Tell Mama and the battle for the future of British Islam

Unless we’re to have a religious underclass, we need activist groups like this one

7 March 2015

9:00 AM

7 March 2015

9:00 AM

Tell Mama is Britain’s most prominent opponent of anti-Muslim prejudice. It monitors everything from criminal assaults to everyday abuse. The far right loathes it, and the Conservative press sells the grotesque pretence that the group exaggerates prejudice to divert attention from the horror of Islamist violence.

But attacks from the right only wound. Tell Mama’s ‘friends’ in the Muslim community have turned out to be far more dangerous and are threatening to destroy the organisation. ‘I am on a knife edge,’ one activist told me. ‘I may just leave. I’m so fed up.’

Two weeks ago Andrew Gilligan reported in the Sunday Telegraph that Baroness Warsi’s Whitehall working group on anti-Muslim hatred has been infiltrated by men with backgrounds in organisations that can hate for England. Muddassar Ahmed, for instance, worked with the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, a fanatical outfit with Jews on the brain. During the last two elections it devoted its energies to campaigning against ‘Zionist’ MPs. Labour’s Lorna Fitzsimons lost her seat after the organisation told local Muslims to sack her because she was ‘Jewish’.

Fiyaz Mughal, the founder of Tell Mama and a former adviser to Nick Clegg, told the Sunday Telegraph he was so concerned ‘about the kinds of groups some of the members had connections with, and some of the groups they were recommending be brought into government’ that he left Warsi’s committee.

The baroness presents herself as a plain-speaking politician. But as with Nigel Farage, her relaxed image hides the soul of a control freak. I hear rumours of a threatened libel action, and of intense lobbying of the board of Tell Mama to force Mughal to back down.

While pressure was applied in private, a public campaign began on Twitter under the hashtag ‘Don’t Tell Mama’. It urged Muslims to wreck the organisation by boycotting it. Tell Mama’s critics accused it of being soft on the ‘heretical’ Ahmadi sect, soft on liberal Muslims who say cartoons of Mohammed don’t offend them, and soft on Jews. ‘So you do have supporters of Israel on board?’ one accuser asked. Mughal replied that Tell Mama’s backers opposed the Israeli occupation but some thought that Jews had a right to a state. Such heresy horrified his critics.

Tell Mama knows a truth that it has taken my generation of liberal leftists half a lifetime to learn: there are two far rights in Britain. The group documents the behaviour of mainly white racists: thugs who spit at women in headscarves. But because it believes in universal values, it works with all who are victims of bigotry. Tell Mama’s board includes a Muslim support group for lesbians and gays, and Peter Tatchell, that indomitable fighter against homophobia, is also on it. Just as Tell Mama attacks prejudices against Muslims, so it defends homosexuals when Muslim clerics compare them to murderers and paedophiles.

Tell Mama has learned from attempts by Jews to protect themselves, and recruited Richard Benson, from the Jewish Community Support Trust, to be its co-chairman. As well as condemning violence against Muslims, it condemns violence against Jewish people.

But the group’s enemies care nothing for consistent principles. They want others to condemn hatred against Muslims from white extremists, but not Muslim extremists’ hatred of Ahmadis, liberal Muslims or Jews.

Tell Mama may win through. But the people I’m talking to sound as if the stress is too much for them. If they go under, we will measure the triumph of sectarianism in yet more demands for double standards and restrictions on free speech, and yet more excuses for terror. In ways too few appreciate, however, we will also measure the awful consequences for British Muslims. In the East End of London, just down the road from where I am writing, the unemployment rate among Bangladeshis is astonishingly high. Hardly anyone talks about it, because blocks of British Asians are now identified as ‘the Muslims’, men and women interested only in religion. Their accepted leaders are clerics who are happy to leave potential employers with the impression that Muslims are prickly and paranoid, and perhaps best avoided.

If this carries on, we will have a religious underclass. The rest of society will notice only when it turns to violence. Most of the time, we will be secretly happy that our children are not facing competition from bright Bangladeshis or Pakistanis. We will mouth all the PC platitudes, of course, and make a great show of avoiding ‘offence’. The usual hypocrisies out of the way, we will then shrug our shoulders and carry on as if Muslims don’t exist.

The battle for Tell Mama is a battle for the future of British Islam, and it looks as if the wrong side is winning.

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  • gerontius redux

    “The rest of society will notice only when it turns to violence.”
    Rotherham isn’t violence?
    Just because it hasn’t reached Islington yet doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

    • will91

      The politcal class are often the last to experience such changes. For them everything is rose tinted, when they go to Dewsbury or Luton to talk with the ‘community’ it’s all smiles, the red carpet treatment, various handshakes with individuals who say they speak for the community. They are so insulated from the events experienced by your average member of the public who is living in a community that has, in just a few short decades, been utterly transformed beyond all recognition.

    • KingHasNoClothes

      It has already turned to violence – where do you live?

      • Blindsideflanker

        The odd beading, the blowing up of tube trains, mass rape etc of indigenous people are inconsequential for the metropolitan set , they are just worried about Muslims feelings getting hurt by someone criticising their religion of peace.

    • Tox66

      Hey, they gays in the East End have it pretty rough too. So do women who are attached for being “white slags” and tourists who unwisely go to the wrong area. There is vast violence by Muslims against all other groups all over the country.

      • will91

        None of it reported. Never. I read in Mark Steyn’s ‘America Alone’ how Jewish tourists in the East End of London were pelted with stones by quote “Asian youths”.

        Google “Jewish tourists stoned in the East end”

        Naturally this wasn’t worth reporting, their actions had been unnecessarily provocative showing no respect to community sensibility’s.

        • ItinerantView

          Or when one American student was viciously attacked by Bangladeshi youths, a so-called Sharia patrol;
          Scotland Yard said the attack was not classed as a hate crime as they believed Mr Hounye was targeted simply because he was “obviously not local”.


          Imagine a gang of white youths beating the hell out of Bangladeshi student, do you think pc Cops would say the same?

          The story would be all over the MSM for weeks, there would be an industry made off the back of it and self-appointed ‘community leaders’ would no doubt be showered with tax-payers money.

          • Tox66

            The castle of lies being built to protect Muslims from the consequences of their violent insurrection is quite something to behold. It is a disgrace and, moreover, a rapidly unfolding disaster.

          • will91

            Very well said.

          • GraveDave

            Like the white kid stabbed to death in Islington for his bike
            by three ‘youths’. Local police wallah says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
            Story since buried.

        • Marcussmod

          Four Muslim youths were jailed last week in Gateshead for “Jew bashing” their words not mine. Strangely enough the local rag the Newcastle Evening Chronicle ran the story for a couple of editions before reverting to tales of racism and islamophobia that is allegedly rife in the city according to some of its crypto Marxist councillors.

    • greggf

      Violence will also eventually come to muslims in Britain and/or elsewhere just like it did in Bosnia. Because the causes are the same although older.
      In fact British Islam’s claim to be a distinct ethno-religious group has more basis than that of the muslims in Bosnia who were mostly ethnic Serbian Slavs converted under Turkish rule. Whereas most muslims in Britain, and Europe, are already distinct nationalist groups as well.
      The stage seems set for similar ethnic cleansing at some time, somewhere.

      • Tox66

        Who will cleanse whom I wonder. Because, at the moment, that tide favours Islam.

      • Hybird

        Milosovic famously said in defence of his actions in the Bosnian War –
        “You will only understand what this was about when they start cutting off your heads.”
        Now, what was it that happened to Lee Rigby?

  • Ali

    Nick Cohen, stop using the term right wing wrongly. It is not those of us who believe in free market capitalism, freedom of the individual, and that the most important lesson history can teach is that revolutions always fail, who spit in the faces of those we regard as different to ourselves, and Islamists and their apologists do not believe in freedom of the individual, free market capitalism or that revolutions always fail.

    The right have been regarded as ‘nasty’ because they do not believe humanity can be divided up into groups, specific types of people, blacks, gays, white Anglo Saxon protestants, etc. We believe in individuals. We are indifferent to blacks, gays, etc, because natural characteristics are not of themselves interesting. A capitalist has no interest in lesbians per se, or at least not more than the next man, unless he is considering investing in a dildo manufactury, that does not mean he spits in the face of lesbians. Indifference is not the same as dislike.

    It is the left who historically, albeit for entirely benevolent purposes, consider humanity as split into groups to whom good must be done by the redistribution of wealth. As I say that is a benevolent idea, but it starts with pitying the poor, the disabled, the black, the gay and the inevitable end of that way of thinking is one group competing, sometimes fighting dirtily, another for funding.

    • RedQueen

      “It is the left who historically, albeit for entirely benevolent purposes, consider humanity as split into groups to whom good must be done by the redistribution of wealth.”

      Complete nonsense. The right have also historically divided humanity into groups and that the groups that are deemed white should be granted greater wealth than non-whites.

      • actually sir the idea of white dominance over blacks is a Darwinian view born out of naturalisitic 19th century atheism and propagated by the likes of Engels and Neitzsche. The idea of the eqaulity of man, emabarassingly for the left and naturalists, was generated under Judaeo-Christian monotheism. As Apostle Paul said, “there is no Jews or Gentile, Greek or Babarian, Male or Female, Slave or Free…but in Christ all are one”. There is no racial superiority espoused in Judeo-Christo monotheistic thought.

        The highest realisation of the left’s thought born from naturalism culmuniated in racist ideology that corrputed even conversavatives and Christians as demonstrated in white America and Europe….

        The idea that the white is superior is a darwinian thought never ever a monotheist conservatives idea…history speaks for itself.

        • RedQueen

          the idea of white dominance was already formulated in the justification for the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the start of the European colonialism. All of which pre-dates Darwin by centuries.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Slavery has been going on across the world fore thousands of years Whites , Muslims and Jews were also involved in the slave trade
            The difference is that unlike Whites, non-Whites, Muslims and Jews don’t lose any sleep about it , and that Muslims didn’t have any of the descendants of its Black slaves to worry about giving equal rights to , because they castrated all of the Black male slaves
            Another difference is that Whites were the first to ban slavery , and if thewy had not it wold still be going on in Africa and across the world today .
            When Whites banned slavery , a delegation of Black African´chieftains went to London to with a petition of complaint because slavery had been a major part of the African economy and culture for thousands of years
            Saudi Arabia , under internationaæl pressure banned slavery in 1961

          • Slavery still exists on a massive scale today. The main Islamic university – Al-Azhar in Cairo – has said within the past 20 years that if a Muslim opposes slavery they are an apostate, and that slavery is an integral part of Islam. We all know what the punishment for apostasy is in Muslim countries. As a general rule, Muslims are proud of slavery and support it wholeheartedly.

          • mrsjosephinehydehartley

            Maybe it would help to think of slavery -especially modern types as new ways of working for old ways of working. Or vice versa as necessary.

          • Dan O’Connor

            It doesn’t matter who will come to demographically replce you and dominate you, Africans , Asians, Hispanics or Muslims or all of them together
            All the evidence of history and human experienc tells us that becoming a minority of ever dwindling numbers and influence and putting your fate and destiny and that of your children in the hands of others , is fraught with so many obvious perils and catastophies , that it outweighs any possible advantages

          • Then, let’s stop it. I agree absolute calamity is on its way – but there are massive geopolitical factors at work which will prevent any historical narrative from easily working itself out. I will say quite plainly – I believe in repatriation for those who adhere to barbaric beliefs and behaviour and reject the rule of law. We should closely observe Sweden and France during the next 2 years ….

          • Dan O’Connor

            ” There are massive geopolitical factors at work ”

            Try the Identitarian / Nationalist web-sites,

            National Policy Institute . ( videos of conference speeches )
            Radix Journal ( articles and podcasts and debate forum )
            American Renaissance ( videos and articles , debate forum
            Council of Conservative Citizens , news reports
            Red Ice Creations , radio interviews and TV

          • Thanks, have made a note of them.

          • Umzo

            Prophet Muhammed was the first person to free a black man from slavery, I do not understand where you get your information from, but if you haven’t read the Quran then you do not know what islam really is, and that goes for everyone who makes false comments about islam, over 1400 years ago Arabs and blacks were slaves (white, Christian and Jews were in the Slave trade) not Muslims!

          • I sympathise with you – you have been told a lie. The history of Islam you have been presented with is false, and to find out the truth you will have to reject the propaganda of your Iman, your family, your friends, and religious books that you admire. You have a long journey ahead of you if you are willing to take the first step.: http://freethoughtnation.com/islams-disturbing-legacy-of-slavery/

          • Robbydot1

            Do you know the Muslim term for black and slave are the same word. Islam wholeheartedly supports keeping slaves, especially sex slaves. Maybe you should read the Koran, the passages aren’t hard to find.

          • will91

            I also feel sorry for you. You have been instilled with this belief system since birth and aren’t suitably equipped or encouraged to question and scrutinise. You need to take the ‘Red Pill’ when it comes to your religion.

          • sebastian2

            The quran is not the best place to get information from about mohammedism. Quite the opposite. It’s like distinguishing the “real” Chairman Mao and the Great Leap Forward by studying The Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party’s official publications.

            Slightly lacking in objectivity, I feel.

          • Des Demona

            Oh dear. You really need to read more widely.

          • global city

            No…the enlightened left are now in charge of our ‘white’ former societies, so everything will work out fine!

          • Cymrugel

            This is nonsense.

            The problem is the cultural assumptions of the people who settle here.

            People who become part of British society and regard themselves as such will not be a threat to anyone – indeed within a few generations people will forget they were ever “foreign”.

            Anyone fancy arguing that the likes of Disraeli or say war ace Douglas Baader (German descent) were not British?

            The problem is that of allowing newcomers to cling to their old cultural identities. They should be encouraged to integrate as far and fast as possible. Within a couple of generations they will be as British as anyone else.

            The failure to demand this has been the main problem.

          • Marcussmod

            The failure to demand full integration, but instead implement policies that encourage and promote self segregation and ghettoism is an inverse form of racism. An immigrant can be a Bangladeshi/ Pakistani/Somalian Muslim but never a ‘real’ Brit under this perverted left wing mulikulti dogma.

          • Dogsnob

            Are you on happy pills?

          • Dan O’Connor

            Do you have a Plan B just in case it goes wrong ?
            Or will all of you say ” Whoops ” and scaper around nearest corner , and condeming our off spring to centuries of pain and suffering ?
            So you’ve taken all the evidence of history and human experience into consideration and reckon that the benefits
            ( the winnings ) of European man becoming minorities of dwindling numbers and influence in all of his own homelands an replaced with Mexicans, Africans , Arabs, and Asians far outwéighs any possible disadvantages ?
            So every similar mass population transformation in history has always taken place without any calamatous consequences for those on the wrong end of it–right ?

            If you thought for a moment that you would have to make personal sacrifices and face risks to fetishise your insatiable greed for moral supremacy —– it would be a different story.

          • Cymrugel

            The point is to have a system with strict rules that selects suitable candidates, not some sort of end to immigration.
            We need well qualified people who speak good English and who are ready and wiling to integrate, not large communities of backward third world types living in separate communities. We need no more kebab shop workers or minicab drivers and those with no English or qualifications need not apply.
            We also need to help and encourage those members of existing immigrant communities who want to fit in- not encourage them to pretend they never left home and especially not tell the women to live like second class citizens when they want to become part of the mainstream.
            This has largely been a rod the UK has made for its own back – propping up so called “community leaders” and at best ignoring progressives in minority communities who would have made their own communities integrate to the point where they would have been part of the wallpaper by now.

          • TrueNorthFree

            “Diversity is our strength”?? No, die-versity is just another word for white genocide

          • sebastian2

            They had a huge slave trade that included captive Northern Europeans who were valued for their pale skins. Exposure of this traffic in abducted concubines and servants for imperial Arabia, is long overdue. It was a massive and well organised, brutal, “international” operation that mohammedan history – as they wrote it – has exonerated. I don’t know of any accounts by the captives themselves, though there may be some. And I don’t know of any mohammedan movements that successfully campaigned to end this wicked commerce.

          • RedQueen

            Right. So how does any of that prove Adetoz argument that racism began with the publication of Darwin’s “Origins of the Species” and that it’s a politically left wing construction?

          • Ivan Ewan

            But Arabs aren’t “white”, and they were the vendors. I’m sorry, did you not know this?

          • RedQueen

            I never said Arabs were white. Jesus, can anybody read BTL?

          • colchar

            Nice try Skippy, but it was blacks and Arabs who started the slave trade in Africa. Whites were involved after the trade was well established.

          • RedQueen

            I didn’t say otherwise. Can you read?

          • global city

            That is a peculiarly ethnocentric ‘view’ you have. Why don’t you explore the issue from an internationalist perspective…. you will find this race stuff is rife the world over and always has been.

            Can you answer that point please?

          • RedQueen

            What are you talking about? The original commentator said that racism has it’s origins in Darwinism. I’ve replied that it pre-dates Darwinism by centuries and was a by product of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and European colonialism.

            So in what way is that answer ‘ethnocentric’ and in what way does the answer fall outside of an ‘internationalist’ perspective?

        • scampy

          How do you explain jails around the world filled with black drug dealing rapists and killers?

          • Actually sir I am reading a book that proves inherent racial bias in the American justice system. Do you know that for the same crime and same criminal records, the blacks are 16 times more likely to receive harsher punishments that the whites? The blacks experience a higher rate of stop and searchthan the whites are for example in the American

            I am an African conservative thinker who calls out the ills of the black community but if we conservatives want to be taken seriously, we must call out injustice and wrong regardless of skin colour. I hate notthing more than people using their skin colour to make others guilty. But the “high” crime rate of blacks you talk about is greatly skewed.

            But I don’t blame you for touting that line, a couple of weeks back, that was me. If you ever get the chance. Read the book titled the “The New Jim Crow”. I don’t agree with everything but the author has spotted something that is clearly rotten and worth highlighting.

            To assume blakc people are naturally more violent is a primitive idea. I don’t have to remind you of the numerous violence of white europeans or mongolian conquerors or Arab caliphs. Man is a corrupt violent being, gross violence is not unique to a race.

          • Martin Luffa

            Blacks are more likely to have prior convictions and deal drugs on the street.

            Blacks are naturally less intelligent than every other race. Blacks are primitive. The documented facts bear out the truth no matter that there are a few exceptions to the rule.

      • Dan O’Connor

        How does either argument prove that multi-historical , multi-ancestral . multi-mythological multi-religious, multi-linguistic societies are far less conflcit prone, far more cohesive and a vast improvement over mono-ancestral , mono-historical, mono-mythological, mono-religious, mono-lingusitic societies , when all of the mountains of historical evidence and human experience demonstate the very opposite is the case , and that in fact mono is far superior to multi in every respect ?

        • RedQueen

          If you could unpack that into a more structured argument then I’ll give it a go.

          • Dan O’Connor

            I’ll cut it out in cardboard . Do you believe that organically evolved societies whose populations identify with the same shared ancestry, ancestors ,history, language, mythology, religion, legends, heroes , customs, heroes, literature , arts and song are resilient to threats and distasters , more stable, more cohesive and less confiict prone and civil war prone than societies that have become composed of people from a mulittude of different ancestral, historical , cultural , mythological, liinguistic roots ?

          • RedQueen

            No I don’t.

          • global city

            So, you don’t actually think then, you merely adopt a position based on slogans.

          • RedQueen

            I disagree with the argument. How is that evidence of “adopting a position based on slogans”? And what does that mean anyway?

          • global city

            You can’t disagree with the post you replied to, as that is how the world is…..

            You are too Eurocentric in your ‘world view’….which is deliciously ironic.

          • RedQueen

            That’s how the world maybe now but it wasn’t always so and it won’t be in the future. That’s why I disagree

          • Dan O’Connor

            ” but it wasn’t always so ”

            Rubbish , I have just descibed the universal and factory default setting of mankind and human societies .
            No human society, tribe, clan or nation has been born diverse

            How did every 6th form Lefty hippy social justice warrior become a qualified expert in the fields of social anthroplogy, and behavioural group psychology ?
            You are a pseudo expert

          • RedQueen

            “Rubbish , I have just descibed the universal and factory default setting of mankind and human societies .No human society, tribe, clan or nation has been born diverse”

            This is so stupid that I’m not sure where to begin. And so I won’t begin at all.

          • Dan O’Connor

            ” but it wasn’t always so ”

            Do you mean that before the evil White man came , there was no such thing as xenophobia, sexism , homophobia tribalism , tribal borders or racism or in group favouratism
            the world was just a liberal progressive happy clappy, love and peace multi-racial / multi-carnival rainbow utopia and we were all living in wigwams and singing ” Imagine ” by John Lennon ?

          • RedQueen

            “Do you mean that before the evil White man came , there was no such thing as xenophobia, sexism , homophobia tribalism , tribal borders or racism”


            Stop drinking the Kool Aid. You’ve been given ample opportunity to say something intelligible but you seem hell bent on squandering it.

          • Dan O’Connor


          • RedQueen

            LOL that’s right Dan keep on drinking the Kool Aid and talking utter rubbish. It’ll soon be over

          • Dan O’Connor


          • TrueNorthFree

            Good lord, every single thing he is saying makes perfect sense.
            Whites did not invent xenophobia, sexism , homophobia tribalism , tribal borders or racism, but that is being used to perpetuate white genocide in white homelands.

          • Patrick Roy

            Dan that is something to look at on a case by case basis. I don’t think you can make any broad brush statements there at all. Let’s start with say, Finland v South Africa. Then move to Britain v Germany. Then Brazil v Canada…..The diversity of diversity is too diverse!!

          • Dan O’Connor

            Thanks for your reply .
            I’m sorry but I don’t quite follow you . I would appreciate it if you could elaborate

            I would also like to know if we agree or disagree on the folllowing .

            1 ) The evidence of history and human experience human ethnic, racial , religious, cultural , historical ,mythological diversity , or the presence of all of them at once has been the major cause of conflict thoughout human history . It createws the ideal conditions for it . In other words — just as poison is bad for our bodies .

            2 ) There is no such thing as a human society that has been successful BECAUSE of diversity . If it succeeded at all it is INSPITE of diversity , not BECAUSE of it

            3 ) What do you suggest would be the perfect demographic equlibrium for all White nations, which when we reach that point , we keep it at that point . . and how do we keep it at that point ? e.i.
            a ) 50 % White ?
            b) 25% White ?
            c) 10% White ?
            d ) 5% White ?

            4 ) Considering what we already know about tribes, nations and civilizations that have been displaced and over run by other people , and the potential genocidal catastrophic consequences .
            Upon who should rest the burden of proof ?
            Upon the pro-White minoritisation / Africanisation, Asianisation ; Mexification , Muslimisation camp ?

            Or upon the White anti-immigration nativist camp ?

            I mean to suggest that before handing over our heritage and lands to people who create disfunctional socetiies and who have no love for us , and seem to band together to agitate for their own group interests …………. those who think this would be the best thing since slice bread , had better have some damn good evidence to prove it .
            As yet ,all I hear are not evidence , but a cackophany of hyper sentimentalised infantile naivety and emotionalised name calling . The entire Western ruling elite , media and academia refuse to debate the most important issue of out times from a civilizational / sociological perspective

          • Patrick Roy

            Dan I don’t think there is an answer, nor it there meant to be one. As I said it is a case by case basis situation, where people need to try and make decisions. If they can.

            One of the most poignant books I’ve read is 500 Nations which details individually the demise of 500 tribes of Native Americans. It is a sad account. Life is not fair. But someone once told me – some of those tribes, if they had the ability to create a global Empire, they certainly would have done.

            There is no cookie cutter solution. Put yourself around a tribal fire in modern Britain for example. Of course immigration is a conversation. Why wouldn’t, or shouldn’t it be?

          • Dan O’Connor

            ” There is no cookie cutter solution ”

            Well, their certainly appears to be a cookie cutter reoccuring problem , so it begs for a cookie cutter solution
            There exist timeless , unchanging rules and laws that lay outside of man and beyond man’s power to change them .
            Nature is quick to hit back with a venegance upon those who ignore them ( i.e Rotherham / Towerhamlets , The 751 no go zones of France , Sweden having the third highest rape statistics in the world ) , inner city Detriot
            Notice any reoccuring pattern here ?

          • Patrick Roy

            Dude, I am so far to the right it would make your head spin. Don’t talk to me about patterns.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Well, I’m glad to hear it , but I never hear ” case by case ” reasoning from people who are so far right that it would make even my head spin . I suspect it is because they realise that there is not such thing as a middle way, or perfect multiracial / multicultural balance that can be maintained .
            By the very nature of the beast , we are forced into an all or nothing scenerio

            When I claimed there was no debate within the mainstream political/ cultural / media spectrum on the dispossession of Whites , I wrote
            , ” from a civilizational / sociological perspective ” They keep the debate within very narrow non sociological confines

          • TrueNorthFree

            “Considering what we already know about tribes, nations and civilizations that have been displaced and over run by other people , and the potential genocidal catastrophic consequences . Upon who should rest the burden of proof?

            Upon the Liberal cosmopolitan pro-White minoritisation /
            Africanisation, Asianisation ; Mexification , Muslimisation of the West camp ? Or upon the White anti-immigration, anti-minoritisation nativist camp ?I mean to suggest that before handing over our heritage and lands to people who create disfunctional socetiies and who have no love for us ,
            and seem to band together to agitate for their own group interests .. those who think this would be the best thing since slice bread , had better have some damn good evidence to prove it .”

            Brilliant comment Dan!
            It sounds so utterly reasonable when you put it that way!

        • Marcussmod

          Strangely enough the vast majority of Muslim countries are hideously mono cultural and oppress religious minorities daily. You won’t find many vacancies for enrichment and diversity officers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yeoman, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi at el.

          • Patrick Roy

            And don’t forget the top 20 worst countries in the world for women, are Muslim dominated. Everywhere they dominate, is a disgraceful, horrendous, impoverished place to live.

          • ItinerantView

            Peter Sutherland said, the EU must actively undermine European cultures, (as if it wasn’t already) apparently it’s a ‘crucial dynamic for economic growth’, funny he never suggests the same for some of the poorest, most discriminatory places on earth.
            Meanwhile Gulf-States and assorted Nationalist governments can radicalise minorities and take advantage of a failing multikulti model, seen vividly in certain Islamic communities in the UK and Europe as a whole.

        • global city

          ‘Badly drawn borders’ is a constant criticism aimed at colonialism as one of the things they did was ignore natural groupings and banded all sorts of different cultures, tribes and groups into multicultural blocs…with all the attendant mayhem.

          • Cobbett

            Yep – they don’t care much for ‘diversity’. Strange how it’s supposed to be so wonderful for us.

      • Ivan Ewan

        The right doesn’t even believe in the concept of “granting wealth”, are you in off a flying saucer? The right wing is not the left wing living in opposite-land.

      • GraveDave

        The right have also historically divided humanity into groups and that the groups that are deemed white should be granted greater wealth than non-whites.

        That’s probably because they created that wealth.

        • RedQueen

          Not really. Up until the 18th C most of the global wealth creation since the dawn of civilisation was centred in Middle East, China and India. And the latest economic projections indicate that global wealth is again going to the East.

      • colchar

        What an absolutely preposterous claim.

      • global city

        Do the Japanese or Somali ‘Right’ believe that whites should be granted ‘greater wealth’?

        What a strange whitecentric post you made! Another stupid lefty.

        • RedQueen

          I never said anything about the “Right”. This is the third incoherent reply of yours that I’ve encountered. It’s like collecting verbal diarrhoea pokemon.

      • Marcussmod

        Whites are not ‘granted’ wealth they create it.

    • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

      The reason socialists want to use the term “right wing” is so they can use “far right wing” in order to tarnish by association. The terms are of course meaningless.

      • colchar

        While simultaneously ignoring all of the problems caused by those on the Left.

        • Patrick Roy

          The modern left are the antithesis of intelligentsia. They’re cowards, they’re lazy, they’re deniers, infected by group-think. They’re commercially unconscious, media-addicted morons driving our hard-won civilizations into the ground.

          • Ed  

            If you really want to wind up Leftykins, remind him that National Socialists were socialists. The squealing reaction can be very entertaining.

          • Nanko Costers

            So if National Socialists were socialists does that mean the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea is democratic?

          • Ed  

            Even liars sometimes tell the truth. When the national socialists said they were going to kill the Jews, invade their neighbours, and start a war, they weren’t lying. Surprise.

            To quote Marx, “the dictatorship of the proletariat”. Swap out “race” for “proletariat”, and there you are.

          • Cobbett

            Of course it is…they say so don’t they?

          • MarcDaniel Erasmo

            Words mean what we want them to mean.

        • T_H_E_R_I_O_N

          While we’re at it stop tossing around the meaningless term “left.” Americans call Hillary Clinton left-wing and Obama a Marxist – all of which is complete rubbish. Oba and Clinton are neo-liberal capitalists of the first order who believe in the present deeply fcked order and American exceptionalism.

          They are more correctly members of the neo-liberal pseudo left… the obsessives who have poisoned our societies with PC’ification and identity politics. The real left on the other hand is more interested in the bigger picture and less obsessed with the social issues and causes that the pseudo-left tends to fixate on.

      • tjamesjones

        In the case of this article, I totally agree – Nick Cohen in his opening sentences is bashing some mythical “far right” which seems to be made up of people upset by terrorism. He pointlessly alienated me from whatever he’s trying to say in the rest of the article.

      • MarcDaniel Erasmo

        “Right Wing” means to a Leftwinger what “Left Wing” means to us – those people who we would be better off without. Simple as that.

    • Robbydot1

      I don’t believe it’s for benevolent purposes, it’s done to control.

    • Mc

      The primary reason why the left claims that its objective is to help the poor and oppressed is not because it actually cares for the poor or downtrodden. It simply wants to claim a differentiation from other parties in order that it can gain power for itself (as is the case with any other party).

    • Martin Luffa

      ” albeit for entirely benevolent purposes”

      nope, not even once

    • Cobbett

      You’ve no idea what ‘Right’ wing is either.

    • Ambientereal

      The left wing wants to help the poor, the isolated, the disabled, and hates the wealthy. In fact they recognize the value of the late because they are the source of funding for the previous. The wealthy means for them a hunting district where they can hunt for resources to apply to their altruist ideals. But they simultaneously (by hating the rich) tend to destroy and/or deplete their resources and the society cracks down after a while. It is remarkable that they support islamists because in islamic states there is no left. There are immense wealth and a lot of rich people in islamic countries, who at the same time are the more radical islamists, and no one oppose to them. No leftist in Britain criticize the wealthy saudis, but the middle class british.

    • ohforheavensake

      This pure, disinterested capitalist you talk about: d’you have any evidence at all that he or she exists?

      Y’see, this sounds like homo economicus to me: the perfectly rational market operator described in large swathes of economic theory, and the figure whose choices ensure the smooth operation of a truly free market. Trouble is, he or she doesn’t exist: and, guess what? The free market doesn’t exist either- and it never possibly could.

  • jack

    Europe was born in 1095. With modern day Spain and Portugal under a brutal Islamic occupation, with the Queen city of Christendom, Constantinople, under constant siege by the armies of Islam, with the great Christian states of Syria, Egypt, Judah and North Africa having been conquered, the Pope called on what was left of Christendom – modern Europe – to unite together and defend all what was left of the Christian peoples. Europe was born in war, we were born locked in a civilizational struggle against the advancing forces of the Caliphate.

    There is no “British” Islam. The majority sects of Islam in the UK are Salafism (the same brand of Islam of Bin Laden and the al Saud’s) and Deobandi Islam (of which the Taliban are part of and Europe’s leading Deoband institution is just outside London).

    Western civilization is doomed. The only thing our elites care about is money and profit. “If Qatar can buy up London but it delivers a profit, who cares?” – That is their mantra. Locked in this great conflict, only those with a stronger will to dominate, only those who believe that there is more than mere materialism will emerge triumphant. Islam is growing at a rapid rate throughout Western Europe. The US Department of State now puts the Islamic population of France at 10%! The growth is exponential, almost doubling it appears every decade (as happened in the UK from 2000-2010, according to the Gov 2011 Census).

    Liberalism has failed us. We are being led into blood and ruin. If we don’t take steps that need to be taken then expect what happened in Lebanon to happen here.

    • ardenjm

      Ah yes, good luck to the Post-Christian Liberals.

      What the Catholics and Orthodox successfully defended for 1000 years from 700-1700 AD they will have managed to utterly destroy in the space of a hundred: 1960-2060.

    • ‘Islam is growing at a rapid rate’ – one word: benefits.

      • Umzo

        Islam will dominate the world! Only time will tell…hehe

  • jack

    “My generation of liberal leftists half a lifetime to

    Your generational type and in collusion with the BBC have been instrumental in the decay of what used to be moral ‘Christian’ values. And because of this mind control, we have allowed the nation to be wrecked with a complacent attitude that somehow needed organisations such as Tell Mama, Cage, MCB etc, to give balance to warped left thinking and credence to the minority.

  • itbeso

    I’m left of centre and I loathe Tell Mama for the lies it tells. Good god man the disingenuous organisation has been thoroughly discredited by Andrew Gilligan. Give it up already.

  • itbeso

    If we have a religious underclass it will be due to their self segregation not the demise of Tell Mama. See other religions and their successful integration for details. Sick of this victim mentality of Muslims. Whether Tell Mama ‘go under’ or not will have diddly squat effect on anything including the ghettos they choose to set up and the barriers to integration they choose to enforce.

    We certainly will not face ‘competition’ from Muslim women (75% unemployment rate) is because they will be married off young and it is difficult to forge a career or any life for yourself when you are bringing up 6 children. No I’m far from happy about it and you slur non Muslims by suggesting any such thing.

    Figures on Muslim women marrying outside Islam in the UK anyone? How about figures in forced marriage in many cases to Muslims outside the UK – running at 6000 per annum in the UK alone.

    Rather than lamenting the problems of a very dodgy organisation try fighting for the rights of Muslim women to get out from under a culture based on religion which ruins their prospects and their freedom of choice. That actually might have an effect on any potential religious underclass.

    Finally any violence will not be our making but rather, as the overwhelming evidence worldwide suggests, from the RoP.

    • Mark Frost

      And what about the women who make the conscious decision to devote their life to Islam. What about the three traitors who fled Britain, a country that has given them refuge, in order to throw gays off buildings and so forth? Quit your appeasement of this sick death cult. It comes down to a very basic question at the end of the day: Britain or Islam. If a person chooses the latter, they should be deported to the third world shit ho which they so righteously defend.

      • itbeso

        You need a primer in comprehension skills mate.

  • pyewacket

    The name of the organisation Tell Mama, tells me everything I need to know about the Muslim community. They are being kept in a perpetual state of immaturity and self-inflicted victimhood. So controlled are they by the religion, they can no longer think for themselves. They are prisoners within their own minds. Everything is controlled by the religion – for instance, not only the food they eat, but also the way they carry out their ablutions and numerous other things. This is obsessive compulsive disorder on a collective scale.

  • Tox66

    School, college and university provide better training for employment than madrassas and mosques, which is one thing the poor, unemployed Bangladeshis might like to consider.
    And whilst I am enjoying Nick’s slow, too slow, gradual enlightenment about Islam in Britain, he is still a follower of the movement who preached to recently arrived Muslims that benefits were a payment for the sins of empire and to tuck in.

    • Donafugata

      Oh really?
      Do you have a link for this?

      I have heard an Eritrean on Channel 4 News talking about pay back time for the British, ( not that the British colonised Eritrea but that doesn’t seem to matter when you believe you everything )

      • Tox66

        I don’t have a link. It was an article I read many, many years ago in this magazine so perhaps we can check the archives. I’ve been meaning to search for Jeffrey Bernard’s auto-obituary too because I have lost my old copy.

  • Dan O’Connor

    I just can’t sleep at night for worrying about the future of a ” British ” Islam
    It’s all I think about 24/7 .

    • Umzo

      Well well well, Islam will dominate the world! Only time will tell, no go sleep.

      • Tom Allalone

        I doubt it, at some point in the last six months or so, I get the feeling that the patience of the British finally snapped. Liberals of my acquaintance have stopped making excuses for Islam and are now asking ‘What do we do about them?’ and no-one seems to be suggesting big hugs. If you weren’t so stupid you would have realised that a strategy of lying low and keeping quiet for ten to fifteen years would have served you better, but you just couldn’t keep the fascistic, supremacist instincts under control.You probably got the impression that we’re all as soft and cowardly as our politicians but the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake and we will do whatever it takes to secure their freedom. In its current state there is no future for Islam in Britain.

      • Islam has overplayed its hand with the atrocities it floods YouTube with and committed by Daesh barbarians. These bandits and outlaws currently occupying the territory of two sovereign states are dumbly demonstrating the reality of an ideology that masquerades as religion.They may well find their efforts turning into a successful campaign of mass inoculation against a virulent strain of ebola. “Inshallah”

  • Dan O’Connor

    The problem facing the historical majority ( soon to be minority ) societies in the West today, is not that there is discrimination
    The calamity is that there isn’t any.

    At some time in the not to distant future , amid the rubble and the ruins, historians and behavioural psychologists will conclude that some form of nuerological alien bacilli must have infected the body-politic of Western man which succeeded in paralysed his collective auto-immune and threat recognition mechanisms and defences .

    Disarmed his ability to disciminate between enemy and friend , beneficial and destructive , wisdom and folly, truth and lies, and between ” us ” and ” them .

    • IJMO_DS

      It is true that it is predicted that white British(English) will lose their majority status in 2066. Earlier with young people. However the indigenous population are not declining, ethnic minorities are expanding, so population is increasing. The infrastructure and resources don’t exist to cope with it and the ratio between rich and poor will increase, meaning the welfare system will fail. The benefits of mass immigration is very short term, but the negatives much longer. The question is, when will left wing/liberal/liberal conservative politicians realise their immigration dream is unsustainable?

      • Dan O’Connor

        Not just the British English

        White Americans , Canadians, Australians, Irish ,Danes, Swedes , Norweigans,. French , Germans , Dutch , Belgians, Danes , Italians, Russians . ect ect ect


    Even a White Christian Englishman would not be accepted in France if they refused to integrate. Multiculturalism is a failure, yet ethnic minorities, encouraged by the left, think it is their right. The only logical conclusion is that some Muslims must feel they will eventually be running this country so there is no need to fit in or leave. Why else would they carry on like they do, as if they had never left the Islamic world.

    • Donafugata

      There is absolutely no doubt that they already feel quite confident of a takeover within the next 20-30 years.

      They have successfully infiltrated all our institutions and have huge influence in education, local and central government, education and, of course, the media.

      Even doing nothing, the vast majority have brought about a dramatic demographic change which continues exponentially.

      From now on we cannot expect more than a perfunctory acceptance of British values as the Islamic state comes into being.

  • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

    This article would be laughable if you didn’t believe this guff Cohen. The real “far right” – neo Nazis – are a tiny number of saddos who couldn’t organise a raffle let alone a takeover of the country. The real danger to everyone in the UK is those who believe we have to accommodate outrageously sexist and racist views because they were written in a book over a thousand years ago and it’s part of a religion.

    • itbeso

      A religion that couldn’t be more fascist if it tried.

      • Donafugata

        Exactly, the real Nazis are the brutal, totalitarian death cult that has, like cancer, metastasised its way throughout Europe.

      • Hybird

        Nazism tried to hide its atrocities from the world. Islam revels in them and puts them on You Tube.

    • Lydia Robinson

      Yet they go into overdrive about them while ignoring the real far right in our midst of whom there are many – you know, the people who demand that their daughters do not go to mixed swimming classes or gym lessons or even sit segregated in university lectures. Let alone the girls who are taken off to be mutilated or married off to a cousin.

  • Dan O’Connor

    A Left / Liberal / Progressive is someone who has failed to integrate with his own historical culture and race . Who feels no particular links to it , has no particular love , or appreciation or affinity or kinship with it , and no wish to preserve it .
    They identify more with Obama’s, Martin Luther King’s , Ghandi’s and Mandela’s historical and cultural roots than they do their own.
    Wherever the White middle upper class cosmopolitan Left look they see a sea of angry White faces . For them history consists of only two kinds of people .
    A bunch of evil White racists, and then everyone else .
    In reality , White cosmopolitan Left Liberal Progressives don’t give a fiddlers fik about the values of non-White minorities or Muslims . They only care about how they can be used as a biological weapon against the Left Radical Chic’s hated enemy , the White man
    Western universities are the modern day secular equivalent of the 12th century fundamenalist Christian monastries and modern Leftism / Cultural Marxism is the modern day equivalent of Biblical Original Sin ” racism ” .
    Western universties are a guilt trip for White males , They go there to be taught that that non-Whites are the eternally oppressed more worthy , and virtuous, noble victims , and that White males are sexist , homophobic , racist, fascist , and genetically predisposed to committing genocide , that they are just a meaningless social construct, that doesn’t exist , unless spoken of in the negative , in which case they do exist , and that their heritage and lands belong to everyone and anyone
    The more they collectively vilify, offend, insult, attack and stigamise their own ancestors, history culture and race, and the more they cheer on their own replacement of their own people with hostile alien peoles and cultures , the more moral supremacy they feel, and the higher the social and moral status they are rewarded with by their peers .
    It is a grinning skull Death Worship religion.

    • Excellent. Still, it will be sad to watch them murdered one by one by those they have patronised, when the Islamists nurtured in the university system turn on them.

  • JSC

    Tell Mama and related Islamic apologists and crypto-dawah groups provide several functions to further the spread of their religion, and they should be seen as such. They provide excuses for, and denials of, the extremis of the doctrines of their faith. They claim (without authority) to deny the extremists theological legitimacy. They attempt to foster an image of victim-hood through denial of Islam’s role in certain crimes, or the possibility that the hostility they’re experiencing in the press may be blow-back from acts of Islamists or legitimate criticism.

    The only problem these types of groups face, is when they’ve finished thoroughly distancing themselves from all the obnoxious things in the Koran, very few Muslims are left standing by their side…

    The danger is: that this then makes them ideal targets for an Islamist take-over.

  • f1_karen

    “And that concludes this party political broadcast for the TellMama party”

  • Rowland Nelken

    Muslims need to learn from the majority of Jews and Christians. All three Abrahamic groups are saddled with these bloody awful old books that are claimed to have a divine origin and are the foundation of their belief systems. Jews, for all that many seem convinced of the fiction that they are a dispossessed nation, all but universally ignore the daft, not to say, horrific and barbaric bits of their God issued law code. How many Christians, outside the US Bible belt, obsess about Hellfire and the End of Days, two frontline topics for Jesus and St. Paul, their founders?

    Peaceful and sociable Muslims, who at heart, may not wish their infidel neighbours a future of eternal hellfire, have to cope with that awful old Koran. Whereas, in their End Times fantasies, most of those Christians and Jews who consider these things at all, are content to leave their God to do the extermination of us bad guys, the Muslims are told that they must try and emulate Mahomet.

    This Mahomet chap is billed by Muslims, both extreme and moderate, as the ultimate role model. Thus they must purify the world (i.e. convert it to Islam) by violent Jihad as preparation for Judgement Day. Either that, or engage in semantic contortion in a vain bid to try and kid themselves that Allah does not mean what he so plainly dictated to Mahomet via the Angel Gabriel. .

    • Ivan Ewan

      Frontline topics? Can you find even five sayings of Jesus which describe Hell? Five, that’s not a lot.

      • itbeso

        Unfortunately no matter how many arguments you put forward from lack of repetition he did invent it. Or rather the authors of the NT did.

        • Ivan Ewan

          You can’t find five sayings that prove it was a front-line topic for Jesus though, can you? No. Time to pretend you said something completely different.

          • itbeso

            Why 5? He either said if or hr didn’t.

  • Dan O’Connor

    Red Queen

    ” Red ? ”

    Yes , that explains why you are petrified of exercising even a modicum of philosphical sportmanship or ethics or entering the arena of noble debate
    You being synonimous with virtue itself … yes ?

    • ItinerantView

      Good to see your spirited comments again Dan, haven’t seen you on the boards for a while.
      Do keep telling it as it is.

      • Dan O’Connor

        Thanks, and all the best to you.

        • Joe Long

          I used to be rmc you might recall, but after defenestration by the T’graph and other places I re-materialised in pint form

          • Dan O’Connor

            Ah yes , those were great days –ripping the DT Pravda hack journalists to bits and kicking them up the bum
            Good to see you’re about .

  • Joker Davis

    Well, at least our resident foreign policy expert and vodka enthusiast, Joe Biden, has begun to elucidate a strategy: http://politi.co/1vu86SL

  • Blindsideflanker

    While Nick Cohen is hypersensitive about Muslim feelings, he peddles his lazy left wing racism about the English. Why did he think it was alright to write ..’.infiltrated by men with backgrounds in organisations that can hate for England.’?

    • ItinerantView

      Especially when these men are profoundly anti-Western and by extension anti-English.
      England is still in the West I believe, for now anyway.

  • Peter Stroud

    So, Lorna Fitzsimons lost her seat after certain Muslims told voters not to vote for her, because, she is Jewish. Surely an obvious case of an offence under the race relations act. Why was action not taken against these racists? I suspect that if voters were told not to vote for a particular candidate, because he, or she was Muslim: a prosecution would have followed.

  • “the Conservative press sells the grotesque pretence that the group exaggerates prejudice”

    – You really are a conflicted soul, aren’t you Nick? Tell Drama demonstrably DO exaggerate prejudice. It is the main reason Fiyaz lost funding.

  • jim

    Plenty of blame to go round. EmpireGlobal CapitalInternational Socialism…and don’t forget those who threw the term bigot around whenever anyone questioned the wisdom of throwing away immigration regulations. If you’ve ever used the term “islamaphobe” then perhaps some of the blame is yours too . The author of this article has certainly done his bit.

  • Donafugata

    I’m with the ‘far right’ on this, it is a loathsome outfit.

    It’s such an appropriate name too. “Tell Mama” gives the impression of a whiney, snotty-nosed kid who is always playing the victim card and never reflects on his own shortcomings.

    As they themselves would say,

    “Tell Mama Go To Hell”

  • Ivan Ewan

    Cohen, you’ve lost it. Tell Mama…. are liars. No amount of wishful or magical thinking will change that. They invented an “anti-Muslim backlash” wherever it suited them, dressing up rude comments on Twitter as equivalent to assault and murder.

    I mean, I’m ignoring your usual “far-right” bogeyman drivel, because I think we’re all used to that by now.

    I read your book on censorship about a year ago, “You Can’t Read This Book”, and I thought it was quite well researched, with some well-rounded analyses. I can hardly believe that the man who wrote that book can write this article.

  • Dan O’Connor

    This article is a textbook demonstration of the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome that that has paralysed the rational thought process of the Western psyche .
    They create false paradigms and dichotomies so that everything they construct on top of it is crooked and false.
    They are in war against reality and human nature itself
    Reality and human nature has to be net out of shape and deformed to conform to their need to insasiate their insatiable greed for social respectibility, moral rectitude and purity.

    They will do anything they can do avoid approaching the issue of Islam and Muslims from purely practical scientific, sociological and civilizational approach, because if they did, the finger of blame would end up pointing at them . It would point at them because they have all collaborated in perpetuating the circular feed back loop of the Great Sociological Lie . They have painted themselves into corner and dug themselves into a hole of their own making and reality and human nature refuses to tow the line. It could not possibly be that they have been wrong all along and perhaps diversity and multiracialism is not enriching after all and not a strength after all, but a toxic poison-, a crime against their own people , and a wicked violation of human nature. No that is not possible ,so there has to be some other explanation
    , it has to be something that old Whitey ( the omnipotent God ) has done or is not doing enough of.

    Emotions or purity of motives has got nothing to do with it. It isn’t about being
    ” good ” , it is about being real.
    It is about recognising that which is destructive or beneficial , safe or dangeous
    full of obvious and potential perils and hazards for the security of your own family, relations, community, tribe, ethnicty, nation, culture , civilization and race
    The biological survival of one’s own kind is the most natural, normal, universal , timeless, and highest morality that there is . And defending them is a nature ordained imperitive of the highest order .

  • R-O-T-F-L-M-H-O-L-O-L

  • Only one British Political party will likely get your votes and Liebour are welcome to them.

  • sebastian2

    ” … blocks of British Asians are now identified as ‘the Muslims’,…” Why? Surely because this collective term is what mohammedans use when it suits them: “The muslim community”; or “All muslims ……….” followed by a collective whinge; or “We muslims …..”; or often just “Muslims ……..” And so the often exaggerated complaints, or even threats (eg by so-called Lord Ahmed who hinted at how he could summon mass protests) go on and on. Endless victimism en masse.

    It’s hardly surprising, then, that they are seen as a “block” for this is how they wish us to see them. This is the totalitarian image they create for themselves. It’s what they confront us with. Block solidarity; hardly challenged by the moderates we hear so much about, but seldom hear from, and see even less of.

    So you’ve only got yourselves to blame. It was in your own tiny, collective mohammedan minds first. We picked it up from you. You are, quite literally, “block-heads”.

  • Joe Long

    Mughal’s a complete charlatan




    Tatchell’s a useful idiot – we all know what they would do to him given the chance

    CST no doubt find that Mughal has some utility, but I doubt they have much affection for him; here the main threat to Jews is from Muslims obviously

    “In the East End of London, just down the road from where I am writing, the unemployment rate among Bangladeshis is astonishingly high”

    As is their reproductive rate

    “The rest of society will notice only when it turns to violence.”

    Here we go, divvy up the Danegeld or else

    It says it all that you haven’t noticed that we are on the receiving end of an unprecedented epidemic of sexual violence

    Dire article

    • f1_karen

      Even “Dire” is giving it far to much credit Joe, on the subject of Tatchell,


      • Joe Long

        That’s an excellent piece, I must follow that site again; thanks for reminding me. The associated twitter account has been suspended I see, for the grievous offence of telling the truth no doubt. Wonder who arranged that.

        This is an infinitely better piece than Cohen’s and he should read and inwardly digest.

        I’d love to have seen Tatchell’s response – he’s such a bonehead, in some ways bravery and stupidity are flip sides of the same coin.

        I was struck by a comment below the article that pointed out that Tell Mama had been launched same day the Rochdale grooming trial started – well that would be the third Rochdale grooming trial. When the latest batch comes to trial that will be number 5.

        Just coincidence, maybe; and maybe just coincidence that the Savile
        feeding frenzy commenced a few months after the end of the trial, at that point it was no longer possible to keep the lid on

        • f1_karen

          Thanks Joe, it is a piece that should be more widely read and appreciated, pretty sure i’ve seen a decent write-up of Mughals “companies” and other blogsites that seem only to exist in order to bolster his reputation, such as this one


          This one is also worth a read, if you haven’t already seen it, it has some interesting pics and docs.


          I’ve seen a pic of Tatchell holding a placard equating muslims to nazi’s, strange how the views of some change according to the climate ;).

          I’m sure it was no coincidence when TellMama was founded, nor why it was, nor was it surprising that he lost the case against being called a mendacious taqiyya artist, nice word Taqiyya, one of the better one’s to come to prominence, peoples ayes are being opened to it, as they are by lids popping off all over the place 🙂

  • Joe Long

    Sikhs and Hindus sick of this “Asian” grooming libel

    “Young Sikh and Hindu girls in Britain are as vulnerable as white children to “predatory grooming by members of the Muslim community”, faith groups claimed last night.”


    Spin that, Cohen

    For those who don’t have access to the Times, and what a shame this material is not universally available. I’m posting this gem at the end

    “Akbar Khan, chairman of Building Bridges, a Luton project that promotes racial harmony and integration, suggested white British society needed to examine its own “liberal values” and “very lax attitudes to underage sex”.

    Parents who failed to act as role models for their children were “equally if not more responsible” for the harm caused to vulnerable young teenagers by grooming gangs. “Religion should not be dragged into this. I condemn the criminals responsible but their actions should not be seen as a reflection of the whole community.”

    So it’s down to white British society and the parents on whom it reflects very badly, but it doesn’t reflect at all on laughing boy’s religion or community.

    To those who are historically literate these are the words of settler colonist Manifest Destiny

    • you blame the parents for crime done by third-parties.

      Please explain the morality in due course.

      • Joe Long

        You need to address your question to Mr Akhbar Khan, it is apparently his view; it is decidedly not one I hold

    • Feminister

      “British society needed to examine its own “liberal values” and “very lax attitudes to underage sex”.”

      Seem like it’s Pakistani society that has liberal values and lax attitudes when it comes to underage s*x.

    • Feminister

      Odd how he confuses s*x with rape like that.

      • Joe Long

        I suppose we might be talking 7th century though IMO these people would be a disgrace to the Neolithic, never mind the Dark Ages

      • redsquirrel

        bingo. These people just don’t get it.

  • Joe Long

    As was predicted by the author of the Law and Freedom report the grooming epidemic would eventually get to smaller town level

    Here we see that Banbury has been enriched


  • Mr_Ominous

    Islamists have launched a Muslim Manifesto in parliament:


    Our political class has been supporting Islamists and in addition to funding from the Saudis and Qataris its clear who is winning the battle for ‘British Islam’. It will be a massive flaw if people think that there can ever be a British version of Islam. Islam can never be British or English. Even if a British Islam was formulated it would only be subverted by Islamists. Islam is a totalitarian ideology that runs contrary to our own ideals of democracy and freedom. Islamic social mores, culture and laws are foreign and have no place in Britain. The only battle there should be is between those that oppose the ideology of Islam and want it removed from the country and those that are for the ideology of Islam and want it eventually imposed in the country.

    • itbeso

      That is one terrifying document full of demands for religion. For ‘gods’ sake get religion out of politics and education before it is too late.

      • Mr_Ominous

        As long as there are Muslims in this country Islam won’t be got rid of from our politics. In fact Islamists will only seek to progressively amend more of our laws and culture to suit Islamic tendencies.

  • amac

    I no longer think the Muslim community is worth the effort of trying to integrate with. The time seems to have come to stand up for what the majority want and to ensure public safety, even if that means taking away the rights of a large number of people even mass deportations. This seems incredible but there just does not seem to be any meaningful integration on their part. There seems to have been no progress and arguably regression in relations.
    Why are successive governments making my children’s lives more unsafe ? Where’s the benefit of having a culture that undermines my own ?

  • Don’t moderate Islam. Can’t be done. Why not try evangelizing? And maybe, just maybe stop importing Muslims.

  • Russ Littler

    Well, I for one am going to call a spade a spade, and to hell with offending Muslims. Today I was unfortunate enough to be sent a photograph of the “late” Alan Hennings, (I wouldn’t have viewed it had I known what the content was) and I confess it made me sob (lierally) at the futility of killing in the name of religion.His lifeless, bloodied corpse lay face down in the sand, They had place his blood-soaked head upon the back of his body, and then, callously photographed it for all the world to view. I was stunned and horrified and I felt such a feeling of deflation at how “gross” this ideology is, and it made me realise that WE MUST NEVER ALLOW THIS RELIGION TO BECOME DOMINANT WITHIN THE UK. My heart goes out to this poor man’s family in their grief. What makes this crime so heinous was that he was an aid worker who was actually helpng Muslim refugees. That image will stay with me forever.

    My apologies for painting such a graphic picture, but it now makes my blood boil when I hear people making excuses for this “barbaric” religion. I don’t know what else to say.

    • mrsjosephinehydehartley

      Capital punishment is more to do with capitalism than any religion, it seems to me.

      • Russ Littler

        Don’t, just don’t.

    • colchar

      But the apologists will claim that they are not true Muslims. Right, sure they’re not…………………

      • albert pike

        if they are, then the 99.999% aren’t

  • Marcussmod

    I wonder what the welfare, health and education bill is for those featured in the picture above the article? I have an uneasy feeling they will not be ‘net tax contributers’ .

  • In2minds

    “Unless we’re to have a religious underclass” –

    The very idea! Anyway it could NEVER be the Muslims as they are the perennial ‘victims’.

  • Bert

    “In the East End of London, just down the road from where I am writing, the unemployment rate among Bangladeshis is astonishingly high.”

    There’s nothing astonishing about that fact at all Nick Cohen..

    It’s because most of them have never been arsed to learn English – you know, our native language.

    No speakie English, no gettie jobby.

    Not frigging difficult at all. But a tree hugging wet liberal such as yourself will go out of your way to proffer as many excuses as possible.

    Most of them are on the dole, or in receipt of one benefit or another. Many have migrated , illegally, by forging their papers over the last 40 years. (And I say that as an ex resident of Bangladesh with first hand knowledge of the Visa process and the lengths to which the local Bangla community would go to circumventing British Visa procedures in the 1980/1990’s)


    • pobinr

      4% of Brits have never worked. 20% of Muslims haven’t ever worked hence Jihadi Seekers allowance > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2co6duDU0M

      • Bert

        Preaching to the converted.
        Anjem Choudary should’ve been deported at the bare minimum.
        Personally I;’d have given the treacherous ungrateful arsehole a bullet.

        • albert pike

          He’s working for Israel. Calm down

          • Bert

            And your evidence for that claim is?

          • albert pike
          • Bert

            How’s that evidence?
            It’s someone’s personal blog effort – it isn’t from a reputable source and there us absolutely no evidence that he is a MI6 stooge (let alone working for Israel)

            That Choudary is an utter arsehole who should be deported is however, indisputable.

          • albert pike

            ” Choudary is an utter arsehole who should be deported”

            Quite right. BUt he is doing a good job recruiting idiots to go and fight against Assad, who Israel wants removed.

          • Bert

            Whilst that may be true (his vitriol is indeed encouraging Moslems in Uk to join ISIS/Syrian Free Army which can be construed as a good thing as it means we get rid of them) one can hardy use this as evidence that he is working “For Israel”

            But there are plenty of Imams/Speakers who should be deported,along with their families.

            Just wish we had a government with a backbone willing to deport non indigenous troublemakers. The UK also needs to stop Political Asylum as that’s half the reason we have all these troublemakers.

          • albert pike

            ” as evidence that he is working “For Israel”

            But it is Israel that wants Assad gone.
            The militants are killing moslems and christians, they have never attacked Israel who is giving them aid and military support.

          • Bert

            So? The fact Choudary happens to be shit stirring(which is what Israel presumably wants as an excuse to destablise the ME) STILL is not evidence that Chouders is working for Israel, or MI6.

            The militants have never attacked Israel – what are Hamas then? Militants.Terrorists, who attack Israel daily.The reason ISIS havent attacked Israel yet is that they cant get to Israel yet…..they’re too busy trying to take down their neighbourhood of Syria,Iraq…You can bet Israel is on their agenda at some point however.

          • albert pike

            This one is very good too, Bert


          • Bert

            Reputable source? Seriously.
            There is no way Choudary is a friend of Israel, let alone a one of the UK.

          • albert pike

            “Reputable source? Seriously”

            What are you saying that it isn’t Choudary speaking?

          • Bert

            So Choudary is saying he works for Israel and the evidence that is available supports this claim(as indeed it does that he is a MI6 stooge as well)

            These two pieces, particularly the first Youtube video is the work of an individual, not been verified for its veracity, and very much the work of someone who believes in Conspiracy theories.

            The second was a video from the SyrianFree press.net – if you believe that is reliable then I worry for you.

          • albert pike

            why do you think the groups he represents have never attacked Israel?
            Why is Israel giving these groups support?

          • Bert

            “why do you think the groups he represents have never attacked Israel?”

            So Choudary doesn’t support Hamas? Are you sure.

            “Why is Israel giving these groups support?”

            Divide and Conquer obviously. A weak set of Arab nations , fighting internally, will not pose much danger for Israel now will it.

          • albert pike

            “Divide and Conquer obviously. A weak set of Arab nations , fighting
            internally, will not pose much danger for Israel now will it.”

            That could be a reason why Israel is supporting the same groups Choudary is, or why Choudary is supporting the same groups Israel is.

            But as Al Nusra is camped along the Golan, along the ‘Israeli border’, it seems strange they haven’t attacked them.

          • Bert

            “Al Nusra is camped along the Golan, along the ‘Israeli border’, it seems strange they haven’t attacked them.”

            Perhaps they’re waiting for Hamas to soften the Israelis up – more likely they dont fancy dying for their cause at the moment as the Israelis would wipe the floor with them…

            ME politics – very interesting and highly controversial.
            eg Netanyahu referred to as a war criminal by a blogger not because of evidence shown,but because blogger is a Pakistani Moslem – so ideologically biased to Palestinians Moslems.

            Middle East would be a far better place if Israel just turned it all into glass imv.

          • albert pike

            “Perhaps they’re waiting for Hamas to soften the Israelis up”

            from the photo, which you’ll probably suggest is photoshopped, it looks as though they’re waiting for coffee.


            It is interesting that if an unarmed Palestinian approaches the fence in Gaza they are shot. Here we have armed Al Nusra having a chat in an IDF compound.

            “Netanyahu referred to as a war criminal”

            some refer to him as the antichrist

          • Bert

            Divide and conquer very much in evidence..

            “The Israeli military’s close cooperation with the militants also assisted the regime’s bombing of a convoy belonging
            to Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah on January 17. The attack led to the killing of six Hezbollah members as
            well as an Iranian general. Hezbollah later announced that the attack was coordinated between Tel Aviv and the al-Nusra militants.”

            Sound strategic policy imo.

            “It is interesting that if an unarmed Palestinian approaches the fence in Gaza they are shot. ”

            How often are they unarmed, or not there without harmful intent.

            “Here we have armed Al Nusra having a chat in an IDF compound.”

            Obvious – an union of convenience.Give it a couple of weeks and then it’ll all change with Israel once again becoming Al Nusra’s prime target.

  • KC2013

    Discredited Fiyaz Mughal and his TellMama outfit are an Islamic propaganda machine who seems to pop up everywhere like a bad rash as soon as Muslims are getting bad publicity. Churning out the same surge in anti Muslim attack story. Sympathy seeking hoping to turn Muslims into the victims. Lee Rigby murder, Kenyan mall massacre,trojan horse scandal, ISIS killing hostages, grooming gang arrests etc like clockwork he crawls out of the woodwork. In their yearly report their biggest hate crimes logged included a Muslim family in Nottingham who hate to move home after being harassed. Yet failed to include that it wasn’t a gang of racist thugs responsible but the 13 year old boy who lived next door.Also a hit and run that was logged as a hate attack just because the victim was wearing Asian clothes and the driver was white.

    TellMama have plenty of links to extremists themselves. Their co chair famously boasted at a Muslim hate festival “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim” He also acted as paid advisor to the Islamist mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman . As well as links to Hamas and terror fundraising charity Interpal , listed as a terrorist group by the US government ‘https://kafircrusaders.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/anti-islamophobic-attack-monitor-tellmama-linked-to-muslim-extremists/

  • ItinerantView

    The conflation of Farage and someone who apparently colludes, with those who would impose Sharia is utterly spurious and indicative of a wider propagandist, demonisation effort.

  • scampy

    What would be the result of an EU referendum asking if muslim immigrants should be returned to countries of origin?


  • Robbydot1

    WHF do you drag Nigel Farage into this!

  • Robbydot1

    I wish we could carry on as if Muslims didn’t exist. I which they didn’t exist in this country.

  • Cymrugel

    Well to be honest Nick I have just about had a bucket load of islam and muslims.

    If I never heard another word about this idiotic religion or its followers I would be quite happy.

    The idea that the rest of us should be rearranging our society to accommodate cultural practices that range from absurd to outright offensive and to humour beliefs that none of us share, is becoming ever more aggravating – particularly with a backdrop of nasty behaviour ranging from unpleasantness to extreme violence.

    We cannot accommodate a faith that expects us to rewrite history and stand our own culture on its head. It is time muslims were told to integrate or begone.

    No more concessions; no more withdrawing kids from certain lessons in school; no more avoiding teaching about the holocaust as it might “offend”; no more requests that colleagues refrain from eating lunch during Ramadan; no more trying to pretend that female doctors can function while refusing to examine male patients or that they can be allowed to compromise hygiene rules to keep there arms covered; no more being “offended” at perfectly ordinary things other people do, ranging from the food they eat to the clothes they wear; no more insulting behaviour towards women and other faiths ; no more taking the p*** basically.

    Either fit in or F*** off should be the rule from now on.

    • AverageGuyInTheStreet

      Yeah yeah, its just words. We’ve been saying England, love it or leave it since 7/7 and look what’s happened.

      We need a civil war.

    • albert pike

      “We cannot accommodate a faith that expects us to rewrite history and stand our own culture on its head”

      Like christianity or zionism?


      • Cymrugel

        Christianity has been part and parcel of Western culture for over 1000 years and has had a major influence on its development. As for Zionism. I really don’t see what impact it has on the west at all, other than to allow jews to have the same rights as the rest of us.

        • albert pike

          It has had a very impact on western foreign policy.

          “allow jews to have the same rights as the rest of us.”

          what rights might they be?

  • Mc

    “Tell Mama is Britain’s most prominent opponent of anti-Muslim prejudice”

    Your description of their objective is very generous. I’m inclined to think that one of their main objectives is to generate comfortable lifestyles for their management, as with most charities.

    • Marcussmod

      I believe they are partly funded by the tax payer to the tune of at least 250k.

  • Marcussmod

    “Tell Mama is Britain’s most prominent opponent of anti Muslim prejudice”

    Indeed, apart from giving these people full access to health, welfare, education and ignoring culturally incompatible norms and values, what has the UK done for the Muslim community?

    • Bonkim

      Religion is an individual’s business – the state has no responsibility to Muslims or any other religious groups. Keep religion out of public spaces. Incompatibe cultural values need to be eliminated.

      • You ought to move to France! That is the rallying cry of the Republic and why, for instance, the burqa is banned in the public space and Charlie Hebdo’s “cartoonery” is so heavily defended.

    • balance_and_reason

      There should be zero funding for any religious schools other than church of England. Zero.

    • Ambientereal

      Tell Mama is in fact a radical islamic organisation opposing the ones that are against islam. We have to be very careful of it, they are truly radical.

  • Bonkim

    British Islam? Never heard of it – or will it be Islamic Britain?

  • Lydia Robinson

    As a second generation immigrant myself, my family just fitted in and didn’t expect any favours when they arrived here. We came here to work hard. After a while, we were accepted by everyone without any orders from on high to do so. I think you’ll find it’s the predominant attitude anywhere else around the world except the soft touch that the UK has become whose inhabitants are expected to contort themselves to accommodate incomers who are now so bold as to demand that everyone changes their ways to suit them. What the heck is going on in this country? It makes my blood boil.

  • sebastian2

    It might be of general interest to bloggers to glance through this account of ISIS:


    But Teresa May of course knows best.

  • Hybird

    We will only be safe when there is no British Islam. It should not be part of our future.

  • Seat of Mars

    Is Nick Cohen cognitive dissonance in human form? How can he be so right one day and so wrong the next? What is his the nature of his underlying ideological understanding of the world? I think we need to be told. It is a bizarre conundrum

  • Lydia Robinson

    Article worth reading about the cowardice of the left. “I frequently come across leftists who are more afraid of being called Islamophobic than confronting Islamic zealotry.” http://www.dissentmagazine.org/article/islamism-and-the-left

  • DaHitman

    There is no ‘British’ Islam

  • Dan O’Connor

    Daughter ;

    ” Mummy, why are our politicians so nice to non-Whites and so bad to us ? ”

    Mummy ;

    ” Because the fu***rs are at war with us honey “

  • Nick

    Islam in modern society just ain’t working.

  • pobinr

    We have a very very serious problem that is doubling in size every 10 years and it’s a deadly serious threat to our way of life …..
    1,000,000 Muslim Londoners support ISIS > https://muslimstatistics.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/80-of-london-muslims-support-isis/

  • sarah_13

    This is all very commendable. But many of the attacks against jews come from muslims, whereas attacks on muslims don’t not come from jews.

    • Dan O’Connor

      Thousands of White Europeans have been attacked, raped, and murdered by third world immigrants and Muslims over the last 20 years, but only a small number of Jews, But it’s all about the Jews .
      Meanwhile Jewish journalists and community leaders are using semantic sophistry by trying to portray Europe as a place where Jews are being ethnically cleansed by mobs of Neo-Nazis by deliberately ommitting that the violence is coming from Muslims .

    • stephengreen

      Define attacks.

  • Dan O’Connor

    Question ; But how did Mexican, Muslims, Africans and Gypsies get here in the
    first place ? Why are Whites in all White countries ( but only White countries ) becoming minorities and handing over their lands to competing alien peoples and cultures who will dominate us ?

    Dan ;

    Er , it’s because your leaders love you and want to culturally enrich you. No.wait , it’s because the Left Liberal Progressives believe that you and all your childrens children are guilty , so it’s a pay back time revenge for colonialism and the slave trade , Or maybe because of our racial kinship to Hitler ,
    No, no , I remember now , It’s because Europeans are not native to North America and Australia , so their land and heritage belongs to anyone and everyone .
    But then again what about the native British ?
    Oh , I’m sorry but the British don’t qualify for indigenous land rights because according to about 10 million 6th form Left wing experts on the history of human migrations and the genetic make up of all the world’s people , the British are not genetically 100 % pure enough to qualify for indigenous land rights and remain the majority in their homeland because of the invasions of Saxons , Viking and Normans
    ( from Africa and Asia ) diluted the founding stock by 15%

    So the Norweigans, Swedes and Danes who didn’t have any invasions are genetically pure enough according to the Left regualtions on racial purity to qualify for the right to remain the majority in their own homelands ?
    Er… I don’t think so , because we all bleed red and we all come out of Africa

    Or to put it more simpley , Head they win ….. tails you lose

  • Dan O’Connor

    Whites Liberals may not think about race , but race is thinking about them .

  • Castro Spendlove

    Nick Cohen has explained nicely just one danger to British society of unfettered and/or indiscriminate immigration from the Third World.

  • Kasperlos

    The battle for Tell Mama is a symbolic battle for the future of the British Islands, and from the picture it looks like it might be too late. The interested reader would ask why were these problems foisted upon these once peaceful isles; this within a span of a generation, when the great concern was the Beatles effect on youth, we now leap to the question of the very existence of Britain as a viable state.

  • Abraham Abraham

    53:01 By the star when he falls


    53:23 They are not but [mere] names you have named them…….


    53:35 Does he have knowledge of the unseen, so he sees?


    53:37 And about Abraham who fulfilled his duty?

    53:38 Namely, that no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another;

    53:39 That man can have nothing but what he strives for

    ; 53:40 That (the fruit of) his striving will soon come in sight

    ; 53:41 Then will he be rewarded with a reward complete

    ) 53:42 And that to your Lord is the End (Return of everything

    53:43 It is He who causes laughter and weeping.

    53:44 It is He who causes death and gives life.


    Verses from “The star” chapter in holy Quran

    _____ _ _ _________________

    See how the star “Abraham Lincoln” fell after he fulfilled his duty by freeing the
    slaves, so no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another, and that man
    can have nothing but what he strives for, and see how “Abraham” fell
    while watching a comedy show and how the laughter became weeping

    The story of Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd, John Wilkes Booth, Noah Brooks and many other persons from holy Quran since 1400 years with accurate dates and
    coordinates !!!!!!!
    Abraham Lincoln in Quran Blog _______

  • Dan O’Connor

    Only European people can be duped into believing that there is no biological basis for nationhood.
    Only European peoples lose sleep and weep about the peoples they have conquered , the cruelties they have committed and the slaves they have kept .
    Only European peoples meet in their thousands everyday to discuss how they can help the ” Other ”
    Only European peoples are expected to benefit from diversity
    Only European peoples are asked to believe that they are just a meaningless artifically constructed sociological fraud and optical illusion ( unless spoken of in terms of shame, and sorrow )
    Only European people are expected to believe they are nothing more than a skin colour
    Only European people are expected to celebrate with estatic glee becoming a future minority of dwindling numbers and influence in their own homelands amid a sea of third world immigrants , who themeselves have no moral qualms about organising to advance their own group interests, have fled their own lands because they could not create safe and prosperous societies , and have been told that they have a historical score to settle with the White man —could not possibly have any negative consequences . Only an uneducated , stupid , ” mentally unhinged
    ” hate mongering ” White racial supremacist who wants to find any pretext to gas millions of non-Whites and Jew could possible reach such a conclusion .

    Only European peoples can be tricked, demonised ,bamboozled , guilt tripped and cattle prodded into ignoring all the evidence of history and human experience and made to believe that handing over their children’s ancestral homelands and heritage, and handing over the control over their own destiny and security into the hands of competing alien peoples and cultures, has so many obvious benefits that they outweigh any possible hazards or disadvantges .

    Everything must be sacrificed in one great toss of a coin gamble at the altar of the religion of ” anti-racism ” —-our control over our own economies, culture , national borders , security, social cohesion , territory , freedom of speech, and the very survival of our children , of European man and Western civilization itself

  • Hippograd

    The battle for Tell Mama is a battle for the future of British Islam, and it looks as if the wrong side is winning.

    Oh no. Who could have foreseen that? It’s almost as though Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and other Muslim nations weren’t progressive paradises full of high-IQ egalitarian folk after all. Obviously the problem is that we haven’t had enough Muslim immigration and haven’t subsidized enough Muslim population growth. The more there are of the decent progressive majority Muslims, the less power the non-progressive tiny minority will have. And, of course, the less power those evil white extremists will have.

    Sorted! On to the glorious future, comrades!

  • Fenman

    There are 2 right wings, the neo-fascist authoritarians such as Le Pen’s NF, and libertarians who believe everybody shd be free to do as they please, as long as it does not impinge on others, so tolerance and fairness(as laid down in the 2nd commandment) prevail. Islamists are neo-fascist right wing because they do not practice either, but wish to impose Sharia law on all, as they have done in their own versions in Shia iran and Wahabi Sunni Saudi, and the Muslim Brotherhood was doing in Egypt until the army stopped them. So one can see the Islamists and their sympathisers are not a small minority, but dominant in modern Islam. Hence, outfits like Tell Mama are under pressure. As for the Muslim Council it is nothing but an apologist for fundamentalists and the govt. needs to face up to this. Until it does there is no chance of turning the tide. Warzi exemplifies the current appeasement by the establishment, which are merely pouring oil on the flames.

    • albert pike

      “but wish to impose Sharia law on all”

      you are exaggerating.

    • Dan O’Connor

      Libertarians are the ” free market ” Cultural Marxists of the right

      That’s why just like the hard Marxist and mainstream Left , you use the word ” fascist ” to describe anyone or anything you don’t like , such at any White people who refuse to celebrate becoming a minority in a third woirld crime ridden cess pit

      Libertarians have caved into to the
      ” Yipee , we are going to be a minority ” anti-White death worship cult of the Left,´, because they are cowards and petrified oif being called a nasty name by their Left enemies
      Libertarians spend all of their time trying to defend themselves from being called , ” right wing fascist ,racist ” by the Left, without realising that it it just the Left establishement’s catte prodding neuro-linguistic tactics to keep any uppity Whites from escaping from the mind plantation policed day and night by the Establishment’s Left Though Police ,and back in their proper place where we belong
      And boy, have we learned our proper place
      In other words Libertarians haven’t yet realised that Leftism / LIberalism / Progressivism is at its core a sociopathic racist anti-White crypto.religious cultand its main task is to become hysterical at the slightest flicker of Whites trying to organise to defend their territoiry, culture, heritage and lands and their demographic dispossession

      • Fenman

        Pissed, or what?
        Libertarians are the peole who save the West, Churchill etc?

        • Dan O’Connor

          We cannot arrive at any truth unless we jetison the false paradiigms , dichotomies and false opposites of the Cold War
          The Repulican party is not the opposite of the Democrat part
          Capitalism is not the opposite of Socialism
          mainstream Conservatism is not the opposite of Liberal Progressivism
          Libertarianism is not the opposite of Leftism / Cultural Marxism
          ” Anti-racism ” is not the opposite of ” racism ”
          They are obsolete terminologies because they do not reflect reality .

          Anything you build on a false paradigm is false and does not portray reality
          Try the web sites ;
          American Renaissance
          Radix Journal
          Council of Conservative Citizens
          National Policy Institute
          and speeches by Sam Dixson and Jared Taylor on youtube

  • evad666

    Well labour let most of em in?

    • albert pike

      Labour weren’t around at the turn of 20th century

  • WTF

    More like a battle for British culture if you ask me.

    A ballot sent to this Tory government over banning halal food has been ignored in typical sneering fashion by Cameron despite getting over 100,000 votes. We now know for sure that democracy is a dirty word in Camerons vocabulary and only exists if he agrees with the subject. Since democracy didn’t work, its time to use fiscal leverage on the supermarkets.

    Lets give them 2 weeks to start labelling food as halal or not and if they refuse, boycott fresh meat and they’ll soon think twice when they lose money over rotting meat. If they do comply, boycott the halal meat and again, they’ll lose money when the un-bought halal meat goes rancid.

    The British consumer pays an Islamic mark up on Halal meat in the normal Islamic fashion of scamming non believers, as it has to go through extra religious cr** before being sold. Let those in Islam pay the extra but why should the rest of us pay a “religious tax” on our shopping !

    Sainsbury, Tesco, waitrose et al, start labelling your meat NOW or suffer the consequences on your bottom line !

    • albert pike

      They would have to ban Kosher food too.

    • WTF

      In retrospect, I’m not saying it should be banned outright but purely labelled as such so the consumer has choice. If it were labeled and was cheaper which i’m certain is the case for non halal food without the Islam tax then if you want to buy food this way, they you pay for it. For decades Jews had a choice between buying kosher at higher prices or the regular at lower prices and I know of several Jews who loved a bacon sarnie. If the Muslims want halal and it costs more due to their religious tax then tough, let them pay for the privilidge !

      • It should be banned outright. halal is not European.

  • Wizz Key

    In a related article we find yet another example of spying by a supposed ally: http://bit.ly/MoreIsraeliSpying

  • albert pike

    Here’s an interesting picture, or two


    nice to see jews and Islamic terrorists getting along. Shows there is hope for the future.

  • Coleridge1

    It’s time we stopped wasting British taxpayers money to educate muslims into NOT becoming suicide suicide bombers. If muslims cannot live peaceably with non-muslims in the UK they should be booted out and deported to apartheid racist pakistan.

  • George Whale

    What an absolute nightmare we (or rather, our corrupt politicians) created by allowing Muslims into Britain. Bombings, beheadings, gang-rapes of English girls, filthy great mosques in every town, the wailing of the call to prayer, council corruption, ghost women in black bin liners, sharia law, jew-hatred, female genital mutilation – they have given us NOTHING but problems. And the backdrop to all the Islamic ignorance and brutality: constant, incessant whining about how hard done-by they are. My message to these professional gripers: fuck off to an Islamic country, we’re fed up to the back teeth of you. George Whale, Liberty GB.

    • AverageGuyInTheStreet

      The next war our army gets involved in needs to be the long overdue one on British soil.

      • Dan O’Connor

        It is not a question of IF , just a question of WHEN

        Ascension Island in the South Atlantic would be a good place to build a hard labour prison after we have rounded up and tried in a court of the people the 20, 000 or so socoipath traitors from goverment, media , the cicil sector , judiciary , police force and universities ,
        Of course some of them will meet the rope as an éxample to others of their ilk .

        • AverageGuyInTheStreet

          Either the cancer is destroyed, or we are destroyed by the cancer. Kill or be killed.

  • Copyright101

    There is almost no British Islam. Most Muslims in Britain are foreigners. Deport them and there is no British Islam. Boo-hoo, what a loss.

  • logdon

    ‘But as with Nigel Farage, her relaxed image hides the soul of a control freak.’

    Had to get that one in somehow.

  • Dynamo11

    Islam and equality are two opposing ideas. It’s sad because there are a lot of Muslims in the world and they simply cannot accept that of all the religions in the world theirs is the most like a Cult of Personality and “bad”. Our entire Western concept of religion is flipped on its head when addressing Islam. We like to believe every religion has a tiny extremist minority. With Islam it’s the majority (and I don’t mean extremism in the terrorist sense). I was blown away when a “moderate” Muslim I knew from school still insisted Jews had no place near the Middle East and that if they won’t leave then they should be forced out. The truth is the liberal Muslim population is a minority because those of a moderate persuasion quickly leave the religion (that’s if they can in Non-Islamic countries otherwise they’ll be made pariahs). Islam is a religion of nepotism based around Mohammed who stole ideas from Christianity and Judaism to subjugate those religions in the Arabic region, and then beyond.

  • Islam is not compatible at all either in a “moderate” or “pure” version with the West. The ideology will never change. We must get rid of it.

  • Cobbett

    There is no such thing as ‘British’ Islam. Only Muslims in Britain.

    ”Most of the time, we will be secretly happy that our children are not facing competition from bright Bangladeshis or Pakistanis”

    Ha ha -no fear of being upstaged by the inbred.

  • redsquirrel


    “turns to violence” really? What about the massive onslaught of racially motivated rape going on all around the country. Do something about it politicians or somebody else will.

  • redsquirrel

    “secretly happy that our children are not facing competition from bright Bangladeshis or Pakistanis.”

    nobody is afraid of these moron’s intellectual powers. It’s the intimidation, rape and violence we need to front up to. Also, is that kind of racist comment a good idea? I thought we were not supposed to discuss which races are the cleverest?

    • WTF

      There is no competition at the academical level !

      • albert pike

        you’ve got something right for a change.

        Asians are way ahead

        • WTF

          I’ll take that as a compliment coming from you but by Asians we are talking Chinese, Korean, Indian etc rather than those of the Islamic faith !

          • albert pike

            your sentence construction is a bit odd, are you an immigrant?

  • LindaRivera

    Tel Mama was given huge amounts of tax pounds to monitor negative speech and acts about Islam. Why was this money not given to the many thousands of extremely young British non-Muslim girls who were and continue to be, gang raped, tortured and forced into prostitution and sex slavery by dirty, demonic, inhuman sex slaver Muslim monsters – the Spawn of Satan. Or the money given to an organisation charged with protecting Britain’s non-Muslim children.

    The claim is tried to be made that Muslims could become a religious underclass. What a dirty lie. It is Christians and all other non-Muslims who are regarded as an underclass by Muslims. This is seen in Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, other countries and in Britain. Britain’s terrorized children are targeted by Muslims for gang rapes, tortures and sex slavery precisely because they are not Muslim. ISIS are doing exactly the same as Muslim monsters in Britain, gang raping, torturing and sexually enslaving the many thousands of Yazidi and Christian girls they captured.

  • DaHitman

    There is no such thing as British Islam, just a backward cult that was imported by the treasonous Lib-Lab-Con

  • WTF

    I gather this pathetic government of ours is introducing new measures to stop Jihadists and their Ho’s leaving the country for a life changing experience of Islamic barbarity. Let me tell Cameron and May, the horse has already bolted guys, didn’t you notice !

    What is the point of banning home grown terrorists from leaving the country when they’ve already been radicalised by schools, mosques and universities in the UK. Don’t you get it, they are already apprentice Jihadists and they aren’t going abroad to learn theoretical Jihadist skills as they’ve already passed the theory exam in their new calling. They’re off on a ‘gap’ year or more to do their practical training on be-heading, stoning and cutting hands off to gain their diploma as a fully trained Jihadist. Surely the best way to protect us is to let them leave and stop them coming back.

    With Cameron & May in charge our security its nothing but a sick joke !

  • Paul Evans

    Tell Mama is an anti-freedom of speech Clegg sponsored government quango funded by YOUR school and hospital tax money whose soul purpose is to repress criticism of muslims – NOT JEWS.
    Ask them how many cases they have had concerning anti-semitism. ZERO
    It is also allegedly has connections with the Muslim brotherhood and according to the Telegraph has had its funding stopped due to corruption and lying about false muslim attacks. Look it up. The irony is that the idiot that wrote this article and the left wing press are defending censorship and repression by defending tell mama. It is also those that oppose this and the infiltration of sharia that are the real the freedom fighters. Wake up.

  • WTF

    What a breath of fresh air from this female journalist who told some low life Islamic extremist to STFU on television. I just hope that MI5 are watching this piece of s*** in case he plots revenge. If Cameron had only half the balls as this woman has, we’d be in better shape !


  • albert pike
  • pobinr

    Liberalism is to Islam what damp is to mould

  • pobinr

    Thought for the day.
    Liberals pander to minorities.
    Muslims double in number every ten years due to their high birthrate that we subsidise with child benefit.
    Meaning one day they wil become thge majority & we will become the minority.
    So will they pander to us when we’re the minority?
    No of course they won’t.
    At best they will offer us the chance to convert to their medieval ganster death cult, but most likely they will rape our children & behead us.

    • MarcDaniel Erasmo

      We need to tackle the Muslim Problem NOW, while they are still a minority. If we wait too long they won’t be a minority and the bloodshed will be all that much worse.

  • global city

    We should reject any notion of there being a ‘British Islam’. Tolerating Muslims is one thing…taking on a religion and an ideology as part of our internal psyche quite another.

  • Muttley

    “If this carries on, we will have a religious underclass. The rest of society will notice only when it turns to violence.”

    Oh, I thought we did have an underclass and it had turned to violence.

  • thorthane
  • Toy Pupanbai

    Here are a couple of Youtube vid’s, that although are comments upon the US experience, also apply to the UK:
    Suicide of a Superpower: Pat Buchanan on the Death of Western Civilization
    Why are we in Decline – Cultural Marxism

    Well worth watching!