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Kruger is right – Muslim immigration should be carefully considered

23 July 2016

1:51 AM

23 July 2016

1:51 AM

Australia is a free, tolerant and open democracy where we respect all points of view even if we don’t agree – or so we tell ourselves. If someone dares to say something that doesn’t happen to fit with the current thinking of the politically correct, that commitment to free speech, tolerance and respect is viciously jettisoned.

That’s exactly what has happened again this week with Sonia Kruger’s comments around Muslim immigration immediately being labelled as “racist” by the lefty-lynch mob. Indeed, some were so incensed that there were calls for her to be removed from her television presenting roles. It’s a sorry state of affairs where those who constantly profess to be the most tolerant are the first to demonstrate absolute intolerance.

As a gay man, I am deeply concerned about what an open-border approach to Muslim immigration would mean for me in circumstances where every single day in the Middle East people suspected of being gay are publicly hung or stoned to death.

Similarly, I couldn’t bemoan any woman who may be similarly concerned about the consequences of having an open-border approach from countries where it is a crime for a woman to dare to receive an education or to choose her own clothing.

Indeed, the left would be well advised to take a look at elements in the Middle East to see what genuine homophobia and misogyny actually looks like.

We only have to look at the societal consequences abroad especially for women, in places like Germany of throwing their borders open to one million immigrants to see the issues that can arise.

I am very supportive of Australia being open and accepting of immigrants to our nation, if it is done in an orderly way that ensures that immigrants understand our way of life and, importantly, our values – including in relation to the treatment of both gay people and women.

Raising these concerns is and should be unremarkable in a democracy and we should be able to engage in an adult conversation about the risks and ways to mitigate against them. But when you have the lefty-lynch mob always overeager to shut down discussion and label people as “racists”, “bigots” and “homophobes”, it begins to become fairly clear why people might want to use the privacy of the ballot box to send messages on issues, as evidenced by the election of the likes of Pauline Hanson, instead of having open and frank conversations.

All credit to Sonia Kruger for speaking her mind and not backing down. It’s high time for the lynch-mob to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Josh Manuatu is the ACT Young Liberal President and a staffer to Liberal Senator Eric Abetz

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