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Are old fairy stories too scary for kids?

The folk tales of old prepare a child for life

13 December 2014

9:00 AM

13 December 2014

9:00 AM

Moving house, stacking books in boxes, I came across a clutch of fairy books, Andrew Lang’s folk tales from around the world in their coloured cloth covers: yellow, brown, red, grey, blue. I picked up ‘yellow’, opened the cover and fell down a wormhole, away from 2014 into the past.

My mother, as a child, had coloured in some of the book’s etched illustrations and I could see her kneeling, perhaps fireside, sawing away at the mournful knights in blue crayon. Then there was my own pre-teen self, mid-1980s, feeling strongly the injustice of being forbidden any further colouring in.

As I turned the pages, images began to dislodge from some cerebral crevice — magic caskets, witches, giant prophetic carp — and with them came a realisation: without ever being quite conscious of it, I’ve been thinking about these stories for decades. I’ve learnt from them in a way I never did from other children’s fiction, Five on a Treasure Island or The Magic Faraway Tree. And it made me sad for the 21st-century young who’ll only know Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella through Disney, which is to say not at all.

It’s often said that fairy stories in their original pre-Disney form are far too brutal for kids. It was said back in 1812 when the Brothers Grimm (whose tales appear in the coloured fairy books, translated into English by Lang’s wife) released their first collection: Kinder und Hausmärchen — children’s and household tales. It’s being said again now, because a new translation of Grimm fairy tales has appeared on the Christmas bandwagon (see Melanie McDonagh’s review on page 90). But to consider fairy tales unsuitable for youngsters is to misunderstand both children and the stories themselves.

Let’s take the very nastiest published fairy tale, Bluebeard, which happens to be one of those that’s stayed with me through the years. Bluebeard is an old French story first written down by Charles Perrault in his Histoires ou contes du temps passé (1659). It’s in Lang’s Blue Fairy Book and the story goes like this:

Bluebeard is a rich, distinguished but evil old man who persuades a nice young girl to marry him. All is well until Bluebeard has to go away for work. He leaves his young wife with the run of his palace, but with one proviso: she can do as she pleases, he says, but woe betide her if she looks in the little room at the end of the corridor. Well, of course boredom gets the better of the bride, she creeps down the corridor, opens the door, and there, lying in pools of blood, are the corpses of her husband’s former wives. They died, she realises, because they too failed the ‘little door’ test, which means she’s for the chop. Bluebeard returns, hands down a death sentence and starts to sharpen his axe, but the bride gathers her wits and calls for her brothers, who appear in the nick of time and murder the monster.

Why did Bluebeard stay with me? And why wasn’t I traumatised by a story about a serial killer? Well, first up, as soon as they can toddle, children develop a fear of predators — it’s innate. Why else would we dream so often of being chased? Fairy stories don’t conjure these terrors, they put names to them — and a named monster is halfway to being tamed, if you remember your Rumpel-stiltskin.

Second, a child can scent intention in a story just as they can in a grown-up, and the intention of these stories is to protect and not to terrify. They’re cautionary tales in part, designed to warn and teach. Thanks to Bluebeard I’ve thought from an early age about how a girl can best outwit a sexual predator. It’s come in handy over the years.

As for the gore, what adults forget, or wilfully ignore, is that children revel in it — particularly punitive and ultra-violent gore. Wilhelm Grimm excised several of the more gruesome details from later editions of his book — but that was for the parents. The progeny would have been incensed had they known. What child ever cried for Hansel and Gretel’s captor witch as she roasted slowly to death in her own oven, or said: ‘I hope they take it easy on that wolf?’

Best of all, in folk tales, but only rarely in modern children’s tales, there’s a strong feeling that the hero or heroine really could screw up; that they must stay on their mettle to survive. Good intentions are no excuse in fairyland. If you ignore sound advice, boys and girls, if you’re distracted by flattering tricksters or pretty baubles, you end up as wolf-bait. It was a kind thought of Red Riding Hood’s to leave the path to gather flowers for Grandma — but leaving the path was what her mother said not to do, and as a result she and Gran were et. I think that’s a terrific lesson for kids to learn. You’re not invincible, little one, so listen and beware.

In Disney-land, a heroine need not be on her guard, because the good guy always wins. Rapunzel’s mother doesn’t die, the Little Mermaid doesn’t have to lay down her life but lives happily ever after. It’s as if Disney wants to suffocate the reality in folk stories and overlay them with the great usurping American fairy tale: good things happen to good folk and bad folk get their come-uppance.

One last thing — in Disney the incidental characters are just echoes; they all chime in to reaffirm the general theme. If they’re on team good, they’ll prosper; if they’re baddies, they’re toast. Incidental characters in the old folk tales are considerably more interesting. Rapunzel’s poor mother longs for a child, and when she finally conceives, her daughter is taken by a witch and she dies of heartbreak. Cinderella’s sisters — not ugly at all, but pretty and vain, which makes far more sense — saw off their own toes in their desperation to make the slipper fit and bag a prince.

I didn’t understand the pain of childlessness as a child, but I knew somehow that Rapunzel’s mother was a fool to let the longing consume her. I thought hard about Hansel and Gretel’s cowardly father and the way he let his wife persuade him to send them off to starve. These details weren’t disturbing, but they felt interesting, to be considered at length. I suppose what it boils down to is that most stories these days are escapism. Unconsciously, quietly, real fairy stories prepare a child for real life.

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  • Jankers

    “Thanks to Bluebeard I’ve thought from an early age about how a girl can best outwit a sexual predator”…..Call big brother?

    • Mary

      Jankers, good point. What i meant is that the story encourages girls to be wily and plan their escape, not to stay put and suffer at the hands of some psycho. It never occurs to some women that they can or should outwit a bullying husband!

  • zaq

    Really great column, more like this from Spec, please

  • Swanky

    Good points, except for this: Western children don’t revel in gore; they are too innocent to know what it is. In short, the violent aspects are a complete abstraction. To a certain extent they remain a kind of abstraction into later ages, which is why the essentially ‘innocent’ detective murder mystery is not only a respectable read but almost genteel (Bertie Wooster, for instance, is a constant reader of such fare).

    • Chris Morriss

      Even in the olden days of my childhood, children appeared to revel in gore. In reality it meant little or nothing to us, as it was way beyond anything we had experienced. Today the revelling is more overt, with quasi-realistic depictions of the most terrible atrocities literally splashed across the screen in video games.
      The writer should have kept the old Andrew Lang “coloured fairy books” in good condition, they’re worth quite a bit now, mainly for the excellent illustrations by HJ Ford.

      • Swanky

        I’m sure you’re right. I’m a Ladybird collector myself: I love the watercolour paintings, and each one (from the sixties and before) is like a cultural time capsule.

    • Bonkim

      You mean the modern generation that think sausages come from supermarkets.

  • AY

    very elegant and meaningful article.. I’m amazed.

  • Jim

    I very much enjoyed this, it took me to another world.
    A great relief from the issues of the day.

  • pearlsandoysters

    Great article! Disney is a horrendous hoax to lure children into synthetic imagination that is bound to weaken thier sense of reality. In fact, the fairy tales teach cause consequences effect and ultimately the responsibility as well as resourcefulness, something utterly absent in all these cheap and debased multi-million Disney flicks.



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  • Bonkim

    Spot on – many things you read in your growing up years stick and help lead you through life – not the TV variety.

  • Claraver

    I couldn’t agree more. fairy tales for children are gripping reads. Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen coloured my childhood

  • Delilah Dimplebottom

    The modern Disney stories – with the exception of Pinnochio, which hardly ever gets an airing these days – all tell the same fable – that parents must learn from their children, and that no mistake cannot be fixed. This is patent nonsense. The original Little Mermaid’s family’s predictions all came true, and the prince for whom she sacrificed so much fell in love with someone else. The real damage done by these modern fables is that they are so palatable they can be absorbed without reflection, forming an unconscious basis for really bad choices later on. The arresting awfulness and unfairness of many of the old fairy stories rankle in a child’s mind, like a stone in the shoe, encouraging conscious reflection, wariness and Freudian analysis. Could you really love a husband who was great in bed but invisible and largely absent (Cupid and Psyche), was half-ogre with a mother who wanted to eat you and her grandchildren with a Sauce Robert (the delightful Fables de la Fontaine version of Sleeping Beauty, as retold by Lang), a murderer of women (Bluebeard, Sheherezade) (and, in Patient Griselda, children)? Should you try? Would returning your now-teenage children (Patient Griselda) or throwing his mother in a snake pit (Sleeping Beauty) make things right? If Bluebeard’s wife had simply left the locked door alone, would the marriage have remained happy? Perhaps the real message is, as the Irish folk song says, “the people were saying/ No two e’er were wed/ But that one had a secret/ That never was said”.

    • Johnson11b

      Interesting analysis.

  • Arthur Thistlewood

    Quite true – fairy tales run very deep. Sixty years on, I have still not recovered from the moral desperation of Hans Andersen tales!