The Republican establishment has finally found a way to get Donald Trump

The message that the Republican frontrunner is anti-feminist is inflicting  damage on him

9 April 2016

9:00 AM

9 April 2016

9:00 AM

Washington DC

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, on Monday night, Donald Trump said, ‘If we do well here, folks, it’s over.’ He was right in theory. There were signs that the billionaire’s crusade against the Republican party establishment and the plutocrats who run it might find an ear in Wisconsin. The state has an industrial working class. It has lately seen plants close and good jobs flee. On the other hand, there were signs that Trump might go up in flames. Wisconsin is well-educated. It is one of the last places in the country where the party system resembles the sociological cliché of the 1950s: rich Republicans in the suburbs, working-class Democrats in the cities and the boondocks. In recent years, angry partisan battles over public-sector unions have left Republicans more inclined to revere party leaders than to ransack their offices. Voters wait on the words of half a dozen radio hosts, who spent the last couple of weeks comparing Trump to various barn animals.

Wisconsin turned out to be Trump’s worst state. Unctuous, Bible-thumping Ted Cruz not only clobbered him but nearly took a majority in a three-way race. People are beginning to ask whether Trump is past it, and whether Wisconsin marks what the Washington Post, with barely disguised glee, called ‘the beginning of the high-flying candidate’s downfall’.

It is early for that, but the terrain Trump must cross to claim the party nomination in July has become inhospitable. The common explanation is that Trump’s shtick is getting old, his message stale. He is beginning to make unforced errors. This is all false. Trump’s allegation that the party is run for the benefit of a cabal of rich people has, if anything, been vindicated in recent days. He is discover-ing, though, that these people are not idiots. In the past month, as the candidates’ field has shrunk, the once–divided establishment has settled on Cruz as the vessel of its anti-Trump obsession, crafted a mighty message that seems to be inflicting damage on Trump, and raised the millions to hammer that message home through advertising and public relations.

The message is that Trump is a menace to women. It has been built into a raging fire by blowing tirelessly on the sparks of three rather flimsy stories.

The first is that Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, ‘assaulted’ a female reporter after a press conference in Florida on 8 March. ‘Campaign managers,’ the reporter wrote in her account, ‘aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground.’ Alas for her, there is a video of the episode. It shows Lewandowski briefly tugging her back by the wrist, for considerably less than a second, as she tried to chase Trump through a crowd. A week ago, Lewandowski turned himself in to police in Jupiter, Florida.

The second story was that Trump insulted Cruz’s wife. An anti-Trump organisation published a photo of Trump’s wife from an old shoot, nude and lolling on a fur rug. Trump took it as a Cruz stunt and threatened to ‘spill the beans’ on Cruz’s wife, whatever that might mean. (She works for the investors Goldman Sachs.) Cruz was so horrified that he has not let a day pass since without discussing it in elaborate detail, and held a ‘celebration of strong women’ in the university town of Madison. After weeks of accusing Trump of not being a ‘real’ conservative, the party has settled on attacking him for being insufficiently feminist.

Finally, Trump got into a discussion with the television host Chris Matthews about the hypothetical question of what it would actually mean to ban abortion. Wouldn’t women somehow have to be punished, Matthews asked? Trump tried to drift off to what ‘people on the Republican side’ used to think about such matters, and then said he didn’t know. But after Matthews spent four minutes trying to nail Trump down, he finally relented: ‘There has to be some form of punishment,’ he replied. Of course there does! It’s in the logic of the position. That is why Matthews pressed it.

Being dead honest is a good thing; voters like to see you step on political hacks’ hypocrisy. Unfortunately for Trump, there are areas where political hacks are hypocrites because they intuit the hypocrisy of the voters. Abortion is one of these. Trump quickly reversed course — to the catcalls of the ‘pro-life’ establishment. Whether or not there is a real anti-abortion movement in the -United States, there is a mighty eat-your-moral-cake-and-have-it movement, and the canny Cruz rallied to its defence. ‘Of course we shouldn’t be talking about punishing women,’ he said. ‘We should affirm their dignity and the incredible gift they have to bring life into the world.’ Cruz believes in the sanctity of pro-life slogans.

Clearly, there was a deep yearning, not just in the party establishment but in the broader Republican public as well, for reasons to think ill of Trump. Now that this has been identified, it will be better and better exploited. The Trump campaign turns out to be more vulnerable in its virtues than its vices. Trump has a more original and open mind than any of his opponents, although it is a taboo to say so. He has proposed offering a list of a dozen potential judges from which he would pick the next Supreme Court justice. He sees the bizarreness of an international economy in which you can borrow at incredibly low rates, but only if you’re rich. He believes that running a trade deficit is the same as losing money — a truly conservative economic idea, which is not to say it is a good one. Cruz has the kind of high-functioning narrow mind that can be an asset in politics. Voters who use an ideological checklist to judge candidates like him a lot, and he is a great grassroots networker… among Republicans. His chances of getting elected are somewhere between infinitesimal and zero. To Trump’s foes that is no longer of much interest.

Trump emerges from Wisconsin weakened. The grandees now have a chance to stop his nomination. But probably not his insurgency. The transformation they feared he would wreak has been wrought. Two weeks from now he will be running for a huge quantity of electoral voters in his home state of New York, where he leads Cruz by 30 points in the polls. The Republicans will still be the party of globalisation’s losers, paid for and steered by a grandees indifferent to whether the party loses or wins. Once voters think of a party that way, they are unlikely to trust it in its unreformed state.

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Christopher Caldwell is a senior editor at the Weekly Standard.

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  • Child_of_Thatcher

    Cruz polices pretty much the same as Trump. Can’t see how this qualifies as an establishment win. Trump needs to talk to Cruz and offer him VP then it really will be game over for RINO Ryan and McConnell.

    • johnb1945

      They’re not! Neither have detailed their policies but Trump is a natural right wing democrat rather than a classical Republican with a big dose of demgagoguery and protectionism thrown in.

      Cruz is a real deal ultra right wing religious fundie laissez faire low tax low government closet neocon.

      They’re really quite different, although possibly equally bad.

  • JuliaMartinez

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    • Chris McGrath

      F off Phyllis, this and you are fake!!!

  • Margot5000

    Trump would have rolled home to the WH if he hadn’t mentioned the a word. Downhill all the way after that. And he can hardly retract.

    • Marian Hunter

      Hi Margot, I am watching the Donald’s campaign. Hopefully Wisconsin is jus a bloody nose for him, but he will still make it to the White House. Please can you say what the “a” word was?

      • Margot5000

        abortion – with which he has managed to upset all sides

        • Cyril Sneer
        • Marian Hunter

          Hi Margot thank you. He is clear on the subject and supports the Catholic Church view. I agree with him, that some women are having abortions as a form of birth control. Not necessarily for medical reasons on behalf of mother and/or baby.

          • AnnS

            So what if the reason is not medical?

            Not wanting it – pretty good reason since unwanted kids do terribly and are treated poorly by the parent

            Not being able to afford it — yeah lack of food, clothing and housing for it is a big deal.

            Not being able to finish school to get a better job or not being able to keep working – big deal if one wants to afford necessities

            None of your @#$%! business why a woman does not want to have a child.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Surely those factors have to be taken into account before Conception occurs, don’t they?
            We live in an age of zero personal responsibility or accountability.

          • Marian Hunter

            The slaughter of children is everyone’s business.
            Yet the birthrate of Muslim children continues to treble.
            Are you an American?

          • Grandito

            I think most people don’t have a problem with aborting an embryo that is still at the stage of being little more than a clump of cells. Abortions months into the pregnancy are a different matter. Not wanting a child is no justification for aborting it any more than it is a justification for killing a baby post-partum. There are plenty of couples looking to adopt new-borns so what can the reason be for aborting a foetus many weeks into the pregnancy other than the inconvenience of the pregnancy to the mother? Heaven forbid that it might spoil her figure.

          • logdon

            Amongst certain sectors of society abortion is considered post conception birth control.

            When, as you say, ‘a woman does not want to have a child’ there are many other ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

            I once knew a nurse who was appalled at the ease that teenage girls without any parental consent could obtain this procedure. A matter of life or death relegated to politically correctness.

            It’s a tricky subject and your glibness betrays you.

  • jeffersonian

    The winner of all this will be one H. Clinton. The losers will be the rest of us.

  • OmnipotentWizard

    Trump Thumped.

  • Sid Falco

    Globalisation is a joke and a disaster. Ultimately the only people who care whether people in countries where work is outsourced to are prosperous or not are investment bankers and socialists. Everyone else would prefer if we made things in our own countries.

    Trump is threatening to upset the cosy arrangement in America so he has to be nobbled.

    • enoch arden

      The situation is much worse than you described. The main problem isn’t outsourcing. Jobs in production sector will keep disappearing regardless outsourcing. And the distribution of income will be even more idiotic. It is quite simple and awful: the level of technology and, respectively, productivity are growing, whereas the production and consumption are not. This is a fundamental property of the present economic system. We are coming to the situation of Rome in the 5th century, with ruling oligarchy and huge crowds of unemployed plebs getting free bread and entertainment.

      • Hybird

        And the Goths are crossing the Danube.

        • enoch arden

          Bringing Christianity to pagan Rome.

  • Trump wasn’t expected to win Wisconsin. A lot of Europeans seem to be unaware of that. His strongest states are still to come – if the issue has affected his popularity we won’t see it until the next set of results comes in. Wisconsin can be discounted.

    • johnb1945

      It’s not about whether he can win overall, which he probably still will, it is about whether he will get to the national convention with the required number of delegates, which looks unlikely.

  • enoch arden

    The situation in the US can be described as a revolution: three out of the four real contenders reject the ideas of free trade and neocon globalism. The public mood in the US becomes isolationist and protectionist. The US are returning back to what they were 100 years ago. It is hardly possible that the ruling elite represented by mad Hilly will be able to stop this trend.

    • thomas_paine2

      Don’t the neo-cons and the globalists ignore whoever sits their back side in the Oval Office?

      • enoch arden

        Ignoring the public mood is the most reliable way to organise a revolution.Thermodynamics tells us that the longer you keep a metastable state, the more violent is the inevitable transition.

        • thomas_paine2

          Most people in the modern world go along with what fills their coffers, that’s why Clinton woman will win.

  • Cyril Sneer

    Total crapola, yet more MSM lies.

    This is the full transcript of Mr Trumps comments. It’s fair to say the MSM is desperate to attack this man and will twist anything he says.


  • Maureen Fisher

    Cruz, Trump, Hillary – none of the above will win. The winner will be Goldman Sachs.

    • thomas_paine2

      What’s he, Democrat or Republican?

      • Joe Williams


  • thomas_paine2

    It’ll be Hilary Clinton for sure on November 8 ; take no notice of Trump, he’s just a billionaire who needs to play for something.

  • xsnake

    If there is any justice, Hillary will be indicted.

    • thomas_paine2

      she won’t, there’ll be a way around it to smooth her path to the White House.

  • To call a religious person “Bible thumping” is the sort of thing that a leftist (and lazy leftist at that) would do. No Ted Cruz does not thump Bibles – nor is the quietly spoken Senator Cruz in any way a “Bible thumper”. Nor does Ted Cruz have a “narrow” mind. If Christopher Caldwell has some sort of problem with Ted Cruz – perhaps he should explain their policy differences, rather than just throw out lazy abuse.

    As for Mr Trump having an “original and open mind” – if that means he thinks he can pay off the national debt (the debt – not the deficit) of some 19 TRILLION Dollars in eight years, then most certainly Mr Trump is “original”. Especially as Mr Trump, unlike Senator Cruz (who has suggested getting rid of 5 Federal Government Departments and 25 Federal Government Agencies – as well as many other subsidies), has not suggested any real reduction in government spending. Mr Trump would be unable to deal with the deficit – let alone the debt. Mr Trump is a property developer who inherited a lot of money from his father – and has had the good fortune of having the Federal Reserve create a property bubble (thus inflating the value of his assets), he is no way an economic thinker (conservative or otherwise). Mr Trump has not got a clue about economic policy (or any other form of policy) and contradicts himself whenever he opens his mouth. If Mr Trump has any principles they are his life long Progressivism (he has supported the centre left for 40 years) – to imply that Mr Trump is a conservative (as Mr Caldwell does) is absurd.

    • Trailblazer10

      Cruz is a globalist.Backed by the Jeb Bush team.He would be a total disaster. He can’t beat the Dem candidate in any case.

      The Rinos and cucks don’t mind, they will continue to empower and enrich themselves under Hillary, exacty as they have done under Obama.Thousands of Americans will continue to be raped and murdered by illegal aliens, terror cells will continue to grow, jobs will continue to be exported.

      The one thing the gloabalists fear is Trump. He will stop their abuses.

      There is one chance for a peaceful revolution at the ballot box.There won’t be a second chance.

  • No one is attacking Mr Trump for not being a “feminist” – he is being attacked for being a lout who has abused women (such as M. Kelly) for years.

    As for abortion – the American pro life movement (which, contrary to Mr Caldwell, actually numbers many millions of people) has long held the position that it is the abortionist (not the mother) who should be punished. Mr Trump did not know that – because he is not a Pro Life person and has never had any connection with the movement. He PRETENDS to be Pro Life (and thus makes simple mistakes) just as he PRETENDS to be in favour of the Second Amendment (after a lifetime of being a “gun control” type). But the conservative mask keeps slipping – for example when asked what the main functions of the FEDERAL government should be, Mr Trump replied health and education. Neither of these things is a Federal government responsibility to a Constitutional Conservative – which is yet anther reason why Mr Trump is no better suited to select Constitutionalist Judges than his long time associate Mrs Hillary Clinton is.

    Threatening to “spill the beans” on the mental illness (depression) Mrs Cruz suffered from years ago (something the lady has admitted) is typical of Trump – who behind his inherited (and Federal Reserve inflated) assets is what used to be called a “cad” – an abusive and nasty con man (his name “Trump” is apt – as he is indeed the Trumpery). Within living memory having lots of money would NOT have saved Mr Trump from the thrashing he so deserves. But these days people like Mr Trump move about in a bubble of security officers – and with lawyers at the ready to sue anyone who answers Mr Trump’s gutter-speech with a pop on the nose.

    As for Mr Caldwell, hopefully he will not be appearing in the Spectator again. It is possible that Mr Trump has promised (or implied) Mr Caldwell a nice position when he leaves (or is asked to leave) the Weekly Standard – but I would strongly suggest to Mr Caldwell that he insists on being paid now. Mr Trump has a habit of defaulting on his debts and other promises.

    Oh – by the way….. Michelle Fields had bruises. No doubt Mr Caldwell will pretend they were self inflicted. I am now going to have a good wash – as dealing with people like Mr Caldwell (not to mention his degenerate master Mr Trump) leaves me feeling unclean.

    • kingkevin3

      Why should Trump have to agree that the abortionist (ie the Doctor) is the criminal and not the woman? Are no Republican candidates allowed to differ on this issue even when they agree with the idea the act itself is a crime? It shows the state of America and our society and just how low we have sunk that what Trump said is considered beyond the pale. There are around 180,000 abortions every year in this country and very few men who have the Cojones to call it as it is. The woman is clearly to blame for her actions just as any right-thinking man should be responsible for his. What particularly pisses me off is that I and many other men have to pay for these creatures to kill. If it’s their body fair enough. They can do with it what they wish, which also means paying to kill your child yourself.

    • Actually until you brought up Ms Fields I thought you were making
      some valid points, albeit ones that I found uncomfortable. That case is
      an utter nonsense as the video shows.

      My answer to the rest is to
      look at how far the culture has sunk and explain how a Rubio or Kasich
      (who, in a rational world, would be my choice) can begin to roll back
      the insanity and restore order? Cruz seems to have Hillary’s gifts as a
      people person, without having the entire mainstream media working for
      him. Unfortunately I agree with you insofar as I do actually suspect
      that Trump may not recover from the week of c*ck ups that he had. As
      Gingrich said, it was a totally self inflicted set of unforced errors.
      As Gingrich didn’t say, it was undoubtedly based on flaws within Trump’s
      own character

      However, if you want to know why he has resonated
      despite the personal weaknesses, the key to it is that, unlike the
      Bushes, he is not operating within the paradigm set by the liberal media
      and Democrat party, remaining within that envelope and being scorned
      all the same. He is smashing it and creating a new agenda, He is
      fighting them and, until recently, he was winning. The tragedy is that
      he hasn’t got the brain and rhetorical genius of, say, Gingrich, who I
      think may even have beaten Obama in ’12.

  • Before my wash – I will give Mr Caldwell an actual policy to help industry and the economy generally (not that he is really interested – but other people may think he is).

    Reduce government spending by getting rid of 5 Federal Government Departments and 25 Federal Government Agencies (such as the Corporate Welfare “Export Import Bank”) and other Federal subsidies – such as the ethanol subsidies. Radically reduce regulation – such as the EPA war-on-industry that does not reduce global C02 emissions (moving production to China and so on does not reduce C02 emissions – Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne should also be told this in relation to their own “Green” taxes and regulations).

    Replace the nightmare of complexity that is the Federal income tax (thousand of pages) with a flat rate 10% income tax (with the poor paying NOTHING). and get rid of by the Business Profits (Corporation) Tax and get rid of the Pay Roll (Social Security) Tax on American workers – replacing both with a 16% Turnover Tax that would apply to both domestic production and imports EQUALLY (presently the Federal government taxes American companies into the ground – but does not tax imported goods).

    The trouble for Mr Caldwell is that the above is not the economic policy of Mr Trump – it is the economic policy of Senator Cruz.

    And no “Bible thumping” in it.

  • Cyril Sneer

    Total crapola, yet more Jew media lies.

    This is the full transcript of Mr Trumps comments. It’s fair to say the Jew media is desperate to attack
    this man and will twist anything he says.


    • Cyril Sneer

      Well it looks like my account has been hacked as I didn’t write this comment. This copy profile has only a few comments and votes compared to my real profile which has thousands.

      • Ridcully

        I must admit I didn’t think it sounded like you.

        • Cyril Sneer

          Thank you it isn’t. I’m not a jew hater and very much pro-Israel.

          If you check the OP’s account he only has a handful of comments, my account has thousands.

          I believe it is ‘alberto’ who has copied my profile to post comments I would never make.

          • alberto

            You were more than happy to spout your hatred of Jews until you realised the police were investigating you.

    • Cyril Sneer

      Can an admin delete this comment above – I did not write ‘Jew media lies’ I wrote ‘MSM lies’. Someone has hacked into my account and amended my comment. I cannot edit the comment.

      • The Reincarnated Sausage

        You can report this user to Disqus as someone impersonating you and misrepresenting your views

    • alberto

      Why do you hate Jewish people so vehemently? You spread it all over the internet. You are sick and should seek treatment.

      • Cyril Sneer

        So it’s you that created a fake profile in my name and spread jew hatred under my name,

        I have 13 thousand comments on my profile and no jew hatred.

        I’m also going to report you to disqus as you created the fake profile to try and discredit me you f cking ape.

        • alberto

          Ha ha ha harrr. The biter bit.

          • Cyril Sneer

            Oh! Now you’ve made me cry! i am going to tell my dad about you and my dad will email the Internet Police and THEN you’ll be sorry!!1!

      • Cyril Sneer

        Your profile is only 4 days old. You’re the troll that faked my profile.

        alberto – i will do the same to you now. A fake profile will be created in your name and you just see what sort of sick stuff you will write…. we can both play this game.

        • alberto

          You’re the big man when it comes to demonizing Jews with your hatred and lies, now you’ve been caught with your pants down you cry like a baby.

      • Cyril Sneer

        How lame are you.

        You can find my original comment below, but you ignored this.

        Share your facebook profile with us all and give me your home address.

        • alberto

          So, no answer then. Very telling.

      • Cyril Sneer

        I’ll give YOU some “treatment” if I ever track you down.

        • alberto

          name your place to meet big man.

          Oh… all mouth then?

  • maic

    It’s not over yet. For me it is a question of whether the wishes of the people or the self serving antics of the political establishment will prevail.
    I note that the New York Times, hardly a supporter of Trump, does acknowledge the frustration and anger of both Republican and Democrat voters who see vested interests over riding the genuine democratic process.
    It might well be time for a revolutionary sea change. If Trump and Sanders supporters feel that their man has been unfairly denied the nomination they may well take an independent path. I say good for them if it comes to that. It’s not only in the United States that citizens in so called democracies feel that their politicians do not respond to their wishes and concerns.
    Do you hear the people sing? This time they may sing a different political tune which will not be in harmony with the self serving interests of career politicians and their financial backers.

  • JabbaTheCat

    “The Republican establishment has finally found a way to get Donald Trump”
    Nothing to do with the GOP, Trump doing his usual both feet simultaneously in mouth without help from anyone else…

    • John M

      Which is fine, except there are strong indications that there are at least 40-60 million voters in the republican movement who are prepared to vote for Trump as thier preference. Now given that there the other candidates have opinions like Cruz’s you might argue that Trump is actually a sensible choice, but on the other hand the wider world should really be concerned that such a large proportion of the American people want to hate the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, mexiacans, arabs, blacks, pro-life women, muslims and just about everyone else on the KKK’s list.

      • JabbaTheCat

        The current US population is around 320 million so that percentage of voters is barely struggling into two digits, similar and very analogous to the level of support for Ukip in this country…

  • Trailblazer10
  • Shorne

    If Donald Trump secures the Republican presidential nomination, he would start the general election campaign as the least-popular candidate to represent either party in modern times.
    Three-quarters of women view him unfavorably. So do nearly two-thirds of independents, 80 percent of young adults, 85 percent of Hispanics and nearly half of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.
    Those findings, tallied from Washington Post-ABC News polling, fuel Trump’s overall 67 percent unfavorable rating — making Trump more disliked than any major-party nominee in the 32 years the survey has been tracking candidates.

    • chrysostomos

      I think Reagan was equally disliked.

      • Shorne

        From the Gallup website
        “Reagan was not an extraordinarily well-regarded president during his eight years in office. He averaged a 53% job approval rating during his presidency, slightly below average for all U.S. presidents for which Gallup has recorded job approval ratings.
        Reagan’s ratings were higher than the averages of his three immediate predecessors — Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon.”

      • Pioneer

        Yes, also because of the false narratives by the usual evil peddlers.

  • Jacobi

    It is good to see you so supportive of Trump and indeed Trumpism. Billions are pumped in by all candidate in the US presidential election. With Trump it is at least his own money.

    Whether Trump wins or not is in a sense unimportant. Trumpism is out of the bag and will not go back in again. Trumpism is the realisation by the electorate that they have for many generations now simply been manipulated, used , by the various cardboard cut-outs who are presented as
    “candidates” and then ignored. Too many of the electorate have now grasped this and are simply fed up with it.

    This is true also here now in UK and Europe. The tax shambles in UK is but an aspect of this and we are now seeing it in other European countries.

    ps : I am happy to let anyone who is interested see my tax return. My fee is modest. £20.83, to each person, paid up front . But I am still in touch with you know who in Panama, so you’ll have to wait a week or two. I’m told there is a Mr Corbyn is ahead of me!

  • Tickertapeguy

    NO! the Republican party just shot themselves in the foot. there are now more angry comments of people wanting to DUMP the Republican party and join the independent party
    there is now a greater call for Secession. how can that be a win for the Republican party?

  • Marvin

    It seems that Donald is getting the treatment that the Leave campaign will get from this government and Europe. SHAFTED! The established fools who are terrified of the two countries being governed the proper way for the dangerous times we live in, just cannot stomach a change in their bogus and phoney crooked system.

    • Trailblazer10

      The whole GOP system stinks like a bucket of rotten herrings. The voters are catching on – largely because Trump is exposing the rot in politics and the media.Cruz is doing himself no favors by siding with the establishment donor class and leftist thugs.

      There seems to be a split at FOX. Some, such as Cavuto and ME, me, me again Kelly relentlessly smear Trump. Some of the other big name presenters are refusing to play that dirty game.

  • The Reincarnated Sausage

    They are so desperate to stop Trump, they subverted the democratic process to steal Trump’s delegates in Colorado. All Colorado’s delegates were awarded to Cruz

    And if all else fails, they will engineer a brokered convention to nominate another candidate. Paul Ryan says he will not accept the nomination, but I stopped believing anything politicians tell us long long ago.

    The GOP is finished. It has destroyed itself by alienating its own traditional voters

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    It’s pretty much a dead cert Hitlery will win the presidential election and she will drive a stake through the heart of America and crush the Republic once and for all

    A catastrophe in the making

  • WTF

    Its quite amusing going back just over a month and looking at the dumb wishful musings from the left who were convinced Trump would be stopped, the Republicans would implode and Clinton would have an easy ride to the white house. Many of us were optimistically cautious that he would make significant progress and here we are 5 weeks on and proved right whilst all the anti-Trump legion have been proved wrong.

    Trump has swept aside ALL other republican contenders, the implosion of the republican party hasn’t happened and bridges are being rebuilt and even this week, his ratings for support from women is actually rising after that New York Slime piece where they lied and may be taken to court over it.

    Meanwhile, last week end in Vegas we saw Saunders supporters turning violent not against Trump but Clinton, the chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz right in the thick of it as part of the problem whilst the Trump team look on as the Dimocrats tear themselves apart. Just tonight it seems that the thugs that George Sorros funded to attack Trump rallies have now turned on their own which has to be sweet revenge for Trump. Trump has achieved all of this by just being Trump, no dirty tricks or other stunts and has let the democrats and their sycophantic MSM buddies shoot themselves in both feet.

    Are any liberal journalists going to admit they got it completely wrong and like Mark Twain admit they predicted reports of Trumps demise so wrong.