8 April 2017

9:00 AM

8 April 2017

9:00 AM

Nice littler earners

Cressida Dick, the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, will take a voluntary pay cut from £270,000 to £230,000 compared with her predecessor. Some others voluntarily taking less:

— Richard Pennycook, CEO of the Co-op Group, last year took a cut in his base salary from £1.25 million to £750,000. His incentive plan also became less generous.

— Keith Skeoch, CEO of Standard Life, last year took a cut in his bonus, which will now pay a maximum 400 per cent of his £700,000 base pay instead of 500 per cent.

— In 2015, the board of Credit Suisse took a 25 per cent cut after America fined the bank for helping citizens avoid taxes.

Kim and have a go

Donald Trump demanded China act to halt North Korean’s leader Kim Jong-un’s nuclear ambitions, or the US would step in. North Korea is ranked 25th out of 126 military powers, but with what forces?

700,000 active frontline personnel

4.5 million active reservists

4,200 tanks

2,400 multiple-launch rocket systems

458 fighter aircraft

572 fixed-wing attack aircraft

3 frigates, 70 submarines


Rock dwellers

Who lives in Gibraltar?

— Of 32,194 ordinarily resident in 2012, 25,444 were Gibraltarian, 4,249 British, 522 Moroccan and 1,979 other.

—It has 11,799 homes: 4,309 owner-occupied and 4,597 rented from the authorities. 13,356 live on reclaimed land.

— It has 13,010 cars and spaces for parking 8,071 of them.

23,223 are Roman Catholic, 2,480 Church of England, 1,166 Muslim, 763 Jewish and 628 Hindu.

6.8 per cent speak little or no English.

1,998 are employed in public administration and defence.

Sign language

An activist is stalking the streets correcting grammatical errors on signs. What are the most common errors (to judge by student essays at Stanford University in 2008)?

  1. Wrong word used
  2. Missing comma after introductory word or clause
  3. Vague pronoun reference
  4. Spelling error
  5. Quotation mark missing or in the wrong place
  6. Unnecessary comma
  7. Unnecessary or missing capitalisation

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