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The camp of the saints (part II)

5 December 2015

9:00 AM

5 December 2015

9:00 AM

Forty years ago, the French author, Jean Raspail, wrote a confronting novel about a third world invasion of Europe.

His chilling book, Le Camp des Saints (The Camp of the Saints), tells the story of a motley armada of clapped-out vessels transporting hundreds of thousands of people from the Ganges, via the African Cape, eventually landing in Southern France. Their journey presages the overturn of western civilization.

Dismissed as bizarre, far-fetched and racist by the political, media and academic elite that Raspail criticised, his novel was consigned to the dustbin of eccentric curiosities by the literary establishment.

How could Europe be invaded: we, with our superior technology and advanced way of life?

Fast-forward four decades and Europe has been invaded. By unarmed thousands, sailing by boat, and then trekking across borders. Raspail’s title could well describe the settlements that have sprung up across the continent.

The Camp of the Saints can be read as an allegory about Europe. Although the details differ, Raspail’s story sounds more like a parable now than the fictional tale by which it was dismissed.

Today the West is at war. The war has been declared many times: in New York, Madrid, London, Bali, and Paris, as well as in Sydney and Melbourne and numerous other places around the world. It is not a traditional war, but a war it is.

Some of the most ferocious and barbarous of the attacks have been on the home of liberté, égalité, fraternité.

This is a direct assault on the culture of the West – its character, its values and its beliefs.

Words of obfuscation and appeasement are hollow. Politicians who continue to mouth platitudes while appearing to wring their hands are unworthy of the trust placed in them.

Yet many of the European elite subscribe to a caricature of their civilization – a multicultural, borderless world, welcoming of everyone, for whom any residual problems can be treated by a sanctimonious dose of post-Christian kumbuya.

The answer in Brussels to any problem is to prescribe more rules, more regulation and more process. None of this has prevented the Belgian capital becoming the breeding ground of terrorism in Europe.

Meanwhile, the foundations of Europe are cracking.

The birthrate in much of Europe has fallen to dangerously low levels. Without immigration, countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal will see their population halve each generation.

These low levels are almost impossible to recover. They have a significantly adverse impact on economic growth. And they create a demographic vacuum that others will seek to fill.

Europe is even losing the willingness to acknowledge its own history and culture.

A decade ago, the European nations could not agree to the recognition of their Christian heritage in a proposed constitution.

Most European nations could not defend themselves without considerable assistance from others. Even the once mighty United Kingdom struggles to expend 2 per cent of GDP on defence.

Is it any wonder that the nation that produced Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and the other deconstructionists, for whom shared meaning is an anathema, is now in the firing line from sections of an immigrant population that has a clear and contrary ideology?

While the final coup de grâce of a civilisation is delivered by external forces, it is the internal corrosion that makes it possible.

Unless Europe recovers a belief in the foundations of its own culture, a preparedness to articulate it, and a willingness to defend it, militarily when necessary, it is doomed to a gradual but inevitable decline.

Je suis Charlie? Je suis mort.

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Kevin Andrews is the federal member for Menzies and a former Defence Minister

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  • BK

    Andrews, you are a reactionary fool (spelled with a capital ‘T’).

    is no more being ‘…invaded…’ than is Australia under any kind of
    existential threat from the asylum seekers you and your Catholic mate
    Tony would have us fear.

    Yes, the world is changing.

    minds like yours, trapped in pre-enlightenment ignorance and fear, ARE
    under threat, but not to worry, the rest of us, the MAJORITY of us, will
    be just fine.

    • Copyright101

      Are you for real?

      • BK

        Yes, yes you are.
        That is, you are funny if one finds ignorant dog-whistling funny.
        I don’t, so I am not laughing at you, I am pitying you.

        There is no invasion, there is no existential threat, blow that dog-whistle all you want, you won’t change the facts.

        As Merkel has said, ‘We will manage’.

        • Copyright101

          Who’s dog whistling?

          Not me.

          We’re being invaded, Merkel is a traitor, thats straightforward enough.

          • BK

            ‘…We’re being invaded, Merkel is a traitor, thats straightforward enough…’

            You better stop blowing that whistle, soon your front yard is going to be covered in dog-shit.

          • ADB2

            Yo libtard, the mass Third World immigration Britain has experienced over the last few decades is on track to see indigenous Brits become a minority in their own land well before the end of this century. The ongoing “refugee” influx will only accelerate the process.

            By any definition, that is an invasion. And if you think being concerned about becoming a white minority in your former homeland is to be “trapped in pre-enlightenment ignorance and fear”, check out the disproportionate violent crime rates of certain non-white groups, or the racist and kuffar-phobic attacks by Asian Muslims on whites in places like Oldham.

            Blacks in London 12% of city population, 60% of street crime:


            Oldaham 2001, non-whites 13.9% of population, yet 60% of racial crime committed against whites:


            Then of course there are the societies these people create. Britain is on course to end up as a cross between Karachi and Mogadishu, and anyone who isn’t alarmed by that is an idiot.

          • BK

            Yo rightard…

            ‘….before the end of this century…’

            Global warming will get you first.

          • ADB2

            That’s the best you can do? Pathetic.

            And no surprise that you believe in global warming. What a sheep.

          • BK

            And no surprise you don’t think AGW is real.
            I guess anything to do with facts or evidence causes problems for your blinkered world view.

          • rationality

            If you spent less time reading the mainstream media and more time reading less biased news outlets you might less of a spectacle of yourself. The fact that you dont have one single uptick suggests that you could be on the losing side. You’re not a scientist so you just follow climate change as a substitute religion to deceive you from the real problems… such as the Islamic invasion.

            I actually feel sorry for you being misled so easily.

          • BK

            You have no idea what I spend my time reading, and you obviously have even less of an idea about what is happening to our climate.

            I’ll take 97% of qualified climatologists over ‘random Internet guy’ any day, including today.

          • rationality

            I learnt today that the ozone layer thing was a scam as a dry run for the climate change hysteria!

            I just don’t understand how you can’t see that they lie about everything and that scientists will use flawed data to suit TPTB as their careers, future funding and not being ostracised for being a denier. There are very few heroes nowadays.

            People like us just get so angry as we see decent, intelligent people being manipulated by bad people.

          • BK

            ‘…People like us just get so angry…’

            Yeah, random Internet ranting guy, you gotta relax.

          • rationality

            Then wake the f==k up and recognise things are very wrong.

          • mohdanga

            No global warming for 20 years, the increase in average world temperature over the last 140 years has been a wopping 1.5 degrees F and the ‘hockey stick’ has been discredited. Yup, AGW is real.

          • Leon Wolfeson

            So a lie. A lie and a lie.

            AGCC exists, get over it.

          • Copyright101

            Global warmist and a racial flat earther! Is there no crackpot theory you don’t subscribe to?

            It’s ‘climate change’ these days. FYI.

          • BK

            Pls tell me you believe the Earth is only 6000 years old, that would complete the picture.

          • Copyright101


          • Lapin

            Then why do you want millions of people to move from the third world to the first which will increase their carbon emissions per capita tenfold?

          • BK

            Hey random ranter, you really need to work on your reading comprehension.

          • Copyright101

            Again with this dog whistling?

            I don’t want the white nations of earth destroyed by a massive engulfing tide of black/brown/Muslim people.

            Close the borders, deport the invaders, [redcated] the traitors.

          • BK

            No surprise you show your true colors here, pun intended.

            It isn’t culture or Muslims you fear, it is people with skin colored slightly different to yours.

          • Copyright101

            I never disguised my true colours. Though I see you’re now cowering behind a private ID. So which of is misrepresenting?

            it isn’t culture or Muslims you fear, it is people with skin colored slightly different to yours

            I don’t fear them, I fear what they will do to my society, my children, my world. Skin colour is a superficial surface feature that happens to be a clue to deeper biological differences – of course. Duh!

          • BK

            Glad to see you admit your racism.

            See if you can get some help for that.

          • Copyright101

            What is racism?

          • Leon Wolfeson

            For starters, your views. Easy!

          • Leon Wolfeson

            So you’re downright terrified of people not just like you, right, as you admit you use skin colour as a cue for your belief in eugenics.

          • Leon Wolfeson

            No, you want to destroy them from the inside, right. As you talk about purges and pogroms, of course, of everyone not just like you. Not many would be left. At all.

        • Leftism is a societal cancer

          Have you got an argument that is based on more than wishful thinking? Where is the demographic argument then?

      • Leon Wolfeson

        Yes, you’re trying to invade with your foreign values…

  • Wandervogel

    I thought this was common knowledge, along with Barbara Lerner Spectre, The Project for a New American Century, the Coudenhouve Kalergi Plan, and the Greater Israel plan. Come on, guys, do keep up. This is about two years behind the curve.

  • sonofseawolf

    Hi zionist zombies

    Five words

    White Man awake, save the White race. – rev matt hale

    Thr people resisted, and prevailed! – morgoth penguin

    Protect yourself at all times 14 5

  • Ed  

    There’s a lot of blatherating in these comments, slinging the word “racist” about. I am not a racist. I don’t care a jot for the colour of your skin. You could be tangerine with heliotrope spots, for all I care.

    However, I AM a culturist.

    Islam has a rot at its core, which wants us all brought at swordpoint to submission. You do realize that the arabic word for submission is “islam”, right?

    That culture is tremendously dangerous. Why are we not having these conversations about Jains, or Buddhists, or African Animists, or Christians, for that matter? These difficulties, this violence, this unbelievable hatred of those different from them, is unique to islam. This is the problem.

    How can we make them stop feeling that way about others? I’m open to suggestions.