2275: Frame of reference

27 August 2016

9:00 AM

27 August 2016

9:00 AM

Seven words read clockwise round the perimeter, in alphabetical order. Each of eighteen clues contains a misprinted letter in the definition part. Corrections of misprints spell two words; the first defines six words in the perimeter, and the second defines the last word in the perimeter. Letters in corner squares and those adjacent to them could make OUR TREK MAGIC.


11     One in for good Russian pie (5)
12     Running miles away from parade (4)
13     Pats gold part of bridle (5)
14     I’m after support with appeal for part of estate in Scotland (7)
15     Coping with burden again (10)
17     Crazy about electronic defects (5)
20     Discharge from engagement outside college (8)
21     Farming association’s move has worked, releasing energy (6)
23     Submit conclusion in form accepted by expert (4)
26     Slam wild tales (5)
27     Nothing indicated mountain nymph (5)
28     Bond not available after unionist left (4)
30     Eccentric dam complete (6)
31     Part of skull having some local variation (8)
36     Gunner advanced with information, tense (5)
38     Hauteur from doctor repelled by policy in defeat (10)
39     Room in tin pans (7)
40     Extreme sect wanting compliance with sun god (5)
41     Confusion about craving (4)
42     Acceptable instrument back in boat (5)


2     Sailor with club in quiet bay (7)
3     Record current account, keeping note of letters (10)
4     Festivity led by Arabian bard (6)
5     Sport disrupted by commercial trawler (5)
6     Hasten ahead of sheriff lacking western shield (8)
7     Time consumed by your hunger (5)
8     Group of eight having small amount after overcharge (5)
10     Engineers surrounded by iron grates (4)
16     Church discussion with no time for soft rock (5)
18     Spoil merrymaking, very withdrawn (4)
19     Bore flag in reckless assault (10)
22     Blushing, admitted to firm belief (5)
24     Foot in rib, macho in chaos (8)
25     For champ, surrendering heart (4)
29     Whisper about getting into swim (7)
32     Camp-follower left a mark (6)
33     Artist, stopping noise, sewed (5)
34     Learned man’s old lines on Bible (5)
35     Tolerate detractor’s first barb (5)
37     Tape part of recitation or music (4)
A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 12 September. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. (UK solvers can choose to receive the latest edition of the Chambers dictionary instead of cash — ring the word ‘dictionary’.) Entries to: Crossword 2275, The Spectator, 22 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP. Please allow six weeks for prize delivery.

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