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16 February 2017

3:00 PM

16 February 2017

3:00 PM

Conservatism is the new Punk

The other day, I logged onto eBay and ordered a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. This was no ordinary online purchase, which usually involves guiltily pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button on a new, expensive, and entirely unnecessary pair of red-soled Louboutin heels. I signed off on this particular buy with a peculiar sense of trepidation; a combination of excitement, anxiety, and above all, a strange sense of triumph. As soon as the word ‘Approved’ flashed up, I hastily messaged one of my fellow conservative millennial friends, informing him that I hadn’t been so titillated by an inanimate object since the first 50 Shades movie. His reply was simply, ‘Haha! You naughty thing, you!’, followed by five simple but significant words: ‘Congratulations. You’re in the club.’

This particular ‘club’ has little to do with the tens of millions of people worldwide who support Uncle Donny Trump. This is a group within the Trumpian movement, who care less about the nitty-gritty of his policies, and more about his impact on culture. They’re brimful of confidence. They loathe political correctness. They’re vehement advocates of free speech. And most of all, they’re sick and tired of being vilified and patronised for their opinions. This emerging ideological faction is the Millennial Right, to whom secretly ordering a MAGA hat online is just one means of rebellion against the bullies of the Left.

Headed by figures like Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, and the tour-de-force that is Milo Yiannopoulos, this movement is as powerful as it is dangerous. And the Left, still smarting from their humiliating (but hilarious) defeat not only at the hands of Trump, but Brexit, and Marine Le Pen’s skyrocketing popularity, is becoming increasingly aware of this. Once, the Left were the rebels, the dissidents, the outliers fighting their way into the mainstream. The Right, on the other hand, had political and social power. They were the ones enforcing codes of behaviour, and dictating what people could and couldn’t say, do, or think. But with the civil rights movement, the sexual revolution of the ‘60s, and the punk-rock explosion of the ‘70s, the Left ushered in a new era of outrage culture, social liberation, and freedom. They were the ones who campaigned for racial equality, women’s rights, and free speech. It was the natural counter-balance to an unbalanced mainstream; a way for young people to ‘stick it to the man’. And the modern Left (who still refuse to do any self-reflection as to why they were the perpetual losers of 2016) is suffering from the delusion that this is still the case.

In a last-ditch attempt to salvage any remaining shred of self-esteem, the Left are blindly clinging to the idea that the enemy is still the evil Right; sitting in ivory towers on cushions made of money, wilfully oppressing women, African Americans, Hispanics, the LGBT community, and every other minority they seem to conjure up daily. They still think they’re the ones fighting the establishment; warriors for social justice in an unjust world. And with the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, and Facebook constantly regurgitating this view, it’s no wonder they’re stuck in an echo chamber.

But oh, how the tables have turned! Although the Left refuse to see it, it’s they who are now the evil establishment. They’re the ones ruthlessly dictating codes of behaviour and thought, demonising and ostracising anyone who disagrees with them. Their insidious obsession with identity politics has seen them divide people into tribes based on race, gender, and sexual identity with (pointedly) no tribe for straight white men.

On top of this, they prescribe a system of acceptable beliefs for each tribe, punishing anyone who strays from the pack. Anti-feminist, pro-life, and a woman? Internalised misogynist. Conservative African American? Coon, or Uncle Tom. Gays for Trump? Self-loathing traitors. Favour strong borders? Racist. Question the extent of climate change? Stupid hick. Show any degree of national pride? White supremacist.

Add to this all the other leftist labels; sexist, bigot, neo-Nazi, fascist, hate speech, and fake news (slapped gratuitously on anything they don’t like), and you’ve got a social construct where any and all debate is systematically shut down. Not just with name-calling, but with violence. The recent ‘Antifa’ protests at UC Berkeley, which unceremoniously stopped Queen Milo from speaking, are just one example of the Left legitimising brute force to quash opposition. People are now terrified to speak up, lest they be mown down. The Left’s ‘tolerance’? It’s totalitarianism.

That’s where we come in. The Millennial Right is the natural pushback to leftist authoritarianism. We are the critical thinkers of our generation, who have worked to see past the fairy dust the leftist establishment blows in our faces. We’re socially libertarian, and unlike the Left, we’re not obsessed with what people do in their bedrooms, or who they marry. We eschew identity politics, as we believe people should be judged on the content of their character, not their race, gender, or sexuality.

We have no time for offense-taking or victimhood, having learnt from years of vitriol thrown at us by the millennial Left that words only have the power you endow them with. Conservative millennial women abhor and resent the disempowerment and misandry of third wave feminism; to us, men are allies, not the enemy. Yes, we love capitalism, and the incentive it provides us to create and progress.

The oppressive tactics of the regressive left did more than just motivate the American working classes to bite their tongues and vote Republican. They’ve accidentally created a contingent of smart, vivacious, outrageous rogue entities with a penchant for the dramatic. Conservatism is the new punk; the rock stars, rebels, and renegades are all now on the Right. We’re sitting in the back carriage of the Trump Train, arms folded, eyebrows raised, looking on with quiet amusement at the final kicks and screams of the social justice millennial Left. And given the fact Generation Z, young people born after the year 2000, are projected to be the most conservative generation since World War II, the rebellion has well and truly begun.

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