Ali Baba and the 300 hostages: the kidnappers who prey on desperate migrants in Europe’s border badlands

In the ‘Wild West’ between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia, being beaten up and robbed is far from the worst that can happen

11 July 2015

9:00 AM

11 July 2015

9:00 AM

In the heat of the midday sun, the fields and woodlands between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia look idyllic: birds sing, the grass is smudged with wild poppies, all seems quiet. But this picture of pastoral peace is, I’m afraid, an illusion. This is Greece’s Wild West, a lawless and desperate place known as ‘The Jungle’, where people are beaten up every day.

‘It’s dangerous out there,’ says the fat Greek policeman standing with me, just north of the village of Idomeni. Then he waddles back to his car.

The predators in this jungle are Afghan people-smugglers, their prey the poor migrants who have struggled here from all over Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The steady crunch of gravel that carries through the air with the birdsong grows louder as we approach a railway line. From here, I can see a biblical vision of flight: a continual flood of refugees who have travelled to Greece by dinghy from Turkey and are now heading for the conifer forests that disappear into the hills that encircle us. Men and women carrying babies, pulling their children, spurred onwards by poverty and war, faces scorched by the sun. A group of backpacked Syrians pick their way along the tracks. ‘Goodbye Syria!’ cries a young man, flicking a peace sign. In the distance there are more; a long line of them grinding along a road.

I walk towards the woodland. The migrants are hidden from view in the shrub, but as the tall grass gives way to the trees, they become visible. Hundreds crouch in the vegetation. Most of them are bound for Germany or Austria. Some shelter in abandoned outhouses. The new arrivals are easy to spot, limping and shoeless, airing calloused feet swollen by days of walking. A woman exposes her toddler’s little body, blanketed in red welts from the midges and mosquitos that descend in their swarms at dusk — along with the snakes.

At a clearing ahead, a charity’s jeep pulls up, followed by a foreign TV crew. The camera rolls as medicine is distributed. And then I hear them, talking in Dari: the Afghan people smugglers.

Between dick jokes, they are discussing business: how many have you got? Who is going to cross tonight? These are the men the fat copper was afraid of, smugglers now posing as refugees in a queue for gauzes and pills. Migrants exploiting migrants: they are hard to spot at first. But soon you can pick them out from a distance — the swagger, the flamboyant hair, all undercuts and mohawks, the leather wristbands and the flashy trainers.

A Syrian man was shot in the head a few months ago when he resisted a robbery. Increasingly there are reports of rapes. A young Afghan jogs towards us gripping his head. A dribble of blood leaks from a gash on his cheekbone. His face is bruised black. He says the Macedonian police beat him as he emerged from the other side of the forest. If it’s not thieves, it is the police.

But I am looking for information about something more sinister than either: a kidnap ring said to be holding hundreds of migrants to ransom at a house in northern Macedonia. When I ask an Afghan smuggler about it, his stunned reaction and the looks that pass between him and his friends tell me that it is true. One of them takes me aside, ignoring the others urging him to shut up.

Every week, he says, hundreds of refugees are transported by freight train to a small farmhouse in a village called Vaksince, in northern Macedonia, where they are held for ransom. The operation started less than a year ago and is raking in hundreds of thousands of euros a month. The smuggler is talking to me because the ring is encroaching on his patch — twice already he has had to rescue ‘clients’ from the house, refugees who were kidnapped en route to Serbia. He describes the place in detail; conditions are so bad it looks like somewhere you would keep livestock, he says. The kingpin is an Afghan known as Ali Baba — real name Nusrat. But how can a bunch of Afghans set up shop in a village in Macedonia? ‘Albanian Mafia,’ he whispers.

Everything the smuggler tells me fits with what I already know. I’d met Mohammed and Ahmed in Budapest. Best friends from Aleppo in Syria, they had made the same journey with a group of about 300 other refugees. After making it out of the jungle in Greece, they were loaded on to a wagon at Gevgelija station in Macedonia, near the Greek border. Several hours later the train stopped. Gasping for oxygen, the group stumbled out into the dawn air — and into the hands of about 50 men armed with batons and knives. They were forced to walk a few hours until they reached a house. For five days, Mohammed, Ahmed and the others were packed into a stinking, airless room; windows blacked out with bin liners. At night bodies piled on top of each other. The house was guarded at all times by Ali Baba’s henchmen. Beatings were regular. Food was scarce. Syrians, assumed to be the richest, were charged the highest ransoms at €1,000 each. Those with no cash were forced to call their families for money or download the Western Union app on their phones and make transfers. Turnover was high — every few days a new batch of prisoners would be delivered to the house. Ali Baba threatened to kill anyone who did not pay.

Mohammed and Ahmed, who saw local Macedonian police working with the traffickers, used their phones to identify position of the house and to send pleas for help. They escaped one morning during a battle between the police and Albanian mafia.

The battle lasted more than 30 hours, bombs and bullets ripping through bricks and concrete. At least 18 people were killed, including eight members of Macedonia’s special forces. The authorities said they were fighting ethnic ‘Albanian rebels’, some of whom were wearing the uniform of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the ethnic Albanian rebel movement which fought for independence from Serbia — and had deep roots in organised crime.

Using the coordinates that Mohammed and Ahmed had given us, we drove to the house. As we approached, several Afghan guards appeared. A group of locals gathered around. They said they heard shouting from the house every night — they had even called the police, who never turned up. A short Afghan in a black T-shirt who had darted up a hill started shouting instructions to his men from some bushes. The locals pointed at him and said: ‘They call him Ali Baba.’ When the guards began making phone calls, the locals became anxious and told us to leave. They feared the Afghans were calling the mafia — the real men in charge.

A couple of weeks later the Macedonian police raided that house. It had already been cleared, but hundreds of migrants were rescued from other houses. Fourteen people have been arrested so far — but there is no sign of Ali Baba.

His operation was a business that pumped a million euros a month, perhaps more, into criminal networks that spread across Europe, fuelled by corrupt officials. ‘Everyone knows what’s going on. And nobody does anything, because they’re all involved,’ said an off-duty Greek civil servant. He named police, customs officials and railway workers in several European countries, accusing them of accepting bribes and tampering with seals on wagon doors to help traffickers transport their human cargo.

And that’s the problem. The scale of the new trade in humans is so vast that it’s engendering corruption through south and eastern Europe. Confusing and discriminatory laws on undocumented migrants — such as ones that bar them from taking public transport — make them easy prey. While Europe is concentrating on how to keep desperate migrants out, organised crime syndicates are counting the cash as they expand their empires.

If Europe wants to help refugees, it must concentrate on fighting these criminal gangs. Attempts to stem the flow of migrants are not working — even the 110-mile fence that Hungary is now building along its border with Serbia will not keep them out.

As Ahmed said: ‘I would do this journey again tomorrow. And again. A thousand times more. When there is nothing for you at home, nothing for you to lose, what else would you do?’

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  • Dan O’Connor

    It is a folly upon folly to expect the same European governing political / corporate caste are totally to blame for this civilzational immigration disaster and have worked ceaselessly for the last 50 years to bring it about , and have evolved an ideology that glorifies it , to be the solution to it. They system exists purley for its own continuation , not ours .
    If all of them are not removed , the future can be predicted with certainity by examining their past performance. It will just get worse and worse
    There appears no be no limit to the amount of destruction to its social fabric that the West is willing to absorb and continue on as if nothing has happened . People have become too comfortable . They are all hoping that by the time the crap really hits the fan , that they won’t be around anyway or they will somehow gét out from under
    Anyone who hasn’t worked out yet that this is not going to end peacefully regardless of whatever action is taken , because we past that warning sign on the road 20 years back , is either a lying politician, a journalist who is working under NUJ CultMarx reporting guidelines or living in a hippy flower child wonderland

    • Sue Smith

      Spot on!

      • Dan O’Connor

        Yes , and that’s just the illegal or refugess immigration .
        The UN NGO’s and their human rights lawyers , Christian / Jewish charity / refugee organisations, and Corporate cheap labour are behind much of it .
        And every Western goverment has introduced all kinds of Orwellian anti speech and thought legislation and journalistic guidelines to stilfe our screams of warning
        The media, the Gate Keepers of the Truth , that Western societies have relied upon to be informed of any threats to our security, has played a major role over the last 50 years in this historically unprecedented act of moral cowardice , cringing conformism wickedness, criminal dereliction of duty and demographic vandalism against their own historical peoples .
        Not forgetting of course the sizable contribution made to our present predicament by the machinations of an unnameable ethnic group and its vastly disproportionate influence and power .

        • Sue Smith

          I’m afraid I just have to agree with you, such is the catastrophic scenario everybody in Europe is facing. I live in Australia and we’ve reined in our problems, despite the ongoing shrill screams of activists, politically correct, advocates and lawyers. The vast majority of Aussies want them to shut the hell up. And, of course, all this ‘activism’ is aided and abetted by the courts.

          • Gilbert White

            So how come I see the Circus at Brisbane Library every weekend a small party of zealots with their microphones take over the space when it is not a farmer’s market.

          • Sue Smith

            “small party of zealots”? See; an improvement already!!

    • scampy

      Exactly these uncivilized dogs will try to create the same hell holes they have run from because they cannot admit islam has failed.

      • post_x_it

        How has it failed? It seems to be on course to victory from where I’m sitting.

  • Dan O’Connor

    The USA has its own borderless border badlands at the same time . What a coincidence ?

    • rationality

      No Dan, it is not a coincidence. What is happening in America right now is so scary. Whats been going on lately is the gender confusion thing taught at schools. Its so evil and Cult Marx marches on unhindered. I cant believe how many people just arent getting this. Obviously they go on about the immigrants and our religious friends (a purposeful distraction) but they arent joining the dots and seeing the links.

      We will lose everything soon. How do we get people to understand?

  • Dan O’Connor

    We have our own evolving tribal badlands up here in Sweden, Denmark , Norway , Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and of course the UK
    No population transformation of this rapidity and epic scale has ever taken place before in all of human history . At least other invaded and dispossessed peoples where allowed the honour by their leaders of dying to defend their homelands .
    Without honour we are nothing
    What will future generations of our children think ? What will they say ?
    Unlike the vast majority of journalists, politicians , and middle / upper class trendy radical chic Lefties, I’ve had considerable in the field , up close, personal experience of some of those ” yoof ” ( as the media calls them ) badlands up here in North West Europe .
    The love that Liberals have for “diversity ” and “cultural enrichment ” is in direct proportion to their lack of proximity to it .

    • Sue Smith

      Again, I completely agree with your sentiments. The loony left has a great deal to answer for; not just illegal immigration, lack of freedom of speech and political correctness but their influence goes right into the heart of the legal system to endemic leniency and recidivism. It’s really ugly.

      Have you heard that in New York now a Democratic major is in change who won’t stand for black Americans being stopped and frisked. Consequently, the great work done to clean up NY crime by Guiliani has now been undone and it has returned to a place of crime and no public safety. This is what they want so that the whole social system breaks down and they can claim their rightful place at the top of the social order, with impeccable moral credentials. And, above all, no capitalism and hegemonic power in the hands of the establishment.

      • Dan O’Connor

        Isn’t that the New York Democrat mayor who is married to a black women who claims she is a lesbian ?

    • davidofkent

      I think the Great European Migrations of the 8th and 9th Centuries were, relatively-speaking, even worse.

      • Dan O’Connor

        What’s that got to do with it ? What are you trying to morally justify with that ? Or, as they say –and your point was ?

        I can see that you are addressing your reply to me , but for some mysterious reason you have gone off at a total tangent with your standard trademark Lefty evasive one liner post that has totally avoided the substance and points of my far more extensive post
        I don’t know exacty what you are trying to say ?
        Are you suggesting , ( to use a justifiable analogy ) that if in the 8th and 9th centuries somebody drank a cup of poison and dropped dead , that this means if we just drink half a cup of poison that this is heathy for us ?
        I mean , poison is still poison , even if you drink small amount of it and it kills you slower , But it still kills you in the end
        That which is destructive to a human society in large amounts , is also destructive in smaller amounts .
        I believe I have addressed your over simplicification adequately

      • Sue Smith

        Yes, and of course the populations world-wide back then were absolutely huge – as we all know!!

  • Bonkim

    If Europe wants to keep migrants out – it should build camps guarded by the military to keep them where they land and organise return shipments. Stop the rescue ships and keep NGOs and charities out as also reporters. We don’t want to know. We don’t want criminals and Jihadists defusing through this human garbage.

    • Sue Smith

      You need to follow what the Australian government has done; keep them out, shut down the flow of information and ramp the volume down on the shrill roar of the activist cliques. They are COMPLETELY self-serving and the Australian people have really had a gut full of their endless crap, spewed on a weekly basis. Even hard-line lefty (admittedly adolescent) commentators on “The Guardian” have changed their tunes a little since it dawned on them that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are strong and healthy males who’ve abandoned families and whole communities to predators to save their own precious hides. I’m thinking these males from countries like Nigeria, who engage in illegal street practices would be one and the same, as they are the only people who can afford to pay people smugglers to get what they want.

      Meanwhile, my heart goes out to the tragic families living in tent cities with malnourished children and no hope whatsoever. Their own people have deserted them.

      The journalism “profession” is either part of the problem or part of the solution. You choose.

      • Bonkim

        Agree with your take – but Hong Kong dealt with the boat-people in the early 1980s in a similar fashion by setting up seggregated camps – by excluding them from mixing with the people of Hong Kong and denying them employment, etc.

        • Sue Smith

          But our new generation of illegal immigrants have activists, minorities, doctors, other immigrants and our High Court acting on their behalf. Entirely un-Australian and of course immensely undemocractic, since the rest of the nation has said “uh oh, no more thanks”. The shrill minorities never shut up.

          *In the late 1990’s when this was going on cartoonists in major papers made jokes about ‘refugees’ SEWING their lips together, going on hunger strikes etc. Today every do-gooder takes them all seriously and they’re never out of the headlines. Most have had their ‘refugee’ claims denied but absolutely refuse to leave. This is industrial strength blackmail.

          (*One of the cartoons at the time was as follows: a family arrives at somebody’s home to apply for a domestic job. The homeowner looks at the man and wife and says, “we know you can sew, but can you cook? I remember laughing with my school students about it at the time!)

  • Gilbert White

    Are they poor? Most of our working class pensioners would find a thousand as difficult to find as a million. We even have journalists as cheerleaders now!

    • Sue Smith

      Yes, because they’ve got jobs!!!! Every bit as smug as we’ve ever seen in the annals of history, they don’t care a damn about anyone but themselves.

  • thomasaikenhead

    Why are the Syrians feeling Syria?

    Why do Afghans flee Afghanistan?

    Why do Iraqis flee Iraq?

    Why is Libya the trans-shipment point for so many illegal migrants?

    Surely it has nothing to do with Western foreign policy that has turned former dictatorships into failed states?

    Why is anyone surprised that the consequences of such policies is the flood of refugees heading toward Europe?

    Never mind the media sob stories about individual migrants, why is nobody asking what caused the migrant problem in the first place?

  • The Bogle

    There was an item on BBC World Service news at 5 a.m. on Thursday. Angela Merkel assured Albania, Serbia and Montenegro that the current difficulties in Greece would not prevent Germany from supporting their applications to join the EU. Does anyone know whether Macedonia has also made such an application?

  • Shorne

    Well this article has brought the raving reactionaries out in force hasn’t it, still if they’re ranting away here I suppose it stops them doing any real harm.

    • Dan O’Connor

      Get with it man ! ” reactionaries ” is old hat these days and was used back in the time of the Leftist extermination of 20 to 30 million Slavs in the Soviet Union as a way to describe anyone who expressed criticism or dissent
      These days us Leftties use the far more economy pack term
      ” DoublePlusUngood ” to evilize anything we can’t be bothered to debate .
      The term comes from Orwell’s 1984 .
      Anyway , I wish you a happy 16th hippy birthday … you little Bolshie

      • Shorne

        “A reactionary is a person who holds political views that favor a return to the status quo ante, the previous political state of society, which possessed characteristics (discipline, respect for authority, etc.) that he or she thinks are negatively absent from the contemporary status quo of a society.”
        Sums you and your kind up perfectly ,Franklin Roosevelt’s shorter definition
        “A Reactionary is a somnambulist walking backwards.” also applies.Your comment history shows signs of the common reactionary trait of anti-Semitism also.

        ‘Get with it man’ what are you some kind of beatnik . Perhaps your decision to ignore rules of spelling is some kind of protest?

        • Sue Smith

          Those ‘anti-reactionaries”, i.e. the Left are incapable of thinking. They just EMOTE.

          Failing to think beyond the first few people they wanted let into Europe and the rest of the world – those who were fleeing ‘persecution’ – didn’t allow them to unpack the realities of what would and did happen. So, “thinking” and “the left” should never be used in the same sentence.

          The left doesn’t hold principles, it just has POSITIONS on issues.

          • Shorne

            Firstly one should always be wary of people who scatter words in upper case throughout their comments . If you think nobody ever has to flee persecution you don’t really know what’s going on. As you are Australian you may not be aware that the 2011 UK Census showed that the population was 80.5% White British, in some parts of the country it is still over 90%. A census in Australia in the same year showed that 90.8% of the population described themselves as being of English, ‘Australian’, Irish or Scottish descent. I doubt if the ‘Australians’ really were though, by that I mean Aborigines, as all the rest are immigrants. By the way I’m a 65 year old grandfather who normally votes Tory so stop calling me a ‘lefty’.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Toryism / Conservatism Inc, is yesterday’s student’s union CultMarx Leftism. On the cultural plain Western conservative parties , ( as you demonstrate with your own words ) prostrate themselves at the altar of everyone of the CultMarx Left’s students union politics smelly tin Gods .

            This is why like any phoney conservative Lefty you will by knee jerk reflex take the side of the ” other ” ; the non-Western, the non-White at every available opportunity .
            This is the perfect definition and the goal of Cultural Marxism , which has now become adopted by Liberals and Conservatives , and can be described as the following paradigm;

            …any argument that is destructive to White societies is logical , and any arguments that are not destructive to White societies is illogical .

            Neo-Liberalism / Progressivism is the repackaging , relabeling and normalisation and mainstreaming of Cultural Marxism ..but on steroids .
            Liberals / Leftists perceive political parties to be vehicles to advance their coalition of non-White , non-male minorities and immigrants and the Left wages war on the battleground of race
            Conservatives / Libertarians equate political parties with vague notions such as ” liberty ” and ” free markets ” , and they wage war on that entirely different battleground
            In other words , Conservatives refuse to meet the Left on the battlefield were the Left is attacking ( race ) ( Leftism is an a racist anti-White secular religion ) , That’s why the conservatives haven’t won a battle in the cultural sphere for 60 years, They deserted the battlefield where the actual battle was taking place because they were petrified of being called a ” racist ” .
            For conservatives it is the vague notions that are important , because conservatives consider people interchangable , just like the Left .
            The Left have gained total mind control over conservatives with the technique of hysterical anti-facism and the slur world you used ” reactionary ” , which means , ” anything or anything the Left don’t like , and as way to paint themselves as the exact opposite . It is in fact a textbook Frankfurt School CultMarx neuro-linguistic weaponised psy-ops control mechanism.

            The fact that you claim that you are not a Lefty and vote Tory demonstrates that there is nothing Tory about the Tory party.

            ( ps Don’t forget to use my typos as proof of your moral supremacy )

          • Shorne

            Well thanks for confirming the definition of Cultural Marxism that I used. As well as your spelling your use of commas and correct use of capital letters needs work.

          • Sue Smith

            Only 80.5% white, aye? That’s definitely worse news than I thought.

            And you certainly behave (I won’t say ‘think’) like a lefty. And I do know what’s “going on” because I’ve learned to think about actions and consequences. Start A and B will happen. Logic, as I said before, is not a lefty skill.

            Escaping “persecution” you say? That’s the kind of “persecution” where they have not got the first world lifestyle of Europe – the dominant reason for the current wholesale human movement from Africa and elsewhere. And they leave their telltale trash about, so we can find where they are. A good sign; I think not.

            So, for some people CAPITALS are definitely needed.

          • Shorne

            Why weren’t they coming before they faced the threats of jihadis etc. For somebody who comes from Australia, a country built on immigration and the mass murder and displacement of the original inhabitants, to hold views like yours adds a whole new meaning to the word hypocrisy.

          • George

            For a while there I thought you might simply be a kind-hearted but naive chump.

            But when you said “mass murder and displacement of the original inhabitants”, I realized you were just another anti-Western lefty.

            Yes, white Europeans did do some bad things to the original inhabitants—though not nearly as bad as the original inhabitants did to each other—but by the end of the 19th Century, western medical science and educational facilities were freely available to them.

            Any normal person would see that as progress.

          • Shorne

            This is a common excuse for justifying for the virtual genocide that sometimes accompanied colonialism. The treatment of convicts by the authorities exceeded anything native Australians came up with,

          • George

            Yes, you’re a leftist for sure, but not of the old hard-bitten and wrong sort.

            You are a modern Western softy—and still wrong—who believes all evil in the world can be attributed to one source—the West, and all good resides in the “other”.

            There’s no cure, I believe, for such naïveté, but try this:

            Without Western medical science, millions would still be dying fromTB, from malaria (British Army man in India first to identify the cause), and many other diseases.

            Without the West, starvation and famine would be common in India and China. It was Norman Borlaug (heard of him?) who created—through Western-financed genetic engineering—a new strain of wheat, now used throughout the world.

            It’s because we in the West invented modern science and created affluence and democracy that everyone on the planet wants to come and live here.

            Leftists struggle with such hard facts of life.

          • Shorne

            It’s interesting how the rigid thinking of reactionaries insist that everybody who takes issue with them must be a ‘lefty’.I suppose they derive some form of reassurance from it. Of course I am aware of the advances of Western medical science, I am able to walk because of one of them. Robert Koch a Prussian physician is usually credited with identifying the causal agent of TB. I certainly have heard of Norman Borlaug, he even featured on an episode of ‘QI’ a couple of years ago.

            Now here’s some things for you to consider;
            “Many modern surgical instruments are of exactly the same design as those devised in the 10th century by a Muslim surgeon called al-Zahrawi. His scalpels, bone saws, forceps, fine scissors for eye surgery and many of the 200 instruments he devised are recognisable to a modern surgeon.
            It was he who discovered that catgut used for internal stitches dissolves away naturally (a discovery he made when his monkey ate his lute strings) and that it can be also used to make medicine capsules. In the 13th century, another Muslim medic named Ibn Nafis described the circulation of the blood, 300 years before William Harvey discovered it.
            Muslims doctors also invented anaesthetics of opium and alcohol mixes and developed hollow needles to suck cataracts from eyes in a technique still used today.”
            “The technique of inoculation was not invented by Jenner and Pasteur but was devised in the Muslim world and brought to Europe from Turkey by the wife of the English ambassador to Istanbul in 1724. Children in Turkey were vaccinated with cowpox to fight the deadly smallpox at least 50 years before the West discovered it.”
            “Distillation, the means of separating liquids through differences in their boiling points, was invented around the year 800 by Islam’s foremost scientist, Jabir ibn Hayyan, who transformed alchemy into chemistry, inventing many of the basic processes and apparatus still in use today”

            Sadly fanatically extreme Muslim regimes gradually led to the waning of this productive Muslim culture.

          • Sue Smith

            “Rigid reactionaries” isn’t going to save you OR EUROPE from the mass arrival of people hostile to the culture and way of life. And I certainly hope you’re one of the first when the Muslim thought-police (the same who’ve jailed an Australian woman in Abu Dabi for posting a picture on her iPhone) come looking for people who’ve got way too much to say.

            Don’t cry “I didn’t know”… We’ll be only too happy to sacrifice your right to free speech on the alter of cultural Marxism/relativism. And schadenfreude; don’t forget schadenfreude.

          • Sue Smith

            Listen mate, you’re too much in thrall to your resentment-charged university tutors. Start thinking for yourself. You know it makes sense.

          • Shorne

            Goodness me I was last at college 33 years ago, I can’t even remember my lecturer’s names let alone what they said. I find it really interesting that an Australian comes out with this stuff because it confirms this headline
            “Australians think Muslim population is nine times greater than it really is.”

            They (you?) seem to think it’s 18% when in fact it’s 2%.
            It’s the same here where the perceived Muslim population is 21% but in reality it is 5%.
            As for your remarks about ‘Muslim Thought Police’ (made me laugh) well here’s a little glimpse of reality. I live in a London Borough where 44% of the population come from ethnic minority backgrounds, this means my children went to school with children from a wide variety of nationalities some of whom have remained friends and in some instances my children have gone with them when they visit relatives abroad. Some of these friends are Muslim, my children are Jewish (I’m not, work it out) and this made no difference. Recently an arsonist burnt down a local Somali centre which meant there was no where for them to pray. A local synagogue stepped in and provided facilities. Further away in Bradford often held up by people like you as an area where White people are in a minority (actually it’s 67.44% white, 2014 figures) the last synagogue in the town was going to close as the dwindling congregation couldn’t afford to maintain it. The Muslim community raised the money. That’s the reality .

        • Dan O’Connor

          ” Reactionary ” is Bolshevik / Communist , Frankfurt School CultMarx Alinskyite polemic which has now been dusted off , wheeled out and adopted by the new Left , LIberals and apparently also Tory / Conservative voters it seems
          It is a cheap and intellectually slothful way of personally demonising your opponent so you can avoid the bother of having to defend your own views or having to refute the views of your opponent .
          Attacking the typos in your opponent’s posts as substitute for intellectual sportsmanship , is also a trademark of the Left .

          • Shorne

            Reactionary is as valid now as ever. Cultural Marxism is a well recognised ‘snarl word’ for anything reactionaries don’t like. It had it’s beginnings with ‘Kulturbolschewismus’ or Cultural Bolshevism, widely used in the Third Reich. Is that why you use it so much. Noticing spelling mistakes has nothing to do with intellectual superiority, unless education counts as that is your paranoid little word.

          • Dan O’Connor

            I used to be a Lefty hippy back in the late 60’s .
            The modern definition of ” reactionary ” or “bigot ” or
            ” fascist ” or ” racist ” is any White person ( and only White person ) who does not believe that all White people in all White countries ( and only why countries ) are under a moral obligation to hand over their lands, heritage , social capital and identities to competing alien peoples and cultures and collaborate gleefully in transforming ourselves into electoral minorities of dwindling numbers and influence in a crime ridden , conflict prone, re-tribalised, dystopian authoritarian police state slum .

            It is not ” reactionaries ” that will destroy the West . It is the lack of them

          • Sue Smith

            I was right!! You’ve never been able to rid yourself of the lefty mantle which is tantamount to saying “I stopped thinking and started emoting”.

          • Shorne

            Show me a link where your definitions are confirmed anywhere other than in your increasingly fevered imagination. By the way one of the Rotherham victims is on record as wishing that people would not keep bring the appalling events up for political gain, probably won’t stop you though because you don’t really give a damn about them.

          • Sue Smith

            Oh, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..

          • Dan O’Connor

            ….then it is a CultMarx Anti-White duck.

          • Shorne

            Interesting that you mention Alinsky who stated that he began organising amongst Black Americans as a reaction to so many of them being lynched, if I resemble him in some way I am flattered.

          • Sue Smith

            That’s right; keep arguing a point of minor interest to provide the red herring. Trying to disguise the unconscionable won’t get you off the hook of responsibility for the outcomes in this dreadful tidal wave of humanity invading Europe.

  • patriciajshepard
  • pp22pp

    This is rubbish. Israel has built a fence and it’s working just fine.

  • Marcussmod

    This article could have been written by a journalist working for the Independent. These people are not ‘Migrants’ but illegal immigrants who simply want to come to Western Europe for a ‘better life’. I have some sympathy for their plight but simply don’t want them in Western Europe. Their cultural incompatibility threatens the very existence of the West as we know it.

    • Gilbert White

      The journalist lied Badlands, this a rich ecological area full of wildlife now rare in the UK. Compared to mostly dessicated Iran it is a land flowing with milk and honey. The migrants trash it as you can see from the photograph. Finally there are no dangerous snakes in this area only two or three mildly venomous species not a danger to humans. Of course the kids get bitten by mossies so do we in the dengue areas of the planet.

  • edlancey

    Even that small nest of scroungers can’t have a small tent without leaving rubbish strewn around it.

    • Sue Smith

      Yes, that’s the first thing we’ve noticed in the news bulletins!!

  • jim

    “..desperate migrants..” Undoubtedly.Desperate europeans too. The people who are supposed to be looking out for europe seem to be more concerned about africamiddle-east. Somebody somewhere should be prioritizing our interest. Guilt tripping articles like this are all over the media.The Speccie is supposed to provide an alternative voice.

    • Sue Smith

      You need to be “prioritizing” your own interests. Nothing happens by an act of God. Get off your own butt and do something about it. Noisy activism is the order of the day. Pressure groups rule our societies. They’ve got theirs; we need to have ours.

      • jim

        You are correct.Vote UKIP.

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  • Patrick Roy

    Jesus, Greece is looking more and more like THREADS.

  • ClausewitzTheMunificent

    Yes, but the UCK/KLA were the ‘good guys’ in 1999 right? They wouldn’t happen to have been a rather convenient terrorist group funded by the Americans and the Germans? Bugger the thought! And Izbegetovich was such a fine chap, importing mujihadeen from Afghanistan and bringing in lovely Salafis. Surely NATO would’t back Islamic supremacists in Albania against the Serbs, would they? Nah. Never. We all know that Islam is peace and Albanian and Kosovar mafia states are the price to pay for Muhammad’s peace. It’s as if Islamic invasion and murder didn’t bother NATO, the EU or the US. I wonder why?

  • walworthman

    A fine bit of reportage …. But who are all these crazies commenting?? The world population reached 3 billion in 1960 and 7 billion in 2012 – this INEVITABLY will give rise to monster population movements, whatever political or religion creeds you favour, won’t it? And then factor in climate change – desertification and rising sea levels…

    • Sue Smith

      There’s nothing “inevitable” about it – the program of mass migration is overseen by a burgeoning people smuggling racket, aided and abetted by the western nations turning a blind eye. It’s deliberate, calculated and designed for success so that more and more nations are joining the movement because of the “good life” in Europe. You do realize that in so sanctioning by turning your backs and averting your eyes that you will turn into the very third world nations they’re leaving? Just as long as you understand that you can continue to feel good about what you’re NOT doing to save the Continent.

  • “the fat Greek policeman…waddles back to his car.” — Do all those fat “refugees” waddle to, or only gross White men?

  • We have Dick Rose and the Runnymede Trust to thank.

  • “Confusing and discriminatory laws on undocumented migrants — such as ones that bar them from taking public transport….” — How are they barred from public transport?

  • Aren’t these just tests to make sure they’re real refugees? Does the author oppose Muslims dealing with Muslim outsiders in the Muslim fashion? Isn’t that cultural imperialism? Is the reporter just reporting? or is he trying to make me give a damn?

  • It’s a good thing Hungary’s building that fence. Of course it’s not to keep out White, Christian Serbs.