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Dear ‘woe is me’ women brigade, pipe down

22 June 2017

7:03 AM

22 June 2017

7:03 AM

From the way leftist media is carrying on, you would think the tax on tampons is two million dollars each month.

The Project earlier this week reported on the issue as if it was a matter of national emergency. What’s next, suing for discrimination because your flow is heavier than your female friends? Extra leave, perhaps?

The woe is me women’s brigade flooded headlines across the country as the Greens busily hopped from foot to foot.

Of course, it was Larissa-Look-At-Me-Breastfeed-In-Parliament who was on the twitter highway quicker than you can blink.

“The Liberals and Labor just voted down a Greens amendment to axe the tampon tax. What a disgrace,” she tweeted.

Except, anyone who thinks the price of tampons would fall by 10 per cent if the GST was removed doesn’t understand how GST tax works. It would hardly affect what we pay at the checkout.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting that the obsessively gynocentric media left this story pretty much untouched…

A TV ad was condemned by an Australian advertising watchdog for using domestic violence against men to sell hearing aids.

The 15-seond ad, which ran in May before complaints were acted on, was denounced by the watchdog as “menacing and threatening.” In it, a woman is seen yelling at her husband for help opening a jar. (Perhaps she’s furious because she’s just been stung two million dollars on tampon tax?)

He can’t hear her. The ad then freezes as she picks up a jar with the insinuation she’s about to throw it at him.

The company in question stood by the ad saying; “We find it incredulous that someone could take offence at this ad.”

Really? “Incredulous”, you say? I bet you my tampon tax you wouldn’t have thought it was acceptable if the roles were reversed, would you?

Where is the outrage?

Crickets. Of course, everyone’s too busy screeching about the Green’s media stunt.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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