3 October 2015

8:00 AM

3 October 2015

8:00 AM

Water worlds

Nasa announced it had found evidence of running water on Mars in the form of dark streaks on mountains and cliff edges. On which other planets and celestial bodies can you slake your thirst?
— Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, is believed to have an ocean of liquid water 60 miles deep, beneath 90 miles of ice.
— Two other moons of Jupiter, Europa and Callisto, are also believed to have liquid oceans beneath ice crusts, the former having more water than Earth. No other planets in our solar system, however, are believed to have liquid surface water.

Card check

How many members does Labour have?
221,247 Labour List (11 May 2015)
270,000 House of Commons Library
(8 August 2015)
299,755 full members plus 189,703 affiliated union members plus 121,295 registered supporters (tweet from Labour on 12 August 2015, as registration for the leadership election closed)
Over 330,000’ Labour party website earlier this week

Total eclipse of the news

A ‘supermoon lunar eclipse’ failed to bring about the end of the world. Have previous such eclipses been a portent of doom?
What happened that or the next day:
17 November 1910: Suffragettes marched on Westminster and clashed with police on ‘Black Friday’.
27 November 1928: Herbert Hoover made uneventful visit to Costa Rica.
8 December 1946: French liner SS Liberté sunk in Le Harve harbour. No one died.
19 December 1964: Liberian cargo ship ran aground off Alaska.
30 December 1982: England beat Australia by three runs in Melbourne test match.

Cereal numbers

Rioters complaining about gentrification of the East End daubed slogans on a café which serves breakfast cereals at £3.20 a bowl. Some other non-proletarian breakfast options in the area:

Tomato, avocado and egg muffin
(includes tea or coffee), Dirty Burger,
Mile End Road


Two breakfast pancakes with maple, chocolate or strawberry syrup, Sahara Grill, Whitechapel Hotel £2.95
East End Hash: new potato, roasted red pepper, cherry tomato hash with duck egg and chilli, Whitechapel Gallery £6.25
House granola with poached seasonal fruit, Greek yoghurt and blossom honey, Whitechapel Gallery £4.50

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