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We need more than concrete barriers to protect us from terrorism

16 June 2017

6:02 PM

16 June 2017

6:02 PM

The general atmosphere of Melbourne has changed. Innocence has been lost. Citizens feel insecure. A cloud of doom and trepidation hangs over the city. In many ways, Melbourne has been forever scarred not by Islamic terrorism but rather by the sickening political correctness, virtue-signalling and Muslim appeasement on the part of today’s spineless political class and social-justice-warrior pop culture.

Scores of ugly “anti-terror” cement bollards now irreverently line iconic destinations in the CBD with more to be installed in coming days. A $10 million public safety upgrade will include a siren system and an increase in mass-surveillance (or should that be mass privacy invasion of innocent Australians) through CCTV cameras.

It is only necessary that we ask ourselves: “Why should Melburnians be forced to pay the high price of failed immigration policies?” Answer? they shouldn’t.

And you know what? To tell you the honest truth, we wouldn’t need these barriers if our immigration policy wasn’t such an embarrassing failure in the first instance. This erection of concrete barriers is a silently regretful admission on Premier Dan Andrew’s part that the hands-off (more like “hands up”), “no barriers, no borders” approach that the regressive Left seems to enjoy touting around as part of their non-existent moral high ground isn’t quite working out so well.

In fact the reality is that lots of badly assimilated young men who subscribe to a hateful and violent ideology that has nothing to do with self-driving trucks and an invisible, nameless phantom force but has everything to do with core Quranic teachings are wreaking havoc, bloodshed and death in Western society, including ours. This is of course the direct result of Leftists’ misappropriated notion of “love” and “tolerance” toward violent Muslim thugs who have zero interest in being on “Team Australia” (to borrow a line from former PM Tony Abbott).

So what then is the solution to the Islamic terrorism problem?

“What about deradicalisation programs?” you ask. Short answer: they’re destined to be a failure. France tried it and guess what? They failed miserably despite “investing” tens of millions of taxpayer money into such efforts. The same is true in Melbourne. Ignoring growing evidence that his own government’s deradicalisation program is entirely ineffective, Andrews seems to be foolishly confident in the contrary despite revelations that the Brighton Islamist gunman Yacqub Khayre (who was attached to overseas terrorist organisation Al-Shabab) was involved in a state-run deradicalisation program in the six months leading up to last week’s deadly siege.

And despite what people like the moronic Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan would like the world to think, acts of terrorism are not and should not be “part and parcel of living in a major city.” Islamic terrorism is unacceptable and the sooner we realise that we’ve messed up big time with our immigration policies, name Islam as the source of this problem and make steps to bringing our nation back on the right track, the better.

Banning vehicles clearly won’t work (as if inanimate objects can suddenly start up and ram through a crowd of people of their own volition). Banning knives, guns and so forth won’t work – guaranteed. The fact of the matter is that if an Islamist is bent on killing the kuffar, he will stop at absolutely nothing to commit his act of jihad in the faint hope that he may obtain 72 virgins in paradise. As we have seen time and time again, Islamists readily adapt to new challenges and changes to security by implementing new battle tactics and improvising old ones. Just read the latest edition of their Rumiyah magazine. Last year they were giving out instructions about how to stab people, then it was how to carry out a vehicle ram raid. Who knows what’s next up their sleeves? It is both extremely dim-witted and narrow-minded to put Islamists into a box thinking their imaginations aren’t creative.

Concrete barriers are not the solution to the terrorism problem. In fact, researchers conducted tests proving them to be next to useless. If Andrews really wants to erect some barriers, how about he at least put them where they are most needed: in front of the airport gates where the jihadists behind Australia’s past four terrorist attacks have come through?

It’s about time we thought twice about the individuals we are allowing into this country. It is not racist to question the motives of Middle Easterners travelling to Australia who subscribe to the ideology of Islam whose values are nothing more than female genital mutilation, mass rape, acid attacks, “honour killings”, stoning of gays and beheading of the “infidels”. Hardly a positive contribution to society, right?

As an emergency services volunteer, I was taught that the safest and most effect way to manage risks is to simply eliminate them (if possible). The million dollar question is why aren’t we eliminating the risk of Islamic terror by implementing extreme vetting and strict quotas on Muslim migrants and hefty consequences for those who attempt to smuggle in Muslim terrorists and sympathize with Muslim terror groups?

For the violent Islamists already in this country, we need to come up with some very serious solutions – like demolishing the trainwreck of this current judicial system and starting from scratch. The fact of the matter is that the Brighton Islamist was out on bail, same as the Bourke St Mall attacker and the Lindt Cafe gunman. This is absolutely unacceptable. Also, solitary confinement of those who would seek to “radicalize” fellow Muslims in prison should be mandatory.

How about we join the dots and quit taking leaves from the books of countries the likes of France, Germany and Sweden where misappropriated notions of “love”, “tolerance” and “cultural diversity” shown toward a so-called religion that has no interest in assimilation with the values of its host nation has led to demoralizing failure beyond the description of words? How about we also look at countries such as Japan where refugee intake programs are carefully administered resulting in positive outcomes?

Last year Japan took in just 28 refugees and can you guess the number of Islamist attacks there? Zero.

But Australia, foolishly going down the same dangerous path of its European counterparts takes in roughly 17,000 refugees a year, and added 12,000 from Syria and Iraq. Guess how many Islamist attacks here? Five in three years, and 11 foiled plots. Yet, very few politicians dare put their foot down on this madness by shutting the gates. Look what “solution” we get instead: a complete bollard farce.

This Islamic terrorist threat is nothing new at all. We’re in the thick of a full-scale, relentless war. We’ve been at war for a very long time – for over 1400 years in fact. Islam, for its entire existence has been at odds with the Judaeo-Christian values that have shaped Western nations like ours and given us everything that we deem morally right. Our enemies don’t beat around the bush, they don’t play games and neither should we.

As I have constantly warned for a very long time, until we wise up, quit the stupid platitudes, the foolish politically correct prostration and the useless faux “counter-terror” strategies, we will continue to reap the sorrowful harvest from the seeds of “cultural enrichment” and “diversity” that we have sown to our own great destruction. Blood will continue to be shed on our streets. Mums, dads, husbands, wives, sons, daughters and sweethearts will continue to be slaughtered on the altar of political correctness and all the candelighting, Facebook flag filters and words of sympathy won’t do a darned thing to make the Islamists somehow drop their weapons and co-exist with us and that is the harsh reality.

What we need to see is real action. Real policy change regardless whether it’s deemed politically incorrect or not. And we need to see it right now because enough is enough.

Caleb Stephen is a widely-published Christian freelance journalist, columnist and the founder and editor in chief of TruthJournalism.com. Visit his website CalebStephen.com and follow him on Twitter @CalebSOfficial.

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