Status anxiety

If I were a cultural Marxist, I might be thinking about giving up

But I have faith that they’ll carry on, at the Royal Court and elsewhere

6 June 2015

9:00 AM

6 June 2015

9:00 AM

In his Memoirs, Kingsley Amis includes a story about meeting Roald Dahl at a party in the 1970s. Dahl advises him to write a children’s book — ‘That’s where the money is’ — and brushes aside his objection that he doesn’t think it would be any good. ‘Never mind, the little bastards’d swallow it,’ he says. Then, a few minutes later, Dahl raises himself to his full height and, with the air of a man asserting his integrity in the face of an outrageous slur, says: ‘If you do decide to have a crack, let me give you one word of warning. Unless you put everything you’ve got into it, unless you write it from the heart, the kids’ll have no use for it. They’ll see you’re having them on… Just you bear that in mind as a word of friendly advice.’

I was reminded of this anecdote last Saturday while watching The Twits, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel at the Royal Court. As a production, it was a peculiar combination of cynicism and sincerity — condescendingly didactic and painfully earnest at the same time.

Like every play I’ve ever seen at the Royal Court, The Twits is a thinly disguised solicitation to vote Labour. That’s quite a feat since the book is a ferociously snobbish indictment of England’s petit bourgeoisie. The malignancy of the two central characters, Mr and Mrs Twit, is inseparable from their lowly class origins. They are curtain-twitchers who live in a suburban semi and Dahl, who lived in a large country house in Great Missenden, clearly thought that all such people are venal and mean-spirited.

In the stage adaptation, Mr and Mrs Twit behave just as unpleasantly, but Dahl’s snobbery has been inverted and they have become members of the nobility. In this version, their mistreatment of animals — the main vice of the Twits — is just typical upper-class behaviour. Not only that, but the writer has invented a whole new cast of characters for these two villains to exploit — a group of poor, benighted travellers who take up residence on their land. Towards the end of the play, one of these gypsies, who not coincidentally is black, makes a speech in favour of equality and solidarity and, soon afterwards, a revolution occurs in which the animals and workers rise up and put the Twits to the sword. As the lights go down, a Welsh men’s choir give a stirring rendition of ‘The Red Flag’ and a flickering image of Ed Miliband is projected on to the curtain.

Okay, I made that last part up, but you get the general idea. Somehow, Dahl’s children’s book about a couple of lower-middle-class misanthropes has been turned into a Labour party pledge card. It’s cynical and condescending in that the writer and director clearly think the audience is dim-witted enough to be influenced by their cack-handed propaganda, but also sincere. They passionately believe that if more people vote Labour, the world will become a better place.

It will be interesting to see what effect last month’s election result will have on Labour’s fifth columnists who have infiltrated the arts and media establishments — institutions like the Royal Court. I had lunch with a senior Conservative party figure a week before polling day and he was concerned about the impact of the long march through Britain’s institutions. He thought the cultural Marxists might have succeeded in creating a climate of opinion in which far-left policies like price controls, a wealth tax, the seizure of private property by the state and so on, were now politically acceptable. ‘I genuinely don’t know what’s going to happen,’ he said, the anxiety visible in his eyes.

Turns out he needn’t have worried. The electorate took a long, hard look at Ed Miliband and his loony-left agenda and decided to throw him under a bus. If I was a ‘worker by brain’ who’d been toiling away in the BBC or the British Council for decades, doing my best to demonise the Conservative party and its supporters, I would have found the election result quite disillusioning. I would have drawn succour from the absence of a Tory majority since 1992 — ‘It’s working! I’m making a difference!’ — only to have my hopes dashed when David Dimbleby unveiled the exit poll at 10 p.m. on 7 May. I might now think about doing something else.

But of course it won’t make a jot of difference. The comrades will continue to peddle the same old snake oil and, please God, the great British public will continue to ignore them.

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Toby Young is associate editor of The Spectator.

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  • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

    Another good reason to scrap the arts budget : If something isn’t good enough to attract audiences why are we subsidising it?

    • bengeo

      Yeah. Burning at the stake was always popular. Whatever happened to that?

    • Fried Ch’i

      Perhaps you need to get out more and discover for yourself how that kultsha thing works, lad?

    • Kaine

      It’s not about being able to attract audiences, it’s about being able to cover the cost of paying all the people involved a decent wage, while also putting the price low enough that ordinary people who have seen their incomes stagnate for years can justify coming to see it.

      I think ensuring the wider public have access to the great works of theatre, from Shakespeare to Stoppard, is a terrific use of public funds.

      • Ridcully

        Whether the wider public want it or not?

        • Kaine

          Since when is want you want related to what you can afford?

          I think the availability of the great works of our culture to our people should not be dependent on whether the director is mates with the Corporate Social Responsibility Director at BP.

          • El_Sid

            Since when is want you want related to what you can afford?

            An Aston Martin is a great work of British engineering. I want one. Can I increase your taxes so that the government will subsidise Aston Martins?

          • Kaine

            No, but thankfully nothing I’ve said implies that position. The allegation, if you care to actually follow the conversation, was that the public not buying tickets for theatrical performances was evidence they didn’t want to see them. My point is that it could be equal evidence that they want to, but cannot afford to. Like you and your car.

          • Ridcully

            All right, let’s put it another way: why should other people, many of whom will be on lower wages than you, have to subsidise the stuff you like?

  • Duncan Hall

    What a load of old tosh.

  • Tron

    At every election The Luvvies turn out for Labour. I see no sign of that stopping.

    And then there is the BBC……

  • Schoolswot

    The very idea that Toby Young has the first clue as to what Cultural Marxism is – and even if it actually exists outside the fevered minds of frothing right wingers – is hilarious.

    What on earth have price controls got to do with ‘Cultural Marxism’?

    By the way, the French have a wealth tax and I’m pretty sure they had one even when that well known cultural marxist Nicholas Sarkozy was in office.

    • Dogsnob

      Congratulations on managing to resist using the phrase ‘swivel-eyed’.

  • Scheveningen

    Toby, Your own faithful support of ‘gay rights’ shows you yourself have been taken in by ‘cultural Marxism’ as the ‘normalisation’ of homosexuality is their greatest success story as we saw a couple of weeks ago in Ireland: convincing large sections of the population, especially the young, that falsity is truth and bad is good…

    • MacGuffin

      I presume you are talking about marriage equality, which is one of the biggest success stories for CONSERVATISM in recent decades.

      • Neil Saunders

        No, it isn’t. It’s a comprehensive triumph for Cultural Marxism. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it any more true. Nice try, though.

        • MacGuffin

          The intellectual groundwork and impetus for marriage equality is largely the work of Andrew Sullivan, a conservative catholic writer based in the US (though a Brit), who started writing about this issue in the very early 90s. I am sure he would be most amused to be described as a cultural marxist.

          Amusingly, our very own St Peter Tatchell (who would embrace the cultural marxism label) was very much against marriage equality over the same period, viewing marriage as inherently patriarchal, capitalist, exploitative, blah blah blah. Funnily enough, he doesn’t often mention his past opposition to marriage equality nowadays.

          You don’t actually know anything about this issue, do you?

          • Neil Saunders

            Andrew Sullivan isn’t really a conservative, but just a right-wing libertarian – which is why he is so at home in the US. At least Peter Tatchell has some personal integrity, even if his opinions are often loopy (but not, I have to concede, on SSM).

            It’ll take more than one self-opinionated dolt to tell me what I do or don’t know about this or any other issue.

          • MacGuffin

            Ah, so you don’t know that you don’t know. You are an idiot.

            And by the way, Tatchell supports marriage equality now. What a moron you are.

          • Neil Saunders

            The left-right spectrum has completely broken down in recent decades, mainly under the influence of American identity politics (rooted in the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School, of course), which has comprehensively replaced a broad-based, principled concern with the bread-and-butter economic issues affecting the indigenous proletariat with an unhealthy (and overwhelmingly metropolitan) obsession with the narcissistic programmes of its new client groups (militant homosexuals, hard-line “gender” feminists, the sponsors (both corporate and utopian) of aggressive multiculturalism on the back of open-door mass immigration, etc.).

            The notion of what it means to be “left-liberal” has been so utterly recalibrated that it’s now quite possible to hold ferociously right-wing opinions on economics and even to be an enthusiastic supporter of capital punishment (like, for example, Dianne Feinstein) and yet still – absurdly – be regarded as left-wing as long as the right PC boxes (on, e.g., SSM) are ticked.

            So even Tatchell has been browbeaten into publicly affirming the aggressively enforced groupthink on SSM? I thought he was better than that.

          • Neil Saunders

            Yes, right-wing libertarians have found common cause with the PC (Culturally Marxist) “left”, because they are both engaged in programmes of deregulation (the one economic, the other sociocultural).

            The notion of what it means to be “left-liberal” has been so comprehensively recalibrated in recent years that it is now perfectly possible to hold ferociously right-wing, Friedmanite economic opinions and even – like Dianne Feinstein (the great friend of the late Harvey Milk) – to be a vociferous public advocate of the death penalty, and yet still be regarded as politically on the left, just so long as the correct PC boxes (multiculturalism, SSM, “gender” feminism, etc.) are ticked.

            If Tatchell has bowed to the PC groupthink of our metro-elites over SSM then he has far less integrity than I gave him credit for.

      • Scheveningen

        Marriage equality is a meaningless slogan. Marriage is simply marriage, that is, the union of a man and a woman for the purposes of begetting and raising children.

        • MacGuffin

          Oh my God! You mean my 60-something aunt who thinks she recently married her longtime male companion is not in fact married at all? After all, they don’t plan to have children! Who’s going to tell her?

    • Torybushhug

      I’m as right wing as you can get but this purile clinging to the thought patterns of the ancients is tragic. Try thinking for yourself rather than being a slave to Bronze Age power hungry shamans that claimed to have a hot line to Gods. Don’t be a slave of patriarchal clap trap.

      • Scheveningen

        Oh for God’s sake try using your reason and not some semi-educated liberal clap-trap.

  • ant

    It’ll take more than a decisive election to purge the BBC etc of these marxist loons. Central to their conviction is the delusion that being of the left makes you a nice person, and consequently right. By way of example, BBCR4’s feeble ‘The News Quiz’ remains as resolutely by the left, for the left. Yesterday’s episode featuring one lame poke at the tories after another….genuinely risible, and not in a good way.

    • Kennybhoy

      “It’ll take more than a decisive election to purge the BBC etc of these marxist loons.”

      Indeed. They may be out of government but they are still in power and have been for generations. What does it matter who governs when you control academia, the professions, etc… 🙁

    • Kaine

      This would be the programme presented by a woman, Sandy Totsvig, who was an ardent Liberal Democrat and whose vote helped put Mr Cameron into Downing Street in 2010?

      The Tories are the government. In a fine British tradition, the government gets mocked. One of the things that makes one proud of this country. Away with your continental fore-lock tugging.

      • Wessex Man

        Dear Ms Totsvig has shown her real colours and formed a womens only militant party right up there to equal the Pub landlord Bore.

      • El_Sid

        The Tories are the government. In a fine British tradition, the government gets mocked.

        There’s a curious asymmetry though. Programmes like Spitting Image and Week Ending were cancelled around 1997 and Rory Bremner was pretty much the only person doing anti-government “mockery” during the Blair years. Things started to change a little bit under Brown, although shows like The Thick of It were more mocking the process of government than being particularly party-political. But then suddenly things changed, you got things like the overtly lefty (and tediously unfunny) 10 O’Clock Live starting in 2010, and now you have things like Newzoids.

        It’s just strange how the “fine British tradition” of mocking the government went AWOL for a decade in the early Noughties.

        • Kaine

          Apart from Bremner, Bird & Fortune, HIGNFY, The Now Show, the News Quiz, Absolute Power, Brass Eye…

          • El_Sid

            So most of those are on Radio 4, so a niche audience where they will never have the wider political influence of a Spitting Image. And frankly the R4 shows are just too nice in general, they’re all a bit Footlights. And you rather make my point, the likes of News Quiz, Now Show (via MWE), Absolute Power (via In the Red), Bremner and HIGNFY were just survivors from another age, they weren’t anything new.

            The main series of Brass Eye was in the dying days of the Major government and in any case was more social satire than political.

            I guess Mark Thomas was the only properly political show around the millennium, even that started in the Major years and was coming from such a left-wing perspective that Blair was fair game. In any case he was less party political, it tended to be more general targets like arms exports and nuclear power.

            More typical would be the example of Andy Hamilton & Guy Jenkin who were quite happy to be very political with Drop the Dead Donkey in the 90s, but they managed 1 series once Blair got in and it suddenly had a lot less political content. They then went off and did non-political stuff like Outnumbered (and a one-off about Jeffrey Archer), then come back to politics with Ballot Monkeys in 2015.

    • Fred Yang

      When a
      young Sandy Totsvig told family and friends she wanted to be a
      comedian, everyone laughed.

      they’re not laughing now!

      • gregusmeus

        Bob Monkhouse spins in his grave.

  • MacGuffin

    ‘Cultural Marxism’ is for the right what ‘Trickle-down Economics’ is for the left: a useful bogeyman to make themselves feel all righteous and indignant. It does not exist in reality.

    • Daisuke Serizawa

      anyone working in any culture industry is immersed in soft socialism. to say it doesnt exist is like the goldfish who thinks the whole world is only water.

    • telltheking

      You are absolutely spot on.

      • Actually, he isn’t. Just look at the BBC’s drama output

    • André Assi Barreto

      Cultural marxism is a simple idea: it’s the notion that the ground for revolution is not essentially the Economy and History, but CULTURE. That’s all. Frankfurt school, Antonio Gramsci idea of a “cultural revolution” where intellectuals are the leading force of revolution and not the “proletariat” et cetera.

      • Fried Ch’i

        So entirely a complete f e * k e d up English construct then.

    • alfredo

      Cultural Marxism doesn’t exist? So what would you call the phenomenon which those who do believe it exists are able to describe consistently and in considerable detail?

      • hamboy

        Racism? White Nationalism? Insecurity?

      • Bo’sun Higgs

        Paranoid schizophrenia.

    • TNL

      I think it does exist in reality but it is nowhere near as influential as some people make out and is not a shadowy conspiracy to destroy the West as we know it. And you’re right about it being a bogeyman used by some on the right to try to scare others into compliance with their own views through whipping up fear about what those nasty Cultural Marxists will do. It’s really just a mild up date of the reds under the bed warnings from the post-WW2 era.

  • Callipygian

    Leftism is brain-dead. And as that idiot commenter ‘Kaine’ so recently proved, impervious to the most obvious facts.

  • Bo’sun Higgs

    Of course, here in reality nobody – even on the barking mad extreme Left – actually identifies as a “Cultural Marxist” since it’s just a dog-whistle term invented by the Third Reich and gleefully employed by the Right, most of whom are ignorant of its rather unsavoury history.

    • Daisuke Serizawa

      true. nobody does identify as a ‘ cultural Marxist ‘. but -amongst other things- one thing they do like to call themselves is ‘ social scientists ‘.

      even the Orwellian Doublethink term ‘ social science ‘ suits the make-belief contradictory world they inhabit.

    • Newton Unthank

      Well, “history is bunk” as Churchill so memorably said.

      • Simon de Lancey

        Surely you mean Lord Rothermere?

  • ohforheavensake

    Cultural Marxism doesn’t exist- and Toby drifts further and further from reality.

    • alfredo

      The denial that it exists is proof of its success.

  • Sunset66

    For goodness sake Toby . Even someone with your politics shoukd be ashamed of using such a term. Don’t worry it’s going swimmingly well for you.
    Tory govt , can’t beat that FPTP system . The right wing media doing the heavy lifting as usual.
    But the referendum should split the right wing. You will look pretty silly when the country rejects pulling out of the EU
    Pity Cameron had to demonise the SNP to get over the line.
    Scotland for you guys is gone for good now.

  • Damaris Tighe

    Dahl’s contempt for Mr & Mrs Twit, the petit-bourgeois couple who live in a suburban semi, reminds me of a Spectator thread a few months ago where I referred approvingly to the arts & crafts inspired semis of the 20s & 30s, & compared them with the soulless concrete boxes of later decades. The snobs fluttered in to have their sneer like moths to a light.

  • JOhn Mackie

    You underestimate cultural marxists at your peril. They are ever more rapidly subverting every institution they set their eyes on. It won’t be long before your primary age children are forced to learn the revolting mechanics of gaysex. All in the name of equality.

  • misomiso

    Don’t be so sure Tobes.

    To Really defeat the Left for a generation, the Right needs to be RUTHLESS, and so far Cameron and Osborne are more interested in killing of Euroscepticism than taking on the State establishment.

    To kill of the Left, we have to remove the powerbases. That means the total destruction of the BBC and Channel 4, full parental choice in schools to kill off the politisiced teachers Union, a real bonfire of the quangos, and a massive scaling back in the civil Service.

    Then all that is left is the NHS public sector Unions, which will probably remain forever, but at least we would have hit the enemy where it hurts.

    The only way to stop the long march through the institutions is too dissolve them.

    • Torybushhug

      Radio fours comedic output is a veritable nest of lefty vipers. Most CBBs stuff as a supine lefty bent.

    • Dion Trotsky

      I am genuinely amazed that you Speccy types imagine the BBC to be a left wing institution. The evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.
      The BBC is as formidable a pillar of the establishment as the Carlton Club. Most recently, its uncritical parroting of Conservative Central Office disinformation about the non-existent SNP/Labour coalition handed the Tories an election win they didn’t deserve or expect.
      Furthermore, the megasalaries and obscene severance payments made to failing senior managers in recent years belong to the venal world of investment banking, not public service broadcasting.
      Its continuing simpering sycophancy to the Royal family is nauseating and irrelevant, a symbol of the Establishment’s blinkered small-minded nationalism in an era of global challenges and opportunities. The shocking failure over decades to uncover and address abuse carried out by public figures in its midst is sadly straight out of the Leon Brittain school of rigour and openness.
      The sooner the BBC is out of the hands of the public school Oxbridge types who dominate its senior management, the better it will be able to provide a genuine public service to all of the people of this country, and not just the narrow elite whose interests it so slavishly serves.

      • Dan O’Connor

        The system we live under in the West is a hybrid system. Global Capiitalism within the economic sphere that has merged with Cultural Marxism ( Political Correctness ) withn the cultural sphere . It could be called Left Capitalism .
        Each one exploits the other in an alliance of convieniance .
        The new Left is a newly emerging globalist White middle / upper class intellectual aristocracy / technocracy that has no working class roots
        They present no oppostion to global capitalism and go along with it for certain benefits . They are the Left wing priesthood of the Capitalist plutocracy
        For these LIberals , a university education provides all the politically correct attitude to immigrant minorities and the financial means to live as far away from them as possible
        Goldman Sachs goes hand in hand with your multiculti sensitivities training course , Fortune 500 billionaires donate to Left activist groups who combat ” White privilege ”
        The global corporatists are not pro- human diversity , they just pander to all the Left / LIberal cutsey mantras as a way to give themsleves the right PR image .
        Where the global capiitalist and the Left find a common goal , is that both strives to create a uniform , borderless, non-diverse, mono-cultural , de-nationalised, de-culturalised , de-ethnicised, global shopping mall of consumers
        This gives the Left their rainbow nation, post White post racial brotherhood of man utopia , ( their modern version of New Soiviet World Man ) and for the Capitalist it creates a uniform market place where labour and financial capital can be very quickly transfered from one place to another when needed

        The mistake you are making is in assuming the false paradigm that Capitalism is the exact opposite of Socialism , or Cultural Marxism
        All modrern conservatives and capitalists bow down and pay homage to all of the Left’s multi-culti / diversity tin Gods
        For both the new Left and the New Conservatives , their common enemy is seen to be not to the Left of them , but to the Right of them

        Only international ethno-nationalists are out of the loop

      • Ed_Burroughs

        Your initial mistake is to automatically assume that the Left cannot form a “pillar of the establishment”. Your second is that the corporate shilling is something eschewed by the left. The Royal family (apart from Charles) is basically inoffensive when compared to the alternative i.e an elected monarch, as presidents often act like kings anyway. The question of the cover up of abuse doesn’t seem to be a right-left issue as far as I can see. Your final point regarding the narrow elite may or may not be true, however narrow elites are an inevitable consequence of left wing thinking.

  • Ross

    It is to sad that Toby Jug think everyone is, or should be, as morally bankrupt as he.

  • JonBW

    Yes, yes, very clever article.

    The problem is that Dave and the ‘modernised, detoxified Conservatives’ always follow the cultural marxist line like sheep when the crunch comes. That’s why the Beeb will be allowed to carry on as it has done for thirty years when the charter comes up for renewal; that’s why Dave will make sure we stay in the EU; that’s why the Conservatives’ ‘family policy’ bears no relation to conservative values. That’s why 10% voted UKIP and more will do so in 2020.

    The cultural marxists won years ago: their greatest victory was taking over the Tory leadership.

  • If I was a cultural Marxist, I’d probably give up, but only because I couldn’t see how I could cause more chaos if I tried. This is the Tory party that gave parliamentary time to Harman’s ‘Equality Act’ and then brought in gay marriage as an encore. Other than the encouragement of public acts of bestiality and defecation to be broadcast in primetime on BBC1, I don’t know what else there is for them to do.

  • As long as the Speccie and mainstream right remain civic nationalist, they will be toothless tigers.

    • Natasha Alexandra

      My husband wrote

      “Internationalism of any kind — Marxism, the EUropean Union, NAFTA and white internationalism if it seeks to undermine the nation state, must be fought head on and at ALL costs.

      The only way to stop internationalists in their tracks is through the preservation of the nation state, our unique cultural identities and individual national sovereignties.

      You’d counter that by claiming “civic nationalism is a danger to true nationalism.”

      Id counter that by sharing this:

      Bain DeWitt is trying so desperately hard to appear intellectual in an attempt,
      I can only assume, to bewilder the reader and present himself as an ideological
      titan only a “hater” would attempt to counter. However, cut through all the
      compound and thesaurus-like forrest of verbiage and the agenda is clear, the
      Right (and by that Bain means White nationalism – he is English after all) must
      accept homosexuals into their movement. In fact why wouldn’t they given the
      clear brilliance of such young gay men as Mr DeWitt?

      The London New Right now appears to be in the grips of a
      homosexual clique, with queer pioneers such as Martin Webster (ex-NF big shot),
      Bain DeWitt, and god only knows who else (though rumours and speculations are
      now rife), carrying the sputtering torch of “intellectual bio-cultural
      nationalism” into the twenty first century.

      I am not telling all I know
      because much of it is just my own mental connecting of the dots, but I think
      this will spell the beginning of the end for the New Right in Britain unless
      there is a quick and unceremonious upheaval of this train of

      Inclusion and trust? More like inflitration and subversion…

      Any thoughts? I think this is why you cling to your deluded vision of what an ethno state would look like, With you at the helm, a few pet cats and an army of young boys to groom.

      The reason why you didn’t get why what that vile man said was so effing infuriating is you cant comprehend the importance of family or what its like to be a parent. Now I understand why. You’re a product of the same evil force you claim you fight.

  • Mc

    “I might now think about doing something else”

    People who work for the BBC, British Council, Civil Service, etc have near-guaranteed jobs for life (however badly they perform) and often have defined benefit pensions. Those sort of people simply don’t move on to another job, except where it is in the same sector.

    • Gilbert White

      What about Greg Dyke the very rich and intellectually honest ex BBC mandarin?

      • Mc

        Life is all about exceptions to the rule.

  • jim

    What are you talking about? The cultural-marxists won. The only reason they let go of the rusty old Soviet Empire was because they didn’t need it anymore. They had by then captured our pop culturemediauniversitiespublic services. We now live in a west fit for tranniesgaysimmigrants and unfit for everyone else. The africanizationislamization of the west cannot be stopped without a civil war in which whites will destroy each other. We lost and it’s the fault of people like Jones who were afraid to alienate their pals at The GuardianBBC. Toby Jones is a fraud.

    • TrueNorthFree

      We have lost many battles but this cultural war is just beginning now that Western whites are finally waking up from decades of intense multi-cult brainwashing. The fact that 4 million regular folks voted UKIP is significant because it demonstrates that our ideas are beginning to make a dent in the cultural marxist hegemony.

      • jim

        I sincerely hope you are right my friend.

  • Dan O’Connor

    When a belief system becomes so triumphant, hegemonic and pervasive , the first thing its adherents do is claim that it doesn’t exist
    This is because they see their bellief system as being synonimous with virtue itself , and anything that dissents, strays from or questions it becomes synonimous with
    ” evil ” itself .
    If you were a LIberal Left Progressive in 1965 and didn’t move ideologically for 50 years and stoof in the same place , you would wake up in 2015 to find out that you are now a member of the ” fascist far right ”
    That whizzing sound you heard was the cultural psyche of the Western ruling elite and the political centre zooming over to the hard Left (culturally speaking )

    Most adherents of Cultural Marxism, ( LIberals, Leftists, Progressives ) don’t even know that they are Cultural Marxists , or even what Cultural Marxism is . The non-professional new Left don’t think about the historical idelogical roots of the ideas that they have in their heads or who put them there . They believe that they by some act of semi-divine providence just happened to be lucky enough to be natural born humanitiarians who have ascended to a higher plane of spiritual and intellectual enlightement that lesser mortals , ( ” like the horrible bigoted White working class and toothless, racist red neck conservatives ” ) just can’t fathom and believe they are destined to be the New World Man army of the Righteous , who in one last final battle against the Legions of the damned , in the form of
    ( ” a tiny fringe group of basement dwelling , swastika tatooed, angry White homophobic, sexist , patriarchal , transphobic , racists ” ) will usher in the rainbow nation multiculti , post racial, post White luvvy smiley rainbow nation brotherhood of man “

    • TrueNorthFree

      The sad reality is that those very same cultural; marxist social justice warriors (most of whom, ironically, are white and live in nice clean safe white middle class neighborhoods) will be the first to be attacked and silenced when their beloved vibrant hoards of sub-Saharan Muslim “migrants” show up in their communities. They are truly delusional if they think that the millions of uneducated tribal groups they are welcoming into white countries care about us or respect our Democratic customs.

  • Dan O’Connor

    Cultural Marxism is an engineered racist ideology and can be defined as ;

    Any ideas actions that portrays White history and culture and societies negatively and any ideas or actions that collectively vilify, insult, ridicule , offend, stigmatise, criminally indict or weaken White societies and civilzation economically , territorially , culturally . politically , and demographically and empower and pedastelise any non-Whites or minorties or immigrants as being morew noble and virtuous on acc9ut of their non-White ” Otherness, is a sign of being better educated , informed, enlightened, morally superior . and culturally and intellectualoy sophisticated .
    There is no higher display of moral virtue and charity possible in the West.
    It is also absolutely personal sacrifice , personal cost and personal risk free and its followers can even be rewarded financially and with social status
    That’s why it is so popular.

    And any ideas or actions which do not harm or weaken White societies or work to preserve and defend White national identities or cultures are totally evil and illogical .

    The other trick of the Cultural Marxist / Liberal is to deny that you are doing what you are doing . They don’t want their racism to look too obvious , so first they persecute their own ethnic group , culture history and race and at the same time deny they are doing it and claim that any such notions are just a
    ” far right wing loony conspiracy theory ”

    That is theír ” heads we win –tails you lose ” strategy . A conjouring trick

    Basically , Leftism / Liberalism is just repackaged and relabeled Cultural Marxism, i.e the never ending Cultural of Critique to demonise , demoralise, and deconstruct and dispossess, replace and disinherit tradtional Western civilization and the European race .
    Cultural Marxism is a 60 year long, relentless, wicked and cynical war against the White race, that was kick started and inserted like a self perpetuating bacilli into to the body politic and cultural pysche of Western man and his thought processes and is waged by an army of malicious and wicked and fanatical ideological hacks

    Neo-Liberaiism ; neo-Leftism , Progressivism is Cultural Marxism become mainstreamed as normality
    Modern Conservatism Inc Politicians and academics and journalists abase themselves and bow down to worship at the altar of all of the Left’s CultMarx tin gods

    • TrueNorthFree

      I wish you would write articles and post them somewhere Dan

      • pedestrianblogger

        Why? If you like reading illiterate gibberish for some reason, there is plenty available in print and on-line.

    • Kaine

      I can think of few things more antithetical to a born and bred Englishman than this whining, self-pitying tosh.

      • Village Idiot

        Do you mean, ‘yes, you are getting screwed over – deal with it’, or have you any arguments against his points?

        Perhaps your argument is ‘it’s not like you say it is because shut up’. If not, let’s hear it please. The floor is yours to educate us all.

        • Kaine

          He’s not put forward any evidence, and that which is presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence also. It’s just onanism.

          • Village Idiot

            Your choice, of course. But why as a person ‘of the left’ would anyone visit a website/message board ‘of the right’ just to say ‘haha, you are so stupid and evil’? An odd way of spending time. Aren’t you here to try and change people’s opinions?

          • Bo’sun Higgs

            Masturbation, but not a very intellectual kind 😀

      • Dan O’Connor

        Then consider this
        We are living in a time in the West , where the chances of Rotherham NOT happening , are very, very, very slim indeed,
        In your reply you have given us a perfect demonstration of the the thought processess that abetted and facilitated it , The felkow travelllers of demographic jihad.
        A sanctimonious, sneering, smug, dismissive, ego glow of self-ordained moral supemacy

        • Kaine

          One would think a believer in white supremacy would know how to spell it.

      • Bo’sun Higgs

        “Dan” isn’t a born and bred Englishman, and neither is he white, no matter how much he wishes he were, which may serve to explain his obsession with the White Race.

        • Dan O’Connor

          You are a confused man, It is the Left who are obssesed by the White race .

          Cultural Marxism is not English and does not just effect England . It is also ethnically cleansing and balkanising Ireland, the county of my ancestral roots and the rest of the West

          As a mark of respect to the real native English / British I have never claimed to be English, anymore than I could claim to be Welsh or Scottish , even though I was born and raised in England . I am not even British , I am a British passport holder

          Let’s be honest , You are noit here to enter the arena of noble debate . You are some 6th form a level student hippy whose favouriite word is most probable ” Zychlon B “

          • Kaine

            Is this where you tell us Auschwitz was Allied propaganda?

          • Dan O’Connor

            Hippy !

          • Bo’sun Higgs

            He reserves that sort of forthright talk for the other websites he frequents 😉

          • Bo’sun Higgs

            I am not even British , I am a British passport holder

            Oh quel surprise.

            whose favouriite word is most probable ” Zychlon B “

            Your ignorance and stupidity are both charming and hilarious at one and the same time.

  • leongillingham

    well except to get a majority – ie 36% of 60% turnout – Cameron had to commit to a socialist health system, rail price controls, the importance of the bbc, same-sex marriage, mandated foreign aid, and pretty much assist the snp in breaking up the UK, which would vastly weaken US-UK global dominance.
    Now without cuts to a whole series of ringfenced social departments – another forced commitment – another £12 billion has to be found. good luck.
    yes, not a great result for labour, but the Tories field of action is still contained within a state with a recognisable social democratic dimension. Given that the country in question is a centre of global capital, not total defeat. dont look at the number of seats and confuse it with mass support – it’s just a trick of the system. the coalition had a 60+ seat majority. this govt has 8, and a referendum to come that divides it down the middle.good luck.

  • Dan O’Connor

    ” If I were a Cultural Marxist , I might be thinking about giving up ”

    So you are thinking of giving up are you Toby ?

    The first task for all Western nationalists is to jetison the false paradigms, false dichotomies and falie opposites of the Cold War , They are obsolete and no longer describe reality . They never did .

    Capitalism is not the opposite of Socialism
    Modern Conservatism / LIbertarianism is not the opposite of Liberalism / Leftism / Progressivism , Cultural Marxism
    You and the Conservatives are not the opposite of Leftism / Cultural Marxism.

    This is the way it works;

    The Conservative and Republican parties are the Capitalist branch of Internationalism / Globalism

    The Labour / Democrat parties are the Socialist branch of Internationalism / Globalism

    Both result in Internationalism / Globalism, which for White nations means total loss of any control over our own national borders, economies, cultures, territories , demographics, national identities and the ability to determine our own future and destiny

    The most destructive force that Western man has ever had to face , that even threatens his continued biological ethnic-racial existence

    • TrueNorthFree

      “The Conservative and Republican parties are the Capitalist branch of Internationalism / Globalism. The Labour / Democrat parties are the Socialist branch of Internationalism / Globalism. Both result in Internationalism / Globalism, which for White nations means total loss of any control over our own national borders, economies, cultures, territories , demographics, national identities and the ability to determine our own future and destiny”

      Brilliant assessment – thanks!
      I never liked that false dichotomy. I live in Canada and I like the fact that we have socialized medicine – most Canadians and myself would never want to give that up. I also support a healthy union movement (within reason). BUT morally and ethically I am to the right of Atilla the Hun.

      • Dan O’Connor

        The suprising thing for many people about what we could call the New Right , White Identitarian , White Nationalist, anti-White dispossession / anti- White minoritisation movement , is that they are not anti-socialist and pro Ayn Randian pro free market-capitalist
        We recognise that Global Capitalism / and hyper individualism is just as destructive a force to Western society as International Communism

        A Scandinavian style democratic Socialism can work in an ethnically / racially, historically, culturally , linguistically homongenous society , because those kinds of White societies are hight trust altrustic societies when its memebers feel they have a stake in that society and they see that society reflected in themselves , som they are willing to make personal concessions and sacrifices for the good of the society as whole
        Third world mass immigration will transform Westen nations into a series of warring tribes and identity groups each organising , competing and agitating along racal lines to get their oiwn sharew of the perks power and resources
        A disorganised and delegiitimised majority host society eaten allive and hollowed out from within by a highly organised group of minorities .

        There was a Canadian a few years ago who posted a comment on DT Blogs in which he stated that he had to close down his car dealership buisness in Vancouver because he was not Chinese

        • TrueNorthFree

          “Third world mass immigration will transform Western nations into a series of warring tribes and identity groups each organising , competing and agitating along racial lines to get their own share of the perks power and resources ”
          Very true!
          Our beautiful Western nations are being very deliberately turned into third world hell holes. I suspect this is being done purely for the benefit of the 1% international corporatists.
          What really bothers me is that so many people in our white homelands are still so very brainwashed and not yet awakened to white genocide.

        • Copyright101

          We recognise that Global Capitalism / and hyper individualism is just as
          destructive a force to Western society as International Communism

          Both are jewish creations designed to sucker gentiles into destructive behaviours.

          • Adam Gilbert

            Both are modern, internationalist creations. We Jews simply happened to have been thrusted into modernity and internationalism before the rest of the world, for various historical reasons.

          • Ed_Burroughs

            Oy Vey muthaflipper!

    • JSC

      I’m not sure I get your final point; that you are / we should be ‘racial isolationists’? If so then I feel obliged to point out that, while we’re on the subject of ‘false paradigms’, there is no more scientific evidence for “races” than there is to back up the Hindu caste system etc. If we’re talking about false paradigms, racialism is #1.

      • Dan O’Connor

        You are arguing against a paradigm I never put forward. You are reducin g Peoplehood, Nationhood, the Extended Family to nothing more than a skin pigment
        You must try to understand that being a native of Papau New Guinea, Japaneseness , or Bantuness, or Danishness, or Irishness, or Arabness , is not nothing more meaningfull than a skin pigment .

        The word ” White ” has nothing to do with a colour , Whites are not a colour , Ir is a term we use to describe a collection of unique and distinct peoples with their own particular ancestries, histories , kinship, mythologies, heroes, legends , customs, literature, arts and song
        We are a fully legitimate and authentic historical group who belong to a particular historical stream . Not an abstract stream , but a very concrete historical stream.
        There are people in Afganistan who have red hair and blue eyes , but they can never be a member of our historical stream , becasue they belong and identify with ther own historical stream
        Having the same genetics is not enough

        All the lessons of history and human experience teaches us that human diversity is the major cause of human conflict
        It teaches us that becoming a minority historical identity group of dwndling numbers and influence in one’s own homeland is the most perilous , reckless, insane gamble one could ever take
        It is based on the utterly ignorant notion that non-Whites have no racial consciousnes and would never organiise to agitate and advance their own explicit racial interests . All the evidence suggests that they have no intention of also committing ethnic/ racial identity capitulation , and turn their backs on their own group interests , just because Whites have becoime the first group in humna histiory to commit unilatteral identity capitulation
        All the evidence suggests that White people are the first grou of people in all of human history that are collaborating in handing over their lands, heritage , social capital and identities to competing alien peoples and cultures , while interpreting it as proof of our moral supremacy over other races
        Only Whites / British / Danes, Swedes / French Europeans ect ect are expected to benefit from diversity and celebrate becoming a minority as the best thing sine sliced bread
        Only Whiites can be hoodwinked into believing that they are nothing more than an optical illusion and sociological fraud
        All Non Whites understand the reaælities of Peoplehood , Nationhood and the family writ large and have no moiral qualms about organising and agitating for their own interests and would rise up to prevent themselves from being dispossessed or replaced

        Not serious thinker in history has ever suggested that a multi-cultural multi,-ancestral , multi-historical , multi-religious society is more cohesive , less conflict prone and a vast improvement over a historically / ancestrally homogenous society
        If anything it creates the ideal conditions for never ending conflict
        ” anti-racism ”
        The Western globalist elite and their utopian White middle upper class Leftist priesthood publicly and openly and proudly deny the inalienable rights of blood. land and heritage and of biological continuity to their own White soceties that they in the next breath proudly recongnise as a nature ordained inalieanable right for all non-White indigenous peoples
        This is due to our children and theire childrens children being collectively indicted in a never ending blood libel of revenge
        ( i.e. Rotherham ) because of our racial kinship with Hitler . Nobody is suggersting thaqt all Leftists and Liberals should be punished because of their racial kinship with Stalin
        For the last 60 years , Whites have been the victims of a relelentless ,wicked , cynical, pathological psy-ops campaign of racial double standards .
        The Left mind only denies that nationhood / peoplehood is something which evolves organically over a loing period of time and is rooted in a peoples who share a common past, when it involves people of Euroepan stock . The same racial guilt reeking ” progressives ” would move heaveb and earth to defend the birth right and heritage of all non-White indigenous peoples
        So tell me please, who is the real ” racist ” here ?

        • JSC

          OK, we’ll chalk that up as a misunderstanding then. As it happens I agree very much with your statement:

          “…who have been told that the White man is uniquely evil and uniquely oppressive and uniquely genocidal and the cause of all their failures and that when they are in the majority a future pay back time will be fully morally justifiable. It is based on the utterly ignorant Leftist student pseudo sociological notion that non-Whites have no racial consciousness and would never organise to agitate and advance their own explicit racial interests.”

          However I suspect you’re going to run into plenty more misunderstandings with other people if you stick to just using the word ‘white’ to describe what you mean. It seems to me you mean ‘Anglo-European culture, morals and people’, I’m quite comfortable with the notion that Anglo-European culture and morals, although not without fault, are significantly superior to the equivalents found in other countries.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Thanks for your reply , and I agree that even the term
            ” White ” triggers off a knee jerk Pavolian conditioned reflex amongst the vast majority that immiediately conjours up visions of death camps in the cultural psyche of anyone across the entire poltical spectrum from where the hard Left begins and all the way over to where maninstream Conservatism ends and the borderlines of the heavily Left policed borderlines of the Fordbidden Zone that people like me inhabit begins

            The problem with not using the term ” White ” is this .
            Leftism, Cult Marxism , LIberalism / Progressivism or whatever we wish to call it , is at its core a racist civikzational / racial self-hating anti-White theology .
            Whereve the Left look , they see a sea of angy White faces
            For them , the White race is the last major road block to their global post White ( post racist ) rainbow nation brotherhood of man.
            The Left don’t give a crap about the ultra conservative values of third world immigrants . They see them as a biological weapon to eradicate ” racism ” and in-group favouratism in the world which means the disempowerment and eradication of all people with a White skin pigment
            ” Anti-racism , ” no longer means what it once meant , which was about being mean to non-Whites
            Now it is a way to keep any uppity Whites from straying of the Left’s mind plantation and to put them back in their proper place where they belong . And boy, have we learned our proper place
            When the Left say ” this neighbourhood , town , city or country is now fully diverse ” , they mean that there are no White people left . Mission accomplished
            ” Diveristy ” is Left code for = fewer White people .

            The fatal mistake that Conservatives have made is that when your enemy , the Left is waging a war against you at sea ,
            ( anti-White race war ) , you have to meet that enemy on the battle ground chosen by the enemy which is at sea.
            The Left is in a war against the White race . Conservatives are petrified of objecting to third world replacement on anything apart from its economic impact as if they can not imagine any higher states of existence than economic gain and material aqustitions , In reality this si nothingless than cringing moral cowardice tarted up as social respectibility
            Mainstream Conservatism / LIbertarianism has adopted the abstract ” idea / civic / proposition nation ” of Cultural Marxism, The notion that the organically evoleved society can be replaced by a series of intellectual vaguarities and abstractions handed down by diktat from an intellectual elite from above
            Westen man has got himself into a real pickle and it will result in much pain , suffering a death for centuries to come
            There exist timeless and unchaniging rules and laws that lay beyond man and his power to change them and nature punishes those who violate them with a venegance , it did and it will
            When the smoke clears , amid the rubble and the ruins , nature is always the last man standing

        • marxistdeathcamps

          Fantastic post,talk about learning something.

        • marxistdeathcamps

          Good evening Mr O’Connor,if I could ask you just one question,it would be this we as white people have a future to look forward to.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Taking everything into consideration, such as present political , cultural and demographic trends and tens years immersed in this subject and the White Identitarian blogsphere and ten gazillion, articles, lectures, debates, books. videos and blog sparing to do with this dilemma , I would conclude the following.

            The European race has two possible futures .
            The worst case scenerio = horrific
            The best case scenerio = less horrific

            To get out this mess will take immense personal sacrifice, relentless detemination and heroism and a great deal of pain and suffering for our peoples, for not only many decades , but possible for centuries to come .
            European man is facing the greatest exitential threat to his biological continuence that he has ever had to face .
            So say that there might be a good side to this, because through struggle we may regain that spirit of our people which we have lost and relearn who we are.
            Or will we go gentley into that long dark night ?

            That’s my opinion
            We must look at it as a joyous struggle .

          • marxistdeathcamps

            Thank you for taking the time to reply,god bless you and all those you hold dear.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Thank you and best regards

  • I agree that the cultural marxists cannot amass the necessary votes for government, but – and it is a big but – they do control education, the media, the police etc. In other words they control the State, regardless of who is in Whitehall. And that is a problem which rather than declining is growing every day. In fact, their power is so absolute that any government of the day cowers before it. If it remains undefeated it will destroy us utterly, courtesy of demographics and Islam. The consequences of cultural marxism will not affect the middle-aged and elderly, but it will certainly doom the lives of any children born today.

  • Dan O’Connor

    The Frankfurt School of Cultural / Freudian Marxism, was a Jewish intellectual movement whose theories were debunked and discredited as total anti-scientific nonsense in the 50’s ., bu they crept in the back door again while nobody was looking in the 60’s , It’s ideologiy and its rules were never appled to any non-White societies
    It is based on the notion that the tradtional socially conservative Western / White soiceties of the 50s were uniquely homophobic , sexist. patriachal , racist and authoritarian , That the West was one big aslyum that needed fixing
    Well, the Left have found a biological weapon to cure the White man of this perculiar disease that only aflflicts him, in the form of third world immigration by disempowering and replacing the ” evil ” White man with the
    ” far more noble , morally virtuous, and heroically oppressed ” non-Whites .
    Neo Liberalism, Leftism , P=rogressivism , is not Cultual Marxism , it is Cultural Marxism on steriods
    It has become so truimphant and hegemonic throughout all the controlling cultural and poltical choke points of Western society and its institutions that the best defintion I have come across of a ” conservatiuve ” is someone who loves accusing other Whites of being ” racist ” as a way of seeking the Left’s moral approval
    It is nothing more than utter intellectual and moral cringing cowardice
    Has anyone noticed that nobody ever got their windows smashed by a moral torch mob or loist their livelihood and had their careers wrecked by suggesting that they would like to see the Whie race wiped of the face of the earth
    So , tell me who are the real ” racists ” here .

  • J. Place

    honestly, i know plenty of lefties, marxissts and the “types” described, but i know not a single “cultural marxist” or even what that means….it it generally middle class leftists?

    • Dan O’Connor

      Cultural Marxism was evolved by the 1930’s Frankfurt School because of what they saw as the failures of economic class warfare Marxism / Communism to inspire a revolution of the proletariat in the West
      They saw that patrotism and nationalism / nationhood / nativism and the Western tradtional family structure were very powefull conservative culture forces , so they crated a firm of subversive destablising and destructive Cultural / Freudian Marxism . ” Deconstruction ”
      They had no clear idea what they were going to replace Western civilzation with upon the ruins once the revolution had taken place
      Neo-Liberalism is a form of Cultural Bolshevism and contains element of the Bolshevik polemic within it , which can best be described as a never ending war against the ” oppressive ” ” reactionary ” ” counter revolutionary White / WASP / West
      All roads lead to the collective pathology of White guilt

      • J. Place

        right i know a bit about the Frankfurt School and that is far from what they wrote about. It’s a conspiracy theory got it….

        • Dan O’Connor

          During the Yeltin presiidency in Russia , Yeltsin gave permission to a former Soviet dissident and poltical prisoner to copy Kremlin archives
          It appears that McCartthy was right . He just got too near to the top so he had to be rubbished
          When the American establishment heard about it they panicked and asked Yeltsin to refuse access to the Kremlin archives
          NeoConism has Trotskyist roots
          The Bolshevik / Communist revolution was imported and financed froim New York
          Fot the US intelligence services of the 1920’s , the term
          ” Communist ” was synonimous in their minds with East European / Russian Jewish immigrants .
          ” Cultural Marxism ” is a term of convieniance to describe a particular group who have an atavistic hatred towards tradtional White / WASP / Western socially conservative society and its institutions and social structures and have immense and disproportionate influence thoughout all of rhe cultural choke points of the West.

    • Bo’sun Higgs

      The term “cultural marxism” began life in Nazi Germany, whose propagandists coined the term Kulturbolschewismus (“Cultural Bolshevism”) as a useful term of political abuse. In the present day it is still a very useful term as anyone using it seriously can instantly be dismissed as a nutter.

      • Dan O’Connor

        That’s why they call it the ” Frankfurt School ” of Cultural Bolshevism you prat
        This theory you have that all people of European stock are under a moral obligation to ethnically replace themselves with alien third world peoples because ” the Jews ” ?
        Have you asked Jews if they agree with this ? Are you acting as their spokeman , you 6th form A level hippy moron

  • Dan O’Connor

    One of the core narratives of Neo-Leftism / LIberalism ( = Cultural Marxism on steroids ) is the meme that the concept of ” race ” has an On / Off switch , whereby race ( meaning only the European race ) does not exist until it does

    Culturfal Marxists claim that the White race, / Irishness , Britishness, Danishness ; Frenchness, Europeaness , is just an evil, ignorant, bigoted, archaic , meangingless optical illusion and social construct beloning to some former more barbarous and less enlightended age , unless the White race is spoken of in the negative in terms of guilt ,shame and sorrow , in which case the White race does suddenly exist .

    Heads they win , tails Whites lose . Catch 22
    The dice are loaded, the fight is fixed , and the neurolinguiists and he defnition of words and concepts and their meanings have been riigged in their favour
    And worse , the Western ruling establishments and the Left refuse to allow their ideas toi compete within the wider public sphere on a level playing field in the market place of ideas ., because they know that when their ideas meet their ideas , their ideas die .
    Their idaes are so unnaturall abnormal and in violation of logic , wisdom, common sense and the hard wired instinct for group self preservation that they need an entire well financed and state run industry of moral torch mobs , media witch hunts, speech laws , purges , prosecutions and persecutions to prop it up and silence dissent
    ‘The disgracefull Kafkaesque state persection of the tram lady Emma West as just one example

  • Hegelman

    “The electorate took a long, hard look at Ed Miliband and his loony-left agenda and decided to throw him under a bus.”

    Did they? Or did a lot of old ladies with good pensions and bribes from Cameron at public expense turn out to vote and too many of the rest failed to turn out?

    Incidentally, how interesting to call Miliband, a man sworn to neo-liberal capitalism, a “loony left” chap.

    • pedestrianblogger


    • Neil Saunders

      This is the central problem of political discourse these days. The old “left-right” spectrum is no longer fit for purpose.

      As I have had cause to say many times on forums such as this, what has happened is that the libertarian wings of both the left (PC) and the right (neoliberalism) have independently prevailed within their own movement (marginalising or shutting down the alternatives) before recognising the essential congruence of their programmes and combining to create the default ideology of our ruling elites (including Miliband).

      Those with an ideological or tribal stake in preserving the misleading (because, at least as far as mainstream politics is concerned, defunct) distinction between “left” and “right” will equivocate by appealing to distinctions that either no longer exist, or, at any rate, guide, shape or otherwise influence policy.

  • Lydia Robinson

    Above all, they despise “Middle England” the group of voters Thatcher understood so well.

    • Neil Saunders

      Thatcher didn’t understand anything well, except unleashing the forces of globalisation and deregulation that have actually advanced rather than retarded the forces of Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism.

  • Ed Miliband left wing socialist Marxist. Really?

    Oh just when you yearn for a cup of tea and melancholy hits you as
    MPs get a £7000 pay rise
    whilst denying you pay out of your state pension from 2013 til at least 2019.

    I nearly fell off me old typist’s chair seen better days, for laughing so much, tears rolled down me face.

    New Labour is so Tory it has lost two elections in a row, and lost this one worst than any other.

    Tories did not in 2010 nor did they this year.

    Labour voters did not vote nor keep registered to vote.

    Look in any Labour voting area and see the non-voters are huge.

    One Labour voting area had the record of 51 per cent non-voter turnout.

    Labour left behind its voter base.

    The 70 per cent are not voting in England and Wales, as Labour is not our party any more.

    We can but hope that Labour throws out the Tory New Labour and Progress.

    And takes on board Jeremy Corbyn – Labour Islington North – as Labour leader.

    We are not the loony left.

    The Tories are not capitalists nor comprehend capitalism in the least.
    Even the richest call what the Tories are as neo-feudal.

    The OECD now rank the UK as just as unequal, with the poor getting poorer as Greece and eastern Europe.

    We even have a higher birth death rate than most of Europe, especially for our poor.

    Which is not surprising as we sanction for months, pregnant mothers and families with new babies.

    When medicine knows we starve to death, on average, within one month.

    The next bright idea is to permanently sanction, whether in work or not.

    If there are 35 Labour MPS who want Labour to survive into the future and become a successful SYRIZA and not a wiped out PASOK, then vote Jeremy Corbyn.

    I am not voting Labour again after a lifetime of voting, and all the generations before me since Labour began.

    Labour has millions of non-voters only the ‘loony left’ can hoover up.

    Whoever is voting Tory, is far far less than these by the tens of millions.