There’s only one Alan Johnson (that's why Labour's in such trouble)

What’s happened to my party?

15 November 2014

9:00 AM

15 November 2014

9:00 AM

Labour voters feel hope and despair; hope, because the Tories are doing no better than we, and despair, for that same reason. Left-wing politics are resurgent where it matters least — outside the Labour party. A body without a head is just a corpse, and frightening; no one wants to vote for Russell Brand, who thinks the concept of voting is idiotic, as he is. Left-wing politics wears fancy dress (the Million Mask March), occupies the biscuit aisle at Fortnum & Mason (UK Uncut) or is ‘preaching from a mansion’ to a cardboard box (Johnny Rotten on Russell Brand, again).

Ed Miliband is odd, say his critics. He has a funny face and he hates his brother. (I do not care about the funny face. David Cameron has a nice face, and look what he has done with it.) You can blame the Tory media for some of this junk masquerading as political discourse — the politics of poppy-wearing, or lounge-wear, or how to eat safely in public — but not all. When Ed challenged his brother David, like a child, he chose a narrative that would always be reported as soap opera, for policy is less interesting than fratricide; this is Gordon versus Tony again, more agony from the party of splits. Ed should have pondered this; but perhaps he thought that only he could save us? (He is hardly the only narcissist in politics.) Of course it is unfair that the Jacob/Esau story jinxes Labour — but who says that life is fair?

Labour follows Tory spending plans, and Ukip ‘rhetoric’ on immigration. (When I say ‘rhetoric’ I mean ‘filth’.) It tries to distance itself from the unions, to place a cordon sanitaire between itself and its own soul. When I canvass for the Labour party in a marginal constituency (Hampstead and Kilburn), working-class voters always say: what good will it do? Labour do not care about me. They do not know who I am.

The leadership is clearly a cabal, introverted and sometimes worse — Blair and his grotesque £41,000 a month from the Saudis? — and impossible for outsiders to breach. Red princes and princesses stand for parliamentary seats, because no one without money can afford to do so: Will Straw in Rossendale and Darwen; Stephen Kinnock in Aberavon; Emily Benn in Croydon South. Tory voters love that kind of thing. It should be anathema for Labour.

Some say Alan Johnson is the messiah. They say this because he is the only working-class person near the shadow cabinet, but they do not see that without a party of many Alan Johnsons, Labour will always fail: they cannot have a single working-class toy to play with, and fool the electorate with him. Columnists fret in print — he must come back. But he would rather eat his own head. Too humble — too sane — to be PM and have his face discussed? (His face, if you care, and you shouldn’t, is OK.) That is a man I would vote for happily; but why deal in dreams when there is so much wrong with my party?

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  • Tom

    The current shadow cabinet are the most inept bunch of individuals ever to ask the electorate for the right to govern this country, put these into power at your peril.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      At least, as Tanya points out begrudgingly, they do have one working class person in the Shadow Cabinet, even if he is as inept as the rest.

  • callingallcomets

    Tanya Gold is one of those Liz Jones type Polly Fillers who infest our media.She turns a clever phrase but on closer inspection it is all vapid blather commissioned to fill an empty space.Her favourite topic, like Liz Jones, is ME..ME..ME…Her demons, her marriage, how she hated her independent school and her time at Merton College Oxford.
    Notice the subtle reference to canvassing for Labour and listening to working class voters (like a Victorian missionary chatting to the natives)….in other words acting exactly the same as the middle class poseurs whose capture of the Labour Party she is criticising
    But when they mention the need for immigration controls she calls it UKIP inspired “filth” and waxes angrily about it at her next North London dinner party…
    Yes indeed….Tanya is a perfect fit for this current incarnation of the Speccie….about as in touch with the mood of ordinary people as the Earl of Grantham (which is why, no doubt. it’s being pimped by the DT’s Morning Briefing)

    • JimHHalpert

      What the hell are they putting in the water at Kings Place. First Nick Cohen’s inchoate rant, now this…dribble?

    • Grace Ironwood

      Sorry, I didn’t find any clever, or even grammatical, phrases in this article.
      Perhaps she could buy the Labour Party an authentic working class person?

      • rtj1211

        There’s plenty of them, but sadly none in the chattering classes.

        Len McCluskey is the nearest thing they’ve got nowadays. I’m sure you’ll hate him, but I take the William Hague view that, like Tony Benn, he’s a real Labour Party man who says what he believes in and is prepared to biff his opponents fairly smartly on the nose to get his points through.

        • Tom M

          “….. and is prepared to biff his opponents fairly smartly on the nose to get his points through…..”
          Yes I remember them well. Arthur Scargill, Red Robbo, Mick McGahey (I knew him quite well), quite a few of them at the time all biffing noses.

          • pescatore

            Yes. I remember Mick telling you straight: Yov’ ve got a message for me ?! well I’ve got a message for you!!!

    • Lydia Robinson

      “Her favourite topic, like Liz Jones, is ME..ME..ME…Her demons, her
      marriage, how she hated her independent school and her time at Merton
      College Oxford”

      Some female columnists are more successful than others but they all tend to be the same. It all stems from the Burchill school of journalism. Oh, and read my “booky wooky.”

    • Polly Radial

      Excellent comment, thank you.

  • Peter Stroud

    Labour can never distance itself from the unions: they just can’t afford to lose the cash.

  • Leftyliesrefuted

    There’s so much cr@p in this article, it should be in the Grauniad!

    Oh hang on – the Gold creature writes in the Grauniad – quel surprise!

    I’m sure she goes down an absolute treat with those “working-class voters” she was canvassing for the Labour Party! How DARE they object to unlimited immigration! Don’t they realise it’s GOOD FOR THEM? 😉

    If you want to know what’s wrong with the Labour Party, and indeed politics generally these days, then …

    “Tanya Gold is a British journalist. She was educated at the independent Kingston Grammar School and Merton College, Oxford.” (Wiki)

    … gives you a pretty hefty set of clues.

    • global city

      A fundamental point that people like this girl should understand, then she can ditch the guilt ridden agitprop, is that nearly all those working class heroes do not resent her ‘privilege’. That is an entirely self inflicted wound that the privileged communitarians struggle with. It is basically a psychiatric issue and the should all get some counselling.

  • Damaris Tighe

    So the desire for a controlled immigration policy is ‘filth’. What the h*ll is the matter with you Tanya, & people like you? I take it that you must also think that the Australian immigration policy is ‘filth’.

    I can take simple disagreement with a point of view, but you exhibit the typical leftist tendency to to treat opposition with utter contempt, as if anyone who holds such an opinion is less than human. Shame on you!

    • global city

      Because she thinks that doctrines like ‘a world without borders’ or ‘no person is illegal’ are so profound that they do not need any further explanation or context…. we should just do it.

      Such is the power of the slogan in the mouths of one of the willing herd of useful idiots.

      • Aberrant_Apostrophe

        I wonder if she has locks on her doors? If she does then she’s a hypocrite of the first order.

      • somewhereinthesouth

        She wont think that anymore when Hampstead is overrun .

    • RightChuck

      Anyone who dares to question the God-given right of the upper middle class to an endless supply of cheap working class people at their beck and effin call is a filthy RACIST!!!

  • Ooh!MePurse!

    ‘Tory voters love that kind of thing.’

    Eh? What on earth is that supposed to mean?

    • global city

      It is a baseless sweeping assertion…based on ignorance, prejudice and thinking in stereotypes…ironically.


      And yet writers of this ilk lecture us about bigotry!

  • superpositron

    I’m not entirely sure what she means by UKIPs filthy immigration stance. UKIPs immigration policy is no different to that of the USA, Canada, Australia and ofcourse that of the UK when relating to immigration from outside the EU. As an immigrant I find UKIP quite appealing.

  • global city

    Here is a message from entirely within the bubble of left wingery. Left wing politics resurgent?

    The million mask march proved just how moribund all those silly ideas actually are….nobody turned up.

  • Fraser Bailey

    Well Tanya, the fact that Labour is ‘your’ party i.e. the party of metropolitan Polly Fillers, is the reason why it is doing so badly. The so-called working classes, who you purport to represent but have never met, have finally rumbled you, albeit about 40 or 50 years too late.

  • Hippograd

    Labour follows Tory spending plans, and Ukip ‘rhetoric’ on immigration. (When I say ‘rhetoric’ I mean ‘filth’.)

    Filthy indeed. Maggot-ridden too. If only more of us were true Brits like Tanya and followed the decent progressive values of those true Brits who live by the Mediterranean:

    With Gaza terrorists showering Israel with rockets, August didn’t bring much good news for Israelis. But every cloud has a silver lining: in August a noted increase was recorded of illegal African immigrants leaving the country. While there was no specific connection to the war, observers said that many in the infiltrator community were taken by surprise by the intensity of the war – and many of them have apparently decided that Israel isn’t necessarily the best place for them. — The sparklingly clean politics practised by true Brits when they have their own country to rule

    cc. U8200.

  • Guest

    I’m a Jewess in my 30’s and every time I read Tanya Gold’s dribble, I want be sick.
    I am filth because I do not want to be surrounded by pedo rapists, be-headers and jew-haters who foam at their mouths and vandalise supermarkets, every time Israelis defend their country and people? I AM FILTH?? Not those parasites who preach hatred and killing and can’t wait to start storming embassies, like they do in their own landfills, but ME?
    This much ignorance, self destruction and useful idiocy should belong to those Birkenstock wearing hippies, with no religious denomination, who bring nothing to society but whinging and pointing fingers.

    Tanya Gold is the exception to the rule that Jews are smart.
    Embarrassing shiite.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Well said.

    • Mike

      Maybe a couple of years in the IDF would educate her !

    • berosos_bubos

      Isn’t that racist ?

    • thomasaikenhead


      A great comment!

      You are correct, Israel operates a very strict immigration policy in order to control the number and nature of the people who enter the country.

      Perhaps Tanya Gold would let us know whether she considers the immigration policy of Israel to be “filth”?

    • Grace Ironwood

      Long live Israel, a brave people surrounded by murderous savages, on the front lines of the war against civilisation,

    • Liberty

      Tanya is smart, it is just that she uses it to protect herself and her prejudices just like Miliband, Brown, Junckers, Wilson, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Marx….

      • Marmalade Sandwich

        The list of unreadable writers in the Speccie is seriously long. Tanya is turgid, just like Hugo, Matthew and Isabella. Will I renew my subscription?

  • cambridgeelephant

    Never mind ! Stick to restaurant reviews !

  • saffrin

    Alan Johnson could make an interesting PM but he loves and doesn’t want to lose his wife, who, as we leaned is a bit of a sl** when she jumped a member of the close protection team.

  • davidofkent

    Yes, there is a lot wrong with how we are governed. Actually, we know that already and do not need another rather light article to remind us. I wonder if the writer has any solutions.

  • Lydia Robinson

    “(When I say ‘rhetoric’ I mean ‘filth’.)”

    One needs to look no further than the Spanish economy which in the boom years before the crash built its economy on the tidal sands of flooding the country with cheap immigrant labour from Morocco, Africa and South America and fuelling a housing boom. Look at the pitiful consequences of that in the failed state that is Spain today. Why can´t the Spectator hire economists who have some inkling of what they´re talking about instead of this North London dinner party drivel? I gather she´s the restaurant critic who is most likely served and has her dinner cooked by poorly paid, minimum wage immigrants. It figures.

  • Fenman

    Champagne socialist. She shd stick to restaurant reviews.
    If Cameron was half way competent with the good economic results, he wd be wiping the floor with this posh metro Labour Cabal.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      If Cameron was half way competent…

      I think you are being unnecessarily generous.

  • wudyermucuss

    Well,at least it’s a variation on the usual racist/bigot labelling.
    Opposing the EU and mass enforced immigration is filth?
    And the 70-80% who want immigration to be controlled are filth?

  • stewart

    Speaking as an ex labour voter ,a manual woker and son of labour voter,most of whos ex labour voting (or more likely havnt voted for years) freinds and family, like me ,are now voting UKIP let me answer that question for you Ms Gold

    “What’s happened to my party?”
    You Ms Gold thats whats happend, you
    Oh and thanks for calling my wife and daughter ‘filth’ I’ll bear it in mind come naxt year’s GE

    • cambridgeelephant

      Nice reply.

      But porky little Tanya can console herself with a quick trip to the Dorchester or the Ritz and wonder why all those ghastly ‘proles’ are so filthy these days.

  • MC73

    As always, Tanya Gold’s drivel reads like it was translated from another language by someone with half an eye on the telly.

    The problem with the Labour party is that it is full of people like Gold.

    The problem with left wing politics is that almost all of the good work that needed doing for the average Brit got done by that first post-war Labour government.

    Tanya and her cultural Marxist, statist, anti-democratic, politically correct chums have done nothing but wreck the nation ever since.

    • Mike

      Its no lie to say that Labour did do good work in a pre WWII era and it was justified and morally right. I think that their problem was that having effectively removed all the major injustices, provided ‘free’ health care for everyone and a minimalist benefit system, they had achieved their goals and made themselves redundant.

      Labour in post WWII with a desire to get back into power and stay in power, had to invent imaginary social issues they could claim were injustices and then they could be seen as doing something of value to justify themselves. Thats when the welfare state exploded under their remit, firstly to give an artificial reason for their existence and subsequently to con us that their continued existence was a necessity. In the Blair years it was their mantra of political correctness & multiculturalism they engineered into all levels of government and now we have this cancerous legacy we’re trying to eradicate.

      Many innovative companies go through similar process’s and subsequent pain such as Polaroid with the instant camera or Kodak with 35 mm film. Being at the forefront they are remembered for their inventiveness whether a product or a health program but without any new ground breaking ideas, they fall by the wayside. The man three LibLabCon have all drifted to left of centre with no daylight between their policies if you can actually call them coherent policies.

      Thats why Ukip have done so well as they ‘gell’ with the electorate over so many issues that the other three have deliberately ignored or refused to look at.

    • Pacificweather

      “got done by that first post war Labour government”

      Except the utilities. They forgot to create water monopolies and power cartels. Thankfully for the working classes the oversight was rectified.

  • Blindsideflanker

    Tanya Gold peddles unrestricted internationalism, and then wonders why the people getting screwed by the policy won’t vote for it. There is dumb and there is Tanya Gold.

  • edithgrove

    Tanya loves the working class as a concept but is revolted up close. Ah the class system and colonialism, where would we be without them.
    (and Cameron does not have a nice face, he has an entitled and pompous face last time I looked, I haven’t seen Tanya but I imagine she as something similar).

  • Common Sense ✟ كافر

    Is there a law that you can only be a columnist if you have come from a privileged background?
    Seems to be – when will there be a white working class spokesperson in the major newspapers for example?
    I wouldn’t mind so much if 99% of them did not say immigration is great and UKIP is bad – being miles out of touch with the majority and a lack common sense.

    The good news is with the internet these columnists are fast becoming redundant. Anyone can set up their own website and blog regardless if you went to the local private school in Hampstead.

  • Greyfox

    Can someone explain how UKIP’s idea, of controlled immigration, can be described as “filth”? More leftist nonsense dressed up as an article. The problem with the Labour Party is people like this.

  • Kit

    ‘ What’s happened to MY party’
    It is not YOUR party. It is supposed to represent the working classes.

    Now it appears they are ‘ filth’.

    YOU is what has happened to the ‘ Labour Party’. None of you are fit for purpose.

  • thomasaikenhead

    “…and Ukip ‘rhetoric’ on immigration. (When I say ‘rhetoric’ I mean ‘filth’.)”

    On my, Tanya, what a sophisticated piece of analysis!

    Like so many who lament the end of the days of LibLabCon politics, your bile and bitterness combine with your sense of entitlement to completely blind you to the reality of politics in the UK in 2014.

    The negligence, incompetence, lack of accountability, refusal to take responsibility, the nepotism and the corruption, the pursuit of narrow personal goals or party interest at the expense of the national interest, all these and more have combined to form ‘the perfect storm’ and Miliband, Clegg and Cameron (and their parties) are now going to have to deal with the consequences!

    The electorate will now weigh up the events of the last few decades, mass immigration, several wars where huge blood and treasure was expended by the British public and for what reward? A ‘cut and run’ in Afghanistan that will lead to a Taliban victory, anarchy in Libya, sectarian Sunni/Shia conflict in Iraq and Syria and the emergence of Iran as a regional super-power that looks likely to go nuclear and still have sanctions lifted!

    Closer to home, mass immigration means the infrastructure in the country is being overwhelmed as the education, transport, medical and housing sectors buckle under the pressure with the massive increase in maternity causing a human tidal wave whose consequences will last for decades.

    The UK has lost control of its borders and will Cameron fiddles about with a couple of hundred alleged jihadis there could be as many as two million illegal immigrants in the country spreading crime and disease.

    It is not onlyLabour that are in trouble Tanya!

    • Mike

      Perhaps Ms. Gold should look inwards at the support that Harman & Drohmey gave the PIE or the Labour councillors in northern cities who condoned gang rape by ethnic men before referring to facts on immigration as being filth. Maybe she should look at all the job opportunities lost for young kids due to Labours mass immigration policies. I’m sure Blair and his crew thought they were being clever by harvesting immigrant votes through mass immigration but I’m certain they’ve lost more old Labour votes than they might have gained from the ethnic vote. Not only was that immoral, it was dumb as well.

      This writer should consider the ‘filth’ her party has let into the country as it was Labour that created all of their own problems and it doesn’t take rocket science to see where the blame lies. Compared to the Tories or Labour, the LibDumbs have been rather muted in their name calling of Ukip members and Farage but Ukip is unique in modern politics in having to put up with unfounded accusations of racism or bigotry whilst their accusers in LabCon have dished it out in spades.

      The irony is the more Ukip is smeared the greater their support grows but the dumb sh*** in LabCon and their MSM buddies cant see it. A while back we had those foster parents who were told they were no longer suitable by the SS in Rotherham because they joined Ukip and just yesterday, a school governor in Eskdale, Mike ward was told by a bigoted headmistress Sue Whelan that he was no longer suitable as chairman of the governors after joining Ukip.

      It shouldn’t be too difficult to see why the left wing control freaks & Labour are viewed in a toxic manner these days and many former Labour voters are leaving them just as Tory voters have left the Tories. The blame game should start at home as blaming others no longer works and the electorate wont have any of it.

  • Gerschwin

    Labour – party of London
    Conservative – party of London

    UKIP – not party of London
    SNP – not party of London

    It’s actually about as simple as that.

  • anyfool

    What’s happened to my party?
    People like you and the man in the picture joined it.

  • Tilly

    What happened to your party was a scoundrel called Tony Blair
    who said ‘were all middle class now’. Unfortunately the slimy toad
    was good at winning elections so the conservatives chose a leader in the same vein. But not evil or manipulative like Blair
    just weak and niave and the rest as they say is history.

  • Jules Wright

    Sorry? Did you write “filth” with regard to UKIP? Oh dear. Really. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. What is it with the urban left-liberal chatterati that they – and by that I mean you and your ilk Tanya Gold – cannot consider an alt.view without resulting to fearful abuse? I can only conclude it is because you are genuinely afraid of democratically-expressed sentiment. Fascist heal thyself.

    • cambridgeelephant

      Indeed Jules. And when UKIP wins in Rochester they will scratch their precious little heads and wonder why the world doesn’t see it their way.

      • Jules Wright

        Aye. The great unwashed outside the north and south circs eh?

  • Tom M

    “….When I say ‘rhetoric’ I mean ‘filth’…..”
    Sorry Tanya Gold. I cannot let comments like that pass, especially in print. If you wish to be taken as a serious commentator then write in a mature manner. And if the Spectator wishes me to continue my subscription they had better take notice as well.
    As far as proclaiming the virtues of Alan Johnson as some sort of Labour party Messiah can I remind you that this wonder left school with no evidence as to any academic abilities whatsoever and whose claim to adult fame derived from leading a trades union.
    Whilst the people of this country have a right to elect their representatives, which I support, the rest of the country have a right to demand someone of an entirely different character altogether as a potential prime minister of Great Britain.

    • Jules Wright

      Bullseye! Well said.

    • Pacificweather

      And, fortunately, they have one in Ed Milliband. Soon the Tories will have Mrs May and the character set will be complete.

  • Mike

    What happened to your party ?

    Like all projects which start off with a moral high ground and achieve some early success’s, eventually they are taken over by self serving people in it just for themselves. Blair is the epitome of this in the 21st century and now there’s no morals, values or honesty left in the party and sooner or later they implode as they are no longer relevant.

    Thats what happened.

    • Tom M

      True. Nelson Mandela and South Africa is my best example.

  • Doug

    Why does Nelson Fraser keep commissioning this sort of rubbish?

    Anyway, Tanya, your party is in a state because people like you joined it.

    • gerontius

      I’ll defend Fraser Nelson here.
      “Open goal” articles like this sure do generate splendid below the line comment.
      Maybe he’s smarter than you think.

  • GhostofJimMorrison

    Working class voters in Hampstead? That’s funny

    • Tom Allalone

      Tanya’s cleaner

  • Atticus

    ‘What’s happened to my Party?’

    The answer, quite simply, is people like you.

    I, for one, will be relieved when the Labour Party finally breathes its last breath ( and I come from Labour strongholds in the North East).

  • Sean L

    *My* party!!?? *Labour*?? Are you not the same Tanya Gold that gets *paid* to eat food that no one earning less than five or six times the minimum wage could even afford? Makes no sense other than a kind of fashion statement. Can’t make any sense of what you’re saying here either. Bit like the food – all style zero content.

  • berosos_bubos

    Why doesn’t the Speccie employ some right wingers ? Who cares about the socialist parties ?

  • berosos_bubos

    Labour will end the welfare state as it is unaffordable with uncontrolled immigration.

    • Pacificweather

      And only affordable with controlled immigration to ensure it is staffed. Affordable in the sense of affordable housing perhaps?

  • A World of Paine

    With the likes of Tanya Gold spouting utter pointless drivel like this, the future of UKIP is assured. Yet again common sense is met with insults and disdain. The true nature of the disconnected metro-centric former party of the working class is graphically illustrated

    Thank you so much Ms Gold, you are worth your weight in the eponymous metal.

  • Catherine Waterman

    Surely people are disillusioned with Labour full stop. It may have little or nothing to do with the leader. Whenever a political party goes on the wane, it blames its leader. The reality is that the mood of our times is a-changing – and always will be in a state of flux. It’s the essence of political democracy. If you want everything to remain the same forever, all you have to do is encourage theocracy. Ideally, an Islamic theocracy and you’re laughing…that is to say, for as long you can keep a head on your shoulders.

  • Retired Nurse

    Alan Johnson – the man who recommended his Liverpudlian mate’s ”Liverpool Care Pathway” was rolled out across the entire NHS, ..but forgot to implement any mandatory training….jeez!

  • Zionist lackey

    What on earth is this woman on? “Left-wing politics are resurgent where it matters least — outside the Labour party”; she declaims. What this lady means is among the Greens and the idiocy of Russell Brand. What she does not understand and many traditional Labour Party supporters still refuse to do, when it comes to Ed Milliband’s politics, is the demise of socialism as any kind of force in society.

    Socialism, if it ever had a workable place in social history; should be compared today to feudalism in light of Globalisation. Tanya Gold should take cognisance of the piece written in the Spectator alongside her own contribution.

  • Alltaxationistheft

    I don’t know Tanya Gold. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing given she comes across here as one of the nastier Labour wimmin. Tanya as long as selfish low life such as yourself support Labour,it just reinforces why decent working people are abandoning it in droves

  • EricHobsbawmtwit

    Replacing Ed Miliband with Alan Johnson would be like replacing Steve McLaren with Roy Hodgson.

    • gerontius

      Yes but he’s the only representative of the working class that the party has.
      If he is leader I won’t notice the rest of them, apparently.

  • John Smith

    Had to do a double take, thought I had flipped browsers but this is the Spectator. Who commissioned this . . .

  • Labour = Fascists

  • jesseventura2

    Alan Johnson did not lie awake worrying about immigrant numbers but must have nodded off when his special protective cop ran away with his wife?
    People are looking for strong leadership not weak liars like Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Bean or Balls up but there are none in the pipeline?

  • Pacificweather

    In Hampstead and Kilburn we know who won the election but we don’t know who the voters preferred. At one time we might have predicted that the second preference vote would have been fo Labour but now we cannot be so sure. MPs believe it is their duty to act in the interests of the minority of their constituents and Hampstead and Kilburn is the prime example of why that is.

  • hdb

    Alan Johnson is an idiot (an affable one though). He made an utter fool of himself as Shadow Chancellor and the idea he could save Labour is absurd. It would be great on all sides if people could come into politics after having had a career or done a job elsewhere. But in all parties the need for media presentability means politics has become a profession. And not a particularly desireable one. What successful businessman wants to put their sex life in the public domain for a measly 69K a year? Tanya and the public might moan about the way things are but they are largely that way because anyone with a spark of individuality would run a mile rather than become an MP.

  • paul

    Cameron is a Clown – Osborne is out of his depth and Boris Johnson is a thoroughly nasty piece of work :-


  • Tanya Gold

    Congratulations to those of you who managed to post under your own names.