No, I haven’t seen that beheading video. And it’s not right to share it

The net is full of murder porn, self-righteously shared. So, increasingly, are newspapers. It’s time to take a stand

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

I am sure we’re all in agreement that watching videos of adults abusing children is wrong. At least outside the halls of BBC light entertainment (historically speaking) such a consensus must exist. So how has it become not just right, but seemingly virtuous, to watch and then promote pictures of big bearded men chopping off children’s heads?

The proliferation of torture and beheading porn is one of the social media horrors of our day. Every minute millions of people around the world send links to videos and photographs. And as world news gets darker, even if you don’t seek them out, such images find their way to you.

Of course the boastful sadists of Isis and similar groups ‘produce’ most of this content. And of course they have some admirers who pass around their images and videos in support. But it is among the non-admirers, including some of the most outspoken opponents of these barbarians, that the confusion arises. Those who clearly do not approve of the acts shown have begun to use such images and videos to make political points. Others send them round in an extreme effort to demonstrate compassion or virtue. While still others seem intent on displaying just how much they are willing to put themselves through.

Over recent weeks, pictures of dead babies in Gaza have been pushed around social media by people objecting to Israel’s engagement with Hamas. And pictures of a beheaded baby have been pushed around social media by those calling for international involvement to stop Isis slaughtering Yazidis and Christians in Iraq. The pictures are often of dubious provenance. Some of the Gaza dead babies turned out to be backdated photos of Syrian dead babies. Others were from a low-budget horror movie. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t dead babies in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and many other places in the world. But why the growing fad for sending them around?

This is an odd corner of modern etiquette. But in a world where people are checking emails, Facebook and Twitter feeds before their first coffee of the morning, you can find yourself forced to adopt some attitude towards this. In the non-virtual world, I increasingly find people sidling up to me asking if I’ve seen this or that atrocity video. And my response is always the same: no, I haven’t and I don’t want to. I don’t search it out. I don’t watch such things when they are sent to me. I know what they contain and neither need to be whipped up into a moral lather nor shown a snuff video to know that beheading is painful and wrong. Besides, this is a person in the last seconds of their life and afterwards. Is it beyond anyone’s grasp to realise that watching such footage is not just disrespectful but exploitative? What is the proper procedure? Can one eat or drink while watching such things on the laptop? What if the phone rings and it’s someone you need to speak to (‘No, don’t worry, it’s fine, I can put it on pause’)?

My own attitude towards jihad porn is clearly at odds with an increasing number of internet users. The briefest search shows the internet and social media are awash with it. There’s even an element of machismo at times (‘This is really sick’ or ‘Dare you watch this’). And also an element of putting yourself through something awful as proof that you’re ‘keeping it real’ (jihadi snuff videos as just the thing to assuage the guilt of pleasant bourgeois living).

Then there are the more righteous excuses. ‘The world must know the full horror of what is going on’, say the dead-baby-picture senders. But even without seeing war, most of us understand it is awful. And surely the ‘full horror’ can only be felt if you are there, fearing and seeing things with your own eyes? Those of us who absorb news know that we are at a remove from it. That is the point. It is what makes it possible to observe the quantity of misery in the world and still bother to leave the house.

Stranger still is the proliferation of only slightly less explicit stuff on television and in print. On Monday this week the Metro (a free newspaper available at stations in London and a fair few other cities) carried a photo of an Iraqi man being crucified. The caption was ‘Trussed up’. Meaning that now you can not only see Isis execution porn on your morning commute but chuckle along to the captions till you get to your terminus. On the same day, the Mail website had its now classic combination of boob-slips and ultra-violence. It isn’t the world’s most successful news site for nothing, though it is interesting that it now issues the same ‘graphic content’ warning on both sexually explicit stories and violently explicit ones — daring you to try it (an interesting continuation of the fact that the earliest beheading videos from Iraq were apparently first posted on porn sites).

In Mail Online this week you could see a tastefully pixellated image of a man being crucified by Isis in northern Syria. And the sidebar showed that the stories you could click to next included pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend paddle-boarding in Malibu, Lady Gaga showing off her new ‘fuller figure’ and the barely clad ‘burlesque’ dancer Dita von Teese performing a ‘risky show in man-sized Martini glass at Italy’s The Billionaire Club’. Sex, death, jihad, boobs. Crucifixion, beheading, tits, death. The objectification of the human body and now the objectification of the dead. The tenor of our time, perhaps. But it can — and should — be resisted. An abstinence campaign is overdue.

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  • Pelo Nord

    After all these years I’ve avoided pressing the button taking me to a beheading video or similar. It’s bad enough to know it’s happening.
    Once those moving images are in your head there’s no ‘delete button’ – they’re with you for life.

    • ashleyhk

      And so they should be.

      • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

        No they shouldn’t.

        • Roger Hudson

          If you don’t realise that you and all of the inhabitants of little England are surrounded by evil you will die in ignorance.
          Am I the only one who imagines the Shire being plundered by Orcs?

          • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

            First, I’m always dismissive of people who start sentences with “Am I the only one ?”. It’s a cliche. Second, you sound a little odd, Roger.

    • General Sir Charles Napier

      I have never watched a beheading video because those kind of things can not be “unwatched”.
      However the recent media coverage of the Yazidi’s plight has certainly got people (in my pub at least) talking about Islam(ism).
      If watching beheading videos is what it takes to wake up a wilfully ignorant proportion of the population to the true nature of Islam then I’m all for it.

      • global city

        The people of Britain need to be educated about the roots of political policy and the ideologies that spawn them. People would be shocked to discover just how much of labour’s policies are still based on sweeping away capitalism, but more importantly, how many of their ‘community’ policies are rooted in sinister theories about white people and the need to enrich the devil out of their nationalistic instincts. For instance, the desire for mass immigration is based on some truly iffy assertions and assumptions about the inherent bad that is supposed to reside in each and every white person and is manifest in the evil cultures and governments they have created. does anyone see themselves in that description?

        When I was young mainstream TV had lots of programmes and coverage about hard left ideas and those who push them. Maddeningly most of these were celebratory, but at least people had the info presented to them and could make their own minds up about them.

        Perhaps Douglas could pitch the idea to some BBC luvvie? A weekly expose of the main ideas and political philosophies being implemented on us today. Most importantly would be an analysis of what the theory states they are supposed to achieve. I think it’s a great idea.

  • namebrandhorror .

    I enjoy beheading vids. More americans should be beheaded.

    • Jams N. Roses


  • Rillian

    Perhaps more people should watch it. Maybe then they wouldn’t be so pathetically and naively liberal and welcome these people with open arms into our countries?

    • M P Jones

      I agree – the general population need to know what Muslims believe and act upon. It is very important that this type of information gains a wide audience.

      • Jim Station

        But would that be enough for the politicians to be pressurised enough to stop welcoming the droves into our countries?

        • M P Jones

          I don’t think politicians react much to democratic pressure at all. Democracy is a dead duck drifting down the river.

          We need enough people to wake up and take direct action.

    • Gwangi

      Oh yes, but you see whenever Muslims anywhere do anything BAD, then the Islamophilia which has infected our media and body politic snaps into action – we are told this is not the ‘true’ Islam, because Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.
      How very convenient – how very dodgy. Anyone who is even a little bit aware that this is absurd, that Islam is a religion that has violence running through it like a river of blood.

      It’s all about interpretation, but it is ISLAM itself which is the problem. 15% of UK Muslims thought 9/11 ‘a good thing’ and 45% understood the attackers, apparently. Never any protests by Muslims here about that or about the horrors Jihadists inflict on innocents every day worldwide – anyone would think UK Muslims approved or something (they have plenty of time to march in protest against the only democracy in the Middle East of course, one surrounded by Islamofascist staes which torture and kill according to their murder manual – the Koran).

      Yes, there are Muslims who do good and who are nice. BUT if you follow the directions of mosques and mullahs and read the Koran as the literal truth, you will therefore HAVE TO believe in what your hero Mohammed did – i.e. kill all non-Muslims and ex-Muslims, force people to convert, kill all who criticise him, have several wives, including child brides, and raype and beat them, have slaves and approve of slavery – and much MUCH more.

      • Mike

        You’re right, it is all about interpretation but as 95% of the Muslims in the world are uneducated, living in the third world and ruled by the local cleric who preaches hate, then by default the majority in the world are quite happy with barbaric practices, its part of their medieval culture.

      • MissDemeanor

        makes you wonder: a religion that can be THIS misinterpreted, by THIS many, on THIS many occasions (daily), surely can’t be taken more seriously than a bag of shiite!

    • Bonkim

      wrong track.

    • They’re currently handwringing about what would “make” someone become a beheader (as if they have no agency of their own). The answers I seem to be getting from the VanGuardian and Socialist Shirker are some bilge about “cuts” and “poverty”.

  • The Buck is back

    I watched one beheading vid online, Ken Bigleys, aint needed to watch another as they’re all sick and twisted. #SickOfDeadBabyJihad

    • Damaris Tighe

      Me to. Once was enough. Enough to realise that the muslim beheading isn’t the clean cut I assumed it was but savage & sadistic.

  • vladtepesblog

    Dear Mr. 3 monkeys. In the spirit of your article, I have elected not to read the entire article as I found it horrifying. I agree so much with your premise that I have decided to critique your piece without doing you the courtesy of even reading it all. After all, I get the general idea of it from the headline, I don’t really need to see the full horror of the nonsense you write here do I? You must agree. Also I think this principle should be more generally applied. Catholics should not be allowed to put Jesus on the cross. Showing just the usual 2 lines crossed 2/3 of the way up gives the idea and you can’t really know what Jesus suffered unless you yourself were up there with him on that thing in the hot Israeli sun.

    Having said all that, I find it very convenient when discussing with people what islamic ideology says and does to have actual proof for the vast majority of people who frankly, refuse to acknowledge the horror of sharia law and Islmic culture without a preponderance of evidence.

    I personally have chosen not to watch these videos after the first one, to satisfy myself that the claims of what these people do are true. But it is critically important that the evidence exists. In fact, I wish deeply that more evidence of the Nazi Holocaust existed because clearly the giant oceans of it are not enough as more and more of the world begins to doubt the truth of it.

    • Thomas Nathan Tobey

      I am in agreement here with vladtepesblog that evidence should exist and a free-thinking adult should be able to access it in some way. I pretty much did the same thing – where I watched one beheading video (Nicholas Berg) several years ago. I don’t need to watch any more, but I am glad that I watched one. It was horrific. I don’t think these videos should be shared lightly or on social media sites with broad visibility. But I don’t think Twitter should be shutting down accounts for people who link to a place where a video can be watched. I don’t plan to visit Iraq or Syria anytime soon, so I won’t see “the full horror” first-hand. It is too easy for us in the West (I’m in the U.S.) to bury our heads in the sand. I’m not an isolationist, because I think that it is everyone’s business wherever human rights are violated (including human rights violations in the U.S.).

  • trace9

    Absolutely right! It just helps the terrorists pull us down to their own subhuman level. I never watch Any of their vids., as; That’s What They Want You To Do!

    Keep it up Murray – only sorry there’s so little support here, tut.

  • Augustus

    You don’t even need to watch beheadings online. You can take a stroll in places like South East London, and if you’re lucky, you can watch all the gory details right there in the road.

  • Roger Hudson

    Some weeks ago i saw ,on Sky i think, someone pontificating about a blurred photo of men shot in a trench, he said how it looked fake, angles wrong etc.
    He was plain 100% lying to the public, the ISIS madmen put out a vile video showing mass murder, no fakes, yet the British public were fed pap.
    British people have to go to Youtube to understand the true horror of terrorism.
    If British TV showed a bit more reality, like most European channels do the we wouldn’t need Youtube clips.
    The British media has been bent for decades, tabloids with pseudo-porn and getting stories from bent policemen yet no real truth, raw truth.

  • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

    Dan Hodges wrote more or less exactly the same article as this a few days ago in The Telegraph. I can’t imagine Hodges and Murray agree all that often. But in this case they are both right.

  • cartimandua

    Media should do its job though. Everyone needs to know the truth. No one seems to trust that media will tell them the truth so they feel they have to seek it themselves.
    What media also should do is put the horrors into context because jihadi murder porn is about sensation without thought or empathy.
    Either we pull those images off the internet or we give them thought and empathy.
    Who were they and where did they die. Hopefully later on there will be a war crimes trial. Media could start stacking up the evidence.

    • Mike

      I would like to think these killers would be held to account but Islam has a free get out of jail card !

      • cartimandua

        Weeell a couples of years for torturing a baby to death no probs innit.

    • janedoeuk

      I think we should see the extent that this evil cult goes to. It will stiffen our resolve to resist to the end. Ignorance is bliss, until they cut your head off too that is.

  • jesseventura2

    And how many of these vermin are in UK and on our welfare benefits while weak public schoolboys in government ignore the problem?

    • Coastliner

      Countless thousands.

  • MikeF

    Banality and evil can and do coexist with each other – but they are not the same thing. Murder and mutilation are evil. A bit of bare flesh isn’t.

  • Gwangi

    The young always love horror – real or imagined. I loved the London Dungeon aged 10. Now youngsters – especially rather dim and thick secksually frustrated young Muslim men oop north, love gawping at horrific Jihad Pawn before being ever so unIslamic and clicking the link to ‘barely legal Hollywood babes’ or ‘secret gay twinks’. Most will grow out of this horror splurge, and there is nothing we can do to stop the horrific imaginings of the young. Never has been. Go and look at Michaelangelo’s Temptation of Anthony, painted when he was 14 – he loved his horrible monsters as a teen, did MA!
    The problem is Islam – NOT the internet or young people. It is because of Islam that people are being beheaded and crucified – because that is true Islam as they see it (and I am deafened by the silence of British Muslim protests about the depravity and barbarity of ISIS – anyone would think they approve of Muslims killing Christians and non-Muslims or somethink…)

  • AJH1968

    Another brilliant article Douglas, your command of the
    English language has very few peers. The dehumanization of the victims of ISIS
    is in full force aided and abetted by people (mail online, the odious metro,
    etc) who should know better. I personally find the degradation and humiliation
    of victims highly offensive. If it is about cheap machismo (viewing victims on the internet or smartphone that is) then by all means join the armed forces. I watched a drama the other
    night on Nuremberg, one the protagonists was a psychiatrist (played brilliantly by Wes Craven) he maintained that after all he’s interviews with the inmates he
    finally knew what evil was. It was a complete lack of empathy.

    • Mike

      That last sentence says it all, as the psychos that commit these sick acts and the aoplogists of a Religion that inspires them have that total lack of empathy and clearly cannot differentiate right from wrong.

      Islam lacks that empathy which is why the murderers of Lee Rigby did what they did, or any of the many barbaric acts inspired by that religion around the world.

      • cartimandua

        The reason why is that there is no covenant. the God of Islam gives up nothing. His bounty is given by caprice. They are endlessly trying to appease a cruel God so there is no gratitude at the heart of Islam.
        That and gender apartheid leads to a lack of gratitude and a lot of abuse towards women and children.

  • Mike

    I think the expression Jihad Porn doesn’t even describe the obscenities that are doing the rounds as there is no comparison. Whatever ones views on sex porn, its not in the same league and you have to search it out to find it but Jihad ‘snuff’ videos as I prefer to call them are just that, taking a video of someone being murdered and except for the sickest of minds, has nothing sexual or gratifying about them at all.

    I suppose its entirely possible that the Islamic psychos do actually get their ‘rocks off’ from creating and watching these videos and if thats the case, it explains a lot about the culture of Islam and repressive sex unless its the permitted sex slaves. Perhaps these monsters can’t perform in bed and turn to ‘snuff’ videos as some sexual release, who knows whats in the mind of these Islamic sickos.

    As for the Mail, it is obessed by boobs and whilst I like most men like to see the occasional cleavage its so boring now I don’t even bother to look. The DM has really plumbed the depths of depravity when every day it seems now we have a yet another boring Kardashian alongside a pixellated beheading. At least the Sun was honest with its page 3 girls rather than the sanctimonious Daily Mail with its pictures of boob fleash from every angle imaginable.

    • cartimandua

      Yes they do get their rocks off by watching sadism acted out.

  • cartimandua

    One comforting thought. Men in fundamentalist Islam and in ISIS can never be good in bed. Mutilated and raped women don’t enjoy it.

  • Mike

    An antidote to the reason for Islamic terrorists !

    They’re not happy in Gaza, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria & Lebanon …


    They’re happy in Australia, Canada, The UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, The USA, Norway, Holland & Denmark ..

    Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Islamic and unhappy in every country that is!


    Not Islam, Not their leadership & Not themselves


    AND THEN- They want to change those countries to be like,


    Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering… How dumb can you get?

    Everyone seems to be wondering why Isamic Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.

    Lets have a look at the evidence:

    – They have no Christmas, television, nude women, No football, pork chops, hot dogs, burgers, beer, bacon
    – They have Rags for clothes, towels for hats, Constant wailing from some bloke in a tower, More than one wife , More than one mother-in-law
    – They can’t shave, your wife can’t shave, You can’t wash off the smell of donkeys
    – You cook over burning camel dung, Your wife is picked by someone else for you
    – and your wife smells worse than your donkey
    – Then they tell them that “when they die, it all gets better”???

    Well No S*** Sherlock!…. It’s not like it could get much worse!

    • MissDemeanor

      apparently it’s everybody else’s fault, we are being told daily

  • Monica’s Daughter

    Catholics used to be taught the concept of “custody of the eyes.” This was to protect our minds, hearts and souls from seeing terrible things that could corrupt us and potentially affect our salvation. All sin begins with the eyes then to the thoughts and then the continues finally to action. There is no justifiable reason for viewing these images as entertainment. We can be informed and we can pray for these poor souls who are being tortured and killed.

  • Joe Long

    I can readily understand why left liberal Quisling traitors wouldn’t want to watch it, but the general population needs to know what’s coming their way demographic time bomb wise

    “Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here”

    “You are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims – you are in danger”

    “You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal”

    “Your values are not their values”

    “You will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home”


  • bernardmcguin

    I have watched violent films and I don’t think they have had much effect on me. Recently I watched an execution of some Christians in Iraq, I was disturbed and distressed for days, simply because I didn’t expect it to happen, that a real person would do that to another real person and celebrate it. Now I don’t go out of my way to look at these type of videos as they are deliberately downloaded by people like IS to spread fear. Now I know what kind of people they are I know they have to be stopped
    This is my individual reaction and others might feel different. I had to know what they did, now I know, I would not want to see it again.

  • lookout

    It’s a daily occurrence, I apologize for this, but, I feel I have no choice, the videos are horrendous, they are on an ex ex Palestinian terrorist site, he is now a Christian peace activist. Walid Shoebat.com

  • carpetburn

    I note that he doesn’t reveal his face. Indicating that there is still a vein of logic permeating his inner religious fog signifying fear of being anal probed in Guantanamo for an indefinite period of time should his identity be revealed. His god won’t save him from the anal probe and he realises this.

  • pattif

    I’m so glad to see someone come out and say this. The dead deserve more respect.

  • global city

    Multiculturalism (the poisonous doctrine of division) and mass immigration should be consigned to the dustbin of Labour philosophy as mass nationalisation and central command and control of the economy have been.

  • Suzy61

    Well, we all take it as a given that most, moderate Muslims do not support the IS terrorists. We just accept this on good faith. But why? Where is the evidence, other than anecdotal, that they really do disapprove of what is happening. Saying nothing is not enough. Actually, the silence is deafening. It takes them less than two minutes to stage outrage at Israel. But, where are they now? What do they have to say? Do we take their silence as reticence…or complicity? Maybe until they do speak out we should stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. They know only too well the value and power of free speech, so let’s hear them.

  • beenzrgud

    We need to throw a net around the whole area that encompasses ISIS and the rest of the jihadists carrying out these atrocities, and then make sure not one these cockroaches emerges alive. They want a war so let’s give them the deadliest one we can muster, it’s the only response that makes sense. All the parasites living in the UK that can’t wait to kill us all need to go and live in some 3rd world sh*t hole too !!

    • SonOfGud

      Col Kurtz @ ‘Apocalypse Now’ seems apposite…..

      “It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do
      not know what horror means. Horror… Horror has a face… and you must
      make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If
      they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly
      enemies! I remember when I was with Special Forces… seems a thousand
      centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate some children. We left
      the camp after we had inoculated the children for polio, and this old
      man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn’t see. We went
      back there, and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms. And I remember… I… I…
      I cried, I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out; I
      didn’t know what I wanted to do! And I want to remember it. I never
      want to forget it… I never want to forget. And then I realized… like
      I was shot… like I was shot with a diamond… a diamond bullet right
      through my forehead. And I thought, my God… the genius of that! The
      genius! The will to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline,
      pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we, because they could
      stand that these were not monsters, these were men… trained cadres.
      These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had
      children, who were filled with love… but they had the strength… the
      strength… to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men, our
      troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are
      moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial
      instincts to kill without feeling… without passion… without
      judgment… without judgment! Because it’s judgment that defeats us.”

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    It also helps inure White men in the West to the bloody violence we’re going to be forced to inflict on these people (and their supporters).

    Don’t tell yourself that it’s not coming,

    • beenzrgud

      You’re right it’s coming. It’s not what I want, but there is no compromise in these people and there should be no compromise in our response. It’s time we took a very hard line indeed, and used every resource at our disposal to completely obliterate every trace of this extremist ideology.

  • For those not in the know, the so-called Ukrainian “separatists” are actually Russian Spetsnaz and Guards Airborne troops, which is why a Russian colonel, Igor Strelkov, is in command and not a Ukrainian.

    These disguised Russian military units entered the Ukraine last February when the Ukrainian population, nationwide, revolted against the Communist government in Kiev,* the cause for the revolt being the weakened security apparatus within the nation, where most of the Ukrainian Army was in either Syria or Iraq, or preparing to enter Iraq from Turkey, pretending to be Muslim “Jihadists” (Islamic State). The Islamic State “Jihadists” wearing the silly masks are the Ukrainians, hiding their pale Caucasian identities.

    Now that the rebellion in the Ukraine is winding down, Putin can “…sign off on some kind of compromise peace deal with the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, there will be millions of Russians brainwashed by months of state television’s patriotic propaganda who will agree with Strelkov that Moscow is selling the rebels down the river.”

    The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

    Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

    It gets worse–the West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested and detained the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

    There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

    Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.\

    Oh yeah, the “beheadings” are just as fake as the MI5-staged beheading of Lee Rigby back in May 2013, where MI5 forget to place the pools of blood on the sidewalk until AFTER the armed police arrived. Oops!

    Before the armed police arrive:


    After the armed police arrive:


    *As hundreds of statues of Lenin were being toppled throughout the Ukraine, statues that were supposed to have been toppled back in 1991 if the collapse of the USSR were real and not the strategic ruse it is.

    ** https://spectator.com.au/features/9298982/the-frightening-face-of-russias-future/

  • Bonkim

    Have to agree with you Mr Murray. The Muslim countries in the region have more to lose than the token Western journalist and the US/Britain with their experience in the region need to help eliminate this virus that appears to have taken hold. Suspend Geneva convention, put boots on the desert sands, round the lot up and bury them alive – every last one. Suspend human treatment for a period.

    The media could help by stopping all reports of ISIS activity – deprive them the oxygen of publicity.

    • “Have to agree with you Mr Murray.”

      LOL! Marxist shill replying to Marxist author, pretending that the “collapse” of the USSR was real, when now everyone knows it was a strategic ruse, thanks to me.

  • beenzrgud

    My sympathy, understanding, patience, tolerance, etc. has been used up and is now gone. Now I want these people gone from my country. There is nothing good about these people. They have nothing positive to contribute to our society. They take our money, our goodwill, and spit it back in our face. I don’t care what laws we have to invent to make it happen but I want them gone. They don’t belong in a civilised society. They see our children as things to be raped at their leisure. I want them gone gone gone gone…….
    There are no more lines to be crossed, they’ve already crossed them ALL. I want them gone, and if most people were honest with themselves they’d want the same too.

    • “There are no more lines to be crossed, they’ve already crossed them ALL.”

      Comrade, tell MI5 to provide better scripts to you and your mates sitting in the cubicles next to you.

      This is hilarious!

      • beenzrgud

        Keep apologising for them if you want. Most people, especially those who have lived in close proximity, know the score. So take all your sh*t and shove where the sun don’t shine because as far as I’m concerned you and all your ilk can join them. My tolerance for abuse of our country has been used up several times over already.

        • “Keep apologising for them if you want.”

          LOL! You need those updated scripts quickly!

          • beenzrgud

            For someone who’s banging on about scripts it’s remarkable how little you actually have to say. What’s wrong, did your script run out already !

          • “What’s wrong, did your script run out already !”

            Read my comments below, and hand them off to MI5’s Disinformation Section so they’ll know what lines to provide you and your cubicle mates with….

          • beenzrgud

            You’ve clearly got nothing to say so I’m done here. When the riots start you can theorise all you want about conspiracy theories. The rest of us will just be trying to stop the continued degradation of our society.

          • “You’ve clearly got nothing to say so I’m done here.”

            Bye, officer beenzrgud.

  • Fred Yang

    The UK is a surveillance-society, worse than anywhere in history. So:

    Voluntary abstinence – Yes.

    But State censorship – Hell No!

    We, the citizens, need to fight tooth and nail any further attempts to erode our freedoms through state censorship and unconstitutional expansion of state powers.

    As Terence said 2000 years ago , Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • stephen rothbart

    Tonight, Wolf Blitzer on CNN, after solemnly confirming his thoughts were with the Steven Sotloff family, announced that we would now see the video of the poor guy which was taken a few minutes before the end of his life.

    Sheer pornography. TV for the Rubbernecks and sadists, brought to you by CNN, live on your screen at about 8 pm European time.

    Still I found a very nice program on DW about dandelion wine making in Germany instead.

    I am sure Steven’s parents were very grateful for the way their son was treated by ISIL and then by the producers and anchors of CNN.

    • I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I have never seen anything like these Arab savages in my life, and I believe along with the old West of America that ‘some varmints just need killing’. You cannot reform these people. They are poison.

  • Thank you, Mr Murray. The West is against cruelty and should take no part in the sick and callous publication of these atrocious crimes. The only part we should have is in shaming these barbarians. Their god does not exist, but there is a place in Hades for them all the same… the place outside Civilization, where the rest of us live.

  • thomasaikenhead

    “Over recent weeks, pictures of dead babies in Gaza have been pushed around social media by people objecting to Israel’s engagement with Hamas.”

    Yes indeed Douglas, because hundreds of Palestinian children, including babies, have died?

    Just as they did in Operation Pillar and Cast Lead?

    The crucial difference between these images and ‘jihadi porn’ is that Israel claims to be a modern, democratic society subjected to the rule of law, not an extremist Islamic insurgency movement?

    This is precisely why the IDF face accusations and very possibly charges of ‘war crimes’?

    Can you really not see the difference?

    • yyarko

      I can assure you, most of the so called “pictures of dead babies in Gaza” you have seen were bogus. The Palestinian propaganda is constantly publishing photos taken in Syria and other point of conflicts as if they were taken in Gaza, and the BBC doesn’t even bother to check their authenticity.

      • thomasaikenhead


        Your assurances are worthless, the simple fact is that in Operation Protective Edge the IDF carried out repeated attacks against innocent Palestinian civilians killing more than two thousand including hundreds of dead children and thousands of more children wounded.

        This is hardly the first time that the IDF have conducted such pogroms, as Operation Cast Lead and Pillar make clear.

        The BBC are irrelevant, the world knows the world now knows of the atrocoties committed by the IDF hence the official protests by so many states and supranational organisations and the mass demonstrations all over the world!

        • yyarko

          Again, a pack of lies.

          Most of the so called “2000 civilians” were armed Hamas militants, who do not wear uniform, and were whose bodies were displayed as those of civilians, exactly in order to fool naive people like you.

          Research the matter a little. You might be surprised at what you find out.

          • thomasaikenhead


            You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts!

            That is why Israel faces censure from the international community, diplomatic isolation, a UN probe and possible charges of war crimes from the ICC!

          • Augustus

            You are so obsessed with demonizing Israel that you do not even care about your obscene defence of barbarians whose charter demands the destruction of the Jewish state and calls on its followers to murder Jews everywhere. You are almost certainly anti-Semitic, and would probably vindicate Hitler’s treatment of the Jews. If the Jewish state had existed a decade earlier countless Jewish lives would have been saved.

          • thomasaikenhead


            I am not obsessed with anything.

            I do not demonize Israel by pointing out the facts.

            You have no basis whatsoever to claim I am anti-Semitic, so I suggest your withdraw that claim unless you can support it.

            As for your absurd claim;

            “…about your obscene defence of barbarians whose charter demands the destruction of the Jewish state and calls on its followers to murder Jews everywhere.”

            it is laughable.

            I have not defended anyone in my comment, just pointed out some simple facts about the current position of Israel.

          • Augustus

            “As for your absurd claim……it is laughable.”

            “Our belief about fighting you [Jews] is that we will exterminate you, until the last one, and we will not leave of you, even one. For you are the usurpers of the land, foreigners, mercenaries of the present and of all times. Look at history, brothers: Wherever there were Jews, they spread corruption… (Quran): “They spread corruption in the land, and Allah does not like corrupters.” Their belief is destructive. Their belief fulfills the prophecy. Our belief is in obtaining our rights on our land, implementing Shari’ah (Islamic law) under Allah’s sky.”
            -Hamas cleric, Al-Aqsa TV, July 25, 2014

          • thomasaikenhead


            If you cannot tell the difference between a ridiculous claim by a Hamas cleric and a genuine threat to the state of Israel, your judgement is poor.

            Perhaps, for example, Israel ought to be concentrating its efforts on addressing the issue of a nuclear Iran, rather than the antics of Hamas?

      • thomasaikenhead


        If Israel had nothing to hide it will cooperate fully with the UN inquiry!

  • yyarko

    I beg to differ.

    Western society has been living in deep denial over the past decades regarding Islamic terrorism and brutality. These videos may prove to be exactly the sort of “shock therapy” which is needed in order to wake it up.

  • trace9

    Absolutely. I’m glad the Spec. has reprinted this – if they couldn’t be bothered to write anew.. I’ve had to evolve a ‘policy’ of not looking at any paper with any version of a new horror on the front page – forcing at least a glimpse upon everyone willy-nilly. That means I’ll not be able to read any main British papers for a day or 2-3. Also trying to avoid obscene paper versions in the shops.. It’s becoming a full-time policy! (Last night the reviewers on the Beeb’s The Papers said that only the Indy & one other had decently put up pics of this second chap only ‘in life’ – however, not so by morning..)

  • Roy

    One is continually wondering what state of mind the leadership of Britain, Europe, and the USA are in, during all these evil scenarios are a-wash in the news right now. Let alone the leadership of the United Nations who are supposed to be the watchdogs for the people of the world. They must be living in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land.

  • M P Jones

    I disagree with the main thesis of this article, mainly for one reason: without watching at least some of these videos it is not possible to assess whether or not they are genuine – or propaganda aimed at softening up public opinion and promoting “intervention” in Iraq and Syria.

    Videos of “genuine” beheadings are admittedly difficult to watch through. Those I have seen have shared a number of characteristics: there is an enormous amount of blood; the victims look scared, some fight; the scene is surrounded by armed barbarians jumping up and down and yelling Allah akbar; and the surroundings have topological characteristics.

    In contrast to this the two videos, of Foley and Sotloff, show no blood, no actual murder, they are staged in a non-descript desert environment and they contain staged political messages. If you analyse the Foley video (at least the version I have seen) you will see that the final scene of the body is a composition – whoever made it didn’t even remove the Photoshop masks. Neither video contains any proof whatsoever that a murder actually took place. They are both propaganda videos – the question is by whom?

  • Mosul

    No, Mr. Murray! It’s essential that we see the horror of what is going on; one picture is worth a thousand words!!! Normal people, upon seeing this diabolical, hateful brutality inflicted on human beings, will transcend their own particular nationality and citizenship in a deeper sense of solidarity with their fellow humans, and demand in righteous anger that their governments act decisively to stop the slaughter in the name of all that is decent and honorable. Because when we see with our eyes the horror and become profoundly shocked with what is actually going on, we finally understand in the marrow of our bones that every individual, every people and all humanity are diminished, cheapened and brought down to the gutter by this murderous, bloodlust from hell!

  • derek

    Those videos are staged bull….

  • Steve GOop

    Uh, these supposed “beheading” videos of American journalists don’t show any beheadings, as they all fade to black at the crucial moment. Add that to the fact that the sound quality sounds crystal clear (like it was done indoors in a studio) and everyone seems totally calm, and these videos are highly suspect. I’m not convinced in the slightest that they’re authentic. If any of you would take a minute to watch one of them, you’d no doubt come to the same conclusion.

  • Steve GOop

    But since most people take media reports at face value, they probably won’t look into it for themselves.