Smash Isis now – or we’ll all pay later

We must assassinate its leadership and destroy its sense of destiny. US hesitation endangers the entire Middle East

30 May 2015

9:00 AM

30 May 2015

9:00 AM

For months, the White House has been saying that it has Isis on the run. Yet each week the world sees that Isis is only running forwards. Last week, the US state department briefed that Isis was ‘a significant threat to all of our partners in the region’ and ‘a significant threat to the [US] homeland. We’ve never seen something like this. This is a formidable, enormous threat.’

Which is fine as an observation. But governments aren’t only in a position to make observations. They — and the US government in particular — should be able to answer the question: ‘What are you going to do about it?’ The current administration is doing everything it can to downplay expectations on that front. One US state department official recently said: ‘In terms of timing, we’re eight months into what was always a three-year campaign, and it’s three years to degrade.’

Not three years to defeat Isis. Not even three years to send a majority of Isis’s recruits to what they believe is the great whorehouse in the sky. But three years just to get to the ‘end of the beginning’ phase.

By then President Obama will be safely into his post-presidential speech-making career, though it may be a career hard to distinguish from his present role. Last week, as refugees were fleeing from Ramadi and Palmyra — joining the millions who have been displaced from Syria and Iraq in recent years — the President was at America’s Coast Guard Academy, delivering a beautifully wrought speech about the possibility that climate change could create thousands of refugees within the next century.

If over-eagerness was an unfortunate hallmark of the last US administration, a tendency to professorial conjectures followed by doing precisely diddly is the hallmark of this one. It’s too early to say which is more dangerous.

Of course, Obama wanted nothing to do with Iraq and hated inheriting the problem. But his precipitate withdrawal of troops in 2011 and astonishing subsequent insouciance has made it a matter for his successor, too. He has left the country prey both to the almost wholesale political and strategic domination of Iran and to the border-crossing Islamists of Isis — a group whose war-fighting budget is as nothing compared with the Pentagon’s.

With the US intent on keeping no more than 3,000 personnel in the country, the Iraqis inevitably fell back on the Iranians, to an extent which has made Iran the sole power to have significantly benefited from the collapse of authority in the region. Yet the much-vaunted Iranian forces which Iraq and America have felt forced to call upon have not been able to vanquish Isis, even if they ever fully wanted to.

At some point — perhaps when Isis manage to carry out or inspire a large-scale terror attack in the US or, more likely, Europe — people will look back and say: ‘Why did we let this happen?’ The answer will be, as it is now, that we didn’t need to. The US and some of her allies have the weaponry and expertise to smash Isis. It is only will and ambition that we lack.

The White House fears that the US will be dragged into another 100,000-troop deployment. But the choice is not between here or there. The best option is to survey how many special forces are needed and deploy them appropriately. Iraqi special forces have reportedly fought fairly well. It is the nation’s conventional armies that have melted away. So there is no reason why an increased number of Iraqi special forces, combined with outside special forces giving more accurate call-ins to a stepped-up aerial campaign, could not turn things around.

The ambition must be not to degrade Isis, but to decapitate and smash it. The popular idea that Isis is like a hydra is not true. There are significant theological and other disputes over the rights and role of ‘Caliph’ al-Baghdadi. Take out him and other Isis commanders in special operations raids, as we took out Abu Sayyaf in eastern Syria earlier this month, and you can take off the organisation’s head.

But the reproductive organs also need removing. People are only joining Isis because they think it is succeeding. The fastest way to stop that flow is to halt that perception. That is why the aspiration of the US and other governments must shift from rolling Isis back in three years’ time to crushing it now.


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  • AJH1968

    There seems
    to be a deliberate attempt by Obama to avoid inflicting mass casualties on
    ISIS. ISIS has no air power, yet their convoys operate in broad daylight with impunity.
    ISIS’s lines of communication from Turkey (a supposed NATO ally) seem stronger
    than ever, why? Obama seems to lurch from one foreign policy disaster to the
    other. In the field of foreign policy he is an amateur and not a particularly
    gifted one either.

    • he is an affirmative action president…he’s only real work experience if you want to call it “real work” is being a community organizer. We were all conned. The tool even got a noble peace price from making lofty sounding speeches. I am a Nigerian British and I can’t stand the man.

      • krishnan gurning-leftie

        is that you chuka?

        • Mr_Twister

          No it’s this guy 🙂


          worth a read tbf.

      • fordwych

        With respect please speak for yourself.

        I was never conned by Saint Obama.

      • rightrightright

        Obama is personally micro-managing the USAF effort against ISIS, so the feeble result lies at his door.

        Obama’s regime is refusing to accept ME Christians as refugees while his DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has been caught out, smuggling thousands of Middle East Moslems into the USA.

        Obama’s actual motives and modus operandi should be harshly questioned.

    • Colin

      “There seems to be a deliberate attempt by Obama to avoid inflicting mass casualties on ISIS.”

      Perhaps the Americans have finally learned that Blue on Blue is really bad for morale.

    • Cyril Sneer

      He was more than happy to allow Jihadists (including school kids) to freely cross the Turkish border into Syria – Turkey is a NATO member. It is as plain as day that the man is supporting and allowing Jihadists free reign to destroy Syria.

    • Mark

      The comment about air power has always confused me. It seems to be of no use in these conflicts. The Afghans managed to get rid of the air-powered Russians back in the 80’s and now, a purely ground-based “army” seem to be immune from our air-power. Unless of course, we simply aren’t deploying enough, but even then the fear might be of civilian casualties.

      • Bob Gunter

        Only because the Americans gave them sidewinder missiles.

        • logdon

          Stingers actually.

          Back then the Islamic revival was in its infancy and the Russians were considered a greater threat.

          • Bob Gunter

            I stand corrected. The point is still valid, the Russians would have smashed the Mujaheddin if they hadn’t been fighting a proxy war against the USA. I can tell you this, the world would be a lot safer if the Americans were not romping all over the middle east helping out with regime change.

          • logdon

            I agree totally.

            They armed the mujahadeen.

            They armed Lybian AQ militants.

            They armed what would become ISIL in Syria.

            They armed the Iraqi army, most of whom’s weapons are now in the hands of IS.

            They are arming by default Iran with nuclear weapons.

            And then, when you realise that between them and an EU dominated Europe, lies such awesome power, the world becomes a very unstable place.

            I’m beginning to think that we’ve had our ‘golden age’ and that the ravages of the twentieth century will seem chicken feed compared with what’s heading our way.

      • AJH1968

        I think what irritates me most is that ISIS seems to have no fear of any air attack. I am always reminded of those old WWii pictures of German troops constantly looking up at the sky. I know circumstances differ, but we do have certain technological advantages now days, frankly the whole campaign reeks of incompetence at best, and outright duplicity.

        • Nathan Merrill

          The problem is that the Germans were an actual country. They had infrastructure. Supply routes. An actual military. A population.

          ISIS has none of these things. They occupy areas via force of arms. Most of the population is not really behind them. They don’t actually build anything. They don’t have infrastructure of their own.

          The US can tear down a country easily. The problem is that most of the people in the region that ISIS controls aren’t actually supporters of ISIS, so blowing them up is less than worthless. Unless they actually believed that the US was going to kill them all unless they killed ISIS themselves, there is little point in doing so – and the US does not believe in nor sanction genocide.

          That’s why it is so hard. If you want to actually get rid of ISIS, you need to go into the cities and shoot people in the face. That’s the problem.

          • Bonkim

            Much of the Sunnis in the region hate the Shia in power in Iraq and Syria.

        • Bonkim

          ISIS believe in their cause and willing to die without hesitation whereas Iraqi and Syrian forces run to save their skin.

    • Robbydot1

      I think he’s getting the outcome he wants.

    • warmingmyth

      To AJH1968

      Thierry Meyssan answers many of your questions:

    • justsomeone

      Oh, you can be sure that there are many thousands of casualties, including thousands of civilian casualties after such a long – albeit not particularly intensive – bombing campaign, in which the enemy often hides among civlians.
      What Obama doesn’t want to do is to send ground troops. He might even be (albeit accidentally) right this time. What’s the point of sending soldiers there for a few years and then to retreat as we did from Afghanistan?

    • Vuil

      Obama finds it difficult to order the deaths of his brothers. It goes against his core beliefs.

    • Nathan Merrill

      The problem, to put it bluntly, is that Americans are tired of paying for wars in the Middle East. Europe is a lot closer; why aren’t the British, French, and Germans dealing with this?

      I think it is their turn now. We had to go and stomp on Afghanistan, and we took out Iraq for good measure.

      Or heck, maybe China could go in and stomp on ISIS. Or Russia.

      It isn’t like anyone actually LIKES ISIS. It is just that everyone wants it to be somebody else’s problem and no one really likes being involved in wars in the Middle East.

      The only way to get rid of ISIS is to go into the cities and kill all the fighters; you can’t bomb ISIS into submission because they have little of value. They’re worthless people, the only thing they really have are people, and thus the only way to kill them is to kill their individual people.

      They’re not like a country.

      • Bonkim

        ISIS will melt into the background if they fear defeat and re-group elsewhere.

    • Bonkim

      Not worth wasting American life and military hardware.

    • Bonkim

      US has been and is isolationist – as they are far away from the nasty old world.

  • WatTylersGhost

    The conflict within Islam is over 1000 years old, to believe that it can be resolved is extremely naive. Muslims will carry on killing Muslims to eternity – it’s what they do. What we must ensure is that they do not threaten us. As the Israelis have done we must also build a wall, both physical and political and let Muslims do as they will on the other side of it.

    Our main problems are closer to home. We must adopt a zero tolerance of aggressive Islam. Any offenders should simply be tossed back over the wall.

    • jason

      yh u honkies are angels aint ya? u gotten ww1 ww2 Spanish inquision masscare of red Indians, aboriginies slave trade horishima? ahh yes you white devils never hurt a soul. u paedo scum

      • Infidelissima

        by ‘peado scum’ (sic) I think he means the followers of the pedophile prophet, many of whom reside in countries, in which marrying a 12 year old girl, is perfectly legal.

        • AJH1968

          Is ‘masscare of red Indians’ an early version of the the NHS?

          • Damaris Tighe

            As the Native Americans were infected by smallpox in trade blankets, I think the answer is probably yes.

          • Bonkim

            That was deliberate.

          • Damaris Tighe

            So it appears. Horrific.

          • Bonkim

            Judging the past by our standards today achieves nothing.

        • Icebow

          Nine, according to whatever.

        • Bonkim

          as it was in England until the 19th century. Church Law was very tolerant of the age of consent or age of forced and arranged marriages.

      • Trojan

        Jason, do the body count. The list you give does not add up in its entirety to the body count of Islam over the past 30 years. But perhaps you choose not to include deaths and enforced slavery of black Africans by Muslims, as is the case with white liberals who support Islamic extremism.

        • Nathan Merrill

          Liberals don’t support Islamic extremism. The only people who believe that are crazies. Liberals despise theocrats of all flavors.

          They don’t like Christian theocrats any more than they like Muslim theocrats, though, which is probably where you got confused – you assumed that because they wanted to protect Muslims’ right to practice their religion, that they must support people blowing up each other. This is a result of their own primitive tribalistic thought processes.

          • Trojan

            I think I am responsible for a misunderstanding. I should not have used the term’liberal’ which is often used to depict the socialist left. Liberals do not support religious extremism. I should have referred to the left, the Trotskyists and fellow travellers who identify with radical Islam, partly because they think that they are allies in the fight against western capitalism. Particularly note the SWP in the UK, and their support for Islamic extremism, and note the tacit support from the Greens.

        • Bonkim

          Slavery was joint trade when Islam and Christianity colluded. But then even the Bible talks of slaves and Masters.

          • Trojan

            Bonkim, two points in reply. First, from the start Muslims took many European Christians as slaves and this was not collusion. The US was under attack from Muslims from the early days of Independence – see the Barbary wars which were a response to Muslim slavery and ransoming of Americans. Not collusion between Christians and Muslims there. Second, the Old Testament of the Bible is not Christian, and I have doubts whether there is any endorsement of slavery in the New Testament, but I could be wrong. However, the fight against slavery in the west was spearheaded by European Christians.

          • Bonkim

            Yes – there is nothing right or wrong in such discussion – We are looking at people, and events from back in history and also many events across many lands. So inevitable that there would be parallels, and also conflicts in many such.

            Slavery or taking the defeated into bondage was the norm across the globe. Given the wide differences in development and cultures amongst people until travel and communications became more speedy, human societies were much more diverse than they are today. When one talks of the Dark Continent until the late 1800s, much of our present understanding of human history and cultures/religions and even those closer in Europe only developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Things have changed quite a lot after WW2 which was the main period when people atarted to know about each other in the modern sense.

            Going back to slavery – entrepreneurs took advantage of their networkd and there was collusion between say European Ship Owners and Arab slavers in the business of supplying slaves to the new colonies in the Americas. World trade – and following abolition the shippers went into providing bonded labourers (slavery became a dirty word) and business expanded. the new colonies of Asia provided a better class of labourers that could be managed and controlled with less violence.

            Not much different in the concept of say employers today trying to bypass visa regulations and trapping low wage workers from locations where people are more vulnerable. the colonies were good business for European, Arab, Indian, and Chinese merchants and manufacturers operating at many levels as also landowners in the producing countries – origins of today’s world trade – you will find many big names of the 18th and 19th centuries including some that were in the shipping and slave transport businesses evolved into the global multinationals of today.

            Best not to get bogged down in comparative blame game between races or religions in such matters as all take advantage of business opportunities that come up with. Judging the past by today’s standards is dangerous and in any case no one today can generate the mindset of the slave or plantation owner or shipper from three hundred years back.

          • Trojan

            Very good points here. Returning to the present. I believe that there are about the same number – even more – slaves today than there were in Wilberforce’s time. And they are found across Africa, South America etc. Of concern is the United Nations Human Rights Council, chaired by Mauritania, whose population I understand consists of 15% slaves. Other members, as I recall include the Saudis(recently abolished it but have found a way to retain it in practice), then there is the practice of jizya, which is a recognition of slavery. And finally, the abominable practice of child sexual slavery which seems to be world wide.

          • Bonkim

            Slavery exists in our midst here today. Worldwide freedoms have created newer ways to enslave people and worsen the situation of the minorities, and under-privileged across the globe. Year zero will arrive soon.

          • tamimisledus

            First, non-muslims were conquered by muslims and then their lands and properties were looted. Secondly, they were accorded the status of inferior citizens who had to defer to muslims. Under terms that resembled those imposed by the Nazis on the people they conquered. That is the best offer they ever had, not the worst.

            That is the muslim equivalent of apartheid.
            How is that “not at all treated badly”?
            If you don’t understand the flaws in your assessment, go ask the South Africans who suffered under apartheid.

          • Bonkim

            That was how human societies behaved historically – and Christianity was spread across the Globe more or less by similar means including in Europe – and the European Wars were not unlike the Sunni/Shia conflict going on today.

            Similar situation prevails today in many parts of the world – look around – Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Burma, the Middle East, even some parts of Europe where minorities get a raw deal.

            Religions have caused much misery in man historically and still does. Not sure what you are getting at. ISIS is a virulent form of Islam and most of those getting their heads chopped off or suffering other forms of violence and turned into refugees are other Muslims. No question we need to stop the cancer spreading. The question is how and at what cost.

          • tamimisledus

            Jizya “a form of protection money”. Yes, protection against the muslims so those very same muslim will *graciously* allow non-muslims to live as second (at best) class citizens.

            Yes it is just like mafia protection money. “Pay us or you will not like the consequences”.
            This similarity is not accidental. Both islam and the mafia are criminal enterprises. Both are criminal enterprises where the strong but incompetent but abuse their power to leach off the weak but productive.

          • Bonkim

            The Jews paid that in Christian lands. And when the kings could not payback their war-loans chopped the heads of the evil money lenders.

          • goodsoldier

            People on long-term welfare are willing slaves and the government is its Master.

      • Malcolm Stevas

        Surely a joke? Otherwise, it’s clear we “honkies” failed to teach the natives proper English spelling.

        • Bonkim

          English is a flexible language and has many versions across the Globe/even within the British Isles. Spelling has changed over the centuries and locations across the globe.

          • Malcolm Stevas

            It’s likely that I am better informed about variants of English than you, and unfortunately for your argument, the writer was simply doing things wrong – not demonstrating his mastery of some dialectal sub-form…

          • Bonkim

            Jason is an idiot. No question.

          • stedman_dantes

            yh u honkies are angels aint ya? u gotten ww1 ww2 Spanish inquision masscare
            Yeah. Spelling has changed over the centuries and locations, but the above has always been sub-literate gibberish, and you should be howling in shame for having lifted a finger to defend that idiot Jason.

          • Bonkim

            No one is defending idiot Jason – What he says is rubbish. Then again many dialects may sound strange to others.

      • Cyril Sneer

        Go back to school, learn to spell, leave the liquor store alone, stop destroying your neighbourhood, … oh and Bill Cosby was right about you kaffirs.

      • blandings

        “yh u honkies are angels aint ya?”
        Correct – I am an angel and you are a barbarian.

        • davidofkent

          I think he is probably taking too much medication!

          • Freeworld

            I think he’s probably not taking enough

          • Icebow

            Either way, I hope not on the NHS.

      • MikeH

        A Muslim story and Mensa elite can’t resist chipping in.

      • stedman_dantes

        Oh dear, we give you all the advantages of being brought up & educated in a civilisation, and still you turn out to be some sort of barely comprehensible angry mammal.
        I think you might fight that the other side of the wall is more your type of place.

        • Keith

          Don’t forget you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

          • mike1222

            More apt would be “You can lead a whore to culture but you can;t make it think”

      • Mark

        We do have commas though.

      • Richard Cleland

        You forgot about those terrible Crusades. [jk]

        • Zhang Wei

          What your German cousins done to the Jews though was pretty bad you have to admit?

          • styants64

            Yep and we bombed those Nazis into oblivion do the same to all extremist nut cases just like Isis.

          • justsomeone

            And in what way does what the Germans did contribute to the discussion or to our understanding of Jihadists?
            Jihad is a terrible problem right now, not only historically but now.
            It’s as though you’d mention that Christianity was once quite violent and that what we can term ‘hardline Christians’ punished heretics and blasphemers. Does that mean we should now bow down to Muslim nutters who want to persecute anyone who blasphemes? Of course not. We climbed out of that pit and into the world of the enlightenment and we won’t allow – or shouldn’t allow – Muslims to push us back into the pit.

          • Bonkim

            Reason and logic fly past bigots. The main problem with rational men is that they debate too long on the rights and wrongs before acting; eliminating danger requires detached ruthlessness, and mindless barbarity – ISIS excel in all these departments and hence able to instil fear in the rational mind of their opponents.

          • Dogsnob

            Good job the Eskimos sorted the Germans out then eh?

        • Icebow

          May the final Crusade come soon.

          • Bonkim

            but will be lost – as the earlier ones.

        • Bonkim

          They failed same as recent adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. History repeating.

      • jim

        Vermin. One day the cities in our once white christian west will be so debased that even the idiot liberal class will sanction the most extreme brutalities against you and your kind.That day is long overdue but it will come and when it does you better run boy.

        • Zhang Wei

          Empty threats from someone with a long outdated imperialist mindset

          • jim

            You’re sure of that are you? I doubt if you have any idea just how much hatred you have earned. There will be a reckoning.

          • Zhang Wei

            Britain isn’t a world power anymore you’re an idiot

          • jim

            I suppose it isn’t imperialism if you do it. Listen up chimp:the only people the world needs are white western and christian.Everyone else is along for the ride.One day your lot and mine will have to face off . That day will dawn in our own cities since we’ve been charitablefoolish enough to share them with you. Pride Cometh Before The Fall. Your hubris is my friend. You’ll be eating each other again in my lifetime.We might not even have to lift a finger. Your corruption might do the job for us. Bon Appetit.

          • Zhang Wei

            Oh dear oh dear I diagnose a case of myopic little man syndrome, and a terminal one at that.

          • jim

            Then you’ve got nothing to worry about….shorty.

          • Bonkim

            White Western and Christian – now extinct. You must have wken up from the pre 1920s. Where did you copy all those clever words from?

          • jim

            Could be worse. I could be you.

          • Bonkim

            You would be miles ahead if you were I.

          • jim

            No one else thinks so. You are a burden we have long since tired of. One day soon we’ll stop feeding you. Famine and disease will do the rest.These are our friends.

          • Bonkim

            See you there.

          • jim

            Not if I see you first

          • Bonkim

            For either of us to see each other we have to be there at the same time even if you lay in wait..

          • Nathan Merrill

            Britain isn’t, but the EU is one as a collective whole. The US is, of course, #1 though, and China is probably #3 now.

            Of course, you could also view the Anglosphere as another axis of allegiance – the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are all quite strong and are all close allies.

            But the US is in charge of the Anglosphere, not the UK.

          • Bonkim

            You don’t need to be a world power to act ruthlessly and eliminate vermin.

          • Bonkim

            People venting their feelings on Facebook just don’t have the will to fight with real weapons.

          • jim

            There is such a thing as asking for it…and you are asking for it.

          • Bonkim

            You don’t have much to offer anyone – reject of your tribe.

          • jim

            Wrong again.I’m your worst enemy.An enemy of all the policies which have allowed the likes of you to nest in our cities but one who cannot be dismissed as an economically unviable white working class production unit.

          • Bonkim

            I have no enemies – I have and now pay my way. And I don’t live in the City. White and non-white working classes (silly definition though) contain varied talents, contribute hugely to Britain and all have to work in one way or the other or will not survive. I suppose you have your freedom to imagine what you want.

          • jim

            A convenient belief system which allows you to cancel out every scrap of welfarecrime stats. Do people like you actually believe the things you say?

          • Bonkim

            Absolutely –

          • vieuxceps2

            Empty comment from someone with a long outdated marxist mindset.How canjim be imperialist when he’s wtiting of his own land?

          • Bonkim

            Imperialists were not that stupid and knew how to win. This ones is a reject of his tribe.

        • Bob Gunter

          By the time those idiots have woken up it will be too late.

        • Bonkim

          Falling numbers will not allow that.

          • jim

            One of ours is worth twenty of your deposits of genetic scrap. Variables,my chimp like friend.

          • Bonkim

            You sound a little stunted in the brain. Possibly in-bred.

          • jim

            From what I’ve read that would be one of your own issues, wouldn’t it? .The maternity wards in Bradford are glutted with dropped gene turdworld newborns.

          • Bonkim

            You may be right. Britain is overcrowded and some sections reproduce far more than their fair quota. That is how the free world operates. I have not been to Bradford and don’t blame you for feeling out-spaced. You need to speak to your MP and offer your suggestions.

          • jim

            That’s very white of you.

          • Bonkim

            You don’t have to be white to look at the world impartially. Did I say you are hung up on race and creed? Mind you you have your human rights to your beliefs.

          • jim

            “You don’t have to be white to look at the world impartially”
            I would say white people are the only ones who have ever made the effort …to our cost. But that seems to be coming to an end and not a moment too soon. As for the rest of your comment,when you get right down to it, everything is about tribe and nation,blood and soil, family and where you come from. That is all there is. Everything else is ideologypoliticssocial engineering. The post tribal post nation experiment is crumbling all around you. Only the white middle class liberals were fooled. No one else ever believed in it and now we don’t believe in it either. A conservative is a liberal mugged by reality. As for my “human rights” ,thankfully I don’t have to depend on you for those. You see many in your neck of the woods?

          • Bonkim

            Never heard such crap. White people are no better or worse in the terms you refer to – and historically been conmen and snake-oil merchants in many parts of the world and engaged in all sorts of treachery and exploitation of the worst sort, also spreading false religion.

            You appear to be hung on race and religion – and if all the non-white races were to disappear tomorrow your type will find other features to differentiate people of other groups.

            The only kind things to say to you is to think a little clearly, get psychiatric help if you feel you are persecuted or deranged in some other fashion.

            Yes Britain has much to be proud of and need to conserve and improve on what is there – also not allow new forms of backwardness creep in through the back door. But blaming other ethnic, social, cultural or religious groups for your perceived shortcomings would not help anyone, least of all you.

            I suppose we all can go back to bashing the Catholics or Jews or some others to feel superior – but you are only superior as long as you are able to compete with others and win, not by denigrating others.

          • jim

            Ungrateful wretch. We spent years telling you that you were just as good as anyone else and now you actually believe it. We have humoured your idiocies and indulged your irresponsibility for long enough. . You have exhausted our tolerance and my patience. We deserve a rest.

          • Bonkim

            Speak for yourself, not for British people – you would be a failure in any society.

          • jim

            Very difficult to tolerate the likes of you…but you must admit we did try….and it is obvious you know nothing about the mood of this country. We ALL want to see a good deal less of you lot..You are deluded.

          • Bonkim

            Who are the ‘we lot’ and who are the ‘you lot’? You don’t have to try anything – just be yourself. I don’t expect you to agree with me – no need to feel you are rubbish or suicidal. I am a tolerant sort.

      • mark

        Jason is obviously muslim, whether he is black or not is debateable, since muslims like trying to stir up black white hatred by disguising themselves as either, or both.

        However apart from muhamad calling blacks insulting names, being a black slave trader himself and saying no black will enter jenna, allah (satan in disguise) also said he only created blacks to send to hell.

      • ‘ere we go

        Angels no, but we have been too easy going with immigrants for too long. So time to close the door, and for malcontents to decide whose side they want to be on before it’s locked.
        Our forebears fought for the rights and benefits you enjoy.
        As for slavery and slaughter of innocents your ISIS pals know all about that.

      • RageInEden606

        The hypocrisy of white Christendom is indeed breathtaking to behold.

        • Dogsnob

          If you could just behold a little longer then please.

      • Jim Fox

        DON”T feed this idiot Muslim troll; not only brainwashed but illiterate and rambling in that peculiar Muslim ‘victimhood’ way.

      • vieuxceps2

        Honkies,white devils,paedo scum-where are the lefty Thought police when you need them? Or does racism only apply if done by Whites?

      • Brogan75

        yes in the past.Nowadays the only religious place where you can go and hear a preacher promote Jihad is a mosque. In London maybe. Deal with it, commie.

      • Nathan Merrill

        People have become increasingly civilized over time. This surprises a lot of people, but violence has declined over time, not gone up. People were much nastier back in the day, and as we have grown increasingly civilized, we have grown less violent. Per-capita deaths from violence have been dropping over time.

        ISIS and similar folks are primitive savages akin to those who existed in previous centuries. Civilized societies have grown increasingly, well, civil. The murder rates have gone down, the death rates from war have gone down. Genocide and conquest are seen as immoral, and have been for a century.

        And frankly, people overestimate how bad people were to the Native Americans; yes, they weren’t nice to them, and they participated in ethnic cleansing, but actual genocide was actually quite rare, and by the 20th century everyone felt bad about it and tried to figure out how to make things better for them.

        And the really sad thing is that they – and the blacks who were enslaved in the US – actually ended up better off today after all that bad stuff happened than they were before. Native Americans and Blacks in the US are vastly wealthier than they were in pre-colonial times and live much better lives. It wasn’t very nice, but things ended up turning out for the best in the end, strange as that may seem.

        Complaining about Hiroshima is silly. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the capstones to World War II, and probably saved the world from nuclear war as well as forcing Japan to actually surrender and reform. Japan is now a very nice country as a result of their political system being completely reformed, and they have renounced war as a way of resolving disputes.

        • Bonkim

          But it is always the ruthless and unthinking that win conflicts. Civilization and affluence breeds complacence and weakness. But then all civilizations rise, and fall. Nature’s ways follow life cycle.

      • Bonkim

        We deal with present danger – and need to be ruthless in eliminating the Islamic kind.

      • coldjoint

        you think the Ku Klux Klan
        the Spanish Inquisition are
        So do we, but…
        Put the Numbers in

        More people are killed by
        Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the
        Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

        Islamic terrorists
        murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has
        in the last 70 years. (source)

        More civilians were killed by Muslim hijackers in
        two hours on September 11th than in the 36
        years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

        Islamic extremists massacred more Iraqis on a
        single day in June, 2014 than the number of American criminals
        executed in the last 40 years. (source, source)

        Muslim fundamentalists
        kill more people everyday than were killed during the entire
        Salem Witch Trials. (source)

        Sunni supremacists
        slaughtered more Yazidi minorities on August 14, 2014 than the
        number of black Americans lynched by White supremacists in the
        previous 100 years. (source, source)


      • Bonkim

        What an idiot!

    • serialluncher

      We need to strike the cancer at its source. It will make the local problem much easier and we will be safer.

      • MaxSceptic

        Do please name the source.

        Eradicating a murderous ideology can be done (look at how the powerful Thousand Year Reich has been erased), but I doubt we have the will or the stomach.

        • Bonkim


    • MaxSceptic


      Let us hope that a couple of centuries of extensive fratricide will prepare them for an eventual enlightenment and rejection of their archaic faith.

      • Icebow

        Archaism has nothing to do with it. Far superior religions are far older.

        • Bonkim

          Religion breeds inferior mindsets.

          • Icebow


          • Bonkim

            Proves the point.

          • Hellosnackbar

            Belief in the psychopaths who claim to be inspired by their personal sky fairy is characteristic of several thousand murders and wars.
            http://www.thereligionofpeace.com gives a daily report of the nauseous dogma of Islam.

          • alfredo

            Using the tired old ‘sky fairy’ as a description for a deity is trite and mentally lazy. There are no points of resemblance between a ‘sky fairy’ and any deity any sane person believes in.
            If you must advertise your non-belief by some contemptuous term for the object of others’ belief, might I suggest ‘invisible friend’? Though this too is trite, it does bear some relation to what Christians, at least, believe in, while at the same time can be used with gentle irony.

          • Hellosnackbar

            Trite and mentally lazy?
            Any deity is the product of someone’s imagination, which in the past was an explanation of the imaginary omniscient ,omnipotent ,and omnipresent deity .
            This piece of non empirical nonsense is in essence a fictional fairy story.
            In current terms religious characters should be teaching science from their pulpits .
            An imaginary invisible friend(like one’s guardian angel) should be the subject of debate rather than silence.
            Religion should be the subject of satire on stage and television.
            The poison of PC prevents this, and freedom of speech should be the backbone of logical (and moral) civilisation!

          • alfredo

            You seem to have forgotten the words ‘in my opinion’ – an opinion you state as facts. You also say that some things ‘should’ happen without explaining why they ‘should’.
            Ironically, the Enlightenment, which you would perhaps claim to follow, sought to rescue people from religious authorities issuing arbitrary dictates, but its principles have been transmogrified into a justification for people like you making statements of supposedly absolute truth without the need for rational argumentation, and issuing … arbitrary dictates.
            And by the way, PC is mostly as anti-religion as you are (with one major exception, of course, but that isn’t because of the religious aspect of the RoP).

          • Hellosnackbar

            Would you have a serious discussion as to the existence of Father Christmas,the Easter Bunny and imaginary Allah?

      • Bonkim

        Die in hope.

    • Owen_Morgan

      Nonsense! The islamic faith is the “religion of peace”. I heard it from the beebyanka, so it must be true. The shia-sunni schism has, in fact, nothing to do with islam and was entirely caused by Jewish money-lenders and global warming and excessive logging in the North Sea area by proto-capitalist colonialist imperialist slave-trading racists.

      • sebastian2

        Of course. And the alleged prophet had nothing to do with mohammedism either. After all, his deeds which were bloody, exploitative and ruthless (as his followers are today), couldn’t possibly have been the “real islam”. Some mistake surely.

      • Icebow

        ‘ Proto-capitalist colonialist imperialist slave-trading racists’. Mmm….

        • casper

          I believe “excessive logging in the north sea” was sufficient clue to the sarcasm.

          • Icebow

            Fair comment.

      • WTF

        Killing, be-heading, slavery, homophobia and sexism are all part of Islam and have been for 1400 years and those that follow Islam support it either in person directly or offer tacit support by looking the other way.

        We ban ideology that promotes social cancers like pedophilia and homophobia and we should ban cancerous religions like Islam that promote the same.

        • MA0

          You put beheading and homophobia/sexism in the same list without a hint of irony. You are the problem.

          • WTF

            There’s nothing ironic about Jihadists throwing gay people off a roof, its a sick act inspired and propagated by a sick cancerous religion.

          • MA0

            You are confusing two phenomena: one is violence against those who do not adhere to Islam, and the other is resistance to the political effort to present homosexuality as a positive model for sexuality. There is a big differencce between opposing homosexual marriage, and throwing homosexuals off buildings. Your comment plays into the hands of those who deliberately want to blur that difference for political advantage.

          • WTF

            I haven’t a clue where your coming from or even going to as I´m certainly not trying to conflate the two.

            Firstly, all sane rationale thinking people can recognize Islam as a cancerous religion that is the biggest threat to civilization in the 21st century. Secondly, whats with this homosexuality being a positive role model, where did that come from ?

          • Nathan Merrill

            The thing which drives both activities is the same, it is just that civilized people are sufficiently domesticated that violence is now repulsive and scary to them.

            The whole same-sex marriage thing is all nonsense. Who cares if gays get married? Why does it matter?

          • Moa

            It matters because the goal is to destroy the institution of ‘marriage’ and render it meaningless. That is why it matters.

            States should recognize ‘civil unions’ only, and ‘marriage’ should be left as a religious institution for those that wish to participate.

            But the political Left needs to destroy several things in order to set conditions for global revolution, such as:
            1) The Family: already accomplished.
            2) The Churches: under constant assault.
            3) Marriage: quickly becoming meaningless.
            4) Nationalism: borders erased, sovereignty erased (laws being made by transnational bodies like the EU and UN that the people you actually elect cannot change).
            5) The Economy: spend, spend, spend on social programmes that breed nothing but dependence on the State – and make sure the spending is so great that there is no money left for the military. Furthermore, borrow to spend on ‘entitlements’ for non-citizens until the debt is so great that the Free Market cannot function and the citizens are in so much distress that they beg for their socialist overlords to come and save them.

            This is well underway, and this is why the unilateral and Orwellian re-definition of marriage matters. Because it is not just about marriage – it is about the State telling you what to think and say.

          • Nathan Merrill

            The more you are worried about the destruction of the family, the more likely it is that you personally are the sort of person who fails at it.

            Ironically, those who don’t worry about it at all are the people who have the healthiest families; they don’t need anyone to blame for the destruction of the family because it hasn’t happened.

            Only those who are failures – who have failed to build families successfully – need to blame others about the destruction of the family, because they want to avoid blaming themselves.

            But you know what they say – the common thing in all your faulures is you.


            The idea that same-sex marriage is somehow going to destroy marriage is pure idiocy. Only someone whose own marriage has failed, who is seeking something to blame for their failure other than themselves, would claim such.

            Same-sex marriage is good for marriage, because if a gay couple are married and stay together, why are they any different from a straight couple?

            They’re not. There’s no difference in devotion.

            I’m sorry that your family and marriage are failures, but for those of us who aren’t failures, we don’t see any threat, because we know that all failures come from within.

            It is kind of ironic that you rant about how the state is making people dependent and in the same breath complain about how the rest of society is secretly ruining your life. It is tremendously hypocritical of you. If you weren’t dependent on society, why would it matter what everyone else is doing? If you are dependent on society, why are you complaining about it?


            All forms of tribalism are bad. Nationalism is just a big tribe. The fact that we are embracing ever-increasingly large numbers of people is a good thing. I understand that you’re upset that you have discovered you’re not, in fact, superior to people from other countries, but such is the way of things. There are good people and garbage everywhere, and what country you live in doesn’t matter to me; what matters is whether or not you’re a worthwhile individual.


            Churches have failed because all religion is false. Only primitive savages need invoke invisible spirits to comprehend the world. Armed with science, we have come to understand the world far better. The God Hypothesis is dead, and so it is that churches are in decline and limited to those who have not moved on.


            The economy is intrinsically about how people spend money. The idea behind social programs is to make more people into good citizens by giving them a leg up. We are happier and wealthier as a result, and crime has plummeted since the 1990s, in part because we have domesticated poor people and made more of them more useful to society.

            The idea that it is all a conspiracy is nonsense, the sort of thing someone who is bitter about being a failure would say. I’ve not had particular problems as a result of socialistic social policies; why would I? I pay my taxes and I drive on my roads and I’m happy enough. I’m good with the government keeping poor people from being desperate enough to commit crimes.

          • Moa

            Why do you bother commenting when it is clear you have done ZERO research? all you have is your ignorant opinion, a massive sense of sanctimony and ad hominems scattered throughout your drivel.

            With regard to the destruction of the family. Did you know that in New York more black babies are aborted than are born? (although you are probably a disgusting racist who wants to come back with, this is a ‘good thing’, right?) did you know that of the babies born many do not have a father in their life – because the politicians want single mother votes, so they fund dependency. And anything you pay for, you get more of – of does this truism escape you?

            But you know what they say – the common thing in all your faulures is you.

            You know nothing about me, and you come up with this? what a vile excuse for a human you are! what kind of corkshucker would say such a thing when you don’t even know me – merely because in your ignorance you follow the indoctrination memes of the neo-Marxists rather than look at the statistics for yourself and *think for yourself*.

            All forms of tribalism are bad. Nationalism is just a big tribe.

            Cool. Why don’t we put some of the Islamic State guys in your neighbourhood and we’ll see if you continue with this brain-dead adolescent pap. We have nation states for several reasons. Security being one. Another one is called “choice”. Ever heard of it? if you don’t like the system in one State you move to another. There is also the issue of sovereignty. Apparently you are a completely indoctrinated slave and think that being ruled over by unelected transnational bodies is no problem? right? what a pathetic failure of analysis you have dumped onto this forum!

            in part because we have domesticated poor people and made more of them more useful to society.

            Ah, here we have it. The absolutely repulsive smug-superiority you feel for ‘domesticating’ others. You control-freak Leftists are ALL the same. You have no original ideas, and you all come out with the same EVIL desire to control other human beings or treat them as pets because you arrogantly consider yourself better than them, therefore you have no problem telling them what to do. Just like the good little Socialist future proponent of mass-murder you will become.

            The rest of your post is more unoriginal Leftist drivel from someone who has never had an original thought in their life, and lives with a closed mind that is completely unreceptive to Diversity of Opinion. I’d say that’s because you are still immature. Hopefully you’ll grow out of it – but few Lefties are smart enough to.

          • Johnny Mac

            You could have saved your own time, and minute of my life I just wasted reading your Teenage Bigot Manifesto, and simply condensed it all into one succinct phrase – ‘I’m an idiot’.

            Do you think that many people who watch a lot of football on television are brainwashed to bypass their biological limitations and suddenly get an invitation from Manchester United talent scout on account of the sport propaganda convincing them to play at a professional level?

            Because that’s how much sense your ‘gay propaganda’ theory makes.

            Your uproar over the ‘institution of marriage’ is also woefully misguided, given that marriage and the nuclear family unit as we in the West know them exist for reasons of financial viability more so than serving any noble social purpose.

          • Moa

            You could have saved five minutes more of you miserable life if you had not responded with fact-free drivel which is nothing more than your ignorant opinion.

            Clearly the mouse does not realize it is in the maze in your case.

            Your uproar over the ‘institution of marriage’ is also woefully
            misguided, given that marriage and the nuclear family unit as we in the
            West know them exist for reasons of financial viability more so than
            serving any noble social purpose.

            Nice Marxist talking point there. The family has existed ever since there has been biological sexual dimorphism and specialization within our species. The family exists not because of ‘financial viability’ but because the family has been selected for as beneficial to the species.

            Homosexuality is an unhelpful mutation, although much less prevalent than mutations that cause cancer. It is natural, but not beneficial to the species . The mutation keeps cropping up, as do cancer mutations. Like I said, homosexuality is natural but not beneficial – homosexuals should be treated normally, but to try and say that the homosexual lifestyle is superior to the family when choice is involved (as it is for most homosexuals) is mainstreaming MADNESS.

            I’m guessing you are either homosexual or a ‘Social Injustice Worrier’, right?

          • goodsoldier

            Actually there is no such thing as homophobia. It is just part of an opinion that some find offensive, which is neither here nor there. Except it is a problem when states legislate against homophobia, an opinion.

          • rtj1211

            You’ll be telling me next that self-righteous Christians in the KKK didn’t burn black people en masse in the 1930s. Not to mention murdering all over the world for 200 years to establish Empires. This nonsense that Christianity is peaceful and Islam is murderous is bunkum of the worst degree.

            Christianity murders far more than Islam because the Christian West spends 100 times as much on weaponry as anyone else.

            I wish it weren’t true. But it is.

            And it doesn’t matter that it’s only the MIC in the West that causes it. Just like it didn’t matter that it was only the nutters called Nazis who committed the Holocaust. The people were killed. Made no difference whether it was 1 person or 10 million doing it. They died.

            When will you folks realise that the natural cycles of Christianity and Islam are 700 years out of phase??

          • WTF

            Not at all, you’re the sad, pathetic denier who is still living in the past as ALL right minded people like myself fully acknowledge that Christianity had its barbaric past. The problem is, nutters like you keep using a historic past of Christianity with its intermittent extremist periods and conflating it with 1400 years of Islamic barbarity that is still increasing year on year.

            The only part of your post that has any relevance is your last sentence as of course Islam mirrors similar atrocities of Christianity 700 years ago (I’d argue 500 years). That’s because Islam was created by a vicious pedophile who indoctrinated his ‘hijacked’ religion (couldn’t even create his own) and made it the most evil religion that has continued for over 1400 years.

            When a religion such as Christianity is founded on compassion and ‘turn the other cheek? (Jesus Christ), for the most part it continues that way with brief periods of barbarity until recent times. Islam was founded on submission & barbarity with no compassion whatsoever and has remained so for all its life. The likelihood of Christianity cycling back is extremely unlikely in a secular society where religion takes second place. Islam will remain the religious, cultural and political system that it is with its obscene practices against women, gays and genocide against other religions !

            That is why it needs to be banned !

          • Jim Station

            I am afraid that you are missing the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam. In too many Islamic countries intolerance of non-muslims – actually ‘death to the infidel’ is preached as this is advocated by the koran. Today the more ‘moderate’ Islamic countries look to maintain an apartheid system promoting what is effectively hatred of infidels to varying degrees. The stricter countries do apply the death penalty for aposticism and this barbarity is promoted by the koran.
            Nowhere in Christianity is killing non-Christians advocated. Indeed Christ said to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. I am fully aware that many Christians throughout history have failed to follow these teachings. What I am saying however is that as long as Islam is followed, human civilisation will never develop and the wars in the middle east will sadly continue without end. Indeed, all one has to do is look at the number of wars in the world and a staggering majority of these are existing in Islamic countries. Why? The answer is obvious.
            Now that Saudi Arabia has developed a huge arms cache, just wait for the Islamic death toll to mushroom.

          • tamimisledus

            Please try to be more observant in future.
            He put them in this list of evils. He didn’t put each them at the same position in this list of evils.

          • MA0

            No, sorry, this list is a deliberate trap by the Frankfurt school: “Killing, be-heading, slavery, homophobia and sexism are all…”

        • Nathan Merrill

          We don’t actually ban such things. NAMBLA – the North American Man-Boy Love Association – exists and is not illegal.

          • goodsoldier

            Don’t imagine they are gentle like Walt Whitman. Most are predators and should be watched carefully.

          • Nathan Merrill

            Well, duh!

            Doesn’t mean their organization is illegal, though.

          • tamimisledus

            Neither was the Nazi Party in Germany.
            But until 50 years homosexuality was illegal in the UK.

            So here is the news for you.
            Laws can (and must) be changed to create a better society.

        • Hellosnackbar

          A simple statement of non PC reality WTF.
          The Tories should be embracing your opinion!

          • WTF

            Sadly they wont ban hate cultures like Islam as there’s too many wet liberals in all major political parties and certainly in the establishment that demand social engineering on their terms that encompasses all the cancerous side effects that we’ve seen breaking down our culture.

            The old saying “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” has been flipped on its head by the liberal fascists to mean “you must embrace religions that promote or inspire be-headings, sexual grooming or stoning adulterers” as its their culture and they are a ethnic minority !

      • Thaddeus lovelock

        right on.

    • Icebow

      Build the wall; carry on bombing, whichever of Sunni or Shia seems to be getting the upper hand.

    • greggf

      You’re perfectly correct Wat, however in the meantime banning the Koran and giving Muslims a choice – convert or leave – seems a good idea while we are waiting for the “wall”.

    • logdon

      ‘Muslims will carry on killing Muslims to eternity’

      And Jews and Christians and Hindus and Sikhs and Buddists and Athiests and any religion, sect or denomination I’ve missed.

      We talk of inclusivity. They talk of the Pact of Umar.

      The rules are a choice of ..

      Conversion to Islam.

      Submit to dhimmi status and pay the jizya.

      Be killed.

      Islam has been dormant for various reasons over the last few centuries.

      European colonialism took over. The Caliphate dissolved. The moon and star was a fractured beast

      However the Muslim Brotherhood was staking its claim within Sunni Muslim hearts and minds and its offspring is Al Qaeda, IS and all of the interweaving barbarians now creating hell in Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Middle East.

      This is the Islamic revival and far from the perversion Cameron, Obama and the rest attempt to portray, is the real authentic Islam.

      Erdogan said there is no moderate Islam. He is right.

      He also stated that democracy is like a tram ride.

      You get to the destination and then get off.

      So we’re under a dual assault.

      One is by Islam itself.

      The other is by a thoroughly corrupted establishment and political class who for various reasons will defend this monstrosity until they are blue in the face.

      The facts are there for all to see.

      This time it’s not so much springtime for Hitler but Mohammed and that much vaunted by charlatons and idiots, Arab Spring.

      • CouchSlob

        > The rules are a choice of ..
        > Conversion to Islam.
        > Submit to dhimmi status and pay the jizya.
        > Be killed.

        That’s strange. I was out with my Muslim mate on Sunday. He didn’t offer me any such choice – instead he asked me what I wanted to drink. Nothing about dhimmi status or beheading.

        Perhaps not all Muslims in the world fall under your crass and ignorant generalisations. Ever think about that?

        • Moa

          Your mate is not a Muslim. He is an apostate – but you don’t know enough to know the difference.

          Furthermore, your mate’s opinion on Islam matters not a whit. The only opinion in Islam that matters is Mohammed. And Mohammed says you must convert, live as a dhimmi or be killed – at least until Al Mahdi comes, at which point you convert or die. [Al Mahdi in Islamic eschatology is as close to a Christian Anti-Christ as one can find].

          It is not logdon that is ignorant, it is you. You know so little about Islam that you think the opinion of an apostate is meaningful when it comes to Islamic Ideology. You’d do well to listen to those who know a damned sight more than you do about this – instead of shooting off your ignorant trap.

          YOU are the reason why Islamic supremacism can survive in the West – because you give it cover. Your Muslim mate may be a great guy, but the totalitarian political ideology called “Islam” is the greatest and most deceptive evil the World has ever known.

          ps. simply ask your mate whether Koran 9:29 should be implemented for the World. he probably doesn’t even understand Islam at all – most don’t (because if they did they would leave the horror show).

          • tamimisledus

            Excellent response, covering many key points.
            Just one caveat.
            Even if muslims understood islam, most have too much to lose by leaving islam. islam tells muslims that (i) they are a superior race to non-muslims, islam tells muslims that while they are alive, (ii) they are entitled to the earth, and that when they die, (iii) *good* muslims will live in paradise for ever.
            And even some ex-muslims who may no longer believe that (iii) is true, often persist with (i) and (ii).

          • Moa

            True, and well said.

            With the ‘leadership’ of the West no longer believing in Enlightenment Civilization why would a Muslim leave Islam? it’s not like the West would encourage or protect them.

            The Muslims understand this, as do the cultural Marxists (which is why they have their ‘Critical Theory’ that always blames the West for things it has done, or not done, no matter how ludicrous that assignment of culpability is).

          • tamimisledus

            Thanks for your support and valuable input.
            As I and others have observed, it is amazing how these alleged intellects seem to lose all critical faculties when they come into contact with islam and muslims.
            I have had direct experience of Richard Dawkins supporting a muslim, and Dawkins himself reacting like a muslim when I tried to enlighten him (Dawkins) about the realities of islam.

          • Moa

            Wow. I’m amazed to hear Dawkins indulged in any Politically Correct pieties – he doesn’t seem to pull any punches when it comes to the Christians.

            Good on you for trying to set him straight.

            You’ve probably already seen the work of Dr Bill Warner (Dr Bill French) and his “Political Islam” site. He has a fantastic PDF called “Factual Persuasion” that you could print and drop in Prof Dawkins mailbox – it would revolutionize his worldview and his interactions with Muslims,

            Here’s a link to the first half of the document (you can get the full thing for very cheap through the Kindle software):

        • logdon

          And maybe they don’t all fall into your little dreamworld

          Ask Alan Henning. Oh, sorry you can’t. He’s dead as are hundreds of thousands more.

          Thought about that you idiot?

          You are an ignoramous.

        • tamimisledus

          Assuming that this story is true:

          You need ask these two questions of a muslim.

          Does s/he worship allah (the answer from a muslim is yes.)

          Does allah hate non-muslims such that he (allah) wants to see them destroyed (the answer is yes)

          If s/he untruthfully answers no to question 2, ask s/him to prove it by providing a quote from koran, allah’s message to muslims, where allah states that he “loves” non-muslims.

          This is why non-muslims who have been conquered by muslims have to choose between the three options above.

          And although you may not have noticed it, muslims are already in the process of imposing dhiimmi status on non-muslims. Using our own laws against us, muslims are insisting that we must respect them and their barbaric customs, while showing no respect for us or our customs.
          Key among this are the attempts to suppress fair and justified criticism of islam of muslims by labelling criticism of islam as islamophobic, or racist, or bigoted, amongst many other negative terms. The reason for this so that you and many others will fail to look into islam to see the evil that is within it.

          Now that is something for you to think about.

          • Moa

            Good questions.

            I usually have a single question, ”
            Do you think that Sharia should eventually rule the Earth?”.
            Posed innocently, they will wax lyrical about Sharia and how ‘perfect’ a system it is, thinking you have no idea what it really is.

            This is an easy way of sorting Muslims into MINO (Muslims in Name Only) from real Muslims (ie. true supporters of the dangerous ideology).

          • tamimisledus

            Yes you are right. It is a very good question. And it is one I use on occasion myself but it can often “misfire” (I won’t waste a lot trying to find the right word – I think you will understand what I mean when I explain)
            There are a number of surveys going around saying x percent of muslims do not want to see Sharia in UK. It is quite clear that they do not understand the concept of Sharia as I understand it, the OIC understands it and I believe the way you understand it. That is as the social system (oversimplifying) commanded by allah by which all humans should live. As an example, these muslims may believe that adultery should not be punished particularly say by stoning, but they do believe it should be punished, as commanded by allah. (adultery may not have been the absolute best example to pick, but I hope you get my drift.)
            In the end analysis, as in all “questionnaires”, you have to be certain the respondent understands the issues. Unfortunately, as in my experience, these issues are too sophisticated for the average or even superior muslims to really comprehend. Otherwise, as in these surveys show, they will end up with saying they are muslims but that they do not support sharia, totally contradictory beliefs.
            Don’t get me wrong. I think that it is a very good question, we just need to understand its limitations. All anti-muslims should learn all when and how to use it.
            I have not gone through the highways and byways of sharia as I think you understand the issues at least as well as I do, if not better. But if you think it valuable to engage on the detail, I would be glad to exchange views.
            But otherwise, keep up the good work.

          • Moa

            Thanks, and you make an excellent point.

            As a question, are you really “anti-Muslim” (people), “anti-Islam” (ideology), or “anti-Sharia”/counter-jihadi?

            The reason I ask is that calling yourself “anti-Muslim” could be seized upon by Islamic apologists. I’m not anti-Muslim at all, I personally have no problem with people and think that the evil ideology indoctrinates reasonably good people into doing very bad things.

            I mean, I think all Muslims are deluded, even the ones that are Muslims In Name Only – but I do think most are harmless enough.

            I’m not even anti-Islam. In some fantasy world there might be come kind of Islam that is a personal faith only. In the real world I don’t think that is possible, but I’ll concede that the fantasy could be possible in theory, just to be reasonable.

            So I would describe myself as “counter-jihad”, which is really against political Islam in all its forms (and the cultural jihad being the most insidious).

            The reason I bring this up is to get you to consider whether “anti-Muslim” is the best description for yourself? you may be, but you might not be (it’s up to you 🙂 it’s a Free World, or used to be). If another description for yourself is more accurate then it may be better to use it – I’m trying to make you bulletproof, so that your extensive knowledge can be used on the intellectual attack rather than get distracted by charges of “racism” (laughable I know, since Islam is not a race, but we know how such charges short-circuit the already shaky ‘critical thinking’ of many Westerners).

            Anyway, have a think about it (I’m not trying to be critical of you, but to make a possibly helpful suggestion).

            Cheers 🙂

          • tamimisledus

            I think you are right to ask for clarification about where I come from. Especially as (I expect) you may this view “find extreme”.
            There are many sides to my understanding of islam, but for the purposes of your question I will just give you the merest overview. The whole aim of islam is world domination, and each and every part of islam contributes to that aim. I believe that world domination by islam would set humanity back many thousands of years from which we might never recover. Now muslims are the only means by which islam propagates itself. And this applies to most if not all muslims, that is to say the very small minority that would apostatize. That is the reason why I am anti-muslim. That is to say in very much the same way that I am anti-rape, anti-childabuse, anti-nazi, etc.

            Too many people, for far too long, have been looking at muslims as suffering from some kind of anti-social behaviour syndrome from which they will recover if we reorientate their thinking and behaviour by contact with our superior society. Nothing could be further from the truth. And we must deal with that truth, rather than the one we would like to see.

            You are right to say my approach has some drawbacks. And I would never expect anyone to adopt such a severe negative attitude towards muslims. But as I see it, it is essential that non-muslims understand the true nature of islam, and if they do not find that nature pleasant, remember, I am only the messenger. Without wanting to appear arrogant, remember that Churchill (I’m not him) was a lone voice for many years, before he was eventually proved right.

            Obviously, much remains unsaid, but for now…

            With that I wish you Good Night 🙂

          • Moa

            Fair enough.

            I understand the mufti-cultural pieties and how they provide cover for those seeking to implement Koran 9:29.

            However, there are Muslims who actually finally get around to reading the Koran and they are so shocked that they leave. I believe that in the West that this is a proportion large enough to be significant (around one-third).

            I play to win, and if that means softening the message just a little in order to win the big squishy middle of society, then I think it is worth doing – although I completely agree and understand that many Muslims who play the mythical-‘moderate’ are rooting for Islamic Supremacism.

        • Greg

          CouchSlob–Herein is the crux. Ask your Muslim Friend if he condones violent Jihad, beheadings, slavery and women denigration? Ask him where he stands on these issues and if he ever raised his voice or publicly opposed the cruelty of Islamic terrorism. That’s the problem with Muslims the world over. Most Muslims aren’t terrorists or even violent. But with the exception of a very few most don’t speak out against the barbarity of the their co-religionists. If he doesn’t spit on the Imams and ayatolas who who either condone or promote terrorism as Allah’s wish, drop him. Because if not, and you marry him, your life and those of your children are doomed for dominance, slavery and torture. The Muslims in every western country work deceptively. First they make believe they’re integrating and want to socialize as people do. But behind it they want control, dominance and ultimately to convert or kill you and your children. Find the meaning of dar al Islam and dar al Harb and you’ll understand.

    • JohnCrichton89

      “We must adopt a zero tolerance of aggressive Islam.” What are you going to do, put the majority of UK Muslims in jail………. the fact is that most of our Muslim demographic believe in certain Islamic ways of life that are irreconcilable with our own. And given the chance they will vote such things into law, that chance will be coming soon as their demographic is set to be a majority in every major European country within the century.

      Soon they wont be selling their votes to conservatives or Tories or snakes like Galloway, they will be voting for a Muslim party that stands for Islamic principles, their is simply nothing you can do about this. The infiltration and conquering of the Western world has after 100 years been resolved in our century, and Muslims won !

      • Chamber Pot

        You are absolutely wrong. As soon as our inner cities explode, which they will, people will be forced to choose sides, and the police and armed forces will be faced with the stark choice of supporting their brothers and sisters and ignoring the politically correct nostrums of our corrupt elites or being ethnically cleansed.

        • JohnCrichton89

          We have seen this happen countless times, when the inner cities “explode” in rioting what you see is every other demographic leaving at a more expedient rate than we have currently.

          Just listen to yourself, you actually think there is going to be some sort of violent coup de tah whereby Brits take back their country? You should change your name to crack pot, there is no grounding for this……….. in every country, town, street and city where this has happened with Muslims/Africans people just leave. Everyday people are leaving, and they will continue to leave.

          Then, when Muslims and their ilk have completely destroyed what you and your ancestors built, they will pack up their things and follow you to claim asylum. And the process begins anew.

      • goodsoldier

        That’s why Britain needs a Constitution of sorts so this can never happen.

    • Nathan Merrill

      The Israelis themselves are little different from their neighbors; primitive, tribalistic savages tied to an ancient religion and unable to get along with their neighbors as a result of it. When you steal people’s land and then pretend like them getting upset over it is somehow because they hate Jews in general, rather than you for, you know, stealing their land, it isn’t really very sympathetic behavior.

      The world would probably be a better place if everyone in the entire Middle East fell over from a heart attack tomorrow.

      Honestly, the real key is making the world a more civilized place. The Ottoman Empire managed to tame the region for quite some time; it should be possible for it to be done again. Frankly, there’s no reason why these areas couldn’t become nice.

    • Philip

      The conflict is not ‘within Islam’ The conflict is Islam against everyone else – and it is laid out plainly in the Qur’an and hadiths.

    • Bertie

      Spot on with the Israeli analogy. It’s the only democracy in the Middle East – should be supported wholeheartedly as its survival is continually in question.

      Personall I’d send in special forces and a load of mercenaries – whether they be white south african or not. Mercs will do the job.

  • obbo12

    Isis doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There is feedback loop between supply of arms and money to Sunni extremists and the expansion of Iranian power. Iran backs Hamas, Hezbollah, the Syrian government, the Iraqi government and Shia rebel in the Yemen.

    The reason why the Iraqi army isnt fighting is because its a Sunni army with a sectarian Shia government. The Iraqi “special forces” are sectarian Shia private ministerial armies.

    To break the feedback loop you need a genuine non sectarian government in Iraq and that isn’t going happen any time soon because Iran is now so deeply entrenched in Iraq.

    • Frank

      Agreed. The probable solution is to break Iraq into three parts (Shia, Sunni and Kurd) and make it a federal state.
      If SA bombs Iran back into the stone age, then we may have peace for a while!

      • obbo12

        That won’t work because the oil is the northern Sunni and Kurdish areas. Even then, the Sunnis and Kurds disagree over who owns Mosul.

        Obama had the choice between a non sectarian government and Shia strongman in a very close election. He chose to back the Shia strongman to make US withdrawal easy. Now the non-sectarian party is scattered to the winds, mostly exile but many senior figures are dead. The US needs to put money and what little leverage it has to not make the middle east in general become a Sunni v Shia battle ground. Especially because Obama’s proposed deal Iran nuclear deal means the Saudis are all ready talking about a nuclear programme of their own.

  • Old Boss,New Boss, Meh!

    When you say “we”, do you mean yourself, or all those Servicemen left on the scrapheap by Washington and Westminster?

  • Owen_Morgan

    “If over-eagerness was an unfortunate hallmark of the last US
    administration, a tendency to professorial conjectures followed by doing
    precisely diddly is the hallmark of this one. It’s too early to say
    which is more dangerous.”

    No, it isn’t. It’s blindingly obvious that Obama has left the whole world in much greater danger and I say “has left” in full knowledge that the Supreme Golfer of the United States still has nearly two years to continue wrecking things.

    “Of course, Obama wanted nothing to do with Iraq and hated inheriting the problem.”

    Well, tough. That sort of comes with running for President and, especially, with getting elected. It’s a bit rich to want to be Commander-in-Chief, without having a clue what to do when you are.

    • Cyril Sneer

      A lot of people hark on about him withdrawing the troops which added to the instability in Iraq, a lot of others blame Bush. I say to them all that for the last 4 years this President pursued regime change in Syria, promoted instability, introduced Jihadists to Syria and this only added to the problems in Iraq and the joining of the Sunni insurgency in Syria and Iraq. Enter ISIS.

      In short, pursuing regime change in Syria whilst Iraq next door was still a struggling fledgling state is his biggest foreign policy failure as President. The Syrian disaster and the ISIS/Sunni insurgent spill over into Iraq and vice versa into Syria is all Obamas doing.

      The man is an utter disaster.

      • Zhang Wei

        So you would rather give Russia, Iran et al a free hand to do whatever they want in the region?

        • jim

          So long as you and your kind keep getting it in the neck everything is A-OK with me.

          • Zhang Wei

            The only people getting it in the neck as you say are Western hostages captured by ISIS, while you weak, uncaring governments do nothing to stop them….

          • jim

            Always disliked you lot.Nice to see my prejudices confirmed.

          • Zhang Wei

            Likewise bonehead

          • jim

            Little yellow men are so funny.Think I’ll get one for Christmas.

        • Nathan Merrill

          Frankly, at this point, I’d rather the Iranians take over a lot of ISIS lands. The problem is that the Iranians can’t do it either.

  • krishnan gurning-leftie

    no we need to use ISIS to draw out those amongst us who are poisonous then, when the trickle drys up, we strike

  • warmingmyth

    The head of Russian military intelligence may be able to help explain any apparent reluctance to destroy ISIS:

  • the baracus

    Obama symbolises the modern politician. They make a speech and think they have done something, when all they have done is made a speech.

    • Shazza

      Or start a Twitter campaign as in ‘save our girls’. Also very effective. Not.

  • Nockian

    The West created ISIS. First as the Mujahadine in Afghanistan for the purpose of wrecking the USSR economy, then as AQ and finally as ISIS as we have come to know it. There are least two flavours of ISIS-one in Iraq and another outside Iraq. The Saudis, Israelis and Turks see IS as a solution to Assad in Syria and for the destabilisation of Iran. The U.S. and Europe have an uneasy relationship with IS. They want to use them to support partnerships in Israel, Turkey and the Saudis, but they are wary of them causing too much destabilisation.

    However it’s wrong to see this as a simple war on a notional enemy. There are so many fingers in the pie that it isn’t as simple as destroying IS. A threat always provides opportunities for the military and the arms manufacturers. It gives surveillance, contractor, infrastructure opportunities. It cements relationships for businessmen to obtain oil/mineral technology/pipeline rights. It also steps on the neck of the Russians, keeps Israel sweet and the Saudis as arms/technology/U.S. debt buying allies.

    Wars are always opportunities for business people/bankers to make lots of profit and if they do well they support the politicians. Even at home it creates opportunities for greater levels of security which suits politicians, security services and all their suppliers. If there are no threats to the population then this big power and money machine runs out of steam. A nice contained threat such as IS is perfect. They have virtually no serious armaments and are largely a small rebel force of a few tens of thousands- of which many are simply mercenaries that have no way to make money in a destabilised Middle East, others were once paid, trained, armed and paid for by Western governments, others are true jihadists. It’s a mishmash.

    Of course they are a terrorist threat, but one only has to look at the increasing amounts of money that has been spent on ‘the war on terror’ over the last 25 years-and the war on poverty, drugs, global warming-to see that terror attacks have actually increased. The more has been spent, the more our liberty has been curtailed, the more intrusions on our privacy and the more terror attacks occur. War is good for business and governments, not for everyone else.

    The will to ‘smash IS’ just isn’t there. Too many vested interests, contracts, opportunities, alliances, opposition. In a nutshell it’s worth far more alive than it is dead. They won’t kill the golden goose, which is hy they cannot stop all the other phoney ‘wars’ on things. There are enormous business profits, political power and everyday livelihoods dependended on its continuation. War is business and the business is good.

  • Albert Zbingswiki

    “People are only joining Isis because they think it is succeeding.” Um… no. They’re joining it because they actually take their religion seriously. They really do.
    No, wait, sorry. How silly of me, I forgot: This has NOTHING to do with that religion, does it? Nothing at all.

    • McRobbie

      Any religion that ends up with sets of believers murdering each other at every opportunity because they dont agree with which side of the bed the others get out of is never going to “succeed”. They will just keep killing each other, sunnis hate shias nearly as much as they all hate the west and other more peaceful religions..and their own are easier to kill en mass. And the western strategy should be to defend our shores and let them kill each other.

      • weejonnie

        You could imagine religions starting over he fact as to whether you should crack the wide or narrow end of the egg. Oh wait.

      • sebastian2

        We hear a lot about islamophobia. If you really want to see it in action, look at how each mohammedan sect detests each other to the point of torture, murder and destruction. There’s real hatred there. THAT’s islamophobia.

    • Zhang Wei

      It’s more to do with the geopolitical game of chess that’s being played out in the region.

  • If Obama was on the side of ISIS what would he do differently? The US destroyed the army of the state of Iraq led by Saddam Hussein within 1 month. That was an army that had fought the Iranians for 10 years in the 1980s. They were not Middle Eastern chumps. Now Obama declares that ISIS is far more formidable and will require 3 years’ work just to ‘degrade’ ISIS. That is unbelievable. The hard truth is – and many will not want to accept it even though Obama’s actions when closely observed affirm it – is that Obama does not want to destroy ISIS, but is taking major steps to allow the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I subscribe more to the c*ck-up theory of history &, boy, is Obama the master of c*ck ups or should I say, masterly inactivity. But as Douglas says, he is good at speeches.

      • I wish it were so, but a closer analysis of some of his speeches and his words has convinced me he’s worse than just an incompetent bungler. He’s a truly sinister individual – those unacquainted with his quite frankly bizarre pronouncements and his dictatorial decisions are not seeing the bigger picture.

      • AJH1968

        Obama’s speeches and literary output all seem to be the product of other peoples ingenuity. I would go further and say Obama is the invention of western liberals and assorted numpties . When he strays from the teleprompter the results are usually disastrous.

      • sebastian2

        He should’ve been a Game Show compere.

        But …. hang on a moment ……………………….

    • The hard truth is that Obama and his advisers created/use ISIS as a tool for destroying Syria so a proposed Qatari natural gas pipeline can traverse Syria to supply the EU and undercut Syria’s Russian ally, itself a main supplier of energy to the EU. In the ME its always useful to follow the oil interests.

      • Agree. That’s an important aspect of it. But – it’s not the whole story.

        • Johnnydub

          The grand strategy is to support the Saudi’s and Israel, and removing Assad and Syria as a key supporter of Iran, is one step closer to the isolation and eventual destruction of Iran.

          ISIS is just a tool in this game.

          • Probably yet more truth – but since eeryone’s lying to everyone else it doesn’t matter too much. Don’t want to get biblical – but who’s the father of lies? That’s who they all owe their allegiance to. I wouldn’t like to be them when they kick the bucket. They’ll get their comeuppance.

          • Zhang Wei

            Another salient comment good man.

      • Zhang Wei

        Probably the most salient comment on this thread.

      • sebastian2

        Very likely. But can they control things now? Very unlikely. The Djinnie is truly out of the bottle.

      • Nathan Merrill

        This is pure nonsense. The US prefers to have a stable Middle East. The US was going to go and crush Syria itself but Russia made a deal to stop the US from intervening.

        This lead to ISIS basically having free reign to take over because the Syrian regime lost any international support propping it up.

        The problem is that none of these groups in the Middle East can actually beat anyone “real” – they’re just beating up other sub-par groups of people who have morale problems.

        The US or an EU or Russian or Chinese army could roll in and wipe them out, but no one wants to put boots on the ground, especially given that there isn’t anyone who is capable of showing leadership in the region.

        What do you do after you wipe out ISIS? Who is left in charge? No one is going to annex those regions. The local governments are inept.

        Kurdistan can role over the Kurds, but it can’t rule over a lot of the ISIS-controlled territory. Nor can the Iraqi government, apparently. Who do you put in charge there?

    • Robbydot1

      Spot on I’d say.

    • Nathan Merrill

      You don’t get it.

      Saddam Hussein ran a country.

      ISIS doesn’t have a country. They don’t have anything other than a bunch of idiots who are mixed in with the rest of the population.

      Flattening Saddam Hussein from the air was easy.

      If you want to get rid of ISIS, you either have to be willing to murder tons of civilians who don’t even support ISIS, or you have to go in with people on the ground.

      A lot of Americans just don’t want to send a bunch of soldiers into the Middle East AGAIN.

      That’s the problem. You’re acting like Obama is doing this on purpose. The problem is that Obama does not have the political will to send soldiers to the Middle East outside of an actual, sizable attack on the US itself, and ISIS is simply too incompetent to do that. To pull off a 9/11, you have to be, above all else, lucky, and have a lot of things go right for you by chance.

      What are you going to bomb, exactly?

      • That’s an interesting point with which I disagree. First cut off all outside external aid and then consider military action. The United States is emphatically NOT doing that and in fact is taking significant steps to ensure ISIS continues to receive financial and material supplies. The hard question Americans must ask themselves is, why?

  • Fraser Bailey

    As the writer says, ISIS will carry out a major attack in the West very soon. This is why I am avoiding London, Paris, shopping centers and, as far as is possible, airports.

  • explain that

    “We must assassinate its leadership and destroy its sense of destiny.”

    Go for it, mate.

    • wudyermucuss


  • Liberty

    You seem to be relaxed about Iranian hegemony in Iraq. May I remind you that Iran is the biggest perpetrator of terrorism in the world today, on its own and with its proxies in Hezbollah, Hamas and others in embryo. Obama seems keen to let them have nuclear weapons. We must not remove one existential threat [IS] that is the only restraint on another [Iran]. I think a lot in the US military understand this and are happy to allow Iran and IS to bleed each other to death before moving in. If they had done that with Iraq and Iran in 2003 we would not be in this situation now.

  • Trojan

    Anyone recall how a couple of nuclear bombs ended the war with Japan, put at end to their dreams of empire, and how Japan has lived peacefully with its neighbours ever since

  • JSC

    I’m gradually being swayed to the “let them blow themselves out” idea. If we simply stop their income (from oil etc.) and usher them away from Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and towards Iran, Iran will most likely flatten them, but not after wasting a lot of its cash and man power to do so. And wasting Iran’s cash and manpower rather than the UK/US’s can only be a good thing if you ask me. I’m not particularly in favour of assisting Iran because I have a sneaking feeling that if we make it too easy for them, they won’t stop at their own borders and will go on a land grab in Iraq.

    • Alexsandr

      get fracking.

  • Ringstone

    Saudi’s problem. They’ve got a common land border, a huge military with all the Gucci kit in place [though it remains to be seen if it’s actually a rich boys toy for underemployed princes], money to burn to throw at “hearts and minds”, common language and culture with the area and to top it all claims to a caliphate are a direct challenge to Saudi’s preeminence in the Sunni umma as Guardians of the Holy Places. The alternative is that the West rocks up and reenters the quagmire as “crusaders”, what could go wrong as it went so well last time?

    • sebastian2

      Saudi Arabia’s problem is, unfortunately, our problem as well. I wish we’d chosen our “allies” and oil suppliers more carefully, but we didn’t. And as a problem we share with KSA, we also share it too with Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE: all vulnerable to ISIS if that murderous cult (the “real” islam) gets its way.

      It may yet come to a Sunni on Sunni conflict between the Gulf States and ISIS. ISIS will want to overthrow the Saud family in particular and extend the caliphate to include Makkah and Medina. They’ll want Qatari gas and Kuwaiti and Emirati oil. They’ll want to restore the peninsula to the totalitarian theocracy it was under their alleged prophet. This will also bring them into conflict with shi’ia Iran. There are elements of this already in Yemen where the Sauds are at war with the Houthis – Zaidi sect – who are shi’ia.

      I anticipate an appeal from all these sunni Gulf nations who will want us, again, to do their fighting for them. Defence and Protection for essential oil.

  • English_Independence_Movement

    Is it appropriate for us to meddle in affairs of other cultures….?

  • Richard Eldritch

    I don’t see the issue? one lot of muzlamic headbagers Vs the rest. Who the hell cares? At least it gets a few of our home grown religous nuts killed. The real problem is allowing any of these blighters back into Britian. Anyone leaving for ISIS should have their passport shredded, be targeted for assasination, or just thrown out the back of Hercules over the Atlantic.

  • Cyril Sneer

    I’m looking forward to the blow back on Saudi Arabia.

  • sebastian2

    There’s no sensible option other than to demolish this mohammedan fantasy world which, if not, will threaten the rest of us with bloody destruction. They have the will; they have the ideological “justification”; they have territory and money. We still have the weapons.

    We must use them.

    PS – We have to stop pretending this is a religion of peace. It never has been and never will be. It’s a supremacist, totalitarian ideology of arab triumphalism. It can neither be appeased nor, if we shrink from facing it, can it be reasoned with.

    We require both a robust military and stern ideological engagement with this creed that’s declared war on us all.

    • Robbydot1

      It’s a religion of piss.

      • sebastian2

        At the very least.

    • It’s proper name is the Religion of Submission. It defines itself as as a religion of jihad – which has ALWAYS been accepted by the leading Muslim scholars to mean violent warfare.

      • sebastian2

        That’s about correct.

    • Nathan Merrill

      The problem is that they really are just a bunch of idiots in turbans. If they were an actual country we could crush them easily. They’re not.

      The only way to get rid of them is genocide or rolling in on the ground and shooting people individually by hand.

      • sebastian2

        I guess many share your sentiments. I doubt that much will happen, though, until we suffer some home-grown atrocities which our security services are working overtime to prevent. There have been many thwarted attempts.

        But these plots are not foiled merely to save lives but to forestall the public reaction to them. Relationships between mohammedans and the rest of us are so fragile now that it wouldn’t take much to sever them entirely. The RoP narrative is a dead duck. Mohammedan apologists are ridiculed (Theresa May in particular). Mohammedism is exposed as improbable nonsense that we will not have foisted on us. And “Islamophobia”? Who cares?

        A couple of bombs and it will all kick off. That’s what gives government sleepless nights.

  • polistra24

    We don’t want to defeat our own agent ISIS. We built it to spread raw chaos in that part of the world, and it’s performing its designed task magnificently.

    • TNT

      That part of the world has been in chaos since the time that the three-foot gremlin-prophet of doom dropped out of its mother.

      • Nathan Merrill

        Oh come on, that part of the world has been a mess since everyone realized you needed to go through it to get to anywhere interesting.

        The Mongols rolled over it to get to Europe.

        Alexander the Great rolled over it to get to India.

  • Penny

    Is it just me or is this podcast not working?

  • Ccoop2

    Last week, the US state department briefed that Isis was ‘a significant
    threat to all of our partners in the region’ and ‘a significant threat
    to the [US] homeland. We’ve never seen something like this. This is a
    formidable, enormous threat.’

    Nah the State Department is wrong. The POTUS said they are the “JV”. /sarc

  • Jim91

    “The US and some of her allies have the weaponry and expertise to smash Isis. It is only will and ambition that we lack.”

    Exactly, Western foreign policy suffers from attention deficit disorder and has become a shallow, short sighted and reactive posturing for the cameras. Cameron and Obama’s “strategy” is nothing more than to drop a few bombs so they can be seen to be doing something. Ineffectual gestures like this have become a substitute for actual foreign policy and really has the same outcome as doing nothing just with more money being wasted. Self Indulgent leaders of today can’t comprehend the importance of war as an instrument of policy and strategy, to paraphrase Clausewitz, if you go to war you fight to win. Just imagine if some of the great military conflicts in history had been led by prissy inattentive narcissists like our leaders today.

  • Jingleballix


    Kill or be killed.

  • Ivan Ewan

    Whoa whoa whoa, hold your neo-conservative horses a second. We committed tons of blood and treasure to the last war and what happened? We didn’t win. We didn’t even have a victory condition.

    You can’t solve Iraq without taking out all the Iraqis and replacing them with Europeans, which is ridiculous, you can’t do that. So we can’t solve Iraq, and should just limit the damage that can come out of it.

    But if we really must rely on neo-conservatism, then the objective is to prevent either Iran, S. Arabia or Qatar from controlling the region. If that means putting our soldiers in the line of fire, come up with some better justifications for that objective than claiming that killing al-Baghdadi will somehow cause ISIS to melt into nothingness.

    • Nathan Merrill

      Yeah, that’s kind of the problem.

      Killing people is easy.

      Who to leave in charge is the hard part.

  • Zhang Wei

    You vile Western dogs, Jason is correct in his assertions. Long live the Brown, Yellow and Black man. We arrived on your shores many decades ago and have accumulated vast wealth, breed freely with your women, established our own institutions and have entered the mainstream of your societies. With our superior fertility rates and the protection offered by your liberal laws you will be usurped and replaced by we, the new people. Prepare for racial annihilation prepare for Ragnarok!

    • jim

      What have you done for us lately? You sound like a man trying to prove something.Your insecurities are not unfounded.You’ll scrub our floors or you’ll be sent right back to the thirdworld toilets you come from. How much tolerance do you think someone like me has.? Cats in the bag and the bags in the river.Vote UKIP.

      • Zhang Wei

        Watch in the next few months as your skint, bankrupt Tory government comes cap in hand to my mighty Chinese nation begging for more trade agreements you sweaty western pig. Do not bite the hand that feeds you!

        • jim

          China will collapse soon. Everyone knows this.This hurts us but it will ruin you. Most of your new infrastructure is jerry built and won’t last a decade. Your banks are even crazier than ours but your corruption is going to bury you. The commies won’t go quietly. Civil war? Could happen…especially if we stir the pot. Looking forward to some US-Chinese confrontation over the China Seas. Lots to be optimistic about. One way or another, you are f****d.

          • Zhang Wei

            Oooh China oooh please please give us more trade deals we are here to lick your yellow arses ooh please please….hahahaaa!!!!

          • jim

            More chimp chatter.

    • pp22pp

      Been to Guangzhou lately? You’re making all the mistakes we did.

    • TNT

      “We arrived on your shores many decades ago and have accumulated vast wealth, breed freely with your women…”

      Well I wouldn’t go that far, Yin-Yang! You’ve got the smallest c*cks on the planet!

  • Zhang Wei

    One thing is certain Britain on it’s own is in no position to deal with ISIS, it will forever be the lapdog of Uncle Sam.

    • jim

      We taught you chimps to talk and how to use a knife and fork….and this is the thanks we get. Oh well…..won’t make that mistake again.You ungrateful wretches will be destroying yourselves soon enough. I will be sure to have a front row seat for the show.

      • Nathan Merrill

        This reminds me of an old joke.

        An American, a German, and a Chinese man were all arguing in a bar over their drinks over whose country was the best.

        The American started things off. “America invented the atomic bomb, discovered DNA, made the Internet, and went to the Moon. Without us, none of those things would have happened.”

        “Bah!” said the German. “Without us, you would be nothing! We Germans discovered nuclear fission that you needed for your bombs, discovered microbes were what made you sick, developed the theory of relativity, and pioneered the rockets and missiles that took you to the Moon.”

        “Pah,” says the Chinese man. “When you were just barbarians herding goats, we in China invented paper, the printing press, gunpowder, and the compass, without which you would all be lost.”

        “Sure,” replied the American, “But what have you done lately?”

  • mark

    ON OBAMA AND HIS BOOK… The Audicity of Hope pg 261 “if the political winds should shift I will side with the muslims”. His book came out during his first campaign.

    He has allways been a traitor, even telling us in advance.

    • Edward Studor

      “if the political winds should shift I will side with the Muslims”

      Well you can’t call him a liar.

  • thetrashheap

    We need to accept Islamism is our enemy. At the moment with US policy to Saudi and Qatar it’s our best buddy.

    ISIS wouldn’t have got anywhere without the Islamic empire building policies of Saudi Arabia. They are spreading extremism through the world and our money hungry politicians don’t care because they sell us cheap oil and buy our weapons.

    ISIS is just another part of Saudis Sunni Shia civil war. That is why we haven’t intervened properly.

    We need to stop pretending our politicians are fighting Islamism, the fact is they have been in bed with it far more than they have been fighting it. The are money hungry idiots.

    • tamimisledus

      Actually, not quite right. islam is our enemy. islamism is a phantom, like islamophobia, designed to pervert our ability to engage with the real enemy.

      • Nathan Merrill

        Is Christianity our enemy because of Christian theocrats?

    • Nathan Merrill

      Islamism IS our enemy. All theocratic governments are.

      The problem is that it is NIMBY – Not In My Backyard.

      And stamping out Islamism is not easy.

      The other problem is that there is the eternal question of who we put in charge afterwards – in Japan and Germany, there were strong people who could be left in charge after the occupation who got the country back on its feet.

      In the Middle East, there’es no one who is capable of leading a strong pluralistic democratic government. The only countries that are actually in even a semblance of order are places like Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel, and Israel doesn’t let over half of its population vote while Jordan has huge problems with corruption and Lebanon’s government is a barely-functional mess. Most other countries are oligarchies or dictatorships.

  • Edward Studor

    ‘We must assassinate its leadership’

    Its leadership is Allah. Who doesn’t exist. That’s the problem.

    • sebastian2

      What lives in the mind can be killed in the mind – including lunar deities.

      • Edward Studor

        Sadly, Islam seems to be a unique case. Christianity has moved on from immaculate conception and miracles, and in the 21c people living in the west live almost exclusively in a secular society. Science has all but eliminated superstition. Not so Islam, it’s not changed for 1400 years and is unlikely to change in the next 1400. The Koran forbids change, and on that aspect, the dogma is absolute.
        Muslims have always and will always be fighting other Muslims and everyone else.

        • sebastian2

          There’s much in what you say here. Mohammedism (to give it its proper, ideological/idolatrous name) has a tenacious grip on the minds and sentiments of millions who are in fearful awe of it. Its own doctrines prohibit change or any serious question or challenge. Reform is impossible. That is a mohammedan problem.

          Our problem is how to live with an emphatic, supremacist cult determined on the conquest of everyone else. We’re still working on that, though I’m not optimistic. In the meantime, we don’t have to accept its nonsense and its RoP, sole narrative. Highly dubious “theology” is highly dubious “theology”. False claims are false claims.

        • Mr_Twister

          1st Rule of His-slum: It IS the final word.
          2nd Rule of His-slum: It IS the final word!

        • Nathan Merrill

          Oh hell no. There’s still tons of superstition. It is just that most people have too much money to want to invest their time in religion.

  • styants64

    All that sand would make lots of glass just needs nuclear explosions.

    • RageInEden606

      Here are some crayons. Now sit in the corner.

      • styants64

        I could draw a picture of you I know what a rsol looks like.

  • RageInEden606

    Because it always works out so well whenever the west becomes “involved” in the Middle East.

    • justsomeone

      I have my doubts too but in the past what we’ve usually done is help Islamists, particularly in Libya. We almost helped the Islamists in Syria too. Our leaders keep hallucinating and seeing moderate Muslims (who keep shouting Allahu Akbar as they launch rockets).

  • John Andrews

    Don’t smash them. Just seal them off from the outside world. Seige warfare was very effective in the Middle Ages and can become so again. Cut the telecoms cables. Blockade the ports. Don’t let any planes leave the area. Seal the borders. Let them rot in the hell they are making.

  • justsomeone

    I think first, we must allow – and when possible even encourage – those Muslims who wish to live in this Islamic State to go there – and to never return.
    We can discuss smashing the Islamic State later.
    Also, since so many understandably wonder whether it’s worth fighting the Islamic State, any attempt to do so now will probably fail and will strengthen them.
    It might have been better to condemn but not to fight – for now – and to allow all Muslims to leave us and go there. There’d be a significant risk that eventually we would have no choice but to fight them but by then there would be far fewer of them living in Britain and in Europe and if there’d really be no choice, we would recognise it and be able to fight them with far more determination than we can muster now when it looks like we’re picking a fight.
    Iran is far more dangerous than the Islamic State guys for the simple reason that its nuclear weapons program is still intact. If it were the Islamic State guys who had Iran’s nuclear weapons program and reactors and ballistic missiles, then it would be the Islamic State’s nuclear facilities which would take priority. Since they don’t, it’s Iran who is the more dangerous.

  • pp22pp

    Islam at home is weak. It is technologically, organisationally and morally deficient. The only reason it is a threat to us is because we allow them to come here.

  • Patrick Roy

    RoP RIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ha ha! In reality, the correct translation of Islam would be Religion of Submission. Check with real Arab linguists to find out. Now what does ‘submit’ mean? Why would a religion want people to ‘submit’? – Quickly destroys the Islam love-campaign among the left.

      • Damaris Tighe

        But you have to admit you do get a sort of ‘peace’ out of submission – the ‘peace’ that exists when opposition is crushed & only one faction rules. By that standard the Soviet Union was ‘peaceful’.

        • Islamic ‘peace’ = desolation.

          • Damaris Tighe

            At least it’s quiet I suppose.

          • I choose life!

          • Damaris Tighe

            Choose life! Indeed.

  • Effect

    We cant solve the SUNNI/SHIA conflict.

    Its for them to sort out.

  • A Nonymouse

    There are at least 30 reasons why the solution you propose cannot work. For a start, you are not addressing the hamstringing Rules Of Engagement which are imposed on our Armed Forces.
    You are going to have to take the gloves off to win, and especially to win quickly. For example, as the Israelis did in Gaza, if the terrorists hide command centres and rocket dumps in hospitals and schools, then bomb the hospitals and schools. This is specifically legal under the Geneva Conventions, but Obama et al are not prepared to face the liberal media sh!tstorm which would result (including from your own publication). So, we turn up, fire off some very expensive weaponry to little effect, have quite a few brave men and women die, then lose, like we did the last two wars.
    You, as the media, are a very large part of the problem.

  • Augustus Semper

    Why do Americans have to take the lead. Why not Britain? Or France?

  • Kasperlos

    Crushing the barbaric Hydra will be tough. It will take legions of soldiers, money, resilence, time, and a reactive toughness that might be equally called barbaric. It takes fire to fight fire. In the meantime, one might analyse this: why should the Tims and Marys from Fife or Monmouth rally to the colours to defeat this 7th century with 21st century armed death cult when the civilian leadership permits radical, extremist Islamic cutthroats free and unfettered passage to, and the right to remain in the UK. It’s this mindnumbing convoluted insanity which beggars belief in the entire ISIL affair as has been spun for public consumption to date. First the truth then the troops, please.

    • tamimisledus

      Especially as the Tims and Marys have a more serious enemy, much closer to home. The three million muslims in the UK who follow islam, the same doctrine of terror as IS. They may not all yet be employing the same tactics as IS, but their end aim is the same: to see Sharia, the way of islam, dominate over all in the UK, and the rest of the world for that matter.
      We should not be wasting our resources of people and material to intervene in the squabbles of muslims fighting over who should be in charge of the torture chambers. We should be using those resources to protect ourselves from the enemy within, and to prepare for the possible onslaught from outside. But who knows, the warring muslim factions may fight each other to a standstill. Then the rest of the world could turn back to its crucial aim of making a better planet for those who make a positive contribution, rather than defending ourselves against the muslims who follow islam, which sees this planet and this life as irrelevant to allah’s will.

      • I know how to cripple radical Islam in Britain overnight – cut the benefits!

        • Nathan Merrill

          Yes, because we all know that nothing prevents people from lashing out in desperation like being poor!

          Er, wait…

          • The benefits system subsidises the lifestyles and political ambitions of radical Muslims through the UK. Among other things the UK taxpayer supports irresponsible couples who have not the slightest chance of supporting the large families they create.

      • Bonkim

        What an idiot!

  • Perseus Slade

    The response has to be vigorous and determined if it is to succeed.
    And it needs to be at two levels: subversion and direct action.
    Subversion is needed to discredit Islam as a religion.
    Direct action must be ruthless military action with overwhelming force.

    The current weak response at both levels is encouraging them.
    It is almost as if Obama wants them to succeed.

    Tactically, the fall of Syria would be a devastating blow.
    Russian boots on the ground there needed, quick!

    • Nathan Merrill

      Russia is welcome to go invade Syria instead of Ukraine.

      Anyway, you’re speaking crazy talk, I’m afraid.

      Discredit Islam as a religion? It has over a billion adherents. Billion with a b. Most of them are harmless. I’m not sure how you’d go about discrediting it anyway – we atheists have spent centuries chipping away at religion and yet most of the world population is still religious.

      I mean, if you have a solution here, feel free to share it with me.

      • Perseus Slade

        For a start, if ISIS were beaten in the battlefield,
        then its claim to be God-supported would look silly.

        Secondly, the realisation that Islam is at war with everyone else all the time and that Moslems are traitors in the countries that host them needs to be hastened. They need to face hostility not appeasement.

        Thirdly, atheists need to fight against religion in general,
        as Dawkins does.

        • Nathan Merrill

          Thing is, most Muslims aren’t our enemies, just as not all Christians are our enemies. SOME of them are our enemies, but most of them are no more or less problematic than their Christian neighbors. Is Islam a kind of silly religion? Sure, but I’ve met plenty of Muslims who were perfectly reasonable people. You wouldn’t know a bunch of them were Muslim just to talk to them.

          And the entire idea of being supported by God is ridiculous. ISIS has lost numerous times in the past, did that mean that they weren’t supported by God? Of course it didn’t change their beliefs – people believe they are God’s chosen people against all odds.

          I mean, just look at the Jews, and how well being God’s chosen people has worked out for them. And yet, the Israelis still believe it fervently, despite the fact that everyone hates them.

          And I think atheists are winning primarily not by attacking religion but simply exposing it as worthless and meaningless. What was the last time God gave an interview to a newspaper other than the Onion?

          Newspapers in general don’t talk about God or divine providence or anything else. That kind of tells you everything you need to know about the existence of the divine – if God did something, it’d be in the news.

          • Perseus Slade

            There may be moderate Muslims.
            But there is not moderate Islam.

          • tamimisledus

            Start of with your first paragraph.
            Ignorant argument by analogy. Christianity and islam have fundamental differences, so you can’t make that comparison.

            All muslims ARE our enemies. You would know that if you were familiar with islam. islam tells muslims that all other societies are inferior and that they should be replaced by islam, run according to the sharia, the law of allah from the koran. islam tells muslims that non-believers must submit to islam, which means they must submit to muslims in charge, be they sunni, shia, or ISIS.

            “You wouldn’t know a bunch of them were Muslim just to talk to them.”
            How do you know that they are telling the whole truth about islam, the doctrine of terror, and their god allah, the sadistic psychopath, who will ensure you suffer in hell for eternity. Do you seriously think muslims will tell you that to your face? But muslims will tell you that when they are ready. You had better hope we can stop them before they are, because it will be too late for you. Meanwhile, if you want to know the truth go to Syria/Iraq, where IS will tell you that truth about islam. Or just try reading the koran and thinking for yourself, instead of relying on the views of prejudiced muslims who believe that islam is absolutely perfect, and muslims are superior.

            Atheists are not winning. They are not winning because islam brainwashes muslims to ignore rational arguments against islam. And muslims, without missing a beat, will carry on the plan for world conquest which first began 1400 years ago.

            If you really want to learn the truth from your muslim acquaintances (islam teaches muslims that they should not be friends of non-muslims) about islam, ask them the following question.
            “Where in the koran does it say that non-muslims are in any way superior to muslims”.

          • Bonkim

            Christianity says similar things about not associating with non-Christians and Christians inheriting the earth. Everyone believes their’s is the one and only True God and all others false.

          • Grant Melville

            It’s very true that Christianity teaches that Christians shouldn’t associate with non-Christians (“Be not diversely yoked with unbelievers; for what participation is there between righteousness and lawlessness? or what fellowship of light with darkness?” – 2 Corinthians 6 v 14). However, that doesn’t equate to actually wishing harm to unbelievers, far less actually harming them. On the contrary, we’re exhorted to preach the good the news of God’s forgiveness, and make “supplications, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings… for all men…” (1 Timothy 2 v 1).

            Jesus taught: “Blessed the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” – Matthew 5 v 5. The Christian knows that his inheritance is heavenly, with Christ. The Bible tells us that there will be a period of 1,000 years (‘The Millenium’) during which Christ and those who believe on Him will exercise heavenly rule over the earth, and the Jews will be identified as His earthly people. This is the only (limited) time period described in which Christians will be ruling over non-Christians, and even then that is in a situation where everyone on earth will be bowing to the authority of Christ – there will be no atheism in that time.

          • Bonkim

            I suppose bigoted Christians and bigoted Muslims deserve each other. As an atheist I will not stand for any ignorant religion dominating my life.

          • Grant Melville

            I suppose I would feel the same way if my life was ruled by a system of regulations, religious or otherwise. No-one likes to be told what to do, and even the most liberal set of rules is bound to chafe. As for me… well, I love my Saviour and Lord. Subjection which has been secured by love isn’t a hard thing to bear.

            An anonymous writer whose heart was set on fire by the attractiveness of that One, my Saviour, wrote the following:

            “Oh! what a Saviour is Jesus the Lord,
            Well may His name by His saints be adored!
            He has redeemed them from hell by His blood,
            Saved them for ever, and brought them to God.”

            His Person is enough to draw out my adoration, but what He did for me…! How could I not love Him and be happily subject to Him, knowing that He bore my sins, suffered the cross and laid down His life for me?

            I know that you don’t know Him, but if you did, you’d know what it is to be happily, peacefully, contentedly under the domination of Another. You can know Him: He is living, risen, a heavenly Man to whom countless people have come to in their need, and they’re still coming. Will you be one of them? This is God’s day of salvation, the well-accepted time.

          • Bonkim

            I suppose everyone has a right to their beliefs/faiths as long as they don’t try to force same on others.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Important distinction needs to be made here: ‘chosen people’ in Judaism means a ‘nation of priests’, in other words, witnesses to the one God. It doesn’t mean constant war & conquest. And about half of Israelis are non-religious anyway – they’re only interested in the continued existence of Israel, without religious justification.

          • Nathan Merrill

            Yeah, and they’re the ones who aren’t for grinding the Palestinian’s faces into the floor indefinitely, and think the settlements are kicking a bee’s nest.

          • Grant Melville

            “I mean, just look at the Jews, and how well being God’s chosen people has worked out for them. And yet, the Israelis still believe it fervently, despite the fact that everyone hates them.”

            If you really want to see how well being God’s chosen people has worked out for the Jews, there’s the Old Testament account of their history, followed by the 400 ‘silent years’ between the Old and New Testament histories. It isn’t a story of universal success and the children of Israel driving all before them. At times they suceeded, and at other times they suffered defeats, losses, and eventually being uprooted as a nation and transported to Babylonian exile. This is all recorded in the inspired word of God. Their victory and prosperity on one hand and their defeat and ruin on the other is linked entirely to the faithfulness or unfaithfulness to Jehovah. The fact that Israelis still believe (rightly) that they’re God’s earthly people isn’t contradicted by the fact that they’re almost universally disliked. In fact, that confirms it.

          • Nathan Merrill

            This is pure post-facto self justification. Clearly that’s why your religion has not met with success! You just haven’t made enough sacrifices!

            Or, you know, you’re a primitive group of tribalistic savages who believe in an invisible friend, but have to do everything for yourselves to win.

            All of history, we have observed zero divine intervention. Isn’t that interesting?

          • Grant Melville

            I feel that I ought to point out that I’m not a Jew, nor an Israeli.

            I’m afraid we’re lacking common ground for this discussion. I believe that the Bible is true, the inspired word of God in addition to being historically accurate. I believe that because I know God. I draw the above conclusions from the Old Testament account of the history of the children of Israel, which quite contradicts the idea that they had to do everything for themselves in order to suceed in war. Quite the opposite – when they didn’t rely on Jehovah and attempted to conquer in their own strength, they were routed. When they depended on Him, they suceeded.

            The common ground we lack is that I believe the Bible is true, and I suspect that you might not believe that, since you claim that “we have observed zero divine intervention”. I think, in order to be accurate, you ought to say that “I have observed zero divine intervention”, because many, many people throughout history have observed it. I, personally, have experienced it. The Old Testament history of the children of Israel was given to Christians as a store of instruction – the Jewish national experiences are often reflective of our personal experiences. I find the history of the Jews very instructive, because I see in their experiences with God a counterpart to many of my own with Him.

            I pray, Mr Merill, that you’ll experience divine intervention in your own soul, and that you’ll come to know the Saviour God that many millions know and love.

  • Vuil

    Let the Europeans do it. We in the US are far away and ISIS poses less of a threat to us than it does to Europe. Perhaps it is time for the Euros to come out of their Socialist stupor and confront the real world.

    Am I optimistic they’ll do it any time soon. No, unlikely. A far more likely situation is that Europe will roll along hating the U.S. And wake up one day to find ISIS entering Europe through the Balkans.

    • Harryagain

      Heh, Short memory you have.
      A Yank that’s forgotten/given up whinging about 11/9.
      There’s a thing.

      You’ll wake up when a nuclear device arrives in the US.
      In a shipping container by truck or ship with a suicide bomber on the switch.
      It won’t even have to get to the dockside.

      They already have them you know.
      A place called Pakistan,
      But I suppose being a parochial USAian, you never heard of the place.

      • Vuil

        What a weak patronizing reply. Actually although I am living temporarily in the US I actually hail from London (Putney).

        You utterly and completely miss the point: for years the Europeans (Britain to a lesser extent) have outsourced their protection to the Americans and have gone along their own merry way being sanctimoniously criticizing all and sundry. They have gotten away with financial murder expecting the Americans and the US taxpayers to protect their beatific lifestyles.

        My view is perhaps a wake call is in order. There are serious threats out there: a Kremlin white paper estimates that in 30 years or so Western Europe will be gone and they will be able to reassert their authority across Eastern Europe.

        And both the Saudis and more extensively the Iranians are funding groups in the Balkans anticipating the collapse of Western Europe. And they could be right, of course, given the changing demographics and passivity of the Europeans.

        And then, of course, there is ISIS who like the Pakis are Sunnis so yes there is a chance of a nuclear device, but of course, that is as applicable to the Europeans as it is to the much more monitored and surveilled USA. Including the dockside scanning of containers. Like all Europeans with their ‘passed sell by date’ culture you underestimate the US.

        So your f*ckwit smart arse response (note the British spelling) is embarrassing and illustrates the silliness of Europeans and the Brits. They seem unable to focus on the real issues at hand.

        • Nathan Merrill

          It amuses me that the Russians think that they’re going to last for 30 years at the rate they’re going.

          The Russians tried to use China as a proxy during the Cold War, but nowadays, it is really the other way around. The world revolves around the Pacific now, not around the Atlantic; the US, China, Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea, New Zealand – these countries are all doing quite well for themselves, while Europe bickers incessantly. Yes. the US bickers incessantly as well, but at least we’re just one country, not twenty that are constantly sniping at each other. Sure, we give the South a hard time, but we don’t actually want to kick them out of the US.

          Europe really does need to wake up and deal with stuff on its own. Here in the US, we acknowledge that the US is not actually in charge of the world, and here I am on a British website hearing Brits complaining about Obama not doing something.

          Obama is the president of the United States, not of the planet Earth.

          It is very confusing to me. Why aren’t you asking YOUR government to go to the Middle East and shoot these people? They’re much more likely to listen to you.

          I mean, it isn’t that the US doesn’t have a long history of bailing out Europe at this point, but seriously, guys. If the US really is in charge of the planet, maybe you could start giving us some respect, eh?

          And if we’re not, then go do it yourself.

          • Harryagain

            The thirty years is just a fantasy by Vull who claims knowledge of the innermost secrets of the Kremlin, Saddam Hussein, Gadiffi and Walt Disney.
            Giving the cloth heads guns is never a good idea. Never has in the past.
            Might as well leave them get on with killing one another.
            Little option now anyway thanks to our brain dead leaders.
            We need to ban Islam in Europe and deport all muslims.
            They are just working from their rule book which is worse then Mein Kampf.
            And definitely accept no refugees.
            They will turn us into a similar $41t hole to where they came from.
            If we don’t, there will be civil war in a decade or less.

        • Harryagain

          It was brain dead Americans who started all this.
          The perpetrators of 11/9 came from Saudi Arabia (their big mates in the Middle East.) they they chose to attack Iraq?
          WTF were they doing in Afghanistan?

          It’s all about money, they don’t care how many people get killed.

  • Jane Hamber

    Will the reign of peaceful Islam ever cease?
    2015.05.27 Pakistan, Quetta …Two Hazara religious minorities are gunned down outside their shop by Sunni radicals.
    2015.05.25 Nigeria, Gubio … Children are among dozens killed after Boko Haram briefly takes over a small village.
    2015.05.25 Pakistan, Quetta … A female doctor is among two Hazara religious minorities murdered in an attack outside a medical center.
    2015.05.25 Afghanistan, Zabul … Two women are among five killed in a massive suicide truck bombing that leaves over seventy others wounded.
    2015.05.23 Afghanistan, Gilan … A family of four, including two children, is neatly disassembled by a well-placed Taliban bomb.
    2015.05.23 Iraq, Baiji … Caliphate members slit the throats of sixteen traders transporting food into a city.
    2015.05.22 Nigeria, Jwamda-Kobla … Sharia proponents sneak into a village and slaughter ten residents with knives.
    2015.05.22 Somalia, Mogadishu … Pro-Sharia activists block a transport carrying government workers and machine-gun three point-blank.
    2015.05.22 Pakistan, Hayatabad … Two are killed when Sunni radicals fire on a Shiite family.
    2015.05.22 Saudi Arabia, Qadeeh … An ISIS suicide bomber detonates at a Shia mosque, slaying twenty-one worshippers.
    2015.05.21 Libya, Misrata .. Two people are killed by an ISIS suicide bomber.
    2015.05.21 Iraq, Fallujah .. A man is paraded through the streets and then hung from a bridge by the Islamic State.
    2015.05.21 Syria, Palmyra .. ISIS releases pictures of some one-hundred beheading victims shortly after taking a small city.
    2015.05.21 Saudi Arabia, Dhahran .. A civilian bleeds to death after Shia militia fire a rocket across the border.
    2015.05.21 Pakistan, Karachi .. A Sunni man and his two sons are murdered in a targeted sectarian attack.
    2015.05.21 Uganda, Kireka Cell .. A cleric is gunned down by Islamic rivals
    2015.05.21 Iraq, Diyala .. Two civilians lose their lives when suspected ISIS burn five homes.
    2015.05.20 Saudi Arabia, Najran .. Shiite militias reportedly kill eighteen Saudis with a cross-border rocket barrage.
    2015.05.20 Syria, Deir Ezzor .. ISIS proponents tie a man to a post and then blast him with a bazooka.
    2015.05.20 Libya, Hawara . A Fedyeen suicide bomber kills one other person.
    2015.05.20 Syria, Damascus .. Sunnis lob a mortar into a school, killing a teacher and injuring twenty-three students.
    2015.05.20 Pakistan, Peshawar .. A man is gunned down in front of his daughter by Sharia activists, while taking her to school.

    • sebastian2

      The religion of peace? Some religion. Some peace.

      A very illuminating catalogue. Thank you.

    • cartimandua

      What is always astonishing is how much they complain about the tiny number of civilian deaths caused by any Western force.
      There is a total lack of logic which would say the monsters have to be stood up to or they will kill many more.

  • Harryagain

    We’re paying the price now for what war criminals Bliar and Bush did in the ME.
    Destablised the whole area.
    And to prove idiots never learn, our local halfwits went and done it again in Libya. (We never hear that mentioned though we all know it’s true.)

    • cartimandua

      The moment sanctions were lifted Saddam would have bought WMDs from ex Soviet stocks. He killed 2 million people and was getting crazier. He got religion towards the end. He wanted to be dominant in the region.
      There is a youth bulge in the MENA region of 100 million. It was always going to kick off.

      • Harryagain

        Saddam Hussein and Gadiffi ran their countries the way they needed running’
        That’s perfectly obvious.
        The population of both these countries is far worse off now than they were pre Gulf war.

        • cartimandua

          Well we deposed dictators. What happened after that is down to the local populations.
          We also dodged Saddam’s buying legacy Soviet WMDs . In 2001 Putin told Bush they were insecure and Zawahiri said if you had he money you could buy a nuke from a Russian.
          Gaddafi was about to go back on his promise not to get WMDs. Since he supplied the IRA that was important.
          He was also going to sell his oil to China rather than Italy.
          Italy relied upon it.

          • Harryagain

            What total drivel.
            You don’t know any of this stuff.
            You’re just fantasizing.
            Bliar a Bush (war criminals) just wanted to go down in history as great leaders. Megalomaniacs the pair of them.
            So they fabricated a whole bunch of “evidence” which gullables like you believed.

  • investigator

    We need a latter-day Oliver Cromwell.
    The civil war is inevitable.
    The longer we sit on our hands the more opportunities we give to the enemy to spread his poisonous ideology and build his underground organization.

  • tamimisledus

    See my comment https://spectator.com.au/features/9541932/smash-isis-now-or-well-all-pay-later/#comment-2051104439 below, for some of the reasons why the strategy outlined above is misguided.

  • Wild Bill

    What nonsense. For all its bluster, ISIS is a regional militia with no real beef with the West. Their concern is Shia dominance in Iraq and Syria. All the glossy PR is for attracting idiots to drive their car bombs. We should stay absolutely clear of ISIS and let it play out.

    • cartimandua

      As long as Muslims give up travelling in or out of the country, and give up enjoying jihadi rubbish.

      • casper

        their travel in and out of OUR country should not be a matter of their choice. travel in, banned. travel out, required. a 3 month amnesty to get their murderous religion of peace out of our country should be offered, followed by open season, no bag limit.

  • You can drive a truck through the holes in the Quran, the world needs to start to discredit it.
    The Sun sets in a pool of muddy water so Allah says!
    Quran 18:86

    Pickthall Till,
    when he reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it setting in a
    muddy spring, and found a people thereabout. We said: O Dhu’l-Qarneyn!
    Either punish or show them kindness.

    Q. Where does semen come from?
    A. Testicles.
    Allah the creator said through Muhammad
    Quran 86:6-7

    Sahih InternationalHe was created from a fluid, ejected,

    Sahih InternationalEmerging from between the backbone and the ribs.

    Etc. etc. etc.

  • Galui

    The West is petrified of standing up to the Religion of Permanent Offence. Our dangerously inept leaders remind me very much of the denial filled Jews of Germany who, even when the violence against them started, still refused to accept their days were numbered. Israel is the only country with its finger on the pulse about the murderous intentions of Hamas, Hizbullah Al Qaeda and especially ISIS. Israel proved that pre-emptive action was the best, and the Western leaders revile her for it. This dangerous hypocrisy on the part of the West and its steadfast legitimisation of double standards will put all of us in more danger than we ever thought possible.

    • sebastian2


  • Galui


  • logdon

    A view from Jerusalem published in Arutz Sheva.

    No punches pulled here.

    Arabs killing arabs is a good thing for the non-muslim (i.e. civilized) world.

    So if Syria is ruled by Alawites, Sunnis, Shiites, Wahabis or any other garden variety of arabs, what difference does it make? Or for that matter Iraq, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait and so on.

    Every flavor of arab is just another tribe of backwards savages that enjoy killing, rioting and whining, and whose only common denominator is the sick, blind love for a criminal pedophile they call “prophet” and a sick, fanatical hatred of Jews.

  • leongillingham

    ‘why did we let this happen?’
    because we’re tired of armchair neocons like you, sending men and women your own age to fight wars which create the net war, when you dont have the guts to go yourself.
    Old neocons like McCain are pernicious.
    Young neocons like you are a joke.
    You supported a war based on lies which turned a secular-run arab country into Al-Qaeda university.
    You backed a ‘surge’ which involved bribes to Sunni tribes, weakening the iraqi state and empowering the groups that would become ISIS five years later.
    Now you want another redoubled attack – presumably to recruit yet more people to the side of any force that will show resistance.
    Yr credibility is zero, sub-Hari. Your career as a foreign pol commentator worth listening to is a casualty o the war.
    ISIS is geographically constrained by Turkey, Iran and Russia. Theyre no threat to world order.
    Try being a conservative for a change, not a mad right-wing Trot

    • cartimandua

      It wasn’t “secular”. Saddam got religion towards the end. He threw women out of work and made it legal to kill them.
      He would have bought Soviet legacy WMDs the minute sanctions were lifted and inspectors left.
      ISIS is already promising to attack the West. They have already sent a bomber dressed in a burka into Saudi.

      • leongillingham

        it remained far more secular than what replaced it – the US sponsored regime whose first act was to establish sharia law as national law, and to begin a drive to push Sunnis out of all power, thus pushing many of them towards Al-Q and ISIS. WMDs were a lie by one informant, paid by piece of info, which he made up. half a million deaths later….

        • casper

          more democratic party nonsense. bush lied, etc, wmd’s, blah, blah, blah. the fact is that the us should not have attacked Iraq for 3 reasons. 1. the 9-11-01 attack came from islam, and its agent was the citizenry of Saudi Arabia. 2. it is foolish and self defeating to attack an Islamic country and have no intention to exterminate the entire population. it is islam that is sworn to kill us or enslave us, and islam is composed of muslims. kill them all, or stay away from them. they are toxic, cannot be reasoned with or trusted, and are definitely not peaceful. 3. the real attack is right here, supported, aided, abetted by our treasonous government. we are being invaded and conquered by “peaceful muslims” due to our own criminal government, and that attack has occurred under both democratic and republican administrations. the only thing on which the two criminal parties are able to agree is the desirability of replacing our population with its most virulent enemy, the religion of peace. as long as we are being invaded and conquered by foreign enemies invited by our own treasonous government, there is no need to go to a foreign land to fight a war. the fight is right here, against our own traitors and their pretend allies, muslims.

  • Ngallendou

    Washington only attacks empty buildings, after giving ISIS fighters time to move clear. ISIS remains Washington’s private army, armed by the US and Israeli military (singular), tasked first with crushing Syria, and, later, with mopping up Iran after Israel attacks. (I jest, of course, relating mere appearances.)

  • JohnCrichton89

    Yeah, we must defeat ISIS…….. cause then Muslims will live in peace and harmony with everyone else. ISIS is just a symptom, the cause is Islam and the vector for the problem is every single Muslim.

    There is no peaceful version of the Quran, it calls for the death and subjugation of non-Muslims by any and all means. All Muslims teach their children that this book is the be all and end all of life, ban the practice of the religion that calls for our death and the problem is solved……….that will never happen, so accept your fate.

    • AverageGuyInTheStreet

      Exactly – ISIS is in fact the best thing to happen so far in the 21st century – it displays to the entire world what unadulterated Islam looks like, and what lies at the heart of the Muslim faith. The middle east needs its own version of World War 1, with hundreds of millions of Muslims dead before maybe… just maybe… some of them begin to question their barbaric, brainwashing, mysogenistic ‘faith’, and ISIS is the catalyst.

  • Quest for Liberty

    Douglas, I worry about the unintended consequences of such interventionism, as warned by history.

  • Philip

    The truth is that the ONLY way to deal with Muslim countries is by way of hard man dictators. IS is simply the inevitable consequence of power vacuums created by the West as a result of their unwanted meddling.

    Saddam Hussein. Muamar Gadaffi. Bashar Assad. If we hadn’t toppled the first two and thrown the latter under the bus, there would be no ISIS.

  • casper

    ISIS=islam. we cannot defeat ISIS without defeating islam. no need to go to Syria to fight against ISIS. we have muslims right here, invited, protected, sainted, lauded, praised, coddled, fed and succored by our own traitorous government, at the expense of an infidel population that knows better. to hell with fighting isis. with a muslim commander in chief stabbing us in the back at every step, the most foolish thing we can do is pretend to fight isis. we need to fight islam right here, by rounding up and expelling every muslim from our country, then watch the worlds muslims screech and howl in helpless rage. what can the murderous villains do to us if we stay away from them, and keep them away from us?

    • sebastian2

      ISIS is indeed the “real islam” insofar as any of it is real at all. To deny the theology driving ISIS is unsustainable wishful thinking.

      As you say yourself, it is this entire cult – at its purest and most authentic in Iraq-Syria – that we need to demolish. It is an ideology overdue for critical disruption.

  • Annette

    You know, women are so sick of this male behaviour. It’s been going on since the year dot, and is still going on. For goodness sake, grow up, learn some social skills.

    • RufusChoate

      I guess that is the penalty imposed on the weaker sex for living in actual civilizations and cultures created and sustained by the genius of the masculine mind. Women who complain like you miss the entire point that Men created civilization to care for the women and children they love. There has been no coherent or advanced society founded and sustained by women ever.

  • Zed largo

    If the PC brigade get their way, along with the liberal lefties and the human rights army, most of the bloggers on this site will be executed by beheading in Wembley stadium, televised and drooled over by the BBC.

  • Hippograd

    So true. If only the neo-cons had had some influence over US and UK foreign policy in the past, we wouldn’t be in this G*d-awful mess now. And if only we’d listened to the neo-cons as, for all those decades, they told us to end and reverse mass immigration by Muslims — and other Third Worlders. Israel has the right approach to enrichment: a big fence with lots of barbed wire.

  • Bonkim

    I had previously proposed carpet bombing the lot. Mr Murray is a little late.

  • David, Thailand

    How do you destroy an enemy that are using your weapons against noncombatants, and which you are not allowed to use in case you inadvertently hurt a child that they’re using as a shield?

    It takes balls to win, and a bit of common sense, not just technology.

  • john

    Smash ISIS now
    Smash Saddam now
    Smash Libya now
    Smash Syria now
    Smash Iran now
    Smash North Korea now
    Smash FIFA now.

    • Frankie James

      Where is HULK when you need him.

  • WTF

    Is there any redeeming feature about Islam through its 1400 years of existence ?

    Its certainly been the major architect and inspiration (and still is) for barbarity, slavery, sexism, homophobia, war mongering, genocide and every undesirable facet of human nature and whereas all other cultures and religions have mellowed in the 20th & 21st century, Islam remains the sole religion, culture & political cult that is cancerous to the core. Its founder was a genocidal pedophile who is the role model for ISIS and followers of Islam and the complete opposite of Jesus Christ who preached compassion instead of barbarity.

    Some may claim Islam brought medicine or maths to the world but in reality it was other races & cultures under the Islamic jack boots who contributed towards the worlds knowledge & science. Just add up the Nobel prizes collected by non Muslims and they outweigh Muslim Nobel prizes by a factor of at least 100 to 1. Even the Nazis contributed far more in science in just 10 years than Islam has ever done over 1400 years.

    Islam needs to be smashed and not just ISIS as it is the root cause and excuse for the mentally challenged psychopaths who are killing thousands around the world.

    • john

      killed in Iraq by US = 300K – 1M estimated
      killed by ISIS=? (a hell of a lot less).

      • WTF

        Didn’t you read my post, I said smash Islam for promoting barbarity I did not say smash Muslims. Follow the plot and stop conflating, please !

        • john

          I said smash Islam for promoting barbarity I did not say smash Muslims.

          A subtle difference?

          • WTF

            That’s up to the religion of peace to figure out !

          • albert pike

            Very subtle. The guy’s a monkey.

            ISIS is not Islamic. If anything it is more judaic

          • sebastian2

            You mean the Allah’w’Akhbar that has nothing to do with islam? The islam that has nothing to do with islam? The caliphate that has nothing to do with islam? The mohammedan jihadists that scurry there to join the cult that has nothing to do with islam especially when describing itself as an “islamic” state?

            It’s no less “islam” than the mohammedism of the established scholars whose consternation it’s caused: possibly because it’s more “nothing to do with islam” that they are themselves. But then, assuming they are Sunni, they won’t think Shi’ia “islam” is islam at all either. Nor Sufis; nor Ahmadis. This is a good year for “nothing to do with islam”.

            And on that very point, wanting “nothing to do with islam” is about how most of us feel. Which sane person would want something to do with something that has nothing to do with itself?

            PS – On the “monkey” point, the alleged prophet mohammed would’ve shared, like the rest of us, about 98% of his genes with chimpanzees. Unless, of course, he had nothing to do with his closest relative.

          • albert pike

            “You mean the Allah’w’Akhbar”

            Just because a thing calls itself something, it does not mean that it is what it claims to be With ISIS this is very evident, as nearly all its victims are followers of Islam.. And no doubt explains why it has been getting support from Israel, and western forces have allowed it to go from strength to strength.

          • Damaris Tighe

            I’ve noticed that everything that some Muslims dislike about other Muslims “is really” down to the dastardly jooz.

          • albert pike

            “”is really” down to the dastardly jooz.”

            Which jooz? Or do you believe that all jooz are part of some global cabal?

      • RufusChoate

        The estimates don’t hold up but that is immaterial it is a general rule of war that if you don’t like sustaining massive casualties you should cease fighting and avoid going to war with super powers.

        I support the smashing of all Islamic states and their economic and cultural isolation from the civilized world.

      • cartimandua

        Saddam killed 2 million. If Iraqis “took revenge” rather than building a nation post Saddam that is down to them not us.
        Deaths were Iraqi on Iraqi.
        We saw it in Afghan.
        The overall death toll is low for a conflict and 85% of it Taliban caused.

        • albert pike

          “Saddam killed 2 million”

          Absolute krap

          “Deaths were Iraqi on Iraqi.”

          What even the 500,000 children whose deaths Madeline, oh am I really a jew, Albright, said were worth it?

  • Enter here

    A Turkey somewhere really is voting for Xmas.

  • Let’s smash ISIS now.

  • albert pike

    I’m sure Mr. Murray is totally aware of why the US is not attacking Israel’s Special Insurgent Service, and is allowing it to expand its control over large areas of the region.

    “Yet the much-vaunted Iranian forces which Iraq and America have felt forced to call upon have not been able to vanquish Isis,”

    They haven’t got any forces fighting ISIS. Iran is probably well aware that there are forces trying desperately to draw it into acting militarily in the region, but for now they have resisted.

    • cartimandua

      Iran has a lot of forces “in the area”.

      • albert pike

        “Iran has a lot of forces “in the area”.

        And they are inside their own borders.

    • WTF

      Get your head out of your ass as the Obama administration is hardly supporting Israel on anything these days and especially your favorite arch villain Netanyahu ! Israel is currently on its own with the current climate that prevails in the white house !

      • albert pike

        ” Obama administration is hardly supporting Israel on anything these days”

        While it is true that Obama has criticized Israel, it is also true that he has not placed any conditions on Israel, thus allowing it to continue its thieving and barbarity unchecked. It is also true that Obama has been one of the most generous presidents when it comes to using US taxpayers’ money to aid Israel’s barbarity. Not least by the fact that Obama is planning a 50% increase in military aid to Israel for the next 10 years, aid, which is in total violation of US domestic, and international, law.

        It should not be forgotten that Obama’s campaign logo is the sun rising from the west, this event, according to Islamic teaching, herlads the coming of the Antichrist.

        We shall see whose side Obama is really on very soon.

        • WTF

          There are many who claim Obama is a closet Muslim but at the very least his approach to Israel is rather one of disdain and ignorance towards Israel bordering on outright hostility.

          Israel is the ONLY democracy in the region that has free elections and they don’t indulge in be-heading, stoning adulterers or treating women as slaves. Women can drive over there, they can go to the beach and wear bikinis, you know, all that sort of stuff we’re used to in the free west.

          Pikeys shouldn’t throw stones at others who live a democratic lifestyle as we do in the west when every Islamic nation in their region is at war, committing genocide against others and themselves and generally behaving like rabid dogs. If it wasn’t for some innocents in that region who are civilised like Israel, I’d nuke the area and solve the problem of Islam once and for all.

          At least most of us can take comfort in another Muslim terrorist taken down by Boston police yesterday especially a radical from the Mosque that spawned the previous Boston bombers got egg on his face when he claimed police shot the ‘perp’ 3 times in the back. He had to choke on his words when a video showed he followed in that Islamic tradition of deceit to disbelievers and was lying his ass off !!!!

          • albert pike

            ‘his approach to Israel is rather one of disdain and ignorance towards Israel bordering on outright hostility.”

            Yet he has been one of the most generous US presidents, giving Israel everything it has asked for, including on planning to up its military aid.

            Judge people by their actions not by what they say.

            “There are many who claim Obama is a closet Muslim”

            There are many who claim he , like virtually every US president since Woodrow Wilson , is a zionist puppet. That America politicians care more about Israelis than their own citizens. I suppose it only natural that people will try to deflect from this reality with childish comments.

            “Israel is the ONLY democracy in the region that has free elections”

            Apart from the fact it only allows a small number of Palestinians, whose lives it controls to vote, big effing deal. Does the fact it claims to be a democracy justify its land thefts and the brutality needed to retain it once it has been stolen?


          • WTF

            Democracy is everything and against fascist states, anything goes.

            We’ve been through this once before with Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and free democratic countries like Britain & America joined forces against the evil that threatened us. Sixty years later we face an even greater threat from Muslim terrorists and Jihadists and when a bunch of nutters like Hamas want to exterminate you race, you have every right to defend yourself by whatever means is at your disposal.

            If the Muslim masses ever wake up and smell the coffee over being led by an evil religion that brings them nothing but misery and especially from their own kind, perhaps peace might be on the table. As for the present, Muslims around the world have a far greater threat to their lives from their own kind than from Israel or the west.

            Try getting off your Palestinian Hobby Horse and look at the bigger picture for once and you might learn something.

          • albert pike

            “free democratic countries like Britain & America”

            Besides you not having an idea of the meaning of the word ‘democratic’ , YES they joined forces with communist Russia, the bastion of freedom and liberty.

            As for the rest. Try prozac, lots of it

          • WTF

            Far better living in countries like Britain & America where we don’t toss gay people off roofs or stone women to death than in these Islamic h*** holes you seem to love so much but don’t want to emigrate to. It shows us how bad it is in the Islamic states that even Muslims want to leave their own cess pits and come to the west across the Mediterranean in their thousands Its noticeable however that its mainly men as they left their women behind to be raped & killed by those brave ISIS freedom fighters.

            You must have myopic vision with the cr** you post here !

          • albert pike

            “Far better living in countries like Britain & America where we don’t toss gay people off roofs”

            Well at least they have they have a reason. In Britain and America you can be killed by the police for no reason. The Israelis kill Palestinian kids for playing football, or make them drink petrol and set them on fire.

          • WTF

            “The Israelis kill Palestinian kids for playing football, or make them drink petrol and set them on fire.”

            Of course they do, its what Jews do and I’m sure you have video footage to substantiate your sick antisemitic ravings !

          • albert pike

            I don’t know about video footage. it is possible the settlers who made Abu Khedir drink petrol before setting him on fire did record it for future entertainment: I honestly don’t know. And to expect the IDF to record themselves shooting Palestinian kids and then releasing the video is rather idiotic. Almost as idiotic as you asking for video proof. Ask for links to media reports.

            It was a shame about the two teenagers, who played for the Palestinian football team, who border guards shot in he feet, thus ending the boys’ careers. Obviously some dick terd will suggest there is an innocent explanation for why it was necessary, but

          • WTF

            Funny that, Muslim extremists seem to revel in posting videos of their atrocities on you tube but I cant believe the IDF is bashful about their actions as they never have been in the past.

            With all the smart phones, head cams et al that are around today you cant hide anything so the mere fact that there is no footage of what you claim, suggests that Muslims are practicing their age old Islamic deceit again as directed by the Quran. As a kid in the 60’s I often wondered where the expression “lying arab” came from but back then I never knew it had religious roots from Islam !

          • albert pike

            “With all the smart phones, head cams et al that are around today”

            As I said, I don’t know if the settlers filmed their making Abu Khedir drink petrol and then setting him on fire. It is possible they did. As the IDF tries to portray itself as the world’s most moral army, it is highly unlikely that they would release any footage of hemselves killing Palestinians in cold blood. They may well film things for their own entertainment.

            Unless something is caught on camera by chance, there has be prior knowledge of the event happening, such as when the Israeli agents filmed the first plane going into WTC

          • WTF

            The IDF doesn’t try and portray itself in any particular way, it just gets on with the job of defending Israel against Muslim terrorists across the border in Palestine.

            As for all the Muslim Jihadists around the world, they have excelled themselves in their image portrayal. Their own propaganda showing their barbarity matches exactly that which is happening in reality and for once the world can see it clearly. We don’t need to make things up like you as its all in plain sight like Woolwich, New York, Paris, Garland and Boston. We don´t need ‘agents’ to manufacture your delusions as joe public records everything these days dismissing the anti-Semite rhetoric from nutters like you.

            You really should offer your conspiracy theories to the people who produce such TV programs like the X files as you have so many fictional delusions it could make at least a 12 part series !

          • albert pike

            “The IDF doesn’t try and portray itself in any particular way, it just
            gets on with the job of defending Israel against Muslim terrorists”

            Well they beg to differ on your point about them being ‘moral’


            And so to do do Israel firsters.

            As for defending ‘Israel’, that would be fine if we knew where Israeli borders stopped and finished. Because Israel refuses to demarcate its borders, what it is defending is land that it been stealing since 1948. This means that the Palestinians, fighting to regain their land, under international law, are not defined as terrorists. The Israeli controlled politicians and media in he west may like to define Palestinian resistance fighters as terrorists, but the charge would never stand up in court.

          • WTF

            Considering Jews or more specifically Israel has just 6000 square miles whilst Islam is trying to claim almost 200 million square miles for its own, I know which side I’m on.

            Muslim countries in the middle east alone have over 13 million square miles and look what they’re doing with it. Even before our attempts to bring democracy to a bunch of ‘rag heads’ they were killing each other and others in the region by the thousands and you’re begrudging Jews a measly 6 thousand square miles to call their own.

            With 13 million square miles in the region, why hasn’t a SINGLE Muslim country offered Palestinians a home as there’s plenty of room to go around. Oops I forgot, they’re too busy killing each other than offering safe haven to fellow Muslims. Some religion that, when it wont even look after its own !!!

            With the barbarity and atrocities that Muslims commit in the middle east they don’t even deserve to have any land for their own as all they do is fight amongst themselves. They’re not even content with what they’ve got as they want to take over the west in the dumb belief that under Sharia law they can all live with freedom and welfare hand outs of others.

            Just live in blissful ignorance you poor deluded apologist of Islam and may your camels be infested with a thousand fleas and the pox !!!

          • albert pike

            “With the barbarity and atrocities that Muslims commit”

            Muslims as a group do not commit atrocities, or barbarous acts.

            However they pail into insignificance when compared to the barbarous acts carried out by members of other religions.

            It was a jew Ilya Ehrenburg who encouraged Russian soldiers to rape all German females, including children. The Cheka was run by jews, they killed millions. The Russian revolution a jewish affair, French revolution possibly another. Apart from those Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Inquisition, major wars, have all been carried out by members of other religions and the list is endless; while it is true there is chaos in the Middle east now, this chaos has been promoted by the Isralis and its poodles in the west AND it is necessary if Israel is ever to occupy the land between the Euphrates and the Nile, which it so dearly wants.

          • WTF

            Blame culture, is that the best you can offer !

  • I recently came back from Syria after fighting alongside the Kurds, the air support is haphazard and far to little, ISIS do not hide their presence, but pilots are restricted to rules of engagement that do not reflect the realities of the tactical situation in Northern Syria (Rojava). Douglas is absolutely right, its hard to claim God is on your side if your men keep getting blown up and loose ground daily to secularist forces. (except for the Iraqi Army but then again it doesn’t seem like they want to fight)

    • Damaris Tighe

      Thank you for your service – even if it wasn’t official.

      • Thanks mate, tu beji Kurmanji ?

        • Damaris Tighe

          No, I don’t! I’m not Kurdish but very glad some westerners are helping them fight IS.

  • TakeASecondLook

    Hang on, you blame Obama for the withdrawal of US troops, yet it was Bush who signed the treaty stating US forces would withdraw…kind of pollutes the rest of your argument, even if it has merit.

  • scampy

    Dropping the modern day versions of little boy and fat man on these vermin must have been contemplated by Cheney and Rumsfeld and could be the best option .

  • c777

    Barack “Hussein” Obama……….

  • WTF

    Do we need any more evidence of the danger of home grown Muslim terrorists that is spreading like some embarrassing rash across the west thanks to ISIS using social media sites ?

    Just today, we had another attempt by Muslim extremists in Boston to ‘be-head’ (in this case) Boston police officers. Thank goodness (a) it failed, (b) it was all videoed and (c) one of them was taken down permanently. Thanks to the video they’ll be no liberal fascist whining over excessive force being used and Theresa May should take note over how to deal with this increasing threat.

    Needless to say these low life s*** were previously ‘law abiding’ Muslims without a blemish on their name and attended their mosque every week.

  • WTF

    When your house is infested with roaches, you have to entice them out from crevices and dark corners so you can squash them. Pamela Geller is doing Americans a great favor and service by enticing out their own home grown Jihadists so that law enforcement officers can take them down. Well done Pam !!