worse abuses around the world are at best half-blind. Considering that the British, the Spanish and the Portuguese have stolen whole continents it looks like a matter of motes and beams. This is particularly true in the case of Australia and South Africa, where there has been vocal opposition to Israel in recent weeks, but it also applies, perhaps surprisingly, to countries like Sweden.

          • Innit Bruv

            Innit Bruv is away and will be answering his fan mail on his return.

          • Physiocrat

            Funny you seemed to have time to write stuff since. Have a nice time anyway, don’t do anything naughty!

          • Innit Bruv

            Question 1:
            Answer A: my claim is based on the fact that I bought the house and land from it’s previous owner.
            Answer B: We have no real claim to any land since all land ownership is at it’s source the result of someone with a bigger club or gun sticking a flag in the ground and saying:
            This is mine!
            Answer C: Planet Earth is not the exclusive property
            of God nor of the human race and therefore we have no
            superior claim to it than any of the other species.

            Questions 2,3,and 4 B and C : same as above.
            Question 4 A:” non-institutional….long dead”.
            Their descendants aren’t.

            Where do we go from here?
            Answer A: more of the same.
            Answers B and C: into a cul-de -sac

          • Physiocrat

            Your answers A and B are contradictory. But answer B gives anyone the right to take any land they want. That knocks out your answer to question 4. But even if you accept the descendants’ right to land, the question that then arises is which descendants have a right to which land.

            Answer C is in practice debatable. Humans have the power to do whatever they want with land, for better or worse. If a group of people decide to take over all the land occupied by, say, giant pandas, then those animals are at the mercy of what people decide to do with the land. Land currently the ancient land of the Australian Aborigines has been effectively destroyed by uranium mining.

            So you have not really answered the questions at all, which is not surprising because they are very difficult questions to answer and the issues are rarely thought about. I don’t have the answers either.

      • Lickyalips

        … not yet.

  • Innit Bruv

    The main targets for racially-motivated violence in Britain are either Black or Asian.
    The perpetrators are mainly White working class, or,like Mr. Liddle himself,lower middle class. (The Notting Hill race riots of the late Fifties, the P***bashing of the Seventies and Eighties,the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Anthony Walker etc etc…. the examples are countless..)
    PS: did Mr. Liddle ever come clean about monkeymfc?

    • Marie Louise Noonan

      ‘The perpetrators are mainly White working class, or,like Mr. Liddle himself,lower middle class.’

      A bit like our armed forces but carry on being an utter ingrate.

      • Innit Bruv

        And your point is?
        Nobody is forced to join the Army.
        Grateful for what?
        Hmmmm, I must have hit a raw nerve……..

  • Bonkim

    “Muslim Council of Britain, refused to take part in Holocaust Day,” is not somehow a sign of anti-semitism. I am not a Muslim and I did not take part in Holocaust Day. I am not anti-seimtic or anti- any religion or ethnicity but ready to comment on cancers where I see in any religion or ethnic group.

    Come again, whilst it is not difficult to see that Israel is hated by Muslims and that Islam is a bigoted religion which considers all others Kafirs, does not equate to Muslims being the prime movers of anti- semitism. Historic evidence is that of Europe and the Christian Church being the main persecutors of Jews culminating in the Holocaust. Jews thrived in many Muslim lands until the mid-20th century and the foundation of Israel on land taken from the Palestinians. It is therefore a natural reaction that Muslims today look at Israel and Zionism as a hated enemy.

    • jjjj

      Although well written, your post is slightly off the mark at the beginning and disgraceful towards the end. Rod says, as you acknowledge, that the Muslim Council of Britain refused to take part. The Council as a community actor is different to you as an individual. No one is asking you personally to participate. It is your prerogative. It is different regarding the MCoB and they were being petty minded. Let’s not forget that one of their ilk, the Mufti of Jerusalem sat in Berlin during the war and was delighted with what Hitler and Eichmann were doing. The history is well known.
      If Rommel and his hordes had reached Palestine it is entirely probable that the Jews would have been exterminated with the assistance of Muslims This is something that the MC would not want people to remember.

      ‘Israel is hated by Muslims’: Correct. But, contrary to what many believe, not ALL Muslims. Many Muslims bear no malice towards Israel. Many Muslims from around the world have been treated in Israeli hospitals and do business with Israelis.

      Regarding the thriving of Jews in Muslim lands, you are partially right. Jews suffered from pogroms in North Africa and the Levant and this was before Israel. Not to mention the way the Ottomans treated the Jews. Actually, this part of your post is highly offensive because you haven’t researched it fully.

      Israel was certainly not founded on land taken from the Palestinians. If you are referring to 1948, Israel was fighting a war which was declared on it by murderous Arab states. It is the Arabs who should have accepted the UN resolution of ’47. Of course, in war bad things happen. That’s what you get if you are the aggressor. And the fact that Muslims are too stupid or too hateful to see the truth is the real reason why the situation is so dire.

      • Bonkim

        Not going to address all the many points – many disjointed you raise. Most of the latter part partisan rant.

        In principle terms the Catholic Church or the COE need not attend all the observations of the many other religions of political observations. So whether the Muslim Council of Britain (assuming they represent all the Muslims in Britain which they don’t) is neither here or there.

        World history is full of atrocities – not sure whether we should have for example a day co-memmorating the extermination of the American Indians by European settlers, the genocide of the Incas by the Spanish Inquisition, the Tasmans and aborigines in Australia or the killings the Iraqi tribes by the RAF in the 1920s.

        The UN in 1948 was simply a construct of the victors of WW2. Much of the Mid-East was UN Mandate being managed by Britain and France who could do as they pleased with little recourse.

        Research to be meaningful will have to be undertaken by impartial observers – and your post appears to be partsan to the extreme. There are no angels and human history – is as you depict continuation for the thrust for supremacy and survival and will continue. Morality and ethics are all relative and subject to interpretation. Don’t expect Hamas or ISIS to play by the Geneva Convention not Israel however much it would like to cloak itself as free, and democratic and observes human rights – everything goes in the battle for survival.

        • jjjj

          Holocaust Day is not meant to be an exclusively Jewish commemoration but also Nazi persecution inc. the Holocaust (Shoa), Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. I would have included the genocide against the Armenians but good relations with Turkey dictated that this chapter was ignored.

          Quite frankly, I and many others couldn’t care less if the MCB stayed away. Better off without them. As you suggest, they don’t represent the Muslim community.

          ‘The UN in 1948 was simply a construct of the victors of WW2’

          The UN was an attempt to correct the terrible mistakes made with the League of Nations which proved powerless to stop the Fascists and Nazis. The intentions were utterly laudable. Did you expect the losers to form the UN? In any case, the UN is moribund and the world is reverting to anarchy. As to the Mandate: There is no Mandate now but there is probably no Sykes-Picot now anymore too. The facts on the ground are ensuring that all the old certainties in the ME are fading away.

          Of course Israel is not perfect and there were and are Human Rights abuses on her side. As is inevitable in war.
          But compared to Hamas, Assad, IS, Russia, China, what was done to the Aborigines or the American Indians, it is a paragon of virtue.

          • Bonkim

            Yes on the whole a balanced view. We cannot go back in time and question motivation of various parties to take the action they did. The situation is as it exists now and solutions will have to come from the parties involved in the conflict. Whilst the powerful may ignore the interests and motivation of the weaker party, in the long term that would be a short term decision and it would be to israel’s interest to sort out their differences and offer genuine hope to the Palestinians – mostly refugees and dependent on UN handout. I am sure the Israelis are highly intelligent and understand how destructive racial and sectarian conflict can be – as such would find a way forward in making a permanent peace with the Palestinians.

      • Marie Louise Noonan

        Do you remember what happened when the British had the mandate in ‘Palestine’?

        And I think you’ll find that all kinds of people (the IRA, the Hindu Nationalist Movement in India, various prominent Yank figures, the Japanese) ‘reached out’ to Hitler. The common denominator was the British Empire.

        • jjjj

          I don’t understand your question in your first paragraph. Sorry. Does it matter if I have personal memory or not?

          So because the common denominator is the British Empire, it’s ok to call for the extermination of the Jews? Do you even know what the Mufti and his supporters said and did? Also, Israel has to live in geographical proximity with the heirs of the Mufti, not the IRA, Hindus etc.

    • pgig

      So please explain what has happened to the Christians in Muslim lands. Did they found Israel? How the Muslim countries behaved toward Jews and Christians when they were under the rule of Europeans or before they had access to millions of petrol dollars is irrelevant. It’s how they behave today.

      • Bonkim

        Good question – try google for answers. It is a free world – and if you are unhappy with today’s behaviour – go ahead join a resistant movement

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    The feelings that many Muslims have about Jews, are so extreme, over the top, irrational, they almost resemble a type of mental illness. Muslims only have hear the word Jew, and they start frothing at the mouth. It is a very ugly phenomenon.

  • Bill Thomas

    Rod – pace your piece in The Sunday Times tday, imagine if Cliff had been a Muslim. He’d have been untouchable…………

  • TerrorIsEvil

    When Muslims are accused of anti-Semitism, the propaganda line is often, “we can’t be anti-Semites because many of us ARE Semites.” That BS does not work either because they are also killing themselves in record numbers these days, Semites or not, without a word of complaint from those elusive “moderate Muslims.”

    • Damaris Tighe

      The BS doesn’t work because antisemitism means anti-Jew & nothing else.

  • Gwangi

    ‘Here’s the thing. I will bet… that virtually all of the anti-Semitic attacks in this country — and in France and Germany and Belgium — have been perpetrated by Muslims. And because they have been perpetrated by Muslims, that fact will simply not be reported, even when it is plainly obvious that the attackers were Muslim.’

    And that’s the clincher really. I am sick and tired of the rampant Islamophilia in this country, one that allows Muslims to have different value systems and to behave in ways that would be condemned instantly if white non-religious types were behaving in the same way.

    This is wilful blindness – it is negligence and will lead to disaster. In fact, I dare say those attacked by Muslims in the name of Islam (Jews, atheists, those ‘honour-killed’, gays, cartoonists, novelists, swans) will think it already has.

    Ironic really that one habit of Muslim immigrants is to kill swans and sell the cygnets to the bluddy rich Arabs. They often find decapitated swans in London parks. Or maybe it’s just Jihadia practising…

  • Annie Belowski

    If not perpetrated by Muslims then Islam has driven them and caving in to Islam has meant that antisemitism barely registers.

  • Freedom

    This does not mean for a moment that all Muslims are anti-Semites

    It doesn’t? Maybe not every last one, but unless that last one is Superman, what good does it do us? If most even are careless and callous, that’s harmful enough. If the rest are vicious, that’s worse. No, in the West we for some reason generally play the Straw Man (I don’t mean, you, Rod: anyone can connect the dots but many won’t), because mindlessness helps some of us continue with our actually immoral relativism and moral equivalence.
    (‘If I Only Had A Brain’:)

  • BradD99

    99% of pro-Israel people seem to want Israel to have peace, and an eventual peaceful Palestinian state to form next to Israel that is run by sane people (not Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc)

    99% of pro-Palestinian people seem to want a Palestinian state, AND for Israel to be erased as a Jewish state, or for Israel to just be destroyed altogether.

    You’ve all noticed this, right?

    • Marie Louise Noonan


      Math abuse is a terrible thing.

  • BradD99

    Telegraph writer Tim Walker, a theatre critic, apparently SUPPORTED the Tricycle Theatre discrimination against the Jewish film festival. And he’s mad they overturned it:

    This should not be acceptable. Why are antisemites comfortable in going public now? What is going on?

    If this angers you, contact the Telegraph and complain.

    • Marie Louise Noonan


      You mean ‘angry’?

  • Joseph O’ Neill

    Islam appears to have all the attributes of a cult rather than a mainstream religion, including a ‘leave us and you’re dead’ rule. Like many cults it defines in minute detail how it’s adherents should live and is unaccepting of criticism. I am sure that there are many decent and humane Muslims but they make little or no attempt to reform the more outrageous beliefs and behaviours of their co-religionists. Perhaps they are too scared?

  • davcon

    It is becoming more pronounced in American Academia. The more Liberal/Left the University, the more tolerance to Anti-Semitism. Some is being included in lectures from Faculty. All in the name of Academic Freedom. If the victim, African American, were inserted into the same, the Universities would be on fire.
    This is the outcome of allowing the far left radicals to become tenured in the University system, and the spread of Political Correctness.

  • 57nomad


    “To refuse to tell the truth when you know what the truth is constitutes bad journalistic practice,”

    Papering it over isn’t courageous either. Let’s call it what it is: Propaganda.

    Joseph Goebbels is smiling from somewhere is hell.

  • Jacob_UK

    “Allahu Akbar! Jihad! Stuff like that. It’s obvious — unusually literate, fundamentalist swans.”
    I wouldn’t be so sure, Rod Liddle. Parrots are known to parrot whatever lingo is spoken outside their respective cages (and sometimes even replicate the behaviour of its owners). And a parrot trained by Hamas thugs would certainly behave true to style and produce anti-Semitic rants and exhibit al the signs of Jew hatred.

    Come to think of it, much like the parrots of the news media.

  • What is so extraordinary is that last week in the centre of London, people were giving the nazi salute and praising Hitler. This in a city that was bombarded for months by nazi V1 and V2 missiles with over 10,000 killed and 100,000 injured. Our air force and army of course responded but with many of our forefathers also dying in the process. They must all now be spinning in their graves.

  • 3rdjerseyman

    We have the same secret code here in the US. If the perp isn’t described by race, then he’s black. If he’s an immigrant they’ll use his place of residence rather than origin ( Juan Gomez, a Boston man, raped and murdered…). PC is a mental illness. The left hates white people and Jews, even if they are white or Jewish themselves.

  • AndrewMelville

    Bang on, Mr Liddle.

  • David Rose

    Well done Rob Liddle for writing the truth when too much of the so called intelligentsia seem to only see good in Islamic extremism. This threatens not just Jews worldwide and Christians in any part of the Arab and Moslem world (from West Africa through to Indonesia) but Western democracies.

  • Sam Jefferson

    Did it occur to Rod that the swan might simply be literate and as bored as the rest of us by his whining articles? Here is a sorry case of a washed up leftie who clearly desperately mourns his long gone idealstic youth. Perhaps he should just do what he clearly secretly yearns to do and work for the Guardian. He obviously spends far too long sneering at their editorials which, incidentally, are almost as self satisfied as his own. This is a man who wants to be everything to everyone and succeeds at being nothing. Except perhaps a mild irritant and a complete waste of everyone’s time.

  • justavoice

    post-colonial guilt

  • Binding&Hoche

    The UK Pariament was sufficiently concerned as long ago as 2007 about a ‘sharp increase in antisemitism’ that there was an all party parliamentary inquiry into it..what did that co-incide with, ‘muslim’ wise Rod?

  • Michael Ellis

    World War 3 has already started…. get your tin hats on. Its going to get a lot worse..

  • global city

    very funny piece, and to the point. But….for the serious consequences of such attitudes, and the culpability of so much of the European elite in imposing what they know to be dangerous you should get hold of ‘While Europe slept’

    ideology, methodologies and methods of our biggest enemies are outlined fully in the book.

  • Andy Capp

    It’s the same when the BBC refers to inner-city “gangs”. The viewer knows who make up these “gangs” as does the BBC…..but wont dare say so lest they be accused of waycism.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Muslims often go on , about Islamophobia, and (I would hate to see any random, attacks, on any Muslims) but the phobia and hatred coming out of their own communities is really alarming. And has been for a some time. They need to get a handle on it. They can’t just continue to use the term Islamophobia to deflect any criticism.

  • Knives_and_Faux

    Islam. The stone in the worlds shoe.

  • Harry Pond

    Hero of our Times just rippin a rizla

    • Harry Pond

      we don’t like no mozlamic innit

  • Harry Pond

    the great wooden mountain beckons

    • Harry Pond

      and The great dog of Langport has demanded biscuits

  • Harry Pond

    but I invented the Whatstandwellroach

  • iakovos a

    Why the French Elite Allowed Lepen’s “Black” Socialists to

  • Pranay .
  • Meeshell Fooko

    Gutless is the perfect descriptor for Owen Jones, who never takes a stance that wouldn’t go down a storm with his Graunista constituency

  • Benjamin Zac

    The article finds it too easy to point the finger at Muslims. In fact history dictates that Christians hated Jews before the Muslims ever did. It also dismisses too easily the far rights hatred of Jews and you hear this loathing in football matches. But given the publications right wing credentials it finds it easier to join the rest of the islamophobic club and blame the obvious targets with no recourse to historical context or the recent attacks on Gaza by Israel. Nor does the author get up from his plush office and call the local constabulary to find out what these incidents were or how they occurred. No this is the lazy and bad journalism that people like Pilger and Fisk shake their heads at. The rise in anti-Semitism can only be blamed on those perpetrating the violence and brutality against Palestinians, both Arab and Christian Palestinians by the way. Israel is no victim and its violent acts of aggression, occupation and genocide are no excuse for Jews in this country or elsewhere to remain silent. You can not support a Zionist country that treats others with such hatred and abuse; no more than any Muslims want to affiliate themselves with the Taliban or Isis. Many people fought to free Jews from the horrors of the Holocaust yet the inconvenient truth is that Israel is doing likewise to the Palestinians. When you write such articles and pull bits of misinformation together I strongly suggest you make sure you get your facts straight and do the research.

  • Benjamin Zac

    The Muslim Council of Britain should be renamed the Muslim Council of England as its views do not represent Muslims north of the border. And if you want to tell the truth about the holocaust then maybe you need to divulge the link between the Nazis and the Zionist and blow the entire thing wide open. Of course your Zionist chums won’t like you for that because it would end the guilt trip they placed on the world that allowed them to become the biggest warmongers in the middle east. As the honourable minister said in the house recently…Israel has made a fool of many of its initial supporters by debasing itself with the bombing of UN shelters, women and children. What was that you said about refusing to tell the truth…..

  • MikePG1

    A few years ago there was a radio programme about a housing estate that was plagued by gang culture. Someone had the bright idea of putting the gangs in charge of security in the estate – and it worked. We should ask the Muslims to be put in charge of keeping Jews safe.

  • Freddy Engels

    Whilst Liddle could well be right about a minority of Muslims perpetration of disgraceful antisemitic race crimes, it is infantile to make the point he makes without reference to middle eastern conflicts and the Wests partisan involvement in the Israel/Palestine conflict and Muslim justified opposition to occupation. Its a bit like me saying all IRA bombers were Catholics without reference to the colonisation of Ireland and the Irish justified opposition to that occupation. Justified opposition does not excuse race crimes any more than it excuses terrorism.
    In the 70’s most antisemitic attack were perpetrated by National Front Christians, who at the time supported Palestinians against Israel. In the 30’s white christian fascists attacked, demonstrated and marched against Jews. There have been no such intimidatory marches against Jews since the battle of cable street. However in recent years there have been such marches against Muslims by EDL. By ignoring these connections Liddle adds nothing to the debate except adding fuel to the fire.

  • anaveragejoe

    Political correctness and claims of thought control and and hate are the muzzle intended to steal freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means having the right to say things that others do not like. No ethnicity or religion should be immune from criticism rightfully or wrongly.

  • stevemac1

    Well said Ron , I agree.