A documentary that ought to rank with the footage of British troops liberating Belsen

Channel 4's latest episode of Dispatches, Escape from Isis, which includes secret footage inside the terror state, is TV at its most unmissable, says James Delingpole

11 July 2015

9:00 AM

11 July 2015

9:00 AM

So you’ve just popped out of town for the day on an errand. And when you get back, everyone has gone. Your wife, your kids, your nephews and nieces, your friends, your customers: they’ve all been kidnapped and dragged off to a place so barbarically horrible that really they’d be better off dead.

Your daughter, for example. If she’s nine or over then she’s considered fair game. She’ll be sold as a slave in the market to the highest bidder — as ever, there’s a premium for blonde hair or blue eyes— after which her new owner can use her as she wishes.

The very least she can expect is to have to spend her every day in the most restrictive clothing anywhere in the Muslim world. Her hands must be hidden by black gloves, her eyes invisible behind three veils. On those rare occasions when she is allowed outside, she must stumble as if half blind. If she accidentally breaks these rules she’ll be beaten; if she raises her voice she’ll be beaten; if she disobeys an order she’ll be beaten — usually by the al-Khansaa Brigade, a special female police group of brutal enforcers, mostly foreign recruits determined to prove their loyalty by being extra zealous.

Really, though, these may be the least of her worries. One 18-year-old escapee reports what happened when she was bought by a self-styled ‘sheikh’: first, her owner raped her; then his six bodyguards — through the night till morning (‘they were not raping me in a gentle way, but with force and fast movement, without care’); then, the driver gave her to 12 men. ‘They did everything to me. I’m still in pain.’

Even now that this (relatively) lucky girl is back safe with her family, the stink of those men is still with her and no matter how hard she tries she knows she’ll never get rid of it. She now cleans her teeth ten times a day (the first thing her owner did was dip his toe in honey and shove it in her mouth) but of course it makes no difference.

Yes, of course, we most of us now have a rough idea of the terrible things that are happening in Isis-held territory in Syria and Iraq. But up until now it has been tempting to inure oneself to the full horror with the bromide that these are people a long way off about whom we know little.

Not any more. Next Wednesday (15 July), Channel 4 airs a documentary in its Dispatches slot so important it ought to rank with John Pilger’s exposés of Cambodia’s Killing Fields or even the footage of British troops liberating Belsen. Escape From Isis uses secret footage — filmed by extremely brave people who would have been killed if discovered — to show you in unsparing detail what it’s like behind the Black Flag curtain: everything from the small talk of Islamic State fighters as they jauntily discuss what they’re going to do with their Yazidi captives to the dull thump heavy rocks make as they hit the flesh of a woman being stoned to death by a group of religious zealots led by her own father. It’s ugly, it’s almost unbearable to watch and it’s essential viewing.

One of the questions most often asked about the Holocaust is: why didn’t the Allies do something to stop it sooner? I imagine the time will come when we give ourselves a similar beating-up over our inertia in dealing with Islamic State. (‘So the Prime Minister wrote to the BBC urging it to call them by a different name. And that was it?!’)

I remember when the Prime Minister was trying, unsuccessfully, to co-ordinate military action against the Assad government, one of the things he urged MPs to do before they voted was to watch a film he’d seen showing the atrocities Assad’s supporters had committed. This, it struck me at the time, as it does even more so now, was an hysterical and irresponsible suggestion. Important decisions regarding military action should not be decided in a mood of heightened emotion. The same applies to this Dispatches documentary.

It is not an argument for or against anything. It merely shows you what is. I’ve made it sound ghastly but what makes it bearable, uplifting even, is the extraordinary story it tells of the rescue operations that have brought at least some of these captured Yazidis back to the bosom of their tearful families. Watch and you will share their joy. This is TV at its most unmissable.

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  • fartel engelbert

    Two years ago everyone called Islam the religion of peace.

    • Charles

      And it still is – it is forever dangerous to ally these people with the true, good people of Islam faith; our leaders and academics, in fact everyone *must* keep reinforcing this fact.

      • fartel engelbert

        ISIS are very strict observers of the Islamic faith too. They only do what Mohammed preached.

        • Augustus

          Entirely right! It’s not surprising then that the group has been able to recruit so many Muslims to join its ranks, as it aims to mimic the Hijra (the Prophet’s call to followers to join the journey from Mecca to Medina). Islamic State seeks to recapture Islam’s glorious past and create an appeal based on religious devotion. It is considered religiously pure, and its intentions of recapturing Islamic glory of the past by forming a global caliphate are seen by many Muslims as equally pure. And the longer conflicts between Shiites and Sunnis exists creating misrule and chaos, the longer this barbaric group will continue its rampage and thrive.

        • Mark

          He not only preached, he acted on what he preached.

      • Alastair Houghton

        There is no one “true” Islam. Obviously ISIS think otherwise, but so do all the other sects. Just like Christianity, in fact.

        And as others have pointed out, there is significant support in the Islamic texts for the behaviour of ISIS, in the same way that there is significant support for all kinds of atrocities in the Bible (and not just the Old Testament either) for Christians.

        The problem is that some people appear to hold that “faith” is somehow a laudable attribute, which drives them to the bizarre conclusion that any “person of faith” who behaves in a way they consider immoral must not be following their religion correctly, and that all religions must necessarily adhere to contemporary ideas of ethics and morality.

        Thankfully, most adherents to Christianity, Islam and Judaism appear to be quite ignorant of their own religious texts, and instead of doing what the texts appear (quite clearly in many cases) to tell them to, they follow a socially constructed moral code.

        • Grace Ironwood

          False equivalence.
          Equivalent to saying (as we do) “Yairse we have to combat terrorism in ALL communities”

          • Alastair Houghton

            I don’t see what you mean here. If you’re saying it’s wrong to draw parallels between Islam and Christianity, that’s more than faintly ridiculous. Islam is in many ways an offshoot of Christianity (and Christianity an offshoot of Judaism)… Jesus is a Prophet for the Muslims, and some of the books of the Bible form an important part of Islamic literature. All three religions agree that they worship a common god, and many of the strictures insisted upon by devout Muslims were historically followed by Christians and Jews alike.

            I think it’s probably fair to suggest that there is a bigger problem in the world today with Islamic fundamentalism than with Christian or Jewish fundamentalism. But the latter two do exist.

          • Grace Ironwood

            “If you’re saying it’s wrong to draw parallels between Islam and Christianity”

            Yes, I’m saying it’s wrong – factually incorrect & even immoral – to draw equivalences between these religions today and in some ways ever- the provenance of these religions hasn’t affected the fact that they are very different beasts.

            I say this for the same reasons you say you have to admit at the beginning of your concluding paragraphs:

            “I think it’s probably fair to suggest that there is a bigger problem in the world today with Islamic fundamentalism”

            That’s an understatement.This current state of affairs need not always be, we may see the Christian Church Militant sweep out of Africa with the stated aim of conquering Mecca and ruling the Islamic world..

            But not today.

          • Alastair Houghton

            It certainly isn’t factually incorrect to draw parallels between Abrahamic religions — they all share basic core beliefs, as indeed their leaders are quite happy to admit, as well as an awful lot of religious text. And it’s frankly ridiculous to suggest that any comparison is “immoral” (I’d love to know the reasoning behind that claim, though I appreciate that it is unlikely that reason came into it).

        • Mark

          Love your neighbour as your self versus kill the unbelievers, strike their necks where you find them.

          Spot the difference in those “socially constructed moral codes”?

          • Alastair Houghton

            Sure, but you forget the parts of the Bible about putting to death children if they curse their parents (for instance). Don’t believe me? Try Exodus 21:17, Leviticus 20:9, Matthew 15:4, Mark 7:10.

            Also, on the subject of killing unbelievers/conversion at the point of the sword, I think most Muslims would point you at the Crusades. Now, you might well say “but that was long ago”. Sure. So? The participants were entirely convinced that they were good Christians.

        • Alexsandr

          ill look out for christians beheading soldiers on london or slaying tourists on beaches then.

          • Alastair Houghton

            You mean the kind of thing the Lord’s Resistance Army gets up to? Or the NLFT? Or the Christian militias in Lebanon? Not to mention various incidents in the United States?

            It is probably true that there is less Christian fundamentalist violence at present than Islamic fundamentalist violence, but it isn’t nonexistent.

          • one other person is typing

            The problem with this (common) comparison is that it attempts to deny or deflect the very real problems with islam and it’s teachings TODAY.

          • Alastair Houghton

            Your comment makes no sense in the context of this thread; I absolutely did not make any attempt to deny or deflect the problems with Islam (indeed, my point was that the constant claim that ISIS et al are not properly following the Islamic faith is a nonsense).

            I do, however, object to people trying to claim that Christianity or Judaism are any better; that is simply not the case. It is true that right now there are probably more Muslim fundamentalists than Christian or Jewish fundamentalists, but the latter are no less nasty and they do exist and are causing problems in the world today. And indeed, many of the obnoxious things that ISIS is doing have their roots in parts of the religious texts that are shared by all three faiths.

          • Alexsandr

            yes we keep hearing this comment that christians are as bad.

            Well look at this list and see the scale of Islamic atrocities this year compared with non islamic atrocities.


          • Alastair Houghton

            Well there are probably more fundamentalist Muslims at present than fundamentalist Christians or Jews, so I’d expect the list to include more incidents attributed to Islamists than the others.

            But in any case that list is incomplete. It doesn’t include this, for instance:


            The LRA, by the way, likes to cut off the lips, noses and fingers of civilians it captures, and is generally fond of hacking at people with machetes. Among other things, that is.

            Nor does it mention the NLFT (who you’ve probably never even heard of, but who are a huge problem in India):


            Note: I’m just trying to point out the stupidity of the constant claim that ISIS is “not Islamic”, “not following true Islam”, “perverting Islam” and so on. It was you that started the whole “Christians are better” thing, and it’s simply not true. The only difference is that there are fewer fundamentalist Christians, and you don’t hear as much about the nastiness they’re responsible for.

          • Alexsandr

            I dont think christians are better. I find all religion abhorrent.
            I also find it annoying (and dangerous) when we hear the ‘religion of peace’ and ‘nothing to do with Islam’ platitudes.
            I find Islam abhorrent because its intolerance and hatred are written in its so called holy texts. (I actually think the Koran should be banned as inciting hatred)

          • Alastair Houghton

            There’s plenty of intolerance and hatred written into the Christian and Jewish holy texts also. The main difference is that Muslims today have a more traditional view, while (at least in the developed world) Christians and Jews tend towards a more liberal outlook. Correspondingly there are more fundamentalist Muslims than Christians, today. In the past that hasn’t always been true, and there’s no reason to suppose it will always be true in the future.

      • Mark

        The good and true people are good and true because they don’t follow the example of Muhammad and his companions.

        The level of passive or active support offered by quiet Muslims to those who do follow the example of Muhammed and his companions is a key global question of our time.

        Islam is not a religion of peace. The Islamic worldview divides the world into the house of peace, where Islam is submitted to and the house of war where the struggle for submission to Islam is incomplete.

      • Alexsandr

        no. its islam. read your koran.
        where are the moderate muslims demonstrating in luton and dewsbury shouting not in our name….

    • Katsa Bat-Tziyon

      They still do, Islamic State following the scriptures and emulating the prophet muhammed “has nothing to do with islam.”

    • 6Story5

      Islam is both a religion of peace once you are defeated and of war until you are

    • The Chilcot Dodger

      Jellyfish Dave still does. He can’t get in front of a camera quick enough to defend Islam when it is implicated in its next atrocity.

    • Infidelissima

      everyone retarded

    • Airey Belvoir

      I didn’t! Many of us are not quite as deluded/scared as Cameron, Boris, everyone at the Guardian and BBC and our other so-called ‘leaders’.

    • Mark

      Only fools and the ignorant ever bought that.

    • RobertC

      Call Me Dave still does!

    • mrs 1234

      Not everyone.

    • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

      Did they mis spell piss?

  • Richard Alan

    Half the restrictions sound exactly the same as what happens in Saudi Arabia or half a dozen other muslim countries. Likewise the omni-present religious police, tribal politics and brutal street killings.

    The Ottomans didn’t make the Arabs good Turks, the French didn’t make them good Republicans, the British didn’t make them constitutional Monarchists and the Soviets didn’t make them committed Marxists. As for the Americans…

    ‘We are here to help the Vietnamese, because inside every **** there is an American trying to get out.’ – Full Metal Jacket

  • Abu Max

    This kind of highly sectarian Islam is very close to Wahabbism — which is the official creed in Saudi Arabia. I think that it’s pretty clear to anyone who has been following the growth of the “Islamic State” project that it couldn’t have thrived the way it has without backing and bankrolling from the Arab Gulf states — if not directly from the governments there, then at least form extremely wealthy private donors to whom the governments turned a blind eye.

    • Fraser Bailey

      Exactly. Saudi Arabia, for one, has more than enough weaponry to destroy ISIS should it choose to do so.

      • Mr_Twister

        It’s chosen Yemen.

      • Cymrugel

        Saudi is not equipped to fight wars-at least not ones where the enemy is well armed and shoots back.

        • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

          Saudi is not really a nation. It is a rich mafia of tribesfolk.

      • Steve the fireman

        Agree they could solve it in one week but their muslim army will run like the Iraqi army. Wait and see when they are attacked UK and USA will go straight to their aid. UK and USA are scared of Daesh and need to admit it.

    • meqmac

      This is true, but it’s not just Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia. The jihad activities of ISIS/Da’ish reflect the careers of the prophet and his companions, who fought jihad, took women and girls as sex slaves, beheaded Jews and other opponents. The same pattern was repeated under the early Caliphate and laster in most Islamic empires. The Islamic slave trade, for example, was wider and longer than the later Atlantic trade, but never gets taught in schools or anywhere else. ISIS is a Salafi movement that tries to replicate the ways of Muhammad and his companions (the salaf). Modern Salafism begins with the 18th-century Wahhabis and ther 19th-century anti-colonial jihad movements, thyen in the erarly 20th-century with the Wahhabi Ikhwan (who had to be put down by the Saudis themselves). It developed form around the 1920s in Egypt, continued under the now ubiquitous Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas is the Palestinian branch) and in India though the teachings of Abu A’la Mawdudi and the Deobandi movement (which controls many British mosques). No UK government (or any other Western government) has been or is willing to face this simple fact, that the terror is inherent in Islam, in its scriptures, its history, and its imperialism. Until we recognize that, we can do nothing to ghet to the roots of radicalization.

      • Goolam Casmally

        Perhaps if we had left them alone and minded our own business non of this would have happened. All that anti Muslim cr’p does nothing to solve the problems. The hypocrisy of Western governments and some Arab countries is the main cause of the problems in the Middle East. As for blaming Islam we should remember that we are not that ‘holier than thou’ we would like to believe. The Crusade, the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish invasion of Latin America and the brutal conversion to Christianity of the inhabitants. The atrocities to the Catholics during QE reign. Should we blame Christ for the rape and sexual molestation and even murder of young children by the priests etc. The various sects mentioned have nothing to do with the Prophet as the various divisions in Christianity have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Most of the comments here show how racist some of you are.

        • Alexsandr

          yes but we have become civilised over the centuries. Islam is stuck in the 7th century.

          • Steve the fireman

            7000 BC.

          • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

            That is a bit unfair. I’d say they have made it to about 1350 .
            What we need is an Islamic Reformation . Where are the Muslim Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Wesley?

        • RWJ

          Its just a simple question of geography. Jews want more land in the middle east and this programme is the ongoing plan of failed states to make this happen.

          • Polly Nicoll

            BLAME THE JEWS, what a pathetic argument, the jews don’t need more land, they were given the worst most barren dry land that was of no use to the arabs, they turned it into a thriving economic success, this sickened the arabs, who just can’t manage to do that, no matter how much money they make from oil, their countries are still kips, with no human rights no freedoms and rich with all the money and the power, so blame, the jews, blame the USA blame the UK Blame the EU, blame all of western society, WHEN IN REALITY, THEY SHOULD BE BLAMING THEMSELVES, if they stopped being sex addicts for a few months they might manage to achieve something, and not just end up producing another baby, that they can’t afford to feed and clothe..

          • Goolam Casmally

            Then why do they need to grab other people’s land? You create ‘paradise’ at the expense of the Palestinians’. ‘they turned it into a thriving economic success’ why is then that Israel is the no one in receiving American aid? The issues in Palestine have nothing to do with any of the Arab countries. Yes UK is to be blamed for all of this for it never gave the consequences of its actions in Palestine any thought before allowing the creation of the state of Palestine. The US for their blind support of Israel.

            The surrounding Arab countries, flooded with Palestinians refugees was perhaps their objection to the creation of the state of Israel.

            As for ‘if they stopped being sex addicts for a few months they might manage to achieve something, and not just end up producing another baby, that they can’t afford to feed and clothe..” it is a comment coming out of the gutters.

        • Polly Nicoll

          what a stupid comment, firstly the you can’t be a racist because you criticize islam, islam is not a race, and that card is the card of the intellectually weak who can’t form a proper argument and just want to shut up opposition, the history lesson you treated us to is years ago, the Catholic church has not employed those tactics in the last few hundred years because IT’S EVOLVED, the FACT is that we have over 50 million moslems in europe, 85% are on benefits, they have not assimilated into our societies, they are instead trying to impose their barbaric medieval ways on us, the only prophet isis and all moslems know is the profit type, islam is not a religion, it’s a political, social and military ideology masquerading as a religion to avail of a charity status for tax evasion purposes and to try to add some respectability to all the rape, murder, beheadings, fgm, beating, whipping, lobbying off of feet, hands, ears, noses, eye, stonings, burning alive, throwing off buildings, subjugation of women, rape of female babies and children, etc etc

        • meqmac

          Why can you see only one side of the historical picture? From the 7th century onwards, Muslims conquered half the known world. They created major empires. They occupied countries like Spain and Portugal, southern Italy, Cyprus, and the formerly Christian countries of the Middle East and North Africa, they took Iran out of Zoroastrian rule, conquered much of India and ruled over millions of Hindus. The massive Ottoman empire conquered and controlled much of eastern Europe from Greece to the borders of Austria. The same empire in 1914 launched an international jihad against Britain and its allies. The international Islamic slave trade was much larger than the later Atlantic trade and went on until Britain put an end to it (though in continues in some placesto the present day). Looking at ISIS, al-Qa’ida, the Islamic regime in Iran (which threatens to wipe out some other countries), Hamas, Hizbullah, and dozens if not hundreds more jihadist organizations and states, do you really wonder if some of us find this dfisagreeable and want to fight back? The fact that the West has sometimes behaved badly is no reason for you to condemn critics of Islam as ‘racists’. There have been numerous other empires in all parts of the world, and some or most of them have behaved even more badly than the West. Western civilization is the first to rein in its harmful tendencies, not always successfully, but in general in the right direction. We pulled out of our colonies (Muslims say they want to reconquer Spain, Portugal, Israel etc etc.), we fought to end racism, misogyny, hatred for homosexuals and all minoroities, we have mainly ended the use of capital punishment, we created the League of Nations and the United Nations to build world peace (only to see the UN taken over by Islamist states, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Arab League), we developed the Westphalian system of treaties between formerly hostile states, we became democracies (there isn’t a single real democracy anywhere in the Islamic world) and we taught other countries to become democracies too, and much, much more than this. Our modern wars have, however badly fought, been aimed at the abolition of dictatorships that used torture and slaughter on their own people, the barbaric rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and now the even more barabaric actions of ISIS. Do you blame us for that moral intent? Are Muslims not actors in all this? Who plans the terrorist attacks? Us or the Muslims? Israel or the Palestinians? India or the Taliban-e Pakistan? Your bias is so extreme, I don’t even know where it comes from. But it does clearly come from some extremist political position that cannot even glimpse the rights of the other side. What is the purpose of your comments? To weaken and maybe destroy the West so that tyrannies and dictatorships and new Islamic empires can take over the world? The West has grown up and is still improving. People like you who think we are still as bad as our ancestors have clearly not grown up at all.

          • Goolam Casmally

            What a lot of drivel! “To weaken and maybe destroy the West so that tyrannies and dictatorships and new Islamic empires can take over the world”. Do you ever read whatever you write before posting your comments? As for the purpose of my comments. I was merely pointing out that we can’t blame religion for the actions of evil men. I do find the actions of the so called Jihadist very unpalatable and totally against my own belief. Some of these groups have been trained armed and financed by a lot of the Western countries, now that things are not working as planned everybody is shouting ‘blue murder’. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Brilliant. Filed for reference! Thanks mate.

          • one other person is typing

            I’m glad to read both your comments. Informed opinion is a great thing!

            I think there is a need for someone to communicate the facts to our youth. In my experience our (UK) youth have little understanding of world history, they tend to oversimplify international problems and they appear to believe Britain is to blame for much of the world’s injustice without considering the impact of other parties.

            It appears to me, the more P.C. you are, the more twitter followers you can expect, but this kind of conditioning actually begins in primary schools.

          • Goolam Casmally

            I really do not know from where you got all that bullshit. I would even ask whether you understand anything you wrote. You must have had a bad day.

          • Goolam Casmally

            meqmac, Where do you get your information? I believe you just make them as you go along.
            ‘The same empire in 1914 launched an international jihad against Britain and its allies’.
            ‘we created the League of Nations and the United Nations to build world peace (only to see the UN taken over by Islamist states, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Arab League’
            Do you really know what you are talking about? or is that something that came out of your mangled mind?
            Who actually is the ‘we’ you refer to?
            What a load of faecal matter?

          • meqmac

            God, you are dumb. As I mentioned earlier, I am a former university lecturer in Islamic Studies, with degrees in Islamic languages and history and a PhD in 19th-century Islam. The Ottoman empire did in fact launch a jihad in 1914 when it joined Germany against Britain and its allies. The Germans and Turks lost and the Ottoman empire collapsed. Find almost any history of that period and you will see it in black and white. The shift within the UN has been written about and studied for a long time now. Look for information on the internet or buy a book. I don’t have any more time to spend refuting the nonsense you spout. If you have never studied any of the things you comment, your opinions are worthless.

          • Goolam Casmally

            That’s rather rich coming from someone so learned. Whether I buy a book or not is rather irrelevant to my question to you or to Jim Fox. It just make one wonders. Selective memories sometimes help.

    • Alexsandr

      stop giving the mid east money. get fracking.

  • Gilbert White

    How can you compare this with Belsen, how so? Everytime these things have been lined up neatly for the bomb, Mutla Ridge, Kabul etc our brave soldiers have been threatened with war crimes by interfering journalists. Our judiciary lets people like Shiner and Stafford-Smith use our laws for their own private agenda. The man who murdered the tourists for instance was shot whilst praying. Imagine the usual suspects and their attitude, if it had been an American Marine who had killed the gunman whilst in prayer.

  • WTF

    “Your daughter, for example. If she’s nine or over then she’s considered fair game” — Under Islam teachings I though many Muslims considered 7 years as the age of forced consent as they got pretty close to that in the UK with white girls !

    The government promotes health warnings on drugs and smoking to young kids in school and to make any difference to the voluntary recruitment to Club Jihadist for unwelcome and uninvited sexual submission & rape, we should show this documentary in schools with Muslim kids.

    Problem is its a dilemma for the left wing appeasers like Cameron where the one thing that might sway kids from going off on this jaunts is the very thing that reinforces most peoples view of the cancerous nature of Islam, the Religion of Peace.

    So its “Carry on Appeasing” as religion trumps barbarity just as multiculturalism, diversity and sexual grooming trumps rule of law !

    • Mark

      When I was an expat in Saudi I spoke with a number of Arab colleagues about their cultur and religion.

      I can clearly remember being told that it is customary for girls to be dressed in black abayas and hijabs at the time of their first menstration, regardless of age. Menstruation being the signal of sexual maturity and the potential for childbearing.

      • Polly Nicoll

        It wasn’t always like that, they were a progressive country, very westernized till the late 1970’s and the political landscape changed and women were slowly subjugated, this suited all men, as women were stripped of their human rights, and basic fundamental freedoms, and then of their humanity, they are now just ‘things’ for men to play with, they treat their cattle better.

        • Grace Ironwood

          The Saudi’s, under pressure from the west, finally gave up formal slavery in 1966. I fear your analysis is optimistic. It’s certainly true that urban 70’s girls in Afganistan and Eygpt were very western. The images from that time are stunning.

        • wudyermucuss

          this suited all men –
          Sexist misandrist drivel.

    • RWJ

      I hate to point it out but Catholic Priests have always favoured the little Christian boys…….just thought I would mention it as it slips peoples minds………especially avid Catholics in denial.

      • WTF

        Agreed but there’s a difference, Catholic priests who favored little boys clearly went against the teachings of the Old and New testament as well as breaking the law but Muslims who favour underage white flesh are just following their scriptures and cultural background.

        • RWJ

          As an atheist I believe all religions are bogus so these teachings etc are just myth…….as unlike your Priests who are very very real indeed.

          • WTF

            They’re not my priests as I’m an atheist but I was just stating a fact that what those priests did was against their teachings but what the Pakistani sexual groomers did was in line with their religious teachings.

          • RWJ

            The result is the same……..child abuse.

          • WTF

            Sure they are but unlike Christianity, Islam actually encourages pedophilia along with many other vile cancerous practices. We try and punish priests for breaking the law but Islam actually promotes slavery, gang rape and other disgusting practices. Its a death cult that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth !

          • wudyermucuss

            Yes,paedophilia is not exclusive to Islam.
            Please name me another global ideology whose founder was a paedophile.

          • wudyermucuss

            these teachings etc are just myth –
            Not to Muslims.

      • Grace Ironwood

        It wasn’t really worth pointing out RWJ.

        The relevant comparison here is whether the scriptures and religion require Catholic Priests to molest children.

    • RWJ

      Its all teachings isn’t it. Your gods don’t come to you naturally……… have to be taught or indoctrinated by your silly little guru’s in your schools or your programmed mum and dad will fill you full of the same s–t when school time over. But its only your god that’s right isn’t it. 2015 and its like the witch trials of yore.

      • WTF

        Hardly, as I don’t have any requirement for a god unlike sad, weak people like yourself that need a prop to go through life.

        Try again you plonker !

  • sebastian2

    I suppose after this documentary the RoP brigade will become yet more insistent: “This is not the real islam!”

    Oh but it is. It is.

    • RWJ

      Well on your logic………all Catholics are child molesters. Religion is a human weakness and a form of mental illness. We all know we only have each other to rely on and no God will help………..well I didn’t see his department on the 999 list………and those I know who dill call for him said he did not attend.

      • sebastian2

        Catholics molest children in breach of their faith. ISIS slaughters, forcibly converts, rapes, enslaves, and so forth, in obedience to their faith.

        As for religion as a form of mental weakness, I have no view except to say some seem to be more deadly and destructive than others.

  • cartimandua

    The reason why no one has done anything is in part the attacks of western media when they do and no one else at all cares.

  • Here’sssss Tonyyyyy

    And this is one of a million reasons why this vile, backward, death cult needs to be fought against at every turn. The appeasement in the face of continued barbarity must stop and this creed need to be forced to take responsibility for their heinous crimes against humanity.

  • dramocles

    Does anyone else notice the parallels between ISIS treating women and girls as chattels and Rotherham taxi drivers doing the same?

    Maybe the influences behind jihad are closer to us than we think.

    (another thought – I wonder if the warriors of political correctness – such as Connie St. Louis – can be persuaded to use their undoubted power against this target instead of against harmless old men who mean no offence?)

    • Ahobz

      Be brave you mean? Can’t see it happening.

    • Captain Nemo

      Fat chance! At the moment she’s still trying to update her CV. It seems to be taking her an awful long time. However, I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait when it’s completed…

      • David237856

        She’s probably still trying to find her degree down the back of the sofa.

    • Annie

      Why on earth should a female scientist be responsible for combatting ISIS?

      What on earth do you think she should do about it? Brave? Armed men and keyboard warriors lack to spine for it.

      • Mr_Twister

        She’s not a scientist for one.
        She shouldn’t be providing smoke when we need to be able to see! For two.

      • RWJ

        Well…………the west is doing sod all about it so why cant she have a shot.

      • Roger Hudson

        Is there an English version of the above post?

    • sebastian2

      I think the influences behind jihad are very close indeed. There may be up to 1.5 million of them (approximately half the UK’s mohammedan population) in Britain.

      I wonder what the rest are doing about it apart from complaining about islamophobia. “Not much.” is my answer.

      It would be entirely unfair to describe Connie St Louis as an over-promoted but mediocre coward that picks on defenceless soft targets.

      • Roger Hudson

        Why would it?

        • sebastian2


    • greencoat

      Islam means the same thing the world over, in burning deserts, Indonesian villages or English backstreets.

      • Grace Ironwood

        A Saudi acquaintance said to me : “there are not two korans”

    • Krolll

      Indeed, the parallels are unbelievable! Good story telling is undervalued anyway, these days.

    • Grace Ironwood

      Maybe causation doesn’t always run one direction.

      This revolution is also a product of modernity.

  • nibs

    What a messed up foreign policy we have: 2 years ago Cameron wanted us to bomb secular Assad on the side of AQ and ISIS. We now know many of these “moderates” receive training in Jordan from the USA, and medical help from the Israelis (yes). And all enter Syria through NATO “ally” Turkey.
    If we helped out Assad, who in the not too distant past was received by the Queen, Blair, Kerry etc, this could be over in 2 months !
    And don’t get me started on Tunisia, where the gunman was trained and armed in next-door Libya which Cameron/Sarkozy/Levy proudly destroyed 5 years ago….
    BLOWBACK….there’ll be lots more, also boatloads of Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans arriving first in Italy then Calais…then Milton Keynes.

    • Mark Roberts

      A week in Milton Keynes and they will wish they were back in Aleppo!

    • Mow_the_Grass

      al Assad and his family/alawite/henchmen is a thug in his own right.
      The master in the use of barrel bombs and chlorine.
      Just another thug amongst many in syria.
      No better.

      • Infidelissima

        I agree, they are all pretty much the same if you ask me

  • Infidelissima

    The only way for Europe to survive this infestation of cockroaches, is repatriation.
    Today would be considered racist and grossly against human rights, but hopefully tomorrow, it will be seen as the only way to survive.

    These savages destroy everything in sight, they need to be fenced in, in their own pits, let them kill each other, for all I care, but keep them away from the civilised world.

    • Albert Zbingswiki

      Entirely agree with you. I do feel that the wider public opinion is beginning to swing round to face reality.

      • smokiesteele

        dont count on it the apathy among most people is actually very scary. people actually believe that there is a good Islam and a bad Islam and all the help they get from politicians and the alleged free press if you wrote a novel about this sort of thing under fiction lets say most people would say thats to far fetched never happen , ?

        • Grace Ironwood

          Erm, that famous French novelist bloke, Michel Houellebecq, just did. Came out with the last free Charlie Hebdo. He was a hero of the cultural elite but now they don’t know what to think.

    • rationality

      Only a few years ago travelling in the ME was a joy. Sure not all areas but Lebanon, Syria, Egypt were reknowned for the hospitality that was given. And we generally felt ok towards them. Nowadays the animosity we feel for them is reciprocated, they hate us just as much we hate them. Look how our governments have whipped up trouble in their countries and then they make them as welcome here as possible. Look at the never ending horror stories against them yet if you say anything its a hate crime. Look how our governments pretend to do something about it. It isnt stupidity or indecision that is stopping them. They know exactly what is going on and are encouraging it.

      I am no fan of Islam but this is being whipped up disgracefully and its completely on purpose. There will be an outcome to this but dont think our government will take our side. This is the greatest betrayal of all time.

      • RWJ

        Well that all stopped with the Blair and Bush double act. This act was planned just before 9/11 was planned and is on going today. Don’t spoil it all for America as they want to dump the Jewish Lobby and its crew into these failed states in the middle east for the greater Israel Yinon plan to be carried out. Then America can then recoup and regain control of its own country for the first time since the 50s.

    • greggf

      Actually the cost of repatriation may be recovered from savings in welfare payments, reduction in crime epecially muslim child abuse gangs, health costs and other pestilencial “cultural” habits.

      • рабо́табо́т

        Don’t forget halal foodstuffs would disappear in an instant.

        • greggf

          Jews have similar Kosher foodstuffs.

        • pj

          Actually they wouldn’t as a lot of take away food restaurants and eateries use Halal and vegan foods would stil’ be there where would you buy Britain’s fave dish curry and chips

    • Vuil

      Too late. Repatriation is not going to happen. And the Muzzies know that demographics is destiny.

      White British female birthrate 1.8 per child bearing woman (since replacement is 2.1 it means the population is shrinking). British Muslim women produce 4.3 babies.

      British Muslim population expected to reach parity with whites sometime between 2045 and 2055.

      Should be an interesting transition as Muslim culture ascends.

      The closest concept Islam has to saint is ‘karama’. Perhaps the first thing they’ll do when they are in control is to announce Tony Blair as ‘Karama Blair’. After all he made it all possible. On the other hand if the whites win the civil war perhaps crucifying the fucker Tony in Trafalgar Square will send the right message. He deserves nothing less.

      • greggf

        Maybe Vuil, but experience of the Balkans don’t support your theory, and they’ve had a long time at it. War will be outcome, once the liberal-left, do-gooders, Cameron and BBC have done their worst.

        • Grace Ironwood

          That is actually hopeful, But do you not agree that the Balkan countries are very different to today’s British culture ?

          They were significantly religious as well as ethnic wars – Orthodox Christians vs Muslims.Balkan peoples are not as removed from their pre-modern roots as us.

          We’re not Churchills’s people now. Deracinated and debased now.
          I do believe the people, even gentle prrogressives, are coming to a realisation of their predicament. It’s been slow going!

          The core idealists are the elites who can only be influenced by becoming unelectable.

      • will91

        Once a Muslim population reaches about 20% of a nations population it becomes very hard to operate a liberal society.

        What does it mean to the Netherlands when it faces this situation within 10 years? We’ve already seen that Europe’s response to this will be various forms of segregation and restrictions on everyone’s freedom of speech.

        When lefties retort at this and say “Oh yeah, well that’s just your opinion! Back that up with some facts!”

        Quote the Human Freedom Index, not one majority Muslim nation on the planet is classified as “Free”.

      • Janet Channell

        Thank God I will be dead by 2045.

      • covert

        thankfully I will be dead by then, but isn’t it ironic that when they become dominant ,they will turn the country into a shithole with sharia law just like ISIS, and we will become the terrorists.

      • Brogan75

        The funny part will be the lefties slowly realizing they made a mistake.Though some of them will deny the situation, of course.

      • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

        How on Earth is that possible? We have 2.8 million Muslims and 62.5 milliion non muslims in the UK. So over the next 35 years, barely one generation. you think parity will be reached. Lets assume a population of say 75 million by then, so 37.5 million each.
        Lets also assume you expect white birth rates to half to 350,000 per year, then you expect 38 million whites to die or emigrate, more than twice what we have now. Why?
        Equally you expect an extra 1,000,000 Muslims per year. Which would mean even if 500,000 new immigrant Muslims came in every year, those already here would need to have six times as many kids as today. Even then by 2055 most of the Muslims here would be under age 15.
        I fear you spout rubbish to seek to scare the easily swayed.

        • Grace Ironwood

          The UN has some good figures for you and there is material out there on birthrates over time that may help form your view more accurately.

          How assertive, and threatening a particular culture is & how supine & pacified the host population is will also allow them to “punch above their weight” culturally well before this group reaches the “parity” you seek.

    • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

      Infidellissima.Good point, but I think IS are much worse than that.

    • Hewat Beukes

      You are the stuff Isis is made of.

      • RWJ

        And you are the stuff sheep are made from Mr Pukes

    • pj

      This is a woefully ignorant response . The “civilised” world you speak of is rife with bloodshed and murder and crime .For every “Pedo ref made regarding Muslims the waspish face of pedophilia shines on there’s Jimmy Saville of course and the very heart of the British establishment I cannot understand the ignorance behind these comments and the assanine mentality that provokes them .They would be laughable were it not the
      not sadly the consensus view of most mealy minded bigots . Repatriation ? Where
      to The Home Counties or West Yorkshire .Most Muslims have no affiliation or
      support for Isis they detest them . It is not Muslims it is ISis just like any other mad cult movement .After all collective hate isn’t meated out to all white middle aged pedophiles why should all Muslims suffer collective hate for the barbarism of Isis . Is this civilised

      • Polly Nicoll

        ‘most moslems have no affiliation’ with isis, bullshit, how many have publicly come out and condemned them, VERY BLOODY FEW, but they appear in our streets in their droves, to shout death to USA death to UK, EU etc etc over a few bloody cartoons, or a film or book which displeases them. slowly but surely they ARE ENCROACHING ON OUR BASIC FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS, we can no longer get on planes without thinking, we can no longer say what we want about islam, without thinking, we can no longer draw what we want without thinking, we can no longer criticize islam or question it without thinking, we can no longer decide to go on a sun holiday without thinking, we can no longer walk on our streets without seeing them in their middle eastern rags and voice an opinion, rape is up in all our towns and soon we’ll even have to consider would we be safer if we went around in a burka, ….it’s coming folks if we don’t stand up and say NO MORE, WE’VE HAD ENOUGH….they are changing our way of life and IT’S NOT FOR THE BETTER.

        • Goolam Casmally

          One million came out against the British involvement in Iraq, a fat lot of good it did. “how many have publicly come out and condemned them”. A fat lot of good that will do given that they are being supported by some Western countries as well as some Middle Eastern countries. Their dislike of people like Assad, Mubarak and Gaddafi blinded them from what was happening around them and even when they realised, though rather late, they till continue with their regime change insistence. In doing so they created all sort of monsters. It is proving that ‘an enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend’.
          All the anti Muslim anti Islam rhetoric shows what a bunch of ignorant and racist a lot of you are unable to see beyond your own prejudices.
          Islam like any other religion is a PEACEFUL religion it is people that religion a bad name.
          All those mentioning ?passages from the Quran I wonder if they have actually read the Book or they just regurgitate what they heard someone else.
          Hiding behind racism and blaming others will not solve any problem.

          • snaphanen

            No, Islam is certainly not a peaceful religion. Many muslims are, but the Quran is surely not

          • Goolam Casmally

            And your comment is based on what? It would have been helpful if you had elaborated a little on that. You are not one of those so called ‘expert’ on Islam? As for not being a peaceful religion this can be said about all religion, what made you chose Islam to comment on. I bet it was something you heard somebody said and you felt the need to regurgitate it here.

        • pj

          Your response indicates a worrying lack of real knowledge and I find it difficult to argue my point . There are cultural shifts to the East but these are reflected more in dress and habit : The mullah beards that the hipstas are wearing, the tight leggings with long shirts . The switch from alcohol to green tea these are all cultural changes England has embraced but I strongly disagree with your violent almost rabid discourse about the fear you suffer in criticising Muslims they are the most targeted minority in Britain today suffering not only racist and political and social abuse from uninformed and bigoted people who share your view but from physical attacks . The tone of your response is indicative of this . Muslims fear reprisal attacks from ignorant people who wrongfully, maliciously and deliberately target them for abuses that are not their fault . When the waspy face of pedophilia rears its ugly head or a litany of equally horrendous crimes are all English people forced to come out and denounce these crimes ? Why is there a different rule for Muslims . if anything it is Judaism which is untouchable and not allowed to be criticised not Islam . Yes Britain is ugly , polarised and pockmarked with hate but it’s not all the fault of the Muslims . If you got your way and packed all the Muslims off you’d be left with bingo halls, betting shops and a pile of regrets . Your view is dangerously myopic but sadly all too familiar

      • Jim Fox

        Muslim terror supporter- GO AWAY! Your taqiyya fools no-one…

      • Jim Fox

        “why should all Muslims suffer collective hate”

        YOU TELL US—

        Qur’an instructs believers to KILL nonbelievers:

        ● “Slay the nonbelievers wherever you find them. Drive them out.”(2:190)

        ● “Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.’” (8:7)

        ● “. . . kill the disbelievers wherever we find them. . .” (2:191)

        ● “Instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.” (8:12)

        ● “I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.” (8:12)

        ● “Strike off the heads of the disbelievers” and make a “wide slaughter among them.” (47:4)

        ● ”Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.” (8:59)

        ● “. . . fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, torture them, and lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” (9:5)

        ● “A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. . . Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.” (Ishaw:327)

        • Goolam Casmally

          Have you ever read the Bible?

          • one other person is typing

            I think I understand what you are implying, but the issue is not so simple.

            It’s important to make the distinction that the New Testament is the book Christians follow, and as far as I know, Jesus never advocated, preached, or suggested killing anyone.

            In fact Jesus told us to love our enemies. Not that I’m particularly religious, but I can tell the difference between a despot and an advocate of peace.

          • Goolam Casmally

            So there is the Old Testament and the New Testament then?
            Which one did the Spanish used for their brutal conquest of South America and which one did the Crusaders used to commit all the atrocities they committed. Which one did Hitler use in WW2?

          • one other person is typing

            I gave you the benefit of a thought out reasoned response. Not a mistake I’ll make twice.

          • Goolam Casmally

            What actually is that benefit of thought? Why make the mistake in the first place? ? a reasoned response, well!

            I was just making a point that evil men will do evil things regardless whichever book they read. Blaming the religion or its founder for the atrocities we inflict on each other shows great ignorance.
            “and as far as I know, Jesus never advocated, preached, or suggested killing anyone”. As far I know Mohammad never advocated, preached or suggested killing anyone. One way or another it does not prove anything,in fact there have been many documented events in what is called the Hadith where the Prophet showed great compassion towards non Muslims. What we must understand is that both the Bible and the Quran were written long after the death of Jesus Christ and Mohammad and the Bible have been re written several times.
            Should we blame Buddhism for what is happening in Burma?

          • Jim Fox

            “both the Bible and the Quran were written long after the death of Jesus Christ and Mohammad and the Bible have been re written several times”

            WOW! You really are the most ignorant Muslim ever!
            Surely you know the koran is the perfect unalterable word of ALLAH,
            as ‘brought down’ to Muhammad via the angel Jibreel [or, Gabriel]?
            How then could it be “re-written several times”????

            Muhammad is the SOLE ‘transmitter’ of the koran whereas the bible is a mishmash of many different authors…

          • Goolam Casmally

            I never mentioned that the Quran was rewritten several times, what I mentioned was that the Bible was rewritten several times.
            “You really are the most ignorant Muslim ever!” You would notice that I left out the WOW!. And you are such a scholar of Islam or any religion for that matter. ? the most ignorant Muslim ever. Now! Now! Now! flattery will get you nowhere. I may well be an ignorant here but at least I am not a bigot.
            I have hoped to have a civil discussion/argument regarding this article, any abuse or name calling will dash that hope. I am sure we can both trade insults at each other but it would prove nothing at the end.
            Religion makes all of us ignorant as it always wants you to believe in what it says, my reason for not having too much faith in them although I was born into a one of them.

          • Jim Fox

            I accept your criticism. Often my frustration with muslim apologists turns to insult. You don’t care to say which ‘faith’ you were ‘born into’? For interest’s sake I was born into Christianity which I saw through at age 10; I feel sorry that Muslims are so totally indoctrinated before they’re old enough to think- and hate Islam for that abuse of children.
            You give all appearance of knowing next to nothing of the contents of koran, hadith or sunnah; no-one needs to be a ‘scholar of Islam’ to see that it is a vicious racist ideology camouflaged [poorly] as a religion. The internet has exposed Islam as never before in its long and rotten history.
            This ‘SOI’ defence is just taqiyya to confuse the najis kuffar…

          • Goolam Casmally

            ‘The internet has exposed Islam as never before in its long and rotten history.’ This very nonsensical I am afraid to say. The points I was trying to make were that we readily blame religion whether through ignorance by design every evil we care to commit. A religion as a philosophy has never commanded man to be barbaric evils. It is more often the interpreters of that philosophy that direct man into behaving badly.
            As for what ‘faith’ I was born into , I was born in Islam but for various reasons I became a non believer. it has nothing to do with the Quran though it was just that I did not agree with certain practices. I was born first a human being and I’ll dye a human being. My belief if I have any is that Nature is my Creator and my Conscience is my religion.

          • Jim Fox

            ‘The internet has exposed Islam as never before in its long and rotten history.’
            “This very nonsensical”

            In spite of the evidence I produced and the koran translations you demanded you STILL have no answer but denial.
            I don’t believe you are an apostate from Islam- you are a classic Islamic taqiyya merchant. You spout utter rubbish as do all devout Muslims.

            Nothing further- get lost. You’re a complete waste of space.

          • Goolam Casmally

            I think I will take your advice and ‘get lost’. Ignorance, prejudice and abuse never makes for a good discussion.
            As for my typo error any intelligent person would understand the meaning.

          • Jim Fox

            “Mohammad never advocated, preached or suggested killing anyone”

            Just to correct that fallacy—


            Probably 1,000 such murders by Muhammad…

          • Goolam Casmally

            Who wrote actually wrote it?

          • meqmac

            Compassion for non-Muslims? You must be reading a different sira to mine. Where was Muhammad’s compassion when he permitted the beheading of some 700 Jews of the Banu Qurayza and the enslavement of all the women and girls? Where was it when he ordered the assassinations of about 40 people, most of whom had done nothing worse than insult him? Where was his compassion when he fought the peaceful Jews of Khaybar, killed many, and took control of most of their produce? I could go on. Muhammad was a most uncompassionate man who used violence to impose his will on others. He was a great statesman and military leader, but in compassion terms he stands far behind Jesus, Buddha, and most other major religious figures. Read your own history, not the fairy tales someone has clearly told you. And please note that I used to lecture in Arabic and Islamic Studies and have written many books and articles on Islam. Don’t try to fob me off with claims that my factual information is wrong.

          • Jim Fox

            Muhammad and his followers had only the koran to use in 1400 years
            of conquest resulting in 270 MILLION plus deaths from jihad.
            No question there. Your enfeebled indoctrinated muslim mind is incapable of speaking truth. Muhammad’s Islam is pure evil.

          • wiley789

            You are such an arse, you obviously know very little about ANYTHING you are commenting on, the crusades ?. the muslims were attacking and invading christian and other religious countries for FOUR HUNDRED years, in the end the CIVILIZED (at the time) world got pissed off with it, and sent armies over there to deal with them, any atrocities were simply in revenge for the 400 years of atrocities the muslim world had been committing. much as will inevitably come to pass when the world gets sick of pandering to islam and decides to eradicate it.

          • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

            No. What does it say?

          • Jim Fox

            Yes. Do you know what moral relativism is? You DO know what deflection and change of subject is.
            Why are you afraid to address the koranic verses I quoted??

          • wiley789

            LOL game set and match there mate, mind you it was a one sided argument seeing as he appears to be a bit lacking in intelligence, none the less, he went down in flames

        • Goolam Casmally

          Where did you find all that in the Quran? I’d like to have a copy of the Quran you read, just let me know where to get and I’ll be grateful, for right now I believe you are just talking drivel. No offence intended.

          • meqmac

            I studied Qur’an in Arabic with one of the world’s leading authorities. There are plenty of simiular passages in the Qur’an. I suspect you have never read it. Jim Fox is not talking drivel.

          • Goolam Casmally

            Unfortunately I haven’t had my question answered yet.
            What do the figures represent?.
            One might have studied the Qur’an in Arabic but sometimes misquoting what is written does not make us that clever.
            Now, I take it that you are a little more learned than Jim Fox about the Qur’an you could perhaps enlighten me as to where in the Qur’an it says all that Jim wrote and furthermore you could help me by telling where to get a copy of the Book he got his quotes from. It will help greatly.

          • Jim Fox

            See my reply

          • William_Brown

            Oh dear…

          • Jim Fox

            Not me talking- your koran talking; If ‘drivel’, it is koranic drivel!

            As you don’t seem to recognise the references given, for example
            (2:190) means chapter (‘sura’) 2, verse (‘ayah’) 190 in your koran.

            You must look these up online- there are 12 popular translations,
            assuming you don’t read Arabic and they are all pretty consistent.

          • Jim Fox

            Read my response yet? NOW do you understand where koranic verses come from? Or are you being a disingenuous Muslim??

        • pj

          If I start quoting great chunks of the Bible or The Torah without context in translative text so the provenance can’t be verified I’m pretty certain you would balk at the results . Here’s a more informed balanced view of Islam that I’m comfortable with and it can be found in native English text so you don’t have to struggle with Arabic also here’s some biblical verse that you may have convienently forgotten 😉 in your rambling tirade of hate the standards of the time, which is the 7th century A.D., the laws of war that are laid down by the Quran are actually reasonably humane,” he says. “Then we turn to the Bible, and we actually find something that is for many people a real surprise. There is a specific kind of warfare laid down in the Bible which we can only call genocide.”

          It is called herem, and it means total annihilation. Consider the Book of 1 Samuel, when God instructs King Saul to attack the Amalekites: “And utterly destroy all that they have, and do not spare them,” God says through the prophet Samuel. “But kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.”

          When Saul failed to do that, God took away his kingdom.

          “In other words,” Jenkins says, “Saul has committed a dreadful sin by failing to complete genocide. And that passage echoes through Christian history. It is often used, for example, in American stories of the confrontation with Indians — not just is it legitimate to kill Indians, but you are violating God’s law if you do not.”

          Jenkins notes that the history of Christianity is strewn with herem. During the Crusades in the Middle Ages, the Catholic popes declared the Muslims Amalekites. In the great religious wars in the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries, Protestants and Catholics each believed the other side were the Amalekites and should be utterly destroyed.

          ‘Holy Amnesia’

          • Jim Fox

            Bible and koran are BOTH shit!

            Now, WHAT WAS YOUR ARGUMENT????

          • Goolam Casmally

            Suddenly you seem to have selective amnesia. All your previous arguments were about the Quran and its barbaric teaching. And now “Bible and koran are BOTH shit!” I wonder what’s next!

          • Jim Fox

            Why are you such a fucking idiot?

          • Goolam Casmally

            Perhaps because there are ars’holes like you around

          • William_Brown

            Yes…and all those Christians beheading non-believers across the world is shocking isn’t it?

          • Goolam Casmally

            if you say so!

          • William_Brown


          • Goolam Casmally

            This is the point I was trying to make unfortunately people are so engrossed in their Islamophobia and blaming Islam for all the ills in the world that they lose their sense of rationality.

      • wudyermucuss

        Yes,but Western wrongdoing is not culturally,theologically and/or politically endorsed.

        It is not Muslims it is ISis –
        ISIS are Muslims;significant minority percentages of Muslims are radicals,extremists;very significant percentages,we simply don’t know,but in ISIS held territory,many Muslims turn out to be ISIS friendly.

        Is this civilised –
        But once again,the offender was not following the example of a founder of an ideology,a founder who married a 9 year old and was a mass murdering warlord.

        This is a woefully ignorant response –
        Your post is wilfully cognitively dissonant,either deliberately or through ignorance making false comparison.

    • RWJ

      There you go………..all the western media propaganda has worked. All Muslim BAD……..all Christian GOOD. The ISIS information centre Tel Aviv will give you more details on their website.

      • Jim Fox

        There you go- conflating ‘muslim’ with ‘ISIS’. Typical muslim deflection tactic. Who mentioned ‘Christian’? So fullof sh*t-
        ISIS supporter-Go away, muslim troll.

        • RWJ

          There you go Fox……….you make my case for me. You are a narrow minded sheep…….and a foul mouthed bar steward. The real Isis supporters removed the people who would have kept them out of their countries in the first place……but as a dork, Fox……….you cant figure that out.

          • wudyermucuss

            The real Isis supporters –
            Come on,name them,don’t be shy.

          • RWJ


          • one other person is typing

            Dude, with such accomplished name-calling as ‘Mr Puke’ or ‘dork’ or ‘sheep’, I’m reluctant to risk a comment for fear of being out-witted.

      • wudyermucuss

        Ah,it’s the youknowho’s fault.

    • josephine chapman

      The West should surround the city IsIs has taken as their own and BOMB them to bits and any that try to run away kill them
      The captors are better off dead anyway SHOW NO MERCY
      They have no human rights And anyone fron this country who joined them should NEVER ever be allowed back here they are TRAITORS if found here should be executed preferably in public.

    • Graeme S

      Nailed IT

    • pj

      I am horrified at your tone you speak of Muslims being uncivilised but demonstrate such a startling lack of civility and lack of coherence in your argument I think it merits no response . Be that as it may I wish to state that you are inherently wrong to demonise Muslims they are not savages and do not deserve the volley of insults you have levelled at them . If you repatriated Muslims you would suffer and the grey Jimmy Saville grinning pedo bubble you refuse to acknowledge would still be there . What of the pedo atrocities inflicted by the Catholic Church the British establishment etc you speak arrant nonsense that stinks of racist vitriol .

  • Maureen Fisher

    Don’t forget that Channel 4 will most likely follow up with a documentary lauding Hamastan who are Daesh’s ideological brethren in Gaza.

    • Infidelissima

      i wonder how the BBC and SKY and C4 will report, when those peaceful Palestinian supporters, who have already hoisted ISIS flags next to Palestinians flags in Tower Hamlets, will launch home-made rockets into non-muslim areas across our country….I mean, who would that not happen?

      Britain also had a british soldier, decapitated in his own capital, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the road, and a french military base just had explosives stolen, soooooo…….with over 50 Million peaceful Muslims all across Europe, I’m sure, soon our cities will look like their cities.

      I believe the BBC, SKY and C4 will blame Israel for not sharing their Iron Dome with a country that has vilified them and supported its’ enemies.

      • WTF

        One thing is a certainty, our biased media and government will go to any length to blame any and every one not responsible for these barbaric killings, sexual grooming, sexism or homophobia rather than that death cult called Islam !

        They will blame Israel, the ‘usual fall guys’, the odd non specific Asian, a lone wolf acting alone and anyone but that cancerous religion that inspires and preaches death, submission and an assortment of depravity far worse than the marquis de sade !

  • рабо́табо́т

    What happened to the good old 1940s strategy of America.
    Nuke the bastarrds.

    • sarahsmith232

      if they ever start annoying china then lets just hope that the atomic cloud doesn’t make it to Europe. (retards like boko haram are stupid enough to try and take them on as well, hopefully Nigeria is far enough away)

      • Neil Orange peel

        I think a campaign of terror against the Chinese would end in the Middle East being turned to glass within 30 minutes.

    • mrs 1234

      There are countless innocent people there!

      • CrazyInsaneLikeAFox

        There were countless innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
        Not saying they should use nuclear weapons, I’m just saying.

    • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

      Well by 1950 the bastarrds got Nukes too. They then called it the Cold War.

  • Albert Zbingswiki

    You’re not embracing the Enrichment! Stop it!

  • sarahsmith232

    thank you v.much for the heads up. will be making sure to watch it

  • David Booth.

    “If she’s nine or over then she’s considered fair game. She’ll be sold as a slave in the market to the highest bidder….”
    This is the ‘war booty’ one brave Islamic recruit from the UK was boasting about on the BBC (R4) a few weeks back when he contacted home to ask for condoms and hair gel.

  • mohdanga

    Yet retard Obama says ISIS can be defeated by words. Hope and change!!

    • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

      Obama’s whole agenda is based on hope.

  • MikeH

    “So you’ve just popped out of town for the day on an errand. And when you
    get back, everyone has gone. Your wife, your kids, your nephews and
    nieces, your friends, your customers”

    Yes all gone off to Syria to join ISIS with the local muslim “community” having no clues or warning signs. They we’re all brainwashed by a distorted version of the religion of
    peace, one of the world’s great religions.

  • There is no need actually of “insider footage”, since the Caliphate displays proudly what it does to the outside world. I suggest, among many sites that relay life under the Caliphate, apart from numerous twitter accounts held by jihadists. It is all there. However, Western media have chosen not to disseminate images, videos, films because they would “offend viewers”.

  • bufo75

    It was not, of course, on David Cameron’s insistence that MP’s were recalled from their “hols” to vote on the bombing of Assad.
    It was his wife Samantha Sheffield and her sister Emily who “made Dave do it”.
    Please, never be under the impression that Dave himself has EVER had an idea in his life !

  • lgrundy

    “these are people a long way off”
    You don’t need to go to IS. The Royal Navy are bringing IS to you.

  • Valewood

    Liberals and democrats in western and modern societies who defend these barbarians only do so because they have a common hatred of Christians and Jews. They don’t realize that it is liberals, feminists, gays, etc who would be the first to be targeted by ISIS for extermination and enslavement. Talk about making your bed in a den of rattlesnakes.

    • jim

      And who invited these scum into our cities?Who has always striven to make the white christian west less so?They who shall not be named.

      • Special Operations Executive

        Oh you mean Blair, Brown & Mandelson…..gotcha!

        • Mary Ann

          Don’t see the tories stopping in inflow, but then a lot of them have money, the great god.

          • Special Operations Executive

            Obfuscation & deflection of the subject matter typical lefty trade mark – still doesn’t change the fact of the treason committed against British people by Blair, Brown, Mandelson & all who aided & abetted.
            However you are right about Tories not stopping the flow – Camoron is gutless & May is as useless as an udder on a bull.
            “but then a lot of them have money, the great god.” – and there we have it – arch response from a Socialist & aptly dispensed with by Sir Winston Churchill decades ago – true then as it is now – “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”.

            There are many areas in UK that have voted Labour consistently for 100 years & despite over that time having decades of Labour rule are still impoverished.

        • jim

          You think so? Empire,International Socialism and Global Capitalism all did their bit to sink us into this mess but “the tribe” have always and without exception worked to dilute the white christian west.If they are at long last starting to question the wisdom of this policy ……well, it is about time.

          • Special Operations Executive

            What garbage blaming Jews to dilute the West! Are Blair, Brown mandelson Jewish? You damned well know they formulated the policy of bringing in 3rd world scum en masse to “rub the Conservatives nose in diversity” & they actively went to Pakistan & Bangladesh to recruit. Naturally they would all vote Labour & were also recruited to replace the British working class people who stopped voting for them.

            And the Jews are responsible? In your warped & twisted anti-Semitic imagination they are.

            And IF what you are saying is only partly true – then why would Jews want to do this? Anything at all to do with centuries of persecution by so-called Christian countries?

            In any event, the persecution meted out to Jews was predominantly by Catholics, especially Catholic Spain that issued an edict in 1492 (by Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand) forcing all Jews to leave Spain under pain of death or they had to convert to “christianity”.

            Mustn’t forget Catholic Poland & Ukrainian Catholics, they were pretty good at their pogroms.

            It is well attested that during WW2 the Ukrainian Catholics (Green Cross) were worse than the Nazis to Jews.

            Mustn’t forget the Holocaust where 6 million Jews were murdered – although that had nothing to do with religion – pure Nazism/race ideology.

            So it does appear there is a legitimate grievance.

            However there are only 14 million Jews in the world, 7 million in Israel – & they are busy worrying about the 410 million arabs surrounding them who want to annihilate them.

            And as for starting the rot in EU, you can thank the Socialists Helmut Kohl & François Mitterrand who pushed for the EU. The Maastricht Treaty (open borders) was already in place & there began the recipe for disaster – thanks to your Socialist mates in EU & UK – it had NOTHING to do with Jews making that policy, although no doubt there are Judenrat involved.

          • jim

            Your whole argument is at best disingenuous. You really do think we’re morons ,don’t you? Everybody ,and I do mean everybody knows that there has never been any internal debate amongst the members of the tribe on this issue.There has never been any doubt that they have always and forever been in favour of diluting the white christian west.Fact.Which is why the faint stirrings amongst the tribe in support of le Pen in France are causing so much comment.This is very new.

          • Sten vs Bren

            You feel ‘diluted’. That’s your problem, nobody else’s.

          • jim

            I don’t “feel” it. This is a statistical fact. Demographics don’t lie. Numbers always tell the truth.

          • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

            Demographics do lie. For years we have been told there was a post war babyboom in the UK from 1945 to 1965. But all years 1949 to 1957 were below average births.

          • jim

            I know this country can’t get black enough fast enough for you.

          • Special Operations Executive

            Au Contraire. YOUR “argument” which you HAVEN’T provided is at best disingenuous – but more to the point is racist. Just because YOU say it is fact doesn’t make it so.
            You are entitled to your own opinion, no matter how offensive or distasteful others find it.
            You are NOT entitled to your own facts.
            And no, IF you read carefully, I did NOT say we have anything coming to us.
            You YOURSELF made the statement without any factual evidence that Jews wanted to “dilute” the West. I merely pointed out that IF that was the case – & it isn’t – then THEY could justify it – and I’m NOT agreeing with that “justification” either.
            Your use of the pejorative term “the tribe” points directly to YOUR anti-Semitic racism.
            There are SOME Jews warming to Le Pen despite her father’s rank anti-Semitism (like you yourself) when he first started the National Front. Have you actually thought out why that is the case?
            Because she is anti-Islam & anti-moslem which she sees as a clear & present danger to France.
            I haven’y noticed any Jews going around attacking & killing moslems simply because they’re moslems.
            However how many times have Jews been attacked & murdered by moslems in France simply because they were Jews?
            It’s about time you woke up to the fact that UK as well as all other parts of Europe are being invaded by 3rd world mostly moslem people. London is now 55% NON white – and that is DIRECTLY as a result of the policies brought about by treasonous Labour scum as previously noted.
            The terrorism alert is set at imminent – terrorist attack is EXPECTED at any time – from whom? Moslems, no one else. And no Islam isn’t a race & neither is moslem.

          • Game Bird

            What’s the colour of the residents of London got to do with anything eh?

            You’re just exposing your hysterical racism.

          • jim

            For many of us the word “racist” is less a term of abuse and more a condition borne out by bitter experience. I am at least as aware as you are of just how much of a threat islam poses to the west. As I said in my initial post, when it comes to mass immigration,there is plenty of blame to go round and not just on the left. But I will not be suckered into the role of dumb donkey goy. The suggestion that the tribe gives an fcuk about anyone else is ludicrous. They have always been 110% in favour of mass immigration into the west. If this is starting to change then all well and good but they remain dubious allies at best. You are simply one of their useful idiots. Golders Green in probably the least diverse place in London but then multi-culti has always been prescribed for working class goys only.

        • AverageGuyInTheStreet

          The British people were considered fair game at the point they became powerful and organised against exploitation by the bosses. Thatcher and her heirs have been punishing the British ever since by allowing their country to be annexed by the third world.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    If we as Americans are going to do something we have to start on our soil and rid ourselves of the menace.
    The Buddhists in Northern Myanmar provide the example.

  • Neil Orange peel

    Brigitte Gabriel can be a little hyperbolic at times, but her ”the peaceful majority were irrelevant” rant always stuck with me.

    Yep. Most muslims don’t want to hack our heads off. However, it’s more than just ‘one or two’ nutters. Like the Nazis (I think Gabriel calimed only about 7% of Germans were Nazis), there are enough of them to cause a holocaust. If a group is savage enough, they can cause enough fear to provoke a lack of opposition among the masses. It would take a rather brave individual (or stupid) to be criticial of ISIS at close quarters.

    World leaders are doing the Jews (and all non-muslims) no favours by not calling a spade a spade here. They need to tell the Imams in the mosques that we would like to see preachers telling their followers that extremism is not the way to go. That respect, intergration and tolerance is the ony way forward.

    Will they do it? I think we all know the answer to that. They’ll just enter into their usual ‘whatabouterry’ and ‘Islamophobia’ nonsense as usual. It’s up to the muslim community, at home and abroad to intergrate and rat out those within western communities that are plotting against their host countries. On their heads be it (no pun intended). This will not end well.

    I read recently about the nations that have had the most trouble caused by Islamic terrorism. India, the USA, UK, Israel, Iraq and surprisingly, Thailand (I think they were second on the list I saw). If you think about it, one theory is that Islam wants to wipe out the other religions. Think of a Hindu nation? India. Christian? UK/USA. Jewish? Israel. Buddhist? Thailand. Thailand has a population similar to the UK and is about 95% Buddhist. Iraq perhaps make up the Shia (who are seen as apostates). Perhaps not too surprising then to see those as the top targets.

  • NickG

    All true. Nevertheless, we – the British – should still not be involved militarily in the middle East.

    Far more important to the security and future of the UK is that we address the Islamic threat at home.

    Out governments haven’t shown they understand the problem, never mind coming up with any cogent solution.

  • Cymrugel

    Nothing will really change in the ME until there is a root and branch cultural shift.

    There appears to be no stomach for such a development and the locals seem much happier to live in shit and blame outsiders, minorities and -well everyone but themselves really.

    We are effectively watching a culture that is no longer fit for purpose having a nervous breakdown.

    Personally I think the notion of a muslim cultural takeover of the west is preposterous. The people of the west will not stand for it whatever their rulers may say.

    What is more likely is that there will be violence, one major atrocity too many and the expulsions will begin. Having no experience of it muslims too often mistake restraint for weakness ; you really can’t piss off the EU, USA, China, India,, Russia and – well – effectively the rest of the planet indefinitely and expect to get away with it.

    Europe’s history is extremely violent and when pushed to the wall the people will react.

    Unfortunately it won’t just be the guilty who will get caught in the backlash.

    • s_boucher

      In the US we’re hearing about rampant anti-Jew sentiments in France; driven, of course, by the lunatic Muslims — and they’re steadily gaining on France’s population. France is allowing them to storm Jewish neighborhoods, breaking glass store-fronts and starting fires, without any interference from the police. [Kristallnacht, anyone?]

      Please tell me it’s not the same in GB. The fact this article is in Vanity Fair is in itself frightening. I don’t usually have patience for long articles, but I couldn’t stop reading, such horror.

      • Cymrugel

        no nothing of the sort is happening here -though there doe seem to be some petty vandalism and a few assaults. I do bot live in an area with a significant jewish population though.

        • s_boucher

          That’s very good to hear. [sigh of great relief] Even if you don’t live in a Jewish area, certainly you would have heard of rampaging Muslims within GB. Thanks for your first-hand knowledge.

      • Game Bird

        In London the only bother I’ve heard about was orthodox Jews being shouted and intimidated in a park by Polish neo-Nazis.

        • s_boucher

          That sounds about right, considering. It really is a relief to know you’re not experiencing what France is. Thanks.

  • Abdullah Fissi

    All of us have forgotten History repartriation should be fair all foreigners out of europe, with the same rule all foreigners out of America and return to Europe Asia Africa etc and of course not forgetting the australian continent, then maybe this will be forgotten, but it would mean overpopulation in Europe which would make all the mordan race becaome more savage than animals, etc.
    But also many of us are short sighted we forget the which hunts during the crusades, which we are taught in history as glorious, etc about masons and their works (perfect they are but also humans they are), Be carefull with what you ask for for it may be your undoing

    • pedestrianblogger

      A cogent argument elegantly expressed, Mr. Fissi.

    • WTF

      Your European history lesson has already been preached and learned a long time ago and now we live in an enlightened age but you’re forgetting that Islam has been trying to colonize the world by force since its inception. The shame is that Muslims cant learn from the past and renounce the malignant parts of the Quran & Haddith as we did with the Old Testament.

      Christianity through Jesus Christ preached turn the other cheek and the new testament that followed him is full of compassion and has all barbaric cultural customs from the old testament removed. In contrast, the Quran & Haddith that came 5 centuries later, instead of being even more compassionate than the New Testament not only reverted back to its origins in Judaism but became an extreme version of the Old Testament with all manner of vile teachings.

      Why is that I wonder ?

      • Abdullah Fissi

        Who should we really blame the teacher or the student who gets much better than the teacher? I really liked the old testement stories, when I was a child but the day I read part of teh Quran I realised that they were almost the same the Quran being more realistic with all the violence etc , the old testement craeting saints of sinners like KIng David, (I really wonder if he really went to heaven like they say or hell after all the wrongs that he did)

        • WTF

          All religions are artificial constructs created by men in positions of power and in most cases were used originally as a moral & judicial system to control the uneducated masses. It had its uses centuries ago, sometimes it helped in education and possibly healthcare but the west has long separated out religion from control or governance and it has little use in western society today other than to provide a ‘prop’ to those who need it.

          Although an atheist, I have always treated the Bible as a story book very loosely based on fact but useful many centuries ago to set an example of how people should behave towards each other. That is still true today of the New Testament as a sort of reference guide to moral behavior.

          The so called Christian Crusades in the 11th century against Muslims didn’t happen in a vacuum and neither did it start from any teachings in the old or new testament. This war was started to restore previousl Christian areas in the middle east back to Christendom, it was in essence a war over occupation for areas in the region that had been stolen from Christians. Not much different in fact from the centuries of geo-political wars that Europe had until 1945.

          The motivation from Islam from its inception was very different in the sense that it was more about convert to Islam, pay protection or die and that raison d’etre came from its scriptures. It was and still is whether perverted by extremists or not, a religious war in the truest of senses. What we see today in Iraq & Syria isn’t that much different to what happened with Muhammad in Mecca & Medina, the force behind the conflicts were the ideology of Islam where different factions had different ideas.

          To briefly recap, on Christianity, when an established governing power like the church sits on its laurels, others with military force and expansionist ideas will attempt to take over, that’s why they fought back to regain Christendom. Mohammed took advantage of this in his internecine wars as does IS, ISIS or ISIL whatever they are called today. The west today is ignoring threats to its existence and being complacent and it will have to change to survive.

          To reflect on your first line –

          “Who should we really blame the teacher or the student who gets much better than the teacher?”

          I think Jesus Christ as a student of the Old Testament became a better teacher as he removed the ‘nasty’ bits from the old testament and preached the new version. Unfortunately Mohammed or rather his ‘scribes’ took the Old Testament added in all the excess’s of Mohammed and we have what we have in the Quran & Haddith today. It even appears there were two version’s of the Quran, a Mecca version and a Medina version, perhaps that explains the confusion over Islam among Muslims and certainly the west.

          I believe the whole world would be much better off without religion today as we wouldn’t be having this debate over whether its religion or something else that’s the root cause of the genocides that are happening. Religion has obscured the truth and our politicians exacerbate it it by not confronting the truth.

          • Abdullah Fissi

            Nice teachings and research though you have forgotten to mention that Politics is also part of the problem here, as long as it relies on exploiting the masses to maintain the status quo as it is today and does not tell or face the truth it becomes pseudo religion or may I callit a sect I largle agrre with your exposition Thumbsup

    • Sean L

      You forgot the Arabs in north Africa, amongst other places where they have no more historical right to be than Europeans in America. Or Bantus in South Africa. And of course America’s original inhabitants were Asian. All nations are founded on war and conquest. It’s merely a matter of how far back you want to go.

      • Abdullah Fissi

        Sean, I have not forgotten African migration which was largley built on hospitality to strangers as per African culture, Africans are generally immigrants, who depend on the hospitality and nature. I alwyas ak my fellow friends which of them Knows where their great great grand parents are burried, this led me to assume that what they call home may not reallt be where they are from, the main differnce here is that mordan migration is based on conquering to exploit others who were not considered as people(human beings) but animals, I ahve aslo looked thru migration in Asia and loo it looks like it was the precident to european migration

      • Abdullah Fissi

        May I say that the victor writes History not the conquerer so maybe not all nations are founded on conquest, I believe it is a lame excuse to leave one´s home to go and maker other peoples lives difficult, But I repeat History is not written by the conquered but the conquerer

        • Sean L

          All nations must be founded on conquest insofar as a nation,by definition, is an entity capable of defending itself, whether unilaterally or in alliance with more powerful nations, against potential conquerors – you could just as well use the term ‘war’ rather than ‘conquest’ but it amounts to the same thing.

          The Americas were first settled 13 – 15,000 years ago. Of course facial features will be different in different places. We can recognise different facial features even among national groups in Europe, an area a fraction the size of the American continent, and where mobility is that much easier and has been for far longer than in the vast American land mass.

          • Abdullah Fissi

            Sean I would like to sit and share a talk over a camp fire in future while we debate our own creations

          • Sean L

            Anytime you like sir.

  • Les Barrie

    This is Islam,this is what all the proponents of sharia law want in this country,they want to impose the new “dark ages”,and the gulf states dubai,saudi arabia,bahrain are exactly the same under the surface,slavery is quite acceptable,and all our pathetic celebrities flock their choosing to ignore the truth and as for David Cameron,what a pathetic indecisive grey man

  • Steve the fireman

    The Kurdish people need help now. Promised support has not come here to Kurdistan but the cowards in the Iraqi army, who run away and leave all the equipment to Daesh. Cameron is letting the whole World down Daesh will be on our doorsteps mingling with the illegal immigrants. Do not forget we should be in a declared war against daesh not pussyfooting around.

  • RWJ

    And remember all you horrified people. This was all made possible by the west who removed the natural enemies of these supposed evil people. You may bellyache and deny it but its true. And remember people that these evil people never attack Israel……..and don’t say they are scared because these guys are scared of nothing. So it looks like a so called power in the middle east is creating failed states……….and who wants failed states in the middle east……….yes its Israel.

  • Michael170874

    Isis are the british governments child killers baby rapists and murderous enforcers.They have been and are still supplied and trained by our forces cameron sits back watching them murder children rape and torture and still does nothing.He was quick to invade syria if we had let him and on what pre tense because Assad was a bad man lol .Then look at the uk Isis supporters waving black flags on our london streets and nothing .But a white british lad was sentenced to two and a half yrs for being too right wing and made clear his disslike of Israel and jews.WTF.
    Then it’s been said that 1.5 million of the 3 million muslims support Isis and what they stand for .this country is going one way you should be affraid for your childrens children thanks to our shitty coward terrorist supporting government.

    • William_Brown

      You are talking of one Mr. Anthony Blair, right?

  • Wiggi237

    One day these followers will wake up and see what they are supporting is not what they promised Allah they would devote their lives to! The largest Religions in the World of which the muslim faith are one and the very same God as the rest devote their lives too also! The inhuman leaders have bent and twisted all that Allah wanted to uphold and that they the Muslim faith held dear and that was Peace! God is the boss of all Religions and they will pay dearly for what they preach; The killing, Rape and Murder commit will endure their long lasting pain in hell.
    One day our leaders on earth will wake up and help God fulfil his wish and help these morons on their way! It is needs to begin no call in the Worlds troops now.

    • Linda Smith

      Do yourself a favour and read the Koran instead of spouting nonsense.

  • RWJ

    And remember all you horrified people. This was all made possible by the west who removed the natural enemies of these supposed evil people. You may bellyache and deny it but its true. And remember people that these evil people never attack Israel……..and don’t say they are scared because these guys are scared of nothing. So it looks like a so called power in the middle east is creating failed states……….and who wants failed states in the middle east……….yes its Israel.

    • Alexsandr

      must be good to fear a country smaller than Wales.

  • Fred

    What more proof do we need that we are at war with these people and only military might will stop them.

  • Scradje

    Despite being an ancient culture older than the Jews, the entirely peaceful Yezidis number less than one million in the world. There should be twenty times more than that of them. They have documented genocide attempts many times over the years since Islam was founded. This latest attempt, by the savages of Isil, must be the last. I am afraid that Isil is a satanic death cult that can never be negotiated with. It has to be extirpated finally and irrevocably.

    • Alexsandr

      The so called ISIL is just part of Islam. Its islam thats the problem, not just ISIL

  • Graham

    Before believing this report it’s a good idea to look at the bio of the reporter James Delingpole and to see some actual evidence.

    • William_Brown

      Just watch the documentary then…

  • Capt. Rosslyn V. Crasto

    SUMMATION In ENGLISH, Dated: 11th July 2015 C.E.:
    Clear and Present Danger !!!
    The Great Tribulation of the Christians at the hands of the Fallen Angels:

    Dear Brethren, Fellow Human Beings,
    I am a Judaeo-Christian, and a firm Believer in our Faith.
    As per my Interpretation of Chapter 12 of the Book Of Revelation and Chapter 11 of the Book Of Isaiah of the Holy Bible, and also considering the FOUR BLOOD MOONS of the previous two years, {which have Biblical Significance as per the Book Of Joel}, the 7-Year APOCALYPSE will begin with the Birth, {Rev. 12.2}, of the {Peaceful and Golden} MILLENNIAL-RULE, Male Child, {Isaiah 11.6 and Rev. 12.5}, the INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE with COMPLETE STIGMATA, who will be born {SECOND INCARNATION} IN THIS YEAR, most likely between the 13th of September 2015 C.E. to the 23rd of September 2015 C.E. {Northern Autumnal / Southern Vernal EQUINOX}, which will be indicated by a Sign in the Heavens, {Rev. 12.1}, most likely to begin on Sunday, 13th Sept. 2015 C.E. DURING THE PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, with Wednesday the 17th of September 2015 C.E. also being Important as the day when the Moon is under the feet of VIRGO, and Fully Described by me in my “FULL INTERPRETATION” in various Languages, which you can access by left-clicking on my name herein and scrolling up / down in my History Of Comments on YAHOO or DISQUS.
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    • Goinlike Billio

      Cup of tea anyone ?

      • Capt. Rosslyn V. Crasto

        I’ll have a big, big, big cuppa COFFEE to gear me up all alert & awake for the long {3.5 Years} stint at the wheel of the world that I look like being selected for as per Rev. Chapter 11 !!!
        {Chapter 11 of the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible}.

    • Nurse!

      • Capt. Rosslyn V. Crasto

        Hearse !!!
        For ozboy.

        • I’ve been wondering where you’d gotten to all these years, Skipper.

          • Capt. Rosslyn V. Crasto

            I’ve been sailing mightily, on YAHOO, as the Seas around DISQUS seem to have dried up.
            Hope that you’re on my Team, with that pretty Nurse of yours !!!
            Then, perhaps, I’ll use the Hearse after my “Heart Attack” !!!

  • Carol

    They choose to go these silly women and girls just like the men …no need for sympathy they no what to expect. The brutality has been shown on TV for all to see.

  • disqus_Et9wKnvNxd

    its barbaric, these arent men their beasts vile excuses for human beings, why they join i have no idea, how their minds work sickens me to the core

  • BH

    Just as a Flying Fox is neither fox nor capable of flight, the astutely self-styled “Islamic State” is no more Islamic than it is a state.

    Public allusion to this godless herd of savages under their own terms at once legitimises their existence and dignifies the deeply inhuman profanity of their behaviour.

    Every time they or their actions are publicly acknowledged, by association, as falling within the remit and ideology of Islam, stimulus is added to their own self belief and fuel to the nascent conviction of any potential recruit.

    The naïve fundamentalism of their ideology can only ever attract those recognised as most susceptible to credulity and deception, typically the very young and otherwise vulnerable of society.

    If anything, they have been possessed by the devil to become “Infantry of Satan’s Imamate of Lucifer.” It is as such that they should be proclaimed across the world and most particularly, throughout the Muslim community.

    • But they aren’t, are they? If the news bulletins each night were filled with images of radical Islamists being chased out of the mosques by their moderate brethren waving torches and pitchforks, then the “nothing to do with Islam” meme might hold some credibility. But the silence and inaction of the Muslim majority is more than passing curious. Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple, didn’t he?

      • BH

        Couldn’t agree more. And if the BBC and other media referred to them and their activities as I suggest, i.e. satanic rather than Islamic, the wider community of Islam might just open its eyes and adopt a much more pragmatic attitude towards those who masquerade under the protection of their faith.

        This is not the first time in the history of Islam that a bunch of fanatics has run amok, slaughtering their own kind. And when it happens, it won’t be the first time that the forces of Islam prevail to put their own lunatic fringe to the sword! Let’s just hope that happens sooner rather than later, after all, Islam has the most to lose!

        BTW, the fact that the acronym “Isil” bears a chilling similarity to Islam’s personal name for the devil, “Iblīs,” appears to have been completely overlooked by everyone!

        • Alexsandr

          if they are not islamic then why do they yell ‘allah akbar’ or some such b0110cks when they do their atrocoties?

          • BH

            The sad fact is that these guys genuinely believe that they act on behalf OF their God, Allah, whereas, in fact, they are acting AS Allah, and that fact may not be quite as well received as they so naïvely expect. Almost exclusively unloved, homeless, illiterate, penniless and otherwise unwanted, they are easy meat for anyone who offers sustenance, comradeship and a bit of self esteem: in other words, food, membership of a gang, a few bob in their pockets and – best of all – a gun. It’s doubly sad because of [a] all the utterly needless suffering that they inflict upon humankind and [b] even if they do make it to the pearly gates they’ll immediately be sent packing for slaughtering all those Christian, Jewish and Islamic supporters of the God of Abraham, He whose sole prerogative of life over death they so heretically arrogate.

  • smokiesteele

    apathy among most people is actually very scary. people actually believe that there is a good Islam and a bad Islam and all the help they get from politicians and the alleged free press if you wrote a novel about this sort of thing under fiction lets say most people would say that’s to far fetched, never happen , ?

  • Krolll

    James Delingpole would have checked every aspect and every source meticulously, when this documentary had been about climate change…. But at least some Confirmation Bias may have occured when watching this episode of ‘Dispatches’, i fear.

  • irene mac

    why is she back home why is the slut not in jail like the scumbag she is

  • jones

    For all u narrow-minded bullies out there…..answer this…

    1) if someone was playing football and he picked the football and ran….would u say he’s playing football even if he claims to be?

    2) If someone bought a mercedes and drove recklessly and smashed the car….would you blame the mercedes brand? or the driver?

    If u want to blame the whole religion, comprising of white, chinese, black and asian people across over 100 muslim countries and scarcely populated in some non-muslim countries , then please present at least one paragraph in the quran that states rape, murder and terrorism is justified?! Just present one paragraph that’s all!

    I thought some of you would be educated and understand the concept of backing up an argument with evidence! Just acting like some misguided, uneducated sheeps, seduced by the media’s one-sided and OBVIOUS objectives to tarnish ONE religion repeatedly.

    And let’s be realistic how has ISIS just emerged …oh ye….after demolishing Afghanistan and Iraq and killing millions of civilians… seems there are some pathetic individuals out there driven by rage and perhaps revenge for losing their loved ones! Blame Tony Blair and have a wonder why the Doctor who exclaimed there are ‘no weapons of mass destruction’ suddenly died a few weeks later! Ofcourse, there are enemies made now….that do not represent any race or culture or even the normal moral standards of the human race!

    So for all the dumb people carry on with your worthless comments backed up with nothing but bull…t and the bias media coverage published by wealthy racist gatekeepers like Rupert Murdock, etc.

    The world is so secretive and the super rich play and laugh at all you sheeps!!! carry on playing to their tunes!

    • Sean L

      In chronological order, let’s not blame A r a bs or Is l a m for the conquest of north and east Africa or the east African slave trade, not to mention anywhere else; or Europeans for the conquest of the Americas and the Atlantic slave trade, after all the numbers involved as a proportion of the population were minute; or the English for the Irish potato famine; or Germans for Na z is m, a comparable phenomenon to Isla m ic extremism. The thing is, whenever Europeans or w hi t e s generally are deemed culpable, no such qualification is offered: they’re condemned outright. Why the double standard? Here we even had “Not in My Name” protests against Bush and Blair’s war. Where are the comparable protests against the slaughter perpetrated in the name of the R e l i gion of Peace? Why is the notion of collective responsibility r a c I a lly exclusive?

    • greggf

      The best answer to your dilemma jones, is to remember that In 1940 all Germans were not Nazis……!

    • Tomahawk

      Have you read the Koran or sharia? I have and its full of exhortations to violence against non-believers, it endorses slavery of non-believers and the subjugation of women. It is you who have been deluded. Hang your head in shame.

    • Alexsandr
    • William_Brown

      Bless you Jones, you’ve clearly never read the Qu’ran.

  • Herb A

    what are we paying for trident for, nuke Iraq

  • LindaKRucker

    Just Few Days To Get Smart Deal with spectator…. < Find Here

  • Shamim Miah

    Wow! Looking through these comments I feel at a loss for words! Humankind is truly doomed.

    Civilised world – Please stop selling arms to repressive states. Please stop killing innocent. Men, women and children with drones and bombs. Stop supporting authoritarian governments ( Saudis) who walk hand in hand with western politicians while secretly financially assisting questionable militant groups. But most importantly stop using media to demonise and dehumanise Muslims, we did this to another group of people not too long ago which lead to one of the most hideous genocides of all times.

    Muslim people – please stop referring to your religion as a peaceful religion, it is not. It is religion therefore it is whatever you want it to be. Some aspects of the Quran are beautiful, inspirational while other parts of it are violent or misogynastic.The Quran is like all other religions and their texts, representing societies and values of their time, therefor literal reading and interpretation have no place in modern societies.

    And for all other people – stop picking up the translation of the Quran and reading the text out of context. The surahs you mention were directed at pagans who were at war with Muhammad and trying to kill him. what do you think our generals told our troops when we were fighting the nazis, go forth and shower them with hugs and kisses? And since you are reading websites and translations that seem to point to all the war revelations maybe you can read a few hundred surahs on compassion, not to hurt women and children, or not to kill non combatants etc..

    I am an atheist who grew up in a Muslim household, all my relatives are Muslims, some I get on with, others not so much, but none are violent and I assure you one thing, none support Isis. almost all of them unanimously despise the Wahhabis and above All they are all very afraid for their children who might get radicalised. For those who also claim Muslims are not condemning Isis, you are not looking, Google Muslims against Isis and see the Facebook, Twitter groups, YouTube videos and from the leading Muslims scholars and imams all over the Muslim world.

    Europe and now America has played a big part in what is happening in the Middle East, supporting Saudis, illegal war in Iraq which claimed over a million lives, blind support of Israel as they completely decimate Palestinians to name a few. Muslim as well need to stop harping about the glorious history of Islam and realise there is a serious problem with Muslims right now and need to sort it out.

    And finally, we are so quick to credit Islam with all the violence in the world right now, can we also acknowledge that the most people being killed by Isis is Muslims and the vast majority of people fighting them are also Muslims.

    My heart goes to all the families that have been affected by terrorist attacks, and to all innocent men, women and children ( or as infidellisima referred to them, cockroaches) suffering under Isis rule, whatever their faith.