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Europe’s politicians rightly feel extinction breathing down their necks

18 March 2017

9:00 AM

18 March 2017

9:00 AM

Allahu Akbar! Greetings from Samsun, where Turkish protestors — their eyeballs spinning in orgasmic Islamic rage — tried to set fire to the Dutch flag while chanting the usual ‘Allah’s dead good’ stuff. They used cigarette lighters and some lighter fuel and up it went — and was then jubilantly trampled on by the inflamed, howling masses. Except that it wasn’t the Dutch flag — they had got hold of the French flag by mistake.

I wonder if any of the similarly inflamed Turkish protestors in the Netherlands would have noticed? My guess is most of those demonstrating in Rotterdam had spent their entire lives in the Netherlands, but possibly still wouldn’t know what the country’s flag looked like. I wonder if they would recognise a slice of Gouda, a black tulip or a little mouse wearing a pair of clogs, either.

Still, as one Turk apparently based in Norway tweeted: ‘If you rotate 90 degree… you will end up with the other. What does it matter. Two different views of the same shit.’

By ‘shit’, he meant western Europe — all the flags, all the politicians, all the nations, and all the Christian or secular people who inhabit them. And so one might ask the question: why exactly are you actually here, given that you hate us and our governments and our way of life? One supposes that the answer to that is complex. They hate us for what we stand for, what we represent, for our colonial oppression (the Ottoman Empire being temporarily and very quickly forgotten at this point), for their handily acquired victimhood and stupidity and for our infidel beliefs, or lack of them. But on the other hand they quite like the wages and the benefits and the lifestyles and the foxy Euro chicks, all the stuff that liberal civilisation has created. They like that side of it all well enough, but are too dense to see that one springs directly from the other. Too fuelled up by their hatred and God–given machismo.

Another Turkish idiot said, with the usual chest-beating, self-reverential braggadocio: ‘We as Turkish youths are ready for death at any moment everywhere for our country and our flag even at the expense of our lives.’ Even, yet. How absolutely bloody marvellous of you, effendi.

Dutch-Turkish relations are not looking too good right now. There are demands to kick out ambassadors and close the borders. This latest spat has occurred as a consequence of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to hold a referendum on whether Turkey should continue as a democracy or instead get Recep installed as a sort of inviolable Sun King. And the flat-faced thug is touting for diasporic votes across the affluent West — and arousing the annoyance of the pleasant governments there which do not like him and have barred his emissaries from addressing the exclaved legions.

Erdogan has called the Dutch ‘Nazi remnants and fascists’ — which shows how well acquainted he is with history — and the Muslim hordes have been demonstrating in his favour. We are used to the flag-burning and the howling, of course. We are also acquainted with those other benefits of an open and diverse Europe — the careering truck ploughing into the infidel pedestrians, the suicide bomb blowing the infidel to smithereens, the guns picking off the young infidel cockroaches one by one as they enjoy a pop concert, the knifings of infidels, the battering of infidels, the rapes of the female — and young male — infidels, the sexual assaults of infidels. Yes, we are accustomed to all that.

We have been less accustomed, until recently, to a stern response from Europe’s impeccably well-mannered governments. Usually the ruling politicians just hold hands with one another and say Je Suis Charlie and hope it might all go away, this awful stuff they have wilfully, or at best thoughtlessly, brought upon the continent.

But 2016 has put paid to that, because the politicians rightly feel extinction breathing right down their necks. Who would have expected the good ol’ liberal Dutch to ban the burka, or to stick it to Erdogan when he comes canvassing for votes, or to call for negotiations on Turkey’s ludicrous membership of the European Union to be ‘frozen’? And all this not from a right-wing populist Dutch government but a liberal Dutch government (for a bit, at least, inshallah).

The French have banned the burka, too. Austria has also banned full face veils and will not be allowing Erdogan’s rallies in their own country because it might be ‘divisive’. Ha, kein witz, Austria! Nor will the German lander of Bavaria (which has also banned full-face veils, and in doing so they have the support of Angela Merkel who said: ‘Show your face. The full covering is not permissible and should be banned.’ Ah, so late, Angie.) Belgium has followed suit on the burka ban and Switzerland has cancelled Erdogan’s attempts to canvass. Furthermore, the European Court of Justice has just ruled that it is OK for employers to ban staff from wearing the veil if they can show it is not just because they hate Muslims.

I would contend that all of this stuff would have been unthinkable even five years ago. And I conflate the two issues — the reactive stuff against the face veil and the revulsion at Erdogan’s electoral strategy — because in the minds of an awful lot of Europeans, they are two sides of the same unpleasant coin. The subtext is that the Dutch have had just about as much of the Turks as they can take, and that Europe has had just about as much of Islam as it can take.

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