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I’m not surprised that my friend Donald Trump is leading in the polls

He is what he is and shows his middle finger to the fourth estate,

24 October 2015

9:00 AM

24 October 2015

9:00 AM

As everyone knows, journalists tend to take themselves seriously, especially American journalists, who take themselves very, very seriously. Dan Rather was such a man, and I use the past tense because although he’s still very much alive, he’s no longer a big shot. Dan used to read the news on American television, and was referred to as an ‘anchor’. Anchors in America make much more money than the President, and match CEOs of big corporations in terms of what they rake in. Walter Cronkite, Dan’s predecessor at CBS, was always referred to as the most trusted man in America, a role the avuncular Walter revelled in. Dan took over in 1980 and got into trouble right away. He was kidnapped by a taxi driver right in Chicago and driven crazily around the town. He was released unharmed without a word. Some time later, two men accosted him on Park Avenue, sort of kidnapped him, and asked him, ‘Kenneth, what’s the frequency?’ Then they let him go unharmed and uninformed about the ‘frequency’.

These kidnappings made headlines but got me thinking that maybe Dan the Man was a bit of a showman. Then, in 2004, after close to 25 years in the driver’s seat, Dan accused George W. Bush on 60 Minutes of avoiding the draft in the Vietnam era by serving in the Texas Air National Guard. He also said that Dubya was lax in flying and often went missing. Dan and his producer were accused by the Bush administration of making the whole thing up, and the neocons pushing for the Iraq war that was already one year in the making went ballistic. Dan resigned and the producer was fired by CBS.

It was the end of a showbusiness career — one masquerading as journalism, that is. Ten years later Dan is back, in a movie this time. He is played by Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett is the fired producer. The film is called Truth, and it tells the producer’s story rather than Dan’s. This is as it should be. After all, the producer produces the goods, and the blowdried dummy on the screen reads them out. I hear the film is terrific. Dan the Man is portrayed by Redford with dignified folksiness and his producer is played as a highly strung journalist operating in a cut-throat climate.

I haven’t seen the flick, only read the reviews, but what bothers me is its message. The cut-throat atmosphere that hacks operate in, as portrayed in the movies, is of their own making. American TV hacks invented the ‘gotcha’ news item, the snippet that is repeated ad nauseam. If that’s journalism, I am George W. Bush’s coke dealer. Which brings me to what is really wrong with the Dan Rather story. As far as I can tell, the only time he got a story right he got fired for it. Dubya drank a lot and took lotsa schnoof up the nose, and obviously used family connections to avoid serving in Nam and maybe ending up like John McCain. The man he picked to be his veep, Dick Cheney, took five deferments in order not to have to shoot real bullets against the little men in pyjamas. Yet these two clowns filled their administration to the brim with neocon sofa samurais, which then led to the disaster and chaos that the Middle East finds itself in today.

As I write, the media are going ballistic over The Donald. The elite of this country are aghast, shocked and appalled that a man of Trump’s character could be leading in the polls. They’ve even tried to discredit his hair, and to disqualify him from running by claiming it (the hair) is foreign-born. I’ve known him for many years and like him enormously. He is what he is and takes shit from no one. He doesn’t coddle people, especially those who call themselves the press. The press are like sharks. They smell blood and they pounce, and the more one tries to mollify them, the more they pounce.

Here’s an example: I was having dinner about 15 years ago with Gianni Agnelli, the legendary Fiat owner, the mother of my children, an Italian friend and Ivana Trump, long divorced from Donald. Ivana was being a pain in the ass, advising Gianni how long the boat he was planning to build should be. Agnelli, who had a way of lowering his head and deeply frowning when he had to listen to bullshit, was saying nothing and allowing her to bang on. I was slightly tipsy but very, very bored. ‘Come on, Ivana,’ I told her. ‘Gianni owned boats before you gave your first blow job, he needs no lessons on that.’

Everyone at the table was shocked — except for Ivana, that is. Agnelli had chosen to suffer in silence for the sake of decorum. Decorum is the excuse these phonies who represent us use for telling lies about the migration crisis. Decorum is the excuse American politicians use for lying about race and the fact that African Americans have been left behind because of the collapse of the black family. How can teenage black girls have five children by the time they’re 20 and expect to live a happy life?

The Donald tells it like it is, shows his middle finger to the fourth estate, spends his own money and owes nobody nothin’. And his second wife told the media it was the best sex she had ever had. That must count for something.

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  • davidshort10

    Odious man.

    • Cyril Sneer

      So he’s the perfect antidote to the vile Obama regime.

      If Trump is odious then Obama is the anti-christ.

  • Marion McLean

    He “owes nobody nothin'” does he? Across the pond, some would beg to differ, I believe.

    He’s a bully, I do know that, and if he doesn’t get his own way he throws a major tantrum. If that’s the kind of man you would support to take a seat in the Oval Office then god help us all.

    Just as a matter of interest, do you also support Boris in his quest to become PM?

    • oldoddjobs

      All US presidents end up murdering innocent people. Will Trump murder less people than Bush? That wouldn’t be hard. Less people than Obama? Perhaps. Less people than ¡Jeb!…?

      • Fritz123

        Very good question. Maybe he would prefer peace — not only but also because peace is best for a sustainable business

        • oldoddjobs

          Generally, yes. Peace is good for business. But war is very good business for some, alas.

          • Fritz123

            Maybe he is just lazy in the best sense of that word. He knows what is important when the day is over. And sustainability v. gambling with “we did only want the best” aka Hillary in Libya is something else. Well, the sun is shining and I have to work, courts dont wait..

      • Jaria1

        The police shoot criminals and as the US. Are the only country with sufficient force to stand up against the worlds tyrants I would prefer them to act as they are rather than become isolationists. Dictators and Tyrants would feel free to achieve their ambitions without interference.

        • MC73

          Unfortunately, the recent ‘standing up to tyrants’ has led to far worse murder and misery than the tyrants themselves could ever manage.

          • Jaria1

            Surely you dont recommend looking the other way whilst tyrants continue to torture and kill innocents? At the moment they have almost free rein and look what they are doing.
            Im not sure about worse murder , OBama leads the only country these people take any notice of and he has done nothing.
            Some who carry your arguement ask why the Iraqis didnt dispose of Saddam , apparently over a million lost their lives trying to do so. Third world countries are not kind to those they see as a challenge to their positions.

          • MC73

            A million Iraqis died opposing Saddam? I have never seen this assertion anywhere else. My contention is simple, leaving Saddam in place would have led to fewer deaths and less horror in the Middle East than removing him did. Yes, Saddam had free rein to oppress and torture, but far more people have been oppressed, tortured, raped and murdered in Iraq since. And in other places as a consequence of the war in Iraq.

            In short, yes I do recommend ignoring tyranny. Because our intervention has in every case made the situation much much worse.

          • Jaria1

            Well I most certainly have although the article did state that it was over a period of ten years.
            Any human rights supporter living in Iraq under Saddam Huessein would need counselling but of course its pointless trying to rule democratically as these countries seem to be only kept together by a tyrannical dictator or some Ayotollah whos word cannot be questioned.
            You do have your point about leaving these countries alone to carry out the medeival practices but in this case we were and probably are to reliant on their oil to leave Dictators free to threaten our supplies.. What has happened since is the development of long range rockets and the need for nuclear war heads will make it impossible to ignore them. Then there is the spread of Islam with their ambition to have more and more influence. Can we ignore that.
            The mistake was made after gulfwar2 when we did try and impose Western democracy in Iraq and we see that its quite unsuitable.
            I think that the casualty figures have for political purposes been grossly exagerrated. The amount killed with the use of smart weaponry etc is no where near the published figures . The mayor of Basra reported 11 war casualties. Remember during Ww2s carpet bombing in the blitz amounted to 60.000 and we hear that number multiplied by upwards of 10.
            Many of the casualties were after Gulf war 1 between Sheittes and Sunnis at last free to kill each other.

          • MC73

            “Many of the casualties were after Gulf war 1 between Sheittes and Sunnis at last free to kill each other.” Yes absolutely. But this situation came about because of the overthrow of Saddam.
            Re your point about long range rockets etc, there was no evidence of Iraq having any real capability to threaten the West.
            Re your point about the spread of Islam. The best way to stop it is to restrict immigration from Islamic countries, not start wars which encourage Muslims to leave their countries for ours.

          • Jaria1

            To the surprise of Stormin Norman Swartkoff ( sp) and others Bush senior stopped the completion of operations on the basis that a weakened Saddam would keep the Sunnis and Sheittes from each others throats that didnt work which resulted in Bush jnr finishing off the job which Gulf war 1 failed to do. There were of course other reasons one being Saddams beligerant attitude maybe bought about by Frances guarantee to use its veto to prevent another invasion..
            I am speaking of Irans progress in rocket development being a reason why we cannot ignore whats happening in the ME.
            The spread of Islam is world wide and its not just this country that needs to restrict immigration. After these refugees etc have settled into Germany they acquire the right to travel to any country within the EU,
            I am afraid the proxy war between Iran and Saudi pre dates any invasion from us.

    • Fritz123

      Maybe they are the billiionaires for peace.

    • Jaria1

      I dont support Boris because none of his talents would in my opinion make him an effective PM. I am sure that there are important positions that would suit his style though

    • Des Demona

      True. He or his companies have been bankrupt how many times for how many billions? Many who lost out were poor schmuck ordinary Joe bond holders who bought into his house of cards razzamatazz.
      Oh dear, but this time his finger could be on the nuclear button!

  • Fritz123

    Everything that prevents Hillary from becoming president is ok and Donald Trump is even very good. Thank you Bill!! His basic idea if I got it right is to start with making tabula rasa and then he makes very modest proposals in all cases that interest me most. Immigration is another topic and after Merkel maybe I dig what it means in America but even in this case I dont think he would be extreme.

    But what matters most to me is that he is the only person who can say that regime changes in Iraq and Libya were a bad idea, this is where Hillary did laugh most ugly, she laughs less now maybe. Is rthe on the payroll of the Saudis? She has a very beautifull and very clever colored assistant to make clear that I dont hate foreighners at all married to some funny NYC jew, but thats all. Poor Jeb.

    Donald Trump with his comments on Iraq and Libya is allready much better than the Obama in his famous pre election Berlin Tiergarten speech (“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much”) where he was worse than Bush in his good v. evil game. Donald Trump is much better than this spin and his tabula rasa fits well. Hope I am not wrong!!

  • Gahd McAfi

    The almighty fuckup that is currently gripping the United States of America is a joy to behold. I cannot remember days in which the choice of future POTUS was between a cuckolded female hysteric and self-obsessed racist climate denier. Boy oh boy, for America the next decade will all be about the fall from grace.

    • goodsoldier

      Why do you call Trump racist?

      • Jaria1

        These days anyone with an opinion is seen by members of the politically correct brigade as being a racist or bigot etc etc etc..
        I would have thought the US were fed up with a President who was happy to sit on the fence and offer no opinions

  • Jaria1

    Cant help thinking that Trumps popularity is a reaction to OBamas lack of decision making.
    It would have been better if he had made just one positive decision rather than thinking it better to play safe and do nothing.. i just cant bring myself to trust Hilary Clinton and hope that someone worth while emerges.

    • Pioneer

      Obama hasn’t done nothing. He has caused massive damage to western civilization, exactly what he was intending to. He still has time to cause more havoc.

      • Jaria1

        He allowed all those red lines to be crossed in the Middle East no one takes the US seriously. Putin has wiped the floor with him.
        My American friends would agree with your outlook.
        The amount of people holding vitally important posts that have resigned tell us what a disaster he has been.
        However Clinton bribed the blacks and hispanics to support the Democrats leaving the Republicans a big hill to climb

  • Malcolm Stevas

    Well, yes, but he comes across as a buffoon. America is unlucky in her presidents: a great country deserves better. Hell, England deserves better… Reagan turned out far better than expected, Carter turned out worse, and they’ve had 2nd raters like Ford and Bush Jr. It is to Americans’ credit that they continue to do so well despite their leaders.

  • Patrick Roy

    Never apologise for Trump. He’ll win, and he’s old enough, experienced enough, and angry enough, to bring on the genuine change the country really needs. Go Taki. PS coming across as a “buffoon” or “embarrassing” pre-election, is far better than committing the atrocities of GWB and Obola.

  • Sanctimony

    A couple of quotes from America’s contender for worst ever President:

    I was not aware I was running for the popecy… George Dubya Bush

    I would be honored and privileged to serve as Supreme Pontoon for the rest of my
    natural life, or until I die, whichever comes first… George Dubya Bush

  • Freddythreepwood

    ‘anchor’. Are you sure?

  • Eye on the Republic

    ” was slightly tipsy but very, very bored. ‘Come on, Ivana,’ I told her. ‘Gianni owned boats before you gave your first blow job, he needs no lessons on that.”

    Classic Taki! Ha! Too funny!