100 years of Pyrex, processed cheese and nudes in movies

Plus: Some of 2014’s less successful predictions

13 December 2014

9:00 AM

13 December 2014

9:00 AM

Marking a century

Some things which celebrate their 100th birthday in 2015:

3-D films The first was shown at the Astor Theater in New York on 10 June, featuring the Niagara Falls.

Nude scenes in films Audrey Munson played an artist’s model in Inspiration, a film by George Foster Platt released by the Mutual Film Corporation on 18 November 1915. It didn’t lead to a long career. By 1920 she was selling kitchen goods door-to-door. The following year she tried to take her life and in 1931 was consigned to a psychiatric hospital where she spent the rest of her life before dying, aged 104, in 1996.

Pyrex, which was introduced in the buffet cars of American trains.

Compulsory voting It was introduced for the first time in state elections in Queensland. It resulted in a win for Labor. Processed cheese, which was invented by J.L. Kraft Bros in Illinois in order to increase shelf life.

Processed cheese, which was invented by J.L. Kraft Bros in Illinois in order to increase shelf life.

Ups and downs

Three things which went up in 2014:

House prices, up 9 per cent according to the Nationwide.

GDP, up 3 per cent according to the ONS (3rd quarter to 3rd quarter).

UK population, up 400,600 or 0.63 per cent (ONS).

Three things which went down in 2014:

Oil price Brent Crude was $111 a barrel on 31 December 2013, $77.75 by the end of November 2014.

Sterling Started the year at $1.65. Was $1.57 by the end of November.

Inflation CPI was 2.0 per cent in December 2013, 1.3 per cent by November.

Maybe next year

Some predictions for 2014 which failed to materialise (at least by the time of going to press):

— ‘New protruding land masses or islands will start to form around Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and the Bahamas over the next year, sparking renewed interest in the legend of Atlantis’ (LaMont Hamilton, ‘Reiki Master, healing practitioner and leading psychic’).

— ‘Brazil wins 2014 World Soccer’; ‘Scotland breaks away from United Kingdom and becomes independent’; ‘Vladimir Putin wins Nobel Peace Prize for his part in Syria’ (Judy Hevenly, teacher and astrologer listed in the Top 100 Psychics in America).

— ‘Power blackout worldwide’; ‘Empire State building tipping’; ‘Partial collapse of the Coliseum in Rome’ (Nikki, ‘psychic to the stars’).

— ‘Nick Clegg resigns’ (Craig Hamilton-Parker, psychic).

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  • Sambhara

    No, I don’t agree. Inflation went up over the year, by 2%. The rate of inflation (CPI) was less but still added to the inflation total.

  • beenzrgud

    Nigel Farage named Briton of the year by The Times. With this sort of progress I’m hopeful that 2015 could bring all sorts of good news.

    • AJ

      He deserves it, he has opened up areas for discussion that other politicians fear to tread, he dismantled Nick Clegg like an old mechano set on the recent live TV debate, he has taken more abuse and out-rite slander in his efforts to get some sense back into British politics, the man should be receiving a medal. Perhaps “The Times” is jumping ship and realises, before most other publications that there is about to be a mount Vesuvius scale eruption in terms of voter intentions in favour of UKIP.

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    Amongst the things that died in 2014, the standard of proof reading in the MSM. I give you the discussions about Compulsory Voting and Processed Cheese in this article as an example.