Hugo Rifkind

Ukip is in the middle of the most cynical political repositioning ever

You can’t be both more Tory than the Tories and more Labour than Labour. But apparently you can tell people you are and it’ll work

18 October 2014

9:00 AM

18 October 2014

9:00 AM

I think I’ve cracked it. If you want to springboard your minor political party into the mainstream and take British politics by storm, then all you need to do is go on and on about helping the poor.

You don’t need to do much else. You certainly don’t need to modify your policies so that they actually help the poor. This would be overkill. Nor, frankly, do you even need to be 100 per cent up to speed on who the poor are. Feel free to conflate them with the elderly or the skilled working class or people who aren’t from London, or pretty much anybody, really. Steer clear only of easily identifiable actual minorities which your potential voters will know for certain they aren’t in. And don’t worry for a moment about any contradictions this broad approach might throw up. Heavens, no. Because the point here, remember, is not to actually help the poor. Screw that. No, the point is to discombobulate everybody else.

Chiefly discombobulated will be liberal, redistributive types, who were previously under the impression that it was they who were on the side of the poor, perhaps because they support policies designed to tangibly improve impoverished lives and stuff. This sort of objection is easily dealt with, though. ‘Aha!’ you must say to these people. ‘But you know nothing of the poor! Because you are out of touch!’

This will discombobulate them further. For they will not feel out of touch, these people, and certainly not compared with you. This will be on account of the way they probably live in cities, cheek by jowl with those less fortunate, and share streets, schools, hospitals, buses and lives with them on a daily basis. Whereas you, almost certainly, will be a former stockbroker from a pretty village in Kent, or a former fully paid-up member of the Westminster lobby pack, or a hedge-funder, or an insanely wealthy insurance broker who was piqued beyond reason to learn that William Hague didn’t have your name on the tip of his tongue.

Do not, however, worry about this either. Simply say ‘Aha!’ to these people once more. Then say, ‘But if you aren’t out of touch, you do-gooding liberal you, explain to me why voters in Clacton, and in Heywood and Middleton, and possibly even in Rochester, are so prepared to vote for the likes of us when we’re like the people they normally object to, but so, so much worse, and also have the stated aim of slashing every service on which they rely!’ Which is a bit of a mouthful, I’ll grant you, but it will work. They will look flummoxed, these do-gooding liberals, because they are. And you will be able to say, ‘Well, then.’

Right now, Ukip is in the middle of what must, surely, be the most cynical bit of repositioning in political history; transitioning from a party which attracted disaffected Tory voters to a party which aims to attract disaffected Labour ones. Remember, this is a party still dominated by ex-Tories who find the Tories not Tory enough. Can it really be more Labour than Labour, too?

This is the Ukip plan, and that it is nonsensical doesn’t stop it from being bloody clever. Only a few short years ago, this was to be the party of Farageland — a place of men in blazers and women you don’t ever see. Being only the anti-EU party wasn’t cutting it, so they became the anti-gay marriage party, too; the anti-environmental party; the party for the middle classes who had seen enough of this new-fangled Cameroonie nonsense and wanted it to stop. Out of their golf clubs and mock Tudor boozers they stepped, expecting to find the rest of Britain on their wavelength. But beyond the odd old duffer, the rest of Britain simply wasn’t.

Hence a new strategy. ‘Dash it,’ they thought to themselves. ‘There just aren’t enough old duffers! We need a bigger core vote!’ And so the anti-Europe party became the anti-immigration party and the anti-Westminster party, with a conscious aim of hoovering up the core votes that the other parties had fallen into the habit of so brazenly neglecting. Which it has done, and with a shaming ease.

The great irony is that Ukip will brazenly neglect them, too, in time. Indeed, it is effectively doing so already. The party will exploit this new core as a block vote for its existing agenda, just like the other parties did. And it will continue doing this for just as long as it is confident that they have nowhere else to go. Because, beyond the rhetoric, nothing else has changed.

Ukip has become a con trick, a card–shuffle, a sleight of hand. Yes, it shouts on and on about Britain’s moribund elites, and breaking their strangleholds on this and that. And yes, it often has a point. But look to the stockbrokers, the hedge-funders, the insurance brokers and the too-Tory-for-the-Tories Tories at the top. Really look at them. Look at them properly. And ask yourself: if this really was all about giving a new voice to the voiceless and finally putting ordinary people in charge… well. Don’t you think they’d run a bloody mile?

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  • Rallan

    A pathetic tantrum rant from a prince of the establishment. What’s the matter Hugo? Feeling threatened? Worried that your Tory throne inheritance won’t be as easy as you’d like? Your sense of entitlement is being frustrated by this group of upstarts who don’t follow the established rules?

    UKIP able to unite people from Left and Right because those terms have become so meaningless, and because there are wider issues that transcend the old political divisions. Also because the traditional parties have become so ugly. I suggest you look at what’s wrong with the Tory offering rather than b!tching about UKIP.

    • i love this, a classic piece of slippery kippery. not one identifiable position on any actual issue, but plenty of tweed coat handwaving.

      what policies to I want? pretty much everything that DC put in the Conservative Manifesto for 2015. i’d like lower top rate income tax too, but can live without that if we can keep Ed out.

      • Rallan

        what policies to I want? pretty much everything that DC put in the Conservative Manifesto for 2015. i’d like lower top rate income tax too, but can live without that if we can keep Ed out.

        Huh? In my comment I didn’t actually ask you what policies you want, nor did I try to express UKIP policy. So what’s your point?

        Still, since you’re completely happy with the Conservative Manifesto for 2015 (which hasn’t been published) I guess your vote is pretty much sewn up.

        • Hugo Rifkind’s point is that ukip does not have a coherent set of policies, the subject is very much whether that is true. evidence in favour is for example, your post which says “no, you’re wrong Hugo”, but fails to use any actual policy to make the point.

          As Hugo says, it isn’t about policies, it’s about rhetoric. LibLabCon! Vote ukip get ukip!

          • Tom Hewitt

            Most of the UKIP party hierarchy is also part of the establishment. It would be more accurate to say LibLabConKip.

          • Sam_Beresford
          • ExmilUK

            The problem with you one dimensional atrticle is that politics is more than “left” and “right.”

            UKIP is a Nationalist, Libertarian party in favour of the NHS and National Defense. The rights of UK Citizens are considered the No.1 priority.

            The exact tax policy is to simplify the tax system and lower the 2 tax rates so that they capture the best balence of revenue and minimium damage to economic incentives to investment.

            The Idea is Austrian Economics, not Keynsian money printing.

            Banking will have its blank cheque heavily qualified. More interest will be put into other industries that are far less vulnerable to fraud and clueless momentum executives.

            Open door immigration will cease and an Australian system based on points will replace it, which is easy after we leave the EU and its legal tentacles are cut off.

            But no, you want a simple slagging match over the top rate of tax and scream about left and right.

            Its just Lazy Journalism to ignore all the other features on the landscape.

      • John Carins

        Ah! It’s more like the Consevatives are now poaching UKIP policies. Points system for immigration? Tougher stance on the EU? Stance on the ECHR/HRA?Realisation that energy and climate change policy has been a total sham. Owen Paterson now agrees with UKIP. The only way to really get change is to vote for common sense – vote UKIP

      • Ben Kelly

        A lot of people wanted what was in the 2010 manifesto, but they got very little of it, and you won’t get any from the 2015 one either. No chance of a majority, literally none, they will make another deal with the Lib Dems and drop many pledges. So don’t get over excited.

        • rtj1211

          You got far more of the Conservative manifesto than you got of the Labour- or Libdem one, that’s for sure……

          • r3d3

            We even got items that weren’t in any manifesto..

            What a clever chap that dave is .. NOT.

      • pp22pp

        The two that count are 1). cutting immigration hugely 2). Leaving the EU.

        Immigration is the most important issue and one that even UKIP is scared to discus honestly.

        That is the core of UKIP policy. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then you must be pretty dim.

    • djkm

      Actually, checking UKIP’s ‘policies for the people’ either UKIP have cribbed ideas off the conservatives or vice versa, but there is an awful lot of crossover. English votes for english people, british bill of rights etc…

      • Rallan

        Umm.. seriously, what’s your point?

        • global city

          It’s funny…UKIP have no policies, but their policies are also ‘incoherent’…they have no policies, but they steal from the Tories, they have no policies but their policies don’t add up, they have no policies but they’re more tory than the tories, they have no policies but they are drifting to the left, they have no policies but their policies are all crazy…. do they have policies…..or will they be publishing their manifesto some time soon, just like the other parties will?

          Are you people not embarrassed, slinging round all of the above with no sort of self awareness?

          • Rallan

            Did you reply to the right person?

          • global city

            Oops! No…it was in reply to djkm. Check out the contradictory post above your previous one….it was in response to that.

    • Hugo Rifkind

      Yes, becoming a Tory MP is clearly what I’ve been aiming at for many years now, isn’t it? Well done for spotting that.

      • Rallan

        No, I think your ready-made career in journalism was gifted to you. I think your privileged education and establishment aristocracy status enabled your career. Would you have done as well if you’d had to compete on merit, without your family connection?

        • Hugo Rifkind

          I’ll never know, but I’m not aware of being notably more shit than most of my peers. Chances are, my background helped me about as much as Mr Farage’s helped him. Which is rather my point.

          • Rallan

            Nigel Farage was a commodities trader in the city, a job he chose early and where he made money through ability. He had a fairly privileged upbringing, but there was no political context. He now leads the biggest political insurgency in the UK for over a century, in the face of massive establishment resistance.

            Your Dad was a major Conservative party politician. Your education included some of the most elite institutions available. You slid smoothly into a career in political journalism writing for right-of-center publications.

            So who got the most help; you or Nigel?

            Your career path was further oiled by the deliberate eradication of selective education for the masses, ensuring that the field was clear for the privileged few such as yourself.

            Given all of this, I consider you a tool of an establishment that has contempt for ordinary people, and I am not inclined to listen to you preaching about UKIP shortcomings.

          • Hugo Rifkind

            I slightly weary of having the same conversation again and again, but I didn’t “slide smoothly into a career in political journalism” at all. I spent two years temping, another two on a pop-gossip website, and then another five writing novels and lifestyle features. And I didn’t really start writing about politics at all until my mid-30s. Even today, in fact, it’s a fairly small part of my workload. Yes, I feel immensely privileged to have a fortnightly column in the Spectator today. But you being wholly unaware of the career which led to it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          • Rallan

            Your only dispute with my description of your career is the early inheritance of your political journalism role. I’ll take your word for your more varied earlier works, and I’m sure you made a show of starting at the bottom, but having read your Wiki I see no fault in saying that you “slid smoothly” into your career. In all other respects, you cannot dispute my description.

            You are a product of privilege, working for & among a privileged elite for the advantage of the privileged elite at the expense of everyone else. Social mobility of ordinary people has been deliberately crushed by a political establishment determined to ensure that your privilege is unimpeded.

            Your political stance is irrelevant to me as you don’t base it on any real world experience. I have socks I respect more than your opinion.

          • Hugo Rifkind

            Probably time to stop commenting on it, then.

          • bobmattfran

            The only ability that Farage had in the city is evidenced by his double talk as a self serving politican. Next!

          • Nessa

            Plus he’s nice looking too – that didn’t do any harm. I’m fed up of the unfairness of society and people thinking they have talent when all they really had was luck.

          • global city

            huh? When did you craft your own newspaper and build it and build it for 20 years?

            Actually, Hugo, the problem is that you lack any particularly interesting or original insight. Most of the stuff you write was presented by someone else the month before…..sorry, like, but it’s true.

          • Nessa

            If it’s ok for you then, why not Nigel too? People are generally sick of the status quo and want to anger the establishment – they know whoever is in office will be fairly useless so it’s a vote to at least piss you all off and sounds like it’s keeping you in work so don’t moan too loudly!

  • Suzy61

    You are a gift that keeps on giving, thank you.

    • frank marker

      Lose the f in ‘gift’ and you may have something.

  • Great demolition Hugo. Together with that great radio interview this week where the UKIP supporter listed the policies he could remember (‘fairness, common sense’), this might be the start of the great kipper wake up call.

    Other than chanting “vote ukip, get ukip” and “liblabcon out”, what do you stand for mr farage?

    • Rallan

      A random member of the public says he wants to vote for ‘fairness and common sense’, and therefore he’ll take a chance on a new party rather than voting for the establishment parties. You think this makes UKIP look bad! So you, and like minded individuals, make comments and produce articles mocking him, and pointing out how stupid he is! And you think you’re being clever! You think you’re scoring a point!

      • oh dear. who’s against fairness and common sense, rallan?

        • Rallan

          oh dear. who’s against fairness and common sense, rallan?

          In terms of public perception, that would be the LibLabCon. That’s the truth, whether you like it or not.

    • rtj1211

      If you go to you’ll find their current policies.

      It’s worthwhile checking back regularly as it’s not yet a manifesto and things are sometimes a bit ‘fluid’……

    • global city

      one person on radio call in show……. so monumental.

      Every tory supporter who rings in knows feckall about anything at all.

  • HamtunscireKippa

    It is only a cynical repositioning if you assume that the ‘positions’ of the other parties are relevant as opposed to policy which isnt very different across all three main parties, despite much effort to distance themselves from eachother.
    The voting public couldnt care less about your positioning, they care about either policy, usually no more than three or they have given up on the political system and want to give the new lot a chance.
    If UKIP’s positioning is strange, it is only a reflection of voters. One example would be the entirely socialist concept of the NHS which is supported by just about everyone, Left or Right. Why? Because people just think it is a good idea, end of, even if the actual service isnt always perfect.

  • Kaschner

    ” . . . that it is nonsensical doesn’t stop it from being bloody clever.”
    Well said! Spot on!

    A comment that applies to your article, Hugo. Except, perhaps, that “clever-clever” would be even more appropriate.

  • djkm

    Don’t forget the climate denial vote they’re trying to capture as well!

    • Ridcully

      How do you deny the climate?

  • JeffGazzard

    This is excellent. Hugo Rifkind again moves the spotlight exactly where it should shine. UKIP are a confidence trick. This is so straightforward even UKIPers should get it…

  • JeffGazzard

    Hugo Rifkind nails the confidence trick that is UKIP. So clear and straightforward even UKIPers should get it. And take up golf again…

    • John Carins

      The biggest “confidence trick” ever played in British history was that of Ted Heath taking us into the EU. He of course was a conservative. So clear that even conservatives understand this axiom.

    • global city

      What is the confidence trick they are trying to pull off? Please explain.

      I bet you can’t because all you’re actually doing is regurgitating something you read or heard from some other idiot, so there is no substance behind your post.

  • Diggery Whiggery

    The centre ground of the main parties can be simplified thus:

    Governmental statism mixed with economic corporatism + maximum social liberalism.

    UKIP is simply offering less statism, less corporatism, less social liberalism.

    Normal working people would like less statism, more economic liberalism but not so much the social liberalism. It’s not a con trick, it’s just the realization the the ‘centre-ground’ is not some fixed point between right and left, it’s where most voters are. UKIP has noticed, probably because they actually talk to people, that the centre-ground is no longer where the other parties think it is.

    P.S. Hugo is that an article or a tantrum?

  • bob

    I notice the establishment are still trolling, now they say we can have what UKIPPERS have been asking for nearly 5 years, we will not get it of course, once the election is over, same as Scotland were promised, now they have to debate how little to give,
    UKIP have had the same message all the way through, out of Europe, curtail immigration, who would you rather believe, and their other policies are sensible middle of the road policies, charity begins at home, look after our people and culture first.

    • Mike

      Totally agree as Ukip have been consistent for a long time with regard to the EU and controlling immigration as far as their policies were concerned. Luckily for Ukip, Clegg opened up the debate on immigration and was found sorely wanting as at last we got to the truth about who controls us, Westminster or Brussels. Despite Farage’s excellent debate Cameron and the other usual suspects still denied this but now Barrosa has really put the boot in confirming what Farage has been saying all along.

      Without leaving the EU and controlling immigration we are unable to enact any policies we wish to regarding benefits, health care, housing and education as Brussles calls the shots.

  • Henrythehorse

    Got you worried haven’t they ?
    The only people who seem to object to UKIP are the metropolitan elite….look closely and you will find that they aren’t the only ones with a vote…although methinks that’s what they would really like ..o

    • reg

      The majority of people in Heywood & Middleton objected to UKIP just last week. Knowing Heywood quite well I have to say it’s never struck me as a “metropolitan elite” kind of place…..

      • Ridcully

        You mean the by-election where UKIP came second to Labour by just over 600 votes? In a “safe” Labour Seat? Yes, the people of Heywood and Middleton really said a resounding “No!” to UKIP didn’t they?

        • Meenama

          Bless their socks Labour won by just over 600 votes in a safe seat! What a minute what is the break down of the postal votes?

          • Aberrant_Apostrophe

            Anna Soubry is probably polishing her CV at the moment, given her majority at the 2010 GE was only 390.

    • Nessa

      Quite sickening how they try and lecture us on how we should vote – every article like this makes my resolve even stronger! The fact that he gets paid for it quadruples the effect!

  • Fak_Zakaix

    Vote UKIP!

    • bobmattfran

      Why? Incapable of original thought or you support naked facism, which is it?

      • Fak_Zakaix

        Vote UKIP!

        • bobmattfran

          As I am not mentally deranged I shall decline your advice!

  • I lost interest after the writer started to excuse the fundamental wrong-headedness of liberalism because he doesn’t understand economics. Grow up, Hugo.

  • evad666

    UKIP plans an immigrant reception in Primrose Hill.

  • Tom Hewitt

    As UKIP is the pro EU party, opposed to an in/out referendum, most of their support is coming from the previous pro EU party – the Lib-Dems.

  • alainfahri

    There’s safety in numbers.

    It is uncomfortably predictable that the two recent Spectator articles attacking UKIP were written by the representatives of two minorities who always feel threatened – Jews and homosexuals. You share with Matthew Parris an understandable fear of a popular majority taking control. There is a difference between democracy and populism you would have us believe, so that opinion selectively canvassed and policies with the smell of powerful interest groups are better for us in the long term than the desires of the less well-connected masses, those who daily choke on the sophistry and hypocrisy that flows like diarrhoea from an incontinent media.

    Is there really need of more reasons to vote UKIP?

    • Julian Kavanagh

      ‘Jews and homosexuals’? When did the Coffee House become Der Sturmer?

    • EricHobsbawmtwit

      If you believe power should be wielded by the majority regardless of the rights or needs of minorities, then why would you vote UKIP? They’are at 15% in the polls. Very much a minority themselves.

  • Oddsbods

    Assuming (now this is just theoretical, honest) assuming that not ALL members of LibLabCon are really blithering idiots, then they may just have SOME policies which are worth talking about. There, I’ve said it and I wasn’t struck down!
    In that case a sensible party like the UKIP could have policies which some people would say are left wing and others which some people would say are right wing couldn’t they?
    The UKIP says it is not about right or left, but about right or wrong, I like the sound of that.

  • Harryagain

    Got it wrong as usual.
    People are fed up with LIARS ie the Lib-Lab-Cons.
    Full of promises on the run up to elections and zero results/no action afterwards.

    The mob in parliament lives in Lala land.

    • rtj1211

      You haven’t addressed Mr Rifkind’s essential thesis, that you can’t be both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in Government, although you can pretend to be during election campaigns.

      • woohoo02

        Like Farage said previously, it is not about left and right politics any more, it is about right and wrong.
        It is about Common Sense, not Common Purpose.
        Their Policies, and they do have policies, are light years ahead of LabCon.

      • Mike

        Of course you can support the less well off and the moderately well off if you can control the countries destiny. You certainly can’t if Brussels calls the shots.

      • Nessa

        It’s perfectly feasible to be issue-focused as opposed to party-line focused.

  • English Majority


    You just don’t get it, do you, Rifkind, you sneering, rootless cosmopolitan.

    As always.

  • Ben Kelly

    Helping the poor, with policies designed to actually give them help? Aren’t you a Tory Hugo? I really fail to see what the Tories have done for the poor in the last 40 years or so.

  • James Proctor

    Why does the media pump the same message, it’s they are just the same, but UKIP are not the same, I can look up the EU, who lie and continue to lie, while the main parties in this country do the same as the EU,

    UKIP appear to be the only party saying anything different. Is it because EU paid shills are bought and paid for like the person who collapsed UKIP European group,

    Freedom and Direct Democracy group, really all the plans they make are failing because they have been found out by using deception and anyone who does that can’t be trusted. an do what they do because they have no principles, the only goal is power

    Just remember they use your tax money to propagate this system to make you believe it’s all okay.. but it’s all fake,

    The anti UKIP message is everywhere does nobody else find this stragne, it’s even on Russel Brands show the Trews, like they are attempting to prevent UKIP!

    Even the Greens do it, they set up or a part o a nasty organisation called stand up to UKIP, it’s a bit like hope not hate,

    Remember to go to Nope, Not Hope!

  • Greyfox

    I don’t think you have a clear understanding of UKIP or the people who will vote for it. None of the elite really do. Still, it does no good to misrepresent them both. There is a slow internet revolution going on and the old elite lies won’t work any more. Goodbye.

    • EricHobsbawmtwit

      I’m not “the elite” and I have no clear understanding of UKIP either. Seem like a bunch of crybabies to me.

  • Tox66

    Yes Hugo, you can. Too many politicos and journalists have spent so bloody long looking at their pathetic little left-right axis that they can’t understand there are other positions.

    For example, I am in favour of paying low-paid Brits more; all races, all areas of Britain. I don’t wish to secure higher pay for the rest of the low-paid in Europe because I believe that to be a matter for them.

    I am not in favour of letting in vastly more immigrants from the Indian sub-continent until the Islamists calm down. I am happy for European immigrants to come.

    I am not confused about my position at all. UKIP may be confused, they may be trying to be all things to all men but to say you can’t like some aspects of left-wing politics and some of right is plain wrong.

  • global city

    This whole piece just shows how limited Hugo’s political thinking is. Like some undergraduate wannabee, he has clawed every political cliché he can find together and has stuck them on the ‘Left-Right’ chart….when UKIP approach issues in a much more holistic way. It is one of their attractions. One of the biggest sins of recent decades is the way that the MSM have imposed their own unsophisticated political analyses on the rest of us all.

  • Lina R

    A few weeks ago on The Daily Politics when Paul Nuttall said Ukip were going after the Labour vote, Hugo Rifkind dismissed it – typical of the political elite who have been dismissing Ukip for the past four years despite their ascendancy. The reason Ukip is gaining traction among the working classes is down to one issue – immigration. Their domestic policies are of little interest, so whether they have credible plans to cut the deficit is of little interest. We know where they stand on the electorate’s biggest concern.

    For too long the political elite have dismissed the concerns of (mainly) the working classes towards mass immigration as bigoted, racist or fear brought on by economic hardship. Maybe it’s none of these and people just want controlled immigration that doesn’t distort the labour market, depress wages and put pressure on public services.

  • southseabubble

    “And yes, it often has a point.”
    Which is why I’ll vote for it.

  • Suzy61

    Farage was asked why he is attracting votes from both ‘left’ and ‘right’ and he replied that there is no ‘left’ and ‘right’ anymore…only ‘right and ‘wrong’. The great unwashed will decided what is ‘right’ and this will become (or has become) the new centre-ground. UKIP are dominating this new position so it is not difficult to see how he can take votes from across the spectrum.

    One more point, the occupation most of us are likely to run a mile from are not stockbrokers and insurance brokers but career politicians – currently infesting the Lib/Lab/Con parties.

  • jesseventura2

    Referendum on returning muslim immigrants to their islamic hell holes?

  • serguei_p

    Marxists, Labour, Lib-Dem – they all talking about “helping the poor”. Their “helping the poor”, as Hugo Rifckind called it, “confidence trick” is no different from when UKIP is talking about “helping the poor”.

  • Jim

    I think I’ve cracked it. If you want to kill off your powerful, establishment party, move ever closer to Labour on policy, give away sovereignty and allow mass immigration to destroy English society. Or if you are Labour, do all of the above and tell the poor it’s helping them.

  • Mike

    The biggest load of bull s*** I’ve seen in a long while. The key to fixing the majority of the problems facing the UK is regaining control of the country and not being subservient to the EU and ONLY Ukip is offering this.

    Halt immigration and repatriate the many immigrants on benefits but without a job will free up jobs for the low paid in the UK. At the same time it will slash the costs of welfare, health, education and housing once benefit tourism is halted and that will relive tax pressures on middle England. Of course Ukip can help ex Labour & Tory voters as controlling immigration by leaving the EU helps both ends of the work force. Not only that, we wont be paying any contributions to bail out profligate countries in the south. It is LibLabCon that has become on amorphous cess pit with no difference of policies and pandering to the motherlode of bad ideas we get from the EU & Islamic militancy.

    • EricHobsbawmtwit

      “The biggest load of bull s*** I’ve seen in a long while”

      OK, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, but what do you think about Rifkind’s piece?

  • XH558


  • Sunil Prasannan

    The Sunil on Sunday weekly “ELBOW” (Electoral Leader-Board of the Week) shows UKIP up four points in just two months! Back in mid-August 13.1%, now in Mid-October 17.1%.

  • EricHobsbawmtwit

    UKIP started becoming a con-trick when O’Flynn arrived. As a Daily Express writer, he’s obviously as cynical as they come.

  • Sunil Prasannan
  • Sunil Prasannan
  • Kugelschreiber

    If ORDINARY people ARE voting for UKIP in their 1000s, it is only because UKIP is the ONLY relatively ANTI MASS IMMIGRATION party that you at the mass media will ALLOW us.

    For example, the mass media GAGS or REVILES the far more LEFT WING B..P.

    You see?

    You will now probably DELETE my comment because I even MENTIONED the BNP , which is what is driving 1000s of people in DESPERATION to vote for the right wing Thatcherite party UKIP.

    Not that I would vote B…P at present , because I am disgusted at the way they have expelled the great man N.Griffn, who deserves RECOGNITION for all the personal sacrifices he has made , NOT expulsion.

    I voted Labour for 35 years until 3 years ago.

  • lobotomisedjournalist

    This sort of ‘either’ ‘or’ thinking should have been outgrown in the 2nd form, shouldn’t it?

    Both Labour and Toris have despicable self-serving policies, which are aimed to promote politicians’ and their cronies’ interests at the expense of the general public, so an attack on both is necessary.

    Whether UKIP is an answer to that or not is another matter, but that does not mean that most party politicians shouldn’t choke in their troughs.

  • retundario

    Ranting nonsense from tedious political class stooge. Try some proper, detached political analysis, that’s what your paid to do. Do your job

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    “Tories in the middle of the most cynical political repositioning ever”

    There, Hugo. Fixed it for you.

  • Fenman

    What Rifkind jnr does not understand is that a large part of what used to be called the ‘respectable working class’ was inherently conservative, but tribal loyalties stopped them voting Tory, particularly in the cities due to 20th c history. UKIP does not have that baggage, so when they see immigrant families claiming benefits from day one, the surgery and school packed with immigrants, nothing done about the Islamist threat and being told they are all racists for worrying about it, wages not keeping pace with inflation, and the criminal underclass living next door on the generosity of their taxes they become angry. None of the main parties are seriously addressing these issues apart from a little lip service. So where do they turn? Most rightly, find the extremist such as the BNP repugnant so UKIP is a natural for the disenchanted respectable urban working class, because it at least talks about these issues.