13 August 2015

1:00 PM

13 August 2015

1:00 PM

Caught working

The government announced a crackdown on illegal workers. How many illegal workers are caught in Britain?
— From October to December last year, 716 illegal workers were caught, 337 in London and the south-east. Among those caught were restaurant workers in Chinatown, a takeaway worker in Norwich, a fish-and-chip shop worker in Lincoln and a shopworker with sideline in counterfeit tobacco in the Forest of Dean.
— In the four years to 2010, 349 were caught working in government departments, councils and the NHS, including 12 in the Home Office. One was caught after spending 19 months working as a security guard, opening the door for ministers and senior civil servants.

Leaders and followers

Who would win the Labour leadership contest if it were decided by the number of Twitter followers?

Jeremy Corbyn
Andy Burnham
Yvette Cooper
Liz Kendall

And the nascent Tory leadership battle?

Boris Johnson
George Osborne
Theresa May

*For @MayorofLondon; his personal handle has another 73,200. †She doesn’t tweet.

Wake-up call

Public Health England advised middle-aged people to get more sleep. How much do adults sleep on average?

Less than 5 hours a night
5-6 hours
6-7 hours
7-8 hours
8-9 hours
More than 9 hours

Source: National Sleep Council

Lost planes

French air accident investigators continued to examine a piece of wing washed up on Reunion Island, believed to come from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Some aircraft of which no trace has been found:
— Pakistan International Airlines flight 404, a Fokker F27, which went missing on a flight from Gilgit to Islamabad in August 1989, with 54 on board. Believed to have crashed in the Himalayas.
— Garuda (Indonesian airline) flight 542, which vanished between Surabaya-Juanda and Sulaiman in 1961 with 26 on board.
— A Skyways flight from Stansted to Jamaica, which went missing on 2 February 1953 with 39 on board.

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