BNP supporters will enjoy this new play from the Bush Theatre

Plus: a play starring Stephen Merchant at the Wyndham’s Theatre that makes a compelling case against Richard Bean

25 July 2015

9:00 AM

25 July 2015

9:00 AM

The Mentalists

Wyndham’s Theatre, until 26 September

The Invisible

Bush Theatre, until 15 August

Richard Bean, the country’s most bankable playwright, knocks out a new script every four months. Thanks to the success of One Man, Two Guvnors, he’s not short of houses ready to stage his work. And the hunt for treasure in his back-catalogue continues. The Mentalists, from 2002, stars Stephen Merchant (co-writer of The Office) and Steffan Rhodri as two needy chums pursuing a whimsical dream in a cheap hotel room. Chum One is a hairdresser who makes porn films on the side. Chum Two is a salesman who dreams of founding a rebel colony overseas. Chum One films Chum Two delivering a sermon that will kick-start the revolution. That, ladies and gentlemen, is about it.

Both players are as likeable as kittens romping on pink cushions and Abbey Wright’s direction meets the quality of the script. Bean has wisely adopted Alan Ayckbourn’s ruse of planting two sure-fire gags at the top of each act to enforce the idea that the play is a comedy. In truth it’s a dippy Pinteresque melodrama about male outcasts finding friendship as a substitute for family. Their lowbrow routines are enjoyable enough. There’s a complex visual gag about shoelessness which is executed faultlessly. Ditto the door veneer gag, set up in the opening lines and duly completed at the close. If you want shoelessness and veneer jokes, you won’t find better ones in the West End. But the storyline curdles towards sunset. One of the pals, in a lengthy aside, describes the perfect felony. Here’s what you do. Murder a vagrant, dump the petrol-soaked corpse at the scene of the crime, throw in a burning taper and whoosh, the flames consume everything as you escape undetected. Thanks for that, and now back to the colony plot. But one of the chums declares that the ‘perfect crime’ is a watertight project. How about a spontaneous killing spree? This converts an amusing meditation on cult leadership into a grisly comedy about mass murder. The fluffy-wuffy characters don’t suit this homicidal twist and the dialogue lacks the necessary emotional resources to make the leapfrog credible. So what happened there? My guess is that Bean ran out of puff mid-script, bolted on a farcical ending, typed ‘Curtain. The End’, and started a brand new play. Not that it matters. This Popsicle will take up very little of your time and even less of your brain-power.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s campaigning play, The Invisible, analyses the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (Laspo) which in 2012 reduced the scope of legal aid. Lawyers argue that Laspo creates a class of ‘invisible’ victims permanently denied the justice they deserve. Lenkiewicz seeks to promote this view with a play set in a penniless London law firm. Four cases are presented for our consideration.

The Invisible (Photo: Helen Maybanks)
The Invisible (Photo: Helen Maybanks)

Most deserving is a Pakistani bride imported to Southall by a callous mummy’s boy who expects her to fulfil the wifely roles of cook, cleaner, bun-oven and punchbag. She flees his violence and receives the help she needs. Well done, legal aid. But her case raises a wider question. Should the UK feel obliged to reform Asia’s marital culture by taking every doomed partnership, case by case, through the English courts? Well, yes. And we can glow with self-righteousness as we slither into bankruptcy. The other cases are more clear-cut. There’s Sean, a bald old Irish creep, who faces eviction because he boozes his rent money away. He loiters in the office talking pervy drivel and hoping to score a weird’ ‘hug’ from a female solicitor. Next there’s Ken, a wheedling divorcee whose ex-wife has restricted access to his kids. No surprise there. He’s a stingy, adulterous misogynist who thinks bursting into tears will win him sympathy from women. Denied legal aid, he dates a lawyer in the hope of scoring free advice in return for a glass of iffy claret. Finally there’s Ergun, a deluded Turk, whose incontinent and gangrenous dog has damaged his rented flat and who believes that his wish to keep a dung-squirting quadruped in his landlord’s property should be ratified at public expense.

With these three cases Lenkiewicz manages to build a compelling argument against legal aid. She makes the system look like a fairground ride for feckless halfwits who imagine that their addiction problems, their infidelities and their fondness for sick mutts confer rights upon them identical to those enshrined in Magna Carta. Supporters of the BNP will note with pleasure that all four litigants appear to be migrants or the children of migrants. If you’re a legal aid solicitor, you’d be wise to avoid this play. It jeopardises your profession and may accelerate the implementation of Laspo 2.

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  • Susan.murphy
  • Dan O’Connor

    Of course what you really mean is that any people of European stock ( Swedes , Icelanders, Irish, British, Estonians, Italians, French, European North Americans ect ect ect who don’t want to hand over their lands, heritage, social capital and identities to rival and hostile third world alien peoples and collaborate gleefully in transforming themselves into an electoral minority of dwindling numbers and influence in a future third world authoritarian police state slum ……will enjoy this new play
    You just used coded language.
    I decoded it for you.

    • ohforheavensake


      • Dan O’Connor

        Hippy !

    • MacGuffin

      I got bored of your post very early on, then started scanning, but quickly gave up. It was just too boring.

      • Dan O’Connor

        I don’t discuss problems concering my own people with foreigners from Bongoistanland or wherever you come from.

    • Juliaperez
    • Innit Bruv

      I think you’ll find it’s etc etc etc and not “ect ect ect”.
      If you’re pretentious enough to see yourself as a representative of some sort of imaginary “Master Race”, the least you can do is spell properly.

      • Infidelissima

        it’s easy to think of yourself as ‘master’-anything, when what faces you, are people who read from a pedophile’s diary, and who war with everybody on the planet, especially their own, and turn everything they touch onto fecal matter.

        • marxistgulag

          Yes your description of the Talmud novels is spot on.

          • Infidelissima

            yes because Jews are famous for forced conversations….

            Hey, not our fault you’re ilk contributes so shockingly little to the world, is generally mostly illiterate and underachieving, and just parasites off everybody else. Muslims ARE DEFINATELY below others – worshipping a pedophile will do that I suppose.

          • marxistgulag

            Your description of the Talmud novels is spot on.

          • Infidelissima

            I guess this mussie here ^ is stuck on repeat, no wonder when you’re this violently inbred

          • marxistgulag

            No,but your description of the Talmud was spot on.

          • Infidelissima

            LOL, Long Live Israel

            you mussies just keep slaughtering one another, it’s the only thing we non-mussies support and the only thing you’re good at 😀

          • right1_left1

            Zionist Jews have no qualms arbitrarily stealing land that was not their’s to take and using brute force to maintain that theft !

          • Infidelissima

            that’s right, and even after failing for 70 years, the stupid Palis still keep attacking a nation stronger than them, knowing, they will never win

            remember how many wars Israel has lost, before nukes, against 5 arab armies, all at once, and don’t you ever phacking forget.


          • right1_left1

            I have no qualms in recognising the military capability of the IDF.
            Not because I think such capability is being rightfully employed but because I am not a PC liberal who sees things as they should be rather than as they are !
            Likewiise with the Taliban and the German Army in WW2.

            I note that you do admit that what was a minority of Jews used force and what is now called terrorism to implement their land grab in the region.
            Israel has engendered so much hatred amongst the the Arabs that I dread to thnk what will happen over the next 50 years.

        • Innit Bruv

          In view of what happened to your coreligionists in Germany a few decades ago these are incredibly stupid comments, even by your low standards.
          Try using what little brain you have before posting anything, you bloody idiot!!!!

      • berosos_bubos


    • Shorne

      It would have been quicker to say ‘Aryans’ instead of listing all those nationalities, after all people who think like you have done so before, still your’re casting your net wider, you used to say just British until somebody pointed out that would rule out many people called O’Connor.

      • Dan O’Connor

        No, that is wrong. I have countless times switched back and forth between Europeans as a whole and many times specified the native British as being the victims of the kind of mean wicked, and cynical racial double standards that you appear to get a massive
        ” pay back time ” sadistic kick out of as revenge against our children.
        It is always the knee jerk modus operandi of your ilk to creep about sniding for hidden and dishonest motives. If I was, then I am making a bad job of it, because I couldn’t be more of a heretic and any less politically correct than I am.
        I am not an Irish or British Identitarian / kinist. I am a White identitarian / kinist .

        ” after all people who think like you have done so before ”

        Yes, they have . I believe you are referring to the other 6 billion of the planet’s non-White population and the last 60.,000 years.
        Yes , non-Whites understand the concept of Peoplehood, Nationhood and the Family Writ Large and commonality by instinct and have no moral qualms about protecting their lands, heritage and inalienable rights of blood and soil, and your ilk would move heaven and earth to defend their rights. But you don’t invoke Reductio ad Hitlerium if non Whites object to being elbowed out of their homelands and minoritised.
        Like every Leftist you refuse to make this an academic argument or question . It is impossible for you to debate if population transformation and dispossession and minortisation is sociologically benefcial for Euroepan peoples or destructive. All you can do is resort to the 6th form A level hippy tactic of whipping your ( works every time ) little Hitler voodoo rag doll out of your pocket to wave it grinning in our faces
        It’s a way to cattle prod any uppity Whites from straying beyond the fence lines of your Stalinist intellectual gulag and back in their proper place.

        • Shorne

          We’re this not such a serious subject this would be almost funny for in amongst your usual excessive verbiage denying you are a Nazi you use the expression ‘blood and soil’ or ‘Blut und Boden” as the Nazis called it. It’s almost as if you can’t stop yourself. Still at the end of the day nothing that gets posted in these columns is going to have any effect on the World at large, and I include myself in that of course.

          • Dan O’Connor

            You are opportunistically using 18 year old baby boomer hippy students union oversimplifications to confuse German WW2 aggressive ethnic chauvanism with defensive kinism which has been the factory default setting of mankind since time began.
            The UN recognises the rights of blood and soil, and of heritage and identity, for all non-White indigenous peoples. Are the UN ” Nazis ” ? There is only one reason you invoke the Nazis at any debate on replacement level mass immigration . Your message is clear .
            You mean that if all all White people ( and only white people in all white countries ) including those who where occupied, brutalised and fought and died to defeat Nazism do not cooperate gleefully in handing over their lands, social capital heritage and destiny to millions of immigrants who have fled their lands because they were incapable of creating prosperous societies, it will result in the extermination of millions of non-Whites and Jews .
            I bet you wouldn’t suggest that we reverse all of the liberal reforms that have taken place in the West because of the tens of millions who were exterminated by the Communists in the name of equality, social progress, and love for humanity.
            The true mark of morality is not how one treats the foreigner it is how one treats one’s own people. All across the non-Western world in-group favouratism is practiced unapologetically and uncontroversially as a ” given ”
            Condemn me and you condemn the whole world and the most basic and foremost group survival mechanism known to mankind, and this makes you the fringe minority and the extremist who wants to invite the perfect conditions for the same type of ethnic / racial internal conflicts that took place in Germany in the 1930’s, but this time on a scale that would dwarf the last one. The difference is that your mob are hoping the victims will be Whites.
            You people literally live and breath so you can call some White person a ” racist “. You love it.

          • Shorne

            “Kinism is the belief, or promotion of the belief, that the social order for humanity is tribal and ethnic, and focuses on a duty to love one’s own people. Kinists advocate the idea that extended families should live together in large groups segregated by race or ethnicity.”

            You ” I am a White identitarian / kinist .”

            “Of all the tasks which we have to face, the noblest and most sacred for mankind is that each racial species must preserve the purity of the blood which God has given it.”
            Adolf Hitler 1937

            Keep it up!

          • right1_left1

            I agree absolutely with Dan O’Connor’s post.

            Built deep into the psyche of individuals is a tribal identity.
            It may not even extend as far as the nation but be targetted more locally ie invested in that which is similar.

            The evidence suggests that tribal identity does not disappear despite what well intentioned OR mallicious regimes decide

            Do we not see ghettoisation in the UK as a result of mass immigration.?

            Do we not experience increases in the number of Muslim women dressing in accordance with their native identity ?

            Do not immigrant groups bring thier hostilities to other immigrants into the UK. ?
            The answer to all those questions is yes.

            If I now ask
            Do not Jews cling tenaciously to their tribal identity ?

            Immediately the spasmodic response will appear just as when a fountain is switched on and water rises into the air.
            You must be a Nazi

            Shorne: at best you are selectively emotionally stunted
            as those who cry when puppies suffer but have no response when less attractive animals are in distress
            you are a naive hypocrite who willfully refuses to see what is right before their eyes.

            Probably a combination of both !

          • Shorne

            From this gibberish I think you must be O’Connor using another name. However I will give you an example of what is ‘right before my eyes’, or not far away. For a start the 2011 Census showed that the UK is 80.5% White British. In the London Borough in which I live about a third of the population was born abroad. My children went to school with a rich mix of peers from all over the World (although the majority of the pupils were white) they have remained friends with some of them and in some cases gone on visits with them abroad. Some of these friends were Muslims, my children are Jewish,( but I’m not work it out) and all was well. Recently the Somali Community Centre here was burned down by an arsonist, leaving them with nowhere to pray so one of the synagogues offered them a room to use. Something similar happened in Bradford where the last synagogue was saved from closure by a fund raising exercise by the Muslim community. Recently something called ‘New Dawn’ wanted to hold a demonstration nearby to protest against ‘Jewish privilege ‘. The whole community all creeds and races banded together and it was moved out of the area (perhaps you were there?). This is not ‘immigrant groups bring thier (sic) hostilities to other immigrants into the UK.’
            As for your talk about puppies…what are you on?

          • right1_left1

            Where were you when …
            the number 13 bus was blown up in Tavistock Sq ?
            Similarly the undergoround at Kings Cross ?
            When Kurd Pakistani violence erupted. Peterboro I think

            As for community cohesion in Palestine?
            infiledessima blames the Muzzies
            Do you ?
            Two tribes at one another’s throats

            What did you do to stop the race riots in Liverpool Bristol and Birmingham.
            No doubt you and you friends deplored young blacks looting Tottenham in 2011.
            All examples of tribal loyalty misdirected and out of control

            re the stat the the UK is 80.5% white.
            That number like net migration is used to cover the extent of the real problem.
            All major city conurbations are moving to white minority and a net immigration of ONE can replace 500 thousand if 500 thousand leave and 500 thousand and ONE enter.

            For a member of Jewish community to repudiate tribal loyalty/identity !!!!

            May that be used as has perfect an example of cognitive dissonence as it is possible to imagine.
            Let me know asap

          • Shorne

            Why is it you far right commenters have such confusing syntax, layout and lousy spelling to say nothing of random capitals? Perhaps English is not your first language? Anyway to start with the London bombs, (what’s where I was got to do with it ? Working in a prison since you ask) many of the victims were immigrants, some of their names suggest they were Muslims and considering how reliant the NHS is on immigrants the same can be said of those who treated them (More Muslims are killed by Jihadis than any other group so much for ‘tribal loyalty’). As I said I worked in a prison, the riots were nothing to do with ” tribal loyalty misdirected and out of control” (honestly what rubbish) . when you talk to young males of all races with criminal tendencies they go on about wanting ‘respect’ .This turns out to mean they want to be able to do what they want when they want and they regard the main agency that prevents them as ‘disrespecting’ them so when a chance comes along they riot. All major cities are not moving to ‘white minorities’ particularly if you include Polish immigrants.
            If you read my post I say I’m not Jewish so cognitive dissonance “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.” doesn’t apply.

          • right1_left1

            I NEVER said you are Jewish.
            I actually said ‘you are a member of the Jewish community’.
            The Jewish community is one of the most, if not the most, self identifying tribes ever.

            You responded to a post by decrying the existence of tribalism and equating the expression of white tribalism with Nazism.

            THAT is the cognitive dissonance you unconsciously display.

            You will find all over the net comment that Jews advocate multiculturalism for everyone…except themselves.
            Is everybody wrong ?

          • Dan O’Connor

            It is abundantly clear that he only equates ethno-centrism, in group preferrance and kinism as a form of mental abnormality when it is practiced by people with a White skin pigment but when any non-Whites practice it he sees it as perfectly normal and natural
            It is not enough for people like him that White kinists don’t want to dominate , enslave or colonise or genocide non-Whites , but instead want seperation from them and to live amongst their own ethnic peoples . No , his CultMarx ilk want to de-kinise all peoples of European stock. There is no negotiating with the likes of Shorne and his fanatical ideologues For his CultMarxers it is an all or nothing scenerio . They want nothingless than total and utter unconditional White cultural, territorial and demographic and ethnic / racial identity capitulation.
            Luck for us that as each day passes more and more of our people are waking up to the pathologically destructive poison the Shorne Inc have been peddling for the last 50 years
            In every single poll taken in Western countries the majority want a stop to immigration and to ´Shorne this makes the majority of Westerners ” Neo-Nazis ” .
            What Shorne is really saying is that because some of his friends are non-White that this means that an entire civilzation and all White people have to commit historical , ancestral ethnic identity capitulation and balkanise and re-tribalise our homelands
            If his multi-racial social utopia fails like every other one has failed, he has another Catchy 22 get out clause, because he will blame , ( yes , you guessed it ) ..Old Whitey again., but never himself.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Leftists constantly do this . You have wheeled out another one of their standard circular closed loop arguments.
            Heads you win –tails we lose .

            Why are you putting forward the argument that the UK is
            80.5 % British ? Does this mean that you believe there is a minimum demographic % that the native British or any European peoples should have the moral right to retain ?
            If not, then why use that argument in the first place ?
            You are the one promoting a pseudo sociological ideology that glories the minortisation of all Europeans as a sign of social progress and a war against kinism in White countries
            Make up your mind .

          • Copyright101

            For a start the 2011 Census showed that the UK is 80.5% White British.

            Down from 99.99% a hundred years ago. What’s to stop that trend continuing I wonder?

            In the London Borough in which I live about a third of the population was born abroad

            What’s to stop that trend being replicated nationwide?

            The London boroughs closest to that figure are Redbridge (34.5%) and Haringey (34.7%) In 2001 those white percentages were 57.5% and 45.3%. Any sign of a trend there?

            My children went to school with a rich mix of peers from all over the World (although the majority of the pupils were white) they have
            remained friends with some of them and in some cases gone on visits with them abroad

            What a wonderful heartwarming story *sniff*. Rather vague about exactly where these visits were though. Sun drenched Somalia or a charming Roma village in Eastern Europe perhaps?

            Some of these friends were Muslims, my children are Jewish,( but I’m not work it out) and all was well

            Yes, you married a jewish woman and through your children your ethnic interests no longer align with ours. But it’s in your interest to gloss over this of course. And because all was well for you we can simply import millions of people from the 3rd world and all will be well too.

            Love the value laden word “rich”. Lol!

            Recently the Somali Community Centre here was burned down by an arsonist, leaving them with nowhere to pray

            Oh dear. Sounds like all is not well after all. Are you saying that that’s the only mosque in London? Or that for some reason Somalis can’t pray with others? And of course they have somewhere to pray, it’s called Somalia, it’s thataway = = = = >

            so one of the synagogues offered them a room to use. Something similar happened in Bradford where the last synagogue was saved from closure by a fund raising exercise by the Muslim community

            This is absolutely priceless! Hopeless drooling cuckservatives are always falling over themselves to show how jews/Israel are in the frontline against Islam. Yet here you totally give the game away. We see how two hostile, alien groups work together in a way that benefits the host society not one iota. You people need to try and keep your story straight.

            Something similar happened in Bradford where the last synagogue was
            saved from closure by a fund raising exercise by the Muslim community


            Recently something called ‘New Dawn’ wanted to hold a demonstration
            nearby to protest against ‘Jewish privilege ‘. The whole community all
            creeds and races banded together and it was moved out of the area

            And ditto again. An all white group in a nominally white nation is moved on to satisfy the ‘community’ of non-whites to maintain the multikult fiction. Case closed!

            Obviously New Dawn is a blatant false flag operation designed to feed into stereotypical jewish/left/liberal ideas of what a nationalist group is supposed to look like. No real nationalist should go within a hundred miles of it. Nevertheless the event was instructive as is your comment regarding it.

            And please do enlighten us as to the falsity of jewish privilege.

          • Shorne

            Goodness me what a bitter twisted little World you live in, seldom have I read such so much anti-Semitism, blatant racism and paranoia in a comment. I have flagged it for that reason but I doubt if much will happen.
            The amusing fact is that, along with the others who express similar views you are utterly powerless, nothing will happen as a result of your rantings. Whenever it formalises into people standing in elections they are beaten by Monster Raving Looney Party (that seems strangely appropriate). This exchange has been useful in that I now know about ‘kinism’ which when it was last advocated under a different name led the third highest number of deaths after those caused by Mao and Stalin. Comforted by the realisation that you lot are politically impotent I shall concern myself with much more important things like will it ever stop raining long enough for me to be able to cut the lawn.

          • Dan O’Connor

            Why do you refuse to practice any sense of academic, philosophical and intellectual sportsmanship ? Why do respond to the substance of my comments by evading those of my points that expose your blatant moral and racial inconsistencies, hypocrisies and double standards, and cherry pick those you find most convienient ?
            I know why. You are practicising the standard neuro-linguistic sophistry that is at the core of the Left mind. The modus operandi behind it is to ignore your opponent’s arguments and put the burden of proof always upon your enemies, and thereby put them always on the defensive.
            In other words, you demand that it is your opponents task to provide the proof that kinism is the timeless, nature ordained , and hard wired universal factory default setting of all mankind, but it is never your task to provide any form of sociological or scientific proof or argument that kinsim is just a ” racist ” and therefore ” evil ” abstract concept that was recently invented in WW2 by a bunch of
            ” far right wing White Nazi racial supremacists ” and that non-Europeans,( the other 90 % of the world’s population ) practice no sense of ethnic, ancestral, historical, ethnic, / racial solidarity or identity

            Well, this is going to stop now.

            ” Kinism is the belief or promotion of the belief that the social order of humanity is tribal and ethnic and focusses ona duty to love one’s own people ”

            I am going to put forward a truth, and this time the burden of proof is going to be upon you to debunk the following as a falsehood.

            Kinism is not a ” belief ” , it is a blatantly obvious, observable, sociological, socio-anthropological and historical fact, like…. the existence of gravity for example and is practised as I have stated before, by Africans, Asians and all non-Europeans unapologetically and uncontroversially . It is the factory default hard wired and universal nature of mankind.

            Now you can’t wriggle and evade and cherry pick and obsfucate your way out of it . Provide arguments
            According to your absolutist definition of ” kinism ” you conflate Nazism with kinism and thereby define all non-European peoples as being ” Nazi ” .

            Now stop the student common room anti-intellectual lazy sloth and sophisty and engage in a little intellectual integrity.
            Do I think you will ? No .

          • Shorne

            Of course I don’t ignore your arguments I simply point out their, for want of a better word, ‘ancestry’ which is blatantly obvious to anyone with a knowledge of 20th Century history and confirms what you are, a student of what Churchill so accurately described as ‘perverted science. You can froth and bluster as much as you like try and use a few less words too it’s so repetitive .

          • Dan O’Connor

            Kinism has been in universal existence as the uníversal factory default setting of human societies and prevents the atomisation human societies fragmenting into being nothing more than a bunch atomised hyper individuals who have been ripped asunder from their communal roots, are transfoimed into mindless consumers in your global MacWorld shopping mall and who are concerned not with the well being of their society as a whole or feel it reflects part of themselves or that they have a stake in it and identify with it and are willing to make personal sacrifices for it , but only what they can get out it for themselves
            This is how the mechanisms of kinism and having a shared past work . Kinism ( Peoplehood ) is the highest spritual concept that exists .It is the feeling that one is part of a link in a chain stretching far back into our distant past , to the present , and on towards the future . It the unwritten contract between all those of our ancestors that have gone before us , their struggles, their achievements and their works, the living and all those of our kin who are yet to be born .
            It is a sacred thing which Left / Progressives like you are dead to because you have hoodwinked and deceived yourselves by mechanically over intellectualising anything that doesn’t conform to the cold, harsh, sterile and inhuman dialetic of Marxian materialism out of existence
            You deny those things which makes us human and want to replace organically evolved Western societies rooted in millennia, into societies based on nothing deeper than a series of sentimentalised platitudes and pseudo-scientific intellectual vagarities and abstractions handed down by diktat from above .
            It is the belied that there is no such thing as human nature and that mankind is infinitely pliable and perfectible
            It is the half educated 60’s baby boomer flower child , adolescent, counter intuitive, White middle / upper class, cosmopolitan, radical fashion chic pop-cult urban myth, that their exist no timeless unchanging laws and rules that lay distant and outside of man and beyond his powers to change them
            Reality constantly refuses to conform , so human beings must be be deformed and shoehorned like lab rats to bring about your uniform mono-cultural, borderless, nationless, de-ethnicised , hippy rainbow utopin brotherhood of man-
            All the evidence of history , of human experience , the wisdom of centuries , and common sense and logic must be jetisoned overboard to accomodate your smelly little Lefty tin Gods. You care so much for humanity that you don’t care what you have to do to your own people to get your beaming ego glow of moral supremacy

          • Dan O’Connor

            The “´$$$$PLC ” , which has become so discredited as a modern day witch hunting organisation that even the ADL that you quote and the FBI has distanced itself from them in embarrasment ,.
            A black American got weaponed up after reading on the SPLC site that the Amercian Family Association rejected the notion of Gay marriage and was now designated by the SPLC Gate Keepers of the Trurh as an ” extremist organisation ” and he tried to enter the building with the intention of having a shooting spree but was prevented by a security guard who was shot by the intruder but managed to disarm him . Ideas have consequences Shorne
            The $$$PLC spends its time fabricating a vast map of the USA as being peppered with non-existent
            ” White hate groups ” on the basis of a non-politically correct tweet on some obscute blog site as a way to get tens of millions in donations from wealthy Jews by scaring them that the ” Nazis ” are about to take over .
            I’ve even seen a spokesmen for the Black caucus on Fox News call the leader of the SPLC a scam artist , because he wised up to how they exploit Black Americans
            They use the same heads you, win-tails we lose, circular Catch 22 racket that you repeat on these threads ., which is that the slightest flicker of any Europeans doing what all non Europeans and immigrants do uncontroversially by organising to advocate for their own groups interests is
            ” White aggressive supremacism ” . But not when non-Whites do it . How do you square that double standard?

            Well, now we are getting closer idea of the kind of sources you rely upon to form your view of reality .´The violence inciting cultmarx SPLC.
            I bet you are have links to the UAF, Hope Not hate , Searchlight and have attended a multitude of multicultural sensitivities indoctrination courses. Maybe Common Purpose as well ? Everything you write smells of it and your cynical and moral racial double standards and evasion tactics as well

          • cartimandua

            Every single group of people identifies themselves according to place.
            Its a nonsense to say place doesn’t matter or that the people of a place do not “own it”.

        • Damaris Tighe

          What possible connection is there, apart from skin pigmentation & a common Indo-European language several millennia ago, between say the native English & the Russians?

          • Dan O’Connor

            What’s your point ?

          • Damaris Tighe

            It was a sincere question given your sentence ‘I’m not an Irish or British identitarian/kinist. I am a White identitarian/kinist.’ If there was a ‘point’ at all it was, why this nebulous identity based on skin rather than concrete/historical identity based on the ethnic nation?

          • Dan O’Connor

            Because the knee jerk Left / Liberal / Progresssive Neo CultMarxians who control the ” narrative ” morality all of the West’s cultural choke points ,the corporations, the goverments, the media, the civil sector, are obsessed with skin colour.
            For them ” race ” ( = code for = the White race ) has become the issue around which every other issue revolves around.
            Everywhere they look they see nothing but a sea of angry White faces. For them, all White countries and Western institutions have this ” problem ” and this problem is not enough ” diversity ” which is ( code for = too many White people ) For the Left / Liberals , wiping out ” racism ”
            ( = kinism )in the world means wiping out Whiteness .
            Listen to any Left / liberal / progressive and they will provide a series of hand-me-down student faculty oversimplistic arguments they have tailor made to fit the unique and distinct histories of every White country ( and only White countries ) , and which they use to explain why all White people in all White countries are under a moral obligation to hand over their lands, social capital , heritage and identities to rival and intruding third alien peoples and transfom ourselves into dwindling minorities.
            When one asks why these moral / racial standards are not applied to non-Whites , one is met with evasions and deafening silence .
            The task of the Left is to collectively undermine, demonise , persecute, vilify, indict, and replace their own ethnic / racial group, culture and civilization while not making it look too obvious that they are doing so, by ridiculing as a
            ” far right wing loony paranoid conspiracy theory ” that they are doing so, and then in the next breath they confirm what they have just denied they are doing
            They do this because this demonisation of one’s own people and the pedastilisation of all non-Whites ” the Other ” as being the more, deserving , innocent noble and virtuous on accont of ther non-Whiteness, is seen in the West as the cheapest route to virtue one can aspire to and is seen as evidence of one’s cultural and intellectual sophistication and a sign of being modern.

            It is not and never was based on skin colour alone.
            Example ; genetics alone is not enough. There are Afghanis who have blue eyes and red hair but they can never be us or identify with us because they identify with a totally different historical stream. Our historical stream is not an abstract thing , it is a very real and concrete thing.

            The term ” White ” has nothing to do with skin colour .
            White people are not nothing more than a skin colour .
            The term ” White ” is a term we use to describe a particular family of ethnicties who identify with their own unique ancestry , histories, mythologies, heroes , legends , languages, customs , literature, arts and song .

            The reason we have to assert our ” Whiteness ” = Europeaness is because it is impossible to defend that which is under relentless attack politically , culturally , ideologically, territorially and demographically without asserting that which is under attack
            The neurolinguistic trick of the Left is that they are waging a war on the battleground of their choosing , which is the battlegound of race, while ridiculing any notion that they are doing so .
            One example of this is that the Left claim that there is no such thing as indigeous British and indigenous land rights because unlike other people in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americsas. due to the invasions of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons , Vikings and Normans, which diluted the British founding stock by 15% , that the British are therefore not racially pure enough according to the Left’s obsession with racial purity to qualify for indigenous land rights

          • Damaris Tighe

            I agree with your analysis, but by continually identifying your cause as ‘white’ you are simply being drawn into the left’s primitive racial narrative, not ‘asserting that which is under attack’. You’re simply allowing the left to dictate the narrative linguisitically. If you mean European, say it. It’s more important to be accurate. There’s no loss on the battleground – you need to frame the narrative yourself, not allow the left to do it for you. Reacting to absurdity simply creates more absurdity. No one apart from a few individual lunatics will rally to the flag of ‘whiteness’, but they will defend the extended families that are their nations.

  • ohforheavensake

    You don’t like your job, do you?

  • Janrpoole

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  • davejon

    As a BNP supporter I would only note “with pleasure” if none of the four litigants were immigrants or children of immigrants. BNP supporters are the victims of multiculturalism and mass immigration, yet we don’t seem to count.

  • Maureen Fisher

    “Supporters of the BNP” – eh? No, just people who don’t want anymore third world enrichment or freeloaders. Haven’t seen the play but sounds like a welcome change from the usual leftie drivel we’ve come to expect from the theatre.

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