What Angela Merkel really wants (it's not good news for Dave)

The German Chancellor has rather a lot in common with David Cameron. That's why she can't help him

8 November 2014

9:00 AM

8 November 2014

9:00 AM

Angela Merkel is misunderstood. Last winter, when Russia moved to annex Crimea after the overthrow of Ukraine’s government, American officials put it about that the German Chancellor had described Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin as ‘living in another world’ and ‘out of touch with reality’. No evidence has emerged that she ever said any such thing.

Europhiles in the press and in Westminster have now pulled the same trick on David Cameron. The Prime Minister has lately been ruminating about quotas for migrants from certain European Union countries. He complained last month when an unannounced £1.7 billion upward adjustment in Britain’s EU payment turned out to be triple the levy on anyone else. (France and Germany are getting rebates of around a billion euros apiece, and George Osborne hopes to negotiate some sort of delay or reduction for Britain.) Cameron has pushed back a long-planned Europe speech till after the 20 November Rochester by-election, a sign he believes he’ll lose it to Ukip. The consequence was a rather innocuous story in the German newsweekly Der Spiegel which, without quoting Merkel, said that for the first time she considered a British EU exit ‘possible’.

Something got lost in translation. The papers had Merkel ‘ready to cast UK adrift’ (Belfast Telegraph) and telling Cameron he had to ‘accept EU rules or quit’ (Express). And Nigel Farage tweeted: ‘German paper Der Spiegel reports Berlin wants UK EU exit if we try and limit immigration. Still think you can renegotiate, Mr Cameron?’ Cameron was suddenly portrayed as being on no more intimate terms with reality than the Bare-Chested Bolshevik himself — and on the same authority. By now, Frau Merkel must worry that the English-speaking world considers her a terrible gossip.

But the whole story of what Merkel said is implausible. She is surely not angry that Cameron might lead Britain out of the EU; she is more likely frightened that he might follow Britain out of the EU.

For all their differences, Merkel’s predicament regarding the EU resembles Cameron’s. So does her disposition. Rare enough among contemporary European leaders, she is a patriot. Like Cameron, she thinks of nations as good for things other than tourism, and her favourite country is her own. She badly wants Britain in the EU, as a bulwark against its turning into an inflationary ‘transfer union’. She, too, is calling for ‘transition controls’ regarding migration from new EU member states. She wants more say for national parliaments over EU law. (Even if, confusingly, she insists on more EU say over budget-busting national parliaments.)

And she is astute enough to see that she could soon be facing a Ukip-style crisis of her own. Alternative für Deutschland, the anti-euro party that nearly made it into the Bundestag last year, has won 35 seats in state parliamentary elections since then. AfD is not as radical as it is portrayed in the press. When I interviewed a bunch of its members at a conference in Berlin last year they had a very sophisticated critique of the European Central Bank and the various EU rescue funds, and not much else. But the party has broadened its portfolio to include migration, and the nature of the bank bailouts has drawn it into Ukip territory on the issue of national sovereignty. To read through the surge of comments that follow stories on Cameron in the German press is to be struck by the sympathy for his edgier rhetoric — particularly regarding immigrant quotas.

These passions are dangerous for establishment politicians because the two sides of EU issues are not symmetrical. Probably 60 per cent of Britons approve of the EU in the sense that it gives them a few conveniences they wouldn’t otherwise have; 40 per cent believe a bunch of liars are stealing, wrecking, or abolishing their beloved country.

What puts Merkel and Cameron at odds is the very different national systems they are trying to find a place for. The German constitutional order is an intentionally gummed-up machine, except in matters of monetary policy. The euro crisis is precisely the kind of crisis German statesmen have, over the decades, excelled at resolving. It involves meeting several mutually contradictory goals in a way that leaves as few dangerously disgruntled people as possible. Merkel wants more sovereignty for Germany but she understands the benefits of being in a union that keeps Germany’s currency from hardening to the point where its exports are unaffordable. She wants to be a good European neighbour, but she cannot bow to the Greek understanding of what this means — putting German assets at other countries’ disposal. She is on Britain’s side, but she cannot offer the kind of concessions Cameron seeks.

British people have this idea of the EU as a kind of philosophical abstraction that one is either ‘for’ or ‘against’. It is that, but Europe exists on a more pragmatic level, too, as a zero-sum system of privileges and pay-outs. If Britain is permitted to cap the number of Romanian migrants it receives per year, those migrants are going to show up on the streets of Berlin. So Merkel would never bow to a British opt-out on migration policy, even if she took Cameron’s view of the matter. She might, however, follow a British line if it could be turned into a continent-wide policy. Her fellow Christian Democrat Gunther Krichbaum, chairman of the EU affairs committee in the Bundestag, was much quoted as having said that Cameron would wind up with a bloody nose if he introduced a quota system. What Krichbaum actually said was that Cameron would get a bloody nose if he introduced quotas ‘unilaterally’ (einseitig).

Germans are sincere when they profess their inability to understand the ways of Westminster. Der Spiegel complained that Cameron was paying more attention to intra-EU immigration than extra-EU immigration. In this it is only voicing a bafflement common to all foreigners. The south-east of England has become a social welfare magnet and an international bazaar, and the locals are complaining about a few tens of thousands of self-sufficient Poles?

How does one explain this? Is it politically correct cowardice, Poles being a group one can reasonably discriminate against because they are Europeans? Is it that steady workers are actually more disruptive to labour markets than underground freelancers? Is it that non-EU immigrants are better viewed because they’re not free and therefore sortable? (With Saudis or Nigerians or Russians, you can separate the oil barons from the proles and wheel and deal a bit.)

Matters were probably not helped by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s explanation a fortnight ago that an in-out referendum was a way of ‘lighting a fire under the European Union’. Hammond, of course, meant the sort of fire the British lit for world commerce with the steam engine. Many Europeans are now taking it to mean the sort of fire the English lit underneath Joan of Arc.

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Christopher Caldwell is a senior editor at the Weekly Standard and a columnist on the Financial Times.

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  • Jacques Strap

    Didnt hitler once say that England wasnt his natural enemy?

    • Hagen vanTronje

      He did ! Herr Hitler was looking Eastwards, at the Communists, they were his natural enemy !

  • silent_pilot

    ‘Something got lost in translation’? With regard to Mr Farage’s ‘Der Spiegel’ tweet; Mrs Farage’s German is quite good, apparently…

    Having watched Merkel’s spokesman talking about EU migration on German news his tweet was spot on.

    • Hamburger

      Mrs Merkel never, and I repeat, never says anything so definite before the fat lady sings. Perhaps Mrs Forage’s English is not so good…….

      • silent_pilot

        I think Mrs Farage’s English is plenty good enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIgb_hgr7AA

        I think you’re mixing your metaphors. Besides, Mrs Merkel might object to being called a fat lady.

        • Hamburger

          Than Mr Forage was doing a wind up. As for Frau Merkel, I have never heard her sing.

          • silent_pilot

            I don’t think he was winding anyone up. Mrs Merkel’s spokesman was ‘klar und deutlich’ in what i saw on German TV. There was no mistaking the meaning.

  • Mc

    “Angela Merkel is misunderstood”. Yes, she is spectacularly misunderstood. This is a lady who joined official East German communist party political organisations and whose career thrived in East Germany. The East German authorities would not have allowed either if they doubted she was firmly one of them.

    “American officials put it about that the German Chancellor had described Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin as ‘living in another world’ and ‘out of touch with reality’.” The US probably gathered that info from Merkel’s phone calls.

  • AJ

    What ever the speculation is about Merkel, whether she’s misunderstood or not, this is not the point, this Island is full, end of story. If you want to come and live and work here, first learn the language and get past a points based system that will require you to have the necessary skills we need. We’ve had enough of the un-skilled, non-English speaking, poorly educated benefit tourists from all over the globe. To put it crudely, we want people with something to offer rather than free loaders who just want to take. If you have any love for your country, you don’t need me to tell you who to vote for next may.

    • UnionJihack

      You are right, the number one issue on the doorsteps of England remains EU immigration.

      Not only do they not speak English, they simply do not belong here.

      They do not hold British values, they will not strengthen or support British culture.

      Will anyone in the political classes act and listen to the will of the people?

      • balance_and_reason

        Are you kidding fool; immigration of european workers has been a Godsend…….immigration of impoverished Muslims from the various hellholes has been a disaster though…they have caused the majority of trouble, worked the least, claimed the most, integrated the least and look likely to play pull up monkey to haul in extended families to complete the colonisation. We have a problem Houston…..

        • David Daly

          #balance_and_reason – that’s a laugh for a start. In case you had not noticed this is an ISLAND AND a fairly a SMALL one at that. It doesn’t matter how much money you bring in, hundreds and thousands of immigrants coming in will BUST the structure of the NHS SCHOOLS HOUSING WATER ELECTRIC etc. So I put it to you – YOU and those that follow this fantasy of unrestricted movement – whether this policy of unrestricted movement of migrants or labour is anything but disastrous for the long term future of this ISLAND.
          WAKE UP IDIOT

          • balance_and_reason

            Most of the eastern europeans are single workers, youngish, who do not use the NHS to any large extent…hence the huge net contribution in tax.
            The important difference is that we had a large wave of white workers at the bottom of the pile who worked bloody hard….this meant other races who were earlier waves of immigrants were not always alone in the menial jobs…undermining all the race industries complaints. A large part return home, yes with money, but having given the local builders a 10 year kick up the arse which they were overdue for. There has been a 2 decade building boom which could not have been done without the good Polish folk.,,et al…we have all profited by that if we are honest…
            The NHS and schools are run as unionised socialist fiefdoms, hence the waste, incompetence, if it wasn’t for the highly educated doctors in the NHS who are largely immune to the unions (not saying the BMA isn’t a union but compared to NUT etc its a centre for excellence) we’d all still be being bled by leeches.
            I am in agreement that medieval communities of muslims are not helpful to this country but that is not the same issue.

          • David Daly

            So you are saying we can support unlimited migration to this country? That is what the EU supports…..

          • balance_and_reason

            Clearly we cannot have the situation where 100,000 people come very year and latch on to the British nipple….we need to reform the welfare state to remove that migrant magnet…there is a reason that the majority of migrants skip Italy, Spain and France….also we need people who want to integrate…then we can cope, and flourish, and become wealthier as a country….

          • Hagen vanTronje

            It’s not Unlimited Migration, the EU planned 130 Million Immigrants over 50 years, this to counteract the falling birthrates of western europe.
            The problem is that unlike the USA which accepts proven non-criminal, educated folk who can contribute, we in the west get the dross.
            Anybody wonder why they scrapped Border Controls on the mainland ?????

          • Beaugy d’Art

            Maybe you mean Canada, not the US. The Green Card lottery is precisely what it says it is – a lottery. Anyone can apply for a green card. The Canadian government, on the other hand, has a highly selective screening process and really makes sure that only qualified immigrants get admitted.

          • Rollo10

            …hence the huge net contribution in tax.

            What tax? Most are on minimum wage, hence the 2 million STILL unemployed. We now spend £13 billion on IN WORK benefits and £5 billion to Immigrant children living abroad? Don’t believe all the propaganda, since January 2014 the rise in Economically In-Active has been in line with those purported to have found work. Back in Jan the figure for Econ In-Active was 7,846,000 with 2,272,000 unemployed, just over 10m without work. Today those figures are 9,028,000 Econ In-Active and 1,952,000 unemployed a total of 10,980,000 without work? These are ONS figures,Total Labour Force 16-64

          • balance_and_reason

            Your numbers are bogus Rollo…£5bn paid to children oversea’s…come come.
            Let me explain how it works.
            Economies have road blocks..price levels must be found, if, because you have some eager workers who will accept lower levels of pay, and deliver good quality work, people are then willing to invest in their houses you do not get less jobs for the locals…you create wealth. The materials must be bought (tax on sale) the work must be done ( some tax paid, some VAT paid) house value increases (people trade up, move on (stamp duty paid on higher amount on next purchase), workers (say Polish) spend money…(profits, VAT, rent, leisure,transport,) the money goes around. More government receipts more money to be spent on education, health, infrastructure leading to more competitive environment for all.
            There are now more people in work than ever before in the UK…this is a plus that keeps on giving every year….every year that we have less public sector employee’s than private means the bill gets more affordable (or less unaffordable) than before…more workers more tax….
            Are we getting there?

          • Rollo10

            More workers more tax? Then why, if we have the highest recorded work force, the income tax has only risen 0.01% (ONS Sept) Yet the Welfare bill rose, three fold? Because we have so many low income workers, we have to pay their RENT? They are changing the system, working towards a non tax reliant work force, because the corporations are achieving cheap loans. See here; http://youtu.be/4edZ-LIW_vM -In January we had 2,272,000 unemployed and we also had 7,846,000 Economically In-Active, these figures changed in Sept to 1,952,000 unemployed and 9,028,000 Economically In-Active, that’s almost 11 million without a job? This is from a Labour force Aged 16-64 of 40,633,000 (ONS figures) These are the ones they don’t shout about!

        • Don MacLeod

          Muslim immigration is the danger. These people have no intention to integrate, fill our prisons and are heavily reliant on benefits, The media roll out the same crap blaming the Poles when the real issue is non-European and particularly Muslim immigration.

      • steph

        Ad the pakis and indians do, whoa ha ha …
        And what are british values? Warm beer and driving on the wrong side?

        • Rintintin

          Well, not FGM or death for apostasy…just for starters.

        • Hagen vanTronje

          “”And what are british values? Warm beer and driving on the wrong side?””
          That you even ask this question shows that you are not British !

      • Gregory Mason

        It’s not European immigration that really bothers me but immigration from outside of the Europe (it bothers me but just a lot less). However because of the culture of political correctness that has been forced upon us you cannot complain about the latter publicly without being shouted down as a racist (potentially destroying your social life and career). The climate of fear created by the Left has meant that Europeans have to be used as the focus of rage so that something can actually be done about it.

    • greggf

      Immigration into Britain is almost entirely of our own making AJ. Nevertheless it is the prime issue and an open-ended problem for Britain.
      As Caldwell says: the rest of the EU are baffled by our complaints about EU migration when a far more serious pecuniary drain is non-EU migration.

      EU migration is governed by rules which include this clause: “freedom of movement for workers shall be secured subject to limitations justified on grounds of public policy, public security or public health”.
      Other member states exploit such terminology to impose, on the grounds of PUBLIC POLICY, requirements for residence (usually 5 years) and evidence of job offers, health insurance, contributions, IDs and more, before access to Welfare is possible. Because that’s how Welfare works for the French nationals, Belgians, Dutch etc

      Meanwhile in Britain it’s been Public Policy to grant access to Welfare to anyone and everyone who can merely provide an address for decades.
      So my point is that Cameron et alia can stop the pull factor, pull up the drawbridge, and switch off the magnet by changing Public Policy regarding access to Welfare.
      Effecting such change appears unlikely probably because it would adversely affect all those non-EU immigrants, as well as many native Brits, who have been in Britain enjoying the taxpayers’ munificence for decades.

      In reality EU immigration has become a proxy for EU reform and if Cameron can obtain some movement here he may be calculating that a vote to leave the EU will ultimately fail.

      • David Daly

        The whole structure of the EU is CORRUPT and nonsensical

    • Niko Belic

      “If you want to come and live and work here, first learn the language and
      get past a points based system that will require you to have the
      necessary skills we need. We’ve had enough of the un-skilled,
      non-English speaking, poorly educated benefit tourists from all over the
      globe. To put it crudely, we want people with something to offer rather
      than free loaders who just want to take.”

      Very good points…but do the British expats in South-East Asia speak Thai or Malay? Do they give more than they take?

      Of course migrants should come with a willingness to learn the local language

      and ways. But that has to be the case for all migrants then. And that includes Britons who move abroad for work and get an easy time because they can stick to English and avoid any effort to improve their proficiency in other languages.

      • Hagen vanTronje

        “”Very good points…but do the British expats in South-East Asia speak Thai or Malay? Do they give more than they take?””
        I doubt very much that they are living the life of Riley on the generous Benefits, free Healthcare, free Schooling, free Housing, etc dished out to Foreigners by the Malaysian or Thai Governments !

      • mdjcole

        British migrants to Thailand and Malaysia generally consume no government services, either have high taxable incomes (at least relative to the local average) or live off savings, and have no intention of acquiring citizenship or raising their children as Malaysian or Thai.

        In order to acquire Malaysian citizenship it is required to have been resident for a decade, able to speak Malay (despite the fact that English is an official language), and to renounce any other citizenship. You will then be officially discriminated against even as a citizen if you are not both an ethnic Malay and a registered Muslim, or of a recognised indigenous ethnicity. About of a third of the population is subject to this Apartheid-lite, mostly ethnic Chinese and Indians.

        I don’t know anything about Thai citizenship.

    • oregun

      That is exactly the way Americans feel about their country and rightly so! I believe we are seeing a worldwide agreement on what immigration is. The socialist view is to put more non productive peoples on the voting roles that will vote for them to keep their free money coming in.

  • Caps Lock

    “Probably 60 per cent of Britons approve of the EU in the sense that it
    gives them a few conveniences they wouldn’t otherwise have; 40 per cent
    believe a bunch of liars are stealing, wrecking, or abolishing their
    beloved country.” I think Mr Caldwell is also ‘living in another world’ and ‘out of touch with reality’.” if he believes that 60% of Britons approve of the EU!

    • John Carins

      He believes that 60% are gullible enough to swallow the establishment spin. Are we British any more? If we were, 99% would be demanding “out, out….”

  • John Carins

    More sophistry. Let’s cut to the chase, we need to get off this conveyor belt to serfdom. The refrain Britons shall never be slaves is becoming increasingly hollow.

    • rtj1211

      WE already are. The Americans raid any decent industry we develop, football merely being the latest. The Arabs and the Chinese are busy buying up our assets and our debt and they will surely extract a future price for doing so.

      The reason the nation will become slaves is because the richest in Britain wished it to be so.

      Those obsessed by money are also obsessed by status, class and the need to keep others down.

      Unfortunately, when you treat the majority of your nation like that, they get the message. They are initially aggressive and angry, then apathetic and solely interested in taking what they can get as a result of having had their dignity taken from them.

      If those at the top were as superior as they have always claimed, they would have already known that.

      • John Carins

        In part I agree with you. We have allowed our great “brands” to be bought up whilst not expanding our own industries into foreign markets. Labour and just not the rich are equally culpable. For example, Labour allowed our Power/Electricity industries to be sold to French,German and Spanish concerns.

  • Peter Stroud

    Most of the UK population are content with the EU, because they have been persuaded by years of propaganda, to believe that leaving would result in three million unemployed. This sort of negativity needs to be countered by an honest appraisal of the benefits of leaving the union.

    • David Daly

      Same old scaremongering to keep the status quo – Time for change

  • If you state the case for a reduction of
    the EU back to a free-trading zone (take the U out and put the EC back in)
    clearly and courageously enough, this will get a following in Germany too. Of course Germans want markets for their
    goods, but they don’t see the logic of a market where the seller first has to
    give the buyer the money to buy his goods.
    You have to have studied in an exaltedly superieur academy in France to
    do that. Emperor Jean-Claude won’t like
    it, but he might be a bit too preoccupied with the tax gangsterism of his own
    little native not so grand duchy for a while.
    Either the current Wetminster gaggle do it sooner, or UKIP will do it
    later. It will be a bit like having a
    deeply anchored bad tooth extracted. Painful, but the relief afterwards will be
    all the better.

    • Randy McDonald

      “If you state the case for a reduction of the EU back to a free-trading zone (take the U out and put the EC back in) clearly and courageously enough, this will get a following in Germany too.”


  • Bonkim

    Agree with much of this analysis – have said before – Merkel’s main concern is that if Britain lifts the drawbridge Berlin will get the traffic.

    • David Daly

      They can have all the immigrants they can take – Germany is far bigger than the UK.

    • Κ. Μ. Παππάς

      Bonkim, your remark “Merkel’s main concern is that if Britain lifts the drawbridge Berlin will get the traffic” may be correct and again it may not.
      Not necessarily at least, as Germany never had the colonies Britain had -far from it!
      I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Britain having been on the “take” from her colonies -and not only- for centuries is now facing “pay back” time.
      Personally I support controlled immigration (the Toms the Dicks and the Harries better stay at home).

      • Bonkim

        Warped view of the British Empire. There were few nation states until after WW1. The 17 ans 1800s were the times of Empires all in world history. The British Empire was more of a cooperative effort than the norm of the times when military adventure was the order of the day. Of course Britain benefited commercially, but the people of the Empire benefited too. Infrastructure – road, rail, banking and commerce, regulation, rule of law, education, scientific and engineering innovations, government and administration, etc, – these developed in parallel across the Empire – North America, India, Australia, S Africa, Kenya/Uganda, etc, Compare these features with say the Empires of the French and other European powers – totally different. People of the Empire saw fair justice, commercial and industrial regulation, and equality of sorts for the first time, The British system also encouraged independent thinking – in fact most of the freedom movements in the colonial lands were initiated by Britons and they were also the first to push for abolition of the backward cultural and social inequalities and exploitative features that some of these societies were afflicted with. The Empire also enabled local agricultural and industrial enterprises to develop helped also by the technologies developing in Britain and other parts of the Empire.

        Bear in mind today’s nation states that evolved from the Empire were warring petty kingdoms, and also under earlier Islamic Empires – read up the history of India or China for example.

        The world overall was an unequal place for people, exploitation was the order of the day based on race, tribe, religion, colour and language. Countries like India and China, also African tribes had huge numbers of social and ethnic groups exploited in a multi-layer exploitative system. Much of the exploitation was by the various native groups themselves – for example – slaves were sold by the local tribal chiefs to Arab traders who in turn sold them to Portuguese and Spanish shippers.

        Plantation labour in countries such as India, Fiji, and the West Indian colonies were shipped by British and French shippers but mainly managed by local contractors – and even today their descendants are prefixed by the name of the Sardar or tribal Chief who collected them all those decades back and continued to get a cut of their wages as bounty for managing their internal affairs in accordance with their tribal customs.. Some of these societies were rotten to the core and remain exploitative – more so today decades after the British left. today. Don’t blame the British for their lack of social organisation or consciousness. Britain owes nothing to the people of the Empire – they have contributed much to their development.

        Whilst the Imperial businesses exploited resources and labour – they organised all that and reaped benefits of their enterprise. is it any different today where world trade is based on competitive advantage – in real terms competitive exploitation.

        • Κ. Παππάς

          Dear Bonkim, just so as to make it clearer and avoid misinterpretation again: The point was not about the British Empire, but that things have reversed. Those who previously benefitted the most, are now benefitting the least and vice-versa. That’s all there was to it.
          It appears that you had missed the point in the first place -but it’s alright…

          • Bonkim

            All things rise, decline, and have to come to an end – life-cycle theory. Regards payback – misguided and looking back in history – you will be lost – both sides benefited in all the historic transactions or they would not have got in the transaction.

  • Terence Hale

    “What Angela Merkel really wants (it’s not good news for Dave)”. Fr. Merkel has very often been compared to a German Mrs. Thatcher. This is wrong, more to a thatched cottage is apt.

  • beenzrgud

    Merkel certainly has a headache selling the current EU/Eurozone setup to the German electorate. Of the Germans I have spoken to there are barely any who have a good word for the Euro especially. Whatever happens they think it almost always means that Germans will be picking up the bill, and from my observations they are not far wrong. As this situation continues I can see German attitudes hardening too, so it will only get harder for German leaders in the future. Cameron needs to use leverage like this, plus any other discontent in the EU, in order to push for change. I doubt in the end it will make much difference, but it might.

  • RickDastardly

    The problem is politicians and political commentators keep telling “us” what we dont like about immigration. However most of the time they are just spinning the problem for their own advantage and then selling their own solutions.

    For me there are too many migrants, regardless of where they come from. More houses, more cars, more mobile phones. It is inevitable that a larger population is good for the economy, but when we’ve turned every field into a housing estate, every village into a town and every country lane into a dual carriageway, will the pro immigration lobby still be telling us immigration is good.

    The GDP will be higher, but we will be living in a different country. One where our quality of life is far lower.

    Stop fragmenting the debate and plan to stabilise the population

    • Hagen vanTronje

      I used to support the Greens decades ago, the plan was to wind back to around 55 Million souls in the UK but one day new folk took over the Leadership and the ,”winding down the population idea”, was dropped.
      As most of the new Leadership was either Fabianist or Marxist, I always thought that a coup de etat had taken place organised by politically motivated persons, (as Harold Wilson might have said).

    • Rollo10

      “It is inevitable that a larger population is good for the economy,”

      How can it be good for the economy, when it means less, per head? They like to produce figures and such statements as this, but the truth, is totally different, as millions can see in their living standard, their wages and now health? There are far to many unskilled coming in and Moslems who wont work, especially the female variety! Yes there are some Moslims, those that have been ‘westernised’, work, invariably in positions that promote their religion!

      But they don’t ‘really’ want to integrate!


  • Mr Grumpy

    “Der Spiegel complained that Cameron was paying more attention to intra-EU immigration than extra-EU immigration. In this it is only voicing a bafflement common to all foreigners.”

    Just foreigners, Christopher? But the explanation is simplicity itself: immigrants from the EU have no need to acquire British citizenship and therefore do not generally (unless Irish) acquire votes in general elections.

    Hence such surreal spectacles as the MP for Rochdale, Danczuk by name, professing to believe that the only problematic kind of immigrants are industrious East Europeans.

    • goatmince

      There we have it – MPs, not councillors, play the crowd with cheap shots knowing they are untouchable as the populace has no way of fighting back and asking the pleb to stick his piffle where the sun don’t shine.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      Also, it is an article of faith for the three main parties and much of the media that immigration from outside the EU has been a great success. Our new, vibrant, multicultural Great Britain is something to celebrated. When serious rioting breaks out, as it does from time to time, the fault usually
      Having stuck to the official line for so long, the government dare not change their time.

  • WalterSEllis

    Christopher Caldwell makes a lot of sense, not least because he speaks to Germans in their own language. Germans in the 21st century are our natural allies. Brits don’t wish to cease to be British; Germans don’t want to give up their German-ness. Not only that, Germans quite like Brits and younger Brits, for the most part, admire the Germans.

    Caldwell is right to say that Merkel won’t approve giving the UK the ability, uniquely, to restrict EU immigration. He is also right to point out that she will consider any reasonable proposal Cameron makes that applies the brakes on a Union-wide basis, or at least denies new arrivals the same rights as established natives. Finally, Caldwell is surely correct in reporting the confusion over European versus third World immigrants. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage may call for more immigrants from Africa and the Sub-Continent. I sincerely doubt that this is what most UKIP voters want. Their concern, beyond jobs and pressure on public services, centres on the dilution of their culture and an ever-increasing population density, especially in the South East, which is making them feel like rats in a trap. Germany needs immigrants. It’s native population is falling fast. Its worry is that it is all happening too fast, without regulation and at too great a cost, short-term, to the German treasury. Britain’s case is different. The UK is full. The huddled masses are already in place.

    I don’t doubt that Merkel and Cameron can come together on what is a crucial issue for both countries. But they need to be given the time and the space in which to do so. An informal EU conference, convened in Berlin, with keynote speeches by both leaders, would be a good start.

    • Hamburger

      Just to prove your point there was recently an article in Die Welt proposing that it would be better for Europe to be led, for want of a better word, by Germany and they UK rather than France.

      • WalterSEllis

        I love France and I wish it well. But Die Welt is right. Until all the member states get more or less into line (economically speaking) and start to move in the same direction, Germany and Britain should give the lead, with France as the necessary alternative voice.

    • david

      Like Hell. I want this traitor out of office.

  • Tom M

    “…..Probably 60 per cent of Britons approve of the EU in the sense that it
    gives them a few conveniences they wouldn’t otherwise have; 40 per cent
    believe a bunch of liars are stealing, wrecking, or abolishing their
    beloved country…….”
    I don’t see that these two groups are mutually exclusive.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    “How does one explain this? Is it politically correct cowardice, Poles being a group one can reasonably discriminate against because they are Europeans”?

    That’s more than likely. Discontent with immigration existed long before there was an influx of East Europeans. Also, the political parties do not want to alienate voters from ethnic minorities.

  • Babeouf

    ‘Probably 60 per cent of Britons approve of the EU in the sense that it gives them a few conveniences they wouldn’t otherwise have; 40 per cent believe a bunch of liars are stealing, wrecking, or abolishing their beloved country.’ but theses % are about the same as the Scots pro and anti Union before. After the referendum,in spite of the No vote, independence looks to be the more likely longer run outcome. And like the defense of the UK any in/out referendum will be swept along on a torrent of fear. The Utility ,outside the common market, of the EU appears small but the dis utilities of EU membership appear much larger. Dave has played his EU hand just about as poorly as anyone could have imagined.

  • global city

    The people of the UK are sovereign. Those on the continent are not and never have been. It is more than a philosophical difference between Merkel and Cameron. For the British state to share or transfer ‘powers’ (sovereignty previously under the democratic ownership of the people) they have to steal it from the people. On the continent it is assumed that sovereignty lies in the hands of the State.

    It’s all pretty fundamental and has nothing to do with a couple of quid here or there.

  • FF42

    Nevertheless Angela Merkel made it clear in remarks, since repeated, that she was opposed to any restriction of freedom of movement between European countries. She has said there are other problems including payment of benefits that she has discussed with David Cameron. The implication is that as long as migrants don’t fall back on the State they are free to come and go. David Cameron’s proposal of changing EU law on that would be unacceptable. And – German Konsequenz logic kicking in – if that means the UK leaving the EU, so be it. But Germany is staying in. That’s about the only hard principle Mrs Merkel sticks to.

  • Augustus

    Merkel is against restrictions on free movement and migration because she believes in a federal Europe. She grew up in the GDR sealed off from the West. She thinks low wages are good for German industry and probably thinks that Europe, especially Germany, owes a debt of honour to Eastern Europe.

    The EU open-borders agreement has obviously been a total disaster. 2.5 million EU migrants have arrived in Britain alone, and an awful lot of British workers have suffered because of the arrival of Eastern Europeans. Many low skilled workers simply have to share incomes and benefits with more people. This leads to pauperization of sections of society. If Cameron does nothing about this he will certainly lose next year’s election. Merkel would be wise to take an example from Britain’s position on this because many German cities are suffering due to the arrival of Eastern Europeans. Just go to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt and see all the countless drunks hanging around. And in Germany too indigenous workers are feeling the pinch due to increased migrant competition. Proud German families are also seeing their neighbourhoods deteriorate, no wonder a lot of them will turn to Alternative für Deutschland with their very real grievances.

    • Beaugy d’Art

      The drunks hanging out at the railway stations are usually Germans, mate. Indeed, Eastern Europeans cause some trouble, but a lot of them normally work hard and do jobs that Germans would never bother with. I have never seen a German cleaner or an au-pair girl, for instance, and you won’t find many Brits picking strawberries, will you.

      The truth is that the native working classes started deteriorating long before globalisation and mass migration came about, decades ago, because the younger generations got spoilt by the extremely generous social system. Why work in a factory when you can get by on the dole? A German friend of mine is nearly 40 and he hasn’t really had a proper job for 20 years. He calls himself a ‘free spirit’.

      Nowadays it is very fashionable to claim working class roots in Britain, but most young people hardly dream of becoming construction workers, I suppose. The general idea is to work less and earn more – call it social mobility, if you will. Why do you think Germany resorted to importing millions of workers from Turkey in the 60’s? This was a very naive move which greatly contributed to the eventual expansion of radical Islam in Europe. Muslims cause a lot more trouble than Eastern Europeans do, and are much more resistant to integration, in general. Everybody knows that but political correctness makes it nearly impossible to tackle the problem. It is a lot easier to use Eastern Europeans as scapegoats, because most of them cannot claim any privileges on ethnic / cultural grounds.

      So don’t talk to me about proud German families and deteriorating neighbourhoods. If you don’t have the balls to stand up to the Muslims, don’t go after the Romanians, Bulgarians and the Poles. In Bavaria there is a public initiative against the building of a major mosque in Munich. But then again, Bavaria is Catholic and more conservative, and the Germans there aren’t as ashamed of being German as the hippies in Berlin.

      • Augustus

        The federalist European State can only create a miserable Marxist kind of deliverance for a lot of people who want to live, work and recreate safely without imposed top-down rules destroying their lives. The free movement edict coupled with Eastern expansion was bound to create lower wage economies, more foreign benefit recipients, pauperization and more crime in the West. Restrictions on this form of open borders immigration should have been made long before now. As for Bulgaria and Romania, didn’t they fail in their attempts to fight corruption and organised crime recently? How’s that progressing? Btw, citizens from member states like Romania and Croatia are allowed to change their identities several times. This is also possible in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania. When that happens people from those countries can travel about with their newly acquired names, register wherever they like with a new name without the authorities being any the wiser. This makes it relatively easy for criminals to commit fraud with benefits etc.

        • Beaugy d’Art

          My point is that the situation in Britain was already quite messed up even before the wave of Eastern Europeans made its way to your green and pleasant land. Making them responsible for problems that existed before they came is not fair. Otherwise I certainly agree that there is a lot of scum. On the other hand, their work ethic is much better than that of the Muslims, and they don’t expect everything to be handed to them.

          As far as corruption is concerned – it is everywhere. In the West it is called lobbying and operates on a much higher level, of course. The average citizen moans about the royal family’s annual budget, for instance, but isn’t really concerned with the shady affairs of governments and corporations because the standard of living is decent enough. Things on the Balkans are much more primitive. The politicians there are often the puppets of foreign interests.They get paid for not doing the best for their countries.

          The bad image and the stereotypes definitely exist for a reason, no doubt about that. And because of that Westerners are generally inclined to underestimate the positive sides of Eastern Europe. Despite all the problems, these countries are not third world countries. They still produce world class surgeons, IT specialists, scientists and engineers, much like Russia, India and China do.

      • Hagen vanTronje

        “”But then again, Bavaria is Catholic and more conservative, and the Germans there aren’t as ashamed of being German as the hippies in Berlin.””
        Bavarians are Bavarians, not Germans !.
        Berliners are not hippies either, they are SauPreuss !

        • Beaugy d’Art

          Hahahaha, no comment. In case you happen to be Dutch, I can definitely understand your attitude. Every time I travel to the Netherlands, I do a little experiment – I try to communicate with the people in English on some occasions, and then in German on others. Even though a lot of Dutch know German, they are much more friendly when you address them in English.

          • Hagen vanTronje

            I am English but my Wife is a Cloggy, we have no problems with germans, I work in Germany a lot and get on with the Germans very well.
            The Dutch are a bit nervous about the Germans for a few reasons, that the Germans just walked into Holland and the Dutch surrendered without much of a fight, is one, that the Dutch themselves rounded up the Jews for the Germans is another (and the reason they did this was to grab the Houses of the Jews), and lastly, all the Dutch Women that had German boyfriends during WW2 My Wifes Mother has photos of Wehrmacht guys she was friendly with, her Sister too !

      • lobotomisedjournalist

        “The truth is that the native working classes started deteriorating long before globalisation and mass migration came about, decades ago, because the younger generations got spoilt by the extremely generous social system.”

        Yes and no. It is something of a vicious circle. Employers and consumers did not want the rising costs of actually paying decent wages for low skilled work, so a compromise was found – keep wages low, placate the locals who could not afford to live on such wages with dole money – an opt-out solution, and import cheap foreign labour. It is obviously a disastrous policy on many levels, but the alternative of paying more so that everyone can have the dignity of a living wage for the work they do was long-ago rejected, and who knows how that would have turned out.

    • Niko Belic

      “The EU open-borders agreement has obviously been a total disaster. 2.5
      million EU migrants have arrived in Britain alone, and an awful lot of
      British workers have suffered because of the arrival of Eastern
      Europeans. Many low skilled workers simply have to share incomes and
      benefits with more people.”

      Not to mention a massive increase in human trafficking which has turned Western Europe into the world’s hub for such activities.

    • Hagen vanTronje

      “”Just go to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt and see all the countless drunks hanging around.””
      I visit Germany regularly for my job and I can confirm that ever middle sized/large sized Railway station, has hordes of drunks, beggars, thieves, etc. always in attendance. This started around 25 years ago.

  • David

    It is right for British people to have this ‘philosophical abstraction’, because in practice it translates to one country with common law and a sense of fair play evolved over one thousand or more years against nearly 30 others with civil law and a philosophy of ‘gaming’ things for what you can get out of them. It’s one country with a philosophical and economic tradition that invented the modern world and now spans out all around it, against nearly thirty others which have had very mixed pasts, some good, some bad, but few as remarkable as ours.

    We have evolved a very clear and connected representative democracy which has until the past fifteen or so years given its citizens a sense of having a real say in the way the country is governed, and this stands in total conflict to the European Union which has declared its intention to supersede democratic nation states and now rules by edict from an unelected commission – its so-called parliament nothing more than a debating society. So, this philosophical abstraction represents the profound, dramatic fissure between our way of doing things and that of the EU. The latter is now in a power struggle with the former, trying to denude us of our democracy. It’s war.

  • HY

    The real reason that Angie & Dave actually want us to have an in/out referendum.
    Mr Farage take note!

    “God save us from an EU referendum”

  • Mike

    “Probably 60 per cent of Britons approve of the EU in the sense that it
    gives them a few conveniences they wouldn’t otherwise have; 40 per cent
    believe a bunch of liars are stealing, wrecking, or abolishing their
    beloved country.”

    Whether the stats are true or not is immaterial but the only convenience I see is the UK being used as a ‘public convenience’ for all of Europes (and beyond) detritus trying to gain access to our public services for free. Why are there thousands of people at Calais trying to smuggle themselves in if not for the benefits we hand out like candy to one and all.

    The EU is an unaccountable unelected bunch of control freaks that for 10 years have failed to have their accounts signed off and we’re expected to meekly cough up when they want more money. Stealing through corruption is a given, wrecking by use of ridiculous laws such as how to weigh foods or what shape fruit should be, enforced use of CFL light bulbs and now low power vacuum cleaners that take longer to clean saving no energy at all, just what is the point of this. Their stated aim for complete monetary, taxation and political union is clear and yet when it comes to common EU wide road safety & driving laws where a union makes sense, there’s a deadly silence.

    The only legislation that gets passed is that generated by a bunch of socialist left wingers in Brussels acting out their twisted ideology to no ones benefit within the EU but at great cost to all of us.

    We only have fear itself if we leave the EU as there’s nothing of note that will disadvantage us but plenty to enhance our self determination when we cut this cancer from our society.

  • Mike

    Now that anti-Ukip smear tactics have been seen not to work, this is a different slant to try and con us that the EU is a good thing because Merkel doesn’t really mean what she says in public.

    Come on, pull the other one, do you honestly think the electorate is that dumb !

  • David

    If Britain is not welcoming enough, where are the scenes of hubdreds of “asylum seekers” boarding lorries at dover, desperate to get to France?

  • myles strong

    dave and gideon’s efforts to enrich the country have been so successful, especially the drugs and prostitution,
    which are now factored in,
    hence the huge bill!

  • Mitzi

    I don’t believe the majority of people are against legitimate immigration, those that can enhance our country. What people are afraid of and this is becoming more and more pronounced is the people coming here with no chance of employment and just build up their enclaves of non English speaking people, those that demand to be looked after and those illegals who for some reason we are not getting rid of, and are bringing this once wonderful county on it’s knees because like it or not they cost a lot of money which has to come out of our services one way or another.

  • lobotomisedjournalist

    Locals are complaining much more loudly about uncontrolled immigration from outside Europe than from within – every politician knows this, but they are the cowards, refusing to run with it, instead preferring to give out platitudes about peace-loving Muslim immigrants and demonising hard-working Poles. None of it makes any sense, but then what do you expect from idiot politician traitors?

    • Hagen vanTronje

      “”Locals are complaining much more loudly about uncontrolled immigration from outside Europe than from within “”
      This is EU policy and has been for over 20 years now.
      Every Country HAS to take it’s quota !

      • lobotomisedjournalist

        Britain has considerably more immigrants coming into the country from outside the EU than the relatively small number of genuine asylum seekers that you are referring to, Particularly from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria. Most of these immigrants have a strong Muslim identity first and only if we are lucky do they also try to develop a sense of gratitude to their new homeland for providing them with the social framework to make their lives here. At best, they have a grudging respect for the economic opportunities and the functioning institutions that help them to raise their families and thrive, at worst, they are bitter and resentful that Western nations have developed robust institutions that their very corrupt and largely dysfunctional societies can only dream of.

        Many Muslim immigrants are a problem, and it is a problem that the UK political and cultural elite refuse to face honestly.

  • Isaac111

    They do have a lot in common…. They are both Hollywood ACTORS….. And we have the proof…. Google this….Wellaware1……….And find out who these Jokers really are.

  • james

    ”Many Europeans are now taking it to mean the sort of fire the English lit underneath Joan of Arc”. It was the French who lit the fire under Joan of Arc. The English captured her and handed her over to the French. get your facts right.

    • JohnH

      Joan was captured by the Burgundians who were in cahoots with the English, and was burned in Rouen which was the seat of English occupation government. The trial was overseen by amongst others the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Warwick. Do get it right…

      • balance_and_reason

        It was a cold day, a little drizzly, she was shivering…mistakes were made; give us a break! Always the fault of us English ffs.

  • david

    Figures are utterly wrong more like 66% want out of the EU

  • dred

    If it was something that had just occured it would be bad enough but this has been the direction britain has gone from before entering the common market.We now have no effective border controls which means any coming from mainland europe just get waved through.The same excuses for e.u. immigrants is the same as before,they do jobs the natives wont do.With the same result pressure on low wage jobs something that so called “tax credits” were meant help with .All this is an admission they were wrong But wont admit it.

  • Pola

    Why British people hates Poles so much?I am polish myself and do not know any not working polish people,none of my friends take any benefits.We are working,paying taxes and don’t interupt with British culture.Why you guys accept Muslims,who in fact hate your country and only live here because of social help but you all against poles?

    • AJAX

      We’re not anti-Polish, we respect the Poles for having fought bravely alongside our Armed Forces in WW2, but if multiple millions of the English migrated into Poland all of a sudden seeking employment, the Poles would rightly be alarmed at it & object to it as too large a foreign presence on their land, with the potential it causes for ethnic conflict in the future, like Bosnia, & we feel the same when it’s our land being effected in this way.

      As for Arab & Pakistani Mohammedan migrants – we don’t want them here in mass numbers either believe me mate, it’s the politicians who have let them in & we are turning on those politicians now by supporting UKIP.

      • Pola

        This is so true!I do understand.Is just not fair sometimes when Poles are being example of “everything bad”.From my point of view the system is wrong not people.Immigrants shouldn’t been given any social funds until they work and pay taxes.If instead of “gettin rid of immigrants” England would close social care and benefits for them,you would see how many people leave.Only people who want to work and live along British community will stay.

        • AJAX

          I’m as anti mass migration as you can get, & I am not anti Polska in the slightest, & haven’t heard anyone I know who is. It’s purely a matter of unease at a mass foreign migration into our territory in such numbers that we fear will create a Bosnia situation at the end of it.

          Now the Polish people have at last got free of Russian rule they can build their nation into a wealthy one, where their young won’t have to migrate in such numbers into foreign nations to find work, & when England is free of the EU we’ll be a good ally of Poland to help you do it with alliances & trade, but whilst Poland is at this stage of still being built up we have to put a halt on mass migration pressures like this to avoid Bosnia like situations developing.

          You make a good point of the Welfare State benefits issue, it is acting like a magnet & needs to be stopped.

          • Pola

            It is just scary for me ,working here for 7 years and saving to buy a house with my husband and then maybe in 2-3 years we would be told to leave.It is hard for me to imagine a brand new start back home…but I do understand that is to many immigrants around.Is just after all those years I can not see myself as one of “them” but I should,because if England decide to leave EU then we all have to go:(

          • AJAX

            If you & your husband & any other Polish people are settled here you will be free to stay (provided you wish to live in a nation outside of the EU), no one is going to order a mass expulsion of people, but the immigration entry ports must be legally closed to halt any more mass migration into England from foreign nations as we have experienced for the last 50 years, or they will be a Bosnian situation at the end of it, & if that happens you won’t want to live here believe me!

    • Brendan Mahoney

      dont hate poles pola.your brave nation stood up against the nazi jackboot and your brave pilots flew against the luftwaffe,you have just swamped our country driving down wages in the construction/building industry,dont forget people had a standard of living, a wage,mortgage and loan etc then overnight there is massive competition for jobs with you people doing the job for half the money,thats why your despised by the brits,not on a personal level but because of the sheer numbers of you.

    • balance_and_reason

      Pola, don’t listen to those silly geese; they are enraged by the socialist lies, deceptions, gerrymandering and equate all immigrants with the good folk of eastern europe……I personally am looking for a good plumber at the moment as well and would love to hire an efficient, god fearing and friendly Polish person.

      • Hagen vanTronje

        “”I personally am looking for a good plumber at the moment as well and would love to hire an efficient, god fearing and friendly Polish person. and pay him/her 2 quid an hour.

        • balance_and_reason

          Good luck with that fagin

    • Niko Belic

      “Why you guys accept Muslims,who in fact hate your country and only live here because of social help”

      Hate the country perhaps. But the “social help” bit – unlike EU migrants, Muslims from outside the EU cannot claim social benefits upon arriving in the UK (unless they have been accepted as refugees). Plus you are mixing together a nationality (Poles) and a religion (Muslims).

      People do not hate Poles per se. It’s just that there has been a huge increase in the arrivals of Poles into the UK over a period of just 10 years, which will of course be greeted with fear. Had the same phenomenon happened over 30-40 years, it would have been welcomed differently.

      Also how welcoming is Poland towards migrants from neighbouring countries? Would the arrival of large numbers of Ukrainians/Lithuanians/Germans be welcomed with open arms in Poland? I can’t imagine, and that is precisely the sort of thing happening in the UK.

  • Susan Johnson

    So Merkel is the new Hitler,he failed,but then we had a strong leader.Cameron needs to grow some,Merkel wants the control to herself and her hangers-on.Kick out and stop anymore freeloaders from entering OUR COUNTRY.I don’t care who they are or where they come from if they don’t want to work send them home and give a clear message,If you want to work and live in the UK,YOU ALL work and pay our taxes.If after that you want to send cash home fine.BUT and it’s a big BUT.we will not pay for you kids and family back home.This is not A BENEFIT FREE COUNTRY AND REMEMBER THAT.

  • edward

    Having EU migrants providing they have a job to come to is not a problem but we should stop all immigration from outside the EU.

    • balance_and_reason

      Edward, I’ve got a feeling you don’t like those darkies….

  • leadbetter

    How nice for Germany that they have a leader who is a patriot, and prefers her own country to others. What that has to do with David Cameron, I can’t imagine.
    Unless, of course, you mean that Mrs Merkel’s “patriotism” is also based around the idea of a country where the nationality of the population is decided by a piece of paper, and has nothing to do with race, culture, or weltanschauung ?
    It’s not only foreigners who have noticed the fuss being made by UKIP and panicking Tories about EU immigrants, while the fact that whole regions of the UK have already been turned into Third World enclaves is studiously ignored.

  • barry

    Its very plain to see to all that want to look is that our benefit system has been a magnet for imigration and will be for years to come until those that are paid to see this actualy open their eyes this will always be a burden to the english people, the muslim population have pillaged and raped this country over the last 60 years and one can wonder why our parents and grandparents gave their lives in what was a futile conflict that we were told that we had won only to see their sacrifices given away .

  • Dr. Heath

    “The euro crisis is precisely the kind of crisis German statesmen have,
    over the decades, excelled at resolving. It involves meeting several
    mutually contradictory goals in a way that leaves as few dangerously
    disgruntled people as possible.”

    Germany is a late arrival. As it was in 1870, it remains today – a federation. Obviously, federations have politicians who are better equipped to iron out fights and arrive at sometimes squalid compromises between the constituent provinces. France has a quasi-imperial presidency and a rather ineffectual parliament.

    So, neither French nor German leaders have the remotest idea what Westminster politics are all about. Why isn’t Cameron more imperious? Why can’t our politicians just fudge some squalid compromise in response to every major issue and why is the government worried about backbenchers who, in France, are about as much use as tits on a bull? Neither partner in the dual-monarchy understands why UK politicians can’t just shut up and accept the UK’s provincial status within the sainted federation that’s apparently been stopping trench warfare and Blitzkrieg since its birth as the European Coal and Steel Community. If we did, we’d pay our province’s share of the federation’s annual running costs and we wouldn’t dream of objecting to people moving around the place as they do between Hesse and Bavaria or Saxony and Thuringia.

    The UK population is about one percent of that of the world’s total. Its land mass is a small fractions of one percent of the world’s total. The French and the Germans are as indifferent to these key facts as they are to everything else about the UK’s paralysing angst about its EU membership. But, it appears, we should worry that Angela Merkel is ‘misunderstood’. Boo hoo.

  • Eddie Norfolk

    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. For centuries countries (including the UK) have benefited from the migration of people and the world is a better place for it. Of course, it has its price and there are some negative effects, but the whole picture needs to be viewed over a period of time. The EU does need reform (as do all institutions, even those in the UK) and it is good that the debate has started. But don’t put it all down to ‘immigration’. The EU has forced many changes within the UK which, ironically, actually benefit those who now want out of the EU. It is a pity that David Cameron and his party seem to be jumping to the tune of a small, fringe lunatic party that draws huge sums of money from the EU through salaries, yet plays such an insignificant part in its business.

  • joboost

    The oldest joke about Britain and the continent is the one about: “Fog in the
    Channel – Europe isolated”

    or should we say: It is England’s problem, as the Scots are much less inclined
    to moan about the “rulers of Brussels” who don’t, and that has been proven
    repeatedly, have the power that is so much the bemoaning hobby in England. And
    the same has been shown, very sadly and as a mistake, in the EU’s lack of power
    and control in financial matters – from Athens to Reykjavik.

    With this in mind, it comes as a surprise, when as a Conservative minister on one
    hand defends Britain’s EU membership, on the other hand wants it to be just a
    cheap meal ticket for trade.

    We have, since the first step in the right direction, namely a European
    emancipation from US colony status, and a development towards a sizeable and
    working and defendable unit in international politics, always had such a silly
    and illogical mental attitude, inherited from long gone super power status, that:
    “We don’t need anyone else.”

    That may have been so, when raw materials and markets were indeed owned (and kept so) by all those spots in pink on a world map. That, however is long gone – let’s face it: the ‘Commonwealth’ is only an attempt to present the olden ‘master and koolie’ situation as a “family” affair – which it never was, as Ghandiji’s
    peaceful fight in India shows as much as the Mau-Mau’s not so peaceful one in

    What we had after that was a mutual bullying between two masters and their respective dog packs. One master died -and the dog pack was splintered up, under the pretext of ‘nationality’ and “democracy” (see Usbekistan, Tajikistan,
    Kazakhstan), but a new one arose over a (formerly) Red East (‘Dong fang hong,
    Da yang shang’).

    Here was Europe’s chance to, as Immanuel Kant had said “emergence from self-inflicted immaturity”, which was his description of “renaissance”: A
    re-birth as a free continent, emerging out of a status as vassal (see ‘dog
    pack’) to an omnipotent master across the ocean, to whom they had been mere
    frontal bastions and potential cannon-fodder facing that other master’s dog

    Europe did quite well – but the old arrogance of the British beast against his
    brothers on the home continent kept him looking into the mirror of the Atlantic
    and see a lion, where others saw a mere poodle. That false self-perception had
    its worst impact in the brotherly Judas-kiss of BeelzeBush and LuciBlair – as
    followed now by Osama and Chambermaid.

    Blair’s intent of “old glory through a quick walk-over” was quickly a long season of shame, as is Cameron’s quick “protection of civilians” – and neither irresponsible disaster will end in this decade.

    And the wishful ‘enhanced position in Europe’ did not materialize either. There may
    be some sneering against Germany’s purported ‘cowardice over Libya’ – but in
    the end, the German position here confirmed her stand as Protector of Law and
    Human Rights, as it was established in the opposition to the Iraq invasion.

    Germany simply refused to do again what some of her people were hanged for in
    Nuremberg. She had, obviously, learnt more from history, and in decency than
    her accusers.

    Let’s be frank: If the government under the late Col. Ghaddafi was “illegitimate”, and this justified a war which was neither legal nor declared, but based on a foreign incited insurgency (unlike the people’s UN/US/NATO-unsupported courage in Bahrein), and earlier blackmail threats aimed at achieving some government’s abdication – then, the attacks by Obama bin Laden on the TWC and the Pentagon could claim the same “legal backing”, as Mr. Bush’s Presidency in 2000/01 was entirely based on fraud and his government and decisions, therefore, as illegitimate as Colonel Ghaddafi’s.

    And that would have gone, or would go equally regimes set up, at times, by US
    decree and without popular consent and decision throughout Central-and South
    America, in Manila, Seoul, Teheran (Axing Mossadegh), Saigon, Pnom Penh
    (remember old ally, Pol Pot?), Teheran, Dushanbe, Bishkek, Kabul, Baghdad,
    Mogadishu, – where not?

    As, however, no law, neither US national nor international, can truly “justify” any mass killings (40 – 60,000, mostly through bombing) on such fore-fabricated grounds, this would, quite the other way, clearly justify criminal charges in a court following the Nuremberg Trials and their rulings.

    I would discard any claims by the present court in The Hague of fulfilling the role of Nuremberg, as this court has lost, through its one-sided and “on order” delivered charges throughout its short history, its legitimacy…

    So, the politicks of cross-Atlantic subservience have born bitter and harmful fruit
    for Britain and Europe – not to mention the Wall Street and mortgage damage in
    the USA, plus the sabotage against the Euro. In a way, Britain’s adhering to the belief to be still the “master of her old colony over there”, when the truth works just the opposite way, has proven itself an utterly self-damaging illusion.

    What should be learnt from these errors of “not learning from history” are the following:
    – Europe must strengthen herself by unity. in economy, in currency, in foreign
    – a United states of Europe, looking not west but east and
    – taking in the potential of Russia as a partner.

    – We need the whole Europe (including the resources of Siberia).

    Britain would disenfranchise herself: instead of being a full partner in a Coalition of
    Free Nations, she would retain the doubtful; “honour” and position of a “poodle” – and maybe the similarly doubtful one Israel has played as unsinkable aircraft carrier in an area of strategic interest.

    But Britain has no unsinkable interest carrier like AIPAC in the USA, which would
    give her the pleasure to see the ‘Big Master’ as her tail to wag. That requires
    a powerful lobby with a dual nationality which may not be official in Washington, but is so very much in the mind of Tel Aviv – and their own.

    Therefore: It is high time that the political self-perception in England should leave that old boat of “Our Empire” that has long ago met its iceberg. Britain is not an
    Empire any more – and the United States are not a part thereof.

    Britain’s future must be in Europe – if she wants one at all!

    What we have seen too much here, including from Thatcher (+ Reagan), Blair (+ Bush), Cameron (+ Obama), is a retraction into an crumbling manor hall of old glory – in short: an Illusion.

    Well-being and a future are not built on that kind of foundation, nor with that kind of material.

    Britain has fallen back behind her neighbours in many aspects, even when that is a “nice” point to sneer at. That sneering comes out from heads in the sand and is
    mere self-deception.

    It is not time, but High Time that Britain comes out of her ‘hermit shell’ and starts to
    live – with her European brothers and sisters – not with a far away cousin (who
    is an antisocial selfish bully anyway).

    • Gregory Mason

      I am an Englishman and if I had to choose between being an American or a European I would be an America every single time. I want liberty not conformity. I want to be free to do whatever I please except what the state forbids rather than the state forbidding everything except what it decides I am permitted to do. The Anglosphere are our kith and kin: not the Europeans. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States are the ones that in our time of need came to our aid and we owe them a debt that can never be paid. It is to our eternal shame that we let our elites turn our backs on them so shamefully and you sir should be thoroughly ashamed or some of the things you have spoken.

      • joboost

        Mr. Mason,
        With all due respect for help and assistance given 97 years (unfortunately, it was not the 100 really required) and 72 years ago (again with unnecessary delay), your choice of preferred citizenship seems an unwise and wishful one: That “Big Brother”has taken on all the characteristics of the one in Orwell’s ‘1984’.
        And when it comes to lies, invasions, oppression, and other very unsavoury behaviour like torture, “He” seems to have taken all chances to step into foot steps we would rather have wished to be mere past in 1945.
        That you “wish to be free to do whatever you please” is nothing in any way alien to me, and I hope you, too, accept the limitations of other people’s rights which the “Social Contract” on which we are meant to build our laws and customs.
        This is, however, and to my knowledge, a principle which is much more at home in our home continent than in a society which still has to fight with internal unsolved authority and racist problems such as the not infrequent deaths [more frequent of coloured people] through police force, the authorization of extra-legal executions [by drones or agents, as on Maidan], andthe legalization of torture and unlimited imprisonment without trial.
        All that, dear Mr. Mason, is to me no home I could think of, and I am most surprised it is that to you.
        The problem may be that we both get the same “news” [which, since Iraq, I tend to see as “embedded news”], but you read them as “truths”, while I do so “magno cum grano salis”.
        As far as your view of the “Anglosphere” as kit and kin, I wonder what you mean with that. I fear you are, indeed, caught in that not infrequent backward dream of Raj and Empire, but please do not forget that colonial empires were always occupation and oppression to those who were not the master race. I would not wish that back, Mr. Mason. Are you sure you would wish it?

  • The European politicians ultimately want a Socialist European State called the United States Of Europe, they are idealists I voted to join a free trade area called the common market to trade freely and with a relaxed use of borders, The only thing I feel the EU should exist for is to prevent another war in Europe, whilst I am not happy with the issues this country faces we have to change the way the EU is going and revert back to a simpler EU and start running our affairs and border controls the way we see fit, we should all belong to a loose alliance of nation states governed by our own peoples and must co-operate on a more casual basis not a structured one size fits politically encapsulating all currencies and economies I await your comments with interest

    • balance_and_reason

      I agree on thisJC

  • Wucash421

    Bare-chested bolshevik? Farage is a Puytin sycophant, but Putin and UKIP are ultra-nationalists.

    You obviously got things wrong spectator.

  • musicmugger

    If Adolf Merkel did cut Britain out of her Fourth Reich. Oops! The EU, it would be one up the pipe for the liar Cameron.
    I was wondering how he will wriggle out of the referendum he has been babbling on about, of course he could always do what he did to the Scots, use corruption and lying propaganda.
    America will never allow the UK to leave the EU. Cameron is the best puppet the US has ever had, worse for us even, than the war criminal Blair.
    Britain is doomed to be the warmongers puppy dog forever, unless we get a leader into power with enough guts, and who cannot be bought , to stand up against the yanks.
    Will UKIP manage it? Your guess is as good as mine, but we at least need to try, because Cameron and corporate America his master, will have us into a full blown war before long.
    Mind you, if there is a war, all the immigrants will scuttle back to the mud holes whence they came, before you can say bye, bye

    • balance_and_reason

      woof woof howl

  • mikewaller

    “She wants more say for national parliaments over EU law. (Even if, confusingly, she insists on more EU say over budget-busting national parliaments.)”

    This is not at all confusing. She wants EU oversight because so many of the other buggers otherwise run up massive debts and then expect Germany to bail them out.

    That said, the best thing Germany could do for Europe is to leave the Euro with any other countries brave enough to follow and re-establish the Mark. This would lead to a massive drop in the Euro which would hugely stimulate the economies of those continuing to use it and the negative effect on German exports would be countered by the renewed capacity of the remaining Euro-zone countries to buy German goods.

  • Had Spain kept its own currency it would have devalued and that would ease the pain it is getting better over there why ? because the Euro has become weaker against Sterling. Without Germany the Euro would collapse, and quite frankly I just don’t think we have any enough manufacturing to survive on our own, we are just not big enough to make it on our own, so we have to be careful how we tread in the path we are taking ?

    • balance_and_reason

      you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

      • I have been in business for over 35 years doing better than ever, have owned a property in Spain for over 12 years have quite a few Spanish friends in business ..own several other properties in the UK do not have any mortgages no debt what so ever ….of course I don’t know anything about economics I don’t what I am talking about …..I must change the way I am doing things thanks for your comment I will take it on board and than get the gang plank out

        • balance_and_reason

          A vegetable seller in Norway may have been in the business for forty years….he will know nothing about the manufacturing of stainless steel pipes in Iberia.

          It doesn’t matter what you do for sales…as long as you make a profit which is bankable and the performance is repeatable and the business is defendable…Manufacturing as per the old days is about 15% of UK’s GDP….very good quality it is too and growing nicely. Our services sector is much much bigger, and has also done very well over the last thirty odd years. Just because it’s not nuts and bolts is irrelevant.

          I’ll bet you ain’t made much money on that Spanish property, and you would have made a lot less if they had devalued…(although I agree with your comments on that particular issue.) It is your Brit bashing I disagree entirely with. Germany would not have been able to sell half the kit it’s sold in the last 10 years if it wasn’t in a cheap currency, its deutschmark would have revalued up and up and trashed their sales….they love spain, greece and Italy.

          Your genius in UK property management is I’m sure nothing to do with being lucky enough to join in the UK property market at the start of the biggest property bull market ever, well spotted……careful on that plank Warren.

    • Gregory Mason

      Unlike when women lie about this saying I actually mean it and so do economists. Bigger isn’t better. Less is more.

  • Philip Wade

    Migrants seem to get the blame for the majority of british youth being bone idle. I have friends on the dole not because there aren’t jobs (although they will swear blind there aren’t) but because nobody wants to do the jobs available for the money being offered. People complaining about the death of industries, I wouldn’t go down a mine if you paid me a footballers wage- and I have had some crappy jobs in my time, I work now btw. as a country we have gone past such brutal manual labour our quality of life is high because our grandparents worked harder than any of us can Imagine. My parents are baby boomers and have warped images of how amazing the 60’s were, totally forgetting that my grandparents grew up in abject poverty in the 30’s. And real poverty that none of us will ever have to experience because of our welfare state, (food banks are nothing compared to lining up everyday outside the shipyard praying for a job that day) messed up as it is, just look the yanks to see what a total mess we would be in without it. My great grandmother had to take other people’s washing in to feed my nana and her brother. My nana died proud as punch that her grandson has a degree and that she owned her own house, unimaginable to her in her youth. She worked hard all her life, married a good man who worked hard too, brought up my mother right who brought me up with my dad. We need migrants to pick our strawberries because we won’t do it ourselves. Immigration is a problem but it’s not the reason our society is broken.
    And ukip or the conservatives aren’t going to fix it, they just want the 30’s back, as long as they are the rich ones.
    Vote labour, they are a pack of bastards but much better than the others

  • Jerry

    Wouldn’t it be better to have European immigrants coming to UK instead immigrants from Pakistan etc?

  • Jerry

    Cameron said last time it would be great to have Asian PM in the UK, wouldn’t it be better to have if we have to have foreigner for pm a German or French instead Asian?

  • Gareth Mailer

    How does one explain this? Is it politically correct cowardice, Poles being a group one can reasonably discriminate against because they are Europeans? Is it that steady workers are actually more disruptive to labour markets than underground freelancers?

    There was next to non-existent immigration – relatively speaking – to The British Isles between 1066 – 1948 (excluding The Irish, for obvious reasons). Between 1948 (the introduction of The Nationality Act) and the early 1990’s, we ushered in 4 million immigrants – even in the mid 90’s immigration was in the low tens of thousands every year.

    Then it happened – a PR professional took to a podium, declared “she was The People’s Princess” and manufactured an era of state-sponsored empathy, where all contrary opinion on the subject of immigration – and other movements, like gender feminism, geared around fostering guilt within the majority – was viewed as antiquated or worse yet, drowned out under the burden of misrepresentation and false accusations. Progressivism was the only forward-thinking philosophy; to prioritise nationalism was to prioritise the extremities of first-half of the 20th Century.

    4 million (im)migrants between 1997-2010. 600,000 white British people left London between 2001-2011 and, on average, net migration of circa. 200,000 per year. To this day, 300,000 people in London can’t, or won’t, speak English. We call this “diversity”; we legitimise these outcomes under the banner of “tolerance”, which is to imply all opposition to these outcomes is the definition of “intolerance” (something any UKIP supporter, voter or representative can testify to).

    The reports suggest there’s an economic benefit; the reports segment migration into EEA migration between 2000-2011 (a purported £4.4 billion surplus) and non-EEA migration (a purported £120 billion shortfall). The reports are produced by EU sympathisers like Christian Dustmann, a man who, in a Home Office report in 2003, proclaimed EU Enlargement in 2004 would result in no more than 5,000 – 13,000 migrants per year.

    Just per chance you haven’t noticed, it’s one of many things he, and other advocates of the erosion of national identities, open borders and global welfare, got wrong. They ignore the downward pressure on native wages, they cherry pick date ranges for their own political purposes, they compare young, Eastern European immigrants to the entire UK workforce, of all ages, and they reuse to acknowledge that an inclusive national identity is an unavoidably weaker one.

    What’s worse, they ignore the social impact; for many, the social argument – the destruction of community, the prioritisation of diversity over solidarity, the diminished sense of moral obligation we feel towards our fellow citizens (an obligation which backs up our many treasured national institutions) – is the only one to be made.

    They deny the right of the majority to pursue it’s own sense of national identity. They are Liberal Universalists and would-be DFID civil servants, idealistic and naive to their core, the nation-state is just another obstacle in their quest to denounce any all rights native citizens have to their country of birth.

    The density argument is evident – per square mile, The UK is one of the most densely populated countries in all of Europe (and density figures ignore the fact much of The British Isles is uninhabitable).

    The moral argument is easily defeated. While Liberal Universalists will claim no group has any right to territory or land, how exactly do they expect poor countries to catch-up while rich countries are pinching all of the best labour and resources? More to the point, how much immigration is enough immigration? At what point does the UK’s moral obligation to the rest of the world end, exactly?

    They don’t have answers to these questions.

    The economic argument is easily defeated. Parliamentary report after Parliamentary report, produced by a collective of academics and political representatives, suggests there is no economic argument for immigration. Here’s a quote:

    “Although possible in theory, we found no systematic empirical evidence to suggest that net immigration creates significant dynamic benefits for the resident population in the UK. This does not necessarily mean that such effects do not exist but that there is currently no systematic evidence for them and it is possible that there are also negative dynamic and wider welfare effects (para 69).”

    Then we’re left with the discrimination, tribalism our racism arguments – “to oppose immigration is nothing more than closet racism, or xenophobia.”

    Yet, this simplistic argument ignores blatant hypocrisies. The most obvious hypocrisy is the freedom given to immigrant population to congregate together, socialise within and marry within – they are, by their very human nature, tribal. Modern science confirms human beings are group based primates who extend trust to outsiders with a great deal of caution.

    We are all at odds – spurred on by a liberal elite eager to manufacture synthetic outrage at any given opportunity – to avoid being perceived of as racist, or discriminatory. The vast majority of The British Electorate understands racism is naive, and stupid. But to conflate racism with tribalism is blatantly dishonest.

    We advocate in favour of tribalism for minorities, but when those same tribal attitudes are present in the majority – and thus impede supranational integration or ideological indoctrination – they are declared at best abhorrent, and at worst ‘racist.’

    We need to start standing up for ourselves, our culture and our right to foster our own national identity.

  • Chris Golborne

    The one thing that drives Germany policy is the Euro why ? Simple Germany needs
    UK in the Euro we are an economy she can not loose under any conditions ,Our budget contribution is vital to the EU as is the UK as a key economic member ,
    Back to the Euro German manufacturing can’t afford to be paid in weak currency’s
    that existed in the like’s of Greece prior to their membership the Euro
    As a currency benefits German manufacturing massively because of this fact alone
    Which seems to be completely lost on Cameron , we can extract almost any thing we want because Germany is the key player and beneficiary of Euope and the Euro .
    Just imagine the horror in the board rooms of BMW , Mercedes, Bosch , if they
    We’re told the next boat full of cars would be paid in drachma , It’s about money an Cameron needs to understand this when he is fighting the UK position !

  • Chris Golborne

    Immigration unregulated is a real problem when no effective boarder control exists
    People get raped robbed , and murdered this is a fact watch the news every night ,
    It’s not a racist view at all its a screening and quality issue , and a numbers issue when is enough enough most British people think we are way past too many now
    The support for ukip tells us this , We choose who we let across our door step At home and our government must be able to do the same with our boarders based on
    the labour market requirement and of coarse the persons history are they qualified ,
    hardworking and honest ,will they benefit the UK as a whole , If not then we must be able to refuse entry just as we choose who we allow into our home .

  • Hagen vanTronje

    “”Probably 60 per cent of Britons approve of the EU in the sense that it gives them a few conveniences they wouldn’t otherwise have;””
    Buttocks !!
    It is our Membership of the COMMON MARKET that gave us these good things but what followed, the, “ever closer union”, and being forced to accept that Brussel makes our Laws is what WE do NOT want !
    Got it yet ? or will you continue trying to publish this misleading guff ??

  • Hagen vanTronje

    “”Rare enough among contemporary European leaders, she is a patriot. Like Cameron, she thinks of nations as good for things other than tourism, and her favourite country is her own.””
    Ludicrous statement !!
    Merkel was a leading light in the Jung Pioneers during her upbringing in the DDR and she also speaks fluent Russian.
    Her Loyalty was to Moscow, probably still is !
    Let’s never forget that Frau Merkel is a cold hearted, extremely ruthless creature ! She married whilst quite young, a man much older than her but with influence to get her into a DDR University and on the day she qualified and got her Uni papers she arranged a small delivery van to call at the Family apartment when Hubby was at work, the purpose being to collect the one item of value in the Apartment, the much coveted, (in the DDR), Refrigerator and move it to her new home so she could get a divorce and begin a new life.

  • mdjcole

    The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which is a rough German equivalent of The Times, describes Merkels comments in the following way: “Die Zeitschrift „Der Spiegel“ berichtete am Sonntag, in diesem Falle würde Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel nicht mehr für einen Verbleib Großbritanniens in der EU werben.”

    The key verb, “werben”, means advertise or promote. In other words, Merkel is saying that she would not actively try to persuade Britain to stay in, or the EU to accept Britain’s proposed changes, if the UK required immigration quotas.


    This seems to have been interpreted by the British press as Merkel threatening to kick Britain out of the EU, something she does not have the power to do.

    It does not seem to be well understood that the EU is a treaty organisation. The terms of membership can be changed only in accordance with the treaties. Such changes would include expelling members or repealing the free movement of labour. What Cameron requires for his reforms is a new treaty to which *all* 27 other members would also have to agree. In this regard Germany and Merkel have no special importance – even Malta and Cyprus could veto the UK’s proposals – but Merkel is saying she would definitely also veto any such proposals.

    Cameron cannot deliver reform because the sort of reform he wants is not actively desired anywhere else in the EU. Contrary to the tone of your article there is very little desire in Germany for any reform other than those deepening EU integration. This is simply taken as a given in the German press. AfD is regarded as extreme in Germany for not wanting to be in the Euro, a consensus position in the UK.

    Cameron’s choice is to accept ratcheting integration or to advocate withdrawal. He does not seem to have made up his mind.

  • Frank

    No1, the europeans are quite right to be baffled, so are most Brits. Our government could have stopped all non-EU immigration years ago, but hasn’t.
    As you point out in your article, PC-ness means that we can complain about too many EU immigrants, but have felt hampered about complaining about excess non-EU immigration.
    No2, Merkel and Germany are trapped in the EU. If it implodes, the financial cost to Germany would be staggering. Her main goal is to try and bring down this possible cost by any means at her disposal.
    No3, I suspect that most europeans realise, as our political leaders don’t, that Britain is on course to leave the EU whatever our political leaders say, or do. The fact that most of our business “leaders” have signed a letter asking all political party leaders to undertake to give an EU Referendum is clear evidence that they understand the public mood even if Dave / Nick / Ed don’t.

  • Guest

    If Britain won’t allowed any more European immigrants in this country, then European countries would not allowed English people to work and live in the EU….1,400.000 English people are currently living and working in Europe. In this country the problem is: the numbers of immigrants is not balancing. In this country there is about 2,000.000 from India, over a 1,000.000 of Pakistanis, 1,000.000 from Middle East, 1,500.000 Chinese and other Asian countries, and 600,000 Polish in the UK. The other Europeans immigrants in this country are not so many compare foreigners that comes from outside Europe……There is so many English people have members of family, friends living and working in the EU countries.

  • Sony

    If Britain won’t allow any more European immigrants in this country, then European countries would not allowed English people to work and live in the EU….1,400.000 English people are currently living and working in Europe. In this country the problem is: the numbers of immigrants is not balancing. In this country there is about 2,000.000 from India, over a 1,000.000 of Pakistanis, 1,000.000 from Middle East, 1,500.000 Chinese and other Asian countries, and 600,000 Polish in the UK. The other Europeans immigrants in this country are not so many compare foreigners that comes from outside Europe……There is so many English people have members of family, friends living and working in the EU countries.

  • Deckie Deckie

    Nothing special about Merkel….she tries to keep her plate full just like all the others…well…..except the spaniards….these only steal anything not nailed down to the deck….jejejeje

  • Doesn’t anyone pay attention to the facts staring them in the eyes? The EU is slated for collapse–SOON. That’s why the European Central Bank (ECB) is doing all it can to bring about collapse via its low interest rate policy, which effectively prevents any new large capitalized investments that depend on loans, since the interest rate on the loan, as determined by the ECB, is too low. As such…

    here are two revealing admissions from Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Soviet minister of foreign affairs Eduard Shevardnadze on the upcoming new union between Europe and Russia:

    “Editor’s Note: The phrases ‘From the Atlantic to the Urals’, ‘From the Atlantic to Vladivostok’ and ‘From Vancouver to Vladivostok’ are interchangeable in the strategists’ lexicon. In the course of his Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, delivered in Oslo in June 1992, Gorbachev said: ‘Our [sic] vision of the European space from the Atlantic to the Urals is not that of a closed system. Since it includes the Soviet Union [sic], which reaches to the shores of the Pacific, it goes beyond nominal geographical boundaries’. Note that Gorbachev, who had been out of office for six months, referred to the Soviet Union, not Russia. In an interview on Moscow Television on 19 November 1991, Eduard Shevardnadze continued speaking as though he was still Soviet Foreign Minister: ‘I think that the idea of a Common European Home, the building of a united Europe, and I would like to underline today, of great Europe, the building of Great Europe, great, united Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, from the Atlantic to Vladivostok, including all our territory, most probably a European-Asian space, this project is inevitable. I am sure that we will come to building a united military space as well. To say more precisely: we will build a united Europe, whose security will be based on the principles of collective security. Precisely, collective security’. These statements by key implementers of the strategy reflect the central strategic objective of asserting ‘irreversible’ Russian/Soviet hegemony over Eurasia, thus establishing the primary geographical component of the intended World Government.” — ‘The Perestroika Deception’, by KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn.


    and here’s more on the upcoming “Atlantic to Vladivostok” union…


    and here’s Vladimir Putin in 2012 pushing the new union with Europe…

    “Russia is an inalienable and organic part of Greater Europe and European civilization. Our citizens think of themselves as Europeans. We are by no means indifferent to developments in united Europe.

    That is why Russia proposes moving toward the creation of a common economic and human space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean – a community referred by Russian experts to as “the Union of Europe,” which will strengthen Russia’s potential and position in its economic pivot toward the “new Asia.”‘


    When the new “Atlantic to Vladivostok” union materializes, Communist strategists will have achieved two goals, (1) the further isolation of the United States in the world; and (2) the disbanding of NATO.

    Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

    It gets worse–the “freed” Soviets and West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested and detained the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

    The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

    There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

    Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.

    The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West depends on verification. Conversely, this proves that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on verification.

    The above means that the so-called “War on Terror” is a USSR & Allies-tasked operation being carried out by the co-opted governments of the West, the purpose being to (1) destroy the prominence of the West in the eyes of the world, where the West is seen (i) invading nations without cause; (ii) causing chaos around the globe; and (iii) killing over one-million civilians and boasting of torture; (2) close off non-Russian supplies of oil for export, thereby increasing the price of oil, the higher price allowing oil exporting Russia to maintain economic stability while she modernizes and increases her military forces; (3) destroy the United States Armed Forces via the never-ending “War on Terror”; the ultimate purpose of the aforementioned to (4) bring about the demise of the United States in the world, opening up a political void to be filled by a new pan-national entity composed of Europe and Russia (replacing the European Union), a union “From the Atlantic to Vladivostok”; which will (5) see the end of NATO.

    Now you know how Bolshevik Russia survived in 1917; how the West “lost” China to the Communists in 1949; why the Eisenhower administration turned a deaf ear to the anti-Communist Hungarian uprising in 1956; why the Eisenhower administration in 1959 was indifferent to the Castro brothers’ Communist fidelity, actually used the CIA to overthrow the Batista government; why the Nixon administration abandoned Taiwan for Communist China, and signed treaties/provided economic aid to the USSR; why the Nixon administration refused to tell the American People that over 50% of North Vietnamese NVA regiments were actually Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers (attired in NVA uniforms), thereby (1) ensuring the Vietnam War would be lost; (2) destroying the prominence of the United States abroad and at home; (3) breeding distrust between the American people and their government; and (4) securing Communist victories in Southeast Asia. Working in the background within the political parties of the United States and Great Britain were Marxist agents doing their best to (1) ensure the survival of Communist nations when they popped up; and (2) sabotage any policies that would bring down a Communist nation. That’s why after the fake collapses of the East Bloc nations and USSR there was no mandatory Western verification process to ensure the Communists weren’t still in control.

  • SeanieRyan

    As soon as the Euro was formed, transfer union was inevitable.

    It is part of all currency blocks. Look at the Fed budget in America.

  • john

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  • BB

    David Cameron’s position only reflects the deep-seated racist views of a substantial part of the British population. Remember George Wigg? The Labour MP for Dudley, in 1949 in a parliamentary debate concerning the Burmese, shouted at the Conservative benches, “The Honourable Gentleman and his friends think they are all ‘wogs’. Indeed, the Right Honourable Member for Woodford [i.e. Winston Churchill] thinks that the ‘wogs’ begin at Calais.” The ‘wogs’ begin at Calais! French, Germans, Russians, Poles, Spaniards, Africans, Asians, Middle East people, they are all ‘wogs’ as far as the the British are concerned. And you can see these views expressed right here, in a lot of commentaries.

  • Mx9skyz

    Merkel is single handedly destroying europe by encouraging mass immigration, causing rising tension between immigrants and locals which will eventually lead to mass civil wars or WW3 or the great war of Europe