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Bill Shorten, PM

The clues to a Shorten prime ministership are there for all to see

23 May 2015

9:00 AM

23 May 2015

9:00 AM

The commentariat is using every effort to ensure the next election results in a Labor victory. But under Bill Shorten, Labor has, like the Bourbons, ‘learned nothing and forgotten nothing’. To govern well, a Labor leader has to admit that socialism never works and cradle-to-grave welfare is not the solution, but a major part of the problem. He must move to the centre, as Bob Hawke did. It’s different for the Liberals. All successful Liberal leaders have kept to the right.

The commentariat won’t tell you that. Their agenda being to have left wing leaders on both sides, they suggest that unless Tony Abbott goes, the next election will be Labor’s.

They tried in their hysterical campaign earlier this year, over nothing at all, to persuade the Liberal party room to do to Abbott what Shorten had done to Rudd and Gillard. This would have so damaged conservative morale it would have ensured a Shorten victory, the aim of the commentariat. Staring into that abyss, MPs sensibly refused to bring down the leader who had restored their fortunes, delivered victory and, but for judicial activism, would have done so in 2010.

So what can be expected from a Shorten government?

He says he is wedded to a republic, but gives no details. At significant points in our history, republicanism emerges as the chosen tool of forces for change. The first was the populist campaign waged from the Bulletin to create a white racist republic. With Federation this wilted, Labor agreeing to support the Barton government provided their White Australia Policy was enacted. Following the Great War, communists plotted to turn us into a Soviet republic. As Hal Colebatch demonstrates, they seriously undermined the second world war effort, and infiltrated the Whitlam government. Next, the political class tried to ram through the Keating-Turnbull republic to allow a prime minister to wield powers unprecedented in any comparable democracy.

And now a band of traitors plots to introduce – through terror – a Caliphate, an Islamic republic under Sharia Law.

That we have such elements in our country is the result of the scandalous mismanagement of our immigration programme. As a direct result of Malcolm Fraser’s foolish ‘Lebanese concession’, we saw an influx of low skilled, poorly educated Lebanese Muslim immigrants and their radical preachers. Labor opportunistically locked in their vote, magnifying it with a generous family reunion scheme and fast-tracked citizenship. Immigration minister Chris Hurford was even stripped of his portfolio over plans to deport Sheik Taj el-Din Hilaly.

This mess was exacerbated when the Rudd and Gillard governments abandoned control of our maritime borders. Notwithstanding their clear mandate, the Abbott government was instructed by the commentariat that turning back the boats should not and could not be done, but if it were, would lead to conflict with Indonesia. Although the Abbott- Morrison model is now ‘world’s best practice’, Shorten still opposes it. This indicates that a Shorten government would, as defence is further run down, return to the open borders policy which resulted in over 1000 deaths and 50,000+ illegal immigrants.

Outsourcing the immigration programme to people smugglers means that not only economic and especially welfare immigrants come in disguised as refugees. It also means, as Europe is now discovering, that terrorists like Lindt Cafe killer Monis find it just as easy to gain refugee status and even to be funded by welfare. We repeatedly hear about jihadists off to commit unspeakable atrocities in the Middle East or planning to do the same here who are on the dole or disability pension.

His budget reply confirms that Shorten has also learned nothing about sound economic policy. He failed to apologise for or even admit Labor’s insane waste of the surplus and of the enormous debt incurred, with monthly interest payments of around a billion dollars. Instead, he made a series of unfunded pledges which have been costed at $55-$60 billion.

Shorten apparently believes those disasters, BER, pink batts, Collins Class submarines and the NBN, were such successes they should be repeated. He even promises a well-endowed ‘smart investment fund’ to do what politicians are notoriously hopeless at doing, picking winners. As a Victorian, he must remember Labor’s earlier smart investment fund, Tricontinental, a disaster which bankrupted his State Bank.

And instead of attending to watering the country to restore us as an Australian-owned food basket for the world, a Shorten government will establish an unelected jobs-for-the-boys monstrosity, ‘Infrastructure Australia’.

Solving the age’s ‘greatest moral challenge’, global warming will be a priority. Labor, like some Liberals, has not noticed this is diminishing before our eyes with just about every computer prediction shown to be dramatically wrong. You’d have thought the billions state Labor spent on desalination plants would have been a lesson. Yet a Shorten government would significantly increase the RET which, thanks to left Liberals, is already costing us unnecessary billions. C02, untruthfully labelled ‘carbon’, will be the subject of some bogus market which will bring joy only to merchant bankers. This will burden our economy in a way few foreign leaders will subject theirs, despite their hypocritical public stance.

A Shorten government will follow the socialist agenda to increase the spread of welfare dependency until most of us are entrapped by the bureaucracy. This entrapment is undertaken for two purposes, to control us and to lock in our votes. Labor refuses to learn from the disasters it has created across the country, whether it be in the remote indigenous communities or the generations of dependents in the cities deprived of independence and a fulfilling life. And as true bien pensants, a Shorten-Plibersek government will be certain to endorse every passing leftist fad without a great deal of critical thought.

It’s hard to think of any serious problem in Australia which was not created by, or made worse by, bad governments. Having learned nothing and forgotten nothing, a Shorten government will be a continuation of the Rudd and Gillard governments with their spiralling debt, wasteful programmes, picking winners, and open borders.

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