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Citizenship: our values are not up for sale

20 June 2017

12:01 PM

20 June 2017

12:01 PM

I’ve boycotted ABC’s Q&A program for a number of years, and tuning in at the end of last night’s episode reminded me why.

Firstly, there was a so-called “gorilla expert” on the panel in Dr Jane Goodall. She wore a gorilla shirt and had a toy gorilla in front of her chair on the table. Need I say anymore?

But secondly, and more alarming, was Linda Burney’s particularly odd comments when asked by a young audience member her views in relation to Australian values and citizenship.

She specifically stated ‘I wonder who’s determining what the values are?’ and expressed concern as to who is being “consulted” on drafting these values, and that it remains “unclear” what these values are.

What does she mean by this?

These values are not unknown nor are they unclear.

They are not to be determined. They are determined.

The values that make Australia such a wonderful and successful country are obvious and well established.

They include valuing the rule of law, valuing the Westminster system of government, valuing democracy, valuing equality between men and women, valuing human life and so on.

Radical leftists, like Ms Burney, for a long time have tried to blur the lines on agreed Australian values, and subscribe to the nonsense ideology that is postmodernism.

But these values are simply not up for debate.

The Federal Government are right to want to strengthen the prominence of these values in Australia’s citizenship test.

There’s nothing wrong with ensuring that those wanting to become an Australian do more than just become Australian by name only.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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