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What? The Age is still publishing?

10 January 2017

1:42 PM

10 January 2017

1:42 PM

snip20170110_1Back from hols and what do I find? Much to my surprise, there’s still a print edition of The Age.

There was speculation that with the federal election and race for the White House out of the way — and a state poll not due until 2018 — the powers that be at Fairfax would quietly finish off the once-worthy newspaper they’ve all but killed sometime over the summer.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of waiting a few more days.

Anecdotal evidence for a long time has said former purchasers of the print edition have been scared off The Age by the crap they’ve found on its website.

This selection of items from just this morning suggests the Fairfax board may be making one final effort to trash the brand before pulling down the shutters.



And this:


Are both absolute beauties.

It’s also nice to see what passes for business reporting in Fairfax nowadays:


Are those fake man buns made from hair shorn from Indian widows or something?


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