The students tearing down Cecil Rhodes’s statue are still upholding his legacy

They complain that the university is too ‘Eurocentric’ – but they show no signs of wanting to make any actual changes

25 April 2015

9:00 AM

25 April 2015

9:00 AM

‘Rhodes must fall!’ shouted angry black students at the University of Cape Town. The problem is — and it is the profoundest problem of race relations — they were also demonstrating by their every action and desire that they want Rhodes to rise even higher.

Last month a black 30-year-old student, Chumani Maxwele, in a great blaze of publicity, threw ‘human excrement’ over the statue of Cecil John Rhodes on the steps to the university’s upper campus. It was followed by similar acts and protests across South Africa against symbols of white imperialism and colonialism. At UCT itself, black students stormed into a council meeting chanting, ‘One settler, one bullet!’ As would be expected, the authorities gave way, and on 9 April, after 81 years, the statue was removed before a cheering crowd of black students.

But what were they cheering for? There have been interminable speeches and articles from black students and academics telling of their pain and humiliation before white colonial outrages and insisting on ‘transformation’ of higher education to a more African way. What do they mean? They say their university is too ‘Eurocentric’. How do they want to make it more Afrocentric?

I heard a lot of anger but not one single proposal about ‘transforming’ UCT except to remove the Rhodes statue and employ more black academics. Nothing was suggested about a more African curriculum or more African modes of learning. Quite the opposite: there was an important silence about making any real changes at all.

Rhodes was a 19th-century European with similar views to those of Karl Marx (a German contemporary). Both believed that black Africans were primitives and that the British empire did a good job in raising ‘barbarian countries’ (to use Marx’s words in his Communist Manifesto) to a higher stage of history. Rhodes wanted to improve all the people of the world, including Africans, by imposing upon them the superior civilisation of Britain. At UCT, with 19th-century origins, this was done with a vengeance.

South Africa's University of Cape Town Removes Statue of Cecil Rhodes
Students cheer for the removal of the Cecil Rhodes statue (Photo: Getty)

I spent a total of 14 years there, studying and teaching, and every day I walked past the statue of Rhodes. I never noticed it. A month ago I couldn’t have told you where it was. Yet during the recent uproar, I have been told that black students arriving at the university were immediately confronted and humiliated by the statue. I doubt it.

I can tell you what they would be confronted by though: on first arrival at UCT, I was confronted by huge playing fields for the imperial sports of rugby, soccer and cricket, the British sports that Rhodes championed in his scholarships. In my studies in science and engineering, I was confronted by the British works of Newton, Hooke, Dalton, Boyle, Faraday, Watt, Stephenson and Maxwell. I saw 500 years of Eurocentric science and engineering before me every day of my studies. Most important of all — by far the most important of all — I noticed that all the teaching, all the exams and all the textbooks were in the colonialist, imperialist, Eurocentric language of English, the language of Rhodes the racist. Yet none of the protesting students seems to want to change any of this substance of Rhodes’s legacy; on the contrary, they support it as keenly as he did.

When the Afrikaners won the peace after the Boer War and took power in South Africa, they set up schools and universities in Afrikaans and — of crucial importance — their leaders sent their own children to them. When the Africans came to power in 1994, they did no such thing for their own languages. African leaders send their own children to schools and universities taught in English, with as many white teachers as possible. They are horrified at the prospect of their children being taught in an African language. They are complying with the legacy of Cecil John Rhodes.

The protesting black students seemed to say: ‘We love the legacy of Cecil John Rhodes. We prefer his colonial language to our own languages. We prefer his sports to our sports. We prefer his European culture to our African culture. And now we are going to throw some shit on his statue.’

The university’s Student Representative Council says: ‘What we aim to do is to conscientise students not only in terms of race but also gender, sexuality, disability and other invisible ways in which heteronormative oppression functions every day within this institution.’

The irony here is that throughout Africa is the strong belief that homosexuality is a European perversion. Only degraded European capitalist society tolerates homosexuality. True Africans reject it.

South Africa's University of Cape Town Removes Statue of Cecil Rhodes
(Photo: Getty)

While these angry young blacks were attacking the statues of dead white men, calling him a racist, other angry young blacks were attacking living black African immigrants. In both Johannesburg and Durban, ‘death mobs’ of black youths have been rampaging through the communities where black immigrants live, whipped up into a frenzy by the Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini. Zwelithini made a speech saying immigrants should ‘take their bags and go’ and, ‘we must deal with our own lice’. So the obedient mob began to assault and murder their African brothers from the north, destroying their homes and shops. One black man was burnt to death, another battered to death with a monkey wrench in the street. Thousands have had to flee.

Time and again, black South Africans, worked up into a xenophobic frenzy, have slaughtered black African immigrants, while railing against white European immigrants. It’s a horrifying and also confusing state of affairs. They admire European culture but despise Rhodes; they claim a pan-African heritage, but attack and kill not white immigrants but fellow blacks. Both the rich young South African students at UCT and the poor mob simultaneously adore and resent everything European and feel a perplexed doubt about everything African.

Some years ago, in front of the TV cameras, an angry black ANC protestor raised his fist into the air and shouted: ‘We shall forget but we shall never forgive!’ This strange expression of confused rage seemed to sum it all up.

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  • Rik

    Ah what joys there are to come, within 20 years or so incompetence and corruption will no doubt raise South Africa to the dizzying heights of success seen in Zimbabwe.The lights are already going out.

    • Mc

      The tragic irony is that the demise of apartheid (and colonialism in other African countries) guaranteed the predictable outcomes for which Africa are so infamous. Before someone starts getting ideas that I’m being racist, the same applies to many other countries, including Russia, Greece, Italy, etc – it’s largely due to culture.

      • balance_and_reason

        Actually Africa generally is steadily making progress…only S Africa is going backwards because it had a fully western infrastructure, maintained and led by western skill levels…which are now not there.

        • Mc

          I’d argue that SA’s downward spiral has little to do with western skills leaving the country (a relatively modest outflow) and more to do with western skills not having their hands on the levers of power – or maybe that’s what you’re also saying. Having African hands on the levers in other African countries suggests that modest economic improvements in the rest of Africa will never be sufficient to pull them out of the hole. Uncorrupted governance, judiciary, police etc isn’t going to take root any time in the next few centuries. The same applies to much of the current Third World.

  • Mc

    The buffoonery of the students is simply a manifestation of the cluster cussed behaviour that produces a disasterous Africa.

  • sfin

    So lefties – how’s that anti-apartheid thing working out for you?

    How can you make an African university less “Eurocentric” and more “Afrocentric”. Africa has minuscule history of academic scholarship and Europe has an enormous one, by comparison, and that’s not ‘racist’ – it’s fact.

    It’s also not ‘racist’ to acknowledge the fact that certain races generally exhibit their own attributes and limitations within human endeavour. It’s why there aren’t that many Japanese 100m champions or black physics laureates.

    South Africa has been busy spending the legacy of white rule, since the end of apartheid. The shrieking, European, equality mob are seeing the results of their endeavours, changing South Africa from the richest, most developed state on that continent – into Zimbabwe Mk2.

    • Richard

      BUT, always remember, that is the route to power for Lefties in the UK. You can go far in la-la land UK by being a Leftie, the more vociferous the better. It doesn’t matter if what you say makes sense, or what the consequences really are. Just wear the fancy-dress, like Russell Brand, and watch the adulation roll in.

    • james allen

      That’s a pretty ignorant statement. There is greater genetic diversity within black populations than between black and white i.e. a black person and a white person could be more genetically similar than two black people. It is also a very brave leap of logic to compare physical with mental attributes; to say that, because people differ physically, they must also differ mentally. It would be equally implausible to argue that ugly people are more or less intelligent than good-looking people. The only fact we do know is that black people are currently not competing on a level playing field (or running track if you prefer) with white people in terms of education, wealth and access to opportunities. It should also be pointed out that black children now outperform white children in the lowest income quartile in the UK. How does your theory explain that?

      Fancy withdrawing your comment now?

      • sfin

        No, not really.

        I didn’t once mention genetics in my post – I specifically said “races and cultures” – the two together. Humans are one of the least genetically diverse species on Earth, and indeed, there is greater genetic diversity between a horse and a zebra than there is between us and chimpanzees.

        I remember talking to a fantastically qualified (Oxford/ Harvard) lawyer in Zimbabwe – the son of an Ndebele chief. I ask him why democracy in Africa always seems to be ‘one man, one vote, once’. He told me that in the black African mindset (his words), saying that you can change your country’s leader periodically is like saying you can change your parents periodically.

        I agree that Africa is not competing on a level playing – the European colonists were forced to abandon Africa before the indigenous peoples were ready to govern states (as oppose to tribes). But the black African cultural mindset doesn’t help.

        South Africa was always going to regress, post apartheid.

      • Elephant in the room

        But genetic variation is distributed in a similar way in dogs: 70 percent of genetic variation is within-breed, while 30 percent is between-breed. Using the same reasoning applied in your argument about human populations, one would have to conclude that differences between individual Great Danes must be greater than the average difference between Great Danes and Chihuahuas.

        It turns out that the correlations between these genetic differences matter. If between-group genetic differences tend to push in a particular direction—tend to favor a certain trend—they can add up and have large effects.

        • james allen

          Er, no? You’re allowing the physical attributes of the two groups, whites and blacks / Great Danes and Chihuahuas, to dominate your appreciation of their diversity. You have failed to appreciate how genetic diversity differs from physical diversity. It is an almost Lamarckian failing.

          • Elephant in the room

            Oh dear , you do realise that physical diversity is also genetic !?

          • james allen

            Not that complicated really. Whites are a subset of blacks i.e. there are more genetic similarities (not just physical attributes) between whites and certain blacks than between some blacks and others. My point being therefore that classing blacks as a single group which doesn’t produce many “physics laureates” is pretty stupid, although he seems to have somewhat rowed back on that now.

          • james allen

            Do you appreciate how genetic diversity differs from physical or do you need me to spell it out for you? You seem to have a bit of trouble with classes of things. May I recommend some philosophy lessons before you attempt to patronise me?

          • Mc

            I believe your understanding of genetics is deeply flawed. I don’t think there’s anything that can be done to remedy that.

          • Callipygian

            He’s a young chap that means well. And doesn’t know how ignorant he is.

      • BARROSO

        Every single study ever conducted, and there have been literally dozens, done by organisations as diverse as Princeton and the U.S.military, and as I said literally dozens of other universities worldwide, have found a link between race and IQ. The link is known proven fact, and blacks always come at the bottom by some distance. The reason for this of course is debatable, the old nature v’s nurture thing.

        • Elephant in the room

          Academia has long been assumed by those on the right to be an impenetrable fortress of progressive dogma. But times are changing.

          Most intriguing of all is that it is in the social sciences where
          the most change is taking place

          In the nature-vs-nurture debate , cognitive and genetic scientists, and evolutionary theorists, have long been viewed with suspicion by sociologists. After all, one of the chief projects of cognitive and evolutionary scientists in the past two decades has been the dismantling of the standard social science model, the theoretical framework that looks to external influences (nurture) to explain human behaviour, as opposed to genes or other innate factors (nature). Social scientists themselves are beginning to see flaws in the old model.

          This is bad news for progressives. The idea that human minds are infinitely malleable, and that human behaviour can be altered simply by changing the social environment, underpins almost every progressive campaign – from No More Page Three to non-selective schooling. This is no accident: anyone who wishes to radically change the world must, on some level, believe that human nature can be altered.

        • Mc

          If there’s a proven link between IQ and race, then it can’t be nurture that explains the IQ differences, especially considering that studies claim that geography, educational attainment, poverty etc are factored in.

          One of the problems that progressives have with these studies is that they believe they could be the catalyst for racism or genocyde. The problem with that logic is that racism and genocyde existed well before these IQ / race studies were conducted.

          Nevermind that such progressives are essentially saying that facts should be hidden if it could lead to uncomfortable conclusions. This argument was recently made in The Times. The article says that if it is proven that women aren’t as capable as men at chess, one shouldn’t say this “because it can become self-fulfilling.” (I.e. Less women will want to play chess or enter other mathematics, IT or science careers).

          • Callipygian

            Are you deliberately misspelling (censor?)? And it’s not ‘less’ women, it’s ‘fewer’. And what women are capable of is both proven and remains to be seen, men having generally hogged the opportunities of life to themselves.

          • Mc

            Thanks for the correction. I believe I’m suffering from early-onset dementia, with associated regression to infant linguistic skills 😉

          • Callipygian

            Heh heh heh : )

        • sfin

          I don’t think there’s necessarily a correlation between average IQ and the ability to govern the state model as imposed by Western Democracies.

          Tribal cultures do things differently. For example the Pashtun tribe of SE Afghanistan and NW Pakistan simply do not recognise that there is an international border running through their tribal lands. An African chief commands your allegiance, nay obedience, whether you agree with his governance, or not.

          Nature vs Nurture is another debate. I am firmly on the side of nurture – Some of the USA’s most eminent physicists are Afro-Americans.

          The problem, in Africa’s case, is that we didn’t nurture whole populations whilst we had the chance.

          • Callipygian

            Perhaps there is something about Africa that ain’t so nurturing. Most human beings began there, and left.

          • sfin

            I see your point – but let me offer an alternative view.

            I think the need for mankind to expand out of Africa, led it to more inhospitable climes. It then had to be more inventive with regards to clothing, food, protection…

            A Kalahari bushman has everything he/ she needs, not only to survive, but to enjoy a quality of life in his/ her environment. I have done military survival courses in most environments and one of the harshest has been Northern Europe – in terms of finding, year round, food and the fact that the ambient temperatures, most hostile to humans (-3°C – 10°C) exist for a large part of the year.

            We were, initially, the losers in the evolutionary race in being banished to more hostile environments. Our ability to adapt and overcome those environments has led us to where we are today.

            The African didn’t invent the wheel – not because he couldn’t – but because he didn’t need to.

          • Callipygian

            Good point. Though I have a feeling that wheels are useful wherever you are, once you know what they are…. The Mexica and South Americans didn’t have the wheel either. I have read that the human brain functions optimally when the outside temperature is in the 60s F.

          • balance_and_reason

            you are partly right, it is a little more complicated.

          • balance_and_reason

            I’m afraid its a combination of both…and a quiet majority of more recent studies have shown nature is rather more important, in the short term. Obviously, if culture favours IQ rather than throwing spears, over a protracted period then nature will oblige and IQ will rise steadily…we need time for that to occur in Africa….it has clearly already occurred in China, they have on average a 10% higher IQ than whites.

        • Alan Yates

          Evolution has always taken place throughout history in fits and starts, not at a gradual or steady pace. When the whites and blacks came face to face in Africa, the pace of African evolution had patently lagged that of the Old World, for instance, no wheel. And evolution, by definition, takes a long time.

        • HJ777

          Even were that true on average, it is no reason for not treating people as individuals, unless you are making the preposterous assertion that in every case, people of one colour are less intelligent than those of another..

          In other words, why would it or should it mean that you treat a whole group of people differently on account of their race?

          • BARROSO

            It is true. It’s fact. And where did I say we should treat people differently because of race? The only people I have ever heard suggest that in modern Britain are race baiting left wing twerps. And I didn’t even say anything that could possibly be misconstrued as:
            “every case, people of one colour are less intelligent than those of another”

      • Alan Yates

        You say that ‘black children now outperform white children in the lowest income quartile in the UK’. Do you wish to rephrase what you have written, giving each word its ordinary English meaning, because what you have said cannot possibly be true.

        • Callipygian

          And: how many black children is he referring to? Even today they are scarcely a large factor in UK demographics.

        • james allen

          In educational achievement, I should have added.

      • Callipygian

        He’s talking about cultures and polities, James, not about genes as such. He’s not talking about Thomas Sowell or Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice, never mind the jazz musicians of America or her writers.

        Also, you are simply wrong about blacks in general — either in America, where they are vastly more numerous, or in the UK: blacks have now an institutional, legal, and cultural-political leg-up that is unprecedented in human society, anywhere. The penalties for discriminating against blacks are so massive that no one — even if they wanted to — would attempt them; the rewards for rewarding them are so great that what we have now is actually reverse discrimination (more qualified applicants are turned down because they are not one of the ‘minority’). This has been going on with increasing speed and vigour for thirty years now. You are probably a young man and so you haven’t seen this and have nothing to compare today’s largesse and hyper-facilitation to.

        • james allen

          I would have thought the black men being routinely gunned down by cops might tell a different story. Glad you’re not worried about it though.

          • Callipygian

            They AREN’T routinely gunned down. And you apparently think that their ‘crime’ is being black. Look at the facts and you’ll see that there crimes are real. Do you know anything about the crime and who commits it in the United States? This is Criminology 101. Everyone else knows it. You’re the only one that doesn’t. You, perhaps, and the two English tourists that wandered innocently into an all-b neighbourhood and were shot dead for their wallets.

            Stop putting the wrong people on a pedestal. You end up by defending the guilty and further imperilling the decent.

          • Callipygian

            It also occurs to me that you have fallen into the trap of believing that because a certain group of people were victims of injustice in the past, therefore they can do no wrong now. That is as racist as what you are claiming, and it’s far more damaging than treating people not according to their colour or ethnicity but according to their behaviour — which is how every adult (especially) should be treated. If blacks can do no wrong and police should never intervene, the poor decent folks who also happen to be black would have no recourse against the bad ones. And most black crime is against other blacks. But you didn’t know that either, did you?

          • mohdanga

            “…black men being routinely gunned down by cops might tell a different story.”
            Facts: George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not a ‘white Hispanic’ (as the media so loves to portray him in order to fit the racist narrative) and was a security guard at the time Trayvon Martin was smashing his skull against a curb. So, no gunning down by cops there.
            Michael Brown was a 300 lb thug who tried to take a police officer’s gun and was shot by the officer defending himself. A grand jury, including blacks, came to the same conclusion. So, self defence, not ‘routinely gunning down’ a black criminal.
            The black guy in New York died of a heart attack in an ambulance. Not gunned down.
            The guy in North Carolina a few weeks ago….gunned down.
            So there are instances where blacks are shot by police officers and the media makes this absolutely clear. Not so much media given to black cops shooting defenceless whites (you can search it) nor any ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests when 14 blacks are killed on one weekend in Chicago…by other blacks.

          • GraveDave

            Some of the USA’s most eminent physicists are Afro-Americans (sfin).

            First I’ve heard. Anyone know what this is all about?

      • Bruce Kilgour

        You know, this article was such a breath of fresh air … until your inane comment came along James. It is blah blah fishpaste and you know it!

        • james allen

          Just pointing out the facts, Bruce.

          • balance_and_reason

            Well, in actual categorisations you are right and wrong. Of the many different racial groups in Africa, the bushmans iq and the pygmies come out bottom with a range upwards with the remaining African population groups. Some sections of the Jewish culture come out top, closely followed by the Chinese/Koreans/Japanese…followed by the north europeans….obviously all of these ‘populations’ have tails overlapping.
            This clearly demonstrable situation seems to cause the left in general a problem…but then they have always had a problem with reality.

      • Gilbert White

        Right on brother cockroaches are more beautiful than corncrakes , Stephen Gould said so.

      • Bebe

        No, blacks are definitely not competing on level playing field in South Africa-they’re competing on one that is tilted heavily in their favour and in 20 years they have still not managed to use it to their advantage, they continue to burn and tear down everything they can. The education system has been watered down to ‘pass’ them through the education system – and still they fail, their achievements are mediocre at best – makes you wonder??? (This is a generalisation, as there are many who have risen to the opportunities to excel)

  • The underlying subtext of the article is – South Africa is doomed. It’s tragic, but as other posters have said, it’s directly due to the culture of the people; their fate is in their own hands, and they have chosen to create misery for themselves.

    • jim

      We won’t be long after them. Soon blackhispanic US and later an afroarabislam population in europe will aggressively confront evil whitey.The rappermoslem strain will demand reparations with threats of violence.There will also be a black preacheroprah style front against us which will present themselves as martyrs to evil whitey with a duty to forgive us terrible people for all our crimes, but of course, not until we’ve handed over everything to them.I don’t know which is worse:the threat of violence or the Martin Luther King style sanctimony.Decades ago the western political class,particularly in the UK, adopted the policy of “managed decline”. It is obvious they are continuing with the same plan when it comes to dealing with the demographic destruction of the white christian west.Everything is being done to soften us up for the inevitable. I think I would prefer all out civil war compared to what they have in store for us.

      • I agree with you, except I think a solid resistance is forming which will overcome the opposition. Civil war is more or less inevitable at the moment – I hope it can be avoided, however someone like Miliband will speed it up exponentially. It needs to be accepted by those who believe in Western civilisation – indeed in civilisation itself – that our ‘decision-makers’ in Britain are for the most part traitors and desire the complete destruction of our way of life – but they are a tiny fraction of the general population, and only represent themselves and their fanatic acolytes. They can be defeated. In fact, they must be defeated or Britain will succumb to a new dark age, exactly like the one envisaged by Winston Churchill.

    • balance_and_reason

      It’s not doomed…its just going to be messy for a few decades whilst the general population works out the benefits of democracy, probity, mutual assistance and deferral of immediate wish’s….its a developmental process and populations move at the speed of the slowest section of their community.

      Tony’s experiment in Iraq has surely reminded us of the mistake of trying to naively impose our damp eyed western ideals on a medieval culture..? surely we’ve worked that out…haven’t we?

  • Mc

    I think Mr Kenny would find, on enquiry, that a number of steps have already been taken at UCT and SA’s other previously premier universities to Africanise them. Quotas, affirmative action and lowered standards are just some of the measures taken. Soon enough the well known African principle of “pass one, pass all” will be applied to all SA universities, including UCT.

    • mrs 1234

      Will the NHS still be recruiting?

      • Mc

        The NHS recruits from countries with even lower standards than SA, as evidenced by the disproportionate number of foreign doctors who are struck off. And not forgetting that the NHS recruitment background checks are non-existent for foreign staff, nevermind that the veracity of background checks would be undermined by systemic corruption in foreign staff’s countries of origin. The reason the NHS continues to hire poor calibre foreign medical staff is because it is desperate and because it is politically incorrect to admit that most Third World countries have poor standards.

        • Richard

          Better the death of patients than vetting Third World staff.

          • Mc

            It’s an all round win-win for everyone 😉

        • Gilbert White

          The nurses in Manilla do not have indifferent standards I can personally vouch for their hotness and ability to snare a northern male whilst doing their professional duty with coy bedside manners.

          • Mc

            I can’t speak for Philippinos as a whole, but I had one colleague whose interpersonal skills are so legendary that she managed the most rapid career progression ever witnessed.

  • Chamber Pot

    And yet I have to look at Nelson Mandela’s statue in Trafalgar Square ? He may have been a nice man and freed his people from apartheid but he’s done nothing for me and he is not my hero, and his successors are busy tearing down their own country together with Cecil Rhodes.

    • I consider Nelson Mandela to have been totally different from the way in which he was portrayed in the media. He was not at all the person portrayed there. Those who wish to know more should find out what he really believed – not what they wanted him to believe.

      • Callipygian

        I always thought him over-lauded, much as Gandhi is. There were aspects of injustice they fought against, but there were others that they personally embraced, and Mrs Mandela was a sack of horror in human form.

      • Gilbert White

        Christ all mighty we are done for. Have you worked this out for your self? Mandela was an elite media creation on the back of a disco hit. The idiot took some persuading to renounce his violence by the usual western liberal suspects. Now people can be arrested for not following the straight Mandela viewpoint. His present wife owns millions of dollars worth of property. The first wife is not talked about anymore except by Fifa. The only saving grace his the many hours her gracious Majesty had to spend cooped up with a load of sweaty African leaders, like Mugabe. and the Duke of Edinburgh this all makes my cross easier to bear in my journey through life.

    • Ivan Ewan

      Eh? That’s Lord Nelson, who defeated the French at Trafalgar… surely?

    • Gilbert White

      Not in Glasgow everyday Scots say to each other like del boy did aren’t we lucky to have a Mandela street.

    • mohdanga

      I live in Canada. Yesterday I was buying stamps at the Post Office and noticed that Canada Post has a Nelson Mandela stamp to celebrate ‘Black History Month’. Not sure what he ever did for Canada but every one went gaga when he visited here a number of years ago. I’m waiting for a Canadian to grace a South African stamp…..

  • Cincinnatus

    A 30 year old student? Explains a lot.

    • Richard

      Wasn’t the head of the Youth League of the ANC a fifty year-old man at one stage?

    • Sulpicio Galba

      In the sixth year of a three-year degree course. Yes indeed, it explains a lot.

  • Cyril Sneer

    So on one hand they tear down statues that represent an waycist ‘colonial past’ and with the other hand they murder immigrants with machetes purely because they’re immigrants.


  • Ambientereal

    Well, that´s showing the purest truth about those people. It shows what they have deep in their soul… Throwing human excrement…., does it remember someone of something? Some behavior of an animal species? I don´t want to name it for fear of offending someone but… are those someones afraid of offending anyone (for instance Europeans) when they throw such …

  • Ambientereal

    By the way, I want to add another statement: Always remember the history of Haiti and if you don´t know it, please read it, it is extremely enlightening in the subject discussed here.

  • Freddythreepwood

    You have to laugh. They tear down Rhodes’ statue at the same time as they risk their lives in the Med and climb under lorries in Calais in order to get in to the despised Europe. Of course, our Left will be looking the other way. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

    • Guy Austin

      I would be surprised if there are many South Africans who would ever consider swimming the Med or that many of the people who do have ever thought about Rhodes. But I am sure your ignorance is bliss…

  • Richard

    Watching television has made blacks in South Africa think they’re black Americans, and many whites in South Africa think they’re white Americans. They have imported an alien set of values and history and imposed them onto their own. They also believe what the television programmes show them, which is that all the brain-surgeons in America are black, and the morons are whites. They then look around themselves and see that the brain surgeons are whites, and the morons (not all) are black. They then become angry, and don’t have the intellectual ability to work out what is going on. Add into this mix a heavily-subsidised and very large academic loony-leftie power elite, who tell them that but for whites they’d all be neurosurgeon astronauts, solving Fermat’s Last Theorem on the side, and of course all they want to do is to pull down statues. What else is a suppressed genius to do?

    • Callipygian

      That’s the best ironic comment I’ve read in some time.

  • Brogan75

    ‘students’ is a big word.

  • Barzini

    There’s still so much of the evil White legacy left to attack: schools, hospitals, sanitation, rule of law, written language, roads, computers, industry, irrigation……

    • Callipygian

      Yes. Because they didn’t invent it themselves. Their anger is an existential one, and there is nothing anyone else can do about it.

  • Gerschwin

    Fell out the coconut true behind the wheel of the BMW without time to admire what they had.

  • Lessy Lester

    THIS is Africa. Its peoples have contributed NOTHING to society, absolutely nothing!

    • Robert Rudolph

      They have a saying in Africa…. “You can take a Monkey out of the Bush but you CAN’T take the Bush out the Monkey”

  • Callipygian

    How are they students? What are they students of? And: what are they really angry about? The targets of their anger are proxies, placeholders, scapegoats for the reality.

    Also, ‘conscientise’ is an ugly and stupid verb, which had to be invented precisely because it doesn’t mean anything outside of thoughtless propaganda. If the alleged oppression is so ‘invisible’, how is it actually oppression? This isn’t language rising to the reality of experience. This is language trying to dignify a con trick.

  • ADW

    It’s the oldest story in the history of European colonisation – the local leaders want the benefits for themselves and to deny them to everyone else, hence the treaty ports etc. or Mugabe and his oxford education. They are not helped by the loony left in the west, which comes up with ideas like “ethno-mathematics” as if 1 +1 = 2 does not hold in every human society.

    Africans were the chief victims of one of the C20th’s greatest lies: that a country can be more “free” when the vast majority of its people have less “freedom” in any meaningful sense.

    • Gilbert White

      Peter Cook did an amazing corrupt African leader so spot on but they soon put paid to this in those heady days of anything goes sixties.

  • Guy Mullins

    ‘We shall forget but we shall never forgive!’ is chanted along with the other great African maxim,”Give us the job and we will finish the tools.”

  • Guy Mullins

    Instead of dragging down statues along with standards, Black students should aim for the traditional African version of graduation. Candidates paint themselves white (I wonder where the origin of this practice came from) and depart for the mountains for their study period. If they satisfy the criteria for graduation, as judged by their fully transformed teaching staff, they graduate at a dignified ceremony where the tips of their penises are lopped off. Those candidates who survive the infections that arise from the Afrocentric surgical standards, emerge, able to be deployed to any job in government, or university.The resulting degree, a BSc (Bachelor of Septicemia) is accepted by most Parastatals and transformed companies.I am sure that, if the aptly named Minister, Blade Nzimande were to found just such a formal Afrocentric University, those young Black ambitious students, who would otherwise be insulted in the existing Eurocentric SA university system, would flock in droves to this institution.

  • mohdanga

    Yes, Eurocentric education is bad….which is why Britain is stuffed with non-white, non-English foreign students. You couldn’t make it up.
    Wonder why the black students didn’t rip up the roads, railways, infrastructure, mines, etc built by whitey?

  • morning_in_america

    The real irony here is that Cecil Rhodes namesake territory, Rhodesia, is the perfect example of rejecting Eurocentric modalities for Afrocentric ones. As Zimbabwe, Rhodesia abandoned British property rights, democracy and farming methods, to be replaced with African one party rule, kleptocracy, and subsistence farming that has people starving in what was once a major food exporter. Too bad the students are too ignorant to see what is just north of the border.

  • johnrwalsh

    what do you expect, their every action proves that that the British
    empire was a force for good and Cecil john Rhodes was their greatest friend , everything
    that has happened in Africa and indeed Europe since the fall of the British
    empire has proved to be chaos

    Africa has been taken over by tribal hatred and corruption using so called
    Imperialism as an excuse for their inability to form any kind of stable
    institutions and good governance, Botswana remains the only really stable African
    run state , South Africa and the ANC is fraught with infighting tribalism and
    undisguised corruption.

    Europe has been taken over by left wing globalism that hates its own history
    and identity and is attempting to revise history imagining that Africans had cities
    such as Great Zimbabwe , no trace of it left now and was largely a myth
    propagated by the many BBC inspired historical revisionists .

    The world is just as George Orwell said it would be in 1984 he just got the
    date wrong and the type of regime which is left wing instead of right and 2015 instead
    of 1984

    God help any race or nationality that loses its identity and knowledge of its
    history both good and bad for they will be subject to law of the mob, and the
    current mantra of left wing revisionism and African historical lies are
    drowning civilisation in a sea of falsehoods and James Obrien of LBC
    Radio who thinks that anybody who supports his own history and culture is a
    racist and xenophobic bigot

    God save us from such fools !