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Niki Savva, racist? Blame Menzies

6 November 2016

8:30 PM

6 November 2016

8:30 PM

nikisavva002“Political columnist Niki Savva is copping criticism after using the expression ‘killed a Chinaman’ on television,” Buzzfeed, the politics website for the pre-pubescent, reports today after this morning’s Insiders.

“According to The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English,” Buzzfeed continues, “‘must have killed a Chinaman’ is a colonial Australian expression for back luck.”

But don’t da kidz realise? Niki came here from Cyprus. Anglo-Australian racist imperialism must have forced the expression on her, as a wide-eyed innocent from another land. She’s a victim of the monoculture.

A journalist of such deep skill and corporate knowledge as Fairfax’s Matthew Knott has declared that Niki Savva hates Tony Abbott.

So it must Sir Robert Menzies’ fault she’s a racist, surely.

An Abbott hater? Savva can bear no blame.

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