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The subject of immigration has become a means of entrapment

20 June 2015

9:00 AM

20 June 2015

9:00 AM

When I founded the American Conservative 13 years ago — the purpose being to shine a light on the neocon shenanigans that led to the greatest American foreign policy disaster ever — Pat Buchanan and I held a press conference in the Washington DC Press Club to herald the event. There were reporters galore, and I could tell from their expressions that it wasn’t going to be a friendly session. Buchanan went first and held his own. Then came my turn. A hatchet-faced female hack in the first row asked me if Saudi money was behind me. ‘I wouldn’t accept Saudi blood money if it meant bedding Romola Garai,’ answered the modern Homer (I had seen a preview of I Capture the Castle featuring a nude Romola).

‘What do you mean by that?’ she said.

‘Figure it out, Einstein,’ said a rather peeved me. Looks that kill all round.

‘Are you against immigration?’ demanded the hatchet-faced one.

‘Absolutely against,’ said Mister Moneybags.

‘But you’re an immigrant,’ countered the witch. That’s when Pat stepped in.

‘Taki didn’t actually come over the Rio Grande…’

‘How did you come over?’

‘I came over on my yacht,’ I said, trying to raise a snicker or two. No one, but no one laughed.

Looking like a spoilt braggart is not much fun during a press conference. Worse, the joke got on hatchet face’s nerves and she got up and left, taking half of the room with her. American reporters take themselves extremely seriously and their sense of humour is not their strongest point, so taking the mickey is a no-no.

In America and Europe the subject of immigration has become a means of entrapment. When I read the commissioning (sigh!) editor’s column about racism two weeks ago, I felt like beating up Elie Wiesel, or some other do-gooder. I wish that anonymous friend of the commissioning (sigh) editor had asked me whether or not everyone at The Spectator is a racist. She would have gotten an earful — and an earache to boot. ‘Poor Med-faring migrants’; what crock. As far as I’m concerned, if they’re not part of a jihadi pipeline, they’re sub-Saharans who have absolutely no business coming to Europe. As someone said, there are probably more annoying things than being hectored by Bono, but he couldn’t think of any. I have just discovered the most annoying of them all: being asked if I’m a racist because I don’t want to see Africa transported to Europe.

Just look at the harm these sincere whimpering types have done. First of all, free speech is now verboten. It is thought to oppress diversity. PC has become an authoritarian thought code that claims to stand for tolerance. But just try to suggest that immigration must have some limits, or that all cultures are not equal, and you’ll see how far that tolerance goes.

And, alas, it’s mostly our fault — well-meaning European Christians turning the other cheek. First we had the suicide of two world wars, then a de-Christianised Europe led by the crooks in Brussels conning everyone into believing in the need for cheap labour and letting in millions upon millions of Muslims. Charles Martel stopped them in Tours, Don John in Lepanto and Jean III Sobieski at the gates of Vienna, but now they’re in and they’re staying, and the commissioning (sigh) editor is asked whether or not the Speccie is racist. As the duchess who mistakenly walked into a whorehouse said, something’s very wrong here.

And another thing. Leader writers bang on about the hideous waste of young lives lured by the blood-drenched Islamic State. I say to hell with them. If they want to go to fight, let them go, as long as they don’t come back. It’s a free country, ain’t it? Sure, I feel bad about those who pay their last penny to a smuggler to take them to Europe, but what are we doing about the smugglers? Nada. The Turks are openly encouraging them — 18,000 immigrants have landed on the island of Lesbos this year alone, driving the Lesbians bonkers — yet we treat the Turkish government with kid gloves rather than cutting off diplomatic relations.

And while I’m on the subject, you’d think the genocidal Turks, who slaughtered upwards of a million innocent Armenian men, women and children, would have done the world a favour and included the Kardashian clan, but no such luck. What the West should do is wage war on the traffickers and on those who preach jihad within Europe. Let me ask you a question: when Churchill had Sir Oswald and Lady Mosley jailed in Holloway for more than two years because he deemed them unreliable as far as Herr Hitler was concerned, only a few eyebrows were raised. Yet in reality there was absolutely no way the Mosleys would have done anything to harm the war effort. Still, they were put in the clink. Now we have bearded types openly asking for the destruction of our way of life, and the BBC and Channel 4 and papers such as the Guardian give them publicity. And instead of rounding them all up and making them do a Taki in Pentonville for 40 years or so, we pretend they are Brits and that they have the right to do what they’re doing. What were the Mosleys? Albanians?

The fourth and final African invasion is taking place as I write, so don’t send me any cards in Wyoming once you’re deemed an enemy of the people by the types that questioned the commissioning (sigh) editor about racism.

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  • Damaris Tighe

    Not only were the Mosleys imprisoned, but the small number of Germans living here – including Jewish refugees – were interned. The Britain of 1939 could do that because it had clarity about its cause & where the battle lines were, & the background was a truly cohesive national community. There is no such clarity today because 1) we’ve accepted very large numbers from some of the most backward areas of the world as fellow citizens, & 2) the prevailing ethos is designed to un-focus, rather than focus on all the important issues of national survival.

    The result is self-deception. All the issues are inverted & fudged. We endlessly breast beat ourselves because some of our burka clad fellow citizens (surprise surprise) leave to join a medieval caliphate – as if it is a loss, as if we should care. But do we care that the ice cream lady in the Yorkshire heartland of Dewsbury wears a burka with a slit for her eyes? Nada.

    • Ahobz

      Well said Damaris

      • Damaris Tighe

        Thank you kind sir.

        • greggf

          Actually I’m looking for tele’s post – anyone seen it….?

    • patrickirish

      Who changed the UK immigration laws to facilitate this?

      • Damaris Tighe

        A Tory government.

        • patrickirish

          It was one of the first acts of the Blair government.

          • Damaris Tighe

            First mass immigration was in the 1950s.

          • patrickirish

            Not inconsistent with my comment, but in the eleven years of the Labour Govt immigration was equivalent to the previous fifty years.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Yes indeed, but a large proportion of it was European (see the graphs on today’s Mail Online).

          • patrickirish


          • evad666

            Didn’t all the Somali Pirate agents come to the UK from Holland while Blair was enslaving us to the EU?
            Did we have 4911 young white victims of muslim sex gangs publicised as they were busy culturally enriching us in exchange for Labour votes?

          • Damaris Tighe

            Yes, a relatively small percentage of a very large number is still a large number.

          • mohdanga

            Maybe so but as my sister says, “I have nothing against the Swedes (for eg) but I don’t want 40,000 a year of them showing up as immigrants”. Just as the Swedes, who might not mind white English, wouldn’t want their country awash in them. The Swedes might not mind 100K a year of ‘assimilating’ Muslims but that’s another story….

          • ADW

            Windrush was in the late 40s. Atlee wasn’t happy. You don’t often hear lefties repeat what a lot of Labour thought at the time.

          • Damaris Tighe

            I stand corrected.

          • Chris Morriss

            Exactly 67 years ago to the day. The Windrush arrived on the 22nd of June, 1948.

          • ADW

            I remember in 1998 the bbc introducing a concert celebrating the 50th anniversary. They said “and now an event certainly worth celebrating …”

            Funnily enough in most things the bbc would be happy trotting out statstics in favour of an argument. Looking at all the social statistics – employment, welfare dependency, crime and mental health being the most important – the Afro Caribbean immigration to britain has been a failure; a net economic loss to the country and a avast inflation of the crime rate. East African Asians would be the opposite, and they faced much greater obstacles – many didn’t speak the language, they had a different religion, and they were here as refugees rather than economic migrants. So why were they so much more successful? It can’t be down to waycism since they would have faced at least as much.

          • Dovette

            They were entrepreneurial by nature. It is that simple. They had a pioneer spirit and a ferocious work ethic, even to this day.

          • wudyermucuss

            I know many,many of them.
            Many can barely speak English and are entirely self segregated.

    • Fritz123

      But “we are one nation” like in a football game, is this a justification for imprisonement? Prison for a lack of spiritual solidarity? And why should it matter today? Isnt this exactly what is called totalitarism? We care that they dont go to Syria because we “own” them and are responsible that they dont fight in a foreign country against its gouvernement. Putin does not care and we call this aggression. Hey, what do you want?

    • Malcolm Stevas

      Absolutely, well summarised. Your subsequent point about Tory incompetence with immigration is well made: without a decades-long history of Tory vacillation, Blair’s regime would have been far less able to get away with flinging open the doors to the alien hordes.

    • E.I.Cronin

      Brilliant. You should be on the Coffee House payroll Damaris. Often the case the best writing is in the comments list (hats off to Murray, Liddle and Taki though). This is a keeper. Will quote extensively.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Thank you.

  • pp22pp

    The commisioning editor clearly has a lower IQ than the average turnip and should be sacked.

  • pp22pp

    I think it’s such a pity that Moslem gangs are reduced to raping schoolgirls. Ms Wakefield and her friend should squeeze themselves into a pair of hotpants and offer themselves to be raped, beaten and shot up with drugs. They no one could call them racist.

    Then, when they had served their apprenticeship, they could become true professionals and maybe pick up a better clientele down at the docks. They would have saved some child from rape and done something useful with their pathetic lives.

    • Johnny Foreigner

      That is a fantastic idea, all female Libtards, would offer themselves up, to prove that they’re not racist or consider themselves privileged What about the male Libtards, what do they have to do to prove their Libtoid credentials?

      • pp22pp

        I don’t think the gangs are fussy, anyone, male female of goat will do.

  • Alexsandr

    we need to face down those who consider those who want immigration controls racist. Racists has become a meaningless word thrown at anyone who has an attitude the liberal lefties dont like. So we must not care we are called racist, we should ignore them – or even tell them not to be silly and move on.

    And we must not let them say that questioning Islam is racist too. Islam is not a race – its an intolerant creed. so again face them down and tell them to buy a dictionary, and learn what race means.

    notice to lefties. racist is not an insult I care about.

    • ohforheavensake

      What about idiot?

      • Dan O’Connor

        ” Idiiot ” , followed by hilarious laughter is what the non-Whites will be calling us instead of ” racist ” when we become persecuted minorities for being so dumb as to think our pathological White altruism would be reciprocated by them in kind

        First time you got anything right.

      • vieuxceps2

        Highly appropriate to you.

      • global city

        That sort of ridicule ran out of steam bout 5 years after Tony Blair opened the gates. Most people do not mind foreigners, or even loads of them in certain cities, but massive, culture changing, population supplanting levels, envisioned to continue for ever and ever is something else entirely.

        So Alex is not an idiot for holding opinions that have been forced onto the agenda, but you are a fool for keeping up the old pre-Blair mantra.

      • Cosmo

        What about useful idiot?

    • vieuxceps2

      Yes, racism never was meaningful (unless you have dark skin when it equals get out of jail free) but we should also be aware pf the PC language weapon which is used mightily by Lefty . As Orwell showed, words have immense power so we all need to fight aginst the insidious lefty use of our language to hamper clear thought .Fight back, express your thoughts in sensible English and do not be influenced by their marxoid maxims.

    • porcelaincheekbones

      Leftists love race, they see it everywhere. It’s like their version of God.

      • Also gender and sexual orientation. If you’re a “straight white cis male”, you’re the enemy who is at fault for everything wrong with this world.

        • porcelaincheekbones

          Sex and orientation are harder to spot at a distance. The “colorblind” idea they push is BS. They’re hyperaware.

    • E.I.Cronin

      Hear Hear! Damaris deserves a job in Cabinet and well spoken Alexandr. It’s time to go on the offensive in the ideological semantics war. Racist, fascist etc should now be met with a swift reply: Traitor; Treason; Jihadist Collaborator; Sharia Sympathiser. And unlike the shrill, content-less scolding used to stifle debate, these terms now have a truckload of textual and factual evidence behind them.

    • Germainecousin

      I would suggest that the only way to defeat islam is by a collective will to reinstate our Christian heritage. It was by desire to preserve Christianity that Martel etc were able to succeed. Politicians will not lead the way that is very evident since the majority are self serving hence we are saturated with islam. Go out of your way to object when something specifically anti Christian is suggested, such as making children in state schools eat halal meat, or heaven forbid somebody mentions Christ at Christmas and is consequently treated as a criminal. Defunct and corrupt as many Christian leaders have been no one can deny that the UK was at its strongest when it had a Christian identity.

    • Tellytubby

      Just make sure it is defined. I will never allow anyone to call me racist for something that is not absolutely and definitively racist. What they call racism they often mean “not PC”, “culturally insensitive” or even “prejudiced (which again is actually a misnomer itself because they don’t mean it in its purest form). Words are incredibly important.

  • Sean Grainger

    Mr T This is about last week when I was in Bayern and as usual invited to dinner by my mega helpful neighbour Hans-Peter Bergmann. It was my idea but stimulated by him telling me the history. Why don’t you get your chums to ask the King of Bavaria to take over again? It worked okay before and would set up the great prospect of Bayern vs Merkel which would not go down badly down south. Just a thought me old china.

  • Fritz123

    There is a better word for PC, people dont think themselves. It has nothing to do with any political direction. There is right PC and left PC, PC is allways the same.

    And, again, it is extremly boring to hear people who think they think themselves use the PC topic as a political argument. Who cares what others think? The world is full of idiots.

    And I met some very nice blacks. Clear thinkers. And yes, they have public schools in Nigeria as well. There are blacks, negroes, who can say: so what, it is latin and means black. We should not oversimplify. Taki may have had a bad week.

    • porcelaincheekbones

      PC slowly breaks people down in a way comparable to psychological torture. Identity in all forms gets ripped away until you become afraid of your own shadows and thoughts, as if people could hear them.

      • Exactly. Think of university safe spaces:

        • porcelaincheekbones

          As a system it exists to make you depend on others. You don’t trust yourself.

      • Fritz123

        PC breaks people down? Maybe PC in the UK is stronger. “I am so happy to fight against Muslims in Iraq” says a Muslim UK soldier in BBC… Taki and others are living examples of the contrary but thdre is also the danger or presense of the other PC that starts IMHO allready with complaining about PC and not making a usefull contribution to political discussion. It can be much more fun!! Thanks!!

        • porcelaincheekbones

          The UK is the PC HQ. It’s enforced very tightly around the London area, socially and legally.

          • Fritz123

            Somebody told me this absurd Muslim example. Thanks!! But on the other hand, it is not so very easy to keep London peacefull. Lets recognise this too. Maybe we should not talk about it too much because it is obvious. And lets face this other reality too. There is no real alternative to the EU however it will look in detail. Future is still open..

          • porcelaincheekbones

            It used to be easy when London was culturally homogenous. We didn’t have police until recently because people self-policed, knowing everybody else. London is too dense, the population density too high, the pressure of multiculturalism reaches fever pitch.

          • Fritz123

            Well, my brother told me some reality behind those TV riots in TV locations looting one cheap store but his wife had once difficulties on her way to work with the bicycle. A nice freehold in a place where there are not enough people to pay for a nice bakery and a piano teacher.

  • Skyeward

    Immigration is just a cornerstone of neo-liberalism. As the dialogue shifts away from the people and on the rotten system instead, immigration is losing favor rapidly in the U.S. on the Left as is free trade. You should try it.

  • SonOfTheIsles

    Depressing, isn’t it.

    I have nothing more to say.

    I have given up and am looking to raise money to leave this awful continent.

    • ohforheavensake

      On the other hand, it’s a nice day, things are relatively peaceful and have been for a while, and even though we have a government who aren’t really very good at governing this is still a pleasant, tolerant country.

      If you don’t think so, then off you go: it’ll make things even more pleasant for the rest of us.

      • SonOfTheIsles

        It’s Quisling c*nts like you who will insure that the future is not peaceful.

        Thankfully, liberals of your ilk have no backbone and are not willing to fight to keep the status quo.

        I look forward to meeting you when the Euro-wide civil war begins.

        • Johnny Foreigner

          The Quisling Dhimmi above, once things kick off, will renounce everything and follow the rest of the crowd, but they’ll do it from the back, pushing everyone else forward before them.

      • vieuxceps2

        I take it that you have no children ?

        • Muttley

          I notice Rotherham is back in the news today.

      • porcelaincheekbones

        in times of war, the invaders come for the native traitors first

      • Bonkim

        Fear of crime is more dangerous than actual crime.

        • Chris Morriss

          Not when you get a knife stuck in you it isn’t.

          • Bonkim

            Proven fact that perceptions/fear of crime quite out of proportion to actual incidence.

    • EHGombrich

      I am studying for the LSAT, the American, Canadian and Australian law school exam. Then I´m off to the U.S. of A. Told all my relatives, (especially the French ones – there has been a riot in Paris today again) that they should plan their children´s future somewhere else than in Europe.

      • Bonkim

        Start a colony on Mars.

        • Tellytubby

          “I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race” – Rhodes is now lampooned for saying such a thing but I don’t know why considering he was absolutely right. All the best places on the planet today are places that were colonized by Britain back then. The shame is we weren’t able to do more.

          • Venk

            All species change – that is what evolution is all about. Looking back to the glories of Pax Britannica does not solve today’s issues – today Britain is turning into a relatively minor player in global terms. Education, productivity, innovativeness, etc, etc, many have overtaken Britain.

          • Zhang Wei

            Britain is nothing, Britain is the past, this is the era of the Han Chinese!

          • Bonkim

            Now you are getting to be a racist. But the Chinese were always racist. Overconfidence destroys a civilization.

          • MC73

            True enough, but China’s explicit racism will keep its culture and heritage intact. Our tolerance will be the death of our culture and heritage. The wu mao has a point.

          • Bonkim

            That is what destroyed China in the 19th and 20th centuries until the Communists saved China from utter destruction on the basis of a classless/non-sectarian system that looks at all as equal. The cultural revolution was to rid of the remnants of the past multi-layered privileges.

    • Johnny Foreigner

      How many times in the past have you voted Labour? Come on, be honest.

    • porcelaincheekbones

      There’s a book called Pathological Altruism which explains these people. They’ll happily starve to feed outsiders. They’re actively dangerous and disloyal to their ingroup. Traitors, in short.

    • Bonkim

      You won’t find many places to rest. the earth is overpopulated and resources running out. You are better off home where in the lease you can vent your frustration on the Spectator-blog-columns.

    • Tellytubby

      We didn’t learn our history properly. We villified Germany and Hitler but let Stalin off the hook. We didn’t look at Clemenceau and the French’s hatred for Germany – their pathological fear of it as a united entity – their anger at their humiliation in 1871, their revanchist desire to reclaim Alsace. France is just as much as anyone to blame for the World Wars. If we could have solved that problem and decided that Europe was big enough for France and Germany to both play nicely together we wouldn’t have needed the whole apparatus of the EU. Even as it happened we didn’t need it because we had an external existential threat in the form of the Warsaw Pact countries that kept us together – and NATO ensured we were not going to go to war again. So much so that its become unthinkable – so the EU was never really needed for that.

  • Precambrian

    Well, if these countries are such basket-cases perhaps we should colonise them again…

    • Bonkim

      What an idiotic idea – not many resources left and feeding the population will be unaffordable. Colonies started their life as Multinational PLCs when trade in shipping people and produce was profitable.

      • mohdanga

        Yes, the Middle East has no oil and Africa has no natural resources.

        • Bonkim

          Not all – nation-states as we know do not exist as most borders in Africa were created through Imperial history throwing together warring tribes and religions. Social organisation is non-existent and corrupt, population growth astronomic because of overseas aid and misguided food and medical aid that is increasing populations at locations previously inhospitable to life.

          • mohdanga

            Agree with you on your second statement, Western aid (white guilt reparations) has done way more harm than good. While many disparate tribes were thrown together by the drawing of arbitrary borders, these tribes still would not have had the technological wherewithal to access their natural resources if not for white settlement.

          • Bonkim

            Deluded – social organisation was poor and hence easily dominated by outsiders. But once that domination disappeared most are rebounding back. White domination – I don’t like the term – is backward/stunted mind expression.

            If you look around the non-white (your definition) races hav produced brilliant minds – also the rise of European civilization was the result of the industrial revolution and discoveries of new resources that triggered emigration/innovation – a process held back for some decades in the earlier civilizations of the East – but had sprung back – now countries like Korea/Japan/China/India are dominating the High-tech innovative fields too and recognising that their medieval social conventions have to change. If you look around today, Europe.North America are diminishing in terms of their potential and fair amount of their high-end industries, research and development are manned by people other than (white – your definition) races.

            Don’t look at people by their genes – all are capable of contributing in different ways in all spheres of life – main point is social organisation, preparedness to take risk, and individual enterprise – Britain excelled in all these in the 19th century and hence was top-dog, the 20th century saw the rise of the US as the supreme power/innovative centre – and now it is declining.

            Whhite race – is a silly term as at the same time Btritain/Netherlands/france/Germany and the Northern Europeans were venturing and progressing many sections of the Europeans were illiterate/ignorant and clinging to medieval values and could not be classed as advanced in comparison with others in Asia, etc. To repeat it is all about social organisation and discarding medieval religions, and social organisation that liberates the individual to maximise his/her potential. Collectively social organisation dictates level of development and efficiency of the human system.

          • Zhang Wei

            Probably the most informed, salient comment I have ever had the pleasure of reading on Spectator….Hear Hear!

        • Zhang Wei

          Both belong to the Chinese now

    • Chris Morriss

      A good idea on the surface, but not so good when you really look into it. As Gladstone kept reminding D’Israeli (the 19th C precursor to Blair), the British Empire was a net drain on the resources of this country, for all but a few decades in its early existence.

      • Bonkim

        Get real – On the whole it was profitable and gave Britain a huge advantage economically and also leverage in foreign policy and international politics. The Empire also provided lucrative employment for many and created a huge market for UK industrial goods. The old networks continue to bring returns.

        Supplied huge amounts of war material and manpower though and cheap primary produce and minerals. The Empire was greater than the sum of its individual components.

  • misomiso


  • jim

    If things keep going as they are racism will look less like prejudice and more like common sense. Maybe the word “racist” could be reclaimed just as the “n” word has been by the “african-american community” .

    • Johnny Foreigner

      ‘N’, you sad sack.

      • jim

        “n” I said.

        • Johnny Foreigner

          Wow, sorry my fault for not conveying my meaning here. I’ll try again: Instead of using a form of Libtard redaction, if you mean to use a word, then grow a pair and tip toe past the computer censor with naggar or kneegar, how old are you 5? Maybe you’re a yank, if so, just forget it.

          • jim

            As it happens I agree. No reason to be such a p***k about it though.

          • Johnny Foreigner

            Ok, I went too far. It was a momentary lapse, so I’ll now step back.

    • porcelaincheekbones

      is there data? data>feelings
      all this name-calling is a puerile attempt to silence logical discussion

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        Are those data. Plural, right!

    • AverageGuyInTheStreet

      Nasty racism is one thing, resisting an invasion is something else altogether.

    • It has always been common sense. That’s what we are learning now: our racist ancestors in the 1950s might well have been acting out of knee-jerk prejudice, but it was a knee-jerk prejudice that would have averted Rotherham and kept England English.

      • jim

        Hard to disagree with you.

  • Charles Lufkin

    The commissioning person Taki is talking about is the Spectators own pc princess–Mary Wakefield.Hopefully, the Spectaor will wake up to the fact that Europe must stop third world immigration.Millions of low skilled,semi-literate invaders are attempting to radically change Britain and Europe.The Battle of Britain has begun.We must win this war.

  • porcelaincheekbones

    Note how attitudes toward mild immigration often reflect the size of the welfare state.

  • mecha-rigsby

    If anyone fancies a giggle, over at the Graun, Cherie Blair is lamenting the plight of widows, over the world. It’s probably got the most deleted comments since Diane Abbott last blogged for the Graun.Apparently, on ‘comment is free’, its considered a bit much to point out that Cherie Blair’s husband has probably created more widows than any other man living.


    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Looks like Cherie’s gone belly up.

      • dolusbonus

        What a disgusting thought…. probably forgot her contraceptive gear again… Balmoral has a lot to answer for….

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          Better than tits up.

  • edlancey

    Well the real problem is that Fraser Nelson is a dripping-wet Tory who, since he is married to a Swede, incredibly thinks this means that untold numbers of Roma beggars are welcome in the UK.

    Taki finds Nelson “handsome”, which in Taki’s book is some sort of moral quality, so can’t see that he has dragged the magazine to the left.

    • Chris Morriss

      Tacky is an unpleasant Balkan perv, but that’s life today.

  • Ron

    Since the Liverpool riots subdued by Harold MacMillan the British Government has refused to have an immigration policy and Cameron hopes to be in the EU so he doesn’t have to make a decision.

  • I agree with the writer’s essential principles, but you’ve only got to read the comments on the Guardian website to see things have fundamentally changed. The pressure is starting to be exerted on the fanatical multiculturalists (and all their pet causes) and it will keep on increasing until it’s unbearable. Many are already openly calling for a repatriation programme – which I believe is the most sensible way to begin to resolve these problems.

  • Alison Lane

    ‘First of all, free speech is now verboten.’ – right, so, which part of this (revolting) article did you self-censor?

    • twowolves

      You must be exhibit A then.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    I wrote up a story about a newspaper editor who was hanged (after being tortured) for what he printed in his publication.
    Which the Spectator promptly deleted. Irony just doesn’t come close.

  • Bonkim

    What baffles me is that the Author whilst defining a problem offers no workable solution. He needs to look at the situation from the perspectives of the feet that are trekking over desert sands and risking leaky boats to reach Italy or Greece. The Italians are complaining others in Europe are not sharing their load – now who asked them to send rescue ships to the Med in the first place.

    Human migration particularly in the scale seen today is caused primarily by the all pervasive media and modern transport that send powerful signals to attract the have-nots. Overseas food and medical aid have encouraged populations to grow at locations that were previously inhospitable to life. Religious bigots are using the full scope of modern technology and media to propagate their evil and gain recruits.

    The web of international trade and travel means shutting down the hatch and isolating from the rest of the world is not an option. Totalitarian methods of excluding and eliminating the perceived threats such as not rescuing the boat people or shutting all those rescued in isolation camps could offer a solution provided these can be politically managed within international law. No reason why Britain as a permanent member of the security council cannot call on the international body to bring in the more developed countries of the Middle East to find space for these refugees and also financial assistance for their management.

    No option should be left untried – looking at it dispassionately, Britain has no responsibility for rescuing and giving a home to the refugees paying people traffickers to put them on leaky boats in the Med.

  • thetrashheap

    We are in the mid 1930’s stage, demonising anybody who suggests there may be a problem.

    Balking at the horror of what the truth means so we deny it as a possibility.

    We’ll get to our 1939 to 1945 on this issue and it won’t be pretty. It won’t just be intering a few bad eggs. It will be civil war

  • Zed largo

    Talented people born in countries that have no social or cultural facility for helping them exercise their talent are always going to find ways to migrate to lands where they can develop. This is happening big time in the story of the massing immigrants flooding into Europe. The brain drain from countries that are developmentally backward keeps them stuck in conservatism, making it more likely that their talent will leave. What a vicious circle this is! As part of an intelligent response to the immigrant crisis it is vital that the developed world does not collude in the systematic loss of talent from lands that desperately need brains to help them evolve. Another word for immigration based on economic or personal reasons is abandonment of homelands. This perspective needs to be taken up by the media.

    • Bonkim

      Look at it another way, talented people don’t get a chance to maximise their potential because of poor and/or corrupt social organisation. One can find various reasons for their situation – history, religion, lack of resources, etc. Also the difference between developed/developing/under-developed in terms of years is pretty small – and many of today’s underdeveloped or failed societies were once highly developed/thriving and productive. Classic example – the Central Asian/Arab/Persian civilizations were collectively the superpower over hundreds of years during Europe’s dark and Middle Ages, as the Chinese and Indians before them. Human societies go through their life cycles and shine at certain times at certain locations because of particular bursts of energy, innovative flair and organisational skills. Look up the history of various Kingdoms and Empires across the world over the centuries to grasp the point.

      Nothing stays the same – talented people will try to maximise their potential – same reason talented people from Britain found their place in the Empire where they could achieve much more than they could at home where social divisions and the push to conform stifled enterprise. Only the more able ventured out and succeeded – that is in all societies all times.

  • Stephen Milroy

    It’s not race. The problem is we are importing people from failed cultures. And they’ve brought their failed cultures with them.

    • No, it’s race. Ethnic groups need their territories, or else they will cease to exist.

    • mohdanga

      Yet white culture was superior to many cultures ‘colonized’ by whites so why wasn’t the ‘it’s not race’ argument used to support this?

  • Enjoy Cultural-Marxist pathological altruism, degeneration and total demographic replacement. South Africa and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) today, England France Italy Germany, Sweden, Spain tomorrow !
    -40 million abortion/Year of European children,
    -huge birthrate and polygamy from MENA and Africa (with total continental population doubling every 20 years soon 2 Billion)
    – Around 1.2 fertility rate for European women versus 7-12 for Africa

    Futhermore, Turkey is occupying almost 50% of an EU member state’s territory
    (Cyprus) and has settled 250 000 of it’s citizens there. In no way is
    Turkey suitable for EU membership.
    Not only has it settled its citizens in northern Cyprus, but it’s ethnically cleansed the area of the indigenuous Greeks.

    The true objective of the EU is to create a totalitarian superstate, with no democratic mandate, and for the 28 nations of Europe to be replaced with regional clones carrying out the instruction of the centre.

    • Chris Morriss

      And the answer to that is to reduce the birth rate among our M.E and African immigrants, forcibly if necessary, not to attempt to get Europeans to breed faster,

  • Bulan Sabriel

    I appreciate Taki admitting that the only purpose of The American Dhimmi was to promote false isolationism. They ignored immigration and worked with leftists.

  • rightrightright

    ‘Poor Med-faring migrants’; what crock. As far as I’m concerned, if they’re not part of a jihadi pipeline, they’re sub-Saharans who have absolutely no business coming to Europe.’

    But they are looking for a better life. That is what we are told. So that’s alright then, innit?

  • Saleem Shady

    The multicultural lie will be punished peacefully by the ballot box. UKIP is positioned to build on its gains in the north and midlands and take down the Rotherham perpetrating Labour Party which within a few generations will be the party of Muslims, Marxists, Guardian reading public sector workers and nobody else. The Tories will grow a spine at some point too.

  • scampy

    A referendum on returning muslim immigrants to countries of origin would solve the problem in we had a PM with guts.

  • kermit

    Thank you! Some Fresh air in a decaying Left-wing World!

  • EnosBurrows

    ” First of all, free speech is now verboten. ”

    If that is the case, how come you get a regular column?

  • wudyermucuss

    In England now,it is literally turning into an invasion.
    Many areas are already occupied.

  • Precambrian

    The bourgeois want cheap labour and the cutural maxists want multiculturalism. Left and Right united in (oh God, cliché alert) a ‘perfect storm’ of immigration demand.

  • Zhang Wei

    Surely the time has arrived to send out black ops SAS death squads in order to neutralize and liquidate these migrant hordes.

  • Verbatim

    The Gramscian Marxists have an agenda to sweep away the old liberal democratic order and replace it with a Marxist State. The Muslims have an agenda to sweep away the old liberal democratic order and replace it with an Islamic State. The BBC and The Guardian are not impartial – both side with the Gramscians but will provide a platform for any group, including Muslims, whom they consider will advance their agenda of the destrcution of the “western world view”. Their additional support for “equal treatment for women, the integrity of science and a perspective that takes seriously individual liberty” extends only as far as when these things can be used as weapons in their war. It dumps them as soon as these things become inconvenient. Their support for Islam also extends only so far as it can be used as a weapon. Therefore, I think the BBC, The Guardian, the Gramscians, and the Muslims are on the same side, for the moment.

  • I am not sure if a story about an American Paleoconservative is in fact yet another slur and smear against UKIP through association, somehow.