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My tyre-fitter tried to recruit me as a jihadi bride

But he had done me a great service and an incredible deal so I decided not to go to the police

27 February 2016

9:00 AM

27 February 2016

9:00 AM

The last time I bought a set of tyres in south London I came away not quite knowing whether I had just been asked to become a jihadi bride.

Of course, it was only the merest suspicion. If I had had hard evidence I might have gone to the police. Or I might not. These days, one is likely to get done for a hate crime if one complains about a member of the opposite religion. If I had gone to the police what would I have said?

‘Excuse me, I’ve just had a set of tyres fitted to my Volvo by a man who tried to persuade me that IS fighters don’t deserve the bad press.’

Would I have sounded hysterical, or delusional, or just plain prejudiced? And what was my suspicion based on? Not that much.

I thought about it a lot but really all I had was the fact that, as I sat in the waiting room with the spaniel as my tyres were fitted, a very handsome young man sitting at his desk beneath a huge gold-framed excerpt from the Koran told me I shouldn’t listen to ‘the hype’ about Isis, who weren’t the barbarians they were made out to be. He knew this, he said, because he was just back from a top-secret mission in the Middle East, which he couldn’t elaborate on.

He said I should consider converting and marrying a man like him because I would find that my life really took off at that point. I gulped and nodded. I thought it unlikely that going under the veil would make me happy but he had me in a bind.

I was sitting in his waiting room and my car was up on his ramp with no wheels. I could hardly shout, ‘Now look here, matey! I’m a Roman Catholic. Jesus saves! And while we’re at it, the suffragettes chained themselves to railings for my right to vote, and to tell you to naff off!’

I had to nod and say please and thank you and ‘oh, now that is interesting!’ The whole situation was complicated by the fact that his men went to the most enormous trouble to fit me the best set of affordable quality tyres I have ever had on my Volvo. Truly, within seconds of driving away it was obvious that the car was driving better than ever. Much better than the way it drove after the last set was fitted, when the builder boyfriend took it to one of his mates under the arches who whacked some retreads on it.

Life is terribly confusing at times like these. I realised that I could have a guy who was on the side of the angels fit deathtrap tyres to my car and not even balance them properly.

Or a guy who was cheerleading for the worst terror group in the history of mankind could fit four stupendously good-value Continentals.

What’s a girl to do?

I drove around pondering what evidence I should take to the police and eventually concluded that I would go with my mum’s old maxim: you have to take people how you find them. The guy in the tyre shop had been courteous, kind, patient, honest, trustworthy, efficient, skilful and reliable. He had done me a great service and an incredible deal.

He might have been an IS fighter just arrived back from jihad. Or he might have been shooting his mouth off to impress me. It is, after all, entirely possible that our country is in such a weird mess that boasting you’re connected to Isis has become a chat-up line to which increasing numbers of men are resorting to impress the ladies.

Also, considering the state we now find ourselves in, we cannot go crying to the police about every little IS sympathiser we come across on the high street. The system wouldn’t be able to cope.

What’s more, the Continentals have been very hard wearing. So now that I need a new front tyre because I hit a curb I have to weigh up hard choices: I can call the old BB and get his mate to fit a cheap retread badly. Or I can go to the man with the golden prayer.

As I drive along the A3 trying to make my decision, the steering dragging badly to one side, I realise a song is going round in my head.

With apologies to the late, great Kirsty MacColl, the song I am singing goes as follows:

‘There’s a guy works down the tyre shop swears he’s Isis/ Just like you swore to me that you’d be true/ There’s a guy works down the tyre shop swears he’s Isis/ But he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you.’

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  • Landphil

    There’s a guy down at the chipshop swears he’s Elvis.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Spectator, why have you banned me? Was it something I said?
      And don’t give me that Disqus BS you cowardly, spineless dirtbags.
      Jack, Penang

  • Flintshire Ian

    I would give up on booze, holidays, football and probably food before fitting retread tyres to our cars

  • Pioneer

    “These days, one is likely to get done for a hate crime if one complains about a member of the opposite religion”

    Reminds of the line “opposite genital group”.

  • teepee

    There’s a bint down at The Speccie swears she’s a journalist.

  • William Haworth

    Why are you giving money to these people?

    • CRSM

      Doesn’t scan, Bill old chap.

      • CRSM

        Oops! As can easily be ascertained, i meant the above reply to be in answer to ‘teepee’, not Young William.

        • teepee

          Hands up, but I was hoping people would forgive the extra syllable out of sympathy with the sentiment.

  • Bonzo

    Be careful if he says your tyres are flat and need blowing up.

  • get your wheels re-aligned. When you hit the kerb, you bent something in the steering and the wheels aren’t all pointing the same way now. This will ruin both front tyres. You may not even need a new tyre at all. Go to some car maintenance classes. You might even find something worth writing about there.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      You can track the steering with a couple of bits of tube of dissimilar diameter and a roll of tape. Failing that, a couple of pieces of bamboo will do it.
      Bush mechanic Jack.

      • CRSM

        You certainly can, but only if you know what you’re doing. From reading her vapid articles, I think it very unlikely that Melissa, or her dreary under-educated ex-boyfriend, would have a clue.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          So get yòurself a blue-collar boyfriend, Luv. Nothing like a bit of rough.

          • CRSM

            But I thought her (ex-ish) boyfriend was about as blue collar as they come? I just read the ‘Jihadwatch’ link and MK is more attractive than her dire Spectator avatar would lead one to believe. She is terminally drippy, but what else is her problem?

    • Hoghton

      Oh, I don’t know; I rather like this story; but it is like a Seinfeld episode.

  • Ingmar Blessing

    Sorry, but that kind of thing is not funny currently.

  • misomiso

    Best stick to Tinder I think.

  • 1e2c3a4w5

    Yeah, I remember my mum telling me about a nice young chap in her local butcher’s shop in 1940 who told her that the Nazis weren’t that bad – he’d been on a secret mission to Germany and had secret knowledge. Naturally, she didn’t go to the police about it because you don’t want to make a fuss do you, and he gave her a couple of bangers over her ration.

    No, actually she would have had the basic common sense and patriotism to do the obvious thing. How can we expect to come out of the current war in one piece when most of the population, and especially the educated classes – you know, journalists, academics, that sort of thing – are so wilfully stupid as to not know their duty and then to share it with the world?

  • evad666

    I await developments after Melissa Kite is interviewed by the Police and provides them with the details of the transaction.

  • Hoghton

    I wonder whether he has much luck with that particular chat-up line; but I am also reminded of Putter in Seinfeld, whom Jerry couldn’t risk offending because he was such a good mechanic.

  • colchar

    Good deal or not, you walk in and see that golden prayer you should turn around and walk out.

  • fulham2014

    Because the guy is a flirt, and you are getting old, and you felt flattered, so why not protect the guy? So why do you have to tell us all about? And don’t you find strange have people in your country who wants to impose their barbarians ways on you, and you react like this is normal? Are you mad?

  • janon

    Selecting the proper tyres for a car and having them fitted really just isnt all that complicated. I suspect you can manage it without buying back alley retreads or dealing with isis cells.

  • doctorweird

    You are why Britain will be surprised next Isis rampage. Oh he told me he was Isis, but I got a good deal on tyres, so whatever. What is wrong with you?!

  • Itinerant

    If he was Liberty GB and was telling her the counter-jihad wasn’t nearly as bad as made out to be in the press- that the RoP is a PR confection and the biggest lie of the 21st century- I bet Melissa would have phoned the cops quicker that a quick-fitter can.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh please he obviously fancied the girl himself and wanted to go on date, As a Mualim man he wanted to know if she would convert and probably was trying to convince her that not all Muslims are terrorist idiots, I’m very sure that he had no desire for her to decamp to Syria.

    • Johnnywadd

      Yes he must be one of the good Muslims as he was really just trying to chat her up rather than rape her and pass her around his group of friends.
      No not all Muslims are terrorists but many terrorists are Muslim as everything they do is sanctioned in the Koran or quoted in the Hadiths as done by Mohammed – “the perfect example of a man”.

    • Caviar luvvie

      Why did he not just change her tyres quietly?

      • Elizabeth

        Have you never chanced your luck by having an innocent flirt? Probably less than professional on his part, but nothing that should involve the threat of police action, Let’s have some perspective here and not hysteria.

  • Billo Qasira

    Oh dear, predatory Islam stalks the lands and journalists give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Axiomizer

    With morons like this woman the demise of Europe can only accelerate.

  • Axiomizer

    Quote Winston Churchill and get arrested – proclaim sympathy for a brutal, murderous misogynist ideology and have bug witted women masquerading as journalists singing your praises.

    But at least you’re being welcoming to your executioners…..

    • Larry A Singleton

      I wish I were more eliquent. I’m on a personal crusade; to convince people to stop using phony names. Recently I learned from Jihad Watch that the Catholic Church has some kind of “dialogue” going with Muslims from the ISNA and ICNA. My comments on Catholic Facebook pages were deleted and I was blocked. I recently posted on Fr. James Martin Facebook page and while I’m not blocked so far I’ve gotten no comments to my posts. I noticed that he made a general comment about being insulted by people with phony names. As much as I throw this back in their faces I recall that many conservatives use phony names.

      You should use your own name. You just made a brilliant comment. If you’re going to stand on principle why hide behind a phony moniker? You’re comment is almost wasted. I deal with libs and Muslims almost daily. This dumb-ass construction worker is almost smug when it comes to these so-called “educated” yahoos whose only response to my facts about Israel and Islam is to call me names or block me on their Facebook pages and delete my comments.

      Partner, this is another public forum like city council meetings. Would you hide behind a phony name fighting for an issue you believe in? Don’t you think that by using a phony name you’re reducing the weight and credibility of your argument? We’re in a war. I was raised in San Bernardino. The site of the last terrorist attack. The response by officials was a disgrace. But the non-response by the citizens was just pathetic. I went to a city council meeting and spoke out about this issue. At a meeting on “Security Measures” the word “terrorism” was never mentioned. Nobody from the public was there to address Islamic jihad or even terrorism.

      We are at a similar point that we were during WWII when it came to the Nazis. Unfortunately we’ve gone from being the Greatest Generation to the Generation of Degenerates who now shill for our enemies and are committing suicide by multiculturalism and political correctness, laziness and cowardice.

      • colchar

        Um no, this is not a public forum like a city council meeting. This is the website of a privately owned company. You really need to learn the difference between ‘public’ and ‘private’.

        • Larry A Singleton

          Just out of curiosity; when was the last time you exercised your Constitutional rights to free speech? Other than cowering behind a phony moniker from the safety of your laptop?

      • Axiomizer

        While I agree with much of what you say, there are many reasons for anonymity and privacy, paramount among them is the safety of my family and my livelihood.

        • Larry A Singleton

          Uh-huh. My hometown of San Bernardino was attacked by terrorists. 14 people were slaughtered by degenerate Muslims. I said as much at a city council meeting AT San Bernardino city hall. Is that the same lame excuse you would make to keep from going to a meeting and standing up for your country, your family and your pathetic livelihood?

          • Axiomizer

            Actually, don’t bother trying to explain how I insulted Churchill, because only a moron would think that I did.

            How about you do the world a favor and remove your contamination from the gene pool for the good of future generations…
            preferably with a rusty spoon

          • Mary Ann

            Trump wants to ban muslims but not guns that people use to carry out mass killings, he doesn’t even want people checked to make sure they are not mad before they are allowed to carry one, surely wanting to kill people because of your, or their religion is a sign of madness.

          • Zharf

            What about the degenerate Christians, like Frank Silva Roque, Scott Roeder, Jim David Adkisson, Paul Jennings Hill (from the Army of God), Eric Rudolph (the Army of God), James Charles Kopp, John C. Salvi, Joseph Stack, David Lane, Bruce Pierce, Timothy McVeig and American and NATO armies throughout the Muslim world killing innocent Muslims? By the way, the Army of God means the same as Hizbullah!

        • Larry A Singleton

          And do me a favor. Don’t insult Churchill.

          Some of the “prizes” in my library consist of books by and about Winston Churchill. I’ve read both his River Wars and Malakand Field Force and have William Manchester’s The Last Lion series on my shelves.

          From his Finest Hour Speech:

          What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.”

          And The day Churchill saved Britain from the Nazis May 28 1940 in the House of Commons, he ended with this almost Shakespearean climax: “And I am convinced that every one of you would rise up and tear me down from my place if I were for one moment to contemplate parley or surrender. If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground.”

          I’ve read Winston Churchill. And take it from me; you’re no Winston Churchill. You’re actually helping those who tried to be Churchill’s executioners; Muslims who got a pass on their complicity and war crimes against the Jews during WWII.

          Read Winston Churchill 10-8-15

          This is a primer on the Palestinian “right of return” sham.

          Read what Winston Churchill said about irrigation when a delegation of Muslim leaders approached him in conjunction with the article on “WATER” below.

          The Arabs protested that the ultimate objective of political Zionism was to give the natural resources of Palestine to the Jews. They pointed out that the Arabs had occupied Palestine for over a thousand years. They asked Churchill to use his influence to correct what they considered a great injustice.

          ‘You ask me to repudiate the Balfour Declaration and to stop (Jewish) immigration. This is not in my power … and it is not my wish … It is manifestly right that the scattered Jews should have a national centre, and a national home to be re-united, and where else but in Palestine, with which for three thousand years they have been intimately and profoundly associated?

          We think it will be good for the world, good for the Jews, good for the British Empire, but also good for the Arabs who dwell in Palestine…they shall share in the benefits and progress of Zionism.

          I am told the Arabs would have done it for themselves. Who is going to believe that? Left to themselves, the Arabs of Palestine would not in a thousand years have taken effective steps toward the irrigation and electrification of Palestine. They would have been quite content to dwell–a handful of philosophic people– in the sun-scorched plains, letting the waters of the Jordan continue to flow unbridled and unharnessed into the Dead Sea.’

          NGO Monitor: “WATER”

          Myths vs. Facts: NGOs and the Destructive Water Campaign Against Israel March 22, 2015

          Or Mark Twain on Palestine:

          “ …[a] desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds-a silent mournful expanse….A desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action….We never saw a human being on the whole route….There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of the worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”

          1867 (Quoted in Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad. London: 1881)

          Martin Kramer:

          Gaza is a place with no Israeli settlements, from which Israel has totally withdrawn to the 1967 lines, and which nonetheless has become a Hamas terror state. That’s what happens in conditions of Gazafication. So when people say that in a two-state solution, Palestinians would have a “right of return” to the West Bank and not Israel, I do not find that particularly reassuring either. Any influx of Palestinians across the Jordan poses a problem for Israel, and it is naive to dismiss it. I would like to hear how, in a two-state scenario, Gazafication of the West Bank can be prevented. I haven’t heard it yet.

          Neither have I

          Read The Haj by Leon Uris and put to rest, once and for all, that Palestinian “right of return” bulls**t. (And for the idiots who remind me it’s “only a novel”; do as I did and fact-check it. You’ll see that the history illustrated in the book is completely accurate. That’s why they call them “historical” novels.)

          The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz. This is THE book that goes down the list, one by one, of all the accusations leveled at Israel. Dershowitz goes on to destroy each and every one. Read This BOOK!

          The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East by Caroline B. Glick. The first four chapters of this book ALONE are worth the price of this book.

          • Axiomizer

            How about you do me a favor and tell me how I insulted Churchill.

            And then do me another favor and stop telling me how I should be running my life.

          • Zharf

            Why weren’t the Jews given a home, a separate country, in Europe where they far outnumbered the Jews in Palestine?

  • Larry A Singleton

    14 people were slaughtered in San Bernardino because neighbors failed to report suspicious activity for fear of being labeled “racist”. Melissa Kite; what will tell yourself when you look in the mirror after reading this guy just massacred a bunch of innocent men women and children?

    San Bernardino Jihad Home: They RELEASED the Crime Scene?

    By Pamela Geller 12-4-15 Jihad in America

    I have been watching CNN — yes, unbelievable (a first), but the failings of FOX are too big to stomach. So imagine my horror when I switched it on and saw swarms of reporters inside the home of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Qurans everywhere, passports, drivers licenses of family members are strewn about.

    They released the crime scene? There were no fingerprint forensics anywhere. How do they know who came and went into that apartment? What about the group of Muslim men who came and went from the house the neighbor was afraid to report for fear of being called a racist?

    Un-Frigging-Believable! Take a look inside the San Bernardino shooters’ home. NOT a crime scene! Reporters tromping all over the house. No fingerprints. NO gathering of evidence.

    I had read an article by Pamela Geller. Even then part of my mind couldn’t accept that the home of a terrorist who had just committed the worst terrorist attack in US history after 9/11 wasn’t being treated as a crime scene. My jaw literally hung open as I watched the CNN reporter, and what looked like dozens of others, stroll all over the house that was literally untouched by the FBI or police department’s forensic team.

    CAIR Blames America for San Bernardio Massacre: The Return of the ‘Grievance’ Myth by Raymond Ibrahim 12 8-15

    The CAIR Effect: See Something, Do Nothing by Michelle Malkin.

    Meet the Farooks: The Modern Jihad Family: How did This Anything But Moderate Family Not Attract Any Law Enforcement Attention by Robert Spencer 12-9-15

    Answering John Kerry: The Truth About the Two-State Delusion by Caroline Glick 12-9-15

    Democratic Party Conducts Outreach Through Leader of Terrorist Group: Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Company’s Disturbing Embrace of Radical Islam by Joe Kaufman 12-7-15

    Women’s Studies and the Moral Vacuity of an Academic Boycott Against Israel: Feminists Turn a Blind Eye to the Real Oppression of Women by Richard L. Cravatts 12-7-15

    Daniel Greenfield Moment: Why Feminism Failed Cologne’s Women.

    Yale University Omits $10 Million ‘Gift’ for Islamic Center Came from Saudi With Terror Ties by Paul Sutliff 12-4-15

    Obama’s Massive Intel Failure in San Bernardino by Pamela Geller 12-7-5-15

    Suspect Charged in ‘Anti-Muslim Hate Crime’ Touted by Hamas-Linked CAIR is Named…Mohamed by Robert Spencer (Joh Nolte) 12-7-15

    San Bernardino jihad murderer’s mother active member of ICNA, a pro-Sharia, pro-caliphate group by Robert Spencer.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Corrupt the crime scene.
      Standard operating procedure in a false flag operation.

  • John Smith

    Meanwhile a mad man charges down the street grabs your mother and beheads her
    Cheap tyres anyone?

  • VictorMC

    If you have someone as stupid as Melissa Kite working for you there is no way I would subscribe to your rag.

  • uberwest

    This islamist moron will almost certainly be sending money to the brutal racist simpletons in Islamic State. I hope you have the good sense to avoid them in future. There may be a case for calling the police on them for their terrorist sympathies.

    • GoJebus

      No maybe about it. This man is a terrorist sympathiser at best. It is your national duty to call it in.

    • Chris Out of Africa

      I thinks so too. The next thing he will be on a London bus with a backpack when he gets a signal from his handlers. It should be reported dear Airhead journalist. If this is a true account, then you have just become guilty of treason!

  • teepee

    I’m reminded of my other half’s breathtakingly stupid sister’s remarks when Osama bin Laden became widely known: Hasn’t he got lovely eyes? and He looks just like Jesus.

    • Bonkim

      So he does. So does the Devil.

  • Neal McNamara

    Hit a kerb? I have been driving for 33 years, and have never managed that. Careless, or just useless? I’m sure other tyre-dealers are available.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Do you ever take it off road, sir?
      Not intentionally.

  • logdon
  • GoJebus

    This is a great example of the cowardice and confusion brought about by the multi-cultural experiment imposed on us, and why we are going to be doomed unless we start doing something radical to unwind it.

    If Kite had been told by a young man in London in 1944 ‘don’t believe all that hype about the nice young men in the Waffen SS’, who then went on to elaborate how he shared their ideology and was actively involved in supporting them, he would have been rounded up and interned. If he were the bearer of a British passport, he would have risked being hung as a traitor.

    Remember, it wasn’t a nut squad from Syria who did for Lee Rigby, but his own traitorous countrymen. You really ought to be reporting this encounter to the police/MI5.

    • Tom M

      “……….You really ought to be reporting this encounter to the police/MI5……”
      Who would do precisely nothing.

      • BoiledCabbage

        That is correct. The ‘Police’ have been ordered not to react, so ‘community cohesion’ can continue.

  • Arsene Lapin

    I’ve never read anything so brainless in my life. This is not journalistic writing it’s self-indulgent, hormone-soaked gushing. She probably had the hots for this jerk and that addled her brain. This is the level of journalism we’re having to get used to – it’s why no-one reads newspapers

  • Chamber Pot

    This is tabloid fare and Melissa comes across like a bourgeois airhead.

  • polidorisghost

    “My tyre-fitter tried to recruit me as a jihadi bride”

    You’re too old Melissa.
    I intend no insult.
    They prefer them distinctly underage.

    • Terry Field

      Yes indeed; she is what one might call a retread.

  • SoCalMike

    Stockholm syndrome is more deeply engrained and wide spread than is generally realized.

  • Terry Field

    Yet another reasonable muslim who has nothing to do with the ‘islamISTS’ who come from the planet THARG and are UNRELATED to the peaceful tenets if the Quran.
    Stands to reason.

  • hobspawn

    Melissa, like most Spectator writers, is from the traitor class.

    This magazine supports a Prime Minister who has said he wants to see a muslim Prime Minister of the UK. Sadly, it looks like the only answer to this betrayal, is the yobs rising up and doing away with all these traitors, if it can be done before it’s too late. Otherwise we will be hunted into the Welsh hills and dwindle exponentially like neanderthals.

  • Billy McFadzean.

    I think this article proves that the boil has been lanced. Islamism reduced to a pathetic chat-up line. Civilisation, for the moment, is safe because we have made our enemies ridiculous, as we generally do, and in doing so, we reduce them as enemies. Islam is anyway ridiculous.

    • Zharf

      Isn’t Christianity more ridiculous than Islam which considers Jesus to be the son of God? This belief defies all logic and rationality!

      • Billy McFadzean.

        Yes you are completely correct. But there is more to this however- Christianity’s driving force is love for your fellow human being. Islam’s is hatred for everyone who is not a Moslem. Therefore Islam is on balance the more ridiculous.

        • AraucaniaPatagonia

          They’re all ridiculous – all religion is absurd human story-telling. Nothing more. The sooner humanity gets over it, the better.

  • JohnCrichton89

    If there were was such a thing as karma, the author of this and her very close relatives would reap the rewards of her indifference. But there isn’t, some innocent naïve young girl straight out of Grammar school and indoctrinated with a misplaced sense of obligation to Africans and Muslims will take this slaver up on his offer so she can be ‘diversified’ and ‘enriched’ Just like many have already.

  • chump23

    Is it just me or are commenters on Speccie articles becoming as dullard as Grauniad or Fail|?

    • Billy McFadzean.

      As I said, Islam is anyway ridiculous. Is that dull enough for you?

    • Mary Ann

      You shouldn’t put the Gruiad in the same sentence as the Wail.

      • chump23

        same sandwich. same sh*t, different bread.

  • Sanctimony

    I’ve been to that tyre fitter

  • WTF

    If you really wanted to do good for the country, you should have set him up and recorded everything before going to the police.

  • RickDastardly

    What a convoluted made up story just to get the song in at the end.

  • BoiledCabbage

    The whole point of ISis is that its a bunch of men attempting to differentiate their genetic material from other men. This happened before in that region, when a guy called Jesus started something with different methods. Its a harsh climate and resources are limited. So whoever gets the most women induced into the cult, to breed, has a greater chance of success.

    • AraucaniaPatagonia

      The record is a little hazy, but what we know of Jesus indicates that he wasn’t a tremendous hit with the ladies in his time, only the gents, if his supposed “followers” are anything to go by.

  • ProfessorPistov

    This reads as fabricated. It’s almost as if she’s trying to
    present a dichotomy between rubbish second hand indigenous retreads versus
    efficient quality Islamic continentals. What would be the motive for that? Tyre fitters are numerous. I got my new continentals from the local non-ISIS inspired repair shop.

  • Phyllyp Sparowe

    I’ve always been happy with Kwik Fit.

  • Discuscutter

    If this is serious or actually happened then a visit from the police might be in order.

    In Germany, a man arrested for planning a terror attack was left go because the court was over loaded, he has to sign in 3 times a day. Sure he was only planning to blow up a bar or something.

    Europe is going to get some education in the years to come and it will look back on the Paris Attacks of last year as only the warm up in comparison.

    • Mary Ann

      Being so cheerful keeps you going.

    • Tyler

      Ya ya, same was said after 9/11. It’s been 15 years and more people have died from taking selfies and shark attacks than from more terrorist acts.

  • George Drca

    I do not see how terrorism is an ideological threat to a huge nation of free and prosperous people. Some posters from the US believe women will be quickly cowed into conversion, and the academics will be seduced by the new-promised sexual power. If that is the case, then I don’t think they are worth fighting for. There will never be sharia prohibition of muslims leaving their religion, or coerced conversion to Islam in Britain, but the demographics may eventually lead the irreligious Brits to say “if you can’t beat them join them”. That is a problem only for feminists – of which I (a man) am one. I am nowhere near confident enough to say that people don’t know what is good for them, so I could eventually find myself sticking up for a dwindling number of unsubmissive and bright-minded women.

    But that is a long way down the road. Before that happens, the Women’s Party and other progressive parties will give people a democratic choice.

    • octagon<3

      Demographic change will prove you wrong.

      • George Drca

        in which particular? Do you mean, between democratic elections, people will be coerced en-masse to convert to Islam because for example the local councils and businesses are controlled by muslims?

      • Rajpdxusa

        No it won’t. You’re being hysterical.

  • plainsdrifter

    Very wise not to trust the police, Melissa.

    Your article seems to have produced comments from more fruitcakes than there are on the Telegraph w/site.

  • mumble

    So beheading and burning alive didn’t happen?

  • Geoff

    The Kite woman is an idiot

  • Jayman

    Why would she go to a place to get your tyres changed which could likely be run by an Islamist?