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Religion, ABC-style

8 November 2016

4:01 PM

8 November 2016

4:01 PM

stained_glass_2014_02_25-4“The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne has blasted the ABC for axing most of its religious programming,” The Australian reports today, “claiming it is inconsistent with the national broadcaster’s charter that ­requires it to broadly reflect Australian society.”

Untrue! Lies and calumnies.

The ABC reports religion. It just does it ABC-style.

Take last Sunday. It told us of the story of the minister turned atheist who wants to remain a minister:

As a progressive Christian minister, Gretta Vosper has always tried to lead her congregation with reverence for how people live, rather than what they believe.

She’s written two best-sellers on relegating belief in a traditional or supernatural God and prioritising the importance of living justly with compassion.

It’s a progressive position, and could be considered edgy in the context of religious orthodoxy.

But even more controversially, Ms Vosper has come out as an atheist.

And rather than turn away from religion, she said she wanted to continue leading her congregation…

As the good book says: “Jesus wept”.

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