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Let’s have a day for middle-aged white men

8 March 2017

6:17 PM

8 March 2017

6:17 PM

So International Women’s Day (aka the ABC’s male presenters’ RDO) has come and gone.  Feminists and social media mavens have been out there, in our faces, telling us how wonderful it is not to be a bloke.

Heck, even Melbourne crossing lights got into the act, although the proposed female figure looks like she’s desperate to find the loo rather than cross the road.

Yea, verily, International Women’s Day is a time to call out victimhood.  Problem is, in affluent societies like ours we’re calling out the wrong victims.

The real victims are men – middle-aged white men.

We MAWMs are treated as the scum of the earth, blots on the landscape, the reason our benighted world is as it is.  Don’t the feminists love to say that if the world was run by women and not middle-aged white men, there’d be no wars, there’d be unicorns at the bottom of every garden and we’d all live in blessed peace and harmony?

We are considered inherently violent creatures and marked down as potential child molesters if we as much as say hello to a kid who’s not ours.  Yet we are expected to work out arses off to provide for our families and keep the economy going, made to work and worry ourselves into early graves, and are expected to put up life expectancies still significantly lower than the female of our species.

And as for the traditional hunter-gather-warrior roles that have sustained MAWMs since the dawn of mankind – er, personkind – they’re disappearing too. Technology and feminism have meant designing women have their sights on usurping those from us too, and for several decades now have been infiltrating traditional male hunter-gatherer professions including the armed forces.  They captain our warships, they command our troops and have become trained killers.  Wherever one looks, they are determined to push we MAWMs aside in their march for equality.

Even in politics and the media, the knives are out for MAWMs.  Candidates are selected for winnable seats because they’re women more than because they’re good.  Leaders who happen to be women have shown how to hide behind their own skirts to firewall themselves from fair criticism of their performance (no names Julia and Hillary).  As for the media, even in conservative circles the colourful, opinionated likes of Peta Credlin and the Speccie’s new darling Daisy Cousens are in: white bread, suited blokes like Ross Cameron and your correspondent are dismissed as reactionary fogeys – and not just on the ABC.

Pushed aside by women, wimmin and womyn, stripped of our dignity, roles and relevance in society, insulted by Clementine Ford, treated like pariahs even more than Tony Abbott in the Liberal party room, MAWMs are the true victims of International Women’s Day.  Let’s rise up, fellow MAWMs, we have nothing to lose but our ball and chains!

Going over the top for days like International Women’s Day is wrong.  These fem-fests continue to pretend women are oppressed and have nothing when in fact they have it all.  They depend on perpetuating stereotypes of men – middle-aged white men to be precise, as women of all ages prefer to perve at the young ones, and the old ones don’t matter unless they’re Donald Trump – that are wrong, patronising and downright offensive.

They promote disrespect for one favoured group in society, women, over another, men.  It started with good intentions, but International Women’s Day as practised in Australia has become a festival of reverse sexism, and may 2017’s over-the-top fem-fest for the hardly-oppressed chattering classes be the last.

Unless, of course, there’s an International MAWM Day too.

Illustration: Fox Television Animation.

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