Rod Liddle

How could the BBC allow Last Night of the Proms to be hijacked by worthy banalities?

Is nothing sacred? They sacked Clarkson, and now they won’t even let us enjoy ‘Land of Hope and Glory’

19 September 2015

8:00 AM

19 September 2015

8:00 AM

How should we deal with people who sneeze in public places? Stephen Jackson, aged 49, has found himself in court as a consequence of taking direct action against those people who are kind enough to share their nasal mucus with the rest of us. Stephen’s answer is usually to slap the offender across the head and say: ‘Don’t sneeze in front of me.’ He will be sentenced in a couple of weeks on four similar charges of assault, the victims all being people who sneezed when he was nearby.

There was one other charge, mind, which involved spitting at a baby in its pram. Now, it may well be that we’ve all spat at a baby at one time or another — but to my mind that doesn’t make it acceptable behaviour. No matter how smug and infuriating the ‘My Baby First’ fraternity can be — hogging the seats on public transport, demanding preferential treatment wherever they might be, smirking indulgently as their foul issue screeches at a level several decibels above a concert by the Who, or lobbing their mammaries out at the first available opportunity in order to ensure that their brat grows up with no sense of deferred gratification — still, I would aver, spitting at the baby itself is usually inappropriate. Spitting at the parents, preferably surreptitiously, is another kettle of fish, of course. Or ‘accidentally’ kicking them hard on the shins when you get up to leave the restaurant, or wherever it is that the creature is being fed.

Anyway, I digress. Mr Jackson has something against sneezing and is effecting his own ‘community justice’, as Stalinist liberals would put it. There is a lot of this about right now. I suppose it is something to do with social media — and people feeling that they are empowered to impose their own values on the rest of us.

For there is also Andy Leek. Andy uses the Tube in London and has become distressed by the number of fellow commuters he sees every day who do not look very happy. They do not look very happy, Andy, because travelling by Tube is not usually a pleasant experience and it is always made worse by some goatee-bearded, bright-eyed halfwit looking at you with faux compassion. Mr Leek has taken to inserting uplifting messages in the free Metro newspaper and leaving them on the train seat. These messages include, but are far from confined to: ‘Try to love yourself as much as dogs love walkies’ and ‘Chasing a dream is the same as living it — so what are you waiting for?’ and ‘Risks are vegetables for the soul.’

Yes, yes, I can imagine right now how cheered up you would be, confronted by one of these asinine, clichéd, boilerplate axioms while stuck in the tunnel between Finsbury Park and Seven Sisters. I suspect you would feel an overwhelming need to spit at Andy or, if Andy was not nearby at the time, maybe at a baby in its pram, just for the sake of it. It is the presumption that offends most, of course; closely followed by an irritation at the stunning vapidity of Andy’s exhortations.

Mr Jackson and Mr Leek both have reasonable excuses for their intrusive behaviour. Mr Jackson suffers from schizophrenia and Mr Leek works in advertising — two sides of the same coin, then. I wonder if something similar afflicts Marin Alsop, who was employed by the BBC to conduct the Last Night of the Proms? OK, she is an American lesbian feminist who looks a bit like Sandi Toksvig, but that is not a disability quite on the same level as being schizophrenic, or working in advertising.

Whatever, in between ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘God Save the Queen’, she divested herself of a tirade of leftish internationalist banalities, on about the same intellectual level as Mr Leek’s injunctions. There were not-so-veiled references to the migrants flooding here from the third world — let them in, show them love! — and lots of other vacuous drivel quite out of keeping with the tradition of the evening. Just shut your mouth, pick up your baton and give us ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ again, poppet. The concert is not about you, Marin. It’s about us. That’s why we wave those flags.

But we’re back with the baby in the pram, aren’t we? If we were to spit — and I felt like spitting when I heard this generic liberal love-everybody hog swill — then spitting at Ms Alsop would have been a waste of perfectly good phlegm. Something else was to blame, wasn’t it?

Listen, BBC. You’ve at last got rid of Clarkson, which is what you wanted all along. No more of that laddish and un-PC Top Gear. You parachute your most expensive presenters in for half an hour to the safe bits of Syria or Hungary or Serbia in order to let them emote for a couple of minutes and convince us we should open our doors to an unlimited number of what you call refugees. You’ve got a big four-part special coming up on BBC3 about how appallingly racist white Britain is today. On Radio 4 your presenters react with outrage when accused of being biased in favour of the European Union (despite the welter of evidence to support that point). You have your middle-class liberal agenda — fine, OK, we know all that and while it galls from time to time, we’ll rub along. All we ask is that you let us have the Last Night of the Proms: pomp, circumstance and patriotism, unleavened by your usual bien-pensant ill-thought-out sentiments. Can’t we just have that? No mention of refugees, vibrant diversity, vulnerable people, etc?

Nope. The BBC hates the Last Night of the Proms. It hates it as much as it hated Jeremy Clarkson. So they bought in a foreign lesbian feminist and told her to stick it to the audience — the BBC’s licence-fee payers. Next year, if it’s still running, the conductor will be either Jihadi John or Jeremy Corbyn.

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  • Hippograd

    The BBC hates the Last Night of the Proms.

    Of course it does. The Proms are hideously white. Lesbian feminists like Marin Alsop will help enrich them with Jamaicans, Syrians, Somalis, Afghans, Pakistanis and other lesbophiles and supporters of feminism. Simple, really.

    • Andrew Dougal

      Well I hate them because the music is crap.

      Happy if everyone else likes them though

      • vieuxceps2

        What has the Last Night of the Proms to do with music? It’s a celebration, tongue-in-cheek or not ,of an era of Britishness now long gone but still remembered. I’ve watched it on TV in Scandinavia and they enjoyed the hearty fun of it all. Damn the blasted lezzie lefties for pissing on the chips.

    • logdon

      Music comes second.

    • Pacificweather

      Yes, and A.C. Benson’s famous lyrics will be replaced by those of D.C. Benson.

      • HFC

        Hahaha! Very good.

  • amicus

    Each week I grow to love Rod Liddle just that little bit more. He offends all the right people these days. I just wish he liked cats.

    • ill-liberal

      Me too.

      No other journalist makes me laugh out loud in quite the same way. His writing style is a constant joy.

    • blandings

      He doesn’t like cats?
      Very iffy.

      • ViolinSonaten b minor.

        Quite. I’ve a moggy who wanders into my garden. Bumping into
        walls. Elderly, unless someone has been putting Bourbon in her milk.
        She doesn’t even have the energy in her legs to sit up and is always
        splayed out and she misses when climbing trees- cant see the branches.
        Rod Liddle’s heart must soften a little at that.

        • TrulyDisqusted

          I have someone else’s cat who keeps killing then leaving headless birds in my garden.

          Let’s swap!

          *** Last winter I happened to notice two local authority employees in next doors back garden remove a black cat that was hanging by the tail from my neighbours fence. It was frozen solid.

          I thought black cats were supposed to be lucky?

          • ViolinSonaten b minor.

            How grotesque ! notice never in their own garden, I quite
            like the well behaved house moggy but they have dubious
            interests when outside.
            I think I’ll stick with my old one, thank you, relatives of his
            turn up sometimes too ( well clearly children of the moggy)
            I never know if black cats are lucky or unlucky, I know your
            not meant to stare at them for some reason.

          • Suzanne Rojek

            It’s “you’re”, not “your”.

          • Sarony

            Might be a fox. They are very partial to beheading birds. Not that I’m letting moggie off the hook.

      • AJH1968

        I remember Rod taking a rather disapproving view of the wheelie bin cat lady ‘Mary Bales’. So all is not lost, he may not like cats, but I suspect he is an animal lover at heart (no matter what the animal). Though I suspect he is not to fond of political animals.

        • Les

          Rod. All covered in gravy and custard stains.

        • NickG

          If you like wildlife, then you should shoot cats at every opportunity, as they are prodigious and relentless killers of our fauna, especially birds. Modern PCP air rifles are extremely accurate, well up to hitting a pound coin every shot at 25 metres.

    • The_greyhound

      Our cat loves Rod Liddle all the same.

    • Ned Costello

      Gave you a Like for that, except for the bit about the cats, can’t stand the bleeding things.

      • ViolinSonaten b minor.

        There was once a cat near me who kept leaving mice on the door step.
        Haven’t the foggiest what that was all about. And they do pee in other peoples

        • E.I.Cronin

          It’s a gift. Gross, covered in saliva and half-chewed I know, but along the lines of ‘Look Mum!’. Our old cat used to sidle in with a suspiciously full mouth and then pop out the offering on one’s feet. Later a stray cat ingratiated itself into our household and came regularly for milk and kibble. I found out from neighbours it was doing a circuit and collecting 3 breakfasts along the way.

          • UKSteve

            In a study a few years ago, they found that some cats in suburban areas were being fed up to 7 times a day – mostly by non-cat owners!

          • E.I.Cronin

            7??! Gee they’re experts at pulling heartstrings. I’ve always loved dogs more, but cats are the clever pets.

          • UKSteve

            My sister says “Dogs have owners, cats have staff!” 🙂

          • MrsBTejon

            It’s trying to teach you to hunt. It thinks we are big, dumb kittens.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Hadn’t thought of it from that angle 🙂

        • UKSteve

          it’s a tribute.

        • right1_left1

          Not sure whether you are serious but it means the cat liked you..

      • radiorogerl

        They probably think the same about you.

    • King Zog

      Cats are nature’s conservatives: individualist, suspicious of change (though adapting to it easily when it comes), efficient, loathers of collectivism. Love ’em. Dogs leave me cold.

      • The Mayor of Trumpton

        Chuck them off a different ,they always land feet first. Their faeces stinks and they cough up unpleasant littke furballs. Yep, that’s the Tories.

      • Dogs leave me cold. But dogs are like people: they are real individuals. Some dogs bore me to death. Others offend me. My own is an Angel from Heaven, and endlessly fascinating.

    • Maureen Fisher

      He offends all the “right people” including those with schizophrenia whom he attacks almost weekly in his columns because, as we know, the mentally ill are a group with very powerful friends rooting for them everywhere. Next week: “the annoying people in wheelchairs who ruined last night of the Proms for me.”

    • NickG

      I liked this piece too, I saw the Proms and immediately thought to myself – the ‘Beebs gone and got a dyke to conduct the thing, well I never!’

      Then the Yank todger dodger conductor did her pinko SJW speech – to confirm the stereotype.

      However, let’s face it, cats are best as road-kill…

      • If the comments system so permitted you’d get ten upticks for the road kill remark alone.

      • UKSteve

        An upvote for general brilliance, but please – no nastiness to animals 😉

      • right1_left1

        quote: todger dodger
        Thats bad…thats very bad…thats wicked
        Cant stop larfing.

        Have you ever noticed how many lespians like to insert a baton into their nether rgions ?
        Multi cultural/racial offspring never emerge !
        Nature cannot be denied !!

    • Noa

      Why should Rod, or I, be required to like cats, lesbian conductors, Jezza, his former squeeze Fatty Abbot, or indeed anybody at all?

      • Only if you’re running for a political job. Then you must like cats (officially) to please the Cat People, and dogs, likewise, to please the Dog People, and so on. This is why there is always a First Dog and First Cat for the First Lady and First Family in the White House [I know: far too many Firsts!].

    • Gebhard Von Blucher

      He doesn’t like cats? ….. Sound guy….

  • Andrew Dougal

    I caught a bit of the last night of the proms by accident – I am really not into all that flag waving malarky.

    When we saw the conductor my wife said ” Is that a man ? No? I wonder if if she is a lesbian?”.

    I admonished her soundly for her prejudiced views, privately thinking how much the woman in question looked like Sandy Toksvig – and lo and behold you tell me she is indeed a lesbian feminist.

    Are these people, in fact in uniform?

    • Tim Getti

      I thought first it was Elton John, then appreciated the absence of glitter.

    • vieuxceps2

      Yes of course, such people like to emphasise the freedom of their spirit by their regimented uniformityin clothes and in thought.

  • Jack_H

    The BBC and most of the mainstream media have been so out of step on the issue of the migrants it has been funny to watch,they are even keeping tight lipped about the goings on at the AL Asqua Mosque.

    • Sunshine Sux

      Are you talking about that arms-depot on Temple Mount?

  • Clive

    I record the Last Night of the Proms (and some other nights) and whizz through the speechifying whoever does it.

    If Jeremy Corbyn ever does it, music will be selected by a female majority of emailed suggestions.

    • ViolinSonaten b minor.

      It would be music worthy of the Socialist Worker- I’ve wandered onto their website
      and they have songs such as :
      The Solidarity Song- pro- revolutionary song by Hanns Eisler
      Liberty Walks- Miley Cyrus.

      • Frank Marker

        Hi Vi. Give this one a go by Cornelius Cardew. A real Socialist Swing number. Surprised it never charted actually.
        Altogether now ‘SMASH SMASH THE SOCIAL CONTRACT’

        • ViolinSonaten b minor.

          Hi Frank, OMG I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with
          that link. Maybe Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott listened to
          it when upto hanky panky in the 70s 😉

  • blandings

    Andy Leek cannot be his real name.
    c’mon, nobody’s called that

    • post_x_it

      What’s it to you?

      • blandings

        Parents should take more care over the naming of children and cats.
        The victims have to live with it

        • post_x_it

          I once met somebody called Mike Hunt.

          • blandings

            Poor b%gger

          • Scylla

            Somewhere out there there is a Mr William Bellend. Really!

          • UKSteve

            I had a boss of that name once.

  • AJH1968

    I was hoping that Owen Jones and Marin Alsop could do a gay outreach programme with the Somali Pakistani and whoknowswho community. And possibly alternate that most worthy activity with handing out ASBO’s to IS members in Syria and Iraq.

    • Richard

      Asbos to IS members – this is disgusting racism from you AJH! You deserve to be no-platformed! What IS members need is to be given wads of cash by Camilla BatmanRobinMerga for every severed head they turn in – it will eventually make them realise the futility of violence and they can return to society and be given council flats with quarters for their sex slaves, after all, slavery and murder is completely understandable, its part of their wonderful culture and if it is a bit violent….well…theyve been badly stressed out and let down by those terrible Jews in Israel, haven’t they?

  • The_greyhound

    There remains the awkward question : would a clot like Alsop have got the job if she hadn’t been (at least nominally) female? As with another pubilcity-hungry mediocrity and part-time clown favoured by the BBC, Mary Beard, one has the terrible sense that the devaluation of our cultural standards continues apace – nothing must interfere with the advance of the quota mentality of the feminasties.

    • ViolinSonaten b minor.

      Yes but amongst the mannequin dolls married to the Communists at Broadcasting House. There is A favourite of James Delingpole ( and I) Lucy Worsley.
      A English historian who not only tackles meaty issues but presented to us a glimpse
      into the 17 century named ‘ Harlots, Housewives and Heroines’. Highly amusing and
      not remotely pc correct, laughter and intelligence dance with her words.

      • The_greyhound

        Except that on one programme our “historian”, Worsley, told us of Queen Anne’s accession in 1704 ….

        • ViolinSonaten b minor.

          There is always one.

  • Dr Bock

    I share Rod’s ire at the risibly banal bien pensant pieties and how those ghastly people professing them afflict the rest of us with their consciences, always exercised on behalf of fashionable causes and in ways that make them look good, were it not for the fact that invariably they are nauseating moral narcissists who don’t really give much of a **** beyond assuaging their overweening moral egos. I gave the proms a miss this year, and can’t say I’m at all disappointed in doing so. On a not entirely unrelated note, 2015 has been the best political year of my voting life, what with the hammering these awful, grotesque people took in May and what’s presently happening to the vehicle of their delusions and condescensions.

    • Pacificweather

      Indeed that’s true but, although they took a hammering, fortunately they still gained a small majority of seats or we may have ended up with the good looking ones in government.

  • Wilky1

    Must admit that while listening to her diatribe I was thinking why the hell am I being lectured?
    It may be Jingoistic as far as the BBC are concerned but, Jeremy Corbyn could have learned a few words of the National Anthem if he’d but bothered to watch.
    The coffee I made whilst she droned on – endlessly with a seemingly BBC narrative penned speech – was very nice indeed!

  • trace9

    One is proud, yea Proud to record avoiding every one of the Proms for the 2nd year running. & 5+ years of non-BBC license payment.

  • Richard

    The BBC’s coverage of the migrant crisis has once and for all destroyed what little credibility it had left of its claim to be an impartial voice of objectivity. As the 4 national polls on this issue suggest, the plebes sordida – ie us lot of proles who don’t inhabit Islington, broadcasting house or Owen Jones’s twitter following, have an opinion on this that differs hugely from the one the BBC present.

    You see, the problem with hiding inconvenient truth behind subjective denial, and in particular, emotive subjective dishonesty, is that you eventually lie to yourself.

    The sooner the entire cabal of Guardian reading cultural Marxists have their access to our cash removed the better. Until then, we will labour under the threat of prison if we don’t pay our share towards these twit’s salaries.

    I’m sitting in a room removed from the radio at the moment and I can hear radio moralising and continuing the crude attempt at emotional blackmail. Unfortunately for the Beeb, the callous, xenophobic, islamophobic, racist plebs that they paint us as, AIN’T BUYING IT!

    • Crumbs

      Even the Archers were at it. Talking about how distressing it is to see the pictures of the children on the tv, blithering about how much they love their own children and imagine how awful it must be … and these were male characters. It was pathetic, and not in a good way.

      • Gilbert White

        The pictures actually showed some very dubious looking men with young children. Do they buy or borrow or rent them?

        • Pacificweather

          You see them standing outside the school gate with shaven heads and unshaven faces yet there is not a policeman or policewoman in site.

      • MikeF

        The Archers became a platform for that sort of thing quite a while back.

      • kingkevin3

        The Feminisation of society. The males in this society have let it happen and it will only get worse from here on in.

    • Frank Marker

      Give BBC4 Extra a go. I listen to it all the time. No depressing news, no emotional blackmail dramas just great radio comedies from the 1950s, 60s and 70s like Round The Horne and The Men From The Ministry.

    • Harry Pond

      It proves your point insomuch that I have briefly seen only one of those polls mentioned in the media. If I remember correctly the result indicated that 57% of the population really didn’t want any more migrants whatsoever.
      The Beeb seem to think we are all nasty selfish bastards for expressing this opinion but actually as a nation we have given a billion quid toward mitigating the suffering of Syrians who have taken refuge in countries more suited to their culture. Frau Merkel has only chipped in half this amount and shouted out loud and clear to any Tom, Dick or Muhammad that they are welcome in Western Europe, thanks for that Angela.

      • Sevo Slade

        Still waiting to see that migrant family turning up on Yvette and Ed’s doorstep following that invitation. Any chance the Beeb will follow up on that story?

        • red2black

          We’ll have to rely on private landlords that charge extortionate rents for hovels and make a fortune out of the taxpayers via the benefits system.

    • StVince

      The wheel is finally turning. 20 years ago hardly anybody was concerned about the BBC’s lefty bias. Today most of us are fully seized, and abolition of the telly tax will surely follow before long. In this day and digital age it is unsustainable, as is the whole concept of a state owned media company.

      • vieuxceps2

        The new Dr Who opened with a good-heart Black chap. Are there any other kinds at the BBC?

        • MikeF

          I can’t say I saw that but almost every portrayal of a black person in contemporary TV ‘drama’ (parenthesised because such programmes are rarely dramatic) now seems to be ‘positive’. This is, of course, a form of stereotyping that is every bit as patronising as anything you would find in Gone With the Wind. But the ‘left-liberal’ (parenthesised because very little about it liberal) mindset that produces such programmes does tend to lack any ability to recognise its own nature.

          • vieuxceps2

            As you say, patronising,but also intended as propaganda or brainwashing of the public to emphasise the marvellous good fortune immigration has brought us.

    • Zbyněk Dráb

      “Just listen with attention to the ideological nuances on Radio 4, BBC television, and the BBC World Service, and you will realise that communism is not a dying creed.”

      -KGB colonel Oleg Gordievsky.

  • kandanada

    If you take a peek at the date at the top of the article, it seems the piece was written two days in the future. Couldn’t ask for a better exemplar of ground-breaking journalism.

    • red2black

      It’s the publication date of the next issue of the Spectator magazine.
      It puzzled me the first time I saw it as well.

      • kandanada

        Thanks RTB, for a very timely comment. 🙂

  • Petra

    You want people to kick mothers of new-born babies because they need to be fed?

    Well I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by this considering you have been cautioned for assaulting your pregnant wife,

    • The_greyhound

      Says another hysteric from the failed Care in the Community project.

    • Harry Pond

      If you want to do something useful for your feminist cause why don’t you get your funbags out and run through Finsbury Park mosque on a Friday afternoon. We would all appreciate your moral stand.

    • Pacificweather

      An interesting piece of gossip. Do tell us more.

  • You’ve got a big four-part special coming up on BBC3 about how appallingly racist white Britain is today.
    I want a Chilcot Commission on the BBC’s irrational hatred of its own country, its impulse to give comfort to our enemies, and its lies and disloyalty bordering on treason. Why not?

    • TheJustCity

      And like the Balen report, they will then use your money to keep its findings a secret.

    • Frank Marker

      I will be donning my horse-hair shirt and hiring someone dressed as a medieval monk to scourge the bejasus out of me while I am watching this four part special on racist white Britain.

      • Why not make it more symbolic and less painful, Frank? May I suggest a velvet shirt and an expert lady masseuse….

        • Frank Marker

          Yeah, i’m totally, like, cool with that.

  • Scylla

    They fucked up the music as well.

  • MikeF

    The Last Night of the Proms has been slowly undermined by the BBC for several years now. The reason is easy enough to identify – they dislike it, in fact are embarrassed by it and would probably abolish it if they thought they could get away with it. The reason for that is not because it is ‘jingoistic’ but the precise opposite – because it is a successful, harmless and inclusive celebration of traditional British culture and identity. That is why they seek to dilute it.

  • WTF

    “You’ve got a big four-part special coming up on BBC3 about how appallingly racist white Britain is today.”

    Somehow I can’t see the BBC showing us examples of the most disgusting types of racism, sexism or homophobia that comes from Islamic communities as it will destroy their message !

  • Freddythreepwood

    We decided not to watch it this year, I think we must have had a premonition. Actually, we could see the writing on the wall when they did away with the sea shanties. It will be interesting to see what further damage they can do to the Remberance Sunday RAH service this year.

  • I used to go to Last Night of the Proms near York. It stopped being any good about 10 years ago when they brought in a clone of Graham Norton to conduct it. There may be something British about shouting “oggie oggie oggie” between the star wars theme tune and the dambusters, but not really any part of Britain that I care to visit. Is that snobbish? If so, I’m okay with being a snob.

    • Pacificweather

      It is one of the horrible current fashions like clapping out of time to the music on Strictly. Sometimes it gets so bad the BBC has to use a clapping machine to keep the audience in time.

      • I wouldn’t know as I don’t watch rubbish, but I can entirely believe that!

  • statechaos

    I wonder what Richard Baker would make of it all….

    • UKSteve

      He must be spinning like a top in his grave. His Radio 2 Sunday morning programme was a joy and delight; that silly b1nt who started fannying around with it in the 90’s messed it up forever.

  • Mike Hayes

    “You’ve got a big four-part special coming up on BBC3 about how appallingly racist white Britain is today.”

    *groans* Another one? Any chance of a documentary about the “grooming gang” epidemic currently sweeping many of our major towns and cities that has a racial/religious dimension to it? Of course not, silly me…

    • Pacificweather

      They did that last month. You still might catch it on iPlayer.

    • red2black

      The only TV reporting I’ve seen where a team has actually gone to a town and located an alleged groomer (nice middle class area, nice motor) was on the BBC. Also, on the local BBC news, Pakistani Muslims have been referred to when this issue was being reported and discussed. If you’re not happy with BBC News, try one of the commercial channels; their subscriptions are voluntary.

  • Clare

    There was nothing hijacked or out of keeping with the tradition of the LNOTPs by conductor Marin Alsop, quite the opposite. After conducting a 3 hour programme including the usual patriotic songs with encores the conductor made the traditional end of Festival speech. Hardly surprising that as the only female conductor of the Last Night that she has done twice now, that she said she looked forward to other female conductors following her. Given the fact that the Proms were set up 120 years ago to make classical music more accessible to the masses, she gave an excellent testament of the power of music to transform the lives of children citing 2 projects she is involved with and stating her belief that music is important for all and can bring the best out in us all.

    The BBC who with Sir Malcolm Sergeant juiced up the patriotic last section of the programme in the 50s and 60s to make it more of a TV spectacular with flag waving have continued to do a fabulous job with the Proms and Last Night and fulfil their motto, ‘Nation shall speak peace unto Nation’, with the greatest classical music festival in the World.

    Well done Marin Alsop and BBC! We are lucky to have you in the World and as a counter balance to hackneyed, misogynistic bile and bilge.

    • ArtieHarris

      Are you one of these feminists activists who open a new Disqus account just to make one comment or two?

      • Mary Ann

        Are you one of those MCPs who think women should be tied to the kitchen sink?

    • vieuxceps2

      “hackneyed,misogynistic bile and bilge” – Lefty-speak for traditional,masculine and patriotism. Strange how the lefty abnorms fear those concepts…..

    • The_greyhound

      Let’s hope that they don’t invite this opinionated mediocrity to conduct again. There’s a place for the odd token woman, but it’s not on a major national occasion.

  • Jim Bo

    Isn’t it the “BBC Proms” now?
    They seem to take ownership of everything from the jubilee celebrations to Battle of Britain celebrations to the Olympics. They think they own us culturally.

    • Alexandrovich

      Spot on. Wimbledon, Glastonbury etc. They want them tied in tight, thus making the shoehorning in of political messages that much smoother.

    • Al

      It’s been the BBC Proms since the 1920s.

      • Jim Bo

        Has it? Let them have that one then.

  • jimmy

    I rarely bother with the Last Night of the Proms any more, after many years I suppose it all just became a bit forced and repetitive. However I was shocked by the incredibly inappropriate way that Mrs Alsop politicised the event this year with a bizarre extremist rant about “gender equality” and all the other pseudo-Marxist rubbish the trendies believe in these days. Really, it is an extreme and radical notion, utterly refuted by all history, science and even plain old common sense; the notion that men and women are, or can be by force of the state made to be, the same.

    Imagine if someone used the platform to push a patriotic or conservative agenda… Well, it just wouldn’t happen would it? Such people tend to adhere to rules on being impartial and not using the BBC for political platforms.

    The BBC hasn’t issued any apology for Mrs Alsop’s rant and indeed it has been celebrated by various lefties so pleased that another institution, once patriotic and beloved of the majority, has fallen into the grip of the anti-British, anti-white left-wing establishment. The police, the armed forced, the fire brigade – anywhere which upheld our masculine traditions of service, honour and patriotism – are likewise endlessly targeted and undermined. The long march through the institutions is essentially complete, anyone resisting what not long ago were regarded as “looney left” ideas runs the real risk of losing his job if he works in the public sector and possibly even police action if he expresses forbidden opinions on twitter. All those jokes about how the British left mistook Orwell’s 1984 as a guide instead of a warning suddenly aren’t so funny any more.

    • Pacificweather

      The Fire Brigade?

      • John Steadman

        No such thing as a ‘fireman’ now; unless you want to leave yourself open to a bit of casual abuse.

      • jimmy

        Absolutely – it was a major target of the social revolutionaries under the Blair regime, in particular with the insistence on trying to push women to become firefighters. Throughout the Fire Brigade there are leftists who infiltrated and remain there complaining endlessly that there are too many white men working there.

        Under the Blair regime many of the most strenuous tests were dropped or changed. Requirements to carry a 12 stone man 100 yards for example had to be dropped so that women could also complete the course – and then it could be claimed after that they had completed the same course. The same thing will happen if they decide to allow women to serve on the front line – what a bitter blow that would be to the white man’s civilisation.

        More recently the various parts of the Fire Brigade have enthusiastically embraced the homosexual agenda. A Christian fireman in Scotland was officially reprimanded for refusing to take part in a “gay pride” rally. He won damages in the end but the direction of travel is clear. Saving lives and fighting fire is of secondary concern to left-wing obsessions about numbers of women and non-whites and endorsing trendy campaigns such as the gay rights movement.

        From a variety of personal and family experience I’ve been exposed to a lot of what happens after my career in the military. You would scarcely believe how deep the rot is; everything that anywhere touches anything of civilian life we have to now bend to the new extreme orthodoxies and worse still they are now infiltrating right into the military itself with special classes about how diversity is our strength and how really there is no such thing as an Englishman because the Vikings once invaded, so really someone who has been part of a loyal family for centuries is just the same as someone fresh off the boat from Bangladesh. Not long ago a pal in the RAF told me that Harman had demanded that any saucy images of women on the noses of fighters and bombers had to be removed (that’s not a joke, I later checked and it happened).

        Anything masculine is to be targeted in the cultural revolution and the Fire Brigade and Armed Forces are favourite targets. The Police of course were attacked with the ludicrous campaigns about Stephen Lawrence and to this day the enemies of civilisation milk that. Around the same time legal groups began attacking garages that had topless pin-ups of women in private areas (that’s not a joke by the way – all the petty ways they control us).

        You’ll note there is no action taken about anything that is dominated by non-whites or women.

        Their far-left long march through the institutions is complete, another generation or two and nobody will be left who remembered how things were anyway. Attitudes which just 20 years ago were normal are now extreme and prohibited and expressing them will see someone fired. The ground moves so fast beneath our feet, sooner or alter we’ll all be convicted thought criminals.

        • mumble

          …or 12-stone woman.

        • Pacificweather

          As only 4.5% of fire fighters are women and 3.2% from ethnic minorities the left have been doing their usual poor job at changing Britain. This report will reassure you. It says fire fighters are predominantly male and white.

          • Mary Ann

            You can’t blame the left for that, the right spend more time in power than the left in fact we haven’t had a left wing government since Jim Callaghan.

          • Pacificweather

            Would you forgive if I said Harold Wilson rather than Jim Callaghan? I have a special affection for him as he kept me out of Vietnam.

        • vieuxceps2

          You are right Jimmy. But how do we get our people to act to change what you have warned us about?

          • UKSteve

            Be extremely careful with your choice at the ballot box, and keep letter writing, e-mailing, blogging, etc.

          • jimmy

            A good question and one I don’t have the answer to. The lessons of history though are very worrying – the sort of decline in civilisation we have experienced is something that is never normally arrested and reversed, instead it gets worse and worse as the old ways are lost, a viscous circle of ignorance. Note how liberals today parade their ignorance about the past and institutions they never understood, the way feminists openly talk about changing human nature etc – how on earth can one reason with such people especially once they are in positions of power. The left were very determined to control education and succeeded and the brainwashing of children is open and extreme.

            When civilisations collapse all that tends to come is chaos and misery and it can take centuries for something else to come.

            Never in history has a civilisation managed to flourish and perpetuate itself while welcoming invaders on a scale that results in ethnic cleansing (as out current immigration policy is doing) and also under the crazy ideology of feminism. Feminism destroys family life, male values such as honour and courage and ultimately just rots away at society. Things which today nobody dares say such as it having been a mistake to allow universal suffrage and also to have allowed women to vote, will be obvious to historians in the future who will simply look and see that the popular policies weren’t necessarily the best ones. That’s if there are historians allowed in the Islamic Republic of Britain.

  • Pacificweather

    People who are concerned about immigration are always complaining they can’t get a voice on the BBC. Finally, the BBC gives them one and Rod has a go at them. The poor old BBC can’t do right for doing wrong can it Rod?

  • Bodkinn

    I have never read this guy before but I am all for him from
    this moment. I did wonder how many
    people were annoyed by the Last Night being used for political clap trap. We get enough politics all day every day and
    should be allowed one night a year to enjoy the music and our good old
    fashioned patriotism.

  • kristof

    I hear you way over here in Oz. As you know we ARE the Land of Hope and Glory. But thanks be to god that there are people in the world who equally disdain these compassionistas as some of we last remaining pc offenders. I went to an otherwise excellent Simone Young concert last night and what do you know the young things were there collecting for Putin’s refugees. If only they would head north to Russia!!

  • logdon

    I started to watch and after the briefest of moments sniffed the politicisation.

    This was all about her. A pushy American lesbian who’s dumbed down and fake upbeat comments brought any gravitas and respect to a grinding halt.

    You could with little effort see her cheer leading an Obama rally with the same, take no prisoners misguided and vomit inducing insincere sincerity.

  • Sunshine Sux

    Glorious Rod!

  • Inspector Frost

    The BBC are disgusting. The sooner the licence fee is abolished the better

  • Parkmeister

    Quite right and largely just a rehash of what she’d already said the first time she conducted the Last Night. Separately, black Vikings on Dr Who tonight. Only on the BBC.

  • Omallet

    TBH I just don’t pay my licence fee anymore and I don’t watch or listen to their utter BS. So I do have a slight moral code about it although I don’t know why as the money grabbing leeches at the Beeb don’t have one ( although they like to pretend they do)

  • jrrbolkin .

    Good piece,never a truer word spoken,well done.

  • DaHitman

    How cares, its only toffs that watch it

  • Paul Wonnacott

    ” Stalinist Liberals” somewhat of an Oxymoron that statement

  • Mary Ann

    “lobbing their mammaries” what a nasty expression, we are meant to be encouraging women to breastfeed as it is better not only for babies health but also better for the long term health of the mother, if fact the WHO has said that we could save the NHS a lot of money if we improved breast feeding rates, as for lobbing their mammaries, I have never seen it done, the vast majority of breast feeding mums do it discretely.

    • The_greyhound

      Self-righteous prude.

  • John Penny

    Great article love it. Wish I could write like that (and I do subject quite a few people to my ramblings!)

  • even stares

    I didn’t have much to disagree with in what Marin Alsop had to say, but I did wonder why an American was in charge of the proceedings. This is a very British occasion.

    • Clare

      Over the last 35 years LNOPs conductors have included Australian, American, Czech and Finnish. Often because of association with either BBC Symphony Orchestra or other British Orchestra. The soloists are often not British and the programme is usually a variety of international composers including this year Jamaican, Russian, American and Estonian as well as our patriotic songs. I think it is admirable on both parts that we invite and they accept what they all regard as a great honour to conduct or perform at LNOTPs.

  • andylowings

    I dont know if the last night of The Proms is no longer worth it but the 10 -12 turgid headlines about Mr Corbyn, here on the Speccy, make me want to move on for ever.

  • Ken

    I’ve written to the DCMS to complain about this overtly political misuse of airtime – the BBC is on increasingly dangerous ground, with the licence fee very much in question. The Proms is a heavily subsidised outing for the middle class, with ridiculously cheap tickets and money wasted on vacuous commissions to talentless composers, not to mention Wallace & Gromit, Sherlock Holmes, rappers, etc. The budget should be halved in 2016 and someone of talent appointed to conduct the last night.

  • Rush_is_Right

    “Next year, if it’s still running, the conductor will be either Jihadi John or Jeremy Corbyn.”

    One down.. One still to go, but it won’t be long.