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Emmanuel Macron, the new Barack Obama

12 June 2017

9:10 PM

12 June 2017

9:10 PM

Eleven years ago, the US media started to produce glowing, servile reports about the junior senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. I remember reading an article in Time Magazine that had a curious lack of curiosity about it. The Senator was shown in flattering photos with good lighting, his megawatt smile beaming with confidence. Everything about him was wonderful. All his words had the ring of hope and change and even creaky floorboards stopped creaking when he walked on them. The lack of curiosity was about his achievements in life and what he’d actually done so far. According to Time and the other media outlets, organizing communities was all that was needed to ensure he was believed and trusted. ‘I’ve read this book before I thought to myself’, anytime the media doesn’t ask the hard questions there’s something it doesn’t want you to know.

Then on February 10, 2007 he announced his run for the presidency to the surprise of no one. A man with the most razor thin resume ever for a presidential candidate was running for the most powerful political position in the world.

The rest, as they say, is history.

From then until now the media has fallen over themselves to tell you how awesome he is. Some of them literally bowing down to him. Any domestic policy failure was down to someone else. Any foreign policy failure was due to circumstances beyond his control. Rarely could fault be found and any success was blown out of all proportion to its actual impact.

Enter Emmanuel Macron the newly minted (banking pun there) French President.

Now the process is underway again as Macron undergoes Obamafication.

Take this lovely piece by CNN a few days ago:

Emmanuel Macron, France’s youthful president, has only been a world leader for less than three weeks.

Yet he’s already seized a role as a bastion of liberal global values, staring down both US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, two of the biggest threats to the political consensus that has dominated Western politics for decades.

Macron’s most audacious intervention yet came on Thursday night, in a remarkable video address to the American people responding to Trump’s withdrawing the US from the Paris climate accord that quickly went viral.

Time prevents the level of analysis this brown nosing requires but the obvious must be stated. Macron is no world leader. Macron is a follower and does exactly what he’s told by the European elites. He fawns over Merkel and looks to her for guidance.

The idea that he ‘stared down’ President Trump and President Putin is beyond laughable. Trump was doing mega business deals around the globe while Macron was still a fuzzy faced teenager looking with longing eyes at Stacy’s mom. Putin has been the undisputed leader of his realm for years and was humiliating President Obama in every international tangle they were involved in while Macron was the finance minister under the socialist Hollande. Putin is the man who used the Ukraine for an afternoon jaunt and took the Crimea for his holiday retreat, while Obama spoke to a teleprompter. If anyone thinks Putin is the least bit intimidated by Macron then I’ve got some land I’d like to show you.

Macron’s treatment of Trump and his video address to the American people isn’t an ‘audacious intervention’ as CNN like to label it. It’s the actions of an arrogant smart arse who thinks the world is waiting for his words of wisdom. I suppose lecturing other nations about what they should and should not do is a hallmark of these types as it was a favourite hobby of Obama.

This article only scratches the surface of the Macron media love-in. Constantly calling him ‘centrist’ and presenting him as being an outsider while he’s nothing of the sort. Macron is the epitome of the insider and has the elite establishment ideology hardwired into his DNA.

Even The Australian has fallen under the spell with the following comment:

Days earlier, Mr Macron had stood up to Mr Putin with cold dignity at a meeting in the Palace of Versailles, where he put the hardened Russian President in his place.

Get the drift? Putin’s bad and ‘putting him in his place’ is something tough world leaders do, so Macron must be a tough world leader. Trump on the other hand doesn’t ‘put Putin in his place’ so he’s not a tough world leader. Or worse!!!!

If you want to see just how low the media can drop the bar in unabashed worship, you just can’t go past the ever reliable New York Times. They love him so much they could be the Paris Times. If you want to read the article, you can follow this link but you’ll need to take a shower afterwards.

So history repeats. A candidate with virtually no real life experience and puffed up by a flattering media, takes on a job out of his depth and is continually given gold stars on his text books because he making such a good effort.

Stephen Cable writes at cablecritique.com and for Liberty Works in Brisbane.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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