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The plight of the middle class white girl

23 August 2016

7:14 AM

23 August 2016

7:14 AM

When the noxious Left are in full self-righteous flight, the societal archetype they show the most contempt for is the so-called ‘middle-class white girl’. They see this private school educated, financially secure, self-motivated university postgraduate as the enemy. She is a threat to their ideal that a woman’s credibility is defined not by her achievements, but by how hard she struggled to obtain them. This misogyny is disguised by the Leftist need to ‘empathise’, a rather irritating trait borne of their misplaced underdog complex and chronic white-guilt.

The single mother, popping out children at sixteen for government benefits, is hailed as a ‘working class hero’. Her experience makes her (as Julia Gillard put it) a ‘real’ woman. The Muslim who battles through alleged resistance to her hijab is venerated, even though the hijab blatantly perpetuates the subordination and sexual shaming of women the feminist Left is constantly protesting. As for trans women, they are touted as the definitive heroes of womankind, even though gender dysmorphia affects a minute proportion of the population.

The middle-class white girl, on the other hand, is seen as a nuisance. Never mind she probably has a double degree in Law, Medicine, or another lofty accreditation, or the fact she’s breaking glass ceilings all over the place. According to the Left, she’s tainted with the smear of ‘privilege’, rendering all her accomplishments second rate. Private or selective school means she’s coddled. University means she’s a time-waster. And if she refuses to succumb to the Generation Y false doctrine of neo-Marxism, she’s been influenced by crusty old Tory parents. Her opinions, however informed or expert, are never going to matter to the jealous Left, who secrete tall-poppy syndrome and reverse snobbery.

Speaking as a middle-class white girl, from a private school, with multiple tertiary qualifications, I’ve observed the apparent flaws the Left has endowed us with. We’re not poor enough to be victims. We’re not Muslim enough to be constantly compensated for. We’re not ethnic enough to be an underprivileged minority. And, more to the point, we’re not men.

Let me be clear; I am not going to piously claim I’m handicapped by my gender, when women and girls in Syria are being raped by ISIS fighters for fun. However, it’s undeniable that the Western world does not like it when the middle-class white girl has an opinion. Especially when she’s right. I began to realise this in my mid-twenties, when I observed the first response men have when I present an argument that nullifies theirs is to laugh uncomfortably, and deflect rather than engage or debate.

It became even more evident when a crazed sports fan created a fake Twitter account in my name, and posted malicious, explicit tweets and images targeting my gender, because he didn’t like my criticism of his favourite tennis player. Perhaps the largest nail in the coffin was hammered in when a Muslim man, frazzled by the fact I had a coherent and critical grasp of Islam, told me that my opinion meant, “sweet f*** all”, and that I wasn’t a journalist, I was, “just a white girl writing about her feels”.

But the feminist Left would not give two hoots about this. Regardless of their professing that all women are valuable, and equal to men, the middle-class white girl is still brushed aside. We’re perpetually ignored and underestimated, because according to the Left, we are simply not interesting enough. We are a loophole in the class system.

So, what’s a middle-class white girl to do? With no bleeding-heart trump cards to play, how do we rally against such resistance? Do we apologise for existing, or claim gender discrimination? No, we’re much too clever for any of that. We sit back, grit our perfect teeth, and find other ways of navigating these choppy social waters.

First and foremost, the clued-in, conservative middle-class white girl learns quickly that it’s not useful to be an ‘honorary man’. We can’t exercise authority like men, with aggression and calculated force. That was revealed in primary school, when we were called bossy for trying to lead, and in high school, when we were called bitches for pointing our when we were right and others were wrong.

So how do we survive this pitfall of female-ness? We play mother, rather than father. We use femininity to inspire loyalty, the so-called womanly traits of quiet compassion and gentleness. And even when we are inwardly raging, we maintain control, and nurture even the most abrasive of our charges, male or female. As such, when we occasionally snap, the juxtaposition is terrifying. Those we so benevolently dictate apologise profusely, and once more toe the line.

We invest in our appearance, because we know a woman’s currency is still, in large part, her looks. We worked out long ago you’ll get much further, much faster if you exploit this social dynamic, rather than rally against it. While the Left feminists are clutching their pearls and tearing out their braided hair over Kim Kardashian’s latest nude photos, we’re quietly applauding her for having the presence of mind to take them. She’ll reap the rewards.

We also won’t ever call ourselves feminists. That would be silly. The Left has hijacked feminism (like they hijack everything), and has distorted it from a simple push for equal rights, with attention paid to issues that are inherently female, to a loud, rude, misandrist agenda driven by bitterness and entitlement. As such, the middle-class white girl disassociates. Instead, we say we’re ‘gender egalitarians’, lest we alienate the more sensitive of our male colleagues. Unlike Left feminists, we do not seek to emasculate men. Rather, we use our femininity to guide them. As a result, we quickly get what we want.

The middle-class white girl refuses to play the victim. We don’t get mad. We get even. We throw the contempt the Left has for us right back in their makeup-less faces. So be wise to, and beware of the middle-class white girl. We’re clever. We’re ruthless. And trust me. We’re always one step ahead.

Daisy Cousens is a journalist and poet, with a Master of Creative Writing from the University of Sydney. She has a particular penchant for politics, New York, and tennis, and is known to write (and tweet) about all three at @DaisyCousens.

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