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Won’t somebody please think of Menzies’ child?

11 July 2017

5:02 PM

11 July 2017

5:02 PM

I’m going to bury my lead here, but it’s for the good of the story.

Earlier today Australian Taxpayers Association supremo Tim Andrews, sometimes of this parish, wrote on Facebook:

When King Solomon was presented with two women claiming motherhood of a child, his ruling was simple: cut the child in half. The woman who sacrificed her claim so that the child may live was then revealed as the true mother for in placing the welfare of the child above her personal desire she revealed the love she had.

There is a lesson here for Australian politics where two men are struggling for control of something they process to care for. The only difference being is that both seem willing to destroy it in the process.

The division – and indeed implosion – in the Liberal Party we see at present is far greater than what we saw between Howard/Costello, Howard/Peacock, Gordon/McMahon etc. In placing their own personal desires above the good of the party and country, both men are willing to destroy what they claim to love, and hand Shorten a victory.

If either Tony Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull cared one iota about either the Liberal Party or the country, if they had one shred of decency or honour, they would resign and leave politics. It matters not whether they are in the right or in the wrong. What matters is the result.

There is nothing more noble than to surrender if you are in the right for the greater good. It is difficult, of course, but there comes a time when you must swallow your pride, swallow your ambition, and do the right thing. Controlling something that is a destroyed husk of its former self might still sate your ego, but it is ultimately morally bankrupt.

The greater good in this case is clear. The present situation is unsustainable. For the good of the Party, for the good of the country, both Tony and Malcolm must retire and pass the leadership onto a new generation. If they genuinly believe in doing the right thing, they have no other choice.

Among the people who liked it was a “Christensen George”, better known as George Christensen, the independently-minded Member for Dawson in the House of Representatives; George Christensen, who only a few weeks ago crossed the floor.

So, let’s get this straight. That very same guy agrees both the Prime Minister and his immediate predecessor should leave politics.

Which kinda-sorta begs the question: What’s he going to do about it?


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