No second EU referendum? Tell that to the Danes and the Irish

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27 February 2016

9:00 AM

27 February 2016

9:00 AM

Vote no, vote often

David Cameron scorned Boris Johnson’s idea that voting to leave the EU might result in further reforms followed by another referendum. History, though, would side with Boris.
— In June 1992 Denmark rejected the Maastrict Treaty, with 50.7 per cent voting against in a referendum. Denmark was granted four opt-outs, including from the single currency, and held another referendum a year later.
— Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a 2005 referendum, with 61.5 voting against. After several concessions, Irish voters approved it a year later.
— An ‘out’ vote might serve British teams well at the European football championships. In the same month that Denmark voted no to Maastrict they also won the competition.

Sceptical countries

Is Britain especially Eurosceptic? Results of a 2014 European Commission poll on citizens’ image of the EU:

Most positive
Poland 61%
Romania 59%
Ireland 53%
Bulgaria 51%
Lithuania 50%
Most negative
Greece 44%
Cyprus 38%
Austria 36%
UK 32%
Italy 28%

Vaccination effect

What has happened to confirmed cases of meningococcal disease since a vaccine for meningococcal ‘C’ was introduced in 1999? A vaccine for ‘B’ arrived only last year.

Confirmed cases of ‘B’
2001/01 1,688
2003/04 1,297
2006/07 991
2009/10 792
2011/12 614

Source: Meningitis Research Foundation

Confirmed cases of ‘C’
2001/01 412
2003/04 64
2006/07 29
2009/10 18
2011/12 29

Source: Meningitis Research Foundation

Pub international

Daily units for men
Spain 2.9
France 2.1
US 2
Germany 1.7
Italy 1.7
UK 1.6
Netherlands 0.7

†Previous UK limits

Daily units for women
Spain 1.8
France 1.4
US 1
Germany 0.9
Italy 0.9
UK 1.6 (1.7†)
Netherlands 0.7

†Previous UK limits


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    Brexit: ‘Vote Out’ ‘Get Out’ and Stay Out..!

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    scaremongering b/s vote out

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    When we win to “LEAVE”, I hope that all the top people involved make sure that it is final and that in no circumstance, no matter what the EU offer, we stay out and watch as Europe burns.