The price of seeing Santa (and what it gets you)

Plus: the highest-earning migrant groups, and the facts on Britain’s white van men

29 November 2014

9:00 AM

29 November 2014

9:00 AM

Dear Santas

A £22.50 a head Christmas theme park in Warwickshire designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen closed temporarily for improvements after visitors complained of mud, a skinny, swearing Father Christmas and elves who stood around smoking. What do you get when you take your children to see Santa? Prices for family of four:
£20 Santa Lane, Hyde Park. Rides, visit to Santa’s toy factory plus visit to Santa. (Visit to Santa is free; the charge is for the adjoining Magical Ice Kingdom.)
£44.40 Santa’s Magical Wonderland, Motherwell. Reindeer visit, indoor carousel, 1 hour soft play or skating, plus Santa visit.
£57.96 Twinlakes Winter Wonderland, Melton Mowbray. 25ft high toboggan run, 2.2km train ride plus visit to Santa. Price includes ‘reindeer dust’.
£100 Santa’s Christmas Wonderland, Warrington. Twinkling illuminations, giant Christmas tree, chance to meet Peppa Pig in a scarf and hat, plus visit to Santa.

Migrant economics

Which migrants to Britain earn the most? Here are average hourly wages for men and women in the UK by place of birth:

Eastern Europe £9.73
Pakistan £10.99
UK £14.37
India £15.43
Africa £15.59
US £17.01
Australia £19.10

Source: Open Europe

Eastern Europe  £8.40
Pakistan £9.66
UK £11.71
India £12
Africa £11.74
US £12.95
Australia £18.10

Source: Open Europe

Past their prime

Gordon Brown announced that he is to retire as an MP next May, five years after leaving Downing Street. How long have ex-PMs stayed in the House of Commons?

Tony Blair 0 years 0 months
John Major 4 years 0 months
Margaret Thatcher 1 year  3 months
Jim Callaghan 8 years 0 months
Harold Wilson 7 years 1 month
Edward Heath 27 years 2 months

White van clan

How many men drive white vans?
— There are an estimated 2.57 million vans used by businessmen.
32% are white, 22% blue, 20% silver.
— Only 65% are driven by men.
— Driver earnings average £21,000 a year.
— The most common occupation among van drivers is builder, but builders only make up 6% of van drivers.
56% of drivers use their vans for shopping as well as work.
Source: The AA

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  • The numbers for Americans as against Australians: explain, please. Firstly, I imagine that most Americans in the UK — I assume it is similar for Aussies — are not here on ‘wages’. (I have some personal experience of this, by the way.) They are salaried professionals with or without annual bonuses, and they have something hugely important called ‘equalization payments’. Those payments bulk up their pay beyond what they would earn in the home country in order to give them the spending power that they had or would have in the home country. This is necessitated by Britain’s rapacious and punitive tax code. The same tax code that not coincidentally caused Prudential Securities and other companies like it to withdraw from Europe and Britain altogether.

    Just one more proof that Britain is run by mad Leftists and economic nitwits.