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The Left are sharpening their axes

4 June 2016

9:00 AM

4 June 2016

9:00 AM

It will soon be the 20th anniversary of my maiden speech when, despite receiving strong support, I was vilified beyond belief, being pelted with urine filled condoms and packages of human excreta! I will never forgive those gutless MPs and the media who enjoyed my predicament. After the speech, my office received support from Indians, Filipinos, Malaysian Chinese, Aborigines and others but these brave people could not publically support me for obvious reasons. Twenty years on and Peter Dutton is hailed as a hero by Alan Jones for his stand on refugees trying to force their way into our country. Alan supported me from day one and has called to account those who have foolishly promoted the divisive policy of multiculturalism.

The most important federal election since WW2 is upon us and I am standing for the Senate in Queensland and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party has candidates in other states and the Party’s website is constantly updated.

I have stuck to my guns on the major issues and we have all seen how our enemies are determined to destroy what we have achieved since Captain Cook discovered Australia. Multiculturalism is dangerous and divisive and now Australia is full of ethnic minorities, many of them involved in crime and violence. When Malcolm Fraser welcomed the first Lebanese Muslims in 1976 against the advice of his Immigration Department he set in train a clash between a traditional Christian Australia and Muslims who wish to impose Halal and Sharia Law on us. Just drive through Lakemba and other western suburbs of Sydney to see what I mean – so much has happened in just forty years. Shootings and stabbings are in the news every day.

Muslims are now in our armed forces and work at our airports but any questioning of such things has the warriors of the Left sharpening their axes.

The courageous and inspirational ex–Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has visited Australia again to speak at organised occasions and when interviewed by Alan Jones she called for Muslim schools in Australia to be closed! Have Australian taxpayers forgotten that Julia Gillard squandered 500 million dollars of their money on Muslim schools in Indonesia? Consider this if you are thinking of voting for Shorten.

If I am elected to the Senate in Queensland I will be fighting for forgotten Australians like the dairy farmers, the truckies and those just trying to make a living and look after their kids. We are all suffering at the hands of the Greens who have gutless politicians frightened to build dams – leaving thousands of our farmers in the grip of record droughts. We must do more to grow our fishing industries at sea and onshore fish farms. Beautiful Aussie tuna is chilled and exported to China and Thailand to be canned in questionable circumstances. The action of Left-Wing trade unions and other costs have made Australian manufacturing impossible. By now we should have super highways and railway lines criss-crossing Australia and dams, pipelines and aqueducts keeping our great outback green and flourishing but our inner city trendies sipping their lattes have put paid to all that.

The Greens want to open our borders to those who want to loot Australia by bludging on Centrelink and our medical services and we have silly people like Ewen Jones, the Liberal MP for Herbert in Townsville who last year called for 50,000 Syrian refugees to come to Australia during an ABC 7.30 report with Sabra Lane.

The time has come to man up and close the gates before it is too late. All immigration should be halted until the policy is closely examined and reviewed; we should take no more Muslims and will have to compensate fairly those who wish to leave Australia.

The people who really run Australia are the bureaucrats who are thick on the ground in our federal and state parliaments, with salaries and perks far above those paid to our MPs. Many of these people are paid $400,000 to $800,000 plus and they are the ones who tell the MPs what to say and do. Look what happened to Campbell Newman when he sacked lots of bureaucrats.

I will campaign to keep Australians safe and that will mean beefing up our Police and Defence Forces and getting rid of the trendies in those organisations that rabbit on about transgenders et al. We need Police Forces not Police Services! These people who keep us safe must have the total support of our parliaments. We must keep pace with the latest in firearms technology and the hands-on training that goes with it. We must not forget the families of our protectors in these troubled times and their security and safety should be in the hands of a relevant Minister.

It is 2016 and yet too many Aboriginal Australians have been left behind due to the selfish behaviour of those black and white Australians who live in the lap of luxury, fly around in First Class and stay over in Five Star Hotels – these people are the shareholders in the Aboriginal Industry which still soaks up billions of taxpayers’ money and this disgrace is highlighted by the violence and criminality occurring at Aurukun where the school principal and his teachers have been run out of town by axe and machete wielding thugs. A squad of riot police needs to be posted at Aurukun until this mess is cleaned up and Noel Pearson and others should go and stay in the town until it is cleaned up or closed down.

If you want to vote for me on July 2 for the Senate in Queensland, simply place 1 against my name above the line on the ballot paper.



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